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🎥 | Two movies that re-question the way life and society should be screened on July 2th

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Two movies that re-examine the way life and society should be screened on July 2th

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The directors are Yukio Iokibe, a former announcer of Tulip Television, and Satoshi Sunazawa, a reporter at the time.

A movie screening by the Saikyo Cine Club will be held at the Yamaguchi Prefectural Education Center (7 Otemachi, Yamaguchi City) on Sunday, July 4th.Screening ... → Continue reading

 Sunday Yamaguchi

First published in 1978. We issue 3 copies of free local information paper three times a week on Wednesday, Friday and Saturday in the distribution area of ​​Yamaguchi City, Yamaguchi Prefecture. In addition to daily life information, we also deal with "hard articles" such as Yamaguchi Prefectural Government, Yamaguchi City Government, and local economy.

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Tulip TV

Tulip Television Co., Ltd.(British: Tulip-TV Inc.) IsToyamaTheBroadcast target areaToTelevision broadcastingI doSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Popular name TheTulip,AbbreviationAsTUTもあるが現在は一部を除きあまり使用されていない[4].. In addition,TulipIs also a prefectural flower of Toyama prefecture.


TBS TVIs the key stationJNNOf seriesTV station..Toyama master stationcallsign TheJOJH-DTV.Remote control key IDIs "6, The physical channel of the master station 22 ch And both are the same as TBS.

From the investment base and the background of its establishment, Toyama PrefectureTerrestrial waveThe only TV stationTakaokaToMain officePut.Broadcasting CenterIs separateToyamaIt is installed in, and broadcasting and transmission are done from the broadcasting center.

AbbreviationTUTIs the company name at the time of openingTV You Tomiyama"(TV-U TIt comes from oyama, which has only been used for two years since its opening), butTulip Television」と読むことで現社名の略称とも解釈している。旧社名の"TV you"Is a latecomer to the JNN series, which opened after the 1980s.UHF stationName unified to (Ai TVHowever, the same name is used.TV You Yamagata,TV You FukushimaThe situation is different from[5]、地元企業が相当の資本参加をしていることに特徴がある。

チューリップを象ったロゴマークは、グラフィックデザイナーのIkko Tanakaが一般公募の中から審査され、選ばれたものである[6].

We carry out data broadcasting, and the program guide service "G guideIs being delivered.

Broadcasting Center is oldIntecThe building of the Toyama Building (completed on January 1975, 50) is used.[7][8] However, a new three-story broadcasting center will be completed next to the current broadcasting center at the end of October 3 (Reiwa 2021), and will start operation in August 3 (Reiwa 10).[9]..Also, when the head office was founded, it was located in the Hirokoji Building in Takaoka City.[10]Since then, the relocation has been repeated.


Headquarters (Takaoka)
  • ToyamaTakaokaMarunouchi No. 1-40 Takaoka Chamber of Commerce Building 3rd floor (post code 933-0912)
Broadcasting Center / Toyama Branch
  • ToyamaToyamaOkudahonmachi 8-24 (Postal code 930-8539)
Shinkawa branch office
  • ToyamaUozuShakado 12-18-5 Uozu Chamber of Commerce Building XNUMXth floor
Kanazawa branch
Tokyo branch office
Osaka branch

Capital structure

The name of the company/organization at that time. Source:[11][12][13]


It can be said that Takaoka City is the top in the business worldSankyo Tateyama, IT company originated in Toyama cityIntec, Key stationTBS HoldingsIs a major shareholder.

Below this, major media companies and local newspaper companies have thinly and widely participated in capital.We have a cooperative relationship in news distribution etc.Toyama newspaper(As a corporate entityHokoku newspaper), But should be in conflictNorthern Japan NewspaperAndAsahi Shimbun,Yomiuri Shimbun,Chunichi Shimbun,Nihon Keizai Shimbun,Fuji Media HoldingsIs also participating in capital.It can be said that the shareholder composition that can be regarded as Wuyue Doshu is a characteristic of the latecomers in the regions where the license limit for commercial broadcasting is limited.


CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
2000 million yen40,000 share72
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Sankyo Tateyama5,000 share12.50%
Intec4,900 share12.25%
TBS Holdings4,400 share11.00%
Asahi Shimbun1,600 share04.00%
Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office1,600 share04.00%
Fuji Media Holdings1,600 share04.00%
Kitaguni Shimbun1,300 share03.25%
Chunichi Shimbun1,300 share03.25%
Nihon Keizai Shimbun1,300 share03.25%
Central Japan Broadcasting Company1,200 share03.00%
Kita Nihon Shimbun1,200 share03.00%
Tonami Holdings1,200 share03.00%

Past capital structure


Network transition

At the time of the decision to allocate the third station in the Toyama area in 1986,TV Asahi seriesThe opening of the station was considered to be promising[14].

Broadcast channel

Due to the topography of Toyama Prefecture, the number of relay stations that need to be installed is limited, so other stationsHeisei New BureauThe relay station installation rate is higher than that of, and it is the first UHF station in the prefecture for analog broadcasting.Toyama TV BroadcastThere was only one less station (the only relay station that was not installed was Himi Ronden, but in terrestrial digital broadcasting, a relay station was installed as a new digital station).In addition to the entire Toyama prefecture, it can also be received in some areas of Ishikawa and Niigata prefectures.

master station
Relay station
  • Fukumitsu: 21ch
  • Unazuki: 51ch
  • Takaoka Futagami: 47ch
  • Fine entry: 42ch
  • Mt. Ooyama Omi: 42ch
  • Himi: 22ch
  • Himi Ronden: 22ch
  • Unazuki Ohara: 22ch
  • Hosoi Inotani: 22ch

Analog broadcasting overview

Broadcast channel2011/May 7The one when it ended at 12 o'clock.

master station
Relay station
  • Hosoi Inotani 37ch
  • Oyabe 39ch
  • Osawano 41ch
  • Uehira 41ch
  • Manyo Takaoka 42 ch
  • Unazuki 44ch
  • Yao Kohase 53ch
  • Takaoka Yada 53ch
  • Etchudaira 53ch
  • Uehira Akao 54ch
  • Himi 55ch (vertical polarization)
  • Mt. Ooyama Omi 57ch
  • Unazuki Ohara 60ch
  • Fukumitsu 60 ch
  • Toga 60ch
  • Takaoka Futagami 61ch

Programs currently on air

As of April 2022.For details on the current program, see the official website Program information Or A TV schedule See.Taizi TheSubtitled broadcasting.

In-house program

  • News 6(Monday --Friday 18:15 --18:53) * When broadcasting special programs from 18:30, until 18:15 --18:23Tulip TV NEWSIt will be replaced and broadcast.
  • Happy time(Monday --Friday 18:53 --19:00, Saturday 17:23 --17:30, Sunday 16:53 --17:00)
    • "Specialty! Hanamaru Shopping" is also broadcast irregularly.
  • Toyama Municipal AdministrationNews (Tuesday 10:56 --11:00)[22]
  • In the middleのバズっちゃ!!(火曜 23:56 - 24:18。2022å¹´5月3日スタート)[23]
  • Happy Aeon (Thursday 10:50 --10:56, Rebroadcast: Thursday 15:40 --15:46, same name as the program that was broadcast on KNB until June 2021)
  • Tulip TV NEWS (Friday 22:54 --23:00)
Saturday / Sunday
  • Mitaino Collection(Saturday 16:54 --17:20, rebroadcast: Tuesday 9:55 --10:21)
  • ViVa! Weekend (Saturday 18:50 --18:55)
  • Life Navi TV (Sunday 12:54 --13:00 and other spot life information programs)
  • Toyama Memorandum Night (Sunday 21:54 --22: 00, Rebroadcast: Friday 10:56 --11:00)[24]

TBS series program

* Posted a delayed online program.

TV Asahi series program

TV TOKYO series program

Other programs

Programs broadcast in the past

In-house program

Programs outside the affiliate

(The ☆ mark indicates that the program itself continues)

TV Asahi series

TV Tokyo series

Anime / SFX / Educational programs

In the past, Tulip Television broadcast many TV Tokyo programs.

Princess Ribbon→Little Red Riding Hood→Nurse Angel Ririka SOS→Toys for children
Absolutely invincible Raijin-O→Genki Bakuhatsu Ganbaruga→Hot-blooded strongest Gozaurer


Taiwan-Korean drama

Until 2011, it was actively broadcast from 10 am to 10:55 am from Monday to Thursday, but from 2012, it was rebroadcast of TBS series drama and other series.Sales broadcastIt is not broadcast because it was switched to.

▼ mark is Taiwanese drama


Fuji Television Network, IncBecause of the capital participation, until around 1995, many Fuji TV series animations were rebroadcast.

TBS-affiliated programs that moved to the Internet at the time of opening

Programs marked with ▼ are programs that have transitioned from being discontinued.

Northern Japan Broadcastingから
Toyama TVから

TBS series program broadcast in Toyama for the first time since the opening of the station

Many others




The former announcer

Other performers

  • Seiji Tanaka(Singer, involved as the main moderator of "Chulip Wide" at the beginning of the station)
  • Takenobu Gokita(Free announcer Seiji Tanaka took turns as the main moderator of "Chulip Wide". After that, he was in charge of the main of "News Forest Toyama" until he was replaced by Koji Baba.)

Mascot character

The station character isSaki-chanとSaitaro-kun.

2000/May 2に開局10周年マスコットキャラクターとして初登場。名前は3,937通の中から選ばれた[19]、番宣番組「さいたろうくんTV」「さきちゃんTV」にも局キャラがアニメで登場している。 また、開局3周年にあたる1993年には、「3 Nen A Gumi Tulip HanakoThere was a time when the character "" was used[54].

catch copy

  • Tomorrow, be happier.


  • The head office is on the 3rd floor of the Takaoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Hirokoji, Takaoka City.The company building has been relocated several times in the past.Also, the broadcasting center in Toyama CityToyama FM BroadcastingAdjacent to the head office and performance hall of (FM Toyama).
  • "JNN Flash News』In the opening and ending of the" waterfall flow "opening eraNakamura HachidaiI used the theme song of the composition.
  • The TV column notation of Tulip TV is generallyTulipIn Although,Nihon Keizai ShimbunIn the TV section of (Hokuriku version / Shinetsu version)Tulip TV(Full size posted),Asahi Shimbun(Osaka Head OfficeVersion)Tulip TV(Toyama is full size, Ishikawa is half size).Also, the abbreviation TUT isYomiuri Shimbun Hokuriku BranchIssued byYomiuri ShimbunIt is the only one used in TV (other than this, only TV guide magazines).
  • The abbreviation TUT is not used on regular broadcasts,BS-TBSWas broadcast onNEWS21 Saturday Scope"and"NEWS21 Sunday Scope Economic EditionIt was used in the 1st corner "Archipelago 3000km" (LogoBecause there is no[55], Displayed in normal news font).
  • The official website did not have a program guide for a long time, but at the same time as the official website was renewed in April 2009, a week's worth of program schedule was set up.
  • August 2009, 8,Nico Nico DougaEstablished the official channel "Tulip TV Channel".As a local station, it is also a TBS affiliate.Ryukyu BroadcastingIt will be next to.As for the content, self-introduction of the company announcer, "Oldness and CM grand prix』, But videos such as excellent works and events held in Toyama Prefecture are the main, but it is rare for the official page of the station after the end of the broadcastColor barAnd the opening and closing videos are also released (especially the color bar is "It's a color bar, but what?""Summer vacation color bar festival""A color bar that is useless if you force it", Has released as many as three videos).
  • TBS NEWSFor news items covered by JNN affiliated stations of (CS broadcasting), it is customary to write the English abbreviation logo of the broadcasting station at the bottom right of the screen, but the authorities say "TUT" instead of "TUT".Tulip TV」(社名ロゴ)として表記される。なお「TBS NEWS」(当時は「TBSニュースバード」)のサイマル放送は2018年(平成30年)3月末までは早朝定時番組(最末期では月曜〜金曜は4:00〜4:25、土曜と日曜は4:00〜4:30)として放送されていた。
  • "Gogosuma -GO GO!Smile!-In the relay project "Today's Dare Nansa-Archipelago Student Report", when displaying the list of participating stations on the monitor of the studio, the symbol mark and the Gothic "TUT" are used together.
  • As of February 2022 (Reiwa 4), the broadcast start time is 2:4 on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and 20:4 on Saturday and Sunday.

Related Companies

  • Hokuriku Tulip Co., Ltd .: TV production company


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