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📺 | Drama "Beloved" 3 episodes left and official loss is scary Meaningful notice, Daiki "Why Orunya, you"

Photo Yuriko Yoshitaka

The remaining 3 episodes of the drama "Beloved" and the official loss are scary. Meaningful notice, Daiki "Why are you?"

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In the trailer of the 12th episode on December 3rd, which is released on SNS, Azusa Sanada (Hiroko Yakushimaru), the president of Sanada Holdings, said, "I will not report" while Goto (Mitsuhiro Oikawa), managing director of Sanada Wellness, is missing. There are scenes saying "Deyo" and scenes where the main character, Rio Sanada (Yoshitaka), says "Why are you always on my side?" Daiki Miyazaki (Kouhei Matsushita) ends with a meaningful word, "Why are you?"

While the mysterious story of the TBS drama "Beloved" starring actress Yuriko Yoshitaka enters the climax, the official twist of the drama ... → Continue reading

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Yakushimaru Hiroko

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: For face photoImage providedplease.(April 2022

Hiroko Yakushimaru(Hiroko Yakushimaru, real name: Hiroko Yakushimaru (same reading),1964/6/9[1] -) isJapan Ofactress,singer.TokyoMinato-kuKitaaoyamaI'm fromTokyo Metropolitan Yashio High School,Tamagawa UniversityGraduated from the Department of English and American Literature, Faculty of Letters.

Since its debut in 1978Kadokawa movieExtremely popular as the centerpiece of[1], The role of mother suits me from the beginning of the 21st century[3]As a veteran actress who plays both leading and supporting roles, from serious to comedy roles[4]Also, he is active as a mature singer.[3].


When I was in the third year of middle school,Kadokawa movieThe 3th bulletProof of wildnessWon the audition for the role of Yoriko Nagai,Ken TakakuraDebuted in the movie in 1978 with co-starring with. In 1980Shinji AiumeDirected by "Couple who flew』First starring.The following year, in 1981, he starred in the film directed by Soumai again.Sailor suit and machine gun』Hit[Note 1]..It is also the debut song of YakushimaruTheme song"Sailor suit and machine gunWas also a hit.After that, the leading movie "Detective story"Satomi Hakkenden"Main theme"W's tragedy"[Note 2] The theme song "Yakushimaru sings"Detective story"Main theme"From Woman "The Tragedy of W"Hits in a row[Note 3].. Published in 1984Shinichiro SawaiActing was also evaluated in the director's work "W's Tragedy"27nd Blue Ribbon AwardWon the Best Actress Award[7].

In 1985Kadokawa Haruki OfficeIndependent from.After that, as a movie actress, "Like a barbarian"Gentleman alliance"Downtown Heroes"Let's go to the hospital"Tasmanian story』And appear in.As a singer, right after privatizationNTT OfCM song"I want to know you moreAnd the movie theme song "Gentleman allianceSuch asSingleNot just songs[Note 4],Original albumAnd perform full-scale singer activities such as holding concerts.But in 1991safe areaLeader singerKoji TamakiMarried and moved away from the world of singing and cinema.After that, in 1998, he announced a divorce with Tamaki. In 1997, the first drama in 18 years, "Mrs. CinderellaAfter starring in the movie, he expanded his field of activity to the world of TV dramas.

Entering the 2000s, the drama "Kisarazu Cat's Eye』(Kankuro MiyatoScreenplay) and "1 liter of tears",movies"ALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chome"series(Takashi YamazakiAppeared in (Director) etc. and is evaluated as one of the leading actresses in Japan[8][9][Note 5].

In the 2010s,Wooden dish springScreenplay drama and stage,NHK serial TV novelFirst appearance in ("Ama-chan』), While also working on singer activities such as releasing single songs and music albums, and 35th anniversary concerts. In recognition of his achievements in various fields in 2013 and his achievements in broadcasting culture for many years,Broadcast Woman Award 2013To win[4].. In 201465th Red and White Song Battle』First appeared as a singer. 2019,NHK taiga drama("Idaten -Tokyo Orympic Games-]) For the first time.

Oricon chartAccording to Yakushimaru, cumulative sales of singles will be 2018 million by 396.[11], The album recorded 2005 million copies by 189[12], The total sales of singles and albums are 585 million.


Kadokawa Movie (February 1978-March 2)

Screen debut

The person who happened to take a picture of Yakushimaru was secret to him.Kadokawa movie"Proof of wildnessI applied for the audition for Yoriko Nagai (December 1977-February 12).Yakushimaru was already 1978 years old, taller than expected, compared to the setting of 2 years old as Yoriko.In addition to that, he had no acting experience, so he believed that he would definitely lose.[Note 6]..However, although it was a close battle with a candidate who met the conditions, the judge who saw the future of YakushimaruKadokawa HarukiWill win the championship because he strongly pushed[Note 7][Note 8]..The deciding factor was a very impressive eye, Kadokawa said at the time of the result announcement.[15][Note 9]..Of the judgesCatchからPink ladyThere was a request to sing, but Yakushimaru, who didn't even want to be an actress, simply refused.[16]..However, Kadokawa also liked the strength.[16].. "Never Give Up" (1978) was the first Kadokawa movie to be ranked number one in the annual box office ranking of Japanese films, and at the same time, it was recorded as "Hiroko Yakushimaru's debut work" in movie history.[17][18].

Yakushimaru was thinking about retiring, butKadokawa Haruki Office TheTBSThe one-shot drama "City of attire(1979)Akio JisojiSupervised byShiseidoCommercial "Color", Magazine "varietyI took away the option of retiring from the entertainment world of Yakushimaru by putting in a photo model job in[19]..On the other hand, President Kadokawa and his aides also respected Yakushimaru's feelings that he would quit if he really disliked [the work of the actor].[20].. The long commercial "Color" that was broadcast only once on January 1979, 1 Cannes Lions International Festival of AdvertisingWon the gold medal[21][22]..The following day, it was broadcast on January 1980, 1.TouichiAppeared in the director Shiseido's long commercial "Lipstick-Adoration"[23].

TV drama "City of Attire" (Producer: Fukuko Ishii) Was released in theaters as a side-by-side production of "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun Perfect Edition" in July 1982 when Yakushimaru was closed.[24].. In the 2012 drama "When my wife sends her husband," Yakushimaru plays the role of Fukuko Ishii.[25].

From the third year of junior high school to the second year of high school

In 1979, Yakushimaru, who was in the third year of junior high school, stopped acting as an actress because he was taking the high school exam.[26].. 1979rd summerKadokawa Bunko"I don't have time, youth" campaignPoster,FlyerI was only doing my job[26].. magazine"variety』To Yakushimaru'sgravureThe readers' response grew stronger every time the photo was published, so the first photo book "Yakushimaru Hiroko Photo Memoir" was released.[27]..At that time, it was a high price of 1800 yen, but within 3 days of its release, it became a bestseller with over 1 copies and finally over 5000 copies.[27]..Second movie appearance "Sengoku Self-Defense Force(1979) is called the role of a young samuraiCameo appearanceDespite that, fans rushed to the theater[16].

same year,Kitty filmRepresentativeHidenori TagaDirectly told Yakushimaru himself the movie "Couple who flew』(Shinji AiumeNegotiations to appear in (Director)[28][Note 10]..At first, Yakushimaru had refused to appear.Ken TakakuraWith the advice of, I finally accepted the appearance[28]..Yakushimaru, who refused to work or debut as a singer who needed to take a break from school, showed his willingness to appear in "Tonda Couple", so the office opened.TohoWill lend Yakushimaru to[29]..At that time, the office did not have a future outlook for Yakushimaru, so Yakushimaru said that he lent it comfortably.[30]..2nd in this movieYokohama Film FestivalWith the leading actress award4th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Topic Award Actor category.

According to Haruo MiyamotoDollar boxwasMomoe YamaguchiToho, who lost his marriage due to retirement, is Yakushimaru's two works "Tonda Couple" (2) and "Post Momoe".targeted school(1981)distribution official[31][Note 11].

The first movie "Tonda Couple" was not a big hit,[Note 12], Kitty Films is the second film directed by Shinji Somai and starring Hiroko Yakushimaru.Sailor suit and machine gun』(1981) was scheduled[28].Kadokawa Haruki OfficeYakushimaru negotiates to appear in the movie, but he is reluctant to appear in other companies' movies.[28]..However, Yakushimaru persuaded Haruki Kadokawa, and the movie was released as a collaborative work between Kitty Films and Haruki Kadokawa Office.ProductionWas to be done[28].

In the movie "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun", the line of "Kai ... Kang", which is famous for shooting machine guns, is Yakushimaru's.Ad libHowever, Yakushimaru asserted that it was a script.[33][Note 13]..In the shooting of this scene, a broken bottle fragment hits the left cheek of Yakushimaru and causes a slight bleeding.[35], Continues acting as it is and is used in the main part of the movie[36][Note 14]..The wound was a little less than 1 cm long and shallow, but the corresponding doctor declared that the wound would remain.[36].

On the second day of the release of "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" (December 2, 1981), we were planning to give a stage greeting at Toei Umeda and others in Osaka, but about 12 people including the all-nighters[Note 15] Fans flooded the 3 screenings, so the water truck[15] The riot police were dispatched, and the stage greetings and screenings were cancelled.[28][38]..The turmoil became not only the next day's sports newspaper, but also the top social article in general newspapers.[38].Asahi ShimbunOn the first page of the article, there was an article titled "Riot Police and Machine Guns".[39]..Fans who could not see the stage greeting chased YakushimaruOsaka AirportAnd the airport panicked.Avoid the airportShin-Osaka StationI headed to Tokyo, but there were fans there as well, and in the end I took a taxi to Nagoya and returned to Tokyo.[40]..After that, Yakushimaru needed police permission for several years to visit Osaka.[15][40]..On the 25th of the same month, he declared that he would be closed for the next year (1982) because he would refrain from working for university entrance exams.[41]..The holiday period was one and a half years[42]..According to film critic Tatsuya Masuta, "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" not only made Yakushimaru a youth star representing the Japanese film industry, but also from a blockbuster line.Program pictureBecame the savior of the Kadokawa movie that turned the route[43].

From leave to college students

In January 1982, "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun Original Soundtrack" became No. 1 on the Oricon Weekly LP Chart.[44].PromideSales have been ranked in the top ten since their debut, but in the same month, they finally reached number one.[45][Note 16].

In March, the 3 minutes cut when it was released in 1980 was revived.Tonda Couple Original EditionIs released as a video[46], A year later, released in theaters in March 1[47][48].

On April 4th, in order to excavate the second Yakushimaru Hiroko, "KadokawaToei"Large actress general recruitment" audition will be held[49][42]..Grand PrixNoriko Watanabe, For a special prizeTomoyo Harada[50]..After this, with Tomoyo Harada and Noriko Watanabe, "KadokawaThree daughtersCalled "[1][51].

On the 21st of the same month, a unique album "Hiroko Seishun no Memoir" will be released, which consists of Yakushimaru's narration and the voices of the appearance scenes of "Never Give Up" and "The Aimed School".[52][53].. In May, "Hiroko Seishun no Memoir" became No. 5 on the Oricon weekly LP chart.[53].

In June, in Osaka, where the stage greeting was canceled the previous year (6), "Sailor clothes and machine gun perfect version"Perfect version" will be released in JulyMini theaterIt will be released by the system[52].

In November 1982, during the holidays, the next work "Detective story』(Kitaro NegishiIt is announced that the director) will be filmed regardless of whether or not he passed the Yakushimaru exam.[54]..The original is the same as the previous workJiro Akagawaso,Write downIt was decided that it would be made into a movie starring Yakushimaru from before[55].. "Detective Story" released in July 1983 (co-star:Yusaku Matsuda, Starring Tomoyo HaradaGirl taking time』) Is the best in the Kadokawa movie in which Yakushimaru appearedBox office record,Distribution income28 billion yen,performance incomeRecord 51 billion yen[56][57]..After that, it was released in December of the same year.Satomi Hakkenden』(Kinji FukasakuDirector), released in July 1984 "Main theme』(Yoshimitsu MoritaStarring in (Director).

Shinichiro SawaiDirector'sW's tragedy(Released in December 1984) became a masterpiece of Yakushimaru, with a high reputation for the movie as well as a box office success.[58].Blue ribbonAt the award ceremony for the Best Actress, he said, "I thought I'd quit (the actress) because I was on fire in this movie, but I think this award gave me the encouragement of gambling."[59]..Director Sawai "I thought that there was a natural way to grasp the role, and I thought that I could definitely do it if I showed the direction properly," said Sawai's master.Masahiro MakinoThe director praises, "Usually any good child will look wrong as if he made a few cuts, but this child does not have it at all."[58]..Director Sawai explained that Yakushimaru's lines had a good sound and a good sense of rhythm due to the volume of his voice.[60].

Independent from Kadokawa Haruki Office

The movie starring hits continued, but I've always wanted to quit the actress.[29]..President Kadokawa's words, "You can quit at any time, but it's a waste," calmed me down for seven years, but when I was 7, I was XNUMX years old.Yumin OfNaebaTaking the opportunity to go to the concert[Note 17], Decide to quit the office[29]..When I talked to the president directly, he was allowed to say, "OK, but it's a waste. If you want to do it, start again anytime."[29], December 1985,Kadokawa Haruki OfficeIndependent from[61]..After receiving reports of retirement, it is troublesome for a large number of interviewers to flood the house directly[Note 18], Established a private office, Office Mel, in the same month[29][61].

Jiro Akagawa, the original author of "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun," is composed of Shinji Somai, who directed "Tonda Couple" and "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun," and Shinichiro Sawai, who directed "W's Tragedy." It is evaluated that it brought out the charm[63].

the 1980sWith Kadokawa movieFuji Television Network, IncTomohiro Sagara explains that Yakushimaru was the centerpiece of the Kadokawa movie boom.[64]..For details on the distribution revenue of movies that appeared in the Kadokawa era,Kadokawa Movie #Distribution RevenueSee.

After independence (April 1985-present)

Late 1980s

1985 yearsJapanese movie ban liftedrear,TaiwanAs one of the big hit Japanese movies inSatomi Hakkenden(Released in Taiwan in 1986)[65][Note 19].. In 1986, when Yakushimaru, who starred in the movie, visited Taiwan to promote the movie, the media was crowded every day.[65]..However, there were still restrictions on the use of Japanese, so Yakushimaru used English for interviews and singing.[65].

In an interview in 2005, Yakushimaru said that he had two books after independence.New year movie"Like a barbarian(1985),Gentleman alliance(1986) is a retrospective of the movie of the time he was looking for.[66].. "Gentlemen's Alliance" (Distribution income 9.500 million yen[67]) Failed in the box office[68],Terawaki LabFeeled that "the overwhelming magical power of Yakushimaru as an idol" had diminished.[68][Note 20]..After that, Yakushimaru will steadily walk as an actress, not as a single signboard idol.[68].. In 1988Yoji YamadaDirector'sDowntown Heroes』, In 1989Kaori MomoiAppeared in "Lady! Lady READY! LADY" which was re-co-starred with.

1989 years,Cold WarWith the termination, foreigners can also enterサ ハ リ ン(Karafuto) "I saw Hiroko Yakushimaru!Sakhalin (Sakhalin) vertical section 1000 km ”(Fuji Television Network, Inc).This program is the 7thATP AwardHe has won the Excellence Award in the non-fiction category.Later, in this documentary, "HometownYakushimaru touches on singing[69].. In 1992, the sequel "Hiroko Yakushimaru saw!Sakhalin Impressive 47 Years ”will also be broadcast.

the 1990s

Youjiro TakitaDirector'sLet's go to the hospital(1990), [To co-starsSpotI answered that I was drawn to that point because there was the fun of not hitting the spot only for myself, and the fun of the work itself that was established even if I was not the leading role.[66].. "Let's go to the hospital" in AustraliaTasmaniaSet in the nature ofTasmanian story(1990)14th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Topic Award Actor category.Draws a trigonal relationship between a homosexual husband, an alcoholic wife, and her husband's boyfriend.Sharp glare』(1992), the acting of adult women is evaluated[3].. In "Kira Kira Hikaru"Takasaki Film FestivalReceived the Best Actress Award.

In 1997, for the first time in 1979 years since "City of Attire" (18)Serial drama"Mrs. Cinderella[Note 21]..Since his debut, Yakushimaru, who has been a movie specialist and has a career in acting,silver screenActress "・" LastMovie actressSometimes called "[70][71]..He didn't appear in TV dramas because he wanted to stay involved in the movie and was a little timid in the early cycle of unfamiliar TV [compared to the movie].[66][72].. [At the beginning of shooting] He also answered that he was confused that the script was not prepared until the final episode.[73].. In "Mrs. Cinderella"The Television Drama Academy AwardReceived the Best Actress Award.

The same year's NHK drama "Atsushi no Shima de ~ Heat Island Tokyo ~"[74] Is a work that won many awards, but Yakushimaru was also evaluated for his acting,24st Broadcast Culture Fund AwardWon the Actress Acting Award[75][76]..Also a drama criticNaofumi HiguchiThe director is in a TV drama starring YakushimaruYumiko InoueThe script "At the Island of Heat-Heat Island Tokyo-"Taichi YamadaIt is said that there are many things to see in works with strong authorship such as the script "Hong Kong Myojomei".[77].

the 2000s

2000,Kinema Junpo"" In the magazine74th Century Movie Star Actress Selected by 20 Movie-loving Celebrities14th Japanese actress[78]..No. 20 Japanese actress in the same issue of "10th Century Movie Star Actress Selected by Readers"[79].. further,"Who is the money-making star that filled the cinema!In the Japanese edition,Kiyoshi Atsumi-Toshiyuki Nishida3th place after[80].. In "All Time Best Movie Heritage Japanese Movie Actor / Actress 2014" published in 100Kyoko Machiko-Haruko Sugimura-Double Award MitsukoAlong with others, it ranked in the 11th place of Japanese movie actresses.[81].

2002 years,Kankuro MiyatoThe script "Kisarazu Cat's Eye] As Asada Mirei (Miss Mirei).If she hadn't co-starred with Miyato as an actor in the NHK drama "Konotori Why Beni" (2001), she might not have taken on the "strange role of setting a bomb on a raccoon dog figurine at school". But she knew by co-starringPark(With meI decided to appear with confidence about 8% if it was a script written by him with a personality[82]..He recalls that it was a work that taught him the joy of acting because he could afford to look around at the scene.[82]..After this drama, Miyato's work includes two movie versions, "Kisarazu Cat's Eye" and the drama "Kisarazu Cat's Eye".Tiger & Dragon"Detective detective・ "Ama-chan" and the stage "Seven Lover" (narration only).According to the interview, Miyato's role as Yakushimaru is always exciting.[83].. [While there are many offers to perform the role of mother in other appearances] At Miyato World, I am very grateful that the role of being unmarried, having no children, and not being a murderer will be assigned.[84]..Believing that even the racy lines that are said to him do not make Miyato's character unseen and vulgar, he has full confidence in Miyato to keep up with him for the rest of his life.[84]..I don't think that if I don't say all the difficult lines, it won't be a script for Kankuro Miyato, so I won't arrange the lines in my own way.[85].

In the 1993 years since "Nurse Call" (10), "Magnitude Bridge to Tomorrow" (1997) and "Kisarazu Cat's Eye Japan Series』(2003) only two movies have appeared[83]..In the meantime, the drama and musical "If you sing in the rain(1996), "Sugar" (1998), etc., and Yakushimaru replied that it was a trial during a good experience and training period.[83].

2005 『ALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chomeAnd '1 liter of tears』The acting of the mother role was evaluated and won numerous movie awards and multiple drama awards.[86]..Since the role of mother is familiar to the viewer, it is easy to judge that there is no such mother, and since I have no children, I was worried about the role of mother.[87]..He answered that he supplemented the inexperienced part with human observation and imagination in the city.[88]..Yakushimaru looked back on the 2005 Kinema Junpo Supporting Actress Award for the first time in 20 years since he was evaluated for "W's Tragedy" at the age of 20, and the reason for the award was that his character and role matched well. As you can imagine, I'm grateful that I was able to meet the wonderful movies and roles that were [winning], and that the people who watched those movies felt strongly, and I'm sure the magic of the movie, the movie. ofmiracle(KisekiStated that he was able to meet[89]..Yakushimaru is the two sequels to "Always-Sunset on Third Street"ALWAYS Sequel XNUMXrd Sunset(2007)ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset '64』(2012) also plays Tomoe Suzuki.In 2007, the special drama "1 Liter of Tears Special Edition-Recollection-" was broadcast as a sequel to the serial drama "1 Liter of Tears".

In March 2006, a special screening (from debut to latest work) entitled "Actress Hiroko Yakushimaru's Trajectory" was held at Cinema Vera Shibuya.[90].

Japan PostThe special stamp "Japanese Movie II" (modern masterpiece) (2006-10s release) issued by Japan on October 10, 1980 has selected 2000 representative Japanese movies, and it is one of them. The movie "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" starring Yakushimaru was selected.[91].

Broadcast on July 2009, 9Saturday Premium"Battlefield Melody ~ A miracle song that saved the lives of 108 Japanese soldiers ~』(Watanabe HamakoIn the drama based on the true story of), he played the leading role, Hamako Watanabe, and after taking a one-month singing lesson, in the drama, "Oh, the night of Montenrupa is lateI sang Hamako's songs such as[3][92]..This song is "This time my wife』(2010) to hold a concert of the public commemorative eventPastern(tunaI was sick[3]..Also, in "This time my wife"34th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Outstanding Leading Actress Award.

the 2010s

2012 years,Wooden dish springIf you have the opportunity to appear in a work, it doesn't matter if it's the stage, the stage "Where to swellStarring in[93]..The charm of the wooden plate work is tightly heartedGrab(MoundIt is expressed that it is composed of fluttering lines and glittering lines.[93]..For the wooden plate work, the drama "Q10・ "In the mosquito net that has forgotten the world"[Note 22]・'Father's back"Episode 5" Dobuko "・"Fuji family"[95], The stage "Swelling place", "Haruna crab』Appeared in.Yakushimaru's comment from Izumi Kizara says, "Even if the lines are SF-like and have no meaning, you can say them in a very realistic way."[96], "Actress with a strong presence that is not consumed"[97].

firstMorning dora"Ama-chan』(April-September 2013) I intended to decline the appearance request[Note 23], Read the script given by the producer and decide to appear[100][Note 24]..However, there was one concern, which was the role of Hiromi Suzuka's big actress played by Hiroko Yakushimaru.[Note 25]..In addition, Suzuka also had a setting of "tone deafness", but that was perceived differently depending on the generation of viewers.[Note 26].. Some people in their thirties and younger thought they were really bad at it.[104][Note 27]..However, when he showed his original singing ability in the final week of the drama, it was a big hit.[105][Note 28]..Yakushimaru is a "tunnel site" to create a role (railroad tracks and buildings beyond the tunnel(I.e.Washed awayGreat East Japan EarthquakeFrom the experience of visiting the disaster site)Shiosai of memoryIn memory of the victimsHymnI wanted to do something like this, and suggested singing with different melody and tempo.[107]..The role of Hiromi Suzuka played by Yakushimaru was evaluated as having an outstanding presence.[4].. (35th Anniversary) ConcertalbumWas decided before "Ama-chan"[108]I recall that it was great for me to sing "Shiosai no Memories".[109]..Yakushimaru has more opportunities to sing, and was recognized as a singer by the younger generation, and some older generations heard Yakushimaru's song for the first time in a while.[110].

Beginning in 2003, the travel and cooking program "Yakushimaru is in charge of narration.Food Kingdom』(TV AsahiIn 2013, it was the 10th anniversary, and the number of broadcasts exceeded 500 times.

Yakushimaru acted as a navigator "Mr. Kenbo and Mr. Yamada-Two men who devoted their lives to the dictionary-(2013) is the 30thATP AwardInformation / Variety Category Best Award40st Broadcast Culture Fund AwardTV Entertainment Program Excellence Award[111][112], Starring and in charge of the theme song "Cradle of Stork ~ 6 years of "Baby Post" and the future of 92 lives saved ~(2013) is the 68thAgency for Cultural Affairs Art Festival AwardReceived the TV Drama Category Excellence Award[113].

In 2014, he was evaluated as a veteran actress who played both leading and supporting roles, from serious to comedy roles.Broadcast Woman Award 2013Won[4].

Yakushimaru was in charge of the narration "Red(2015) 42st Broadcast Culture Fund AwardBest award in TV drama category[114],Kyoko KoizumiStarring with "Fuji family(2016) is the 32thATP AwardReceived the highest award in the drama category of the TV Grand Prix[115]..Yakushimaru also plays Takako Oguni in the sequel "Fuji Family 2017" (2017).

March 2016, documentary "GaudiLabyrinth ~Sagrada FamiliaThe sculptor who completed the "Birthday Façade" in "100 Years of Dreams"Etsuro SotooI visited a place related to Gaudi[116]. July of the same year,SwedenThe drama "Yuriko's Picture Book -The War of Army Warriors and Onodera Couple-] InYuriko OnoderaPlayed.

In December 2017, the two movies "DESTINY Kamakura Monogatari"When"A bride who has been living for eight years A true story of a miracleWas released[117].. The performance of "The True Story of the Bride's Miracle Over 8 Years" was highly evaluated.41th Japan Academy AwardReceived the Outstanding Supporting Actress Award[118].

2018 is the drama ``UnnaturalAnd the movieBefore the coffee gets cold』Appeared in[119][120].. In December, the feature-length historical comedy "LIFE!Participate in "Special Shinobi! Right Left Emon"[121].

2019,Idaten -Tokyo Orympic Games-"soNHK taiga dramaFirst appearance[122].

the 2020s

2020, the second time in 7 yearsNHKMorning dora"Ale, The heroine, Oto Sekiuchi (act:Fumi Nikaido)'S mother, Mitsuko[123][124](February March)[Note 29]..In the 90thHymnFollowing singing "Uruwashi no Shirayuri" in the play[124][125], "The plateau train goes" at the final (120th) special edition "Ale" concert (composer,Yuji Koseki) Was shown[126].. Appeared in OctoberKadokawa HarukiThe director's last movie "Mitsuki Tsukushi Dishes(2020) will be released[127].

Director Shinji Somai

Shinji AiumeThe director is "Couple who flew(1980), he took the time to shoot until the inexperienced Yakushimaru and his friends were able to do it.[128]..Yakushimaru recalls that the length of time was the affection of director Soumai.[128]..In order to be liked by the director, I challenged the scene of plunging into the wall with a bicycle many times[129]..Yakushimaru also understands that the new director, Soumai, is in a difficult position, and although he is afraid of such Soumai, there was a part that he admired like his brother.[128].

Yakushimaru had a very good match with the director of "Tonda Couple", so the next movie (""targeted school")ofNobuhiko ObayashiIt took me a while to get used to the director's scene[130]..Yakushimaru explains that this was because he had "Soumai disease".[131].

Director Soumai told me, "Don't play a small play," and "Strengthen your limbs and toes."[132][129].. Sometimes I was swearing at "garbage," "waste," and "kids."[128]..It ’s commonly called a squeeze stick.(Very muchI was sometimes struck by him[132][133]At the same time, Yakushimaru felt that he was qualified to participate in the movie from the director.[132]..Yakushimaru never thought of the director as a demon, and he was willing to turn the director into an enemy and fight in the event of an emergency.[134][Note 30]..Cameraman'sSeizo SendamotoAccording to the report, Director Soumai and Yakushimaru had a relationship that understood each other.[136].. 『Sailor suit and machine gun(1981) was a hit, and director Soumai, who usually doesn't show his emotions, was very pleased to see the big movie theater in Shinjuku.[137]..Yakushimaru was happy to see such a figure of Soumai.[137].

Yakushimaru last met Director Soumai in December of the year before his death (2000), when the Soumai group gathered for the first time in a long time.[138].

"Kinema JunpoIn the special feature in memory of Shinji Somai (2001), even if you are actually wearing clothes, you need to be prepared to expose your life to the public, the rigor of acting, and the fear. Yakushimaru says that he learned from Director Soumai.[129][139]..He also states that Yakushimaru continues to be an actress because of that time.[129].

Takashi MatsumotoIn a conversation with Yakushimaru, Yakushimaru said that it was sad that the origin of "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" became "memories" due to the death of Soumai.[140].

Ordinary ordinary people

1981'sSailor suit and machine gunAt that time, Yakushimaru, who was supported by the popularity of teenage boys and girls, was similar to Momotaro from many middle-aged men (Ojin).[Note 31], Like most ordinary girls, for children, and Kadokawa's commercialismFabricationWith the idolDetective(EveryoneIt had been[141]..On the other hand, Kadokawa's mysterious strategy of "not advancing to TV" and "meeting only at the silver screen" and [the fifth live-action movie] "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" were not singers, from entertainment activities The attitude of prioritizing schoolwork and the qualities of Yakushimaru himself gave him a "movie star" character.[141]..Unlike idols whose main battlefield is TV, they were sometimes classified as stars because they were mainly movies, and sometimes they were classified as idols because of their friendliness.[142]..Some of the reasons for supporting Yakushimaru are "because I go to school every day" and "it's very good like an amateur", so it looks like an "ordinary ordinary person" rather than a "fluffy idol or entertainer". Was regarded as the charm of Yakushimaru[143]..Therefore, in 1981, the theme song of the same name as the movie "Sailor suit and machine gunWhen he made his debut as a singer, he was scolded by old fans as "I'm not an idol singer."[144].


Singer activity (November 1981-11)

Early 1980s

Immediately after debut and the movie "targeted school(July 1981) At the time of appearance, the singer's debut was also proposed by the affiliated office.[Note 32], Yakushimaru thought it was impossible and refused[15][Note 33][146]..Therefore, it was sometimes described as "the (last) idol who does not sing" [in the three years from the screen debut in 1978 to the singer's debut in November 1981].[147]..Also postMomoe YamaguchiWhen was making noise[Note 34], "Because Yakushimaru does not sing ..." was denied[148].. According to Shigeyuki Endo, who was in charge of promoting "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun," Yakushimaru, a star limited to movie fans, became an idol of the same generation by singing the theme song.[149]..Details that led to the singer's debutSailor clothes and machine gun (song) #HistorySee.

Kadokawa movieThe single released in the era "Sailor suit and machine gun"(1981)·"Detective story"(1983)·"Main theme"(1984)·"From Woman "The Tragedy of W""(1984) is the theme song of all the leading movies. Since "Main Theme" was the highest 2nd place, the single consecutive top record was cut off, but the other 3 songsOriconHas won first place[6].

Of the second single "Detective Story"Both sides AIsJust a little gentle(1983)TBSsystem"Exciting animal land』It is the ending theme.

The lyricist's song in "Detective Story", which was to sing the movie theme song againTakashi MatsumotoAnd the composerEiichi OtakiSinging and singingalbumI knew the fun of making and wanted to continue singing in the future[150]..He said that if he hadn't met them, he might have been an actress without thinking about compatibility with a singer.[150]..Matsumoto tried to make a series of Yakushimaru works that were different from the trendy, business-like ones.[151][152]..And Matsumoto replied that he was satisfied with all the songs he wrote for Yakushimaru.[153].

One of Yakushimaru's representative songs, "Cheer up"Takeuchi MariyaWritten for Yakushimaru. The first album "Ancient and modern collection』(1984), but has never been single-cut.Then, in 1987, Mariya Takeuchi released the album "REQUESTWhen I self-covered withTatsuro YamashitaParticipating in the chorus with. The two choruses are exquisite and Mariya Takeuchi praises them[154].

Late 1980s

Kadokawa Haruki OfficeIn 1985, when he became independent from, three singles "I want to know you more・ "Stars in heaven. Flowers on earth." ・ "How to forget a wonderful loveAnd the second album "Yumejuwa』Has been released.

"I want to know you more"PrivatizationRight afterNTT OfCM songSo, Yakushimaru himself appeared in the commercial and at the same time sang the commercial song. "Whispering steps(1986), "Talking with your eyes" (1986), "Riding the wind" (1991) are also NTT's commercial songs.[155][156].

"How to forget a wonderful love" is the movie "Like a barbarianThe theme song of 1986, as a movie-related songGentleman alliance(The movie of the same name "Gentleman alliance』Theme song), 1988" Era "("Downtown Heroes』Image song), 1989" Windy Boy "(theme song of the movie" READY! LADY! ").

Since "Kokinshu" (1984), "Yumejuwa" in 1985, "Yumejuwa" in 1986Flower book』(Takashi MatsumotoProduced & written all songs), 1987 "Hoshikikou』And one original album is released every yearroutineIt was.

July-August 1987, the first concert "Hoshikikou" was held.The concert was held in August-October 7 the following year, "SENTENCE".

1987 year 10 month,Koji TamakiReleased the single "Mune no Pendulum" composed by "Music Station』Appeared in. He has also appeared in "Music Station" in "Era" (1988) and "Talking Love" (1989).Other Tamaki works are "Crossing point ~ Yes, that's right ~"(1997).

Fuji TV in March 1988Night hit studio DELUXE』, Served as a monthly guest, especially on March 3th, the day before the graduation ceremony, a mini concert in the same program (Katsuhisa HattoriConducted)[157].

The single "TimeIsMiyuki NakajimaCover.It was Yakushimaru's favorite song, but I was disappointed that Nakajima did not sing it at the concert at that time, so I was disappointed with the album "Sincerely yours』(1988)[158].. The "era" isFuji Television Network, Incsystem"I see! The WorldIt is also the ending theme of.

January 1989 single "In love to talkIs the same as "sailor suit and machine gun"Takao after birth-Etsuko after birthIt is a work of siblings, and it is a composer since "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun". "To the love that talks"Nippon TVsystem"Wednesday grand romance, But Yakushimaru himself has not appeared in "Wednesday Grand Romance".

In March of the same year, the sixth album "LOVER'S CONCERTO], The single "Windy Boy" will be released in October.

According to a survey by Bessatsu Takarajima, the total sales of singles in the 1980s was 50 million, which was the 218.7th highest among female idols at that time, even if it was within the top 7 of the year.[159] Also in the 1980s, the female idol at that time won the highest position on the single Oricon chart twice (2, 1982).[160].

the 1990s

In 1990, the 3th album "Heart's DeliveryReleased, March-April held the third concert "Heart Delivery", and in May the single "Heart Delivery"Holding hands"announced.

1991 Year of 1 MonthKoji TamakiAfter announcing the marriage with Dengeki, the single "Riding the wind, The 3th album in MarchSPRING] Will be released respectively.

During his marriage to Tamaki, Tamaki's album "On the chimney of the Calint factory”(1993)West Wing(NishitoDuet at "XNUMX:XNUMX am" and "Act Against AIDS '94』(1994) by two people.

In August 1997, "Riding the wind"(1991), the first single in 6 yearsCrossing point ~ Yes, that's right ~, "Koibun-Sorrowful Edition-" will be released in December.

In February 1998, he released his 2th original album "-Love Letter-LOVE LETTER" for the first time in 1991 years since "PRIMAVERA" (7).In April of the same year, he released the single "smile smile" (written by Yakushimaru).

Singer activity (2000-present)

the 2000s

2000 year 2 month,TV AsahiStarring drama "Love addiction』Theme song" Love holic "(lyrics: Takashi Matsumoto) is released. March 2006, music programNHK"Music/dream clubAppeared in[161].. Performed hit songs such as "Sailor suit and machine gun" and "Detective story"[161].. NHK broadcast in September 2008 "SONGS』And show off the representative song[162].. He has also appeared in "SONGS" in 2011, 2013, March 2016, December 3, 2016, 12 and 2018.

Yakushimaru replied that the little singer activity in the 2000s may not have been needed commercially.[163].

the 2010s

2010 appearance movie "This time my wifeAs part of the public commemorative event, concerts will be held in Tokyo (January 1990th) and Osaka (January 20th) for the first time in 1 years since 7.Also during the concert, the director of the filmIsao YukisadaAnd the role of husbandEiji ToyokawaA talk show was also held[164]..Yakushimaru was worried that people would gather at the concert, but tickets for a total of 2000 seats were sold out within 3 minutes of the start of sales.[110].

July 2011, starring movie "WasaoIs released, and he is in charge of the theme song "My Treasure".It will be the first time in 22 years to sing the theme song of the leading movie[165].. "My treasure" is November 2013TBSSeries drama "Cradle of Stork ~ 6 years of "Baby Post" and the future of 92 lives saved ~It is also the theme song of. Broadcast in December 2011, "2011 FNS Song Festival"soKen HiraiWhen"From Woman "The Tragedy of W""duetTo do. For "FNS Kayosai"2013/Also appeared in 3 songs including duet "Sailor suit and machine gun"Cheer up"TimeIs being shown.

Released in 2012 month of 11Celtic womanAlbum "Christmas in the heart /Home for ChristmasBonus track song "You Raise Me Up ~ Prayer Version feat. Hiroko YakushimaruCollaborated with[166][167].

In October 2013, a concert to commemorate the 10th anniversary of entertainment activities was held in Tokyo and Osaka.[168][Note 35].. It was the first solo concert in 1990 years since "Heart Delivery" in 23.[170]..In the concert pamphletInoue Yosui,Takeuchi Mariya,Miyuki Nakajima,Yumi MatsutoyaA message of congratulations from (listing order) is posted[156]..In December 2014, my seniors who watched this concert told me to sing more.LIVE"Premium Acoustic Night Toki no Tobira ~ Look For A Star ~" was planned by himself.[171]..The live is the first cover album released in December 2013, "Door of timeWas composed mainly of the songs of ”, and was in charge of the arrangement of the album.YoshimataParticipates as an arranger and support musician[172].

May 2015,THE MUSIC DAY, And sang "Age" and "From Woman" W's Tragedy "".At "Yakushimaru Hiroko Concert 10" held in October of the same year, Yakushimaru's hit songs and "Beginning of twilight"If you can meet in a dream"Winter constellationsCover songs such asSingIn addition to the theatrical anime "Sinbad Sky Princess and Secret Island』(2015) in the play song" Wataridori "was also performed[173][Note 36].

Suddenly died at the end of 2013Eiichi OtakiIn memory of "SONGS(March 2016), narrated and composed by Otaki.Detective storyNot only sang, but also Otaki's lifevocal-TrackMasayuki SuzukiParticipated in "If you meet in a dream" co-starring[174][175][Note 37].. In July 2016, he appeared in "THE MUSIC DAY" as in the previous year. In September, the first outdoor concert "World Heritage Theater" Kasuga Grand Shrine The XNUMXth annual rebuilding celebration Yakushimaru Hiroko Concert ”was held, and the cover album“Cinema SongsFrom "Moon river[177].. "Premium Acoustic Night ~ Cinema Songs ~" held in November[178] Will be held in January 2017[179].. In December, for the first time in 12 years, "FNS Song Festival』Appeared in. In "SONGS Special Hiroko Yakushimaru-All the movies taught by Ken Takakura-", the debut work "Proof of wildnessIs the location ofKanazawaVisitKen TakakuraAnd showed the movie music recorded in "Cinema Songs" and the theme song of the movie starring Yakushimaru.[180][181].

In April 2017, "Cinema Songs" recorded "RecollectionIs the drama "Woman's medalWas adopted as the theme song of[182].. In SeptemberInoue YosuiLive album "Meguri Ai" including new song "Meguri Ai"Best Songs 1981-2017 ~ Live in Kasuga Taisha ~』Release. In July, appeared in "THE MUSIC DAY" for 7 consecutive years, "How to forget a wonderful loveWas sung. Broadcast on August 8, "The Covers"If you meet in a dream", "From Woman" W's tragedy "", "Meguri meet"[183].

In February 2018, "Yakushimaru Hiroko Concert 2" was held, and a new song "Dawn from here" was also shown from the new album released in May.[184].. Lyricist in MarchTakashi MatsumotoA music program featuring "UtaconFirst appeared in[185],From Woman "The Tragedy of W"[186].. From April NHK "Everyone's songBy singing the song "Window"[187], NHKRadio midnight flight"of"Midnight flight songParticipate in the song "Kokoronisumuta"[188]..Also, in the same month, "Yakushimaru Hiroko Concert 2" held in February will be broadcast on NHK BS Premium.[189].. In May, the original album "-Love Letter-LOVE LETTER" in 5 was the first in 1998 years.EtoileReleased[190][191]..In the same month, the music program "Music fair, "Sailor suit and machine gun" and "Dawn from here"[192],SONGS"The village with the most beautiful starry sky in Japan"Achi Village, Nagano PrefectureAlong with the location to visitDetective story・ "From Woman" W's Tragedy "" ・ Singing "Window"[193].. Live tour "Premium Acoustic Night ~ Etoile ~" from September to OctoberBillboard driveHeld in Tokyo and Osaka[194]..In addition, the "Victor Rock Festival Osaka x MBS Sound Festival 10" that participated in October was the first for Yakushimaru.FestivalBecame[195].. December "2018 FNS Song Festival] InNao MatsushitaPerformed "From Woman" W's Tragedy "" on the piano[196].

In March 2019, NHK's concert program "RUN! HOPE! RUN! ~NHK Symphony Orchestra×Yoshihide Otomo×IdatenIn the public recording of "Concert ~"Look up and see the night stars[197].. From September to October, "Yakushimaru Hiroko Concert 9" was held in 10 performances in 2019 locations in Tokyo, Osaka, Miyagi, and Saga.Shiosai of memory"Or"want to protectShow off[198][199].. October,"2019 FNS Song FestivalAppeared in "Time"When"Main theme

the 2020s

Appeared in January 2020, "SONGSIn the live video of "Yakushimaru Hiroko 2019 Concert"want to protect・ "Shiosai no Memories" ・ "Anatanokotoba" ・ "Sailor suit and machine gun" and behind-the-scenes scenes were broadcast[200].. In February, as a promotion for Blu-ray & DVD & CD "Yakushimaru Hiroko 2 Concert", TokyoSeibu Shinjuku StationSpecial feature aired at the previous YUNIKA VISION[201].. In October, he appeared on NHK's "Movie music is wonderful!"Sailor suit and machine gun"From Woman "The Tragedy of W""call(Theme song of the movie "Nurse Call" starring,Koji TamakiCover) 3 songs[202].

May 2021,Music fair"Miyuki NakajimaAppeared in the special feature, "TimeSinging[203].

May 2021,2021 FNS Kayo Festival SummerAppeared in "Cheer upSinging[204].

In "SONGS" that appeared in November 2021, as a special project of the 11th anniversary of the singer's debutOizumi HiroshiAfter talking with (SONGS program manager) for the first time and releasing the 40th anniversary album "Indian Summer", Oizumi approached the true face of Yakushimaru based on the testimony of various parties such as movies and music. ..Further comment guestKankuro MiyatoHowever, he talked about the friendly side of Yakushimaru from the episode when he first met.He expressed his deep gratitude to Ken Takakura, the teacher who had the most influence on his life, and his respect for Yumi Matsutoya, who he has been admiring since he was a child.
In the studio performance, "Sailor suit and machine gun", "Detective story","I want to know you more","Main theme, "From" Woman "W Tragedy" ", released 5 blockbuster songs as a special medley for the 40th anniversary of the same year, and released the previous year's serial TV novel"Ale], The hymn "Uruwashi no Shirayuri", whose three-minute solo singing became a big topic, was also shown.Furthermore, the new song "" that Matsutoya provided for the first time in 3 years under the name of Kureta Karuho.[205]Was shown on TV for the first time[206].

June 2021, 12, ``2021 FNS Song FestivalAppeared on the first night, "Detective storySinging[207].. On December 12th, she appeared in the music program "Music Fair" and sang two songs, "Come Back To Me ~ Eternal Profile" (premiered for commercial broadcasting) and "Woman" W Tragedy "".[208].. December 12,"The Covers40th anniversary of singer debut! "Yakushimaru Hiroko Night! -A masterpiece I want to deliver now-" (NHK BS Premium,NHK BS4K), And sang three songs, "I want to protect", "Call", and "Come Back To Me ~ Eternal Profile".[209][210].

Kadokawa era promotion

As part of a pre-release campaign for the movieSong programBecause it was an appearance, [before the movie was released] the music program "Night hit studioAnd 'The Best Ten], [The Top Ten』, Etc., and overwhelmingly declined the appearance request [after the movie was released][42][Note 38][211]..Usually, it was a difficult job for a record company that asked [the broadcasting station to perform the singer to which it belongs], so the movie company Toei was in charge of the contact with the song program.[42]..The promotion of the leading actress utilized the custom of the movie world until the first day of the movie release as a reason for declining the appearance[212]..Shigeyuki Endo, who was in charge of Toei's promotion at the time, said that he refrained from appearing in the song program, except when Kadokawa side was just before the movie was releasedExposedHe mentioned that he had taken a strategy to arouse the hunger of fans, that Yakushimaru had prioritized his studies, and that his musical activities were limited to movie theme songs.[42].


The idol for YakushimaruYumin[100]..When I was in elementary school, I played the pianoContrail"RoomI was imitating the narration[163]..Such a longing person is the theme song ("targeted school"of"want to protect"), Or a song from someone you admire (""From Woman "The Tragedy of W"") Will be provided. Participating in Naeba concert in March 1985 and Yumin 3th anniversary event in January 2013[82][213].. Fuji TV broadcast in April 2011 "Our music』, Co-starred with Yumi Matsutoya, duet" From Woman "W Tragedy" "[214].. Even as of 2016Yumi MatsutoyaSaying that he is nervous in front of[163].

Music magazine "Record collectors(November 2014 issue), four songs by Yakushimaru were selected in the special feature "11's Female Idol Song Best 80".[215].. 5th place "Sailor suit and machine gun, 13th place "Detective story, 17th place "From Woman "The Tragedy of W", 20th place "I want to know you more'[215].

CriticYuichiro KuriharaSaid that Yakushimaru was as popular as an idol, but was a different kind of star from the idol.[216].

NHK Red and White Singing Battle

"Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" was a big hit in both the movie and the theme song, but at that time Yakushimaru was closed for college entrance exams, so "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" was closed in 1980.The 33th NHK Red and White Singing Battle, "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun" instead of YakushimaruJunko SakuradaShown by[217]..Yakushimaru wrote in 200556th Red and WhiteGuest judge, 2007 "58th Red and WhiteAfter appearing twice with a cheering guest in "", he made a special appearance in 2 "64th Red and White"so"Ama-chanTo Hiromi Suzuka(HmmShiosai of memory[218][219].. Next year's 201465th Red and White』, Was elected for the first time in the official participation frame,Arranger OfMasatoshi MatsutoyaWith piano accompaniment byFrom Woman "The Tragedy of W"Was shown[217][220].

Yakushimaru's policy

When singing a hit song in the past, it is said that the key of the original song is used and the tune is not changed so as not to spoil the image of the listener's memory.(OkiProtecting[221]..Singing with the same original key as when you were young is Yakushimaru'smotivationIs also[110].. As of 2016, to keep the trebleVocalistTaking lessons[163]..He answered that keeping the treble is indispensable for making various voices as an actress.[163]..It's important to train and be good at singing, but I'm careful not to lose my personality.[222]..Also, I know that each note written by the composer is particular about it, so I don't want to arrange it in my own way and sing it, but I want to be faithful to the score.[85].

In an interview in 2017, he said that even if he was too happy or painful, his singing voice would be greatly affected and it was necessary to face his own mind and body.[223].. 〔movies"Bride for 8 yearsIn the live rehearsal that was held while dragging the role of a mother with a sick daughter, [sad] did not make a high voice and singing did not feel fun.[85]..Therefore, I thought about canceling the declaration of "singing with the original key" at one point.[85].

April 2021Nihon Keizai ShimbunIn an interview with, "The role of the play is just a role, not me, but the song is different. There are no words I don't want to convey. I can express this word from the bottom of my heart, so I like singing very much. . "He was also asked about the secret of singing the hit songs of yesteryear with the same key for 40 years since his debut as a singer. I think it's also useful for singing. I'm trying to sing as faithfully as possible to the original song because the old hit songs are no longer away from me and are incorporated into the memories of many people. " ing[224].

Evaluation as a singer

Regarding singing ability, it's not an idol style, but a chorus styleRidiculous(YayuAlthough it was sometimes done, "The singing ability has been outstanding since the time when the theme song of the Kadokawa movie was sung. The singing style is orthodox. The singing style is faithful to the basics, and the treble with a clear voice is attractive. The expression of the song has become richer with the addition of her human charm and experience as an actress cultivated through her life experience. "Tomizawa KazumasaIs evaluating[225]..As a singerRare(KeiTaihei Kubota explains that he was a talented person and his neat and polite singing was unique.[70]..Masaki Uchida says that the singing ability that has been well-established since the idol era, the serious falsetto that is faithful to the music and the lyrics can be heard clearly, has a unique capacity and expressive power of delicate nuances peculiar to the actress. evaluate[103]..Hiroko Shinozaki, who is in charge of culture at the Asahi Shimbun, explains that the appeal of Yakushimaru is the wide range that is realized by the transparent voice and falsetto extending from the midrange to the high range without difficulty.[222].

About singing voiceTakeuchi MariyaIs "refreshing" and "Rare(Kei"Voice[154].Satoshi Takebe"Voice like rolling a bell"[226].Yumi MatsutoyaDescribes as "crystal voice, crystal-hard transparency"[227].KonishiIs "Angel'sHymn'[228]..At the Waseda University school festival, there was one act in which a student misunderstood that a highly transparent singing voice was a machine-made sound.[42]..Yakushimaru himself is grateful that he has a special and strange voice.[222].

According to music writer Hitoshi Kurimoto, one of the reasons why Yakushimaru's career as a singer was happy is the existence of highly complete songs brought by first-class staff.[229]..Explain that it is a hit and is evaluated because it has singing ability to respond to that high level[229].Hideki TaieAccording to Yakushimaru's superiority over singers of the same generation, the five albums released in the 1980s, "Ancient and modern collection(1984)Yumejuwa(1985)Flower book(1986)Hoshikikou(1987)Sincerely yours』(1988)according to(There is a big place[230].



Hiroko Yakushimaru is from Tokyo on June 1964, 39 (Showa 6).ShibuyaIt is inJapanese Red Cross HospitalBorn in[231],Minato-kuAoyamaGrowing up in a double-income family[232]..Stay stillhousing complexIt was a kindergarten child waiting for his mother on the way home from work in front of the elevator.[233]..My parents' hobbiesClassical musicSometimes I was taken to a concert[232]..When I was in the lower grades of kindergarten or elementary school, when I got sick due to injury or illness, I left school with my grandmother instead of my dual-income parents.[234]..On the way homeAoyama streetI was embarrassed because I had a lot of people's eyes, and at the same time I was ashamed [to my grandmother][234]..At Harajuku Kindergarten, there were many children with curled hair, so I used a pot.Be(TurnipRight angleHeadHad an inferiority complex[235]..I was extremely bad at appearing in public[236]..However, when I became an elementary school student, the teacher told mefavoritism(Eko patronizeTransformed into a prominent child who is suspected of[237]..Animals in the lower grades of elementary schoolPanic movie"BenI had a double date with two boys and two girls[238]..Physical education is my specialty when I was in elementary school[239]..Fast legs, always up to the third year of high schoolrelayWas a player[235].

Entertainment world

"Proof of wildness』(1978) was loved by the on-site staff and co-stars, and there were voices that evaluated his talent as an actor, but Yakushimaru himself, who was preparing to take the high school exam, had no intention of continuing as an actress.[27]..My grandmother objected to entering the entertainment world, and I promised to quit the entertainment world only with "proof of wildness" with my mother.[240][31], Thank you for your help after shootingcast・ To the staffGalaI gave a thank-you letter to the gifts I bought from most of the[31]..The hits of the debut movie are to follow the school, rush to home, [at homeFixed-line phoneAt the same time, annoying fans who called me were created, and my family became a victim.[241]..After the first movie ("Never Give Up"), I was nervous that I shouldn't get sick during the filming, but I was relieved that it ended safely and I was tired.Autonomic ataxiaBecame[233].

The reason why Yakushimaru didn't have a longing for the entertainment world wasAoyamaThe place of origin is greatly related[235]..I often witnessed the stars, because my friend's father was an idol director and there were many people around the entertainment world.[235][128]I thought it wasn't very suitable for me[235]..Yakushimaru, who felt a gap with the environment of his hometown, describes himself as "raised in the countryside of the city."[242].. 『Couple who flew』(1980) at the time of appearance negotiations, sober and not good at frolicking, so the future hope is the movie staff rather than the actors (Scripter) Was to become[28].. In the 1993 dialogue collection, "the reason why I didn't appear in TV dramas" was that when I was young, I didn't want to be known or seen by an unspecified number of people by appearing on TV. He said that he was not interested in Yakushimaru and thought that he would not be known except for those who went to the theater.[243].

As of 2013, Yakushimaru is still in the gorgeous entertainment worldFamiliar(SameI'm sorry, I answered that I'm not familiar[242].. 『Sailor suit and machine gun(1981), instead of the industry greetings such as "Good morning" day or night, I pushed through to the superior staff and actors with everyday ordinary greetings such as "Good evening" at night.[244][Note 39]..The sign is not a celebrity-like broken writing style, but it is arranged like an ordinary girl fills out a test sheetRegular scriptI'm doing[45]. 1983'sKinema JunpoIn the article, the reason why Yakushimaru has many female fans is that she speaks in her own words instead of adult puppets, sticks to her own will for study and work, and works hard in an adult society. I'm analyzing that it may have appealed to the fans of[45][Note 40].

school days

Debut work "Proof of wildness』(1978) was a big hit[Note 41], I was thinking about retiring from the entertainment world with this one work[15]..The reason is that although I took it for granted that I would go on to higher education, I was forced to absent for a long period of 53 days due to filming, etc., and my studies were delayed.[15][235]..Therefore, the affiliationKadokawa Haruki OfficeDemanded that he did not have to be absent from school as a condition of work.[15][Note 42]..As a result, the second work "Sengoku Self-Defense Force(1979) was filmed only on National Sports Day, a holiday that does not interfere with schoolwork.[15]..After that, filming took advantage of the school's spring-summer vacation[31][128]I didn't miss school because of work until I graduated from college[15][235]..I thought the filming scene was the second compulsory education[246]..The director scolded me for the play, and I was angry at standing up, and there were many fathers at the shooting site.[246].

The theory was that high school teachers wouldn't be living a true student life if they took it for granted that they shouldn't take a break from school [because Yakushimaru is an entertainer].[128][242]..Thanks to the teacher, I was able to live a normal high school life and have good friends.[128][242]..Dozens of fan boys were waiting in line in front of the school gate, and the entire wall of the school was sometimes filled with graffiti.[247]..Yakushimaru at the time of going to school becomes a common gateSlanderingWhen I found the graffiti, someone at school had erased it by the time I left school.[128].. Of the movie directorNaofumi HiguchiIs guarded by a classmateAomonoyokocho StationI have witnessed Yakushimaru going to high school fromtargeted school(1981), a boy from all over Japan at that time, "want to protectIt states that it was the target[77]..For Yakushimaru, being an "ordinary high school student" had a positive effect on his work.[248].

Regarding college entrance exams, my father objected, "I have already been given a job, so I should make use of it." On the contrary, my mother said, "If you want to go to college, go to college. "Turn" was boosted[249]..Yakushimaru's in December 1982, which was closedTamagawa UniversityIt was announced by the Kadokawa Haruki office that it passed the recommendation entrance examination of[250].. Enrolled in the Department of English and American Literature, Tamagawa University in April 1983[251][252]..The ratio of English and American literature departments increased from 4.7 times in the previous year to 7.6 times, and the number of applicants increased from 5.1 times in the previous year to 6.7 times in the university as a whole.[253].

When I was in my fourth year of college, I told a male college student who didn't realize that he was Yakushimaru.可愛 いI once touched my friend with a feeling of running.[254][255]..I spent the life of such an ordinary female college student[254]..With college friends for lunchSchool cafeteriaI can eat 220 yen ramenPhoto weekly magazineSometimes became an article[256].. 『Main theme』(1984) original authorYoshio KataokaFeatured the 40th anniversary of the Kadokawa movie "Kinema JunpoFrom Yakushimaru when he was 21 or 22 years old with his friendsOdakyu line OfTamagawa Gakuenmae StationContributed as a lasting memory of being called out on the stairs[257]..It was far from my home to the university, Tamagawa University was strict about attendance, and the range was wider than that of high school.routine examYakushimaru recalls that college life was hard.[258]..He also said he wouldn't have gone to a four-year college if he hadn't worked.[132].. I took a leave of absence due to illness when I was in the first grade, so I spent five years in college and graduated from Tamagawa University in March 1.[259][260].

magazine"Asahi Graph"Postwar Hero &heroineIn "Legend," Haruo Miyamoto explains that the expression of her life-sized character is a characteristic of Yakushimaru.[31]..Miyamoto also wrote that Yakushimaru himself clearly separated the actress Hiroko Yakushimaru and the student Hiroko Yakushimaru.[31].

Marriage and divorce

1991 year 1 month,safe area OfKoji TamakiAnd HawaiiMauiCeremony at a church in[261]..For one year after getting married, I took a complete leave of absence from performing arts activities and devoted myself to the housewife business.[137]..In a safe zoneConcert tourI sometimes accompanied him[258].. When Tamaki became inflamed in the large intestine in December 1996, Yakushimaru not only took care of him, but also appeared on behalf of a live music program and apologized.[262][263].

Marriage is seven and a half years[247]Announces divorce from Tamaki at Yakushimaru's birthday party held on June 1998, 6.[264][265]..Divorce states that the two are back on the starting line for happiness[247].

Yakushimaru named Tamaki as a singer who thinks he is good at singing in a 2016 interview.[222].

Ken Takakura

"Proof of wildness』(1978) at the production announcement seatKen TakakuraGave a big hand to 13-year-old Yakushimaru, saying, "Thank you for your cooperation."[266]..Since adults have never treated me like this, Yakushimaru was impressed and at the same time decided not to bother Takakura.[266]..Yakushimaru is a big gift from TakakuraBoomboxWas a favorite[267].

I have kept the "Don't mess around" that Takakura said as my starting point.[242][268]..Yakushimaru had never consulted with Takakura about taking the university entrance exam, but he praised him very much when he told him that he had passed the exam.[269]..Takakura used to praise Yakushimaru when talking about college and work.[270][242]..If Takakura praised him, Yakushimaru had no choice but to do his best, and at the same time, it was the toughest and scariest word.[242].

When I was sick and my doctor told me to exercise, Ken Takakura recommended me to go to the same gym.[271]..After a while, when I tell Takakura that I go to the gym every day, he says, "No one who comes to the gym every day is happy."[271].

On June 1979, 6, Yakushimaru starred Takakura in "Upset』(1980) visiting the shooting site and having a conversation[272]..After that, exchanges continued, and in November 2011, Ken Takakura's last work, "to you』(2012) also visited the shooting site[273]..Yakushimaru says that the fact that the actor Ken Takakura was imprinted on his eyes during this visit will be a source of future life.[274][275].

In November 2014, the only movie co-star was "Never Give Up," but after hearing the news of Ken Takakura, who had been involved both publicly and privately, he said on the radio that he felt that his soul had fallen out of his body.[274][275].. In December, a special program in memory of Ken Takakura on the radioPersonalityAct as[276]..In the same month65th Red and White"I had a lot of encounters and farewells this year, but I hope the song will reach an invisible distance on the radiant stage of red and white."[277].

Suitability for an actress

20-year-old Yakushimaru said, "W's tragedy』(1984), decided to quit the actor[278]..He recalls that he was mentally cornered because he had lost his confidence and passion for movies, and wanted to be free from his work-oriented life.[279]..Yakushimaru, who was thinking about retiring at one point, imposes on himself the three principles of "not getting bored, not getting cold, and not getting used to" at the shooting site, and restarts as an actress.[31]..In an interview around the same time, he stated his desire to become an actress who could play a good role as a mother when he was about 30 years old.[233].

In my mid-30s, when I was worried about whether to continue as an actress, I went to the United States.CounselingReceived[280][281][282]..When I talked about my aptitude for an actor, the teacher asked me how many years I had been an actor, and Yakushimaru replied, "You have been an actor for more than 20 years? There's no reason why it's not there. It's okay, don't worry. "[280][281][282]..He woke up with that word, reaffirmed that he was doing this job (actor) because he liked it, and said he wanted to continue as an actress as long as people wanted.[282][Note 43]..After that, when I encountered a role I wanted to play or something I wanted to express, I wanted to be able to embody it.[281].

["Yakushimaru starring"Sailor suit and machine gun(1981), etc.] I am grateful to be able to work on movies and television with directors and staff of the same generation who saw Japanese movies at that time when I was a student.[283].. 『This time my wife』(2010)Isao YukisadaSays he was interested in the movie after watching "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun"[284]..In addition, the drama "Yakushimaru starred for the first time"Mrs. Cinderella"(1997,Fuji Television Network, Inc) Producer, carried Yakushimaru on TVHiroyoshi KoiwaiCits the movie "W's Tragedy" (1984) as an opportunity to enter this industry.[285].. [From on-site staff, etc.]StadiumWhen I was told that I went to see Mr. Yakushimaru playing baseball, I sometimes apologize for wasting money.[286][Note 44].

For magazines and commercialsstylistKumiko Ogawa, who had been doing this, said, "From 1978, right after her debut, after the independence of the Kadokawa Haruki office,Tasmanian storyUntil (1990), he was in charge of costumes for Yakushimaru.[288]..Ogawa was fascinated by the world of movies with "Sailor Suit and Machine Gun", which he participated in for the first time as a staff member, and later became a costume designer for movies.[288]..For Ogawa, the encounter with Yakushimaru became a turning point in her life.[288].

"Ama-chan(2013) by Hiromi Suzuka (act: Yakushimaru) and Aki Amano (act: Aki Amano)Nounana Rina), The lines "It's a talent to continue" and "It's not suitable, but it's a talent to continue" feels like words that encourage Yakushimaru himself.[139][280][289].

2014 year 3 month,Broadcast Woman Award 2013At the award ceremony, he recalled that 35 years of performing arts life was chaotic and unplanned. I was able to continue this work for a year. "[290]..He also said that he did his best because he made an early mistake.[291].

Yakushimaru recalls that it was a [entertainment] life that was not sweet and not going well in the 2017 interview.[110]..However, he adds that a miracle is rolling somewhere.[110].

Driving a car

"Satomi Hakkenden(1983), the next work, "Main theme』(1984)Driver's licenseWill be neededDriving schoolWent to[292]..At the same driving school at the same timeTakeuchi MariyaWas passing[293]..When Yakushimaru talked about eating a dumpling set meal with a salaryman who was present at a Chinese restaurant near the driving school without a manager, Takeuchi answered in a conversation that he thought he could make friends with Yakushimaru.[293]..Yakushimaru is particularly good at putting in the garage while driving, and he was sometimes praised by the taxi driver who saw it.[128]..He was born and raised in Tokyo, so he is familiar with the roads in Tokyo and says that the passenger seats of drivers who are unfamiliar with the roads are stressful.[128].

Diary and travel

When I was in high school, I sometimes felt that I was known to everyone and it became painful.[236]..The pressure made me suspicious that everyone knew which high school I was attending and which university I was going to take, and the next morning I invited my friends.KaruizawaWent out to[236].

In a 1998 interview, Yakushimaru said he would embark on an escapist journey when he was mentally out of balance.[76].. If I keep a diary for 5 years, I'm on a journey to escape from reality at the same time every year, or [when I can't go on a journey] I'm deeply worried in Tokyo, and that's the cycle of my mental state. He says he is surprised by his sexuality[76]..Yakushimaru also replied that if you read the diary again, you can tell yourself that "life is like this".[271][Note 45].. In the 2005 interview, he keeps a diary that lists 10 years, but says that he repeats the same pattern of being sentimental at the turn of the season every year.[247].

Dog lover

I used to have 3 dogs[294]..Rarely ringing [indoor dog]Shiba InuSparks from the switchboard installed outdoorsleakageThe(HoTell meLabradorIn some cases, he boldly challenged a car thief who tried to invade Yakushimaru's house and prevented crime damage.[295] .. As of 2016, I don't have a dog, so I rent a dog from my neighborhood and take a walk for 5 or 6 kilometers every morning and evening.[294]..For cats [hair], extremeAllergiesThere is[296].


Chronological Table



Books and magazines

Photo album

The cumulative circulation of "Yakushimaru Hiroko Photo Memoir," "Part2," and "Part3" exceeds 80.[315].

Interviews / Dialogues


  • "variety(1978-1986,Kadokawa Shoten)-Playing the role of Yakushimaru's fan magazine[316].Kadokawa Haruki OfficeYakushimaru is based on the policy ofFan clubDid not have[317].
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    • "Duet of Fifteen" December 1979 issue. ―――― Keiko OginomeTalk with[318].
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    • "Yakushimaru Hiroko Special" August 1981 (Showa 56) special issue. --Mini photo book and data book of movies, TV and commercials up to "Aimed Gakuen"[318].
    • "Goodluck! Hiroko Yakushimaru" May 1985 issue. --Interview with gravure just before independence from Kadokawa Haruki office, Blue Ribbon Award ceremony, 60 volumes for 5 years (8 regular issues and 86 extra editions), etc.[318].
  • "Weekly Asahi(March 1979, 11 issue,Asahi Shimbun) Cover[319]
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  • Mariko Hayashi"I wonder if it's okay to ask Mariko so far (300) Guest Yakushimaru Hiroko Actress" "Weekly Asahi』April 2006, 2 issue,Asahi Shimbun Publishing, 2006, pp. 48-52.


2st Yokohama Film Festival Best Actress("Couple who flew])
6 timesMovie festival for movie fans(Currently Osaka Cinema Festival) Best Actress("Tonda Couple")
4th Japan Academy Award Topic Award (Actor Category)("Tonda Couple")
5th Japan Academy Award Topic Award (Actor Category)("Sailor suit and machine gun])
15 timesJapan Record Sales Award Female rookie award[320]
1 timesGolden gloss award Money Making Star Award
8th Japan Academy Award Topic Award (Actor Category)("W's tragedy])
27nd Blue Ribbon Award Best Actress("W Tragedy")
3rd Golden Gross Prize Money Making Star Award
9th Japan Academy Award Best Actress Award("W Tragedy")
14th Japan Academy Award Topic Award (Actor Category)[Note 49]("Tasmanian story], [Let's go to the hospital])
7 timesTakasaki Film Festival Best Actress Award("Sharp glare])
13 timesThe Television Drama Academy Award Best Actress("Mrs. Cinderella])
24st Broadcast Culture Fund Award Actress Acting Award("At the island of heat-Heat island Tokyo-")
29th Japan Academy Award Best Supporting Actress Award("ALWAYS Sunset on XNUMX-chome])
48nd Blue Ribbon Award Best Supporting Actress[Note 50]("Always Sunset on Third Street", "Operetta Tanuki Goten])
The 79st Kinema Junpo Best Ten Best Supporting Actress("ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset", "Operatta Tanuki Goten", "Lakeside murder case], [Tetsujin 28])
30th Hochi Film Award Best Supporting Actress("ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset")
18th Daily Sports Movie Awards Best Supporting Actress("ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset")
27st Yokohama Film Festival Best Supporting Actress("ALWAYS Sanchome Sunset", "Operatta Tanuki Goten", "Lakeside Murder Case", "Tetsujin 28-go")
The 9th Daily Sports Drama Grand Prix Best Supporting Actress("1 liter of tears])[323]
2 timesTVnaviDrama of the Year 2005 Best Supporting Actress("1 Liter of Tears")
31th Japan Academy Award Excellent Supporting Actress Award("ALWAYS Sequel XNUMXrd Sunset])
19th Japanese Film Critics Award Best Actress("This time my wife])
34th Japan Academy Award Best Actress Award("A Good Husband")
Broadcast Woman Award 2013[324]
41th Japan Academy Award Excellent Supporting Actress Award("A bride who has been living for eight years A true story of a miracle])


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