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📺 | "Guilty Flag" Low audience rating on the verge of discontinuation!The reason for the great struggle is ...

Photo Hidetoshi Nishijima Illustration / Yu Ayaga (C) Maijitsu 

Low audience rating on the verge of discontinuing "Guilty Flag"!The reason for the great struggle is ...

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The main character is Ryosuke Sagara (Nishijima), the chief of the transportation company.

On October 11, the second episode of the two-cool serial drama "Guilty Flag" (NTV) starring Hidetoshi Nishijima was broadcast. … → Continue reading


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Transportation industry

transportationWork(Yugyo),Transportation industryWhat is (Unso Gyo)?passenger,cargo OftransportIndustry, orOccupationIs.In addition to simply transporting to the transportation industryStoragebusiness,customs clearancebusiness,Cargo handlingBusiness (unloading / loading / sorting),Distribution processingManage schedules for business and equipment usedOperation managementCar management and logisticsInformation processingbusiness,ForwarderThere is business.Storage BusinessThere are many companies that also serve as a company, and we carry out everything from manufacturing to shipping.ConglomerateThere is also.


Transport is an industry that always accompanies the industry and supports the foundation of the country.[1],in JapanJapan Airlines,National railway,Nippon Express,Japan Postな どState-owned enterpriseIt is established as.If you include the services that accompany the transportation industry, the entire transportation industry is complete.Service industryOccupies about 1% of the total[2]..More than 60% of the value generated by transportation means comes from road transportation, with freight transportation accounting for 3/4.[2]..The infrastructure of roads and railroads is considered to be the core of transportation for the time being.[2].

Transportation where the target of transportation is a personPassenger transport, Transportation that is a thingFreight transportationAnd the transportationTrain,TrackFor transportation by land freight carLand transportation,aircraftTransport byAir transportation,ShipTransport byShippingorWater transportationCall.

Main business

Land transportation

Land transportation (transport).Since automobiles can flexibly respond to freight demand such as time and quantity, short-distance transportation, transportation to inland areas, and collection or distribution of goods to consumersLast one mileGood at distribution.Before the spread of automobilesfreight trainPlays that role,stationWas carried by people from.In modern times, it shows the characteristics between air and shipping.North America,EurasiaThen.Transcontinental railroadThere are many examples used for long-distance transportation, such asElectric trainIs better than other means of transportationGreenhouse gasSince the amount of emissions is extremely low, it has the advantage of being able to carry out environmentally friendly transportation.

Car transportation

Public roadAboveAutomobileBusiness to transport by.In addition to being the best at small-lot transportation, we also provide complementary transportation in areas where railroads do not pass.Surface transportation is carried out using the road network all over the country like a mesh, and the terminal collection and delivery work from the transportation base to the doorway is taken over by trucks for rail freight, route freight, and air freight between bases.Traffic jamThe arrival time may be delayed due to such reasons.Just in timeDue to strong demands from shippers such as transportation, drivers often end up paying a delay fee that exceeds the transportation cost.PunctualityIs required. Due to poor management in the 2000s, it came into effect in February 2002.Road transport lawDue to the change in the business environment due to the successive entry of small and medium-sized enterprises regardless of freight passengers due to the amendment (deregulation), many companies, mainly major railway companies, withdrew.

Truck business (freight)
Track,trailerFreight transportation using, which is responsible for most of today's transportation industry, and generally "Shipping companyThe name "runs this businessCompanyPoint to.In urban areasオ ー ト バ イDelivery is also seen.There was a time when this business was actively entered by capital participation, acquisitions, and new entrants of existing companies, centered on railway companies that do not have freight trains (especially major railway companies).
Postal business
Valuables transportation security
Transportation of cash and precious metals.Security businessIt also has an element as.
Bus business (passenger)
Taxi business (passenger)
Detail is"Taxi operatorsSee
Rail transport (passenger / freight)

OrbitLay (or borrow) yourself and carry a vehicle (or borrow) on its trackRailway car) Is operated.There are relatively few outages due to the weather, and cheap scheduled transportation between short and medium distances is relatively easy,Break-even pointThe cost is high, and the operator must perform maintenance work on equipment such as tracks.


Marine transport.boatSince the moving speed is low, it takes time to transport, but it has the advantage that the transportation cost is not so high because it can withstand a large amount of loading at one time.mainlycrude,coal,uraniumSuch asEnergy,鉄It becomes the raw material ofIron ore,wheat,soy,cornOf processed foodsPlace of origin輸入It is mainly used for automobiles and electronic devices from Japan.OutputIt is,Commercial transportation between companies(BtoB) In particular, it plays a major role in international freight transportation, which accounts for the majority of imports and exports.

Air transportation

Air transportation-Air transport-Air transport-Air freightAlso called[3]..Although the transportation cost is high because it consumes a lot of fuel for transportation, it is suitable for shortening the transportation time (lead time), so it is mainly freshness and information.[Note 1]It is used for imported freight, medical goods, mail, etc. where speed is important such as urgency, and is used for long-distance passenger transportation and freight transportation where transportation time is prioritized.On the other hand, it has the disadvantage that it cannot carry a large amount of heavy goods and cargo like land transportation and shipping.helicopterBecause it is possible to bring supplies to places where road maintenance is not progressingConstruction industryIt is used in etc.Highland, Remote island,Remote areaな どFixed wing aircraftIt is also used in places that cannot be easily accessed.Transportation using aircraft (airplanes, helicopters), etc.

Warehouse / transportation related business

Business to connect each transportation business.

  • Storage Business(Storage / stevedore business) --A business that stores, carries out, carries in, and sorts luggage.WarehouseCompany
  • Distribution processingBusiness-A business that acts on behalf of a producer for more efficient work at the time of delivery, such as attaching price tag tags to products accepted from shippers and assembling parts according to orders.
  • ForwarderBusiness-A business that undertakes the transportation of small cargo from multiple shippers, sorts it, turns it into large cargo, and requests the transportation to airlines and shipping companies.In the case of international cargo, we will undertake customs clearance services as well.


注 釈

  1. ^ Even now, when transporting large volumes of data, it is transferred in this way.


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