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🎭 | [Tell me] No.723 “REI ・ KO ・ Studio Ray representative who celebrated the 20th anniversary of dance live”


[Tell me] No.723 "REI, KO, Studio Ray representative who celebrated the 20th anniversary of dance live"

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The on-campus dance circle "ADL", which was founded while attending Aoyama Gakuin University, is still known as a popular circle to which more than 300 students belong.

The dance performance "Lil Ray Dance Studio Live" sponsored by Studio Ray, which is held every year in Yamaguchi City and Hagi City, is 2 ... → Continue reading

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First published in 1978. We issue 3 copies of free local information paper three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the distribution area of ​​Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. In addition to daily life information, we also deal with "hard articles" such as Yamaguchi Prefectural Government, Yamaguchi City Government, and local economy.

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Aoyama Gakuin

Aoyama Gakuin(Gakkou Hojin Aoyama Gakuin)Japan OfSchool corporation.


Aoyama Gakuin1874/(Meiji 7)Dora E. Scoon MakerByTokyo cityAzabuEstablished in Shinbori TownGirls' elementary schoolWhen,1878/(Meiji 11)Julius SoperByKyobashi WardTsukijiEstablished in 1 chomeKoukyosha,further1879/(Meiji 12)Robert S. McRaeByYokohama-YamateWas established in the districtBikai SeminaryThere are three schools as mothers.

All three of these schoolsUS Methodist Episcopal ChurchDispatched fromMissionaryWas founded by Aoyama Gakuinキ リ ス ト 教Protestant-Methodist OfMission schoolIs. It is a comprehensive school that has everything from kindergarten to graduate school. The school has2014/(26) celebrated its 140th anniversary.

Origin of school name

My current address isShibuyaHowever, the former Tokyo English School of Aoyama GakuinTsukijiから1883/Moved toTokyo English SchoolAt that time, the surrounding area was "AoyamaThe land is called "and the address isTokyoAkasaka WardIt was XNUMX-chome, Minami-cho, Aoyama.KomatsunomiyaHome land). Aoyama Minamimachi XNUMX-chome1889/ OfMunicipal systemMunicipal systemWith enforcementMinamitoshima-gunShibuya Village(1909/Town system enforcement,1932/Tokyo cityWill be transferred to Shibuya Ward).1928/The town name was changed to Midorioka Town,1966/ OfHouse displayWith the implementation, it became the current place name.

The name of "Eiwa" is1880 era OfEuropeanismThere was a fascinating sound in the times,NationalismWith the rise of Aoyama, there was a backlash and it no longer matched the more complicated educational content, so it was decided to take the place name of Aoyama and call it "Aoyama Gakuin" (the name isYoichi HondaIt is said that)[1].


  • 1872/(Meiji05 years)- US Methodist Episcopal Church, Resolved to start Japanese evangelism at the mission bureau meeting[2].
  • 1873/(Meiji06 years)- Robert S. McRaeCome to Japan and establish the Japanese Mission Department[3].
  • 1874/(Meiji07 years)May 11 - DE scoon makerOpened the girls' elementary school (anniversary day).
  • 1875/(Meiji08 years)-Renamed elementary school to salvation school.
  • 1877/(10th year of Meiji)-Salvation schoolKaigan Girls' SchoolRenamed to.
  • 1878/(11th year of Meiji)- Julius SoperOpened the Kogyo Gakusha.
  • 1879/(Meiji 12) --McClay opens the Bikai Theological Seminary.
  • 1881/(14th year of Meiji)-Tokyo English SchoolRenamed to.
  • 1882/(15th year of the Meiji era)-Joint seminar with Tokyo Metropolitan English School. Tokyo English School, AoyamaPioneerAgricultural Experiment StationSecond governmentSite[4](Approximately 3 millionTsubo) Buy.
  • 1883/(Meiji 16)-Tokyo English SchoolTokyo English SchoolRenamed to.
  • 1888/(21st year of the Meiji era)-Tokyo Girls' High School borrowed land at Tokyo Eiwa School for a period of 40 years, transferring only senior students. Renamed Tokyo English and Japanese Girls School (not joint at this time).
  • 1893/(Meiji 26)-Aoyama Gakuin Alumni Association was established. Kaigan Girls' School Kindergarten opens.
  • 1894/(Meiji 27)-Tokyo English School was renamed Aoyama Gakuin. Established theology department, ordinary department (higher ordinary department, English normal department, preparatory department). Tokyo Eiwa Girls' School merged with lower class students who remained as Kaigan Girls' School.
  • 1895/(Meiji 28)-Renamed Aoyama Jogakuin to Tokyo Eiwa Girls' School. There are general faculties (higher/preparatory/ordinary), handicrafts, and kindergarten.
  • 1899/(Meiji 32)-The coastal girls' school kindergarten closed.
  • 1899/(Meiji 32 years)-Aoyama Jogakuin handicraft department becomes independent and becomes Aoyama Women's Handicraft School.
  • 1904/(37th year of Meiji)-Aoyama Gakuin High School, Theology, Aoyama Jogakuin English Specialization receives vocational school approval.
  • 1918/(Taisho07 years)-as a Christian Christian Women's Higher Education InstitutionTokyo Women's UniversityAoyama Jogakuin closed the English specialization department and established a practical department, a home economics department, and a sewing school to cooperate in the establishment of the company.
  • 1923/(12th year of Taisho)- Great Kanto EarthquakeThe main auditorium, High School (Katsudakan), Junior High School, and Theology School were destroyed.
  • 1927/(Showa02 years)-Aoyama Gakuin and Aoyama Jogakuin jointly set up theology, high school, junior high school, high school girls (major course, main course).
  • 1929/(Showa04 years)-renamed the College of High School Girls High School.
  • 1933/(Showa08 years)-Department of high school girls (Department of Home Economics) is authorized as a vocational school, renamed the Department of Women (Department of Home Economics).
  • 1935/(10th year of the year)-Faculty of higher education was reorganized into the Faculty of Letters and the College of Higher Commerce, and the Faculty of Letters established the Department of Literature and English Normal Studies, and the College of Higher Commerce established the Commercial Course.
  • 1937/(12th year of Showa)-Aoyama Gakuin Elementary School Foundation established, Aoyama Gakuin Midorioka Elementary School and Kindergarten.


  • 1941/(Showa 16)-Renamed Aoyama Gakuin Midorioka Elementary School to Aoyama Gakuin Midorioka Elementary School.
  • 1943/(Showa 18)-Closed theology departmentEastern Japan SeminaryToJapan Women's Theological SeminaryJoin)[5]
  • 1944/(Showa 19)-Closed Aoyama Gakuin Midorioka Kindergarten. Closed specialized departments (faculty of literature, department of higher commerce),Meiji Gakuin CollegeMerged with. Opened Aoyama Gakuin Technical College.
  • 1945/(Showa 20)- U.S. ForcesbyAir raidDamaged by the disaster, about 7% of the school building was burned down
  • 1946/(Showa 21)-Aoyama Gakuin Midorioka elementary school and Aoyama Gakuin elementary school. Aoyama Gakuin Women's College (Bunka/Foreign Languages/Home Economics/Housework) is established. Aoyama Gakuin College of Technology was renamed Aoyama Gakuin College of Technology, and English, Economics, Machinery, and Civil Engineering were established.Tokyo University of AgricultureTokiwamatsuPurchase the site of the campus and expand the Aoyama campus.
  • 1947/(Showa 22)-Co-educational secondary school (3 years system) that provides lower secondary education.
  • 1948/(23)-Junior high school is a high school that provides secondary education, and high school girls are high school girls.
  • 1949/(Showa 24)- Aoyama Gakuin University(Faculty of Literature (British and American Literature, Christian Studies), Faculty of Commerce, Faculty of Engineering) is approved.
  • 1950/(Showa 25)-Integrated high school girls' high school. Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College opens.
  • 1951/(Showa 26)-Reorganized Aoyama Gakuin Foundation to Aoyama Gakuin Foundation.
  • 1961/(Showa 36)-Established Aoyama Gakuin kindergarten.
  • 1986/(Showa 61)Aoyama Gakuin Secondary School/High SchoolInstalled.
  • 2009/(21)- Yokosuka AcademySigned educational partnership agreement with[6].
  • 2018/(30)-Yokohama Eiwa Jogakuin Junior and Senior High Schools as affiliated schools,Aoyama Gakuin Yokohama Eiwa Junior and Senior High SchoolIs renamed.
  • 2022/(Reiwa 4th year) --Aoyama Gakuin Women's Junior College is closed.

Installation organization

Institutions that were set up in the past

School motto

"Salt of the Earth, Light of the World" (Matthew 5: 13-16)

school song

Successive directors

Deputy Chief of Staff

Related organization

Affiliated school/Education partner school


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