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🎥 | Hiroshi Abe and Takumi Kitamura, "Tonbi gave birth to a hawk" Parent-child bond ... Movie "Tonbi" special news


Hiroshi Abe and Takumi Kitamura, "Tonbi gave birth to a hawk" Parent-child bond ... Movie "Tonbi" special news

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Driving a truck with humming, and fighting with drunken momentum in front of the small restaurant "Yunagi" at night ... Such a Yasu meets Misako (Kumiko Aso) and Akira is born.

The special video and teaser visual of the movie "Tonbi" (released in 2022) starring Hiroshi Abe will be released on the 1st. → Continue reading

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Kumiko Aso

Kumiko Aso(Kumiko Aso,1978 May 6[4] -) isJapan Ofactress..Real name, Kumiko Iga[1][2]..旧芸名はThe old stage name isEmi Hirota(Emi Hirota)[1][2][Note 1].

ChibaBackground[4].BlessBelongs. My husbandstylist OfDaisuke Iga.

Blood TypeB type.Height 162 cm[4].


Aspiring to be an idol singer[5]In 1995, the 6th "National high school girl uniform collectionWon the Grand Prix.same year"BAD GUY BEACH] Movie debut[6].

At first, I wasn't very interested in the actress business, but the manager at that time didn't know the true purpose of the movie, which was released in 1998.Mr. Kanzo』I passed the audition and decided to appear[7]..From an anonymous actress at onceJapan Academy AwardHe has won numerous movie awards, including the Best Supporting Actress Award and the New Actor Award, and has established himself as an actress.

In 2006TV AsahiSystemTV drama"Prescription police』Appeared.Starring in the same work, which will be the first comedy challengeOdagiri JoeThe interaction with and comical acting attracted a lot of attention and broke new ground as an actress.[5][8]..The following year, in 2007, the sequel "Statutory police returningWas produced, and of the same worksoundtrackOn the board, the role nameMikazuki ShizukaHe also made his debut as a singer under his name.[1].

In October 2009Ryo IwamatsuTake the first stage in the stage "Phantom of Murray Hill" written and directed[9].

2015,Strange love operation』First starring in the drama[10].


Movie awards

  • The 1st Japan Theater Staff Film Festival Best Actress Award ("Instant swamp])

Other awards


My hobbies are driving, watching movies, and manga (my favorite work is "BASARA], [Ushio Tora"[14])[4].

The turning point as an actress was the drama "Jikou Keisatsu"[8].. Before I met "Jikou Keisatsu", I thought about retiring as an actress.[5].

Since junior high schoolHikaru NishidaAs a fan, he joined a fan club and participated in a handshake event.In an interview, he said that if he had written a mole in the same position as her with magic, he would really have a mole in that position.[15].

Private life

stylist OfDaisuke IgaAnd after a four-year dating period2007 May 12Married to[16][17].2011 May 11Announced through the office that she is 5 months pregnant[18], Next day2012 May 5Is giving birth to a girl who will be her first child[19][20].2016 May 6Announces First Child Pregnancy[21].May 11Give birth to a second baby boy[22].

Appearance work


TV drama


  • The Illusion of Murray Hill (December 2009th-12th, 5,Honda Theater / August 2010, 1,Theater drama city) --The role of Saeko[9]
  • Fasting ~ danjiki ~ (June 2013 --July 6) --Asako Kosugi[54]
  • Knotting Garden (March 2015, 3-April 5, Honda Theater, etc.)-As Hitoko Kinomiya[55]
  • Same dream (February 2016-2, 5,Theater tram Others) --Minayo Takahashi[56]
  • Crusher Maiden (March 2019, 3-April 22, Honda Theater, etc.)-Starring Yumiko (Tomoya NakamuraAnd W starring)[57]

Short film

  • Utamonogatari -CINEMA FIGHTERS project-funky(2018) -Miwa

Theater animation







Both ""Statutory police returningIncluded in "Original Soundtrack +".The artist name is "Mikazuki Shizuka", the role of the drama.Produced byKeralino Sandrovich.

  • "Shakunage no Hana" (Lyrics / Composition:Inuyama Inuko, Arrangement / Performance: Shunichi Miura)
  • "Tsukimi Soba no Uta" (Lyrics / Composition: Inuko Inuyama, Arrangement / Performance: Shunichi Miura)
  • "Food" (Lyrics: Inuko Inuyama, Composition: Inuko InuyamaKERA, Arrangement / Performance: Shunichi Miura)


  • Ginkgo BOYZ"Beautiful Alone" --Kumiko Aso "If You Meet in a Dream" (2016)[80]




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注 釈

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  2. ^ The comic version was serialized on the e-book site "Renta!" And appeared in program-linked commercials.[52].
  3. ^ Appeared in the trailer (in live-action video).


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