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🎥 | Reika Sakurai & Sae Okazaki & Natsume Mito, where do you want to sneak in?


Reika Sakurai & Sae Okazaki & Natsume Mito, where do you want to sneak in?

If you write the contents roughly
Natsume Mito said with a rocket, "I want to go to Mars."

A big hit thank-you stage greeting from the movie "Shinonome Color Weekend" was held, and the main cast including Reika Sakurai, who starred in the movie, took the stage ... → Continue reading


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Natsume Mito

Natsume Mito(Mito Natsume,1990/(2)May 2 -) isJapan Ofモデル,singer,talent,actress.

NaraNaraBackground[1].Kyoto Tachibana High School,Yasuko Ueda Fashion Collegegraduate[2].AsobisystemBelongs.The affiliation label isSony Music Associated Records.. blood typeA type[3]..Also serves as the director of the Nara City Linear Fan Club[1].


As a model

After working as a model in the local Kansai area from around 2010, he moved to Tokyo in 2013 and made his debut with "mer".[4].

"Mer" "Zipper''SEDASuch asBlue letter fashion magazineThe trademark was a unique hairstyle with extremely short bangs.[5],Morning dora"OchoyanAs she appeared in the role of mother and shifted to the actress business, she changed her bangs longer.[6].

As a singer

Started singer activity on August 2014, 8, in 31Nakata YasutakaIn the self-introduction song "Too much bangs cut" produced bysingerdebut[7][8]..The movie "In love ♡ vampire"Colony" which is the theme song of[9]And Sannohe's favorite sweets "Kyabetsu Taro"The song of the cabbage guy" is included. Eleven creators produced 11 music videos such as "Gakuen", "Chinese cabbage", and "Graffiti" for "Bangs cut too much", and the DVD "Bangs cut too much" containing all the music videos. MV made too much ”was released in June of the same year[10].


Living alone, but not good at housework.There is no bookshelf, and comic books are piled up on the floor.He hates cleaning the room and rarely vacuums, but he says he has never been bitten by ticks.[11].Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.AnnouncerAimi SakaguchiIs a classmate and friend of junior high school.



PieRelease datetitleHighest rankformPart numberRemarks
12017/May 4Natsumero64 bitCD + DVD (First Press Limited Edition)
CD (Normal Edition)


PieRelease datetitleHighest rankformPart numberRemarks
12015/May 4I cut my bangs too much36 bitCD onlyAICL-2858
22015/May 98 bit boy45 bitCD + Photobook (First Press Limited Edition)
CD (Normal Edition)
32016/May 4I'll do my best41 bitCD (First Press Limited Edition)
CD (Normal Edition)
42017/May 2Puzzle / Hanabira108 bitCD (First Press Limited Edition)
CD (Normal Edition)

Delivery single

PieRelease datetitleRemarks
12015/May 8Take me to the festivalThe second "self-supporting song"[12]

Music video

PieRelease datetitleHighest rankformPart numberRemarks
12015/May 6I made too much MV for "I cut my bangs too much"179 bitDVD onlyAIBL-9322

Tie-up work

SongTie-upCollection workRemarks
colonyPhantom filmDistribution movie "In love ♡ vampire] Theme song1st single "I cut my bangs too much"
The song of the kidYaoki-Kyabetsu TaroProduced as a cheering song without permission
8 bit boySony Pictures EntertainmentDistribution movie "pixel] Japanese dubbed version theme song[13]2nd single "8 Bit Boy"
パ ズ ルTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Series animePazudora Cross"Ending theme4th single "Puzzle / Hanabira"
HanabiraSnack company"Baby star ramenCM song




  • KAWAii !! MTSURi
  • girl's style HAPPY PARTY
  • Rikumy Kansai




TV drama

Web drama

TV program




Self-produced book

Photo album

Picture book

  • Mumu (December 2017, 12)
  • Mumu ~ Shima-chan's Birthday ~ (July 2018, 7)


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注 釈

  1. ^ Derived from "MBS SONG TOWN", his first regular crown program.
  2. ^ Appeared several times as a guest before starting regular appearances."Summer limited project"High school curry KoshienAt the 8th tournament (2016), with the title of "Special Supporter"Kenji TamuraServed as moderator with.Even after finishing the regular appearance, it will appear at any time with "+ music" related projects and guests
  3. ^ The successor to "MBS SONG TOWN".
  4. ^ Appeared as a guest paneler once a month.


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