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🎥 | Atsuko Maeda, Marika Ito, the movie “To a place that transcends more” that depicts bad romance with a unique world view. ] Appearance decision!

Photo Atsuko Maeda, Marika Ito, the movie "To a place that transcends more" that depicts bad romance with a unique view of the world. ] Appearance decision!

The movie "To a place that transcends more" that depicts Atsuko Maeda, Marika Ito, and bad romance with her own world view. ] Appearance decision!

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Designer Machiko (Atsuko Maeda), variety talent Suzu (Shuri) as a former child actor, blonde gal Miwa (Marika Ito) dyed by her boyfriend, and Miss Nanase (Mei Kurokawa).

The movie "To a place that transcends more" starring Atsuko Maeda and Marika Ito. Will be released in 2022 ... → Continue reading


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Miss Customs

Miss CustomsWhat is (Fuzokujo)?Sex shopWorked atSexual serviceI will provide aFemaleEmployee slang.ShemaleMay also be included.


By business typeSoaplandAnd so on, "Miss Soap[1]"Awahime",Fashion health,Delivery healthIn the SM industry, "Miss Health" and "Miss Deriheru"SM girlIs called.Sometimes referred to simply as "companion" or "cast"[1]..It is a name that is not used in job advertisements or notices in stores, and female employees say "companionIt is written as "social".On the contrary, it is also called "princess" ("Awahime" in the case of Miss Soapland) from the customer's point of view such as a sex information magazine.

OnceWhore-ProstituteProstitutes as a profession that has been called such as are legally prohibited in modern Japan and as a serviceVaginal intercourseThere are many prostitutes who do not do this, so it cannot be said that they are equal prostitutes.From Miss mannersAV actressThere is a lot of interaction between industries, such as becoming an AV actress and turning from an AV actress to a mistress (sometimes concurrently).For a genre girlAdult videosThe appearance will be a good promotion.

Being engaged in the sex industryOften unfavorable in the light of social norms, In order to avoid being known to boyfriends, acquaintances, family members, etc. (so-called "face barre", "parent barre", etc.)WebsiteThere are many mistresses who do not have a detailed profile or face (so-called "face-up NG") and do not participate in the above-mentioned active promotion.

Recently, Miss mannersWorkerAs a positive, "customs union" etc.UnionThere is also a movement to organize.

Motivation and current situation

The opportunity to become a mistress is three days a weekDutyMonthly income is about 30 yen[2] FromincomeThere are many reasons why it is large.The most common reasons are "I want to live a luxurious life"Life60% of all mistresses are the reason for this because of the cost.[2]..However, there are cases where even if you get used to the life and try to get another profession, you hesitate because your income will decrease.[3].. TypicallyimageBeing "a lot of moneydebtThe reason for "repayment" is actually about 30% at most.In some cases, he decided to become a mistress with a debt of about 20 to 30 yen.[2]. Also,恋人,hostThere are about 9% of the reasons for contributing to[2]..In addition, at SM clubs, the reason is that "you can enjoy your hobbies and make money"[2], There is also a genre girl who is triggered by the reason "I want to try my own value"[2].

However, from the customer about these reasonsQuestionIt is said that being asked is also the top of the unfavorable question for a genre girl because "I feel that I am being seen from above with curiosity".[2].

Lehman shockSince then, the deflation of sex customs has progressed, not only the unit price of the customs industry has decreased, but also the number of customers has decreased, the balance between supply and demand has been lost, and there are cases where income works daily and costs 15 yen a month.[4]..In the past, if you worked in customs, you could pay off your debts and live a decently elegant life, but now that the average customer price has dropped significantly due to deflation, the occupation of a customs lady, regardless of whether you are a full-time worker or a side business, is no longer safe for women. It is said that it no longer functions as a net[5].

As an emotional laborer

The job of a mistressManual laborAt the same timeEmotional laborThe element of is also strong.What is emotional labor?Hook shield(Arlie Russell Hochschild) Advocated the way of labor, in order to cause feelings of gratitude and peace of mind to the other party, "to create publicly observable facial expressions and physical expressions.感情Is defined as "management of".

Miss mannershostesslike"Human serviceIn ", in order to satisfy the hearts of customers, we will make words and actions that make us feel familiar.However, since the service provider is also a human being, it is natural to be frustrated or saddened by customers who do not know the manners.The point of being able to control such negative emotions and deal flexibly with various customers is the state of working with emotions controlled.The more sophisticated such labor, the more temporary感情It is required to respond calmly without being swayed by.

In workplaces where emotional labor is requiredOver-adaptationIt is necessary to be careful because the state of is continued.Over-adaptation refers to a psychological state that suppresses one's feelings and adapts to the other person.Even if it seems to be working well at first glance, if it continues to be in a bad state internally, it will have a negative effect on mental health such as increased depressive tendency.Assertive self-expression is effective in improving over-adaptation.Assertive self-expression includes the idea of ​​forgiving oneself and others, taking care of one's feelings and the feelings of others, making arrangements, and refusing excessive demands.


  • 1930s-As a result of the abolition movementProstituteWhile criticism of the system has increased and the theory of abolition has risen more than ever within the government, the increase and flooding of private prostitutes has become a social phenomenon, and cafes have emerged as one of the new sex industries during this period.Unlike indentured servitude, which is tied to an indentured servitude due to substantive human trafficking, there is no contract certificate or advance debt for women working at cafes, and high salaries that women in need can easily engage in. It was accepted as a good job and gained popularity from male customers because it allows them to experience a pseudo-romance feeling by "free will".[6].
  • 1946  GhqProstitutes are prohibited by the guidance of.Before the warProstituteSee the item.
  • 1947 - 1958  After the prostitute was banneddancer,Bread breadAppeared, prostitution became a problem openly, the deterioration of public security in the red line area became a big social problem, and many media such as newspapers and radios came to handle it.
  • 1958 - 1965  Prostitution Prevention LawIs established.manyBrothelTransformed into a restaurant and cafe, and a young woman who hid and prostituted appeared and became a problem.The Public Safety Commission conducted a mass investigation to protect women in their 20s and 30s (36,000) and underage girls (14-19 years old).Women's Guidance Center,Women's and children's school,SenkainSend to.Pink salonWill also appear and diversify.
  • 1966 - 1977  Turkish bath (currentSoapland),No-pan coffee shopAppears in Kyoto and becomes a boom.
  • 1978 - 1989  Dial Q2,TelekuraAppears, and although it has become a boom, problems are more likely to occur.Shinjuku Kabukicho love hotel serial murder caseOccurs.
  • 1990 - 2001  Dating site,Aid communicationAppears, occurs, and becomes a problem.Runaway girlWill occur a lot.
  • 2002 - 2011  Meeting cafeAppears.The use of underage girls becomes a problem.

Famous mistress


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Kurokawa Mei

Mei Kurokawa(Mei Kurokawa,1987 May 5 -) isJapan Ofactress[1].. Nickname isMeety,meimei.TokyoI'm fromBreathBelongs.



The origin of the name isOctoberFrom being born (May in English) and wishing to "grow with buds".

My hobbies are photography and cooking.Special skill is piano[5][6].

Music isJ-POPからjazz,R&B,hip hop,pop,LockListen to various genres.In Western musicMaroon 5,Owl City&Carly Ray Jepsen,Nicki Minaj,リ ア ー ナ,David GuettaSuch.If you are JapaneseRADWIMPS,Ringo Shiina,Mao Abe,Creep hypeI especially like[7].

He revealed that he was bullied when he was a student and felt that the place of work was the best place to stay.[8].


The role name of the leading work isTaiziNotation


TV drama

Other dramas

Other TV programs


  • Platonic chain Episode 24 "Detective Appearance" (March 2003, 3, TV TOKYO) --Guest Voice Actor

Radio program

Online delivery video

  • Akatsuki ~ Aka-Tuki (delivered on October 2002, 10, Shibuyamania Keitai Cinema Project)- Daiba Akatsuki Role
  • Emiri Jenne(January 2007, 12-Delivery on March 14, 12,GYAO!)
  • Kikikomi Episode 10 "Yamamoto Miho" (delivered on December 2007, 12,@nifty videos) --Yamamoto Miho
  • Drop (delivered July 2008, 7,soft Garage)- Maho Yamada Role
  • Friend-Ship Project The 10th "Wedding of the 30th Year" (February 2013, 2-February 1, 2013 delivery, TV TOKYO)
  • I ran slowly in Japan ~ Around Japan for that girl ~ (2017-2018,Amazon Prime Video) --Motoko
  • VerifieR -Prover- (delivered August 2019, 08,Rakuten TV) --Narumi Honda





Image model

Mobile content

  • Henachoko Peace (January 2007, 1-December 8, 2011, mobile versionBOMB.tv)
  • Tweet Sanshiro ~ Ippon Nau ~ (May 2011, 5-June 16, 6,Docomo market) --The role of car tomoe
  • nottv Love Concierge Week 6 Love zombies(December 2012, 12-December 24, omnibus December 12, 28,NOTTV) --As Shimizu


Cell work



  • Drop (released September 2008, 9, KS)

Rental work


  • Song For Love (Rental started on August 2010, 8,Interfilm)

Image Video



PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2005/4/20Namida no umi39 bit
2nd2005/8/17I want to reduce sorrow rather than increase Shiawase47 bit
3rd2006/2/1Contrail59 bit
4th2007/4/25start line92 bit


PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2007/1/1710 sprout70 bit

PV collection

PieRelease datetitleStandard product numberHighest rank
1st2006/2/8May fairYCBW-10008B

Soundtrack recording song

Release dateProduct NamesongSongRemarks
May 1Our original soundtrack without any problemsKurokawa Mei"Aruiteku ..." (lyrics and composition by himself)movies"We without problems"Insert song
May 2Keitai Detective THE MOVIE TV Series Original SoundtrackKurokawa Mei"Contrail (Ending Version)"
"Let's wash away and walk"
Kurokawa Mei,Takeshi Kongo"I saw it"
May 8South Island Little Airplane Birdie Original SoundtrackKurokawa Mei"My feelings"CG animation "Birdie, a small plane on the southern island"Opening theme


Photo album


  • Mei Kurokawa 2003 Calendar (Released in September 2002, TRY-X / Hagoromo)ISBN 4894950464
  • Mei Kurokawa 2004 Calendar (Released in September 2003, TRY-X / Hagoromo)ISBN 477740062X
  • Mei Kurokawa Calendar 2005 Keitai Detective Qiantai Mio (November 2004, 11,Kodansha)ISBN 4063579514
  • Mei Kurokawa 2006 Calendar (Released on September 2005, 9, TRY-X / Hagoromo)ISBN 4777420841

Magazine serialization

  • CM NOW "Mei & Masami Email Exchange" (May-June 2003 issue-May-June 5 issue,Genkosha)
  • Dengeki Maou "I'm addicted to Mei Kurokawa ♪" (December 2005 issue-May 12 issue,Media Works)
  • PHaT PHOTO "Kurokawa Mei's kimama.sonomama Photographer's Feeling" (July-August 2008-January-February 7, CMS)
  • Digicapa "More! "Take professional-looking photos !! with Penlight E-PL3" (May 2 issue-,Gakken plus)

Trading cards

  • Mei Kurokawa Official Card Collection (released in 2002, Sakurado)
  • BOMB Card Hyper Plus Mei Kurokawa Trading Card (released in 2003,Movic)


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