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😷 | Is the infection situation in Japan at the disaster level? = China Net ``Economy is top priority and people are left behind'' ``It's a cold, right?''


Is Japan's infection level disaster level? = China Net ``Economy is top priority and people are left behind'' ``It's a cold, right?''

If you write the contents roughly
You just cut it off artificially.” “Every time a variant comes out, it becomes a big hit.

On August 2022, 8, Beijing, which accepts severely ill patients of the new corona on Weibo, the Chinese version of Twitter ... → Continue reading

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    Human activityWhat is (Ningen Katsudo)?地球OnHuman capitalBut,文明And so onActivitiesSay the whole thing.


    Human activityEnvironment issuesIt is a word used in talking aboutnatural environmentIt is used in a form that makes a pair with.Human societyThe fact that the activities are carried out by human beingsLifeIs to improve, but at the same timeDestruction of natureThis is because the natural environment is damaged in the form of such things.From this, in the environmental problem, human activity has been destroying nature in any way.problemWhat to do to solve the problemResearchHas been done.As a matter of concernGlobal warming,Air pollution,Marine pollutionThere are various problems such as.For example, in global warming, a large amount of human activity accompaniesEnergyConsumption is large in the atmospherecarbon dioxideな どGreenhouse gasTo generateGreenhouse effectIs producing.In this way, when it comes to environmental issues, the current human activities up to now are reviewed and often criticized.

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