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📺 | Ultraman Tiga's powerful enemy KYRIELOID participates in "Trigger"!Ignis transforms into Trigger Dark

Twenty-five years after the photo "Tiga", KYRIELOID is back in Reiwa! – (C) Tsuburaya Productions (c) Ultraman Trigger Production Committee / TV TOKYO

Ultraman Tiga's powerful enemy KYRIELOID participates in "Trigger"!Ignis transforms into Trigger Dark

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Even "Ultraman Trigger", which follows the elements of "Tiga", exerts terrifying power against ultra-ancient warrior trigger opponents.

The powerful enemy KYRIELOID that appeared in the special effects drama "Ultraman Tiga" (1996-1997) is currently being broadcast "U ... → Continue reading

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Warrior trigger opponent


Ultra series > Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA

"Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA(Ultraman Trigger New Generation Tiga) from July 2021, 7TV Tokyo seriesBroadcasting elsewhereTsuburaya ProductionSpecial effects TV drama produced[2].catch copyIs "A new era giant legend that connects ultra-ancient lights'[2].


This work was first broadcast in 1996 and will celebrate its 2021th anniversary in 25.Ultraman TigaWas launched as a project related to[2].. The name of "Trigger" has a history of starting with "T" in consideration of the 25th anniversary of "Tiga", and at the same time, it is a trigger to create a new generation of Ultraman while continuing the flow of the past New Generation Heroes. The desire to become[3].

At the production stageKoichi SakamotoAnd the staff of the "Tiga" generation will have discussions, and the whole thing will be to reproduce the shock and social phenomena at the time of "Tiga" broadcasting in this era, and to make it a work that parents who know Tiga and their children can enjoy together. Defined as a concept[4]..This is because "Tiga" is a completed work that is extremely popular, so in the form of sequels, remakes, and reboots, it is nothing more than a sequel, and modern children touch "Tiga", which is a work 25 years ago. This is the result of considering that it is a generation without opportunities.The subtitle of this work reflects that determination, and it is said that it is not a remake or a sequel, but a work that inherits the essence of Tiga.[4][5]..From the above background, the composition and settings of this work are made by adding new elements and reconstructing while using the story and type change of "Tiga".[3]..The elements of "Tiga" are included in the subtitle production and title video.[6].

In addition, Sakamoto cites the desire to make everyone smile as the theme of this work.Impact of new coronavirus infectionTalks about aiming for a work that will energize viewers in the world as a whole[7].

Production was announced on April 2021, 4, and on June 15, 6, the previous work "Ultraman Z], The online presentation was live-streamed at "TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION".[2][8][9].


An era when Mars was pioneered as a new settlement for humankind.A young man born and raised on MarsManaka KengoUnleashes a mysterious power when a monster attacks an ultra-ancient ruin.Kengo, who witnesses people hurt by monsters and strongly desires to protect everyone's smiles, is the representative of the Shizuma Foundation.Shizuma MitsukuniからGUTS SparklensGiven that, the giant of light who slept in the basement of the ancient ruins based on itUltraman TriggerAchieve integration with.Kengo, who rejected the monsters and the dark giants who use them, is an anti-monster unit of the earth from Mitsukuni.GUTS-SELECTYou are invited to participate in.Kengo, who became a member of GUTS-SELECT in this way, faces the battle with frequent monsters and dark giants.



Manaka Kengo
The main character of this work.21-year-old youth from Mars[10]..At the beginning of the main story, I was working as a botanist at the Mars Pioneer Bureau / Plant Research Center of the Shizuma Foundation, and was doing research on rooting flowers in the soil of Mars, which has a lot of heavy metal components, without adding organic matter.In the process, "Le LouisOn Mars, we always carry the only strain that has grown to buds, creating a new species named "[11], After joining GUTS-SELECT, I always take care of it in the command room.He is usually mild-mannered and friendly, and has a cheerful personality as the habit of "smile, smile" indicates.At the same time, it has a strong side, and the desire to make everyone smile is stronger than anyone else.[12][13].
When I was suffering from the dream of Yuzare and the giant of darkness, when I visited the ultra-ancient ruins in search of the underground soil around the ruins with few heavy metals, it caused a luminescence phenomenon, and when the Golber invaded, a mysterious power such as the generation of a shield. Awaken.Mitsukuni who witnessed the situation entrusted GUTS Sparklens as a power to open up the dreamed future, united with the trigger at the bottom layer of the ruins, and gained its transformation ability[ep 1][14][12]..After repelling Golber, join GUTS-SELECT at the recommendation of Mitsukuni and fight as a trigger while hiding the fact that you can transform into friends other than Akito and Mitsukuni who know the situation.[11][9].
When swallowed in the space-time gap that occurred during the decisive battle with Carmilla and flew to the ultra-ancient 3000 million years ago, he met Yuzare and Trigger Dark in his lifetime, and the dark clan got the eternity core in his hands. In order to prevent it, it becomes a light in Ancient Sparklens and integrates with Trigger Dark to enter the spiritual world. Recognizing that it is an incarnation, it transforms Trigger Dark into a Trigger figure.[15]..After surviving in the present age, he woke up to the light inherited by his body in response to the resurrection of the dark giant, faced the past of Trigger himself, who was originally a dark giant, and kept through being light. By doing so, it absorbs the light fragments of the Eternity Core and becomes Glitter Trigger Eternity.[16]..At first, I feel that I have to protect everyone, so I suffer because I can not master the power derived from Eternity Core, but after the special training of the youth Ribut, I re-recognize the future I dream of, and it means that I am a person at the same time as light. By discovering, you will learn the art of control.
Shizuma Yuna
The main heroine of this work.An active high school girl member in charge of Kengo's education.He was 17 when he first appeared, but in episode 9 he will be 18 years old.
As a daughter of Mitsukuni, she has received various gifted education since childhood.[12][10][9], Has a sense of justice that boldly confronts the dark giant opponent.
The fact that Yuzare possesses was kept secret by Mitsukuni, but Ignis and the dark giants who knew the situation aimed at him.[ep 2]In addition, he recognizes the existence of Yuzare from the fact that his consciousness occasionally flies.And when he reached his 18th birthday, his deceased motherYurikaHe was told that he was a descendant of Yuzare, who continued from his family, and was given a Yuzare ring, which was a keepsake of Yurika, as a birthday present.
When Trigger Dark appeared, Akito informed him of the fact that Kengo was the trigger, and after receiving training from the youth Ribbut, he gained the strength to withstand the fate of Yuzare's descendants, just like Kengo who confronts the harsh fate. Decide to put it on.At one point, he learns that Yuzare has disappeared due to the power of Eternity Core, and is afraid to use Yuzare's power, but he changes his courage to protect his friends and truly awakens.
A super-ancient shrine maiden depicted as a praying woman in the center of a super-ancient stone plate[6].. Thirty million years ago, he fought with Trigger as the ruler of the "Earth Star Guards" against the dark forces.A girl who looks the same as Yuna, a distant descendant, except that she has silver hair.[9]In modern times, he possesses Yuna as a thought body.
He appears many times in Kengo's dream and sends a message that he is light.At the same time, when Kengo and Yuna are in danger, they appear on the surface and show power such as building a defensive wall.[ep 1].
When Kengo was sent to the super-ancient, he unexpectedly met and called Kengo, who emits warm light, R'lyeh (hope), and begged to stop the dark giants who were trying to contact Eternity Core. Entrust Sparklens.Then, by touching the power of Eternity Core, it disappears after entrusting the Eternity Core Fragment to the trigger.
Hijiri Akito
An 18-year-old active high school student in charge of technology development for GUTS-SELECT.He is studying the secrets of ancient ruins and has developed and designed most ride mechas and gadgets.He showed a rare talent from an early age and was conducting research with his parents who were scientists to protect the world from the expected monsters that appeared, but he died from his parents when the Death Drago attacked and took over to Mitsukuni. Have a past.He has a cool and reticent personality, and tends to say "unpleasant" to someone who does not hesitate to close the distance.Her childhood friend Yuna has a strong feeling for her, and her belief in protecting her smile is the driving force, but as a birthday present.stun gunThe approach is awkward, such as giving a gift.
At first, I didn't like Kengo, who was transformed into a trigger by GUTS Sparklens, which was made to protect Yuna, but at the request of Mitsukuni, I will support him.[12][10][9]..After that, while making Kengo a nuisance, he gradually began to sympathize with Kengo's belief that he really wanted to make people all over the world smile, and softened his attitude.
Sakuma Tessin
Pilot of the Nurse Dessey.The oldest member of the team, 40 years old.A hot-blooded man who shouts loudly, "All the worries in the world can be solved by muscle training" in a gorgeous athletic club.[ep 3]..It's a good big brother for Kengo, but Himari and Akito really hate the tendency to close the distance and the heat and heat without hesitation.[12][9].
Nanase Himari
GUTS Falcon pilot. 26 years old.Normally, the number of words is small, and the ironic and self-paced aspect stands out.However, when wearing VR goggles for remote control, it suddenly changes to a high-tension personality, and while calling GUTS Falcon "Falcon-chan", it shows skillful operation technology that is not ashamed of the title of Falcon Specialist.[12][9].
Tatsumi Seiya
Captain of GUTS-SELECT. 38 years old.A person who can evaluate the opponent regardless of appearance, age, and title, and can organize a team with kindness and rigor.[12][9]..Always calm and calm, respond calmly to emergencies.
Initially, he will be wary of the trigger according to the policy of the upper management of TPU, but during the battle against Gazot, he changed his perception and decided to support the trigger.[ep 2]..Kengo, who was injured in the battle with Deabolic, was injured in the same place as the trigger, so I guess he is the trigger.
Alien MetronMaruru
A nomadic Alien Metron who arrived on Earth immediately after the establishment of the Earth Peace Alliance TPU.Age unknown.It looks petite and cute, but it is a poisonous tongue and has a rough language.At the invitation of Captain Tatsumi Seiya, he joined GUTS-SELECT, bought his abundant knowledge of monsters, and acted as an operator.[17][18][19].

Shizuma Foundation

Shizuma Mitsukuni
Founder and president of the global conglomerate Shizuma, and chairman of the Shizuma Foundation. 60 years old.In the process of space exploration projects and excavation of ultra-ancient ruins undertaken by the Foundation, he learned of the existence of monsters and dark giants, and led the establishment of TPU and GUTS-SELECT.[12][11].
Although his identity and past have not been made public[9][6], Its identity isEarth Peace Union TPC,GUTS, A human from another dimension of Earth where Ultraman Tiga exists. Thirty years ago when he was a TPC intelligence officer, he headed to investigate an area where machine troubles of unknown cause occur frequently in the guts wing, but he has a past that was caught in the vortex of space-time and washed ashore on the earth with a trigger.[15]..This fact was known only to some humans such as Tatsumi and Akito, but it will be revealed to the rest of the members in order to strengthen the unity of GUTS-SELECT in preparation for the intensifying battle with the resurrection of the dark giant.
When he visited the ultra-ancient ruins of Mars, he entrusted him with GUTS Sparklens by witnessing the power of Kengo, and scouted him as a trigger to GUTS-SELECT.[ep 1].. After the three dark giants are resurrected, Kengo and Akito leave Yuna to investigate the Eternity Core.[ep 2]..After that, he joined Yuna on his 18th birthday, and the connection between 3000 million years ago and the present earth, the existence of a new mural found in Egypt, and Yuna's secret and relationship with Yuzare. Tell.
At the time of the appearance of Kyrieroid, he noticed the inner light that was born in himself, and when he was given light by Yuna who was awakened as Yuzare, Ultraman Tiga was revealed by the sparkling generated from the memory of the past.[20][21].
Manaka Reina
A member of the Mars Pioneer Bureau of the Shizuma Foundation and Kengo's mother.About 20 years before the main story, I excavated the ultra-ancient ruins of Mars where Trigger sleeps.It seems that Kengo knew the fact that the incarnation of light = trigger, and sent out Kengo heading for the earth as a member of GUTS-SELECT.


A Richurian man who is the survivor of the planet Richuria, destroyed by Hudrum 100 years ago, and who calls himself "the number one treasure hunter in the universe."[22]..The actual age is 334 years old, which is 34 years old in terms of earthlings.It's usually easy, but when feelings are upset or when psychic powers are exercised, a coat of arms peculiar to the Richurians appears on the face.
It is a belief that you can only get "Gokujo" things by crossing the galaxy, and you own many valuable items.[ep 4][Annotation 1].
On Earth, while aiming for artifacts from Yuna and ultra-ancient civilizations, he repeatedly contacts Kengo and others to prevent the plot of his enemy, Hudrum.[9]..We are also aware of swaying and triggering[ep 2], Focus on the power of the trigger as the power to take revenge on Hudrum.After the Trigger Dark was defeated, it absorbed the energy, and based on the teachings of the youth Ribut, created the Black Sparklens and Trigger Dark Keys from the prototype of GUTS Sparklens and the blank key that were stolen from Akito's laboratory, and Trigger Dark. Gain the ability to transform into[16].
Then he tries to use the power of Trigger Dark to defeat Hudrum, but he cannot control the powerful power and goes out of control.After the battle with Metsuorochi and Karumira, GUTS-SELECT discovered that he had transformed into Trigger Dark, and the key was seized and detained.After that, when Aboras and Banila appeared, Akito decided to release the restraint, and with the improved Trigger Dark Key and Black Sparklens, he transformed into Trigger Dark again and became able to control the power.Immediately afterwards, in order to obtain Eternity Core for the resurrection of the star of Richuria, Yuna is kidnapped and the Kengos are challenged to fight for the "last game".Despite being disturbed by Hudrum, Kengo defeated Hudrum using the Glitter Trigger Eternity Key made with the cooperation of Yuna.To reward Kengo who believed in himself, he gave up getting Eternity Core and left somewhere.
Natsukawa Haruki
"Ultraman ZThe main character of[24]..Follow the Barossa alien (XNUMXth generation) and visit the earth where Kengo and others are with Ultraman Zet[9].
Youth Ribut
Ultraman Ribut's human form[25]..Since it cannot be restored by itself, the power of light is released with the GUTS Sparklens borrowed from Yuna and the Ultraman Ribut Key created by himself, and it returns to its original form.[15].
In the process of pursuing Absolute Diabolo, he is destined to come into contact with Kengo, who struggles to handle the power of Eternity Core, and to impose special training in fighting and dancing on him and Yuna to face his power and become indifferent. Get ready to face it.After defeating Diabolo, Kengo's smile tells him that he has the power to save the world, and he returns to the Galaxy Rescue Force.

Ultraman of this work

Ultraman Trigger

At the bottom of the inverted pyramid-shaped underground ruins buried underground on Mars, a giant of light who fell asleep as a stone statue[9].. Thirty million years ago, he belonged to the army of darkness, but later took the side of Yuzare and others, expelled Carmila and others into space and sealed them before arriving on Mars.In modern times, when Carmila and Golber attack, they are united with Kengo and revived in modern times.[ep 1]..After that, Kengo transforms by loading the GUTS hyper key for transformation into GUTS Sparklens and pulling the trigger while transforming it into Sparklens mode.Initially, it was seen as a monitoring target by the TPU, but it was decided to support it at Tatsumi's discretion.[ep 2].

Ultraman TigaIt is characterized by its appearance and ability reminiscent of Tiga, and it changes its type to three types like Tiga.[12][14][10]..The activity limit time is 3 minutes, and when the limit is approached, the chestColor timerFlashes red[9]..The transforming Kengo is in a glowing white inner space, where he operates each gadget and weapon.

Production / design

From the consciousness that Tiga is one completed form, each form and the name and pose of the special move are the same as Tiga.[12][4][26]..In addition, while incorporating the depiction in the inner space with the trend from New Generation Heroes, the production was devised while searching for the neutral point of both series, such as not talking much like Ultraman at the time of "Tiga" broadcasting.[3].

On the design side, the arms and chest have patterns inspired by ultra-ancient civilization, and at Sakamoto's request, the mask can be made smaller by providing a peep above the eyes, and a beautiful body line can be created. Incorporates muscle depiction[5]..This is a hero costume updated year by yearAmerican comicThis is because, while pursuing a visual that is suitable for Reiwa, it retains the mystery of Tiga.The crystal on the forehead was not lit by Tiga because it was visible to the third eye, but in this work, the light source is embedded after giving a fine texture, and the LED that was not incorporated in Tiga is adopted for the eyes. Has been done.Regarding the type change, it is differentiated by stepping on Tiga, which expresses the change only by body shape and coloring, and changing the contour of the face and the sculpture of the mouth except for the eyes and comb.[26]..Since it does not incorporate the power and elements of the past Ultraman, which was the basis of recent type changes, you can clearly see the difference between the three types like Tiga, and you are conscious of the depiction that the charm of each type stands out.[5].

Terasaka, who plays the role of Kengo, is in charge of the voice of Ultraman Trigger, and director Sakamoto told me that in this work I want to reduce the humanity a little and make it feel like it is not a word instead of "dar" or "wow" when it is done. It is said that it became a short word to Tiga with "Dat".In addition, it is said that the words used for each type are divided, such as Ta line for multi-type, Sa line for sky type, and Da line for power type.[27].


Multi type
A basic form of trigger that transforms by loading a multi-type key into GUTS Sparklens.At the time of transformation, the word "light of hope to build the future!"[12][9].
Balanced activities are possible regardless of land, sea and air, and fight with various ray techniques[9].
Power type
A rigid form specializing in power that transforms by loading a power type key into GUTS Sparklens.At the time of transformation, the mouth is "light of strength to grab victory!"[12][10][9].
Fight with superhuman strength[9].
Sky type
A high-speed form that specializes in the speed of transforming by loading a sky type key into GUTS Sparklens.At the time of transformation, the mouth is "High-speed light running in the sky!"[12][10][9].
Good at high-speed combat and aerial combat[9].
  • Ultraman Tregia Light blue adopted in early style is treated on the body side as a type change accent[26].
Trigger dark
#Dark Black Hero Trigger DarkSee the item.
Glitter Trigger Eternity
Appeared from the 12th episode.A golden figure in which the trigger is awakened by the piece of eternity core given by Yuna.Load the glitter trigger eternity key into the GUTS Sparklens and transform it.At the time of transformation, the mouth is "a super-ancient light that illuminates the universe!"[15].
It possesses the power of the Trinity of Multi, Power, and Sky, and has the power to overwhelm the dark giants.Initially, it consumed a lot of energy, causing serious damage to Kengo's body each time he transformed, but after special training with the youth Ribut, Kengo himself accepted his fate and became able to control it.


Circle Arms
A mysterious item excavated in a petrified state from the ultra-ancient ruins of Mars.While struggling with Carmila and Golber, in response to Kengo's call for a glimpse of the image used by the trigger, he is released from petrification.[ep 1].
By moving the blade along a circle, it transforms into multiple forms.[12][9]..Each form has a type that is most compatible with the transformed type, but it can be flexibly changed according to the battle situation. When the GUTS hyper key is loaded, the voice "Maximum boot up! (Key type)!" Sounds, and the special move is activated by pressing the switch on the handle.[ep 1].
  • Director Sakamoto is not just using it as a combat weapon, but is involved in the mysteries and incidents that started the story.[5].
Multi sword[12]
The basic form of Circle Arms, a sword form with blades combined.Mainly used by multi-type.
Power claw[12]
Claw shape with the blade expanded like a claw.Mainly used by power type.
Sky Arrow[12]
A bow shape with the blade expanded into a single character.Mainly used by sky type.
Glitter blade[15]
Glitter Trigger Eternity's exclusive weapon.Appears by holding your hand over the triangle crystal on your chest.The characteristics and color of the blade change according to the rotation of the triangle crystal, and various special moves are activated.[15].


Multi type
Zeperion Ray[12][9]
A multi-type special move that is released from both arms in an L shape.
Zeperion Sword Finish
Activated by loading the multi-type key into the multi-sword.Fly the energy collected on the blade as a slash[ep 1].
Zeperion Claw Impact
Activated by loading the power claw with a multi-type key.It collects energy on the blade and slashes the opponent as they pass each other.
Trigger slicer[9]
Trigger hand slash[9]
Used for interception and check.
Power type
Delasium light stream[12][9]
A power-type special move that concentrates on the right arm after forming a fireball while turning both arms.
Delasium Claw Impact
Activated by loading the power type key in the power claw.Stick a power claw and attack with a shock wave[ep 3].
Trigger giant swing[9]
Trigger power buster[9]
Sky type
Lambert light bullet[12][9]
A sky-type special move released from the right hand.
Lambert Arrow Strike
Activated by loading the Sky Type Key into the Sky Arrow.Shoot an arrow of light from the Sky Arrow[ep 2].
Trigger freezer[9]
Trigger sky kick[9]
Glitter Trigger Eternity
Glittase Perion Ray[15]
Glitter Trigger Eternity's Special Move released from both arms in an L shape.
Activated by selecting the glitter blade mulch crystal and pressing the button on the grip. Create alter ego according to 3 types, and each will slash the opponent.
Power photon
Activate by selecting the glitter blade power crystal and pressing the button on the grip.Stick the shining red blade into the enemy.
Sky photon
Activate by selecting the Sky Crystal of the glitter blade and pressing the button on the grip.It launches a slash at a speed that is unstoppable.
Eternity Zerades
Activated by pressing the button on the grip of the glitter blade, selecting the multi crystal, and pressing the button again with the voice of "Violet!".Shoot the purple light blade with the glitter blade while shining golden and slash the enemy.
Eternity bomber
Activate by pressing the button on the grip of the glitter blade, selecting the power crystal, and pressing the button again with the voice of "Crimson!".Hit the enemy with a red shock wave generated from the glitter blade.
Eternity vanish
Activate by pressing the button on the grip of the glitter blade, selecting the Sky Crystal, and pressing the button again with the voice "Cobalt!".Turn with a blue tornado and slash enemies from all directions.In the match against Metsuorochi, it was used as a dual wield with Multi Sword.

Appearance from other works

Ultraman Zet
Ultraman Tiga
Ultraman Ribut

Earth Peace Alliance TPU / GUTS-SELECT

Earth Peace Alliance TPU (Terrestrial Peaceable Union) Is an international organization established by Shizuma Mitsukuni through the Shizuma Foundation to work with the governments of each country in order to counter the forces of monsters and darkness with the appearance of Desdrago six years before the main story.[14][10][9].

Its subordinate organization, the anti-monster unitGUTS-SELECT (Global Unlimited Task Squad --SELECT) is a team of 7 elite experts newly established in the TPU Japan branch.Operates advanced science and technology, and its main mission is to deal with monster disasters and investigate ancient ruins.[12][11][9].

Equipment / Items

GUTS Sparklens
Akito analyzes Ancient Sparklens and scientifically reproduces its structure.[15].. When the GUTS hyper key is loaded on the bottom of the grip, the voice "Boot up!" Sounds.Usually in the form of a gunHyper gun modeHowever, Kengo, Haruki, and Youth Ribut's are used to transform into Ultraman by spreading the barrel in an arc.Sparkling modeHas a deformation mechanism to[14][10][15].
Ancient Sparklens
A bronze sacred treasure excavated in an ultra-ancient ruin.According to Yuzare, the light of the stars gathered over tremendous years dwells.[16].
Black sparkling
Ignis steals a prototype of GUTS Sparklens in Akito's laboratory and injects the force absorbed from Trigger Dark to create a jet-black Sparklens.[16].
GUTS Hyper Key
Cartridge with the power of Ultraman and monsters[14][10]..It is activated by pressing the button on the upper left, and various abilities are expressed by loading it into GUTS Sparklens.
Each type of trigger key is completed by extracting light from a stone plate that appears to have been carved using part of the ruins where power-type and sky-type light was sucked in, and filling the blank key with energy.The monster key scientifically reproduces the ability based on the information of the earth monsters that appeared in the past and the data of the space monsters brought by Maruru.
numberName[Annotation 2]Audio at bootupEffect
U-01Ultraman Trigger
Multi-type key
ZeperionTransformation to Ultraman Trigger multi-type.
U-02Ultraman Trigger
Power type key
DelasiumTransformation to Ultraman Trigger power type.
U-03Ultraman Trigger
Sky type key
LambertTransform into Ultraman Trigger Sky Type.
Glitter trigger
Eternity key
Glittase PerionTransform into glitter trigger eternity.
U-04Ultraman Zet
Original key
ZestiumTransformation to Ultraman Z original.
It emits a Zestium ray.
U-05Ultraman Zet
Alpha edge key
alphaTransform into Ultraman Z Alpha Edge.
U-06Ultraman Zet
Beta smash key
betaTransform into Ultraman Z Beta Smash.
U-07Ultraman Zet
Gamma Future Key
gammaTransform into Ultraman Z Gamma Future.
U-08Ultraman Zet
Delta Rise Claw Key
deltaTransform into Ultraman Z Delta Rise Claw.
U-09Ultraman Ribut KeyGalaxiumTransform into Ultraman Ribut.
10-UTrigger dark keyDark ZeperionTransform into Trigger Dark.
M-01GomorakyShockwaveIt emits super-vibration waves.
M-02Eleking keyThunderIt emits an electric shock ray.
M-03Zetton keyFire ballFire a fireball.
M-04GamakujirasplashRelease a stream of water.
M-05Gazot keyplasmaFire a plasma light bullet.
M-06Gun Q keyvacuumPerform energy drain.
M-07NarskyNurse dessertActivate the Maximum Nurse Cannon.
M-08HoloboroskiLightningIt speeds up, wears electric shocks, and moves faster than the Trigger Sky type.
M-09Zygog keyイ ン パ ク トIt emits a red spiny energy body from the whole body.
M-10Gargor Gorgon KeyGargorgonFire a petrified ray.
GUTS buckle
GUTS-SELECT member's belt.You can set up to 3 GUTS Sparklens in the holster on the right and up to XNUMX GUTS Hyperkeys in the holder on the left.

Ride mecha

Giant Fighter Nurse Dessey
A floating base of GUTS-SELECT jointly developed by TPU and the Shizuma Foundation as a combat boat for monsters.Akito was in charge of the design and visited the earth for sightseeing.Wild Alien ZagaIt broke down that Maruru got in a back-door transaction withSpace dragon nurseIt was done in the form of analyzing the mechanism of.In addition to having a function as a mobile operation control room[20], Private rooms for each member and research facilities for Akito are set up to handle long-term missions.[12][10].
Functions as a base or GUTS Falcon hangerHanger modeIn case of an emergency, the battle form is reminiscent of the nurse who designed it.Battle modeIt is equipped with a mechanism that transforms into.Initially, Battle Mode was sealed for a long time because it was difficult to secure the enormous start-up energy to run the Maximanus engine at high power, but at the TPU Cosmic Ray Research Institute on the outskirts of Skuna City, from Absolute Diaboro to the Dark Giants. With the cooperation, the problem was solved and it became possible to activate it by collecting his high energy absolute particles as starting energy.However, when transforming to battle mode, blocks other than the command room have the drawback that the rooms are scattered as if an earthquake had occurred.[20].
Armed in hanger mode, a large 800 mm oral charged particle cannon equipped on the starboard side of the aircraftNurse Cannon..Armed after the battle mode transformation is radiated all at once from the whole bodyLaser rainAnd the maxi-manor engine is fully powered and fired by connecting directly to the route to the head launch port.Maxima Nurse Cannon[15][20].
  • It was a floating fortress for the offshore base "Dive Hanger" that appeared in "Tiga", and it was also a homage to "Tiga", but as a result of considering the balance with the product team and the link with the story, the space dragon nurse It became a setting as a mobile base with the motif of[4].
Multipurpose unmanned variable loader GUTS Falcon
A modified vehicle docked to the bottom of the Nurse Dessey.Of flight formFlight modeAnd, hovering on the ground and low-altitude flight can be used for various purposes under special circumstances.Hyper mode2 types of transformation are possible[12].
Basically, remote control is performed by AI control at the spot in the control room, but since the design was advanced with the control system as in the past assuming manned operation in an emergency, a simple cockpit (maintenance booth) was also installed. Is[28]..Equipped with Falcon anchors and gun pod arms, it can respond not only to attacks on monsters but also to quick rescue activities in disaster areas.[12][11][9]..However, since it takes time to charge energy, it is difficult to operate continuously in a short period of time.[ep 3].
  • Sakamoto says that it feels like an update of Gutswing No. 1 that appeared in "Tiga", and the coloring is also similar.[4].
Guts wing
A fighter that is said to have been manufactured by the Shizuma Foundation six years ago.It is supposed to have been developed in secret by the government, which was ostensibly anticipating the appearance of monsters, but the reality is that it is the main fighter of GUTS operated by Mitsukuni, who was a TPC intelligence officer 6 years ago.[15].
When Desdrago appeared, Mitsukuni boarded and retreated.After that, it was remodeled as a prototype of GUTS Falcon so that it could be remotely controlled.[15], Mitsukuni steers to protect Yuna from Gargorgon.
  • The prop used at that time for shooting "Ultraman Tiga" is used as it is.The deformed scene was not shot because the parts to standby mode did not exist.[29].

Appearance monster / alien

Dark giant

A dark clan whose resurrection was foreseen on the stone plates of the ancient ruins. A high-energy body that causes a big bang at the time of the opening of the universe in the super-ancient civilization era 3000 million years ago, and gives the person who has it a powerful power to recreate the universe at will.Eternity coreIn search of, destroyed the ultra-ancient civilization of the earth.However, he was defeated by the Earth Star Guards led by Yuzare and the trigger on their side, and was exiled to the other side of the universe and sealed.

After the resurrection in modern times, it will return to the earth to summon, use, and hostile to the trigger.[9]..It is possible to become human-sized[30][31][32]..We use ultra-ancient language when communicating, but we can also speak modern earth language by tuning the vocal cords.[11][33].

  • The homage source is "Ultraman Tiga THE FINAL ODYSSEY], The three dark giants that appeared in.Since it is an important existence deeply involved in the birth of Tiga, it was set as a new character in drawing the origin of the trigger.[4][34].
Fairy Warrior Calmira
Appeared from the first episode.A female warrior who is the leader of the dark giant.With the power of Eternity Core, we plan to erase humans and recreate the universe into a world of only the dark clan.A ruthless, relentless, brutal and provocative temperament, with the deepest affection and deep trust of the past, but with a strong love and hate for the trigger that betrayed them and sealed them beyond the universe.[16]..Although it is one step inferior in the other two's specialty fields, it is overwhelming in overall combat power, with supple limbs and a whip-like deadly ray produced from the hand.Carmila whipAnd baton-shaped special weaponsCarmila baton,Carmila Finger SparkFight with[35][11][9][30].
It was floating in the asteroid belt in the state of being turned into a stone statue, but the seal was broken and revived due to the impact of the impact of the meteorite.[ep 1][30]..Invades Mars aiming at the trigger, but allows integration and resurrection with Kengo, and after that, aims at the trigger with friends and monsters.Once, the trigger dark is revived by magic, but as a result, it promotes the awakening of Kengo and the defeat of trigger dark, and after that, Kengo becomes the enemy of the eyes as all the cause.
  • The shooting suit is a slender suit with an integrated structure that has no division other than gloves and boots, and the ankle, which is a stirrup-shaped ring, is passed through the sole of the boots.Peeping is provided on the eyes and eyelash-shaped slits, at the boundary between silver and black, and the eyes with gradation painting can adjust the amount of light separately from the color timer on the chest, from an external remote control. The lighting is turned on and off.The Carmilla Ribbon is made of thin vinyl and is designed to be of reasonable length and weight so as to create a sense of dynamism and not interfere with the action.Carmila Whip used real whips and ropes during the early rehearsals.The Carmila baton uses a commercially available twirling baton with a green fabric and emits light by post-production processing.[30].
Rigid Warrior Dargon
Appeared from the second episode.Although he has a rough and crude personality, he has a samurai-skinned personality who dislikes tactics and prefers a straightforward and rugged battle that finds pleasure in the battle and an equal match with the owner who has the ability to compete.Taking advantage of his strong strength, he engages in fighting battles with punches and kicks that do not use weapons.Its Special Move isDargo Metta,Dargo kick, A blast shock wave that thrusts a fist into the ground and generates a blastFire beat crusher[35][11][9][31].
After being revived by Carmila, he will face Trigger, who has been recognized as a rival since 3000 million years.[ep 3]..On the other hand, during the Battle of Desdrago, he did not hesitate to face himself,slapAt the same time, Yuna screamed, "Human beings are not defeated by you," and she became interested in the human heart and became fascinated by her.And, in the middle of the battle against Zaragas, he recognizes Akito who is in love with Yuna as a rival, and the living ones become stronger with love, and the weakness with a strong heart that wants to protect someone who is the reason for that strength. Recognize that we should not underestimate humans.Therefore, he gradually began to show thoughtful words and deeds.[31], Seeing the members of GUTS-SELECT holding the trigger that was about to be stabbed by Carmilla, urged her to withdraw.
  • The suit has a head, arm cover, gloves, breastplate, skirt, and shin guard that are separate from the whole body.The breastplate is fixed with Velcro on the chest and back of the suit body, and opens on the right side.Gloves can also be fixed to the inside of the arm cover with Velcro, and can be attached and detached as one.The shoulder rest is integrated with the breastplate side, and only the upper part is connected with a belt, the front and back are free, the range of movement is wider than it looks, and the position can be adjusted.There is a peep in the slit above the eyes, and unlike the trigger, the illumination is not included in the clear parts of the forehead, but there is a unique mold.It has a color timer, lights on the eyes, a battery on the chest, and connects the cord to the head when worn.Dimming is possible separately, turning on and off from the remote control[31].
Agility Strategy Officer Hudrum
Appeared from the third episode.He usually has a gentlemanly tone, and is the most humorous of the giants, but in reality he is insidious and brutal. He is a sneaky man who feels the utmost pleasure in falling into.On the other hand, if things don't go as expected and he gets angry, he will have a rough tone, and he is also a tantrum who runs away without listening to the restraints of his friends.Although it is inferior in power in battle, it is an intelligent battle over cunning measures and a blade hidden in the right armDagger HudrumTake a variety of styles such as high-speed battles that utilize mobility and speed[9]..Its Special Move is thrusting the folded Dagger Hudrum into the enemy in the manner of an elbow strike.Hude ElbowSlashing vacuum waves with strong winds emitted from Daga-HudrumHydrast[35][11][32].
It revived 100 years before the main story, ahead of Carmila and Dargon, and destroyed the star Richuria.In modern times, aiming for Yuzare, who is the key to obtaining Eternity Core, take action to awaken Yuna who possesses it while using monsters.[ep 2].
When Ignis kidnaps Yuna and tries to approach Eternity Core, he finally betrays Carmilla and Dargon and tries to use Yuna to approach Eternity Core.However, Ignis is blocked by the transformed Trigger Dark, and Kengo loses to Trigger Dark's Dark Zeperion Ray using the glitter trigger eternity key made with the cooperation of Yuna.[21]..Even so, he survives and tries to take revenge on the Kengos, but is fatally injured and absorbed by Carmilla who escapes restraint.
  • The suit is divided into the whole body and arm cover, gloves and shoes, and the thimble gloves are worn over the white gloves with triple gloves, and the arm cover is attached.The peep of the eyes is cut at the upper edge, and a gauze is attached to the slit reminiscent of a crack in the mouth, which functions as a vent.Like Carmila and Dargon, it has a color timer and illuminations on the eyes, the amount of light can be adjusted individually, and it can be turned on and off from an external remote control.[32]..Replace the dagger hudrum with the arm cover in the extended state, and grasp the hidden grip extended from the blade.[32].
Dark Black Hero Trigger Dark
Appeared from the 10th episode.The original appearance of the trigger when it was once a giant of darkness[15][21]..Characterized by the jet-black coloring and the appearance of wearing armor, he was aiming for eternity core with Carmila and others.Its Special Move is released from both arms crossed in an L shape.Dark Zeperion Ray[15]..It was simply called "Trigger" by Carmila and others, and initially called "Dark Trigger" by GUTS-SELECT, but later named "Trigger Dark" by Tatsumi to distinguish it from Trigger.[16].
In modern times, the power of darkness overflows and awakens and returns to its original form due to the action of the magical power of darkness sent by Carmila on the trigger that was forcibly separated from Kengo by the power of darkness and stopped its activity. , Start sabotage[35][15][16]..However, Kengo, who has returned to the present age, fights against the transformed trigger and disappears after receiving the glitter trigger eternity Eternity Zerades.[15].
However, the energy released when it disappears is absorbed by Ignis, and Ignis revives in the form of transforming with Black Sparklens and Trigger Dark Key.At the time of transformation, the mouth is "The jet-black darkness that dyes the future ...!"[21]..Ignis will now take a special attack using the monster key that was secretly manufactured without permission, and at that time the head will be deformed[16]..Also, as a new technique, the Circle Arms Multi Sword that was temporarily stolen from the trigger is loaded with the Zygog key and released.Impact sword finishTo use.
Initially, he did not have complete control, and he could not keep his ego and left it to the anger of Hudrum to run away.[16]..However, after Ignis was captured by GUTS-SELECT, Akito improved the trigger dark key so that he could control the power and become life-sized.
  • Seima Muto, who was in charge of the design, said that he did not design the thing that the head changes when using the monster key.[36].

New monster from this work

As a feature of both, the monsters used by the dark giant have red eyes.[37].

Super Ancient Dark Monster Golber
Appeared in the first episode.A monster that first appeared on Mars after being used by Carmila.GolzaMelbaEach has its own characteristics, and Mitsukuni analyzes that both are fused.In addition to moving under the ground, the attack means are the flame bullets emitted from the eyes of Melva at the corner of the head, and the ramming while flying with the wings on the back widened from the protrusions on both shoulders.[37].
Invades the dome of the Martian colony to destroy the super-ancient ruins of Mars, but retreats once due to the attack of GUTS Sparklens by Mitsukuni.After that, when it reappears, it starts fighting against the resurrected trigger.It is hunted down in cooperation with Carmilla, but it is damaged by the Zeperion Sword finish, and finally it is used by Carmilla as a shield to prevent Zeperion rays and explodes into fine dust.[37].
Super Ancient Dark Monster Golber II
Appeared in episode 18.Golber suddenly emerged from another dimension[Annotation 3]..It looks the same as the Golber that appeared on Mars, but with more power.[35].
SomeoneThe mental attack of hunts down GUTS-SELECT and the trigger, which are no longer in battle, showing the illusion that their ideals are reflected as if they were real, but at the end they are defeated by the glitter trigger eternity eternity bomber who has returned to sanity. To.
Destruction dragon Death Drago
Appeared in episode 5.A monster that first appeared in the world of this work[9].. It has the nickname of "the monster of the beginning" because it triggered the establishment of TPU and GUTS-SELECT, and uses the blue electric shock emitted from the huge horn of the head as a means of attack.
When it first appeared six years ago, Mitsukuni blew off the right corner with a guts wing to retreat, but missed it, causing a lot of damage such as Akito's parents dying.[38].
Although it appears in Clara City in the main story, it retreats once due to a trigger attack.After that, the energy of darkness was sent from Carmila under the ground,Destruction Dark RyuTransformed into.You will be able to shoot electric shocks from the lost right corner and back fins, and it will be possible to make omnidirectional attacks and converge to one.Engage with Trigger again in Clara City and shoot down the arrow of Sky Arrow with electric shock to drive it to the advantage, but at the end it is defeated by Lambert Arrow Strike, which has increased power by accumulating electric shock energy in Sky Arrow.[38].
Planetary Destruction God Satan Delos
Appeared in episode 6.SomeoneGigaderosA robot monster that has been strengthened and remodeled to increase its strength.It is equipped with a device that creates a crystal-like barrier on the chest in all directions, and has the robustness that even the zeperion ray of the trigger can cause only a slight crack.However, it consumes a lot of energy because it always has a barrier, and it takes 1 hours of energy charge to operate for 1 hour a day.[35][38].
For three days after falling from space to an uninhabited island, he rejected the trigger and GUTS-SELECT three times by barrier and suppression shooting, and is called "The One Hour Demon" by the people of GUTS-SELECT.[35][38][15]..However, just before the fourth activity, the barrier generator is destroyed by the deadly battle between Ignis and GUTS-SELECT.After that, it will be a battle with Trigger with Hudrum, but it will be defeated by the attack of GUTS Falcon and Nurse Dessey when it is stopped by Sky Arrow.
Space Legend Demon Beast Metsuoga
Appeared in episode 16.A legendary demon beast whose ecology is handed down in space.In addition to using a powerful ray of light emitted from a huge mouth as a weapon, it has an infinite appetite, sucks and eats anything such as objects, energy, comets and planets like a vacuum cleaner, destroying one nebula and many more. Was messing with the stars[21]..The energy once absorbed is accumulated in the throat bag under the throat.[35].
Hudrum once brought it to Earth in the form of a sphere, but it was left unattended because it was feared that Metsuorochi, which will be described later, could absorb the eternity core.However, a sphere appears on the ground from a large hole opened in the construction site that collapsed in the aftermath of the battle between Trigger and Trigger Dark, and the seal is broken by Hudrum as the opponent of Trigger Dark.It also sucks the Zeperion ray of the trigger and drives it to the advantage, but after receiving and absorbing the Eternity Bomber of Glitter Trigger Eternity, the Maximaner Cannon of the Nurse Dessey Battle Mode was concentrated on the throat bag instead of the detonator. The impact of a high energy explosion inside the body kills him.However, Metsuorochi appears from the corpse.[20][21].
  • The suit is based on the Wooler of "Ultraman Taiga", changed to a white-based coloring, and the arm that was in the Wooler is lost.[20].
New Space Legend Demon Beast Metsuorochi
Appeared in episode 16.An evolved form of the demon beast born from the corpse of Metsuoga.Both the ability to absorb and release energy has been strengthened, and the absorption field is expanded from the protrusion on the back to a hemispherical shape of the upper body to attract all energy attacks such as precision guided radio waves and accumulate them in different spaces, as well as overhead. Generates a vortex of red energy and emits reflected rays with amplified energy[35][21]..However, since the absorbed energy is stored in the corners and controlled such as release, it has a weak point that the absorption power becomes dull during amplification.[20].
Appears in front of Trigger and Trigger Dark after engaging with Metsuoga, and once withdraws Trigger and Trigger Dark, which was on the verge of activity limit, but is temporarily petrified by the petrified rays emitted from the Battle Mode of the Nurse Dessey.After that, when it is released from petrification, the GUTS Falcon's live ammunition equipped with an old-fashioned weapon operated by Kengo destroys the corner of the head and weakens it, and finally it is destroyed by Eternity Vanish.[20][21].
  • The suit is based on "Ultraman Orb" Magaorochi, and the base color has been changed from red to blue.[20].
Dengeki Beastman Bali Gailer
Appeared in Episode 20.Grounder ThunderA blue electric shock beast who controls a different kind of thunder.Weapons include electric shocks, electric shock clubs, and restraint rings released from the tail, which are released from the corners of both hands and head by hitting the drum on the chest.The suction port on the wrist traps the inhaled prey in the navel.[35][20][21].
He is summoned from space by Hudrum and tries to abduct Yuna, who has been awakened by the power of Yuzare, who once suffered a pain in exchange for a thousand years' worth of the comet Manju, which is a specialty of Kisaragi, a favorite.He traps Akito in his navel and lures Yuna out, and traps Yuna in his navel instead, but finds out that Yuna has been deceived by Hudrum.After that, the navel is cut by Hudrum, and the navel is regained by the trigger.Then, in cooperation with Trigger, he dismissed Hudrum, reconciled with Yuna, and left for space.[20][21].
  • The suit is based on the ground ball of "Ultraman Taiga" and has been changed to a blue-based color.[20].
Karakuri Warrior Mekam Sashin
Appeared in episode 22.A giant robot like an armor warrior prepared by Ignis as a trap for the last game.Speaks Japanese in an old-fashioned tone."Janomegasser" like a huge Japanese umbrella that shoots a fireball from the tip and "Musashin Sword" that is a huge sword are weapons, "Fujiyama Zanba" that stores energy in the sword and emits evil slashing waves and enemies Use techniques such as "Hitodama Large Wheel" to entangle, and "Ukiyo Barrier", an energy frame barrier like Ukiyo-e.[35][20][21].
It appears when Kengo pushes the button of the device set by Ignis, and it becomes a trigger and a battle.He tosses the trigger and the Nurse Dessey with various techniques, but when he was blocking the Maximaner Cannon with the Ukiyo barrier, he was hit by a ray of light and exploded because one arm was cut by the trigger.[21]..After that, Musashin Sword goes from Trigger to Trigger Dark and is used in a single combat with Hudrum.
  • The suit is based on the demon of "Ultraman Orb", and the body other than the head is painted black.[20].

Other monsters and aliens


Casting was conducted in two ways: audition and direct offer.The former corresponds to Terasaka and Kaneko, and a remote audition was conducted in consideration of the effects of the new coronavirus.[39][40]..For the latter, actors like Toyota who have been paying attention to Sakamoto since then, and actors who have appeared in Sakamoto's directorial works such as Mizuno, Harukawa, Takagi, and Hosogai are selected.[39][34].


Voice appearance


  • Manaka Reina- Yokoyama Megumi (1,2)[13][Annotation 8]
  • Caster --Anna Matsunaga (1 --3)
  • Those who run away-Sera Kobayashi, Aoi (2)
  • Girl-Ass Hiki Yuka (4)
  • Akito as a Boy-Rin Hibiki Tokuyama (5)[Annotation 9]
  • Girls' Generation Yuna-Ryoune Hikichi (5)
  • Natsukawa Haruki- Kohshu Hirano (7,8)[24]
  • Reporter (7), Caster (8)- Madoka Nishijima
  • Passerby A-Human Kawanaka (8)
  • Passerby B-Shiori Hashiba (8)
  • Passerby C-Emi Soma (8)
  • People who run away-Takumi Security, Tsukasa Yoshikawa, Mariko Aoyama, Shota Takase (8)
  • Yurika Shizuma- Rina Aizawa (9)[Annotation 10]
  • Yuna's Classmate-Saki Takahashi (10)
  • Youth Ribut- Kamiyo Tsuchiya (14,15)[25]
  • Security guard - Hiroyuki Fukushima, Kentaro Nihei (15)
  • Richurians-Keichi Matsubayashi, Hiroshi Ito, Chihisa Kato, Nanae Nishitani (17)
  • Kiriel (mysterious man)- Makoto Takahashi (18,19)
  • Florist clerk-Hina Momose (18)
  • Researcher-Koji Kunishige (21)

Voice guest appearance

Suit actor

ス タ ッ フ

Naoki Hayashi, one of the series members, participated in the Ultra series for the first time, and as a scriptwriter who was interested in the series requested by Tsuburaya Productions but had never been involved in it,BLACKFOX: Age of the NinjaWas introduced through Sakamoto who was together in[4]..In addition, many creators who have participated in Sakamoto's directorial works such as Junichiro Ashiki, who is in charge of composition, Seima Muto and K-SuKe of design, Go Sakabe of music, etc. have been appointed.[39].

  • Supervision-Takayuki Tsukagoshi[9]
  • Executive Producer-Masayuki Nagatake[9]
  • Production --Masahiro Onda[9]
  • Planning --Kei Kurosawa, Keisuke Furusawa, Yukio Haruyama, Kai Tanaka, Kenji Hamada
  • Chief Producer- Tsugumi Kitaura[9]
  • Producers-Kazuyuki Murayama, Junko Oishi (TV Tokyo), Hayato Saga[9]
  • Music Producer-Yoichi Sekine[9]
  • musics - Tsuyoshi Sakabe[53][9]
  • Music production- Lantis
  • Music cooperation- TV Tokyo Music
  • Co-Producer-Yusho Okamoto
  • Program Promotion-Ryohei Tokuda
  • Planning Manager-Shota Iida (TV Tokyo)
  • Series composition-Naoki Hayashi, Junichiro Ashiki[53][9]
  • Screenplay-Naoki Hayashi, Toshizo Nemoto, Keigo Koyanagi,Sotaro Hayashi,Sumio Uetake,Jun Tsugita[53][9]
  • directed by - Koichi Sakamoto,Masayoshi Takesue, Kiyotaka Taguchi,Takanori Tsujimoto, Yasushi Ochi, Naoyuki Uchida[53][9]
  • Shooting --Satoshi Murakawa
  • Lighting-Atsushi Ogasawara
  • Art-Taro Kiba
  • Recording-Ichiro Hoshi
  • Practical-Izumi Negishi
  • Scripter-Kaoru Yamauchi, Miko Masuda, Yasuko Shibuya
  • Edit- Yosuke Yafune
  • Casting-Kazumasa Shimada
  • Assistant Director-Yasushi Ochi
  • Tokusatsu Assistant Director --Naoyuki Uchida
  • Action coordination- Daisuke Terai
  • Visual effects-Tomoaki Miwa
  • VFX Coordinator-Naoyasu Toyono
  • Special modeling-Yoshio Kameda, Norihiro Hara, Takumi Kojima
  • Character design-Masayuki Goto
  • Background- Shimakura XNUMX
  • Decoration-Michiko Kobayashi
  • Props-Koto Taketomi
  • Costume-Koji Ogida
  • Hair Makeup-Kiyoe Kaji
  • Storyboard-Kemon Kawamoto
  • Suit Actor Support-Mayumi Ohno
  • Character maintenance-Hideo Miyakawa, Mitsuru Hanatani
  • Main title logo design-Jun Takeuchi
  • Ultra-Ancient Design-Daisuke Ino
  • Dark Giant Design-Seima Muto[54]
  • Alien Metron Marul Design- K-SuKe[55]
  • Earth Science Supervision-Akihiko Shibahara
  • Yuzare Costume Production-Mako Miyazaki
  • Assistant Director-Ryuta Miyazaki, Tatsuya Hayashi, Takumi Sasahara
  • Shooting Assistant-Shinsuke Oshiro, Noboru Ando, ​​Ryu Kobayashi
  • Lighting Assistant-Jun Saito, Takumi Nakajo, Shihono Imamura
  • Recording Assistant-Kai Sawamura, Atsushi Minamikawa
  • Art Assistant-Yuiko Kurata, Yusuke Moriya, Satoshi Watanabe, Yuta Suzuki
  • Operation Assistant-Kenichi Ueda, Ryochu Shuhei, Kohei Sato
  • Hair Makeup Assistant-Asako Imanishi
  • Setting supervision- Hiroyasu Shibuya
  • Sound effects-Yuji Furuya
  • Assistant Producer-Hiroko Matsuda
  • Special cooperation- Toyota Motor Corporation
  • Ultraman Trigger Production Committee
  • Production - Tsuburaya Production,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.,Dentsu[53]


Theme song
Lyrics, composition and arrangement- R/O/N / Artist- Takao Sakuma
Used as an insert song in the first episode.The lyrics of episodes 1 to 1 and the special omnibus 13 and 1 are No. 2, and the lyrics of episode 1 are No. 14.
Ending theme
"Nanairo no Tane" (1 --13, Special Omnibus 1 and 2)[22]
Lyricist / Composer / Artist- ChouCho / Arrangement- Murayama☆Jun
"Those who see tomorrow" (14,16 --22, special omnibus 3)[57]
Lyrics- Mio Watanabe / Composition / Arrangement- Tsuyoshi Sakabe / Song-Kengo Manaka (Terasaka Yoriga), Shizuma Yuna (Luna Toyota), Hijiria Kito (Shunya Kaneko
"Ultra BOOT CAMP!" (15)
Lyrics- Youhei Matsui / Composition / Arrangement- AstroNoteS / Song-Youth Ribut (Shimba Tsuchiya)
It was also used as an insert song in episode 15, special omnibus 3.
Insert song
"Please sing my name!" (7)
Lyrics, composition, song- Masaaki Endo / Arrangement- Kyoichi Miyazaki (KEYTONE), Ryota Iida (KEYTONE)
"Metron Sunset" (13)
Lyrics-Yohei Matsui / Composition / Arrangement- Youichi Sakai / Song-Alien Metron Maruru (CV.M ・ A ・ O)
"Higher Fighter" (15)
Lyrics --Daisuke Kanemitsu / Composition / Arrangement-- Yuji Hamasaki / Song --Ancient times

Broadcast schedule

The week before the first episode broadcast, a special program was broadcast that introduced the trigger with information on Tiga.[58]..In addition, between episodes 4 and 5, and episodes 19 and 20, a special omnibus dealing with the main story and past works was broadcast.

Broadcast timesAirdatesubtitleMain appearance monstersscriptdirected by
Special number2021
0October03 days
Special just before "Ultraman Trigger"
~ The light of hope that protects your smile ~
Episode 1-Episode 4 Appearance MonsterJunichiro Ashiki
Yusuke Murakami
Episode 10May 7Connection of lightCarmila
Hayashi NaokiKoichi Sakamoto
Episode 20May 7Flying to the futureDargon
Episode 30May 7Ultra-ancient light and darknessHudrum
Episode 40May 7For a smileOkagubiraToshizo NemotoMasayoshi Takesue
Special omnibus (1)0October07 daysThe power to protect peaceDevan
Episode 1-The monster / alien that appeared in Episode 4
Junichiro Ashiki
Yusuke Murakami
Special omnibus (2)0May 8Hero flying in space
Episode 50May 8Akito's PromiseDargon
Death Drago
Toshizo NemotoMasayoshi Takesue
Episode 60May 8The one hour devilHudrum
Satan de los
Episode 70October04 daysInter UniverseBarossa Alien (XNUMXth generation)
Baby Zandrias Kedamya
Keisuke KoyanagiKiyotaka Taguchi
Episode 80May 9Propagating aggressionDada (PDO-3A / B / C)
King Joe Storage Custom
Episode 90May 9The wings of that dayGargorgonSotaro HayashiTakanori Tsujimoto
Episode 100May 9Shaking heartZaragas
Episode 11October02 daysEncounter of light and darknessTrigger dark
Hayashi NaokiMasayoshi Takesue
Episode 12October09 daysThe XNUMX Million Years Miracle
Episode 13May 10Targeted Captain-Maruuru Detective Casebook-Appearance monsters of episodes 1-12Junichiro AshikiNaoyuki Uchida
Episode 14May 10Golden threatAbsolute Tartarus
Absolute Diabolo
Deabolic (14)
Koichi Sakamoto
Episode 15May 10Operation dragon
Episode 16October06 daysSneering DestructionTrigger dark
Metsuoga (16)
Sumio UetakeYasushi Ochi
Episode 17May 11Angry feast
Episode 18May 11Operation Smile No. XNUMXGolber II
Toshizo NemotoKiyotaka Taguchi
Episode 19May 11Savior qualificationKYRIELOID
Special omnibus (3)October04 daysFlowers of evil in full bloomDevanJunichiro Ashiki
Yusuke Murakami
Episode 20May 12The blue guy is with an electric shockBali GailerJun TsugitaTakanori Tsujimoto
Episode 21May 12The devil againvanilla
Episode 22May 12Last gameMekamsassinJunichiro Ashiki


Japanese TV / Broadcast period and time[59]
Broadcast period Airtime Broadcaster Target area [60] Remarks
October 2021, 7- Saturday 9: 00 - 9: 30 Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd. Kanto wide area Production Bureau
TV Hokkaido Hokkaido
TV Aichi Aichi
TV Osaka Osaka
TV set Okayama prefecture, Kagawa prefecture
TVQ Kyushu Broadcasting Fukuoka
October 2021, 7- Friday 19:00-19:30 Gifuhoso Gifu
October 2021, 7- Saturday 5: 30 - 6: 00 Sendai Broadcast Miyagi
May 2021-June 7, 24
October 2021, 10-
Saturday 5: 45 - 6: 15
Saturday 6: 00 - 6: 30
Broadcasting System of Niigata Niigata
October 2021, 7- Sunday 5:20-5:50 Hiroshima Home TV Hiroshima
October 2021, 8- Sunday 5:15-5:45 Northern Japan Broadcasting Toyama
Sunday 5:20-5:50 Nagano Asahi Broadcasting Nagano
Sunday 5:45-6:15 Shizuoka Daiichi Television Shizuoka
October 2021, 8- Sunday 6:15-6:45 Ryukyu Broadcasting Okinawa
October 2021, 8- Sunday 6:30-7:00 Ishikawa TV Ishikawa
May 2021-June 8, 27
October 2021, 10-
Friday 5:30-6:00
Sunday 5:15-5:45[61]
Miyazakihoso Miyazaki
May 2021-June 8, 28
October 2021, 10-
Saturday 5: 45 - 6: 15
Saturday 6: 00 - 6: 30
TV You Fukushima Fukushima
Internet in Japan / Broadcast period and time[59]
Delivery start date Delivery time Delivery site
2021/7/10 Updated Saturday 9:30
  • Internet is also TV Tokyo


"Ultraman Trigger Episode Z" is a feature film scheduled to be released in theaters and distributed at TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION from March 2022, 3.[62][21].

Production was announced at the program "TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 2021 SPECIAL PROGRAM" that makes various announcements in the event "TSUBURAYA CONVENTION 12" in December 2021.[63].

It is a story titled "Ultraman Trigger NEW GENERATION TIGA", and depicts the stage two years after the final episode of the main story.The director was in charge of the main part of the TV seriesKoichi SakamotoInstead ofUltraman R/BI tried to be the main directorMasayoshi TakesueIn addition to being in charge, as a guestYuichi NakamuraWill appear in the role of new captain[64][65][62][21].

Guest character

Tokioka Ryuichi
A man who acted as the captain of the new GUTS-SELECT on behalf of Tatsumi who was transferred to the Information Bureau[62][21].
An archaeologist who once discovered Ancient Sparklens, gave technical advice in the development of equipment such as GUTS Sparklens, and is regarded as a super-ancient expert.He is the right arm of Mitsukuni, and although he is a substitute, he has a lot of trust from the members, and he gives accurate instructions to the members and carries out the operation.[62][21].
An organization that worships ultra-ancient civilizations and uses its power to transform the world into their utopia.It is hidden by a mask and hood, and has a back and mask that looks like ancient bronze.[62].
Lyler Ibra[21]

Guest hero

Ultraman Z Original
  • Alpha edge

Appearance monster Ultraman (movie)

Death Drago[62]
Ferocious Space Shark Genegarg[62]
Evil Trigger
A dark warrior who suddenly appeared.It looks like a trigger, and its Special Move isEvil shoot[62].
  • The motif is Evil Tiga, which appeared in the 44th episode of "Tiga", "The Successor of Shadows".[62].

Cast (movie)

Voice appearance (movie)

Staff (movie)

  • Supervision-Takayuki Tsukagoshi[21][66]
  • Chief Producer --Tsugumi Kitaura[66]
  • Producer-Kazuyuki Murayama[66]
  • Music-Go Sakabe[21][66]
  • Screenplay-Toshizo Nemoto[21][66]
  • Shooting --Satoshi Murakawa[66]
  • Lighting-Atsushi Ogasawara[66]
  • Art-Taro Kiba[66]
  • Recording-Ichiro Hoshi[66]
  • Edit --Yosuke Yafune[66]
  • Casting-Kazumasa Shimada[66]
  • Action Coordination-Daisuke Terai[66]
  • VFX-Tomoaki Miwa[66]
  • Ultraman Trigger Special Edition Production Committee[66]
  • Theater distribution- BANDAI NAMCO ARTS, Tsuburaya Productions[66]
  • Director-Masayoshi Takesue[21][66]

Music (movie)

Theme song
"Those who see tomorrow"[66]
Lyrics- Sayuri Horishita / Composition-Kosuke Morimoto / Arrangement- Toru Watanabe×Hirofumi Hibino / Song-Kengo Manaka (Terasaka Yoriga), Shizuma Yuna (Luna Toyota), Hijiria Kito (Shunya Kaneko

Other media development

short film

Marutto Navi

Available on TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION from July 2021, 7.Introducing the heroes, monsters, and terms that Alien Metron Marul is working on[67].

Number of storiesDelivery datesubtitle
May 7
Ultraman Trigger Multi Type
#02May 7Ultraman Trigger Power Type
#03May 7Ultraman Trigger Sky Type
#04May 7GUTS Falcon
#05May 8GUTS Sparklens
#06May 8Planetary Destruction God Satan Delos
#07October04 daysUltraman Zet
#08May 9King Joe Storage Custom
#09May 9Petrified Demon Beast Gargorgon
#10May 9Rigid Fighter Dargon
#11October02 daysAgility Strategy Officer Hudrum
#12October09 daysGlitter Trigger Eternity
#13May 10Alien Metron Marul
#14May 10Absolute Tian
#15May 10Ultraman Ribut
#16October06 daysDark Black Hero Trigger Dark
#17May 11Nurse Dessey
#18May 11Super Ancient Dark Monster Golber
#19May 11Ultraman Tiga
#20May 12Dengeki Beast God Bali Gailer
#21May 12Aboras Banila
#22May 12Karakuri Warrior Mekam Sashin

Nurse Dessey Development Secret Story-Special Affairs Division 3 Struggle Record-

From July 2021, 7, it is being delivered under the standard premium plan of TSUBURAYA IMAGINATION. Draw Maruru before the main story assigned to the special affairs section 10 of the engineering department of TPU[67].

  • Voice of Alien Metron Marul --MAO
  • Hotta Masamichi- Munetoshi Takubo
  • Yazaki Terumi-Yamazaki Shio
ス タ ッ フ
  • Screenplay-Junichiro Ashiki
  • Director-Yusuke Murakami

Number of storiesDelivery datesubtitle
May 7
Hotta and Marul
#02May 7Accounting Termi-chan
#03May 7Second alien
#04May 7Don't forget the main subject
#05May 8Genius high school student
#06May 8Its name is GUTS Falcon
#07October04 daysFind hints
#08May 9presentation
#09May 9Switch the control system
#10May 9休息
#11October02 daysGUTS Falcon remodeling plan
#12October09 daysNew combat boat
#13May 10Alien Conference
#14May 10Wild Alien
#15May 10Space dragon nurse
#16October06 daysMichiru is here!
#17May 11The whole picture of the new model
#18May 11Accounting demon
#19May 11name
#20May 12Decide on a layout
#21May 122nd Alien Conference
#22May 12Command room

Commemorative special video

"Ultraman 55th Anniversary "Ultraman Day" Special Video [Ultraman Trigger & First Ultraman, Dream Competition! ]Is a short video of the trigger cross-touching with Ultraman in commemoration of "Ultraman's Day" on YouTube Ultraman official.

Delivery datetitlecharacters
May 7
Ultraman 55th Anniversary
"Ultraman Day" special video
[Ultraman Trigger & First Ultraman, Dream Competition! ][68]
Ultraman Trigger, Ultraman

Voice drama

On the same time axis as the main storyGalaxy Rescue ForceDraw "Galaxy Rescue Force Voice DramaIs being distributed on YouTube's Ultraman official channel from July 2021, 7.[67].

During the workUltraman RibutNot only the members of Galaxy Rescue Force including, but also Ultraman of other organizations with which we have a cooperative relationship will appear.

Voice appearance[67]
ス タ ッ フ
  • Screenplay-Junichiro Ashiki
  • Edit --Toshiaki Sakaguchi
  • Title CG --Reika Shibuya

Number of storiesDelivery datesubtitle
1 times2021
May 7
2 timesMay 7sky[70]
3 timesMay 7Andromeros[71]
4 timesMay 7Man of the Science and Technology Bureau[72]
5 timesOctober07 daysQueen Izana[73]
6 timesMay 8The strongest and fastest Ultraman[74]
7 timesMay 8Warrior of the Warrior HQ[75]
8 timesMay 8Talks[76]
9 timesOctober04 daysSpace operative Kenis[77]
10 timesMay 9Space justice[78]
11 timesMay 9Flowers and stars[79]
12 timesMay 9Teacher's teaching[80]
13 timesOctober02 daysNew member[81]
14 timesOctober09 daysPoccola[82]
15 timesMay 10Dream match[83]
16 timesMay 10Experienced skills[84]
17 timesMay 10Monster planet[85]
18 timesOctober06 daysscout[86]
19 timesMay 11Alien Balbalu RB[87]
20 timesMay 11Return home[88]
21 timesMay 11Training[89]
22 timesOctober04 daysThe song is magic[90]
23 timesMay 12相 談[91]
24 timesMay 12Skipping habit[92]
25 timesMay 12Nova[93]

Live attractions

"INTO THE STORY Ultraman Trigger -Ultra Ancient Treasure-"
The first immersive live attraction delivered on the live streaming service "Z-aN" on December 2021, 12, January 18 and 2022, 1.Viewers can communicate with the performers, and the story can be selected by the viewer.[94].
screenDelivery datesubtitleLive appearance
Act One2021/12/18The story that opens the doorTerasaka Yoriga(Role of Kengo Manaka)
Second act2022/1/8A story dyed in darknessTakaya Aoyagi(As a juggler)
Act Three2022/1/9A story that wishes for the futureKohshu Hirano(As Natsukawa Haruki)


Data card"Ultraman Fusion Fight!"
The series "Ultraman Fusion Fight! BEYOND GENERATIONSIs in operation from July 2021, 7[95].


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注 釈

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