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🤖 | The 19th title of "Pretty Cure" has been decided as "Delicious Party Pretty Cure"! [#Depapri]

Photo "Delicious Party Pretty Cure" (C) ABC-A / Toei Animation

The 19th title of "Pretty Cure" has been decided as "Delicious Party Pretty Cure"! [#Depapri]

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In addition, Eimi Naruse (Dempagumi.inc), who played the main character Hikaru Sena / Cure Star in "Star Twinkle PreCure" that was broadcast from February 2019 to January 2, is on her Twitter. "Delicious party precure is too much fun ~~~ Kirayaba (* ≧ ω ≦ *)!

Announced that the 19th new title in the "Pretty Cure" series is "Delicious Party Pretty Cure" ... → Continue reading

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Delicious party ♡ Precure

Precure series > Delicious party ♡ Precure
In this item,JIS X 0213:2004 characters (Heart mark)contained(Details).

"Delicious party ♡ Precure』(Delicious Party ♡ Precure) is2022/May 2からAsahi Broadcasting TVBy the production ofTV Asahi seriesBroadcast every Sunday from 8:30 to 9:XNUMX,Toei animationProductionTelevision Animation. "Precure series19th work in total[1][2], 17th generation Pretty Cure.

The abbreviation is "Delicious'[1][Note 1]. Also,Heart mark(♡) may not be displayed, so "Delicious Party Pretty Cure』And omit the heart mark[1]OrMedium blackIt may be written in place of another character such as (Delicious Party Pretty Cure).[4].. The catch phrase is "Rice smiles ♡ Everyone gathers!I'll enjoy having this!!'


This work has the motif of "rice" such as meals and dishes, and it is a story to protect "delicious smile" with "rice is a smile" as a keyword.[5]..Regarding the intention of the work, ABC Animation Producer Kanako Tada said, "Food and cooking = [rice] is irreplaceable in life, and at the same time, it has many important elements that color everyday life. Through this work, the main character The word "rice is a smile" that Yui Kazumi cherishes will surely be an important word for everyone, "said Toei Animation producer Yasumi Kaori," warm feelings will surely make you smile. Smile. The joy and fun of "sharing" will also open up a new smile ...With that in mind, I chose "Thank you" and "Share" as the theme, and "Rice" as the center of the story. "[5]..The writer, Chinese cabbage Kobayashi, wrote in the previous work, "Tropical ~ Ju! Precure』Was a comedy style, but this work is easy to grasp what Precure is, and it is said to be the best introduction to the series.[6].

Appear as the main character, Yui Kazumi / Cure PreciousHishikawa HananaWas selected as the leading role in the newcomer who made his debut in 2020.[7]..Also, for the first time in the Pretty Cure series, the actress's narration from the perspective of watching the storyMiyazakiIs in charge.This narration will be revealed in future stories.[8].

Like the previous series, this workTeletext,Data broadcastingIs being carried out.In the data broadcasting, you can play a mini game to search for a fairy recipe, an ending interlocking game described later, and "time display by remote control operation" by overlay display function is normal display and non-display as in the previous work, "Energy" where energy fairy appears as a precure specification It is "Yoseitokei"[9][Note 2].

In addition, this work has been done so farTVerIn addition to the one-week limited overlooked distribution after the end of the broadcast on, there will also be unlimited overlooked distribution on various flat-rate video distribution services, which is the first in the Pretty Cure series.[10][11].

Impact of unauthorized access to the production company's internal network

On March 2022, 3 during the broadcast period, it was confirmed that there was unauthorized access by a third party to Toei Animation's internal network.On the 6th of the same month, the company announced that the broadcasting schedule of four TV animations produced by the company will be changed due to the suspension of a part of the in-house system in response to this.This work is also included in the target, and the broadcast of the new work is temporarily suspended on March 11, 4 (Episode 2022).The new broadcast will resume on April 3th of the same year (Episode 6).[12]UntilAlternative measuresAs a rebroadcast of the already broadcasted part entitled "Review Selection"[Note 3]Or,Precure ♡ Futari wa Precure All Stars Memories』(Released in 2018) split broadcast[Note 4][15][16]Was carried out.


A mysterious and delicious world, Cooking Dam.An incident occurred in which the "Recipe Bonn", which describes how to make all the dishes that have been carefully protected in this country, was stolen by the phantom thief Bundre.Three energy fairies who came to the delicious town of the human world to search for Recipe Bonn meet three girls, and they will become Precure and confront the Bundle group.[7].


The initial members are junior high school students who live in "Tasty Town".The three people in the delicious town said, "Private Shinsen Junior High School.[ep 1]Enrolled in 2nd grade 3rd group[17][ep 2]..Of these, here is the same class from the new school year[ep 2]..The seats are next to each other based on Yui (the third row to the left from the seat where Yui is sitting, Ran is to the left of Yui).

First personHayui is "I", Kokone is "I", and Ran is "Ranran" (after transforming into Cure Yamuyam, it becomes "Yamyam").


Yui Kazumi (Yui Nagomi) / Cure Precious
sound - Hishikawa Hanana[18][19]
The main character of this work.A relaxed and energetic second-year middle school girl[20].May 8birth[20]..His parents' house runs a set meal restaurant "Nagomitei"[21], My father is out in the sea as a fisherman[22]..Her favorite subject is physical education[23]..He has good motor skills, and at schoolサ ッ カ ーWhile he belongs to the club and is active as a player, he hates studying so much that he gets a failing score on the test in terms of learning Japanese.[24]..My favorite food is raw vegetables[23]..My specialty is vegetable soup[25].. I cherish my grandmother's words, "Rice is a smile."Her habit is "Delicious Smile ~!".Also, you may get hungry often.It was crazy!I always say[20].
Here is "Kokone-chan"[Note 5]", Ran" Ran-chan[Note 6], Rosemary is called "Mari-chan", and Takumi is called by abandonment.[ep 3].
Prior to the start of the program, "Tropical ~ Ju! Precure』Appeared as a guest in the C part after the final episode (Episode 46).See the relevant item for details.
Fuwa here (fluffy here) / Cure Spicy
Voice- Risa Shimizu[18][26]
Cool beauty and fashionable second grade girl[27].May 3birth[27][17].. The constellation isPisces[17]..His parents' house is a high-class restaurant "Restaurant du Lac"[18]..I love makeup and cute things, especially cosmetics[28]..People around me see it as a flower of Takamine.I also like the time I spend alone, and I don't speak much.Favorite foodCurry breadAnd heart bread[27][29]..My specialty is sandwiches[28].
As mentioned above, I am not good at talking with people because I have few words, so I am a little confused about how to call it by nickname, and I say "Yui" to Yui.AbandonmentKa "Yui-chan", Ran is called "Ran", and Rosemary is called "Mari-chan".[ep 3][28].
Hanamichi Ran / Cure Yamu Yam
Voice- Yuka Iguchi[18][30]
Talkative second grade girl[31].May 7birth[31][32].. The constellation isCancer[33]..My parents' houseRamenI run a shop "Pandaken"[18][34], Have a little sister and brother[33]..Familiar with cooking[25], I have a lot of curiosity about food, and when my tension rises, I can't stop talking using unique expressions.At restaurants, I always take pictures of food with my smartphone before meals and quietly post about food with Curesta using the account name "Churrin".[31]..He found out that he was browsing Gentle's posts every day to capture Recipeppi, and at first he was worried about posting.[ep 4]By recommending posts to the take-out menu, I came up with the idea of ​​distributing recipes and making them less likely to be targeted.[ep 5].
To my best friendNicknameYui is called "Yuipyon", Kokone is called "Kokopee", and Rosemary is called "Marippe".[ep 6][25]..The tone is "Hanya ~","Hohi ~'[33]..She hates studying so much that she gets a failing score on the test as well as Yui[24].


A mysterious country of cooking "Cooking damThe fairies who came to the human world with Rosemary.Of these, Komekome and Pampam initially lived in their parents' homes, but after their partners were decided, they lived in their respective homes.

When Gentoru robs Recipi, the hearts on the three necks light up.

Rice rice
Voice- Natsumi Takamori[18]
An energy fairy of rice in the shape of a white fox.May 8birth[35]..The full name is "Connectle Mochimochit Hook Lara Glycogen Comex II[ep 7]".Unlike the other two, he is young, innocent and energetic.She longs for Yui and wants to grow fast and big.When she splits her power and transforms into Cure Precious, she becomes a "rice ball form".Add "rice" to the end of the word[35]..Until the 8th episode in the play, only "rice" was spoken.[ep 4]However, he spoke for the first time when he was able to disguise himself as a little girl, which will be described later.[ep 5].
Prior to the start of the program, he appeared as a guest in the final episode (Episode 46) of "Tropical-Ju! Precure" as well as Yui.
According to Pampam, it is a special energy fairy that can be transformed into a human figure.For this reason, I grew up by continuing to be taken care of by Yui and others, and at first赤ちゃんIn the form of[ep 7], I became able to disguise myself as a little girl, and I became able to walk later.[ep 5][ep 8].
Pamp Pam
Voice- Natsumi Hioka[18][36]
An energy fairy of bread in the shape of a dog.May 4birth[37]..The full name is "Partial fluffy one cobasine east pamsand[ep 7]".She is a human girl about 4 to 5 years old, and when she is praised for her adulthood, she gets sick.Her first person is "Pampam".She loves here.When she splits her power here and transforms into Cure Spicy, she becomes a "sandwich form".She adds "Pam" to the end of the word[37].
Unlike rice, you can usually have a conversation like a human being.[ep 7].
Men Men
Voice- Tomoe Hanba[18][34]
An energy fairy of noodles in the shape of a dragon.May 11birth[38]..The full name is "Memberne Chulturut Kurukururin Glutamine San Mendragon[ep 6]".As a human being, he is a boy about 4 to 5 years old, and has a gentle and laid-back personality.He is the first person "I".He is impressed with Ran's passion[38]..In rare cases, you may be in a "hot blood mode" that you do not know if you can see it once a year, at which time you can spit fire from your mouth.[ep 6]..When you divide your power into a cure yam yam, it becomes a "donburi form".Add "Men" to the end of the word[38].
Recipe Pippi
Voice- Miyuri Shimabukuro,Rie Kawamura,Ikumi Hasegawa
A fairy dwelling in delicious food.Each dish has its own appearance, and when and where it appears depends on the mood of the recipe, but it often appears in delicious towns full of delicious food.[39]Above all, when people eat food, the feelings of "delicious", "happy", and "thank you" are embodied.Other heartsIs likely to appear in places full of[ep 6]..Also, people who care about cooking like Yui can find Recipe Pippi.[ep 9]..The Bundre group is also aiming for a recipe to monopolize the dish, and if the recipe that appears is robbed, the taste of the dish will change.[40][Note 7].

Cooking dam

In a mysterious country of cooking, the hometown of rosemary and fairies.

Voice- Takuma Suzuki[41]
King of Cooking Dam.Recipient Rosemary is sent to a delicious town to recapture Bonn.
Cook Queen
Voice- Emi Shinohara[41]
Queen of Cooking Dam[ep 10].
ロ ー ズ マ リ ー
Voice- Tomoaki Maeno[18]
Recipe Bonn search captain young man from Cooking Dam to look for Bonn[18]..Known as "Mari-chan"[ep 9][6]".He is the first person "I".He has a high sense of beauty and is familiar with cosmetology.He is also a tearful and compassionate personality.His habit is "○○ prime ~![42]"so,One toneI talk in a big way, but sometimes I talk normally.
It has the ability to form a desert-like space around it in a dedicated battle space "Delicious Field" so as not to harm other citizens and buildings during battle.[ep 9].
In the first battle, the Delicious Stone on the chest broke and lost the fighting ability, but it is possible to form a Delicious Field.
Voice- Satoshi Mikami[41]
Captain of the Guard of Cooking Dam[ep 10].

Phantom thief Bundle group

The hostile force of Precure in this work.He is trying to monopolize all the dishes, and is stealing the recipe book "Recipe Bon" that describes how to cook dishes from all over the world, which Cooking Dam carefully protected before the story started.[6]..She later learned about the existence of the fairy Recipepi, and as the next target, she would hide and dive into the human world, and would be hostile to Precure trying to prevent it.

The organization has a symbol with a cross mark on the letter "B", and among the members, while bending and stretching one arm before the sortie, "Bundle, Bundle!There is a unique greeting[6].

Upper echelon

A mysterious existence that reigns as the leader of the Kaito Bundle group.He is shown in the video as if it were a cat's face.
Instruct his subordinate phantom thieves to collect recipes for all dishes in order to fill the recipe Bonn robbed from the cooking dam with recipes and get all the dishes.

A thief

In common, they wear phantom thief costumes, eye masks and cloaks, and protruding footwear and gloves.When robbing the recipeBun Bun Dol Dol, Bun Dol ~!Along with the chanting, the target is confined in a small container such as a lunch box with a cross on the letter "B".In addition, it is also possible to share its own power to the lunch box, and it is also possible to create a powerful Ubauzo with that ability.

Voice- Ai Chino[18][Note 8]
A girl who is a member of the Kaito Bundle group[18][43]..She wears a top hat, long boots and long gloves in a silver-haired braided pigtail, and her outfit is black.Her eye color is red.Her first person is "I" or "I".
Characterized by speaking in an old-fashioned male tone that seems to be a phantom thief.He has a calm and calm personality, and he doesn't express his emotions so much that he doesn't change his complexion even if he dislikes Secretrou. I don't like the act of robbing by exercising my strength to the extent that it is against the principle to rob it roughly, and I am trying to carry out the mission so that the other party does not notice, so calling Ubauzo is just a recipe. If you are about to get it back.On the other hand, he seems to be proud of being a phantom thief, and he hates being called a phantom thief.Even if he fails to steal the recipe, he may buy the dish of the recipe, such as curry or soup, and go home.[ep 7][ep 3]..She calls Ran a "ramen girl"[ep 6].
I browse the posts of Ran's account "Churrin" every day on Curesta, and steal the recipes in the store that posted this as a source of information, but I can not use it because Ran focused on takeout. It has become a source[ep 6][ep 4].
Also, during the sortie, he often suffers from mysterious headaches, and he can see the depiction as if he is holding his head and trying to suffer.Its true identity isKasai AmaneShe is the person himself and she is transformed into a phantom thief.Wearing her eye mask transforms her into a Gentle, and removing her transforms her into an imitation of her original appearance.However, she sometimes screams at Ubauzo to stop her attacks, as if the memories of the imitation were ambiguous, such as remembering the appearance of the three Pretty Cures before their transformation.[ep 5][ep 8]..Regarding that, there is also a meaningful statement from Narcissist Roux that the "thread of the puppet" is about to break.[ep 5]..It was not known that the imitation was Gentle to the three Precure, but the eye mask was broken by the special move of Cure Yamuyam, and the identity was known.[ep 11].
When summoning Ubauzo, hold a small container and say "Come on, Ubauzo!Under the shout, let the recipe poppy be sucked into the container.Also, when summoning the evolved form of Ubauzo, first "Let's give my strengthAfter the shout, make a shout similar to Ubauzo.
Secret Lou
Voice- Kinoshita Sayaka[44]
A woman who is a member of the Phantom Thief Bundle Group.She has short green hair, her right eye hidden in her hair, wearing her high heels, and her outfit is red.Her first person is "I".
After speaking in a clerical tone, he has an insidious personality that diverts his gaze and adds an unpleasant sensation.
Narcissist roux
Voice- Shuhei Sakaguchi[45]
A man who is a member of the Phantom Thief Bundle Group[ep 5]..She has long green hair on the side tail and wears a gentleman-style outfit, and her outfit is purple.He is the first person "I-sama".There are two fangs on his upper teeth.
He has a narcissistic personality that prefers annoying phrases and calls himself a "genius".He also has a distorted taste that "it's best to see a suffering face"sadistBut also.He boasted that he had developed a new force, and some said he was trying to give up on the unsuccessful Gentle.[ep 5].


Voice- Soshiro Hori
Phantom thief A monster used by the phantom thieves of the Bundle group.It features horns like protrusions, fangs growing from the mouth, and an eye mask.Ubauzo!".
It is created by letting the object contain the energy emitted by the phantom thieves from the lunch box that sealed the recipe to be captured.[ep 9]..Ubauzo becomes stronger by the number of trapped recipes[ep 2].
When you receive the precure technique, "Onaka, Ippa-iWith a happy expression, he put his hands together with Precure who performed the technique.Thank you for the mealWhile sayingHeart markScatter with the light of[46], Recipe Pippi is also released.
Reinforced form of Ubauzo
Created by a bento box that has been transformed into a cat's face by sharing its power with the phantom thieves in the enhanced state of Ubauzo.[ep 8].
The appearance and vocalization are almost the same as normal Ubauzo, but the eye mask has changed to a sharp red one, and the attack power is much more powerful than normal Ubauzo, and the Pretty Cures are all together. Even if you attack with, you often struggle, and the Precure and others suffer so much that they raise a roaring voice.In addition, normal personal skills do not work, and it can only be purified using a heart juicy mixer.[ep 8].

Precure family

Akiho Kazumi (Akiho Nagomi)
Voice- Chie Nakamura[47]
Yui's mother. She runs "Nagomitei".She has a refreshing personality and is very caring.
Yui's grandmother.
Voice- Kashii Shoto[47]
The butler of the Futaba family.
Hanamichi Koshinosuke
Voice- Ax Atsushi
Ran's father.His family runs "Pandaken".
Hana Michi Tsurune
Voice- Ai Kobayashi
Ran's mother.

Private Shinsen Junior High School

A junior high school located in the delicious town where Yui and his friends attend.

Both men and women have dark brown colors on the top and bottom, boys wear blazer and slacks, a red tie on the cutter shirt, girls wear a sailor blazer and skirt, and a blouse wears a red ribbon tie.However, the dress code seems to be free, for example, all three Pretty Cure wear image-colored ribbon ties (here is more string-shaped), and Amane also wears purple ribbon ties, and Takumi does not wear a tie.Some students wear cardigans like Ran and Amane, while others wear hoodies under their blazer.

Takumi Shinada
Voice- Yuma Uchida[18][19]
Yui's childhood friend boy.Like Yui and his friends, he is a third-year junior high school student at Shinsen Junior High School.He is the first person "I".
It's blunt, but it's good to take care of.Her parents' house is the guest house "Fukuan".She seems to be worried about Yui[48].
Kasai Amane[ep 1]
Voice-Ai Kayano[Note 8]
Student president of Shinsen Junior High School[34]..Like the three Pretty Cures, they know the existence of Recipe Pippi[ep 4].
Behind the scenes, the Kaito Bundle groupGentleAre active as.
Tamaki Wakana (Tamaki Wakana)
Voice- Ikumi Hasegawa[47]
Yui's classmate and classmate.She belongs to the soccer club[ep 9].
Endo Iroha (Endo Iroha)
Voice- Takako Tanaka[47]
Risa Takada
Voice- Rie Kawamura[47]
Ena Nagase
Voice- Miyuri Shimabukuro[47]
Both are Yui's classmates.Witnessing Ubauzo appearing at her school, her escaped storehouse is unable to be attacked, but her here is saved and has since become friends with her.[ep 1].

Other people

An Shinada
Voice- Saori Onishi[47]
Takumi's mother.While she runs a guest house, she also works as a clerk at "Nagomitei".She calls Takumi "Takkun" and her son calls her "Mother".
Voice- Miyazaki
Narration of this work.Its true identity is shrouded in mystery.

Precure settings

After the energy fairy changed to each form, the initial members were all three in sleeveless form.Precure!Delicious standby!Party go!Shout.

In the 7th episode, 3 of the initial members are gathered, and from the 10th episode, "Delicious Party ♡ Precure!I will call myself.The standing position at that time is in the order of spicy precious yam yam from the left.

When Ubauzo decided on a technique, he said, "While holding hands together,"Thank you for the meal!Purify with the decision line[46].

The detailed reason has not been clarified, but it is a secret to the people around him that he is Precure and that there is another world called Cooking Dam.

Also, Ubauzo has been witnessed by a large number of people and panicked, but Precure has not been witnessed by the general public because the battle with Precure takes place in the delicious field formed by Rosemary.

Cure Precious

Yui Kazumi transforms with the power of rice[49]..No pink sleeves when transformingHantenIn the form of "Nigi Nigi (rice rice), heart (rice rice), share phosphorus energy! (Come!)After saying, the heart of the rice pocket shines, and when you eat the changed pink silhouette of the musubi, it transforms in the order of hairstyle, belly, hands, lower body, ribbon on the back, and legs.

The name at the time of transformation is "Hot and hot rice, full of power!Cure Precious!I'll fill you with a delicious smile!".The image color is conscious of the warm feelingpinkSo, red, which leads to a Japanese taste, is used as the accent color.[50][51].

A ribbon heart is attached to the head.The charm point is characterized by a twin tail that looks like a grain of rice.[22]..Her hair has a white heart pattern.Her costume is a pink dress with a light blue and yellow apron, and light blue and pink ribbons on both sides.She wears light pink gloves on her hands.

By jumping high when jumping, it is also possible to act in the air,While holding a personYou can also fly[ep 7].

Individual skill
500 calorie punch
"500The number of "" appears on the arm, and the technique of hitting a punch[46].
Purification technique
Precure Precious Triangle
Hold your hand over the Heart Cure Watch to create countless pink triangles with both hands.Precure!Precious Triangle!A technique to purify by releasing it toward the target with a shout of "[ep 9].
Precure Delicious Precious Heat
"Cure Precious, Heart Juicy Mixer!And set the dial of the heart juicy mixer to the pink triangle, "Sharelin!energy!mix!While saying, press the lever four times to charge the energy, and press the trigger button on the handle toward the target to emit pink light and purify it.[ep 8].

Cure Spicy

Futaba Kokone transforms with the power of Pampam[52]..At the time of transformation, it transforms into a blue sleeveless figure, but the sleeves are slightly longer than the other two, and at the time of transformation, "Open (Pampam), Sand (Pampam), Sharelin Energy! (Tasty!)After saying, the heart of Pampam's pocket shines, and when you eat a sandwich with a changed light blue silhouette, it transforms in the order of hairstyle, belly and hands, skirt, ribbon on the back, apron, chest heart, and legs.

The name at the time of transformation is "Fluffy sandDe(で)Spice in your heart!Cure Spicy!The deliciousness to share, I'll burn it!".The image color is a Western-style motif and the image of cool beauty.tagSo, purple and yellow are used as the colors to give a fashionable look.[50][51].

A bread-shaped ribbon is attached to the head, which is also a charm point.[17]..Like Precious, the hair has a white heart pattern.The costume is a blue dress with purple and pink aprons and light blue and pink ribbons on both sides.She wears light blue gloves on her hands.

It is possible to create a light blue melonpan type shield and prevent enemy attacks[ep 2].

Individual skill
Pirit to Sand Press
A technique to generate two loaf-type energy bodies with both hands and attack / restrain the target.
Purification technique
Pretty Cure Spicy Circle
Hold your hand over the Heart Cure Watch and draw a light blue circle with both hands.Precure!Spicy circle!A technique to purify a blue heart spiral beam toward the target with a shout of "[ep 2].
Precure Delicious Spicy Bakin
"Cure Spicy, Heart Juicy Mixer!And set the dial of the heart juicy mixer to the light blue circle, "Sharelin!energy!mix!While saying, press the lever four times to charge the energy, and press the trigger button on the handle toward the target to emit light blue light and purify it.[ep 11].

Cure Yamu Yam

Ran Hanaman transforms with the power of Menmen[53]..At the time of transformation, in a yellow sleeveless figure, "Kuru Kuru (Men Men), Miracle (Men Men), Share Lin Energy! (One turn!)After saying, the heart of Menmen's pocket shines, and when you eat ramen with a changed yellow silhouette, it transforms in the order of hairstyle, belly, ears, hands, lower body, ribbon on the back, and legs.

The name at the time of transformation is "Glittering noodle emotions!Cure Yamu Yum!Delicious monopoly, I won't forgive you!".Image color is from Chinese motif黄色So, I use red and green as the colors[50][51].

Two red dumpling-shaped chignon caps are attached to the head.The costume is a yellow dress with a white apron featuring pink and light blue edging and pink and purple ribbons.He wears light yellow gloves on both hands.

Individual skill
Bali Cutter Blaze
A technique to create innumerable thin noodle-shaped cutters and attack the target.
Purification technique
Precure Yamuyam Lines
Hold your hand over the Heart Cure Watch to create countless thin lines in the shape of yellow noodles.Precure!Yamu Yum Lines!A technique to purify by releasing it toward the target with a shout of "[ep 6].
Precure Delicious Yamuyam Drain
"Cure Yamu Yum, Heart Juicy Mixer!And set the dial of the Heart Juicy Mixer to the three yellow lines, "Sharelin!energy!mix!While saying, press the lever four times to charge the energy, and press the trigger button on the handle toward the target to emit yellow light and purify it.[ep 11].

Related items

Heart cure watch
A bracelet-shaped item used by early members.In addition to being able to talk on a video call, it is also equipped with a location information function for stolen recipes, a function to send recovered recipes to the cooking dam, and a function to send things from the cooking dam, as well as an energy fairy room. Are[ep 10]..You can also display recipes for cooking by Recipe Pippi.[ep 7].
Delicious stone
A necklace-shaped item worn by Rosemary around her neck.You will need it when you go back and forth between the cooking dam and the delicious town, and when you are in battle.[ep 10].
Party glass
A glass used by Yui and his friends to drink.Not used in battle[ep 10].LaterIt is also used as an item when the three Pretty Cure dance in the ending video of.
Heart juicy mixer
Summarized by the power of Recipe PippimixerType item.Switch to each of the three individual skills with the dial in the center, charge energy by pushing the lever at the tip, hold it like a gun and shoot a ray at the target by pressing the heart-shaped trigger button on the handle be able to[ep 8][ep 11].

In-work terms

Delicious town
The city where Yui and his friends live.It is divided into three streets: Japanese, Western, and Chinese.Huge in the center of the cityBeckoning catIs towering.Recommended spots are parks[25].
Yui's parents' house, a set meal restaurant run by her mother[21]..The recommended menu is the Saikyo-yaki set meal of Spanish mackerel.[22].
Restaurant du lac
This is a high-class restaurant run by parents at their parents' home.
Panda eaves
Ramen shop run by parents at Ran's parents' house[21].
Fruit parlor KASAI
A fruit shop and coffee shop run by parents at Amane's parents' house[ep 8]..Heartful gummy sold here[ep 3] TheBandaiMore actually commercialized[54].
A guesthouse run by parents at Takumi's parents' home.Next to Nagomi-tei.Rosemary is staying at this parents' house as a base in a delicious town.
Heart bakery
A bakery that is often visited here[21]..The heart bread sold hereFirst breadMore actually commercialized[55][56].
Pretty Holic
Cosmetic shop visited by Yui[ep 3]..The cosmetics sold here are actually commercialized by Bandai.
Friend DA Mon
Broadcast in the world during work,friendTV animation based on[ep 5].

ス タ ッ フ

The series director said,Movie Pretty Cure Miracle Leap A mysterious day with everyone』And directedToshinori Fukasawa, The series composition is "Healing ♥ precure』Was written for each storySawako Hirabayashi, Character design is in charge of each[57].

Theme song

The theme song is sung by the previous work "Tropical ~ Ju! PrecureWas in charge of the opening themeMachicoAnd was in charge of the ending themeChitake YoshitakeContinues to throw[57].

The choreography of the ending dance continues from the previous workCRE8BOYIs in charge.In addition, following the previous work, entertainment elements are provided at the ending by linking with toys and data broadcasting, and the toys operate in such a way that "Minna de Kanpai ♪ Party Glass" recognizes the sound of the ending video and links.[60]As a toy activation waiting time before the ending starts, there is a video that conveys a drink of about 10 seconds by precure.At the time of real-time viewing, you can play a game where you can get frames by operating with the remote control button or the party glass button that registered the remote control information in the linked data broadcasting and accumulating the gauge.[9].

"Cheers! Delicious Party ♡ Precure" (Episode 1-)
Opening theme by Machico.The lyrics areMike's Guyama, Composition / arrangement.
The ending theme by Chihaya Yoshitake.The lyrics areSaori Kodama, Composition and arrangementMustache driver.

List of stories

  • Unless otherwise noted below, broadcast dates indicate Sunday dates, and broadcast dates other than Sunday are also listed.Furthermore, if it is broadcast outside the normal broadcast time, a footnote to that effect will be indicated.
  • Broadcast suspension and broadcast content changes due to special numbers are as follows.In line with this, TVer's distribution period is temporarily set to be one week longer if broadcasting is suspended nationwide (AboveExcept for the circumstances).
    • March 2022, 3-April 20 ...The above-mentioned circumstancesAs an alternative measure, "Movie HUG! Precure ♡ Futari wa Precure All Stars Memories" will be broadcast. Missed delivery of episode 5 on TVer,LaterIt will be held until March 3th.
Number of storiessubtitlescriptStoryboardShowAnimation directorArtMain broadcast date
1Rice smiles ♡
Transform!Cure Precious
Sawako HirabayashiToshinori FukasawaAkira InagamiGood luck2022/
May 2
2Goodbye, Yui ...!
Mari's determination
Tatsuma MinamikawaNobuto Akada
Kenji Mima
Daigoro Yamaguchi
Rika Uehara
May 2
3Use rice rice!
A big uproar with Maigo !!
Yukio KaizawaKimiharu MutouYuko EbaraNagisa NishidaMay 2
4[Note 9]Inflate, this feeling ...
Birth of Cure Spicy!
Yui KomatsuMikio FujiwaraLee BonzenMay 2
5[Note 9]I want to get better ...!
Here, my first friend!
Kaori KanekoHajime KatokiTakao IwaiFrancis Caneda
Joey Callangian
Hiroshi Numata
Natsuko TosugiMay 3
6school!monster!Great panic !?
Aimed fried shrimp!
Junpei YamaokaToshiaki KomuraHiroshimaMitsuru AoyamaArisa TairaMay 4
7Passion for high heat!
Glitter and cure yam yam! !!
Sawako HirabayashiYukio KaizawaYutaka Tsuchida
Kana Shinohara
Ken UenoMiki ImaiMay 4
8Churrin graduation !?
go out!Delicious town
Chiaki NagaiYasushi Shibue
Takayuki Murakami
Michihira Sato
Takao Iwai
Kenichi Hara
Noh Gil-bo
Nobuto Akada
Lee BonzenMay 5
9Two people who don't mesh?
Here's Netoran's mixed miso!
Kaori KanekoRyuta KawaharaHironaka Mika
Kenji Mima
Natsuko TosugiMay 5
10Don't cry, Recipe ...
birth!Heart juicy mixer
Sawako HirabayashiKoji OgawaGo TobitaItaoka Nishiki
Akira Inagami
Yukiko Ueda
Arisa TairaMay 5
11Gentle's trap!
Yuitoran, a big pinch in the test !?
Junpei YamaokaTatsuya IshiguroKimiharu MutouYuko Ebara
Satono Murayama
Miki HigashiMay 5

Broadcasting station / distributor

Broadcast in Japan

Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[11]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [61]
2022/May 2 - Sunday 8:30-9:00 Asahi Broadcasting TV(Production Bureau) And other
TV Asahi series24 stations
Japan[Note 10]
2022/May 2 - Sunday 6:15-6:45 Sanin Broadcasting Tottori-Shimane
At the same time as Asahi Television BroadcastingSubtitled broadcasting-Linked data broadcastingCarried out.

Delivery in Japan

Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[11]
Delivery period Delivery time Delivery site Remarks
October 2022, 2- Sunday 9:00 update TVer Free delivery limited to the latest episode
May 2022-June 2, 6 - YouTube(Precure Official YouTube Channel) Limited time delivery of episode 1 only
May 2022-June 2, 27 YouTube (Precure Official YouTube Channel) Limited time delivery of episode 4 only
May 2022-June 4, 24 YouTube (Precure Official YouTube Channel) Limited time delivery of episode 7 only
May 2022-June 3, 6 TVer Limited time delivery of episode 5 only
2022/May 2 - Updated Wednesday 0:00Unlimited viewing delivery by flat rate system
Tele morning videos[62],otherFree delivery limited to the latest episode
Charged each time after delivery

Broadcast outside Japan

All time zones are local time.

2022/May 5ThanYoYo TVAt “Delicious Party ♡ Mitsuyuki Bishoujo』Broadcast every Saturday from 8:8 to 30:XNUMX.Mandarinbroadcast,繁体字With subtitles[63].
Hong Kong
2022/May 5ThanViuTVAt, "Delicious Party Mitsuyuki Bishoujo』Broadcast every Saturday from 17:00 to 17:30.Cantonese & JapaneseBilingual broadcasting.

Delivery outside Japan

CrunchyrollHas been distributing videos in the Americas since February 2022.[64].

Related program

Thank you party for Cure Summer!
A video that was broadcast live on the official YouTube channel of Precure on January 46, 2022, when the final episode (Episode 1) of the previous series "Tropical-Ju! Precure" was broadcast.It is a live video of Cure Summer progressing with motion capture, and from this work Precious also appeared as a guest with motion capture.[65][66].
Precure 100 questions ♡
Video content delivered on Sunday 2022 o'clock on the official Precure YouTube channel from February 2, 13[67]..Each of the three Pretty Cures will answer 3 questions about the character's personality, family, etc.
Number of storiessubtitleDelivery date
#1To Cure Precious 100 Questions ♡ ①[22]2022/
May 2
#2To Cure Precious 100 Questions ♡ ②[23]May 2
#3To Cure Precious 100 Questions ♡ ③[25]May 2
#4To Cure Spicy 100 Questions ♡ ①[17]May 3
#5To Cure Spicy 100 Shitsumon ♡ ②[29]May 3
#6To Cure Spicy 100 Shitsumon ♡ ③[28]May 3
#7To Cure Yamu Yum 100 Shitsumon ♡ ①[33]May 4
#8To Cure Yamu Yum 100 Shitsumon ♡ ②[68]May 5
#9To Cure Yamu Yum 100 Shitsumon ♡ ③[69]May 5
Energy fairy!easy!Let's make it!
Video content delivered on Sunday 2022 o'clock on the official Precure YouTube channel from February 2, 27[70]..Fairies will introduce dishes with the motif of energy fairies.
Number of storiessubtitleDelivery date
#1Rice ball[71]2022/
May 2
#2Pamp Pam Fruit Sandwich[72]May 3
#3Menmen's ham cheese sandwich[73]May 4
#4Energy fairy fashionable sand[74]May 5
[Easy] Omelet rice dishes that make children happy
On December 2022, 3,Gal SoneA video of the collaboration between Sone and this work, which was released on the channel.Cure Precious appears in a project to make a collaboration dish of omelet rice, sandwiches and cupcakes[75].


Movie Delicious Party ♡ Precure
Scheduled to be released on September 2022, 9, it has been decided to produce a series of independent movies of this work.[76][77].

Comic version

Like the previous seriesKamikita TwinBy "Nakayoshi』(Kodansha) Serialized from the March 2022 issue[78][79].

Character show

In the character show that can be seen at amusement parks and event venues, three initial members and rosemary will appear in the first phase, and Gentle and a bubble-shaped Ubauzo will appear on the enemy side.

Apart from the aboveTroupe airshipThe paid musical show "Delicious Party ♡ Precure Dream Stage" will also be performed from July 2022.[80].


Delicious Party ♡ Precure Everyone gathers!Hirome show at home
Precure official at 1:2022 on February 2, 5, the day before the first episode broadcastYouTubeHeld online in the form of premiere on the channel[81]..The day was composed of a quiz corner, a dance lesson of the ending theme song, and an announcement of "Tropical-Ju! Precure Thanksgiving", etc.
Tropical-Rouge!Precure Thanksgiving
2022/May 2-20 daysToTokyoHachioji City OfJ: COM Hall HachiojiThe previous series "Tropical-Ju!" Held at (Hachioji Civic Center)Thanksgiving event of "Pretty Cure".
Three Pretty Cure (Cure Precious, Cure Spicy, Cure Yamuyam) of this work appeared as guests.In addition, Machico and Chihaya Yoshitake performed the theme song.[82][83].
"Delicious Party ♡ Precure" theme song single purchaser limited release commemorative live
2022/May 5In TokyoToshima Ofharevutai(Hareza IkebukuroA live event to commemorate the release of the theme song single for the previous term held at).Held in two performances day and night, the theme song singers Machico and Chihaya Yoshitake appeared.[84].
Delicious Party ♡ Precure Delicious Smile ~!Full course ♡
An event where you can experience various attractions related to this work.KagawaMarugame OfNew Reoma WorldThen, from March 2022th to May 3th, 18 at "Parrot Theater"[85], Toshima-ku, TokyoSunshine CityThen, from August 8th to 8th at World Import Mart Exhibition Hall A[21], Will be held respectively.
Delicious Party ♡ Precure LIVE 2022 Cheers! Delicious LIVE Party ♡
July 2022th and 10th, 29TokyoBunkyo OfTOKYO DOME CITY HALLA character song live by the theme song singer and voice actors scheduled to be held at.Unlike the usual Precure Live, this time it will be held for two days, one performance only at night on the 2th, and two performances day and night on the 29th.[86][87].

Olive Related Products

Music cd

Both are sold byMarvelous..As with the previous work, as a privilege to purchase all the CDs of the TV series (purchase both if there are two forms), if you apply by collecting all the enclosed application tickets, you can store all the CDs "Delicious Party ♡ Box (walnut three-sided specification)" Will be presented[88].

  1. "Cheers! Delicious Party ♡ DELICIOUS HAPPY DAYS ♪"(2022/May 3Release)
    • CD + DVD Edition: MJSS-09316 -7
    • Normal Edition: MJSS-09318
    • Includes the opening theme and ending theme of the previous term. The CD + DVD DVD contains non-telop movies of the opening and ending of the previous term.As a first-time limited inclusion privilege, both types are with canvas bromide (super art 2 color printing)AboveIncludes a lottery application ticket for the purchaser-only release commemorative live concert, and a two-dimensional code (a letter from Cure Yamuyam) exclusively for "Make it! Heart Cure Watch" as a permanent benefit.[89].
  1. "Delicious Party ♡ Precure Original Soundtrack 1 Precure Delicious Sound !!』(2022May 5Scheduled to be released, MJSA-01334)
    • BGMAnd the TV size version of the theme song etc.Soundtrack board..The first inclusion privilege is canvas bromide (super art 6 color printing)[90].
Vocal album
  1. "Delicious Party ♡ Precure Vocal Album ~ Welcome to Delicious Party ~』(2022May 7Scheduled to be released, MJSA-01335)
    • A vocal album that includes character songs by voice actors who play major characters such as the role of Precure, image songs by theme song singers, and live-edited versions of the theme song of the previous term.The first-time inclusion privilege comes with a canvas bromide (printed in 6 colors of super art), a live event advance lottery application ticket, and a two-dimensional code (a letter from Rosemary) dedicated to "Make it and let me ♡ Heart Cure Watch" as a permanent privilege.[91].

DVD / Blu-ray Disc

Both are sold by Marvelous and sold by Marvelous.Happinet Media Marketing[92][93].

The DVD (3 episodes of each volume) will be on sale from June 2022, 6, and the Blu-ray Disc (22 discs of each volume) will be on sale from September 2.

Number of turnsNumber of recorded storiesJacket illustrationVideo benefitsRelease date
1Episode 1-Episode 3"Delicious Party ♡ Precure" big big big introduction !!
First term non-telop OP & ED
CM collection
2Episode 4-Episode 6Non-telop OP & ED2022/7/27
3Episode 7-Episode 92022/8/24
4Episode 10-Episode 122022/9/28
5Episode 13-Episode 152022/10/26
6Episode 16-Episode 182022/11/23
7Episode 19-Episode 212022/12/21
8Episode 22-Episode 242023/1/25
Blu-ray Disc
Number of turnsNumber of recorded storiesJacket illustrationVideo benefitsRelease date
1Transformation & action scene collection
Material gallery
First term non-telop OP & ED
"Delicious Party ♡ Precure" big big big introduction !!
First ED theme song dance lesson
Bansen & CM Collection
2Transformation & technique scene collection
Material gallery

Cosmetic products and confectionery

Pretty Holic
The children's cosmetics brand "Pretty Holic", which has been developed from the previous work, continues to be developed in this work, and lips with the image of three Pretty Cure (precious, spicy, yam yam) and the summer of the previous work are on sale.[94][95][96].
Pretty Holic Sweets
A confectionery brand developed as a derivative series of "Pretty Holic".Consists of sweets with a jewel-like design[97].


In response to the fact that the theme of this work is "rice"Ministry of AgricultureOfficial Twitter account and official YouTube channel "BUZZ MAFFThis work is taken up in ", and this has become a hot topic on the net.[98]..Regarding the background of doing this, a staff member in charge of the Public Relations Office of the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries said, "The consumption of domestic rice is decreasing, which in turn leads to a decrease in Japan's food self-sufficiency rate." He said, "I have a desire to protect the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industry and food culture," and the director of the public relations office suggested, "Is it possible to promote the consumption of domestic rice in a way that matches this work?" An employee says he has undertaken the call[99]..He commented that the Toei Animation produced is aware of these movements and may become a hot topic among the staff.[99].


注 釈

  1. ^ You can also check "#Delicious" with the hashtag from Toei Animation's official Twitter account.[3].
  2. ^ "Energy Yosei Tokei" is a custom font with a fork and spoon cushion.The color of the time display is the same as the previous worklight blueとEmerald greenIt has become.
  3. ^ Episode 3 on March 13th broadcast[13], Episode 4 on April 10th broadcast[14]Rebroadcast respectively.
  4. ^ Conducted on March 3th and 20th, April 27rd broadcast.At the beginning and end of the program, message images from 4 Pretty Cure (Precious, Spicy, Yamuyam) are inserted at the beginning and end of the program.In addition, due to the impact of this interruption, the appearance of the main story of Cure Yamu Yam was significantly delayed from the beginning, but Yamu Yam appeared in this message video ahead of the main story.also,TVerThe work will not be distributed, and during the period, "Tropical-Ju! Precure" and "Healing ♥ precure''Star Twinkle PrecureThe first episode of 』was delivered weekly.
  5. ^ Until the 4th episode, he was called "Mr. Futaba".
  6. ^ I used to call him "Hanaman-san" halfway through.
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