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📺 | Tomomi Maruyama, GENERATIONS Ryota Katayose and co-star since "GTO"!


Co-starring with Tomomi Maruyama and GENERATIONS Ryota Katayose since "GTO"!

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Fans commented on this post, saying, "I couldn't wait for Monday," "I'll survive for a week after seeing Radiation II," "I'm looking forward to tonight," "It's great !!" and "I'm excited next time."

Fuji TV's "Moon XNUMX" drama "Radiation House II-Radiology Diagnosis Report-" starring Masataka Kubota (... → Continue reading

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Monday(Getsuyoubi) orMonday(Getsuyo) isSundayとTuesdayIs between週One day.

Name in each language

The Japanese name isSeven daysIt is one of the (Seven Governments, Seven Stars) (of celestial bodies)MonthThe date of. As wellEnglish OfMondayAlso named after the moon.The order of the seven days of the week is Thursday, Tuesday, Sunday, Friday, Wednesday, Monday, and Saturday, but the order of the days of the week is Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday.In Arabic and Vietnamese, this order makes Monday the "second day" (al-athnayni, ngày). Monday).The timetable for the international aviation industry is IATA (International Air Transport Association) SSIM (Standard Schedules Information Manual) standard[1][2]In accordance with, Monday is written as "1"[3].Modern chineseBut "MondayOr "ReiichiIt is also the first day of the week.However, until the end of the Kiyosue, it was called "Monday" or "Month 1" in the Chinese calendar.

What happened on Monday

New York stock market crashed1987/May 10Was Monday, soBlack MondayCalled.


Transfer holiday

JapanThen, the Sunday beforeNational holidaysIfTransfer holidayBecome[4]..There are also national holidays (only some) that are designated as Mondays of a particular week of a particular month (as of 2021).成人 の 日-Marine Day-敬老の日-Sports day). this is,Saturday・The date was changed in anticipation of 3 consecutive holidays including Sunday, fixed Mondays and mandatory Monday holidays ・Happy MondayHowever, as a reaction to forcing Monday to be a holiday, the burden on the day after the previous Friday and three consecutive holidays will increase, so some companies and people may not accept Monday fixed holidays as holidays ( Treated as a weekday notation on the calendar.Toyota calendarSee also ) And other disadvantages are occurring. Due to the eventHoliday workIfTransfer suspensionBecomes

Blue Monday syndrome

Trouble that physical and mental disorders appear due to depression appearing on Monday mornings (including fixed holidays)Blue Monday syndromeCall. Most of the weeksuicideIt is Monday that there are many people.

Industries to be closed

Japanese professional baseballIn principle, Monday is a spare day, so it is considered a holiday. In addition,Pacific LeagueThen.2001/から2005/The match was held on Monday until (Mondaypa LeagueSee also).

combinationIs a member ofBarber shopMost of them had Monday as a regular holiday[5] Because,combinationThere are also occasions such as sponsored workshops.Happy Monday systemThe situation has changed due to the abolition of regulations and optimization regulations.

Public bathHowever, since there are few users on Monday, there are many closed days on Monday. At the Tokyo Bathhouse AssociationOil shockSince then, it has been difficult to obtain fuel, and a weekly break is obligatory.[6].

restaurantSince Saturday and Sunday are the time to write in, there are places where Monday after that is closed[7].

Public libraryIs often closed on Mondays. "Library Reader" (Book Magazine, 2000,ISBN-4 938463-85-7According to a questionnaire conducted by ), as of 1998, 426 public libraries were closed on Monday, accounting for 75% of the total.[8]. The runner-up will continue on Tuesday (44 buildings) and Sunday (27 buildings)[9]. It is often closed in the general publicSundayThe next day instead of openingTransfer holidayIt is because it is closed as[10]. However, some libraries have introduced a designated manager system to reduce the number of closed days.[11], "Monday or closed day" is becoming a thing of the past[10].. As a serial publication that summarizes the closed days of public libraries, there is "Japanese Library Statistics and Roster", and a CD-ROM version is also on sale.

Museum,Museum,TourismMany of the facilities are closed (closed) on Mondays.Monday isNational holidays,Transfer holidayAt the time of openingTuesdayAnd so onWeekdayIs closed on many days[10]. However,2020 eraThen, "School transfer holidays are often set on Mondays" "paid holidaysCoupled with the ease of acquisition, the number of overnight trips from Sunday to Monday has increased. "[12].


It is a day of the week when the morning rush hour is intense on the railroad.This is because there are more business people who actually go to work than on other days of the week when they may not go to work directly due to business trips or going out.[13].. To match thisWest Japan Railway Company(JR West) Every Monday (Tuesday if Monday is a public holiday) Early morningSingle assignmentFor peopleExtra trainAsBusiness ThunderbirdIs operating.

It is said that road traffic tends to be congested because road traffic is also closed for the logistics industry as described above.[14]Is actually not as prominent as Friday[15][16][17].

Release date

In the weekly magazineWeekly post-Weekly Hyundai-Weekly mass-Weekly playboyWith a weekly magazine for menWeekly diamond-Weekly Toyo Keizai-economistIt is the release date of the economic weekly magazine. In Manga Weekly MagazineWeekly Shonen JumpとWeekly Young MagazineとBig Comic SpiritsIs the release date of.

Works on Monday


symbolUnicodeJIS X 0213Character referenceName
Full-width bracketed month


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