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🎥 | Director Denis Villeneuve was worried about making the movie "DUNE Sand Planet"


Director Denis Villeneuve was worried about making the movie "DUNE"

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And, "Thanks to the sensitive sensibilities of director Villeneuve and the people who have been involved in many movie productions together, even a big work like" Blade Runner "is a small one like" Polytechnique ". Even the big ones make you feel like you're stepping into the machine. "" So we have a responsibility to keep the wheels spinning. "

Denis Villeneuve (XNUMX) overcomes the fear of failure in making "DUNE Sand Planet" ... → Continue reading

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ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ー

"ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ー] (Original title:Blade Runner) Is1982 PublicScience fiction movie.Philip K. Dick OfScience fiction novel"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?] Is the original.


21st centuryAt the beginning,Genetic engineeringTechnological advances replace Tyrell with robotsReplicantと 呼 ば れ るArtificial humanInvented.They had excellent physical strength and the same high intelligence as the scientists who created them.

Environmental destructionAs a result, most of humanity migrated to space colonies (off-world), and replicants engaged in harsh slave labor and combat on the front lines of space exploration.However, a few years after they were manufactured, their emotions sprung up, and an incident occurred in which they rebelled against their master human beings.Therefore, the latest "Nexus 6" was given a lifespan of 4 years as a safety device, but the replicants who escaped and tried to get into human society continued to escape, and they escaped to the earth illegally. Was declared to be an existence.It is the police full-time investigator who is responsible for "dismissing (erasing)" after identifying and finding such escape replicants.ブ レ ー ド ラ ン ナ ー"Met.

2019 October OfLos Angeles.地球The people who remained in(I.e.Overcrowded with skyscrapers lined upBig cityI was forced to live in.A group of Nexus 6 replicants rebelled off-world, killing humans, fleeing, stealing the shuttle and secretly returning to Earth.Four male and female replicants who entered Tyrell and rewrote their status and hidRoy batty,Lion,Zora,Pris) To find outLos Angeles Police DepartmentBlade RunnerHoldenWas investigating, but was injured in a counterattack by Rion.Be the bossBryant TheGuffHad already retired from Blade RunnerRick DeckardIs recalled.He is the developer of the replicant to get the informationDr. TyrellMeet with his secretaryレ イ チ ェ ルFind out that is also a replicant.Rachel rushed to Deckard's home apartment and found out that he had created his own memory of what he thought was human.Self-awarenessIs shaken and sheds tears and pops out.Deccard is attracted to her.

Deccard follows in the footsteps of the evidence of Rion's lurking apartment, discovers Zora dressed as a dancer at a bar in the red-light district, and shoots him after pursuit.Bryant and Gaff visit the scene, telling Rachel that he has escaped from Dr. Tyrell, and being ordered to "dismiss" her too.Immediately after that, he was attacked by Rion and dropped the gun, but when Rachel rushed to pick up the gun and shot and killed Rion, Deckard was killed.He invites Rachel to his house, asks if she "dismisses" herself, and says, "I won't do it, but someone else will."He kisses Rachel, who is threatened by inexperienced emotions, and embraces him enthusiastically.On the other hand, Batty, the leader of the rebellious replicant, approaches Tyrell's engineer JF Sebastian through Pris based on the information that threatened the eyeball engineer Chu and grasped it, and with him as an intermediary, the top floor of the head office building Meet Dr. Tyrell, who lives in Japan.Batty asks to extend their short life, which is the purpose of infiltrating the Earth, but he tells him that it is technically impossible and that he should live a limited life.Despaired Batty crushes the doctor's eyes and kills him, and also kills Sebastian and disappears.

After hearing about the murder of Dr. Tyrell and Sebastian, Deckard steps into Sebastian's high-rise apartment and shoots Pris in the room after a fight.Face the final confrontation with Batty who has returned there.Driven by Batti, who has excellent fighting ability, Deckard escapes to the roof of the apartment and is on the verge of falling as he tries to jump to the next building.However, when Batty realized that he had reached the end of his life, he suddenly rescued Deckard, and after saying his last words, he ran out with a gentle smile.Guff appears on the scene and speaks disturbing words, and Deckard returns home in a hurry that Rachel may have the same fate, but she is alive.Deckard took Rachel out and set out on an escape.


Rick Deckard
Performance- ハ リ ソ ン · フ ォ ー ド
The main character of this work. Exhausted from his job as a "killer," he retired from Blade Runner, but was forced to return to work for an investigation.
Roy batty[Annotation 1](Roy Batty)
Performance- Rutger Hauer
Leader of the Rebellion Replicant.Combat replicant.Serial number: N6MMA10816.
Performance- Sean Young
The heroine of this work.Dr. Tyrell's secretary, a replicant who has been transplanted with his memory as a niece.
Performance- Edward James Ormos
Los Angeles Police Department detective. "Cityspeak"Japanese,HungarianEtc. were mixedCreole languageSpeak.AlsoorigamiI have a habit of folding.
Harry Bryant
Performance- M. Emmet Walsh
Los Angeles Police Department.He is the manager of Blade Runner, and returns to work in a way that threatens Deckard.The replicant is called a "skin-job" and despised.
Pris Stratton
Performance- Daryl Hannah
For comfortReplicant.Batty's partner, he plans to contact Sebastian.Serial number: N6FAB21416.
JF Sebastian
Performance- William sanderson
Tyrell'sGenetic engineeringEngineer.ProgeriaIt is affected by the disease and looks older than the actual age.He lives with his own "pet" in his apartment.
Leon Kowalski
Performance- Brion James
Labor replicant.originallyRadioactive wasteEngaged in the transportation work of, and has superhuman strength.Serial number: N6MAC41717.
Dr. Eldon Tyrell
Performance- Joe Turkel
President of Tyrell.The scientist who gave birth to the replicantチ ェ スMaster.
Zhora Salome
Performance- Joanna Cassidy
Female replicant.Reprogrammed for assassination.He was hiding in Lewis's bar as a dancer.Serial number: N6FAB61216.
Hannibal Chew
Performance- James Hong
Genetic engineer.Hired by Tyrell, he makes replicant eyeballs.
Dave Holden
Performance- (English edition)
Blade Runner.Shooting while investigating Rion[Annotation 2].
Taffey Lewis
Performance- (English edition)
The owner of the bar where Zora was hiding.Parryed Deckard's cross-examination.
Cambodian Lady
Performance-Kimiko Hiroshige
A woman doing business on the streets of Los Angeles.He examined the scale evidence and told Deckard that it was a synthetic snake.
Howie Lee
Performance- Robert Okazaki
The owner of the downtown sushi bar.
Abdul Ben Hassan
Performance-Ben Astor (no credit for theatrical release)
A merchant who sells synthetic animals.Sold synthetic snakes to Zora.


Neo noirAlthough the dark and decadent visuals of the near future based on the above were not popular at the beginning of the release, they had a great influence on the later science fiction works, so-called "cyber punkIs considered to be one of the masterpieces of.Sid MeadArt design,Douglas Trumbull OfVFX,Vangelis OfsynthesizerMusic that effectively used was also contributed to the establishment of a unique world view.

As RachelSean Young, As PrisDaryl HannahAlso came to be noticed as a result of this work.

The reason why many Japanese are drawn in the scenery during the work came when Ridley Scott came to Japan.ShinjukuKabukichoIt is said that it was inspired by the situation.This attracted the interest of the Japanese audience, and homage and discussion to these scenes were born.Also, Ridley Scott has a city lookHong KongState that it is modeled on[2]..In Hong KongShaw BrothersThis work is effectively a collaboration between the United States and Hong Kong because[3][4][5], Founder of Shaw BrothersShaw ShawIs credited to Executive Producer in this work.

1993 ToNational Film RegistryPermanently preserved and registered in.2007 ,Visual Effects SocietyAnnounced "Visual effectsRanked 50nd in "2 Most Influential Movies"[6].2014 , British information magazine "(English edition)In the London versionAlfonso Cuaron,John Carpenter,Guillermo del Toro,Edgar WrightOf film directors and writersStephen King, And ranked second in the "Sci-Fi Movie Best 150" selected by 100 other scientists and critics.[7].


"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? ], The settings, characters, story development, ending, etc. differ greatly depending on the adaptation, and it is treated more like the original than the original.

1968 Shortly after the release of the original work, several film negotiations were raised, but all of them were unsuccessful.1975 ,Hampton FuncherIs the author'sPhilip K. DickDespite negotiations with Brian Kelly, a friend of mine, Brian Kelly, negotiated with him.1977 Attached consent to.Dick himself wasn't involved after selling the rights to the production company, but he didn't respond well to the drafts written by Fancher, and they were revised many times.Even after the filming started, he was worried about the outcome of the movie and refused to write the novelized version, but he drew Los Angeles in 2019.VFXWhen he saw the preview of the scene, he was delighted, saying, "It's exactly what I imagined!"Director Ridley Scott hadn't read the original at all when he took office, but after many discussions with Dick about the worldview of the film, he became confident in the film and made it. He sent a letter to the company hoping that it would be a revolutionary work for our concept of "what is science fiction".[8]..This work is "Total recallAnd 'Minority ReportIt was the first movie of Dick's work, but he died on March 1982, 3 without waiting for the completion.

"Blade Runner" and "Replicant"

"Blade Runner" and "Replicant" appearing in this work are original movie terms that do not appear in the original.

The name "Blade Runner" is a science fiction writerAlan E. NoursIn the novel "The Bladerunner" (1974), it means "a carrier of illegal medical equipment (blade)".Based on this novelWilliam S. BurroughsIs an adaptation for the movie "Blade Runner (a movie)[Annotation 3](1979, translated title "Movie: Blade Runner』) Was written.According to Scott's interview in the related book "Making of Blade Runner Final Cut," the production team found Burroughs' novel while searching for a suitable profession for Deckard.[Annotation 4], He said he decided to borrow only the title of the book.In each novel, the story itself has nothing to do with Dick's original work and the movie, but he paid the license fee to Nurse and Burroughs and acknowledged the end credits for the title of the work.The initial title was "Dangerous Days" (this title was later used in the making documentary title).

Regarding the name "replicant", Scott, who thought that the original "Android" was reminiscent of a machine and did not want the audience to have a prejudice, appointed it as a script instead of the fancher.David peoplesAsked to think of another name.BiochemistryFrom my daughter who was learningcloneI learned the term "replication" of technology and coined the term "replicant" from it.[9]..Since then, it has been established as a term that refers to Android (in creation) and has been published in dictionaries.[10].

Vogt-Kampf inspection

"Voight-Kampff[Annotation 5]) ”Inspection is a fictitious inspection method for distinguishing between humans and replicants, and is the only method for that purpose.It is said that it is possible to determine whether the target is a human or a replicant by repeating questions that greatly shake the emotions of humans living in this era and measuring the physical reaction that occurs to them.

The inspection is performed by using a dedicated analyzer, which has a large black body.bellowsIt is equipped with similar parts and several types of monitors, and a retroreflector-type optical sighting device is attached to the tip of the telescopic arm that extends from the main body.For the device at the tip of the arm虹彩It has a built-in video camera that measures, and the contracting bellows-shaped part is a "device for collecting particles emitted from the subject's body surface."[11].

In the play, there is a scene where Rion and Rachel are being tested by this, and in the conversation between Deccard and Tyrell, it usually takes 2 to 30 questions to determine whether or not they are replicants. However, it took more than 100 questions to determine that Rachel was a replicant.From this depiction, the reaction to the question item is greatly influenced by "whether or not you are aware that you are a replicant", and depending on the content of "memory" (in the case of replicant, the content of what was "ported" as memory). It can be seen that it is not easy to judge whether it is a replicant or not, and the accuracy of the test greatly fluctuates.[Annotation 6].

Era setting

There are some inconsistent parts in the play due to changes in the script and schedule during shooting, and simple mistakes.Initially, the dating of this work was 2020.However, in English, "Twenty-Twenty"Vision testSince it is also a word that expresses 1.0 in terms of minority vision, the stage was changed in 2019 to avoid confusion.As a result, there was a contradiction that the lifespan of the replicants that appeared was off by one year, but they were shot as they were without being noticed.

6th replicant

One of the most famous mistakes was the question, "Where did the sixth replicant go?"In the police station scene, Bryant explained that the replicants who invaded the Earth were "three men and three women, a total of six people" and "one of them has already died."There should be five people left, but he says "four people are hiding," and that's the only thing that appears in the play.

In the script of the fancher, the fifth replicant "Hodge" and the sixth "Mary" were set, and the cast was also decided for the latter ((English edition)Was scheduled to play), but was not filmed due to budget constraints.But,Post productionBecause I did not replace the lines in, the result was that there was a contradiction in Bryant's explanation.After that, his line was modified to "Two people have already died" in "Final Cut".

The sequel, "Blade Runner 2 Replicant's Tombstone," tells the story of this sixth replicant.Initially, Dr. Tyrell was also a replicant (see below).

Who is Deccard

Regarding the above-mentioned 6th replicant problem, the question "Isn't the 6th person Deckard himself?" Was born, but this is actually due to a production mistake and is not an intentional expression.Scott himself liked the idea of ​​"Deckard-Replicant" while shooting[12], The expression that suggests it, "Deckard seesunicornI shot the scene of "Dream" at the end of the shooting work[Annotation 7], I tried to put it in the theatrical release version.But the producers at the time refused, saying it was "too artistic."

This scene was first added in "Director's Cut" and is a unicorn made by Guff in the last sceneorigamiBy connecting with, he suggested the possibility that "the contents of Deckard's dream are known = his memory was made = Deckard is also a replicant".Scott himself in 2000United Kingdom OfChannel 4 TelevisionIn an interview with the documentary "ON THE EDGE OF BLADE RUNNER" produced by, "Deckard is a replicant".Also, in the interview published in "Making of Blade Runner Final Cut", other tips (family photos and Deckard's)Red-eye effect(Scene) is also mentioned, and it suggests the idea of ​​a Nexus 7 type replicant that is closer to humans.AlsoAudio commentary"There is no sequel," he said. "If there was a sequel, I thought I would make Decard a replicant."However, in the 2017 4K ULTRA HD version,Audio commentary"I want to make a sequel," he said. "If Deckard and Rachel were Nexus 7 or 8, they would have survived," he said.

However, there are various opinions of the parties concerned regarding Scott's view.Ford denies being a replicant because the crowd wants to cheer for Deckard.There is a theory that the idea that Deckard was a replicant was that Scott came up with it during the shooting, and that it was not originally shot with that in mind.[Annotation 8].

As mentioned above, there are various circumstances, but there is no depiction in any version of the play that can conclude the "Deckard-replicant theory".

ハ リ ソ ン · フ ォ ー ド

Ford has long been negative about the film.This is due to the fact that he failed in the box office and that he couldn't stand being called for additional shooting even though the shooting had ended.

In addition, Sean Young, who played Rachel, was shot in disagreement because he was treated roughly by Ford during the shooting.[Annotation 9]..Director's Cut has been released1992 There was also a dispute with Scott over the "Deckard-Replicant theory".For a long time, I didn't want to talk about the work.However, from a certain time, he began to soften his attitude, such as stating that he was able to freely choose the work that appeared after this work, and although he is not aggressive, he also responds to interviews etc.[Annotation 10]..After that, the sequel "Blade runner 2049I also agreed to appear in.


movies"エ イ リ ア ン] SE and the monitor image displayed in the sequence when the lifeboat Narcissus is separated from the mother ship Nostromo are casually inserted, and Scott's play is scattered.There is a possibility that the world view of Dick's novel "The Man in the High Castle" (the world where the Axis powers won) is supposed.

Replicant leader, Batty[Annotation 11]UsefulRutger HauerPerformed the madness and sorrow of androids.The dialogue and direction of the last monologue scene was the ad lib that he proposed at the time of shooting when he felt that the original script was too long.

Multilingual signboards, including Japanese, stalls run by Japanese-speaking shopkeepers, and Japanese-speaking voices are often used to depict the mixed life of various races in the city of Los Angeles.Also, Howie Lee, the owner of a sushi restaurant, who interacts with Harrison Ford, says, "Two are enough."Robert OkazakiTo sayJapanese AmericanBe an actor[13][Annotation 12]..The following are typical ones.

  • "Strong Wakamoto" "゜ Golf Monthly Product [Mom] ”“ Japanese food ”Japanese signboards, neon signs, graffiti on the wall.
  • An exchange when Deckard orders a menu from a Japanese-speaking shopkeeper at a food stall.
  • The official display of "Police 995" in Chinese characters on the door of the police car (aircar) that takes away the deck card.
  • In some scenes, Japanese Gaya (a line in a crowd) that does not suit the situation is used repeatedly.


Director Ridley Scott is a sci-fi horror filmエ イ リ ア ン』(1979), which will be the next science fiction work, also demonstrated an outstanding visual sense.It broke the image of a clean, high-tech future city that was often found in traditional science fiction movies, and portrayed a decadent near-future metropolis with acid rain covered in environmental pollution.This is the first draft of the scenario,Hampton FuncherBut,FranceCartoonistMobiusPaintedBand descinesShort film "Long Tomorrow" (Original is "Alien" writerDan O'Bannon), "In a chaotic future societyPhilip MarloweIt was because I had the image of "a story of a typical detective".

The stateless and chaotic image of Los Angeles in the play is Mobius's work itself.[Annotation 13]..Also, often in interviewsEnki BilalIt is said that he referred to the world view of his work.

Sid Mead

One of the characteristics of this work is that it is a "visual futureist".Sid MeadIt is a series of designs by.

Mead was first noticed and appointed as a designer of the vehicles that appeared in the work. Ridley Scott, who noticed one of his personal art books published in 1979, "The Scene of the Future Highway in the Rain," asked him to design the future car that appears in the film. Was the trigger[15].

Initially, Mead was only supposed to be in charge of the vehicle, but Mead had a policy of "industrial products must be designed in combination with the situation and environment in which they are used" as an attitude toward his own design. Fascinated by the image of the future city drawn in the background of the color illustration of "Future Passenger Car", Scott is not only a vehicle but also a set of interior interiors, future guns, parking meters, show windows, etc. and props. We asked for design, and we also asked for the design of all kinds of industrial products that appear in the work, such as architecture, urban exterior, trains, stations, and interfaces for computers.[16][Annotation 14].

However, not all of Mead's designs for this film were used in the play, and some were rejected by Scott because they were "too futuristic."[17]..Future gun (see below "#Deckard Blaster) And capsule beds for medical use (see "" below.#Death scene") Etc.

Mead has participated in movies for art and mechanical design, but for the first time in this work, he has given himself the title of "Visual Futureist" and has been given a single credit for the end roll.

Vogt-Kampf Machine

Vogt-Kampf Machine[Annotation 5]Is a type of blade runner used to determine if an object is a replicantpolygraph(Lie detector), It is a device that measures physical functions such as respiration and measures and judges the increase in blood flow due to the expansion of capillaries and the heart rate and eye movements for questions.[11].

In 1982, the explanation of the press kit at the time of its first release

A very sophisticated form of lie detector that measures the contraction of the iris muscles and the presence of invisible airborne particles released from the body.
Working bellows are designed for the latter function and give the machine the impression of an ominous insect.
Used primarily by Blade Runner, it determines if a suspect is truly human by measuring the degree of empathy of a subject by asking questions in carefully selected language.


In designing this inspection device, Scott requested that it "do not look like a high-tech device," "feel like threatening the subject," or "make it look like a delicate device."[18]..In response to his request, Mead said, "The light on the desk in my room is big.tarantulaI came up with the visual image that "is attached", and according to that image, I designed something that gives the viewer a "feeling of being alive".[19]..The intention of the design is to make you feel "the intimidation of keeping your eyes aligned" and "the feeling of discomfort that the machine seems to be breathing".[19].

The device made as a prop does not have a camera function, and the monitor does not show the eyes of the actor who is actually "inspected" in the scene.A close-up of the actors' eyes was also taken, but what is projected on the part corresponding to the monitor is an image of another person's eyes procured from a material provider of science education film.[19](Therefore, Young, who plays Rachel, looks green on the monitor, even though his eyes are brown).

Future car

As mentioned earlier, Mead was initially appointed as a "car designer".Concept design he drew[20]Is a custom car designer(English edition)Depending on the deckard's sedan or Sebastian's rideバ ン[Annotation 15]Such,sedanFrom typeCompact carRefined to 25 different types of vehicles, including types[22]..Initially 57 units will be produced[Annotation 16]Due to budget and production period issues, the number of units was reduced by half to 25 units, but before delivery, a fire broke out in the workshop and two units were burned down, and finally 2 units were delivered.[23][Annotation 17].

In addition, there are used cars from the 1960s that were stored in the corner of the warehouse of the studio, and they were variously decorated when shooting other movies, but these are also lines of traffic jams as "extras". It is used as a car lined up in[24][Annotation 18].


"Spinner" is a fictional character that appears in the play.Flying carIs a general term for.

通常 のAutomobileLike, you can not only run on the ground, but also verticallyTakeoff and landingYou canVertical takeoff and landing aircraftSimilar toJet propulsion deviceYou can use to surface and fly in the air as it is.Mainly in the workPolicemen Police carHowever, it is set that wealthy people can obtain a license for spinners.[25], Multiple types of spinners will appear besides those for police[Annotation 19].

This fictitious vehicle was conceived and designed as a mechanics named "Aerodyne" that has a mechanism by Mead that "flys by injecting air directly downwards for lift" ( However, in the public relations material at the time of the movie release, the spinner is "conventionalInternal combustion engine,Jet engineIn addition toAntigravityIt is driven by three engines, the engine. "[26]).

Police spinner

Among the spinners that appeared in the movie, the one that appeared as a police car is commonly called "Police Spinner", and when it is called "spinner" as "fictitious mechanics that appeared in the movie" Blade Runner "", it refers to this first. Often.

Police spinners come in multiple miniatures of various sizes and life-sizeProp(Play vehicle) Was produced[27]..There is a type of spinner equipped with an armed device with a laser gun on the left side (also depicted in the concept design by Syd Mead).[28]), This so-called "laser spinner" is only made in miniature models[29].

Gene Winfield and his team were responsible for the production of the four full-scale props, as were the "non-flying" cars. The breakdown of the four units isVolkswagen beetleTwo models for self-propelled drama made by diverting the chassis and engine of the above, one model for shooting the scene inside the car, made only in the car and around the cockpit, lightweightaluminumIt is manufactured in Japan and has a built-in jet injection gimmick, but it does not have self-propelling ability.craneThere is one so-called "flying spinner" that was used to shoot low-flying and takeoff and landing scenes by hanging it at.In addition to the spinner, the model for the in-car scene was also used as the inside of the "Deckard sedan".[30].

After the film was filmed, these props were used to promote the film[Annotation 20], Then used in other science fiction movies[Annotation 21]It was later disposed of and sold.
One of the self-propelled props with a patrol car sedanFloridaOrlando OfMGM StudioAs an outdoor exhibit[Annotation 22], Due to deterioration, was disposed of at the end of the 1990s[31]..Another self-propelled prop was sold to a Japanese collector after being put up for auction in the early 1s after moving between movie-shooting vehicle companies.[32]..This vehicle has undergone changes in paint and details when it was used to shoot other films after shooting "Blade Runner", but it still exists in a relatively original state.[33]..Since it is a private collection, it is occasionally exhibited at events related to "Blade Runner" (in some cases, only some parts were exhibited), and it is not open to the public. One of the big props still exists in Japan, "said enthusiasts.2017 More than that, the restoration plan with Winfield who made the prop like the "Flying Spinner" described later was advanced.2019 The existence is announced in the media and the details are introduced.[33][34].

"Flying Spinner" for shooting flight scenes with "Deckard Sedan" in the early 1990sFlorida Of(English edition)Sold to (American Police Hall of Fame & Museum), but in 1992, wrecked in transit and sold in parts.After that, it was used as a promotional exhibit with incomplete repairs, and was sold again in 1999.[32].
Entering the 21st century,2003 May 12Held inauctionExhibited inMicrosoftOne of the founders ofPaul AllenWon the bid.At the time of the successful bid, the original condition was greatly damaged, but the restoration was requested to Winfield's workshop, and2004 OctoberCompleted, opened by AllenSeattle Of(English edition)Brought to (Science Fiction Museum & Hall of Fame)[35], Is permanently exhibited as one of the museum's main exhibits[36][37].

In addition,Los AngelesIt is in(English edition)(Petersen Automotive Museum) has a replica on display[38].


A fictitious prop used by Deccard and others as an important prop to talk about this work alongside the spinner.HandgunThere is.There are two types that appeared in the play, COP's 2-unit small pistol devised under the tentative name of "black hole gun" used in the scene where Rion shoots Holden at the beginning.COP .357Was used as it is, and later became known as "Deckard's Blaster".rifleとrevolverThere is a prop gun that has been modified to match.

Black hole gun

In making the film, Scott wanted to avoid the "bright ray-emitting laser pistol" often used in traditional science fiction films, and wanted a whole new expression to replace it.On the other hand, what was devised by David Dryer, who supervised the special effects, was the "black hole gun".[39].

This is to "fire a powerful molecular destruction beam and destroy the hit point at the molecular level", and a "black beam" that does not emit any light on the screen is fired from the gun to the target and hits Then, the expression that the goal disappears was devised.This was also a good idea in that there was no need to draw flashy blood droplets or bleeding.[Annotation 23].

However, in the scene where Rion shoots Holden at the beginning, when he made a trial cut with special effects inserted, it was judged that "it looks like just a dark streak and no dramatic effect can be obtained", and this The idea was not used in other scenes[Annotation 24].

Deckard Blaster

The guns used by the main characters, Deckard and others, have not been officially named.It is not clear when and how it came to be called that way, but in Japan the name "blaster" was used in the movie pamphlet when it was first released in 1983.[Annotation 25]Since then, this gun has been so called because it was explained in.[Annotation 26]..Despite being a prop, it became very popular, and after the work was released, many prop replicas andModel gunWill be produced.

Among the original designs that appear in this work, this "blaster" is not designed by Syd Mead.The model he designed at the beginning was too avant-garde, and the adoption was postponed because it did not match the situation setting of this work.[Annotation 27],NewlyCOP .357The design based on was drawn by assistant art director Stephen Dane.[40], This was also not adopted[41][42].
The prop gun used in the scene where Rion shoots Holden is almost the same as the gun originally prepared for remodeling based on the design by Dane.

When making the prop again, the first reference was the movie "Mad Max』Used by the main character,"Sawed offA shortened version of the double barrel calledshotgunIs[43]..However, the aforementioned "Philip Marlowe-like detective story (hard boiled) ”, There was a restriction that it was a pistol premise.A compromise was made to use the actual firearm as it is or with some modifications, but the one actually used was a prop made by the art department according to the actual thing.AustriaThe engine part of the made rifle is combined with the revolver and then illuminated.[44][45].


Signs and neon signs written in Japanese, which are also symbols of the work, are lined up, and the streets of the future city where multinational people come and goWarner Brothers OfBurbankIt is a set made by a large-scale renovation of an open set called "Old New York Street" in the studio.[46].. Nicknamed "Ridleyville," the set has seven watering devices installed 6 meters above the ground.[47], Was used to express one of the representative images of the work, "acid rain that continues to fall."Skyscrapers and other buildings were added to this by compositing after shooting, creating a city of the near future in 2019.

Other scenes are basicallyLos AngelesIt was taken with a famous building in Tokyo or a studio set, and after shooting, it was processed such as compositing, and the building that appeared still exists as of 2016.

Police station

Los Angeles Union StationTaken in[48]..The inside of the station building is used as the inside of the station, and a set is assembled in one corner of the building to make it a Bryant's office.[48]..Because it is an active building, it can only be used from non-operating nights to midnight the next morning, and it is pure from the time when the set is assembled in a hurry to complete the shooting preparation until 6 am of the withdrawal deadline. It was said that the shooting time was only about 1 minutes per day.[49].

The scene where Brian explains the replicant's profile to Deccard was shot in the studio set.[50].


The white inner wall tunnel that appeared multiple times in the playDowntown Los AngelesIt is in(English edition)Is[51].

The inner wall is made of white ceramictileKnown for its decoration in, the tunnel has appeared in many other films.

Deccard's home

The mansion on the outskirts of Los Angeles was used for Deckard's home scene.(English edition)Is. Built in 1923,Frank Lloyd WrightOne of the "textile block houses" designed byMaya civilizationShaped in the image of the ruins ofConcrete blockIt features a wallUnited States National History RegisterIt is specified in.The actual Ennis House is a low-rise one-story structure, located on a hill in the suburbs, but in the work it is constructed so that it looks like a high-rise building in the city by making full use of synthesis.[52].

The Ennis House was later directed by Scott.Black rain], It is also used as the Yakuza's boss Sugai's house.

Sebastian apartment

JF Sebastian's apartment was used in downtown Los Angeles.(English edition).1893 Built inUnited States National Historic LandmarkIt is specified in.It is also famous as a location for movies and TV dramas, and like other locations, it has appeared in various works.[53].

In the setting under construction, it is supposed to be a skyscraper like Deckard's apartment, so the exterior and rooftop scenes are processed to look like a high-rise building by synthetic processing, but the interior is decorated for production. Except for the fact that it was decorated in a rough atmosphere, the part that appears as the entrance was remade by adding a set pillar to the northwest entrance of the building, and it is still used as it was.The inside is a colonnade, the ceiling of the atrium is covered with glass, and the open cage type is on the outer circumference of the inner corridor.エ レ ベ ー タ ーThe original decoration of the floor, walls, and handrails was used as it was.

Even when it was used for shooting, it is still in active use as an office building, and the shooting of this work was done outside business hours.It can only be used for filmmaking between 6 pm and 6 am the next day, with various decorations according to the art setting.WeatheringThe hard schedule was repeated every day, in which the main part was shot after the painting was applied, the shooting was rounded up before the expiration date, the decoration was removed, the dirty paint was cleaned, and the paint was returned to the state before use and withdrawn.

In addition, the inside of Sebastian's room and the indoor part where the battle between Deckard and Battie is set are taken as a set in the studio, and the scene where Deckard moves along the wall and the climax scene on the roof are An outdoor set that reproduces the upper three floors of the Bradbury Building was created, photographed there, and composited.[54].


A flashy view behind the front door of a Sebastian apartmentNeon signThe signboard is the theater across Broadway Street from Bradbury Building.(English edition)Is the entrance to[Annotation 28]..At the Million Dollar Theater, the "Blade Runner Paid Screening" was held only once on March 2013, 3.

The exterior of the "YUKON HOTEL" where Rion was staying is a miniature made by the art staff (this miniature is also used in another scene by rearranging the letters on the signboard with "NUYOK".[56]), The interior was taken at the Pan American Loft Building, diagonally north of the Bradbury Building intersection.[57].

Hannibal Chu's workshop is a studio set on the outside, but insideCaliforniaWe rented a freezer warehouse of a meat company in Vernon and assembled a set, and the shooting was actually done in a severe cold environment of -21 degrees Celsius.[58]..After assembling the set, it took 4 days to create an environment with real frost and icicles hanging down.[58], The shooting period, which was scheduled for 5 days to reduce the budget, was shortened to 2 days.[59].

Public / Response

1982 May 6It was released nationwide in Japan, and the weekend box office revenue record was the second highest appearance (June 2-6 of the same year), but it was released two weeks ago and was a big hit.NA』And so on, about 7900 million dollars of the same work in the box office[60]About $ 3380 million[61](Ironically, the script for "ET" was written by Ford, who was dating at the time and got married the year after the release of this work.Melissa MathisonIs).At that time, bright science fiction movies were the mainstream, and a dark and decadent view of the future.[Annotation 29]Is said to have been unpopular with many spectators.The evaluation in newspapers and magazines was also divided into two, "Washington Post"It's a great work in every way, from a touching scenario about the barren efforts of humans for eternal life to a wonderfully ultra-modern set."[62],New York TimesWas criticized as "insane, horrifying, confusing."[63]..The catch phrase in Japan is also "2020 (XNUMX)Original mama), Replicant Corps declares war on humanity! "It's a slogan like action science fiction, and Ford said,"Empire Strikes BackAnd 'RaidersIt was said that it was disappointing for many spectators who imagined the action as shown in the movie, and the road shows were not included in all the theaters, and the screenings were cut off early in many theaters.on the other hand,MasterpieceThe screening at the movie was well received by movie enthusiasts.Shibuya PantheonThen, although it was announced that the screening will be limited to 3 weeks, it will eventually be extended to 4 weeks, and after that, the revival screening will be held.Cult moviePopular from the United StatesVHSThere were also enthusiastic enthusiasts who imported the products individually.The video package, which had begun to spread from that time, made it possible to scrutinize the contents more closely and watch it repeatedly, which further increased the evaluation, and the software became a record sales.At the time of the first public release in Japan, a small poster was distributed at the movie theater as a viewing privilege.Coincidentally, this is the same poster that was used later in "Director's Cut."I watched it at the theater when I was a college studentHideo KojimaWas later greatly influenced by this work.Snatcher], [Police notes] Was produced.

At the final cut countdown event held in Japan on the 25th anniversary of the release, posters, negative films, flyers, etc. were distributed to all the spectators who visited, and it was used for the advertisement in the play.Powerful WakamotoWas also presented.In addition, an original T-shirt was presented by lottery for 100 people, "Blade Runner 2th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition" for 25 people, and "Syd Mead Visual Futurist DVD" for 3 people.

While many real companies such as Wakamoto mentioned above appeared in this work, there are also companies that disappeared or went bankrupt due to poor performance in historical fact (Pan American Airlines,RCASuch).Some call this the "Blade Runner Curse"[64].



Due to various circumstances, there are seven different versions of this work that are unique to other movie works.Especially re-edited by Scott1992 In "Director's Cut", a meaningful scene was added that changed the interpretation of the work (for details, see "Director's Cut".Who is DeccardSee section).

The five versions, excluding the San Diego masked preview version and the US TV broadcast version, are the DVD box "Blade Runner 5th Anniversary Ultimate Collector's Edition" (hereinafter "UCE") released on December 2007, 12 in Japan. 』\[Annotation 30]You can watch it all at.

Research preview version (work print version)

1982. 113 minutes. In "UCE", it is called "work print version".In March of the same year before the release of this work,Dallas,DenverThe version when the preview was done to see the reaction of the audience at.However, the reaction of the audience was not very good.

The following is a scene that can be seen only in this version.

  • The logo of the production company at the beginning is projected on a white background.
  • There is no opening crawl, only sentences that explain the replicant in a dictionary quote style are shown.
  • In the early scene of "Two are enough" at Sushi Bar, the ingredients of the bowl you ordered are reflected.
  • Deccard's narration is repeated in the scene where he witnesses Batty's death.
  • There is no end roll, only "The End" is displayed.

San Diego masked preview

1982.Not softened.In May of the same yearSan DiegoUndercover preview (Sneak preview) Was done.It's basically the same as the research preview version, but it is said that three new scenes have been added (details are unknown).

Initial theater release version (original theater release version, US theater release version)

1982. 116 minutes. "UCE" is the "US theater release version".The version when it was first commercialized in North America.I tried to improve the unpopularity of the research preview version and make it more popular, but as a result, the reputation did not rise.The aerial video of the end roll is "Shining』I borrowed another take of the opening.

  • The beginning is changed to the opening crawl with a synopsis.
  • By Harrison FordNarrationAdd.
  • Deleted some footage of the violence scene (a scene where Dr. Tyrell is blinded and a scene where Batty pierces his hand with a nail).
  • Added footage and narration of Deckard and Rachel's escape in the epilogue.

International version (International theater release version, full version)

1982 years.EuropeAnd the version when it was released in theaters in Japan.In Japan, Warner's rental video and early releaseLDSince the initial theater release version was recorded in the software, the difference in version was recognized, and when the video was released, it was released as the "complete version".It is also called in the Japanese version of "UCE".

  • Revived the violence scene deleted in the initial theater release version.Other minor changes have been made.

US TV broadcast version

1986. 114 minutes.Not softened.CBSEdited version for airing on.

  • Removal of violence scenes.
  • Added voiceover in opening crawl (by announcer, not Ford).

Director's Cut (Final Edition)

1992 .. 116 minutes.A re-edited version to commemorate the 10th anniversary of its release (the "final version" is also added to the video software "UCE").After its first release in theaters, the film gradually gained praise and established itself as the source of cyberpunk.At the same time, the desire to see Scott's original "Blade Runner" increased, and Warner asked him to edit this work again.Scott also acknowledged that the theatrical release version had his own unwanted edits and that the time was ripe.The content is similar to the research preview version.

  • Ford narration and epilogue footage removed.
  • Deccard sees "unicornAdded the scene of "Dream".
  • Removed some violence scenes revived in the international version again.

Final cut

2007 .. 117 minutes.A version edited again by Scott's own executive producer to commemorate the 25th anniversary of its release.This version is the 64thVenice International Film FestivalWorld premiere at4KAfter being screened digitally, it was released in theaters in New York and Los Angeles from October 10th (local time) in the same year, and the DVD was released in the United States on December 5th (local time).In Japan, November 12th-18th for 11 weeks only in Tokyo (Shinjuku Baltic 9..Screening period extended by one week), Osaka (Umeda Burg 7) 2K digital on 4 screens in 2 buildingsDLPIt was released to the theater.

  • Digital remastering improves overall image quality and sound effect accuracy.
  • The so-called "phantom high-quality special effects scene (described later)" was used, and the VFX scene became a more accurate and clear image.
  • Change the entire screen to a greenish color tone.
  • Digitally erased the wire to be lifted in the scene where the spinner surfaced.
  • Changed the number of deaths to 2 in the description of Brian's Rebellion Replicant.
  • The neon characters of "Million Dollar Theater" were different depending on the cut, but they were corrected to the same by digital processing.
  • The video of "Unicorn Dream" uses the original scale, which is different from the director's cut version.
  • In the scene where Zhora who escapes breaks through the show window, the part where the stunt was appointed is re-employed by Joanna Cassidy who plays the same role, and a new part is taken and corrected by digital composition.
  • The scene of women dancing in a hockey mask at the work print version of the bar and the scene of violence in the international version are back.
  • The scenery of the scene where the pigeon flies away in the final stage is completely changed by CG from the blue sky to the cloudy night sky surrounded by skyscrapers.

Ultra HD Blu-ray / IMAX version

2017 Was released inUltra HD Blu-rayWhen the version is released,4K resolutionUnder the supervision of Scott, fine adjustments were made to convert it to, and the audio is a newly remixed version.

2019 Made inIMAXThis version is also used for the screening.

Phantom high-quality special effects scene

Supervised by visual effectsDouglas TrumbullWas involved in the beginning of his career2001 Space Journey』, The director Cubic demanded high image quality to the extent that there is no dust, and in order to suppress the deterioration of image quality due to optical compositing at that time, even if the normal scene is a 35 mm film shooting work, the SFX scene is shot with a 65 mm wide film. I took the method. In "Blade Runner", the visual effect was shot at 65 mm, and the scene to be combined with the acting of the actor was also shot at a 35 mm scope size and enlarged to 65 mm for composition work.[Annotation 31].

Shooting with 65mm film has the advantage that the image quality does not deteriorate even if the re-shooting and copying processes are repeated because the screen per frame is wider than 35mm and the graininess is not noticeable. The negative impact of size on the effort of optical compositing and image qualityJames CameronIs also pointed out).However, Tumble says that the SFX of "Blade Runner", which was produced with high image quality even though it is not a high budget, does not show sufficient quality in the films and software that can be seen today.

The biggest concern for BR is the quality of the hardware. When finishing the 1982 release, the movie company tried to finish it as quickly and cheaply as possible, and the special lens we made --- especially the special effect of 70 (65) mm to match the 35 mm film. I didn't use a good lens.When I saw the first print (the image quality of the special effects part), I was horrified.I thought the quality of the lenses they used was too bad. The visual effects of BR are so amazing that no one has ever seen them.Actually.Yet, the original negative is still in the attic somewhere.It's never used.That's why Ridley's "Director's Cut" is amazing.But if I could see a film using that special lens ... — Douglas Trumbull "" 1993 No. 2 (as an answer to questions about the release of "Director's Cut")

The final cut version of the special effects scene uses a telecine directly from this 70mm (65mm) film.[66], Theatrical screening also provided a very clear image compared to other versions[67].

Death scene

  • Holden hasn't died in the production of the film, and there is a scene in the script where Deckard visits him when he is admitted to the hospital (Deckard has visited him multiple times at the script stage), and he has been filmed. , Deleted at Scott's discretion and not used in the main story[Annotation 32][68]..For this scene, Syd Mead designed a capsule-shaped therapeutic bed, but it was rejected as "too futuristic" and a diversion of Deckard's home set was made by art staff.[68].
  • The story of Chu, a replicant eyeball craftsman, is not mentioned in the play, but in the script, the winter coat was destroyed by Batti and Rion, and he was frozen to death because he was trapped in a workshop under extremely low temperatures and left unattended. It was supposed to be discovered by Deccard and the police.The scene was set so that the corpse, which had been knocked down when it was discovered and was completely frozen, shattered into pieces, but it was not photographed.[59].
  • At the planning stage, Zora, who was hiding on the earth as a dancer, plans to dance "reptile dance" on the stage before the investigation of Deckard during the work, and also makes a stage set. Was being promoted, but the producers did not agree and the filming was never done.[69].. In December 2012, as ZoraJoanna CassidyIs a video that reproduces the dance of that timeYoutubePublished in[70].
  • At the script stage, Tyrell suffered from death and illness.Frozen sleepIt was set that it was a replicant who had the memory of the person transplanted.In the script, Battie, who noticed this after killing Tyrell, asks Sebastian to take him to the "real" Tyrell again, but he, who should have been in frozen sleep, has already died from a device failure. Battie, who was upset by the complete loss of hope for life extension, also killed Sebastian and left.[71], The room where Tyrell is enshrined and the frozen sleep device were also designed by Mead.[72]..This scene was abandoned in the preparation stage for shooting, and Sebastian's death was only mentioned by police radio.


During the end rollPolydorIt is written that more soundtracks will be released, but it was not actually released.It was officially released by Vangelis in 1994 after Director's Cut (final edition).

  • An album entitled "Original Score Edition" was released in 1982, with an acoustic arrangement performed by the New American Orchestra.Although it was different from the original sound source, it was a natural result.
  • The end title is the album "The Berry Best of VangelisIt was recorded in.
  • The song used in the scene where Rachel visits Deccard's apartment was not made for this movie, but the album "See You Later』Recorded" Memories of Green "is used.
  • "HARPS OF THE ANCIENT TEMPLES", which is credited during the end roll, is a song used in the scene where Batti and Rion head to Chu.[73]Is the name of the album in which Vangelis was recorded, not by Vangelis.
  • Due to the long absence of official soundtracks, several pirated copies were created and distributed.About the background and contents of the pirated editionHere (English version)See.
  • Along with the release of UCE, a set of 3 CDs ""Blade Runner" Original Soundtrack 25th Anniversary Edition/ BLADE RUNNER TRILOGY, 25th ANNIVERSARY ”has been released.
  • On April 2013, 4, the vinyl version of the soundtrack LP was released nationwide. Contains 16 songs on sides A and B.[3]
  • On July 2013, 7, the Hybrid SACD version was released by Audio Fidelity, which released an analog version in April of the same year.The content is a remaster of the official soundtrack released in 16, by Kevin Gray.Limited to 4 sheets worldwide, the package is numbered.This will be the first SACD sound source.[4]

The above details are "Blade Runner (Album)See section.

Japanese dubbing

Role nameAn actorJapanese dubbing
TBSVersionThe CinemaVersion
Rick Deckardハ リ ソ ン · フ ォ ー ドKatsuyuki HoriTsutomu Isobe
Roy battyRutger HauerTeradaTaniguchi Festival
レ イ チ ェ ルSean YoungKeiko TodaHiroe Oka
GuffEdward James OrmosMasaru IkedaKazuki Adult
H. BryantM. Emmet WalshTakuzo KamiyamaUrayama Xun
PrisDaryl HannahTakashima MaraSachiko Kojima
JF SebastianWilliam sandersonIchiro MurakoshiMurajigaku
LionBrion JamesTeiji OmiyaKotaro Nakamura
Eldon TyrellJoe TurkelTamio OhkiToshihiko Kojima
ZoraJoanna CassidyMari YokooMori Natsuhime
Hannibal ChuJames HongJunji ChibaUrayama Xun
Holden(English edition)Hideo NiheiTakaoka bottles
Sushi bar shopkeeperRobert OkazakiJunji ChibaToshihiko Kojima
OtherAkiko TakeguchiYuka Nakatsuka
Tomoko Kobashi
Takuya Sato
Kaoru Katakai
ShowKawamura ChangpingYasumasa Date
翻 訳Iwamoto OrdinanceKeiko Kishida
Recording / adjustmentKirikane JunVarious Japan
EffectEndo Takao
Toshiya Sakurai
producerMasato Ueda
Naoko Ii
Moriyoshi Iimori
ProductionTohoku Shinsha
The Cinema
Tohoku Shinsha
First broadcast1986 May 4
"Monday road show"
Net about 93 minutes
2011 May 3
Uncut broadcast
  • TBS version: A dubbed version of the theatrical release version.
  • The Cinema version: A dubbed version of the final cut version.Other than the same station, it was broadcast on BS Nippon Television on March 2014, 3, and on Movie Plus on November 9, 2015. Released on September 11, 10, "The power of dubbing』Series" Blade Runner Final Cut Japanese Dubbed Audio Additional Recording Version Blu-ray (3 Disc Set) "and" Blade Runner Final Cut 4K ULTRA HD & Blu-ray Set (2 Disc Set) ".In addition, the sequel "Blade runner 2049In the Japanese dubbed version of 』, the voice actors of Deckard, Rachel, and Guf follow the cast of The Cinema version.


Sequel movie

2016 years,Duni VilleneuveDirector, Ridley ScottExecutive ProducerUnder the sequel "Blade runner 2049Was announced to be released in Japan in November 2017.[74].. in America2017 It was released on October 10th and October 6th in Japan.Ryan Gosling,Robin Wright,Jared letoIn addition, Harrison Ford also appeared as Deckard again.

Sequel novel

Writer who is a friend of the original author DickKW W JeterHas released three novels as a sequel to the movie.

  • Blade Runner 2: The Edge of Human (1995 )-"Blade Runner 2 Replicant's Tombstone" (Hayakawa Publishing, Later Hayakawa Bunko)
  • Blade Runner 3: Replicant Night (1996 )-"Blade Runner 3 Replicant Night" (Hayakawa Publishing, later Hayakawa Bunko)
  • Blade Runner 4: Eye and Talon (2000 )


About this work, multipledocumentaryHas been produced.

Edge of Blade Runner
2000, 55 minutes
Director: Andrew Abbott
Production / Composition:Mark car mode(Mark Kermode)
Ridley ScottIt consists of interviews with production staff, including the details of the production process, and explanations of various troubles in the process from the concept stage to the start of shooting.Also, the originalPhilip K. Dickof"Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?Also includes commentary by Paul M. Summon and Hampton Fancher.[75].
 Future shocks
2003, 27 minutes
Canada OfTV ontarioProduction documentary[76]..Executive Producer(English edition)(Bud Yorkin),Sid MeadInterview with SF writerRobert J. Souyer, And commentary by film critics.
Dangerous Days: Making Blade Runner
2007, 213 minutes
Director / Production:(English edition)(Charles de Lauzirika)
It was produced in conjunction with "Blade Runner Final Cut".ハ リ ソ ン · フ ォ ー ド,Sean YoungConsists of more than 80 interviews, including Ridley Scott[77].
It consists of eight chapters and explains the production process from the start of the project to casting, production design, shooting, and special effects in chronological order.The final chapter also contains a number of controversies and background to the film.[78].
All Our Variant Futures: From Workprint to Final Cut
2007, 29 minutes
Produced by: Paul Prischman
Introducing multiple versions of the film and an overview of them, and seven years of original film restoration and correction work spent on the production of "Final Cut".Digital remasteringExplains the process of. It was recorded in "Blade Runner Ultimate Collector's Edition".


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