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📺 | Anna Ishii, too beautiful to see directly !? "I fell in love with you ..."


Anna Ishii, too beautiful to see directly !? "I fell in love with you ..."

If you write the contents roughly
"I fell in love with you ..." "It's really too beautiful" and "Early Saturday, come on!"

The TV Asahi / ABEMA co-produced drama "Konreiso" (every Saturday at 11:1) starring actress Nanase Nishino is XNUMX ... → Continue reading

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Saturday(Saturday) orSaturday(Doyo) isFridayとSundayIs between週1 day.The last day of the week on the calendar.JapaneseカレンダーThen.blueThere are relatively many examples written in.

Name in each language

The Japanese name isSeven daysIs one ofSaturn Named after the day of (Ra: Saturnus).Finally, because of the five elementsSatGoes on a Saturday.

English: Saturday,Dutch: SaturdayIt is,Germany OfWestphaliaIn the areaSatertagAs well asRoman mythologyThe god of agricultureSaturnusComes from[1].

Italian: Saturday,French: Saturday,German: Saturday,Spanish: SaturdayとPortuguese: SaturdayEtc.Latin: SabbatumHas its origins inHebrew: Saturday(SabbathMeaning)[1],ChineseThen "SaturdayOr "Worship six".


7th day of the week.JudaismThen, regardless of denomination, Saturday (to be exact, from "Friday" sunset to "Saturday" sunset in Japan[Note 1]) IsSabbathIs.Not only working but also housework and going out are prohibited on this day.However, many people now live a secular life and are not always protected.

On Saturday, the Hebrew word "Shabat", which refers to the Sabbath (שַבָּת) IsSaturnAnd agricultural godSaturnusIrrespective of, the verb "Shavato" meaning "rest" (שָבַת) Derived from[2], Means the Sabbath. Even in ChristianityGreekBorrowed by and called "Sabat",Italian sabbato,Spanish It became the etymology of Saturday in many European and Western Asian languages, including sábado.

キ リ ス ト 教Was originally inherited as a habit of gathering believers on weekends.MainstreamHowever, in addition to daily prohibition of smoking and smoking, a religious group that emphasizes Saturday's rest (Seventh-day Adventist ChurchEtc.), and gather at churches/meetings to worship.

New Testament OfGospelThe religion at that time was noisy in forcing the Sabbath rule to be formalized,イ エ スThere is a scene in which Jesus rebuts while he blames his disciples for their bad behavior.

Half don

OnceJapan OfGovernment office,Public schoolIs a holiday only in the afternoon.Half donWas called.

Currently, government offices, public schools, most companies2 days a weekHas been adopted, and Saturday is closed all day. However, unlike Sunday, this dayNational holidaysEven whenTransfer holidayIs not provided.

カレンダーThen.WeekdaySome are written in black as well, but there are many examples that are red like Sundays and national holidays, or can be distinguished from weekdays such as blue, gray and green (mostly blue or gray or green). And it's almost rare to get the same red color as on Sundays and public holidays).

Train,Transit Bus OfDiamondThe two-day weekly system becomes widespread1970 eraPreviously, it was operated on weekday schedules on Saturdays, but due to the spread of the two-day weekly system, it is in the metropolitan area.1980 eraAfter that, after the establishment of a new schedule exclusively for Saturday, mainly in the form of reducing the number of trains in the evening,1990 eraSince then, many routes have been integrated into the holiday schedule.Railways often treat it as a holiday as a "Saturday / holiday timetable", but it is still treated as a holiday.Nose Electric RailwayDepending on the route, Saturday may be an independent timetable. In addition to the case of treating as a holiday on the bus, there are cases where an independent Saturday timetable is set up, and the morning and evening buses are thinned out from the weekday timetable. Even though the two-day work week has become popular,Private school,hospital-HospitalAnd so on, only in the morning on SaturdayLesson,ExaminationConsidering the convenience when commuting to and from school, there are places that do.

bankSuch asFinancial institutionThen,1983/Every Saturday until July,1989/Until January, the counter was open on certain Saturday mornings (1: 9-00: 12).Financial institution business on SaturdayTMJWas operating between 9:00 and 14:00.After that, even if each financial institution extended the ATM operating hours on Saturday, there was no overtime fee at the beginning during this time (-14:00) due to its remnants.Currently, due to the spread of the two-day weekly system, financial institutions that charge all-day overtime fees even with their own cards are the mainstream, saying that "Saturday is also a holiday", but there are still financial institutions that "do not charge overtime fees until 14:XNUMX on Saturday". do[Note 2].

Saturday designated

First day of release of theatrical movie
theateruseMovie worksSaturday is the first day of the release, and most of theMovie theaterでdirected byAnd cast will perform stage greetings (Example:ToeiIn case of production workMarunouchi TOEIDone in).
Rental of CD albums and some CD singles started
On Saturday,TSUTAYA,GEOSuch asRental CD-Video storeSpecified in the rental start date for CD albums and some CD singles. However,Japan Record AssociationBased on the rules of, CD singles with 17 or more coupling songs except for some CD albums and 2 days after the release date. In addition, although there is no coupling song or one CD single is rented at the same time as release,AKB48[Note 3]Some CD singles with 2 or more coupling songs will be rented at the same time as the release.

Works on Saturday




tv set

The world
BS (Weather News)




symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
Full-width bracketed soil
Round soil


  1. ^ Detail is"Late nightSee.
  2. ^ As a special example, in recent years we have made free ATM fees during the daytime hours on weekends and holidays.Mitsubishi UFJ BankThere is an example of, but this is simply part of the service improvement measures and has nothing to do with the remnants of half-dong.
  3. ^ Includes related units and solo singles with some exceptions.


  1. ^ a b S. Bearing = GouldWritten by Tadayoshi Imaizumi, translated "The Story of Folklore," Kadokawa Bunko, 1955, 68p.
  2. ^ A Hebrew and English Lexicon of the Old Testament. Oxford: Clarendon Press. (1906). Pp. 991-992. https://archive.org/stream/hebrewenglishlex00browuoft#page/990/mode/2up 

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