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🎥 | [Be careful not to miss it! ] Liang Jay x Shin Yunlai "Why don't Cinderella lie?" 42 minutes ...


[Be careful not to miss it! ] Liang Jay x Shin Yunlai "Why don't Cinderella lie?" 42 minutes ...

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The story is a heart-full romantic romantic comedy in which the president Tsundere, who hates lies, and the new assistant who tells lies, and the two opposites are attracted to each other.

Romantic romantic comedy "If Cinderella lied ..." co-starring popular young actors Liang Jay and Shin Yunlai → Continue reading


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Love comedy

Love comedyIt is,Romantic comedy(British: romantic comedy) MeansJapanglish[1].. Abbreviation isRomantic comedy.


"Love comedy" and "love comedy"JapanglishIs.Although it corresponds to the English-speaking romantic comedy, there are various types and forms of works that are considered to be love comedy, just as romantic comedy is used in an ambiguous manner.It should be noted thatChineseThen, the romantic comedy is called "love comedy".


worksGenreOne of theloveWas the subjectcomedyHow to call (comedy) in Japan.Comic,Anime,Novel,theater,movies,Drama There are many works such as.

The history of romantic comedy is long worldwideShakespeareIt has existed since the era of (1564-1616), and movies and TV dramas are being made extensively in modern times.In Japan, works on the theme of romance became popular in media such as manga and anime, and the terms "romantic comedy" and "love comedy" began to be used from the 1970s.

Japanese manga romantic comedySituation comedyA case in which the elements of the protagonist are actively taken into consideration, a virtual situation is set that deviates from a part of the everyday setting that seems to be reality, and then the hero's romantic relationship is focused on and the surroundings are involved in different situations each time. And slapstick comedy (Slap stickWorks with a strong comedy element occupy the mainstream[Source required].. The work originally called a love comedy, as it is called "comedy" (comedy)gagIt used to refer to works based on slapstick comedy and situation comedy with a strong target element, but in reality it is widely called "love comedy", including works based on youth swashbuckler with a strong storyline where almost no comedy elements are seen. Has been done.

Love and brightnessHappy endIt is common in that it includes such elements, and if any of these elements are included, it may be included in the category of romantic comedy.Some romantic comedies with a strong comedy element have a high affinity with parody.


JapaneseGirl cartoonEspecially in the world of1969 ~1970 The original was serialized in "18 years old』, But with a slapstick comedic elementLove cartoonIt is said that it was an early work and created a typical style.

It was a little later that the Japanese-made English word "romantic comedy" became widespread.1970 eraFrom the end of1980 eraIn the first half ofSundaeof"Urusei Yatsura』(Rumiko Takahashi, 1978-87),Big comicof"Miyuki』(Adachi Mitsuru,1980 - 1984 (Serialization),magazineof"Couple who flew』(Kimio Yanagisawa, 1978-81 series)Boy cartoonIn the era when a similar method was established in the world of, it became popular with the abbreviation "love comedy". For Sunday (Shogakukan) etc., see "touchThere are many romantic comedy works such as "Love Comedy Route".

Classification ambiguity

Depending on the workFighting-SportsOther elements such as "Urusei Yatsura" may be fused (for example, "Urusei Yatsura" (SFFusion of "and love comedy", "touch", "YAWARA!"(Baseball/Judo and romantic comedy fusion),"Ranma 1 / 2(Fusion of fighting and romantic comedy), etc.).In addition, in works with other themes and works of other genres, romantic comedy elements may be introduced to give the work a bright atmosphere.

In addition, even if the theme is romance, if there are some funny elements (comedy elements) or if they are too thin, basicallyLove cartoonIt is classified as a romantic comedy, not a romantic comedy. (For exampleJumpof"Kimagure Orange Road] Etc.loveThere are many sex appeal elements, but the comedy element is thin even though it is bright and light.Although it is sometimes classified as a romance comic, few people classify it as a romantic comedy.In the first place, the genre classification of this work is ambiguous).

Japanese anime

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日本 の 小説

Work example

Here are some Japanese-made comedies about love.Only some are illustrated (not exhaustive, in alphabetical order).



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