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🎵 | Ryoff Karma, Subaru Kimura, Akkogorilla appear!Snickers' new WebCM released


Ryoff Karma, Subaru Kimura, Akkogorilla appear!Snickers' new WebCM released

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In the new WebCM, boys and girls are so hungry that they transform into rappers like Ryoff Karma, Subaru Kimura, and Akko Gorilla, and put their hungry moody on a unique rap full of individuality. The story is that when you eat the Snickers offered at the moment of touching, you will regain your original self from satisfaction.

One-size-fits-all Snickers "Snickers Mobile TM" will be available at convenience stores nationwide from March 3th ... → Continue reading


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    Snickers(Snickers) is an AmericanMarsManufactureschocolate barWith the brandnougatToキ ャ ラ メ ルとPeanutsThetoppingThen,Milk chocolateIt is wrapped in.Snickers' annual worldwide sales were $ 2004 billion as of 20.Compact shape and excellent portability, energy such as sugars and lipids 248KilocalieBecause it can be taken quickly with one bottleSurvival foodAnd militaryRationAlso used for.[Source required]


    originalRecipesSnickers1930/To(English edition)And Ethel Mars(English edition)It was released as the second product of Mars, Incorporated after.The product name comes from the horses owned by the Mars family.The price at that time was 2CentMet.1968/A small "fan-sized" bar was launched in Japan, and even todayHalloweenIt is very popular as a sweet to give to children who parade "Trick or Treat" in the evening.the 1970sからthe 1980sOverMovie theaterFor sale in a big way, of rivalsSnack barIt sold better than the others.Diversification of tastedietAlthough sales fell due to the epidemic, it is still one of the most popular confectioneries.Around the worldsupermarket,Drug storeSold at, with annual gross worldwide sales of 20 billionDollarIt is said that

    SnickersUnited KingdomIt was originally sold under the brand name Marathon, but1990/After that, it was unified to Snickers.Two product names were printed on the packaging for a year and a half in order to establish recognition of the new product name, which eventually confused consumers.For women in the UKunderwearMeansknickersBecause the feeling of words was close, some ridiculed voices were also seen.2004/Snickers released as a new product in-marathon-Energy Bar, the same as Snickers' old brand name, made consumers even more confused.

    the 2000sAt the beginning, battered snack bars such as Snickers and friedDessert The United States of America OfState fairAnd englandAustralia OfPubPopular in, but in the northEngland,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.euPart ofthe 1990sIn the middle, "Fried mars bar"ButFish and chipsIt was a specialty of the store.

    2006/To(English edition)Is a famous cook(English edition)"Snickers-He pointed out that "pie" is one of the most unhealthy desserts. "Snickers-The pie uses five snickers, and the amount of heat per person is 5 kcal with sugar and fat alone, which is more than half the amount of heat an average adult needs in a day. "Snickers-"Pie"2004/ToBritish Broadcasting Corporation OfSaturdayThompson is not a dessert to eat often when featured on the TV show[1]He says.


    In Japan in the late 1980sIf you're hungry, Snickers""Satisfaction with nuts"ofcatch copyでTV commercialWas broadcast.In Japanese advertising media, the feature of small size and high calorie is appealing as a calorie supplement for carrying.

    Country of origin

    the 2000sUntil the beginningAustraliaIt was a product, but the appearance of the packaging was changedChugokuIt became a product.

    2008/Around that time, it was changed to an Australian product, the expiration date was changed, and the packaging material changed from aluminum vapor deposition to plastic material, and the luster peculiar to aluminum disappeared.This material is the same as the company's Milky Way for Japan.

    2010/ToRussiaIt was changed to a product, the background color of the packaging was dark brown, and the mass, nutritional components, expiration date notation, product dimensions, etc. were changed.The Snickers Mini is a Chinese product.As will be described later, bite-sized products made in the United States also existed for a while.

    2013/From the latter half of August, the singles were also made in China, and the texture of the packaging was the same as the ones before 8.

    Types of snickers


    The packaging notation is printed in Japanese.

    • Snickers for Japan-Singles-Most sold.
    • Snickers-Mini-A small version of the single.
    • Snickers-Fan size-Snickers-It is a product in a bag of 10 minis.
    • Snickers-Cube-A product that contains 6 smaller than the fan size.It is sold out as an American product.
    • Snickers-Mobaito-Snickers-It is a product in which 4 cubes are enclosed without changing the individual packaging, and is produced in the United States.
    • Snickers-Golden 3 Nuts-A product that uses three types of peanuts, almonds, and hazelnuts.AustraliaIt is a product. It was sold in limited quantities in May 2016.
    • Snickers-Solitary cacao single-A product made in Australia with an increased amount of chocolate cacao and a mixture of caramel and nougat. It was sold for a limited time from March 2017, 3.

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