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🤖 | "Kimetsu no Yaiba" "Shupatto" eco bag by Jiro Sumi, Mameko, Zeni, Inosuke is now available ♪ Pre-sale at AEON

Photo "Kimetsu no Yaiba x Spat" (C) Koyoharu Gotouge / Shueisha / Aniplex / ufotable

"Kimetsu no Yaiba" "Shupatto" eco bag by Jiro Sumi, Mameko, Zeni, Inosuke is now available ♪ Pre-sale at AEON

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"Kimetsu no Yaiba x Spat" is an eco-bag that is a collaboration between "Kimetsu no Yaiba" and the compact bag "Shupatto" that can be folded at once.

A collaboration between the TV anime "Kimetsu no Yaiba" and the eco-bag brand "Shupatto" ... → Continue reading

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My bag exercise

My bag exercise(My Bag Undo) calls for bringing shopping bags when purchasing at retail storesEnvironmental protection movement.

retail storePass byShopping bagIt is an exercise to use bags and bags brought by consumers without using.Environmental protection movementCan be said to be one ofSince it is a personal response, the effect is thin and the risk of virus infection etc. is high, so it may be prohibited in some states of the United States[Source required].. Shoppers bring in shopping bagsMy bagIs "Eco bag(Reusable bag Reusable bag).

the purpose

My bag movement is to switch from excessive consumption of shopping bags to the use of shopping bags that can be used repeatedly.GarbageReduction and associatedcarbon dioxideSuch asGreenhouse gasReduction, which is the raw material for shopping bagscrudeThe purpose is to save (resource protection).


CO2The effect of reduction is when using shopping bags and when using my bag.Environmental loadIt becomes clear by comparing. About 1 crude oil is needed to make one plastic bag (large one)ml, Crude oil 1lSince the carbon dioxide emission per unit (coefficient per unique unit) is 0.7225kgC, assuming that the number of plastic bags was reduced and the production amount was also reduced at the same time, and the environmental load of my bag is ignored, 1kgC =0.013222gC)[1].

To consider it together with the environmental impact of shopping bags, calculate the amount of crude oil required to make one my bag and the number of shopping bags used for one my bag (the number of alternative shopping bags), The required amount of crude oil per sheet (l) × 1 (kgC) ÷ The number of alternatives for plastic bags (sheets) can be calculated. The value given in this calculation is the environmental load of my bag converted to one plastic bag, so compare this value with the value 1kgC (=1gC) per plastic bag.If the latter is larger, the effect will be better. It can be said that there is. However, this is the CO when incinerated.2I was just thinkingLife cycle assessment The (LCA) method is used for raw material collection, manufacturing, transportation, and sales.EnergyMust be taken into consideration.

In addition, the effect of reducing the environmental load due to the use of my bag increases as the same bag is used for a long time. Similarly, change to a shopping bag that requires less crude oilSynthetic fiberFrom manufacturedNatural fiberThe effect will be greater by switching to my bag that has less environmental impact according to the LCA standard that also considers energy consumption etc.).

A research by Professor Nobuaki Kuwahara in the 2007 bulletin of the Faculty of Regional Studies, Toyama International University compared the environmental impacts of using plastic bags, my baskets, and multiple types of my bags. According to it, assuming that all are recycled, 58 times for my polypropylene baskets, 101 times for nylon multifunctional my bags, 11 times for polyester PET recycled goods my bags, 34 times for nylon my bags. It is said that the environmental load can be reduced by using it again.[2].

At the 2009 Japan LCA Society research presentation, a comparative survey report was made on the CO2 emissions of plastic shopping bags and my bags under the precondition that they will be manufactured in China and imported into Japan. According to this, the CO2 emission per one bag is about 50 times that of one shopping bag. This means that if one consumer uses my bag about 50 times, CO2 will increase and decrease. It means that the balance can be balanced. However, on the other hand, when not using a shopping bag, the shopping bag playedGarbage bag, And the need to prepare another bag will increase the environmental load, or if you repeatedly use My Bag with detergent, the environmental load will increase accordingly. To do Considering these, it was said that CO50 cannot be reduced by simply using my bag about 2 times, and it is possible to bring the CO2 reduction effect only by using it more times.[3].

According to the LCA report released by the British Environment Agency in 2011, if you use a plastic bag 131 times and a thick low-density polyethylene (LDPE) eco-bag 4 times, it is assumed that the plastic bag will not be reused. It was supposed to reduce the environmental load[4].

According to the LCA announced by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency in 2018, the environmental load can be reduced by reusing 35 times for polyester bags, 43 times for bleached paper bags, 20,000 times for organic cotton bags.[5].

Garbage reduction

To switch from shopping bags, simplyPlasticIt also has the effect of reducing waste.

Plastic trashMarine litterThere is also concern about the impact on the environment.ウ ミ ガ メIt is a problem of accidental ingestion and ingestion of plastic bags by living things such as, and sludge formation due to the accumulation of plastic sheets in plastic bags on the sea floor.[6].

For some other reasons, some cities are working to reduce waste such as shopping bags. PhilippinesMakatiThen.2013 Plastic bags used in the retail industry fromStyrofoamThe use of plastic containers is banned because the blockage of drainage channels caused by a large amount of plastic waste is one of the causes of water damage. Is obliged to[7].

Dissemination status in each country


The first introduced in Japan using the term eco bag was the GAIA Project Co., Ltd., which operated an ecology shop in Kanda Ochanomizu in 1992. Masatsugu Ishibashi, who was the managing director of the GAIA project, thought about spreading the cloth eco-bag that was popular in Germany to Japan. He ordered his subordinates to request the production of eco-bags from a childbirth facility in Trivandrum, India, which was producing eco-bags in Germany, and imported them as fair trade products. The selling price at that time was 350 yen. In addition, Ishibashi, along with several co-ops such as life clubs and Tobe Shoji, a bottle traderReturnable bottleHe is also the person who developed the (reuse bottle).

The eco bags introduced by GAIA were initially sold at natural food stores in various places, but then with the backdrop of the ecology boom, major distributors such as Daiei, Seiyu, and Aeon began selling similar cloth bags around 1994. It was As for eco bags, GAIA has the trademark right, so I used the terms such as my bag. These major retailers have used the discount service of about 5 yen for consumers who do not use shopping bags and the sale of eco bags (mostly 100 yen), so the image of the My Bag Campaign = Shopping Bag Reduction Campaign has become established. ..

2007 OctoberAtDuskinAccording to a survey byShiga86.0% answered that they always bring their shopping bags or they often bring shopping bags. This number is the secondKyotoIt is ranked No. 20 in Japan with a difference of XNUMX points or more. Also,YamagataThe highest response rate in Japan was “Always bring shopping bags” at 44.0%.

supermarketCentering around, the benefits such as "100 yen discount when stamps accumulate" are also offered to those who bring their own bags.novelty,SweepstakesCan be used repeatedly as a prizetote bagIt is also increasing to prepare. In addition, the number of local governments that impose a charge for plastic shopping bags by the ordinance is increasing. Around 2008, eco-bags became a boom and fashionable items,Celebrity-wealthy classThings you lovetv setAlthough it has been featured in, etc., it is meaningless to practice exercise if you get on a boom and buy new ones frequently. In addition to eco bags, "eco baskets" are also used.

Increase shoplifting

It's hard to tell whether a product has been paid or not, soShopliftingIt has become clear that there are disadvantages such as being easy to become a hotbed of, and taking away the shopping basket provided. Shoplifting damage caused by the use of eco bags for camouflage increased and security had to be strengthened. Conversely, shoplifting was suspected by bringing my bag (eco bag) to the store.Security guardThere are many problems such as being stopped by[8].

Initiatives at retailers

The AEON Group's own movement and plastic bag reduction measures include the “My Basket Movement”[9]"Or 2 yen discount if you decline the shopping bag[10](Or charge for shopping bags[11])”.

Eco bag

In the My Bag campaign conducted by the Sendai City Hall, Sendai Chamber of Commerce, etc.,Hirohiko Araki,Shizuka Arakawa,MONKEY MAJIK,Kotaro Isaka,Itaru Hirama,Troupe four seasonsThe designers' eco-bag was produced with the cooperation of all parties. The eco bag designed by Araki is a work of Araki.Steel Ball RunThe illustration is designed by the character "Lucy Steel".

Theme song

By volunteers of Hitachinaka City HallBandWas formed and is playing the theme song "Let's carry around my bag" at events etc.[12].
The performance is "Let's carry it My bag - YouTube].
The theme song "Let's use it together! My bag" was produced,CDHas also been made. This CD is in the cityKindergarten,NurseryHave been distributed to.
The lyrics areLet's use it together! My bag-for future Mishima-], the melody is "05065090_mp3_2008417_radA29F5].
The theme song "My bag I always have" created by the hands of the general public is played on the official website of Kakegawa City Hall and at each store participating in the My Bag campaign.
The lyrics and melody areMy bag song].
The staff of Kikuchi City Hall wrote and composed the song, and the eldest daughter of the staffvocalThe theme song that played the role has been announced.
The theme songs "MY BAG Song" and "Waku Waku No Tobira" are written and composed by local volunteers as a PR song for the "My Bag Promotion Campaign" that Yoshinogawa City is working on, and they are playing at events.[13]
The performance was performed by Camembert, who won the grand prize in the NHK program "The 14th Hot Blood! Old Man Battle".Exciting door - YouTube''MY BAG song - YouTube].


The eco bag was inspired by the cloth bag Ökobag, which was widely used in Germany in the 1980s.However, while the fashionable eco bag made of cloth spread explosively in Japan, various materials such as paper bags were used in Germany. It is common practice to use mobile bags many times. Therefore, unlike Japan, there is no image of an eco bag = a fashionable bag made of cloth.


In Italy, more than 1 shopping bags were consumed per year in Italy,2011 May 1Prohibits distribution of plastic shopping bags at retail stores in Italy[14].

Taiwan/China/Hong Kong

Taiwan,ChugokuSince shopping bags are paid for completely at retail stores of major chains, it is common to bring your own bag and reuse shopping bags.Hong KongIn December 2008, a convenience store cash register bag was charged (uniformly 12 HK cents).


PhilippinesMakatiHowever, since the drainage channel blockage (urban flood) caused by a large amount of plastic waste became a problem, the use of plastic bags and Styrofoam containers was banned from June 2013, 6. 20 pesos are fined[7].


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