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🎥 | Venom who participates in Norinori is cute! "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" Costume Party ...


The Venom who participates in the Norinori is cute! "Venom: Let There Be Carnage" Costume Party ...

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Costume designer Joanna Eatwell said of the carnival scene: "It was a crazy scene, and all the costumes had to be extreme.

Tom Hardy, the enemy of Spider-Man and born as the most brutal evil <dark hero> in Marvel history ... → Continue reading


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Costume designer

Costume designer(Let's go designer,custom designer) Ismovies,stageandtv set Ofス タ ッ フA member of the group, who is particularly responsible for the design of costumes."Costume designer" is wrong[Source required]..One of the filmmaking professions in JapanCostume department(Ishobu) is also described in detail in this section. ⇒ #Clothing department


The word "costume" in Japanese was originally worn on the upper body.clothes"(Koromo) and" to wear on the lower body裳"(Also)[1].. The word "裳" isCommon kanjiNot in[2], Generally with different meaningsLoading"(Other) characters may be applied.By conventionMovie term,TV terminologyStrictly written as "costume"[Source required], Corresponds to the English costume as a term.Takarazuka RevueThe word "costume" is used in[3].

MostlyFeature movieIn, that person照明And other color design issuesdirected by,CinematographerWork in close contact with both parties.

Japanese movieIn the secondassistant directorCommunicate with the director through or directly, and depending on the degree of the problem, select and manage costumes at the discretion of the second assistant director as the director.In the absence of a costume designerCostume departmentIs in charge of this in many cases.Depending on the costume budget of the work, the costume designer and costume department will also tailor the costumes.[4].

United StatesAcademy awardsToAcademy Costume Design AwardExists, butJapan Academy AwardThere is no award for costume design in[5].

Main costume designer

Category: Costume Designer,en: Category: Costume designersSee.

Costume department

Japanese film·TV movie-TV dramaIn such cases, the staff of the costume department is "costume", and the company that undertakes the costume department is "costume cooperation" orPropsCredited to the "Cooperation" title together with other functions such as.Once in Japan, eachStudioIt was a department consisting of employees of the company and contract staff equivalent to it.[6]..For this reason, decoration (props), makeup and hairdressing (Hair makeup) And the division was spun off from early on.ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グEven now, it is still called the "clothing club".

The costume department belonged to the actor section along with beauty and hairdressing at the studio.[7]..Because I have a close relationship with the actor club, I am still in the fieldproducerWork in close cooperation with the director and the second assistant director, who has the role of connecting the production department and the actor department.

The costume department stores the costumes in the costume warehouse and performs maintenance such as cleaning and repair so that they can withstand daily use.ClothesTie-ups with the manufacturers are also carried out on a daily basis as part of the business, and the costumes for photography rented from the manufacturers are also managed in the same way.Depending on the scene at the site, dirt such as mud and blood stains, and "dirt" such as tearing the fabric are performed, but this is also the work of the clothing department.[4].

The territory of "costumes" is literally costumes (#OverviewUp to (see the definition at the beginning), hats, glasses, handbags, watches, shoes, etc. are called "held tools" and belong to the "props" territory.[4].

Costume matching

Costume matching is a process of "preparation for shooting" performed before crank-in.Based on the final draft of the script or the shooting script, the costumes prepared by the costume department after repeated meetings with the director (director, second assistant director) to express the scene, as well as the decoration department (props clerk) Prepare the tools prepared by.On the day of the event, in the presence of the director and the main staff, the actor will try on costumes along with the tools for each scene, and decide on the costumes and tools to use for shooting.[4].

Major Japanese companies

Established in 1951 (Showa 26), it is the largest in the industry.Toei Tokyo Studio,Fuji Television,Midoriyama Studio CityResident in the costume department of Fuji TV, etc., and also runs the shop of the Fuji TV costume department[8].. Appeared on TV as "Fuji TV Costume Club Demon"Osamu Hozawa,Wild monkeyMembers ofNorihito KaminamiWas a Tokyo costume employee.Is an affiliated company of Tokyo Costume, ChofuNikkatsu film studioResident in the clothing department.


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