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🎭 | I admire Takako Matsu's “meal manners”!The reason for the acclaimed succession is ... "Edokko"

Photo Takako Matsu (C) Maijitsu

Admire Takako Matsu's "meal manners"!The reason for the acclaimed succession is ... "Edokko"

If you write the contents roughly
I think, but that is elegant. ”“ Takako Matsu, I became a big fan of how to eat that soba.

The "meal manners" of Takako Matsumoto, an actor known as the daughter of the 9th generation Koshiro Matsumoto (currently Matsumoto Koshiro), is from everywhere ... → Continue reading


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Takako Matsu

Takako Matsu(Takako Matsu,1977 May 6[1] ‐) isJapan Ofactress,singer,Voice actor..His real name is Takako Sahashi.Maiden name Fujima.Japanese danceMatsumoto styleNatori,The first Takako MatsumotoIt also has the name (Shodai Matsumoto Koka).TokyoI'm from.Swing-by affiliation.Husbandギ タ リ ス トandMusic producer OfYoshiyuki Sahashi.



Second generation Matsumoto Shirokane(At that time, the sixth generation Ichikawa Somegoro) and Noriko Fujima as the youngest childTokyoBorn in.Shirayuri Gakuen Junior and Senior High SchoolFrom, for entertainment activitiesHorikoshi High SchoolTransferred to and graduated.Asia UniversityDropout[1].

Shirayuri Gakuen Elementary School・ For classmates in junior high schoolTakarazuka Revue 81th class OfRie Hisato,Horikoshi High SchoolTo classmates of the timesAyumi Hamasaki,Hatoko OfEizo Ichikawa (11th generation)There is.

In 16 (Heisei 1993) when he was 5 years old,KabukizaIn Kabuki "HumanitySentence』Take the first stage.The following year, 1994 (Heisei 6)NHKTaiga drama"Flower disorder"soTV dramaFirst appearance in. In 1995 (Heisei 7), the drama of the same station "』, And since then, the videostageAccumulate a career as an actress[1].

1996 (Heisei 8) "Long vacation, 1997 (Heisei 9) "Love generation, And in 2001 (Heisei 13)HERO"When,Fuji Television Network, IncOf seriesDue by March 9thAppeared in a drama[1]..いずれもBothKimura TakuyaCo-starred with, and recorded a high audience rating of around 30%.

Starring Kabuki, Shinpa, and Koshiro MatsumotomusicalAppeared inYukio NinagawaDirecting "HamletExperienced the outside stage for the first time, and since thenHideki Noda,Kazumi KushidaIn works such as, he is selected as the leading role.Koki MitaniEnsemble drama,Theater company☆Shinkansen,TohoIn addition to acting as a musical heroine, such as "Wuthering Heights" and "Ohatsu"Commercial theaterBut starring,Shimbashi TheaterHe holds the record of the youngest chairman in history (21 years old, 99 "Tengai no Hana").

In 1996 (Heisei 8), he was the youngest (19 years old) in history and NHK's "The 47th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』Selected as the moderator of the red group.

Debuted as a singer in 1997 (Heisei 9).Of the music producer who was in charge of his early careerDaisuke HinataThe first impression from is "FirstMiki ImaiI had a hard time getting away from that image because I received a demo tape that sang Mr.'s song. " I just listened to it once and immediately put it in my head. "[4].. At the end of the same yearThe 48th NHK Red and White Singing Battle』This time he will play as a singer.Since then, while working as an actress, he has been energetically working as a musician, releasing 2017 singles and 29 albums nationwide by 22 (Heisei 13).concertI have also toured four times.

2006 (Heisei 18) Animated movie "Brave Story』, Played the main character Wataru Mitsuya, debuted as a voice actor.

March 2007, 19ミ ュ ー ジ シ ャ ン-Yoshiyuki SahashiMarried to.

In 2010 (Heisei 22), the movie "Starring"ConfessionWas designated as R15, but it was a big hit.

I belonged for many years in the spring of 2011 (Heisei 23)PapadooLeaved the company and established a private office swing-by and became independent.

In 2014, as a voice actor, the Disney movie "FrozenThe song in the Japanese dubbed version of the same work, which starred in the song and was in charge of singing.Let it goAchieved 100 million DL for full delivery[5].

Announcement of pregnancy of first child on November 2014, 11[6].. Announcement of the birth of the first child girl on March 2015, 27[7]..Returning to work on the stage "Kagami no Kanata in Tanaka" in July of the same year[8].

In 2017 (Heisei 29), the serial drama "Quartet"[9]Received numerous awards and received high praise[10].. same yearNHKmorning'sContinuous tv novel97th work "WrotenkaProviding music as the theme song to[11], For the first time in 18 years as a singer at the end of the yearThe 68th NHK Red and White Singing BattleAnd show off the same song[12].

February 2020, 2 (Reiwa 2nd year), the biggest festival in the US film industry, "9th Japan time"92 Academy Awards Ceremony", Which was nominated for the song award.Frozen 2"of"Into the UnknownIs the first Japanese song to be sung with the voice actors of Elsa in each country.[13]..This is also the first time that the song has been performed in public.[14].





Theater animation


  • Kabuki "Humanity Story"Sentence(October 1993) --The role of a long time
  • New school"Small Ghosts" (May 1994) --The role of Button
  • Shinpa "Ajisawa" (May 1994) --The role of light
  • Shinpa "Shiraito of the waterfall(October 1994) --Kikyou
  • Shinpa "Junsaihan" (October 1994) --The role of Ume
  • Tohomusical"La Mancha Man"
    • (June 1995, August 6-September, August 1997-September)-As Antonia
    • (May / August 2002, May 5-June, April 8, May 2005, May-August 5)-Heroine Aldonza
    • (February 2022) -The role of Aldonza
  • Yukio NinagawaDirecting "Hamlet"
    • (October 1995, March 10-May / August)-Heroine Ophelia Role
  • Shimbashi TheaterPerformance "Flower of heaven(January 1999) --Starring as Tamako Hira
  • Kazumi KushidaDirected by "The Good Man of Setuan"
    • (May-June 1999, September 5) --Starring Shen Te / Shui Ta
  • Koki MitaniWritten and directed musical "Okpe!(June-July 2000) --The role of Shinonome
  • Kazumi KushidaDirected by "VOYAGE ~ Carnival on board ~" (October 2000) --Starring
  • Theater Nine "Summer Hotel" (April-May 2001) --Kaoru
  • Shimbashi TheaterPerformance "Arashigaoka(January 2002) --Starring as Catherine
  • Toho Musical "Mozart!(October-November 2002)-Heroine Constante Role
  • NODA/MAP"Oil" (April-June 2003)-Starring Fuji
  • Shinbashi Enbujo Performance "Ohatsu" (January 2004) --Starring / First role
  • TBSRonin area(May-June 2004)-Heroine, new role
  • Toho Musical " Miss Saigon(August-November 2004)-Starring Kim
  • Music drama directed by Kazuyoshi Kushida "Caucasus's White Ink Ring" (January-March 2005)-Starring Gurusha
  • NODA MAP "Art forgery, sin and punishment" (December 2005-February 12)-Starring Hide Sanjo
  • Theater company☆Shinkansen"Metal Macbeth" (May-July 2006)-Starring Mrs. Random Star / As Hayashi B
  • "Hibari" directed by Yukio Ninagawa (February 2007) --StarringJeanne d'Arc Role
  • Scorpio&Sys CompanyPerformance "ロ マ ン ス(August-September 2007)-As Mary
  • Keishi NagatsukaWritten and directed by "SISTERS" (July-August 2008)-Starring Kaoru Ozaki
  • NODA MAP "Piper" (January-February 2009)-Starring Daimos
  • Shochikumusical"Jane Air"
    • (September 2009, October 9-November)-Starring Jane Air
  • Keralino SandrovichDirected by "Two Husbands and My Circumstances" (April-May 2)-Starring Victoria
  • Directed by Kazuyoshi Kushida "Twelve nights(January 2011) --Starring Sebastian / Viola (Cisario)
  • Keishi Nagatsuka Written and directed by "The World Without Sound" (December 2012-January 12) -Say
  • Directed by Kazuyoshi Kushida "Cry More Flapper" (February-March 2014) -Starring Trunk Jill / The role of customary idiot
  • Keishi Nagatsuka Written and directed by "Kagami no Kanata in the Tanaka"
    • (July 2015, December 7-February 2017) -Keiko
  • NODA/MAP "Reverse Scale" (January 2016, 1-April 29, 4) -Starring NINGYO
  • Directed by Kazuyoshi Kushida "metropolis(November 2016) --Starring Maria / Parody
  • Hideto IwaiWritten and directed by "The World is Alone" (February-April 2019)-Miko Tanabe / Kazue Mori
  • NODA/MAP "Q: A Night At The Kabuki" (October 2019th-December 10th, 8) -Starring and then Ai Shiri[32][33]
  • Keishi Nagatsuka Written and directed by "Inubito-Inujin-" (August 2020) -Starring / Guide / Mazda Takeko / Petit[34]
  • Directed by Suzuki Matsuo COCOON PRODUCTION 2021 + Adult Plan "Pa Lapa Panpan" (November-December 2021) -Starring Temari Kurusu / Fan Scrooge

Appearance stage

  • The 1st Matsunokai-Dance "Hane no Kabuki" (October 1984, National Theater of Japan)
  • Kabuki "Nezumi Kozo Jirokichi" (January 1985, Kabukiza Theater) -As a passerby * Only once
  • Fujisatsukai-Dance "Yashiki Musume" (July 1988, National Small Theater)
  • The 2nd Matsuzukakai-Dance "Women's Four Seasons" (September 1992, National Theater) * Natori, Kouka Matsumoto
  • Bread of Masajiro Imato-Kouta "Hana no Tomo" (May 1993, National Small Theater)
  • Sachiko Matsumoto 1993th Anniversary-Dance "Hanagatami" (June 6, National Grand Theater)
  • The 3rd Matsunagikai-Dance "Spring Search" (April 1995, National Theater of Japan)
  • The 4th Matsunokai (September 1998, 9, National Grand Theater)
    • Dance "Four Seasons of a Woman"
    • Dance "Kyokako Musume Dōjōji" -The role of Tokoka
  • The 9th Matsuzukakai-Soraku "Quiet" (August 2009, 8, National Theater of Japan)
  • International Pen Tokyo Convention 2010 "Literature Forum" (September 2010, 9, Waseda University Okuma Auditorium)
  • Tokyo Caravan ~ Prologue ~ (October 2015, 10, Komazawa Olympic Park)
    • "The Eve of Departure-Children of 1964" -Reading
    • Fashion "Mermaid" aiming for the ground-Performance
  • Tokyo Caravan in Tohoku (September 2016, 9, Otoya Hall)
  • Tokyo Caravan in Kyoto, Kameoka (August 2017, 8, Lifelong Learning Facility, Roadside Station Galleria Kameoka "Convention Hall")
    • Public workshop
  • Tokyo Caravan in Kyoto, Nijo Castle (September 2017-9, 2, World Heritage Site, Nijo Castle National Treasure, Ninomaru Gotenmae Special Stage)
    • "In the Soul of Summer" --Reading / Singing & Performance
  • Don't turn off the theater lights! Bunkamura Theater Cocoon Edition Matsuo Suzuki Presents Acrylic Theater Festival (July 2020, 7, Bunkamura Theater Cocoon) * Recorded during June, broadcast / delivery only-Singing & Performance

TV drama

TV program

  • Tamori Club(TV Asahi) Irregular appearance-"Sky Ear Award"judge
  • Television future heritage
    • "Life 38 billion years special latest gene mystery" What is a human being ...!? "" (February 2013, 2, TBS) Moderator
    • "Life 38 Billion Years Special Latest Brain Science Mystery" What is a Human ...!? "" (February 2014, 2, TBS) Moderator
    • "38 billion years of life special latest brain science mystery" What is a human being ...!? "" (February 2015, 2, TBS) Moderator
    • TBS TV 60th Anniversary Special Project "38 Billion Years of Life Special" What is a Human ...!? "" (March 2016, 3, TBS) Moderator
    • "" (August 2017, 8, TBS) Moderator

Music program

Many others

NHK Red and White Singing Battle participation history

Year/Broadcast timesTimesProgramOrder of appearanceOpponent
1997 (Heisei 9) /48 timesFirstWhen spring comes tomorrow07/25Sharan Q
1999 (Heisei 11) /50 times2Dream drops06/2719
2017 (Heisei 29) /68 times3Where tomorrow20/23Hoshino Gen
  • 注意 点
    • Appearance order is expressed as "appearance order/number of participants".
    • In addition to the above, 1996 (47 times), He served as the moderator of the Red Group.



  • Tomokazu Miura / Takako Matsu's Taiga Romance Travelogue-Scientist of XNUMX Years of Living Dreams and Drift Ice Bunkichi Okazaki(1999,Nippon TV
  • Asahi Broadcasting Corporation 50th Anniversary Program "Journey to the Faraway Mankind" (2000,TV Asahi
  • My bicycle traveling alone (2003,Fuji Television Network, Inc
  • Matsumoto Koshiro Family Spain Don Quijote Traveling in Pursuit of "The Endless Dream" (2006,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.
  • Non-Fiction W Sun Man Rafael Nadal ~ The Origin of the No. 1 Tennis Player ~ (September 2010, 9, WOWOW)
  • Dad is still fine ~ Yoshifuru Akiyama's Russo-Japanese War ~ (December 2010, 12, NHK Matsuyama)
  • New Japanese climate(October 2011 -,NHK)-Narrative: Voice Traveler
  • with the BBC Earth "Life-A story that connects life-"(2011,Avex Entertainment
  • Japan again(2011-, NHK)-Narrative: Voice Traveler
  • Special feature: Read Haruki Murakami (2012, NHK Radio)
  • J-WAVE 25th Anniversary Special Program "UNBEATEN TRACKS IN JAPAN-Isabella Bird's Unbeaten Tracks in Japan" (2013, J-WAVE)
  • NHK Special"International Co-produced Japanese Millennium Taste Mystery" (December 2013, 12, NHK) --Presenter
  • Shizuoka Asahi Television 40th Anniversary Special "3650th Ichikawa Somegoro Adhesion 12 Days ~ When a Young Warrior is Born ~" (January 2018, 1, TV Asahi) --Narrative
  • Poisoning Variety Yamazato & Matsuko Detox (April 2018, 4, 17, TBS)
  • Kazumasa Oda Music Special Program "The song was flowing like the wind (March 2019, 3, TBS)
  • Until the morning "Adult Planning TV" -Suzuki Matsuo and 25 friends- "(March 2019, 3, NHK BS) --Narrative
  • Christmas no Yakusoku 2019 (December 2019, 12, TBS)
  • Saturday PremiumMachanneru(September 2020, 10, March 24, 2021, Fuji Television)
  • Yoji YamadaYouth ~ Movie Dream Dream Factory ~ (July 2021, 7)NHK-BSP)-Narrative[43]

TV version dubbed

  • I LOVE Moomin (July 2011-7, 25,NHK BS Premium) --Moomin, Me, Moominmamma, etc. (Japanese dubbed)
  • Moomin Puppet Animation(2012-2013, NHK BS Premium)-Moomin, Me, Moominmamma, etc. (Japanese dubbed)
  • Whisper of roses-The story of the created beauty (2016, NHK) --The role of Neubara

Game dubbing

Radio Drama

  • Mitsubishi UFJ Morgan Stanley Securities presents "Soundless World" (2014, TOKYO FM) --Main character, Sei




PieRelease datetitlespecificationSales production number
1st1997/3/21When spring comes tomorrow8cmCDBVDR-1151
2nd1997/5/21I STAND ALONE8 cm CDBVDR-1165
3rd1997/6/21WIND SONG8 cm CDBVDR-1166
4th1997/11/21Midwinter Memories8 cm CDBVDR-1200
5th1998/3/25Sakura Fuwari8 cm CDBVDR-1218
6th1998/5/27sorry.8 cm CDBVDR-1229
7th1998/9/4Stay with me8 cm CDBVDS-21001
8th1999/9/22Dream drops12 cm CDPOCH-1838
9th1999/11/17Moon dance12 cm CDPOCH-1862
10th2000/2/9Cherry blossom rain, someday12 cm CDPOCH-1894
11th2000/10/25Gentle wind12 cm CDUPCH-5025
12th2001/3/14Koishihito12 cm CDUPCH-5031
13th2001/10/24Like flowers12 cm CDUPCH-5069
14th2002/6/26Clover12 cm CDUPCH-5095
15th2002/11/13Kiss tomorrow12 cm CDUPCH-5140
16th2003/7/23Real feelings12 cm CDUPCH-5201
17th2004/9/1Boat when12 cm CDUPCH-5269
18th2005/4/6Become the future12 cm CDUPCH-5300
19th2006/3/22To those who light up12 cm CDBVCR-19675
20th2006/11/29Everyone alone12cm CD + DVD
12 cm CD
BVCR-19984 / 5 (First Edition)
BVCR-19078 (Regular Edition)
21st2009/10/21With youCD + DVD
12 cm CD
BVCL-20001 2/XNUMX (First Press Edition)
BVCL-35 (Regular Edition)
22nd2017/11/15Where tomorrow12 cm CDBVCL-843


Original album

PieRelease datetitlespecificationSales production number
1st1997/6/28Sky mirrorCDBVCR-791
2nd1998/9/23Aino TobiraCDBVCS-21002
3rd2000/3/23Someday, in the rain of cherry blossoms ...CDPOCH-1916
4th2001/6/13a piece of lifeCDUPCH-1074
5th2003/2/19home grownCD (extra specifications)
UPCH-9050 (First Press Edition)
UPCH-1218 (regular edition)
6th2003/10/8harvest songsCDUPCH-1291
7th2006/4/26We wereCDBVCR-11085
8th2007/4/25Cherish YouCD + DVD
BVCR-18096 / 7 (First Press Edition)
BVCR-11102 (Regular Edition)
9th2009/11/25Time for musicCD + DVD
BVCL-20015 6/XNUMX (First Press Edition)
BVCL-45 (Regular Edition)
10th2017/12/6Where tomorrowCDBVCL-855

Best album

PieRelease datetitlespecificationSales production number
1st2001/12/5Five years ~ singlesCDUPCH-1120
3 pieces
BVCR-18137 / 9

Planning board

 Release datetitlespecificationSales production numberSelling agency
soundtrack1998/3/21April Piano- "April Story" Original SoundtrackCDBVCR-803BMG JAPAN
Live album2002/2/21Takako Matsu concert tour vol.1 "a piece of life"CDUPCH-1140ユ ニ バ ー サ ル
Live album2004/3/24matsu takako concert tour 2003 "second wave"CD + DVD
UPCH-9141 (First Press Edition)
UPCH-1340 (Regular Edition)

Distribution, songs in the play, etc.

DVD / video

Video clip collection

  1. filM Sora no Kagami (October 1997, 10) * VHS, LD / (November 12, 2003) * DVD (recurrence)
  2. Film Someday, in the rain of cherry blossoms ... (April 2000, 4) * VHS, DVD


  1. Takako Matsu concert tour vol.1 "a piece of life" on film (February 2002, 2) * VIDEO, DVD
  2. "Tour documentary film" diary "" ~ concert tour vol.1 "apiece of life" ~ (March 2002, 3) * VHS, DVD
  3. matsu takako concert tour 2003 "second wave" on film (March 2004, 3) * DVD
  4. MATSU TAKAKO concert tour 2007 "I Cherish You" on film (November 2007, 11) * DVD, first edition & regular edition
  5. Takako Matsu Concert Tour 2010 "Time for Music" (October 2010, 10) * DVD, First Press Limited Edition & Regular Edition

Guest participation

Release dateSong titleFirst recorded work
1998/11/6Zipper Dee Doo Dar~beauty and the Beast/Naoto Takenaka, Takako Matsu & Tokyo Ska Paradise OrchestraVarious Artists "We Love Mickey -Happy 70th Anniversary-"
2004/3/24Two Murasaki TokyoBetel oysterAnd Tokyo Jenne "Two Murasaki Tokyo'
2004/8/4Caroline No/Yoshiyuki Sahashi(Yamagen) With B-Girls (AKA-Ms.T)Various Artists "BEACH BOYS: BEST OF TRIBUTE" (by Japanese artistsBEACH BOYSTribute album)
2013/3/6And I Love CarVarious artists 『Tamio Okuda Covers 2"
2015/9/10Happy ending with Takako MatsuMasayuki Suzuki"DISCOVER JAPAN II"
2016/6/22Last Shogun feat. Mr. Ishimatsu of the forestLexi"V Kishi"
2018/5/23Ordinary womanVarious artists 『Adam and Eve's apple』(Ringo ShiinaTribute album

Chorus participation

Release dateSong titleThe recorded works
2009/3/18"Runway", "Don't you worry babe", "Yugata Love"Chu Kosaka "Connected"
2011/4/20MultipleKazumasa Oda"Domo"
2014/7/2MultipleKazumasa Oda "Oda Biyori"
2017/2/15Kimi no Neighbor produced by Kazumasa OdaSpace switch"re: Action"
2018/5/2MultipleKazumasa Oda "Follow this road / go to meet / climb the slope / small landscape"

Live / appearance event

Guest appearance, collaboration participation

Performance dateVenuetitleProgram
2000/12/1Osaka Castle HallAct Against AIDS 2000 LIVE IN OSAKA・ Will you still love me (w / Chikuzen Sato)
・ Let it be (everyone)
2002/6/1Osaka Castle HallINGNI presents FUNKY802 13th Anniversary Special JAPANESOUL・ Red sweet pea
・ Road where wild roses bloom (w / Kiyoshiro Imawano
・ In the night sky after the rain (Kiyoshiro Imawano+Yamagen+ All performers)
2005/9/22Nippon BudokanMeiji Yasuda Life Presents KAZUMASA ODA TOUR 2005 "To your favorite"・ Real feelings (w / Kazumasa Oda
2005/10/1Expo'XNUMX Commemorative Park Momijigawa Lawn Plaza35th Anniversary of Japan World Exposition
Asahi Shimbun 21 LIVE in EXPO '70 "Blown by the Wind 2005"
・ Dream Legend (all performers)
・ Twilight Avenue (w / STARDUST REVUE
・ Warm up without leaving (w / Takezen Sato
・ Let's meet on the banks of dreams (w / Skoop On Somebody
・ Spirit Of Love (all performers)
2006/9/9Expo'XNUMX Commemorative Park Momijigawa Lawn PlazaAsahi Shimbun 21 LIVE in EXPO '70 "Blown by the Wind 2006" Supported by NTT West DENPO 115[Matsuzukushi] Acoustic stage
・ For those who light up (w / Takuya Ohashi
・ Cheer up (w / Takuya Ohashi)
・ My note (w / Takuya Ohashi, Kobukuro feat.Satoshi Shiotani
・ 500 miles ~ Mokuren no Namida (w / Fundamental point
・ The sky seen from the same window (all performers)
2007/10/13Expo'XNUMX Commemorative Park Momijigawa Lawn PlazaAsahi Shimbun 21 LIVE in EXPO '70 "Blown by the Wind 2007"・ Boys on the Run (all)
・ To those who light up
・ Everyone alone (w / Takeuchi Mariya
・ Cheer up (w / Takeuchi Mariya Cho. Kobukuro, Takezen Sato, TAKE)
・ When spring comes tomorrow (feat.Takezen Sato, TAKE)

・ In any sky (w / Kobukuro, Takezen Sato, Skoop On Somebody, Toshihide Baba, Ayano Kaneshiro, Rimi Natsukawa, Ayaka
・ I want to be the wind (everyone +Miyazawa Kazufumi
2009/4/27Billboard Live TOKYOTadashi Kosaka& Soul Connection "Connected Tour"
1st Stage & 2nd Stage
2009/5/31Osaka Castle HallFM802 STILL20 SPECIAL LIVE・ 500 miles (Japanese version) (w / Kazumasa Oda
-When spring comes tomorrow
2010/8/15Hibiya Open-air Music Hallsoul of Donto 2010 ~ Resurrection! 10th Anniversary SPECIAL! ~・ Fish pretend
・ Donto Mambo (all + Tatsuji Nobuhara)
2011/5/4Grand Cube Osaka Main HallTohoku Kanto Great Earthquake Victim Support Concert "Until the Reconstruction of the Heart" ~ Cross your fingers ~・ When spring comes tomorrow
・ Home
・ Let's meet on the banks of dreams (w / Skoop On Somebody
・ Spirit Of Love (everyone)
2011/5/5Makuhari Messe International Exhibition Hall 9-11 HallJAPAN JAM 2011 (Shinshin BrothersStage)・ BABY BABY BABY (All songs w / Magokoro Brothers)
・ Louisiana
・ Dear Sir, John Lennon
・ 500 miles
・ Go up in the sky (w / Magokoro Brothers, Tamio Okuda
2011/6/15Shibuya Bunkamura Orchard HallProduced by Satoru Shionoya
Great East Japan Earthquake Disaster Area Support Concert TOKYU MUSIC LIVE
・ Home ~ sweet home ~ (feat. Satoru Shionoya)
・ Midday Moon (feat. Satoru Shionoya, Hiromitsu Agatsuma)
・ Beginning of twilight (feat. Satoru Shionoya, caramel band)
・ Everyone alone (feat. Satoru Shionoya, caramel band)
・ I want to be the wind (everyone)
2011/6/22Nishiazabu Sweet EmotionThe day before yesterday meeting TRICERATOPS "12-Bar"・ Everest (all songs below w / TRICERATOPS)
・ Time For Music
・ Beyond the puddle
2011/12/2Nihombashi Mitsui HallMagokoro Brothers "Magokoro Dochu Uta Chestnut"・ Picture (all songs w / Magokoro Brothers)
・ 500 miles
・ Louisiana
2014/3/11Nishiazabu Music Laboratory New WorldGOWEST STORE PRESENTS New World 3rd Anniversary Special "Darjeeling Day" ~ Tea For Three @ New World vol.14・ Weather rain
・ Swing memory
・ Cry more, flapper
・ Colorado song
2014/9/7Showa Women's University Hitomi Memorial HallYoshiyuki Sahashi(Celebration) 30th Anniversary Performance of Entertainment Life-Tokyo Jonan Music Festival TJO-Sangenjaya・ Real feelings (feat. Kazumasa Oda, Fundamental point
・ Home ~ sweet home
・ Shinnin'You, Shinnin' Day (Cho. W / Kazumasa Oda, Kaname Nemoto)
2016/8/17Nippon BudokanDid you forget the ruins of Rekishi Tour? ~ Under the big Buddha statue ~・ The last shogun (all songs below w / Lexi
・ Kirakirabushi
2016/9/5Shibuya Cultural Center Owada Sakura HallChu Kosaka Debut 50th Anniversary ~ Let the GOOD TIME's ROLL ~・ My blue sky (w / Tadashi Kosaka
・ Yugata Love (all)
2017/5/20Saitama Super Arena35th Anniversary Star Levi Large Banquet ~ 6 Hours Large Collaboration Live ~ With Large Lottery・ Love song (everyone)
・ Dream legend (everyone)
・ Twilight Avenue
・ Good night (w / Kazumasa Oda)
・ When spring comes tomorrow
・ I'm sure (everyone) only tonight


YearsTour titleVenueRemarks
2001 Takako Matsu Concert tour vol.1 "a piece of life"September 10, Ichihara Civic Hall
December 10 Fukuoka Civic Center
May 10 Aichi Prefectural Art Theater
May 11st Act City Hamamatsu
November 11 Osaka Festival Hall
November 11th, Tokyo, Bunkamura Orchard Hall
December 11 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
November 11, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
October 11 Omiya Sonic City Large Hall
October 11 Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
November 11th, Tokyo, Bunkamura Orchard Hall
・ Organization:
Vo. Takako Matsu
Gt. & Arr. Yoshiyuki Sahashi
Dr. Kiyoshi Kamada
Ba. Hagiwara “Mecken” Basic text
Pf. Satoru Shionoya
Key. Toshifumi Shibata
Per. Marie Oishi
Sax. Takuo Yamamoto
Cho. Yuko Otaki
Vn. Aska Kaneko (guest)
2003 Matsu Takako Concert Tour 2003 "second wave"November 10, Fuchu Forest Art Theater
November 10 Kobe International House
May 10 Kagawa Prefectural Hall
December 10 Sendai Sun Plaza Hall
May 10 Omiya Sonic City Hall
May 10st Act City Hamamatsu
May 10 Aichi Prefectural Art Theater
August 10 Gunma Public Hall
January 10 Hiroshima Welfare Pension Hall
October 11 Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
March 11 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
March 11 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
November 11, Niigata Prefectural Civic Center
April 11 Harmony Hall Zama
July 11 Miyazaki Citizens' Culture Hall
November 11 Fukuoka Sun Palace
May 11 Nagasaki Brick Hall
July 11 Hokkaido Welfare Pension Hall
June 11, NHK Hall
November 11 Osaka Festival Hall
November 11 Osaka Festival Hall
・ Organization:
Vo. & Key. Takako Matsu
Gt. & Musical Director: Yoshiyuki Sahashi
Dr. Kiyoshi Kamada
Ba. Hagiwara “Mecken” Basic text
Key. Toshifumi Shibata
Sax. Takuo Yamamoto
Tp. Koji Nishimura
Cho. Yuko Otaki
2007 Matsu Takako concert tour 2007 "I Cherish You"May 5 Parthenon Tama
May 5th Cultural Park Joyo
May 5 Suzaka City Cultural Center Mesena Hall
May 5, Kobe International House International Hall
November 5 Osaka Festival Hall
May 5 Hiroshima Prefectural Cultural Arts Hall
May 5 Kochi Prefectural Culture Hall
July 5 Miyagi Prefectural Hall
June 6 Seki City Cultural Center
October 6 Shizuoka City Cultural Center
November 6 Omiya Sonic City
October 6 Kanagawa Prefectural Hall
May 6 Aichi Prefectural Art Theater
June 6 Toyama Overd Hall
March 6 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
July 6 Miyazaki Citizens' Culture Hall
March 6 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
December 6 Fukuoka Civic Center
・ Organization:
Vo. & Key. & Hca. Takako Matsu
Key. & Band Mas: Toshifumi Shibata
Gt. Masato Ishinari
Dr. Kawamura "Kasuke" Tomoyasu
Vn. & Cho. Aska Kaneko
Cho. Yuko Otaki
Musical Director: Yoshiyuki Sahashi
AI. Yasushi Mouri
2010 Takako Matsu Concert Tour 2010 "Time for Music"January 1 Fussa Civic Center
April 1, Aichi Labor Hall
January 1, Tondabayashi Subaru Hall
January 1, NHK Osaka Hall
January 1, Mishima Citizens' Cultural Center Yu Yu Hall
March 1 Nakano Sun Plaza Hall
September 2 Sun City Koshigaya Civic Hall
February 2 Yokosuka Arts Theater
February 2 Matsudo Mori Hall 12 Large Hall
February 2 Oita Eight Pier Ohno
(Bungoono City General Cultural Center)
February 2, Fukuoka IMS Hall
・ Organization:
Vo. & Key. & Rec. & Per. Takako Matsu
Gt. & Cho. & Arr. & Musical Director: Yoshiyuki Sahashi
Key. Toshifumi Shibata
Sax. & Fl. & Per. & Cho. Takuo Yamamoto
Ba. Hiroshi Kawauchi
Dr. Takumi Ogasawara
-Hajime AnsaiIs in charge of official goods design
-Hiroyuki SanadaAppeared in Osaka performance as a special guest



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