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🎥 | Naniwa Danshi, documentary will be distributed worldwide!A valuable cut on the debut day is also released

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Naniwa boys and documentaries will be distributed worldwide!A valuable cut on the debut day is also released

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Naniwa Boy

Naniwa Boy(Naniwadanshi)JapanThreesomeMale idol group. My office isJohnny's Office, The record company to which you belongJay Storm[3], My label isJ Storm.. The generic name for fans isWhat Fam[4].. The single "Beginner LOVE』CD debut[2][5].


BYR color wheel.svgIn this sectionColorIs dealing with Depending on the viewing environment, the colors may not be displayed properly.

Profile source[6]

NameDate of BirthBirth PlaceBlood TypeMember color[7][8]Date of admission[9]Remarks
Daigo Nishihata
(Nishihata Daigo)
(‭1997-01-09) 1997 May 1(25 years old)OsakaAB type    "Red"2011/4/3
Ryusei Onishi
(Onishi Ryusei)
(‭2001-08-07) 2001 May 8(20 years old)HyogoO    Orange2012/7/14
Michieda Shunsuke
(Michieda Shunsuke)
(‭2002-07-25) 2002 May 7(19 years old)OsakaO    pink2014/11/23
Kyohei Takahashi
(Takahashi Kyohei)
(‭2000-02-28) 2000 May 2(21 years old)OsakaType B    purple2014/11/23
Kento Nagao
(Nagao Kento)
(‭2002-08-15) 2002 May 8(19 years old)OsakaType B    yellow2014/11/23
Joichiro Fujiwara
(Fujiwara Joichirou)
(‭1996-02-08) 1996 May 2(25 years old)OsakaType B    tag2004/2/21Deputy leader[10]
Kazuya Ohashi
(Ohashi Kazuya)
(‭1997-08-09) 1997 May 8(24 years old)FukuokaType B    绿2009/4/3leader[10]


Early September 2018[11], The members were informed of the fact of formation by an email sent from the manager all at once.[12]Will be announced to the public in the idol magazine released on October 10th.[13][Note 1]..24th of the same monthKansai Johnny's Jr.It was unveiled for the first time on the first day of the performance "Fall in LOVE ~ I'm in love with Autumn Sekiju ~"[14].. It is the first time in four years that a unit has been formed at Kansai Johnny's Jr.[15].. The member colors were designated as red for Nishihata and pink for Michieda, and the other members were decided by rock-paper-scissors.[8][16].

In 2019, regular appearances on TV programs and radio will be decided one after another in less than a year since it was formed not only as an individual but also as a group[17], Attention increases[18].. In addition to the chairman's performance on the stage,ExpocityFerris wheel "Redhorse Osaka WheelAlso appointed as an ambassador[17].. Also,"24-hour TV 42"ofYomiuri TelevisionBecame a special supporterAbeno HarukasuThe event was decided, but the appearance was canceled because the number of visitors exceeded the imagination.[19], Yomiuri TV president Yoshimitsu Ohashi apologized, "The reading was sweet" and "The power of the idol is amazing. I did what I expected."[20].

The group's national arena tour "Naniwa Men's First Arena Tour 2021 #Naniwa Men's Only Wins" held on July 7, 28 on Naniwa DayYokohama ArenaOn November 11th of the same year at the daytime performanceJay Storm[Note 2]Announced to debut on CD[2][3]..The CD debut of the group belonging to Johnny & Associates debuted at the same time in January 2020.Snow ManとSixtonsIt's been 1 year and 10 months since then[2], From Kansai Johnny's Jr. in April 2014Johnny's WESTIt's been 7 years and 7 months since then[21]..In addition, a fan club was launched on August 8 of the same year to coincide with the CD debut.[22], Official on October 10thYouTubeChannel opened[23].

November 2021, 11, debut single "Beginner LOVE][5]..On the same dayExpo Memorial ParkAppeared live on the morning information program of each commercial broadcasting station, and moved from Osaka to Tokyo by charter plane.Haneda airportIn the airfield ofJALHeld a CD debut event for the press in the hangar[24].."Naniwa Danshi 10 ~ Debut Memories ~" will be streamed live on the official YouTube Channel from 1112:XNUMX pm[25], Has been announced for some time[26]formulaInstagramWas also opened[27]..Release commemorative event for fans "Nanifamu Daishuu! ~ Naniwa Danshi Raw Xmas 2021 ~ ”was carried out on December 12th of the same year, and was delivered live on Johnny's net online.[5][28].




The ranking isOricon weekly rankingShows the highest rank in.

GD certificationJapan Record AssociationfromGold disk certification, And described based on the search results of works that include "Naniwa Danshi" in the artist name in "Gold Disc Certified Search" on the official website of the Recording Industry Association of Japan.[30].


#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberRankingInitial transitionGD certificationRecording album
12021/11/12Beginner LOVECD + DVDFirst limited edition 1JACA-5933 / 41 bit[31]70.6 million pieces[31]Triple platinumNot recorded
CD + BDJACA-5935 / 6
CD + DVDFirst limited edition 2JACA-5937 / 8
CD + BDJACA-5939 / 40
CDNormal EditionJACA-5941
CD + goodsJohnnys' ISLAND STORE online Limited EditionJSNC-050 / 1
CD + DVDLawson Loppi / HMV Limited EditionJSNC-052

Video work

#Release datetitleSales formStandard product numberRanking (DVD / BD)Initial transitionGD certification
12022/2/23Naniwa Boys First Arena Tour 2021 #Naniwa Boys Only Win2DVDNormal Edition / First Press SpecificationsJABA-5425 ~ 5426TBATBATBA
2BDJAXA-5157 ~ 5158
2DVDNormal EditionJABA-5427 ~ 5428
2BDJAXA-5159 ~ 5160

Music video

titleLinksCollection workRemarks
Beginner LOVEΜusic VideoBeginner LOVE
Official Music Video YouTube ver.Published on YouTube
Music Video Dance ver.
NANIWA'n WAYMusic VideoBeginner LOVE
Official Μusic Video YouTube ver.Published on YouTube

CD not included

JASRACDescribed based on the search results of songs that include "Naniwa Danshi" in the artist name on the "Works Database Search Service" on the official website.Notation is in alphabetical order.

Title of work  credit    First appearanceJASRAC work codeRemarks
Aoharu ~ With U With me ~Lyrics:Susumu Kawaguchi
Composer: Susumu Kawaguchi / MELIN JOSEF MATTIAS
Naniwa Boys First Arena Tour 2021 #Naniwa Boys Only Win1N5-4910-1
Shall we ...?Lyrics: YU-G
Composer: YU-G ・ SHIBU
Seven StarsLyrics: Naniwa Danshi
Music composition:Chihiro Tamaki
Soda Pop LoveLyrics and composition: Souma Kanai‭256-8318-7
Time View-Endless Road-Lyrics:Michieda Shunsuke
Composer: Susumu Kawaguchi
Diamond smileLyrics:Aki Kurihara

Composer: Akatsuki KuriharaYu Maeda

2 FacedLyrics:Yoshie Isogai

Music composition:Takamitsu Ono

Naniwa Lucky Boy !!Lyrics: MINE

Composer: MINE, Susumu Kawaguchi, ATSUSHI SHIMADA

I sky-a future without footprints-Songwriting:Maeyama Kenichi‭249-4133-6
Night crawling starLyrics: Yoshie Isogai




I sky ~ future without footprints ~GO! GO! EXPO theme song
Aoharu ~ With U With Me ~TV Tokyo drama "Men's school] Theme song
Night crawling starMBS / TBS drama "I'm crazy about you.] Theme song
Dream me2021 ABC Summer High School Baseball Support Song
Asahi Broadcasting / TV Asahi "Heat fight Koshien"Theme song
Beginner LOVEGU campaign CM song[31]
Softbank "5G LAB" CM song[31]
TV Asahi drama "The first love that disappeared] Theme song[31]
Lawson Campaign Theme Song[31]


TV program

Online delivery



TV drama






  • KADOKAWA"Kansai Walker"
    • "Kansai Johnny's Jr.'s New Group 2019 Nice to meet you, Bokura Naniwa Boys" (January 2019, 1 issue-)[70]
    • "Naniwa Boys' Naniwa AtoZ"[71](June 2019, 6 issue-)[72]
    • Naniwa Boys' Naniwa Date Research Institute[73]
  • Shueisha"Seventeen"Naniwa OO Boys!" (April 2020 issue-)[74]
  • One Publishing "TV LIFE"Naniwa Danshi x A! Group Can you become a star ... It's up to us !!" (No. 2020, 3-) --Ae! Joint serialization with group[75]


Solo concert

YearsPerformance namePerformance scaleRemarks
2019Naniwa Men's First Live Tour 2019
~ With Naniwa #Aoharu? ~
7 performances at 24 locations
(Including 13 additional performances)[90]
Group's first national tour[91].. There were 6 million applications (11 times winning rate) for 208 performances in 70 cities that were originally announced.[92].. 24 people were mobilized in all 12 performances, including additional performances[93].. Directed by Tadayoshi Okura, he performed a total of 32 songs under the theme of "youth."[91].. In addition, Onishi was in charge of goods production and Nagao was in charge of new costumes.[94].
2020NANIWA DANSHI LIVE 2020 "Shall we #AOHARU?"
Kansai Johnny's DREAM PAVILION ~ Shall we #AOHARU? ~[95]
3 performances at 15 locations
4 performances (delivery)
As a re-additional performance of the 2019 tour, the performance title was changed in consideration of overseas customers[97],New coronavirusOn March 3th and 29th due to the influence ofRyogoku KokugikanThe scheduled performance was canceled[98]..After that, the transfer performance was announced, but the performance for August was canceled.[99]→ It was announced that all performances will be canceled and video will be distributed online.[100], In November, all 11 performances were distributed online under the title of "Kansai Johnny's DREAM PAVILION ~ Shall we #AOHARU? ~"[95].
2021Naniwa Boys First Arena Tour 2021 #Naniwa Boys Only Win8 performances at 26 locations
(Including re-additional performances)[101]
MC of all performances was delivered live on Johnny's Jr. channel[101].


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注 釈

  1. ^ The formation date was also set to October 2018, 10.[1].
  2. ^ November 11th is the day the label was launched on the same day in 12, and the same day in 2001Heavenly DayIt is said that it is auspicious[3].
  3. ^ Original content linked to the program will also be distributed on 5G LAB's "FR SQUARE" and "VR SQUARE" from October 2020, 10.[38].
  4. ^ Monthly A! Group ・ Lil Kansai and Rotation
  5. ^ Initially, it was supposed to be broadcast from July 2020, but the broadcast was postponed because the production schedule was affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection.[51], Changed in October[52].


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