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😷 | New Corona XNUMX new people in Kagoshima Prefecture Over XNUMX people for XNUMX consecutive days


New Corona XNUMX new people in Kagoshima Prefecture Over XNUMX people for XNUMX consecutive days

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We will be the first to deliver the news of Kagoshima, the radio and television station "MBC South Japan Broadcasting" in Kagoshima.

In Kagoshima Prefecture, XNUMX new people infected with the new coronavirus were announced on the XNUMXth.Confirmed infection... → Continue reading

 MBC South Japan Broadcasting Corporation

We will be the first to deliver the news of Kagoshima, the radio and television station "MBC South Japan Broadcasting" in Kagoshima.

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TV combined station


    Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Minami Nihonhoso,Minamiminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.) IsKagoshimaTheBroadcast target areaAndMedium wave broadcasting(AM broadcasting) BusinessTelevision broadcastingDoing business,Specific terrestrial backbone broadcasterIs.Abbreviation isMBC.

    The radioJRNWith seriesNRNOf seriesCross net, TVJNNA single net of the series.


    Head Office Location

    Branch / Branch

    • Branch offices: Tokyo, Osaka, Fukuoka, Kanoya, Satsumasendai, Kirishima
    • Branch: Tanegashima, Yakushima, Amami

    Branch / branch location

    Overseas affiliated broadcasting stations

    Company mottocatch copyIsHometown plenty MBC』.

    Kagoshima Prefecture's first on October 1953, 10Private broadcastingOpened as a station. (Analog) television broadcasting started in April 1959, and in December 4Digital terrestrial broadcastingStarted.Company building (Playing room, MBC Broadcasting Center)KagoshimaKoraicho OfKoto RiverLocated on the right bank, 19938.6 flood damageAt that time, it is on the verge of being submerged.

    As the main in-house produced program, on the radio, "Shiroyama Suzume』, On TV, it has been around 1976:10 on weekdays since October 18 (Japan Standard Time, And so on)News program(Currently"MBC News Now』) And continued from October 1984Information program"Don and Kagoshima"and so on.

    Kagoshima Prefecture's local newspaper,Minami Nihon ShimbunThe company (the company name is read as "Minami Nippon") is the 5th largest shareholder, and the company building (Kagoshima City) of the same paper from the opening of the station in 1953 to the start of analog TV broadcasting.Yakui Town, At that time) There was a performance hall in the form of renting.However, the capital relationship with the South Japan NewspaperKagoshima TV broadcastNot as strong as (KTS)Mainichi NewspapersHas a relationship since the opening of TV.Kagoshima Broadcasting(KKB) is described as a "brother company" in "MBC 50 Years of Trajectory", and Haruo Kida (""MBC 6 o'clock here coverage』In addition to being seconded to employees such as the first caster), terrestrial digital broadcastingmaster stationTheNHK Kagoshima Broadcasting StationThere is a relationship such as using with.

    The entire broadcasting stationMascot characterIs not set, but in the past1983Enacted by open call for participants[3]Radio car "PonyAnthropomorphic character "Pony'[Note 1]as well as the 2008in the "Sea Turtle Project"ウ ミ ガ メEach character was set for a limited time.Sponsored by our company instead of having a mascot characterEventsThen, from the 2013st 41 of "MBC Summer Festival" in Kagoshima prefectureLocal characterIt is dealt with by having multiple characters participate, and the PR stage event of the participating characters isBockemon ProIt is produced under the production of. As of 2021Shizuoka broadcasting,Shizuoka Daiichi Television,Shizuoka Asahi TV,Kyoto Broadcasting System (commonly known as KBS Kyoto)Does not have a mascot character, but only the authorities do not have a mascot character, including those used in the past on Japanese terrestrial television stations.

    Although it does not fall under the mascot, "Minami" was adopted as a virtual talent (treated as an MBC personality) in July 2022, and the voice part was "Tegete Gaming".Speech synthesishas been misappropriated.After her hire, she was put in charge of narrating the program.

    Technical information

    Transmitting station

    master station(Transmitting station)ofChannel(frequency) Is AM1107KHz / FM92.8--94.8 MHz for radio and 40ch for TV (digital,Remote control key ID: 1ch[Note 2]).

    The TV transmission station is Kagoshima CityPurple fieldFrom the KKB transmission station of (Murasakibaru)NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting StationSending with MBCFPUBase stations have also been located in Murasakibaru since the 1980s.

    Analog broadcastingShiroyamaからVHF bandIt was transmitted on 1ch of, but digital broadcasting isUHF bandThe existing UHF stations (KTS, KKB, KYT) will move to Murasakibaru, where the transmission station was set up.

    From Shiroyama transmission stationFM KagoshimaRadio waves (79.8 MHz) were also transmitted, but they also moved to the KKB transmission station in Murasakibaru on August 2011, 8.[Note 3][4]..The dismantling work of the Shiroyama transmission station started in September of the same year.[5], Completed by December of the same year[6].

    Major TV relay stations

    Describe what is considered "large scale" and "important" in terrestrial digital broadcasting[7]..They are arranged in the order of opening in terrestrial digital broadcasting.

    The analog and digital columns indicate the channels.The location is for each municipality, and the island name is also added for remote islands.The relay station name links to the relay station article.

    Relay station nameanalogデ ジ タ ルAddressNotices
    Kanoya643KanoyaThe first TV relay station in the prefecture
    Akune1025Satsuma Town / Izumi CityAt the time of opening, Mt. Shibi relay station
    Kushikino6216Ichikikushikino City
    Large amount1125Yusui TownKurino relay station at the time of opening
    Minamitane5916Minamitane Town (Tanegashima)
    Naze116Amami City (Amami Oshima)
    Nakanoshima4440Toshima Village
    Shibushi6120Shibushi City
    Takarabe40Zuo cityNew digital station
    Setouchi1221Setouchi Town (Amami Oshima)
    Sueyoshi6220Zuo cityMBC's first UHF station
    Tokunoshima6016Tokunoshima Town
    famous121China Town (Okinoerabujima)


    Currently, there are three relay stations in the Hokusatsu area and one in Amami City.Once (3-1) there was a Kaya relay station (1962 kHz, 2003W).

    20151/1FM complementary relay station opened in.SakurajimaUndersea eruptionNankai Trough giant earthquakeInstalled in preparation for serious disasters such as. Installation of FM complementary relay station in AM stationNorthern Japan Broadcasting,Nankai BroadcastingThis is the third station after (both opened on December 2014, 12).

    AM broadcast
    master stationcallsignfrequencyAntenna powerRemarks
    Kagoshima[Note 4]JOCFMore1107 KHz20 KW[Note 5]Directivity is provided in the south direction.
    Relay stationcallsignfrequencyAntenna powerRemarks
    AkuneJOCL (obsolete)[Note 6]1107 KHz[Note 7]1 KW
    Large amount1107 KHz
    Kawauchi1107 KHz[Note 8]100W
    Naze1449 KHz300W
    FM broadcast
    Relay stationcallsignfrequencyAntenna powerRemarks
    MBC Kagoshima FM92.8 MHz1 KWThe service area is Kagoshima City,Ibusuki,Tarumi,Kirishima,Kinkocho,Minamiosumi Town OfKagoshima BayWhole area.
    MBC Akune FM93.7 MHz100WThisKanoya,Zuo city,Shibushi City,Makurazaki,Minami Satsuma,Minamikyushu,Akune City,Satsumasendai,Isa CityandIzumi CityThe broadcasting area has expanded throughout the mainland.
    MBC Makurazaki FM94.8 MHz
    MBC Kanoya FM94.2 MHz
    MBC Gamo FM86.7 MHz100WThe service area isAira,KirishimaandKagoshimaとTarumiPart of.
    MBC Tanegashima FM82.3 MHz1 KWThe service area isNishinoomote,Nakatane Town,Minamitane TownandYakushima TownとMishima villagePart of.

    AM (Medium wave), In the daytime on car radios, etc., in the southwestern part of Miyazaki Prefecture (Miyakonojo City,Ebino City,Kushima CityEtc.) and southern Kumamoto prefecture (etc.)Yatsushiro,AmakusaUshibuka district,MinamataEtc.) can be heard.In some parts of the region, regular listeners have long been posting emails and postcards to MBC radio programs on a daily basis.Although it is only in winter, it has been reported to the program by truck drivers that it can be received even in northern Kyushu such as Fukuoka Prefecture.Even on the coastline in the northern part of the main island of Okinawa, there was an e-mail post saying that it could be heard on a car radio in the daytime.By the way, the longest distance record of medium wave reception in the daytime isWakayamaSusami TownRadio Radio-related magazine "Radio Mania 2008" (Three-year-old books) Was successful in the spring of 2008 in an experimental project for outdoor reception.

    From October 2011, 10radikoWe carry out Internet distribution through.Osumi FM network,Amami FM,FM Kirishima(Osumi FM Network / FM Kirishima is unique, Amami FM isSimul Radio), You can listen only in an environment that is considered to be Kagoshima prefecture by area judgment (normal version. If you subscribe to the paid membership system "radiko premium", you can receive it even outside the prefecture)[8].. In AM broadcastingStereo broadcastingHowever, some programs and commercials are delivered in stereo audio at the radiko / FM complementary relay station.

    Capital structure

    The name of the company/organization at that time. Source:[9][10][11][12]

    April 2021, 3

    CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
    200 million yen400,000 share146
    ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
    MBC Hatanaka Cultural Fund76,276 share19.06%
    Kagoshima30,000 share07.50%
    Iwasaki Sangyo24,060 share06.01%
    Kagoshima21,550 share05.38%
    South Japan Broadcasting Employee Stockholding Association19,930 share04.98%
    South Japan Bank12,180 share03.04%
    Minami Nippon Shimbun12,000 share03.00%
    Yamagataya12,000 share03.00%
    Iwasaki Corporation12,000 share03.00%
    Nakagawa Transport12,000 share03.00%

    Past capital structure


    Until the opening of the station

    Second World WarLater, private broadcasting stations opened one after another in Japan, but most of the forms of opening were "advancement of radio business by local newspapers" or "joint investment by local governments".In the case of Kagoshima Prefecture, the president of the South Japan Newspaper at that time proposed the establishment of a "radio station that covers the entire Kagoshima Prefecture, the southern part of Miyazaki / Kumamoto Prefecture, and the entire Nansei Islands with 3kW."

    Initially, the governor of Kagoshima Prefecture at that time insisted that "NHK is sufficient for radio stations," and at that timeKagoshima BankThe president of Kagoshima was also negative, saying that "commercial broadcasting is not possible in Kagoshima", but since the establishment concept was posted on the South Japan Newspaper on December 1952, 27, Kagoshima Prefecture as a whole Finally, the cooperation system was completed (before returning to Japan at that time).Oshima-gun(Excluding) All municipalities in the prefecture have invested.

    The founding office was set up on the 1952rd floor of the South Japan Newspaper Headquarters on December 27, 12. The founder general meeting was held on January 10, 3, and the transmission office was in Kagoshima City.Yoshino TownIt was reported that the performance hall will be set up up to the 3rd studio on the 3rd floor of the South Japan Newspaper Headquarters. Submitted an application to open a radio station to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on February 2th, and submitted it to the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications on June 11th.Radio South JapanThe founding general meeting of was held.By this time, the abbreviation was decided to be MBC, and the English name was the same as it is now, "Minaminihon Broadcasting Co., Ltd.".

    At that time, 500 W or 1 kW was the mainstream output of transmitting stations, and the concept of opening a station at 3 kW was unusual.The Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications has an unusually high output, and a broadcasting station in Kanazawa, Hokuriku Bunka Broadcasting (Radio Hokuriku, currently using the same frequency)Hokuriku Broadcasting(MRO)), they were allowed to transmit at 2 kW under the condition of "a directional antenna with two antennas."The directional antenna was the only one in Japan at that time, and the directionality was directed to the Nansei Islands. MBC was planning to set up a relay station in Miyazaki, but this is Radio Miyazaki (RMK, the currentmrt Miyazaki Broadcasting) Was established and was blocked.

    At the time of the founding general meeting, the opening date was scheduled for November 1953, 28 (Showa 11), but due to business reasons in line with the program reorganization period, it was moved forward to October 1 of the same year.For this reason, the station had to be opened at the same time as the inspection of the Radio Control Bureau passed (this license was issued) (actually, the license was issued 10 days before the start of this broadcast).In addition, there are cases where the station actually opened on the same day as the issuance of this license.Kanoya community broadcastingとKimotsuki Community Broadcast(August 2006, 18).

    Opened on October 1953, 28 (Showa 10), the program "Shiroyama Suzume''Ribbon of hope''Song without songs』Broadcast has also started from this day.The news has been with Minami Nihon Shimbun since its opening.Kyodo NewsWas provided by. On October 10thMBC talentEstablished MBC Broadcasting Theater Company (South Japan Broadcasting Theater Company), which is the source of. MBC opening festival will be held on November 11rdKagoshima City Central Community Center"Radio South Japan Song" (now renamed to South Japan Broadcasting Song), which will be held at the company song, written by: Morihide Hamada, composed by:Mamiya Yoshio[13]) Was announced. "Radio South Japan Song" will be broadcast on TV for one day until the end of 2012.instrumentalWas being swept away.After a break of about 5 years, it has been remade from 2018 (Heisei 30) and is being washed away again.

    Start of analog TV broadcasting

    The opening of the station in 1953 was also the year when television broadcasting began in Tokyo. The MBC established the Television Opening Preparation Bureau in January 1956, and a provisional license was issued on October 1, 1957.The television transmission station was built in Shiroyama from June 10 to January 22, and the performance station was built in Korai-cho, Kagoshima City from November 1958 to January of the following year.The performance hall was built in four phases (MBC News NowThe first studio used for such purposes is the first stage, the second studio that also serves as a radio is the second stage), and was finally completed in 1. The first floor has a raised floor design to prevent flooding of the Kotsuki River, which was in 1.8.6 flood damageIt will save the company building that is in danger of being submerged.

    At 1959:34 am on April 4, 1 (Showa 8), a test pattern was played and (analog) television broadcasting started.In August of the same yearJNNJoined[Note 9]However, MBC had the attitude of "news is JNN, general programs are free net".TBSAfter that, on October 1967, 10, it signed three agreements: organization, news, and sales.

    The program organization is changed significantly every time KTS, KKB, KYT opens (April 1969, October 4, April 1982).[Note 10], Nowadays, general programs are mostlyTBS seriesIt is organized around.

    In October 1961 (Showa 36), the company name was changed to "to match the actual situation of being concurrently operated by La Te".Radio South JapanからMinaminihonhosoChanged to.

    Strengthening the news system, developing relay stations, and relations with KKB

    Started producing local news programs on July 1961, 7.On the radio, self-editing of news began in October 3. In October 1967, the evening 10-minute wide program "MBC 6 o'clock here coverage』Has started (currently broadcast as MBC News Now).The interview bases were set up in various parts of the mainland of the prefecture and Amami Oshima in the 1968s, starting with Kanoya in 1970.

    The maintenance of the TV relay station was in 1960.Kanoya relay stationBegins with.However, the Kaya relay station is "Miyazaki BroadcastingMt. ShizukaFrom the senderSpilloverThere is a strong desire to take measures against "viewer outflow due to", and other major relay stations have been installed sequentially since 1963.Relay stations on remote islands were built in the 1970s.Amami OshimaStarted broadcasting in 1977,Yoron IslandA relay station was also set up in March 1980.At the same time, micro stations targeting difficult-to-view areasMini satellite stationThe installation of was also advanced.

    When KKB opened in 1982, we provided cooperation such as seconding employees and joint use of relay stations. The relationship between MBC and KKB was like a "brother company".MBC still invests in KKB, and the relationship is still ongoing.

    8.6 Floods ・ First weather forecast business license from a Japanese broadcasting station, and overnight broadcasting started

    August 1993, 5 (Heisei 8) "Heavy rain in August 5 (commonly known as 8 flood damage)Kagoshima City was severely damaged. The MBC building was also on the verge of being submerged, and all the remaining employees such as announcers, staff, and news staff members piled up sandbags and continued desperate drainage work with buckets and mops, but barely succeeded in defending the TV master room. , Three radio relay vehicles "Pony" owned by the station and the majority of other company vehicles were submerged.Fortunately, the TV and satellite stage cars were spared from being submerged because they were dispatched to record a golf tournament in Ijuin-cho, Hioki-gun (currently Hioki City).

    this day isHosokawa CabinetA special news program regarding the establishment was organized in JNN, but MBC continued to insert news reports on 8.6 flood damage after the end of MBC News Now.21:XNUMX drama"yellow card] Was discontinued on the way and continued to be reported until the next morning.This reporting attitude was highly evaluated and was even published in "History of 20th Century Broadcasting" (NHK, ed., 2001), but MBC asked, "Did you provide weather information yourself? The issue was left.The answer to this was the 1995 (Heisei 7) weather forecast business license.Each program provides MBC's own forecast, and since the spring of 1998 (Heisei 10), the weather forecast has been broadcast as a filler including midnight on Sunday, but it will be stopped when large-scale repair work such as performance halls is carried out. Pause due to the need for waves[Note 11]Will be.In addition, the introduction of overnight broadcasting in normal times (except when large-scale repair work such as performance halls is carried out) is in the South Kyushu / Okinawa area.[Note 12]Then it is the first attempt[Note 13].

    After 2001

    Since 2002, the current catchphrase "Furusato Plenty MBC" has been used (TV only 2004/2005 is "Kagoshima life").Since the 50th anniversary of the opening of the station was celebrated at the same time, the past documentary program was broadcast as "Archives 50".

    In December 2006, terrestrial digital broadcasting and 12Seg main broadcasting started. In the "MBC Sea Turtle Project", a project commemorating the 2008th anniversary of the opening of the station in 55ウ ミ ガ メ(Boys and girls) mascot characters "Yu (Yumi)" and "Miu (Miumi)" have been set.The name was selected by open recruitment. Analog television broadcasting ended on July 2011, 7, and the Shiroyama transmission station was dismantled by November of the same year.

    Since the 2013th anniversary of the opening of the station in 60, MBC established a moving logo with the theme songs "Just look at each other" and "60" on January 1st of the same year. "Jitesumeaudake" is sung by the Korean duo "HUE" on TV.Start / end of one day broadcastIt was broadcast until the end of the same year at times[16].

    For one year from April 2009, "MBC TV 4 Hometown of those days" (Weekdays 1:50,[Note 14]), In 2012, we have been broadcasting a corner to look back on past Kagoshima news videos in MBC News Now for one year, and from July 1, 2015, "MBC Archives That Day's Hometown"[Note 15]We are organizing community-based organizations such as broadcasting (18:55 on weekdays).

    It will be the first time in 2014 and a half years at the same station since October 10.Evening wide program"Kagoshima 4] Has started.

    Chronological Table

    • 1953(28)
      • 6/13 --Held the founding general meeting of Radio South Japan.
      • 6/23 --Established "Radio South Japan Co., Ltd."The station building at that timeMinami Nihon ShimbunIt was placed in the form of renting the company building.
      • 8/1 --Radio preliminary license issuance.
      • 8/20 --Radio in Yoshino, Kagoshima CityTransmitting stationStarted construction.
      • 10/1 --Started radio test broadcasting.At this point, in Yasuicho, Kagoshima City (inside the South Japan Newspaper)Playing roomWas not completed and was being broadcast from the Yoshino transmission station.
      • 10/8 --Radio book license issuance (760)kc, 3 kW)
      • 10/10 --5th in Japan at 30:26 amRadio broadcast started..The program that continues to this dayShiroyama Suzume] Also started.
      • 10/20 - MBC talentEstablished "South Japan Broadcasting Theater Company" which is the source of.
      • 11/1 --The original scheduled opening date.Broadcast from Yasuicho, Kagoshima City started.
      • 11/3 --Announced "Radio South Japan Song" at Kagoshima City Central Community Center.
    • 1956(31)10/1 --Increased the output of the radio transmission station in Yoshino, Kagoshima City to 5kW.
    • 1957(32)
      • 7/4 ――It was decided to set up a transmission station for analog TV broadcasting in Shiroyama, Kagoshima City.
      • 10/22 --Obtained a preliminary license for analog TV broadcasting.
      • 12/29 ――It was decided to set up a TV broadcasting station in Korai-cho, Kagoshima City, where the current office building is located.
    • 1958(33)
      • 4/10 --The Akune Transmission Station (JOCL), MBC's first radio relay station, has opened.
      • 6/16 --The groundbreaking ceremony for the Shiroyama transmission station for analog television broadcasting.
      • November 11-Groundbreaking ceremony for the TV theater.
    • 1959(34)
      • 2/23 --Burning ceremony for TV broadcasting transmission stations and performance stations.
      • 3/1 --Started test broadcasting of analog TV broadcasting.
      • 4/1 - Start of analog TV broadcasting..The test pattern will be played at 8:45 am.
      • 8/17 - TBSTV network with the key station,Japan News NetworkJoined (JNN).
    • 1960(35)
      • 3/7 --Started daytime broadcasting on analog TV broadcasting.
      • 4/14 --The groundbreaking ceremony for the MBC Broadcasting Center (current office building).
      • 11/10 --Become the first MBC TV relay stationKanoya relay stationIs open[Note 16].
    • 1961(36)
      • 3/26 --The completion of the MBC Broadcasting Center.
      • October 10-Changed the company name to "South Japan Broadcasting Co., Ltd."
    • 1962(37)
      • 3/25 --The labor union raises wages indefinitelystrikeImplemented. Settled on March 3th.
      • October 10-Changed the frequency of Yoshino Radio Transmitter from 1kc to 760kc.
      • November 11-Start broadcasting in the morning on analog TV broadcasting.
    • 1963(38)12/1 --Television broadcastShioyamaRelay station[Note 17]Is open.
    • 1964(Showa 39) October 10-The Kuraokuyama relay station for television broadcasting opens.
    • 1965(40) 5/2(April 4 in corporate history)- TBS RadioRadio network with the key station,Japan Radio Network(JRN) was established and joined.
    • 1966(41) 7/7 --Started color broadcasting on analog TV broadcasting (Fukuoka's commercial broadcasting in Kyushu)RKB Mainichi Broadcasting SystemSecond after).Initially, it was only about 2 hours in a week, and it took years to promote colorization.
    • 1968(Showa 43) June- Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とNippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Radio network with the key station,National radio networkJoined (NRN).
    • 1969(Showa 44) September --The North Annex and the main building extension work are completed.The first studio for color broadcasting is completed. (Initially, no color camera was introduced)
    • 1971(Showa 46) July-Introduced a large color relay vehicle.It is widely used in rocket launch relays in September of the same year and the Solar National Athletic Meet the following year.
    • 1972(47)
      • April --Introduced a weather camera (starter introduction group in JNN system) Initially installed in the conference room on the 4th floor of the North Annex. Moved to the head office tower from March 7.
      • October-of the quasi-key stations of the timeAsahi BroadcastingProduction TV drama "Japanese bride seriesThe first work of "Bride Futari" (starring:Masako Izumi-Kyoko Machiko) Participated as a production cooperation.
    • 1976(51)10/4 --The first news wide program "Kagoshima Prefecture's commercial broadcasting station"MBC 6 o'clock here coverage』Start.
    • 1977(52)1/28 --Start of analog TV broadcasting on Amami Oshima (due to the improvement of broadcasting technology and the support of the government as a non-public project of the Amami Islands promotion and development project)Naze relay stationComplete).
    • 1978(53)11/23 --Changed the frequency of Yoshino transmission station from 1110kHz to 1107kHz (due to the transition of 9kHz step).
    • 1981(Showa 56) April 4-Transmission output of Yoshino transmission station is 1kW to 5kW[Note 18]Increased power.
    • 1982(57)
      • April 4-In analog television broadcastingMultiplex audio broadcasting(First for a TV station in the Southern Kyushu area. Initially, the Amami Islands area is excluded).
      • July 7-Introduced pre-emphasis method for the purpose of improving the sound quality of radio broadcasting.Broadcast starts from the live wide program at 7:9 am (initially only in the Yoshino transmission station area)
    • 1983(58)10/1 - Corporate identity Implemented (CI).The logo was updated to the current one and the symbol mark was established at the same time.
    • 1986(61) October 10-Radio broadcast transmission station from Yoshino, Kagoshima City to Hayato Town (currentlyKirishima) Moved to.
    • 1987(62) April --The South Annex (News Center Building) is completed.
      • October-Started "MBC10 News" on radio broadcast.
    • 1988 (63) Radio broadcast started all night.Isuzu singing headlight(TBS Radio production),All Night NipponThe second part (Nippon Broadcasting System production, Saturday midnight = Sunday dawn only) has started online.
      • 10/6 - TV set "The Best Ten Great Move, Kagoshima Edition』Kagoshima PortBroadcast on the nationwide network from the special venue of Ogawa Wharf for the beginning of the period (552th) and the 35th anniversary of the opening of MBC. From MBCYoshihiro UnenoAnnouncer (announcement manager successively) andNoriko YamasakiThe announcer (at that time) participated.In the Kagoshima area, the audience rating was very high at 70.5%, but in the Kanto area, it was 9.8%, which was the first single-digit audience rating of the program.
    • 1989(XNUMX)
      • 3/4 - Changed the frequency of the radio broadcast Akune relay station from 1557kHz to 1107kHz and the transmission power from 100W to 1kW.Abolished call sign (JOCL).
      • 10/27 --In analog TV broadcastingClear visionStart.
    • 1990(2)2/18 - Lower house electionIncorrect accuracy with Kagoshima TV and Kagoshima Broadcasting[17].. "MBC 6 o'clock here report" was published in April of the same year.MBC News NowIt will be one of the reasons for changing clothes.
    • 1993(5)8/6 - Heisei 5 year 8 month heavy rainBy (commonly known as 8.6 flood damage)Koto RiverWas flooded, and the MBC Broadcasting Center was on the verge of being submerged.Broadcast all night on both TV and radio.
    • 1995(7)5/18 —— Obtained the first weather forecast business license as a broadcasting station.
    • 1998(10) June- FillerStarted overnight TV broadcasting by broadcasting weather information (first in the South Kyushu / Okinawa area).The radio will also start broadcasting all night including midnight Sunday (currently midnight Sunday = there is a pause at 2: 15-4: 00 before dawn on Monday).
    • 2003(15)3/31 --Abolished the Kaya relay station for radio broadcasting.
    • 2006(18)
      • August 8-Updated to master (master control room) equipment compatible with terrestrial digital broadcasting (manufactured by NEC).
      • 10/2 --Start of test broadcasting of terrestrial digital broadcasting (until November 11th).
      • 11/5 --Digital terrestrial broadcastingService (simulcast) broadcastingStart.
      • 12/1 --Started terrestrial digital broadcasting and XNUMXSeg main broadcasting.
    • 2007(19) October 10-MBC's first terrestrial digital broadcasting relay station, Kanoya, Makurazaki, Akune, Gamo relay station opens.
    • 2008(20)8/1 --Digital terrestrial broadcastingNaze relay station(Amami Oshima) opens.
    • 2010(22)5/21 - UstreamA service that delivers live video of the studio being broadcast live on the radio will start on some programs.[Note 19].
    • 2011(23)
      • 7/24 --The analog TV broadcast has ended.
      • 10/3 --MBC RadioradikoStarted Internet distribution (practical test distribution) using[8].
    • 2015(27)
    • 2016(28)
      • October-Winning 10 crowns (all-day, golden prime) in the audience rating in the first half of 2016[20].
    • 2022(Reiwa 4) March 3-Renewal of TV broadcasting and master (main control room) equipment (wave stop construction). (Toshiba) Also, the manufacturer was changed from NEC to Toshiba.

    Changes in TV networks

    Company history/commemorative magazine

    • XNUMX-year history of South Japan Broadcasting(South Japan Broadcasting, ed.) Published October 1963, 38 (Showa 10), page 10[22].
    • MBC XNUMX years history(South Japan Broadcasting, ed.) Published October 1968, 43 (Showa 6), page 23.
    • MBC XNUMX years history(South Japan Broadcasting, ed.) Published October 1973, 48 (Showa 9), page 30.
    • Lively 25 years Ayumi of South Japan Broadcasting(South Japan Broadcasting 25th Anniversary Publishing Committee / Planning) Published October 1978, 53 (Showa 10), page 10.
    • Ayumi of MBC 35 years to open up the future(South Japan Broadcasting 35th Anniversary Publishing Committee / Planning) Published October 1988 (Showa 63), 10 pages.
    • MBC 50 Years Trajectory(South Japan Broadcasting, ed.) 2004Published (16), 277 pages.

    Studio, related equipment, etc.

    Main office

    The head office is divided into three buildings, which are referred to as the "main building," "north annex," and "south annex" for the sake of explanation.

    First studio
    Studio for TV production.Located in the main building.Completed in 1969 as a studio compatible with color broadcasting due to the expansion work of the broadcasting hall.Since then, he has been watching the history of MBC for nearly half a century.Currently"MBC News Now"Zubato! Kagoshima"TEGE2Most of the programs other than the regular news are produced here.Elections and commemorative specials are also basically broadcast (live) from here.
    News studio (for TV)
    It is a studio in the South Annex (completed in the spring of 1987) and is installed in the news center. "MBC News Now" was also broadcast live from this studio until November 2006, 11.Even now"Kagoshima 24"Or"MBC NewsThe weather information is broadcast from here.
    First studio
    In a radio production studio, "Smiley Sonoda's Live AliveIn addition to public live broadcasting such as ", it is used for audio recording with a large number of people.Located in the main building, it has also been in use since 1961.In programs that normally use the observation studioリ ニ ュ ー ア ルConstructionIt is also used as an alternative studio in the event of a large-scale malfunction.
    Observation studio
    It is a radio studio that broadcasts almost all live radio programs, and is also the main studio of MBC Radio.Located on the 2nd floor of the main building, the facilities have been renovated in recent years. Since 2010, some programs have been broadcast live on the Internet using USTREAM.
    News studio (for radio)
    Like the TV, it is installed in the news center. ""MBC50 News(Except in the weekday morning wide series), "MBC News" (radio version), "Song without songs"[Note 20]Used in.
    • There is also a radio studio, which is used for TV narration recording and radio program recording.
    MBC Hall
    A medium-sized hall installed on the 7th floor (top floor) of the North Annex.It is mainly used as a practice venue at the end of the year.
    Employee cafeteria "Sparrow"
    It is used by many employees. For some reason, it is rarely mentioned in MBC programs and HP, but the originalUMK OfShingo ShutoIs on vacationKaori FuruyamaWas published on the company's HP when asked[23].
    Entrance lobby
    It was renovated around 2006 to coincide with the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting.For a while, it was also used for live broadcasting and recording of each program due to circumstances such as studio renovation.note that,Heisei 5 year 8 month heavy rainThen.Koto RiverIt was flooded by the flooding, and the situation was reported to the whole country through the MBC camera.

    Other than head office

    • The Tokyo branch office, Satsumasendai branch office, Kirishima branch office, Kanoya branch office, and Amami branch office have simple studios for relay.also,Minami Nihon ShimbunThe editorial office also has a relay desk.
      • The simple studio of the Tokyo branch office is also used for recording the radio program "Masato Hidaka's Ginza Namanama Astronomical Museum" and is recorded remotely at the head office in Kagoshima.
      • There is a radio Nase relay station in the Amami region, and although a call sign is not assigned to this station, it may broadcast independently in the event of a disaster.[Note 21]..In this case, it seems that the broadcast is basically done from the studio of the Kagoshima head office.
    • MBC Media Hall --The hall on the 4th floor of the "MBC Development Building" near the head office.It is used for various events, but in recent years, radio specials are often broadcast and recorded live here.

    Major TV programs

    Broadcast all night including Sunday midnight.

    In-house production program

    • MBC News
    • Kagoshima Drone TRIP Sunday 22:54 --23:00)
    • (Monday-Friday 11:19-11:30)
    • Kagoshima 4(Monday-Friday 15:40-16:50)
    • MBC News Now(Monday-Friday 18:15-18:55)
    • MBC Archives That Day's Hometown (Monday --Friday 18:55 --19:00, Rebroadcast Monday --Friday 5:20 --5:25) --Until March 2019 MBC Archives Showa Hometown
    • TEGE2(Wednesday 19:00 --20:00, rebroadcast, Sunday 1:28 --2:28)
    • Don and Kagoshima(Wednesday 20:00 --20:54, rebroadcast, Saturday 0:20 --1:15)
    • (Thursday 24: 45-25: 05)
    • (Saturday 9: 25-9: 30)
    • (Saturday 12: 00-12: 55)
    • Satsuma madness(Sunday 6:05-6:15)
    • Furusato Kagoshima(Sunday 10:30-10:45)
    • (Sunday 10:45 --11: 00) -With MBCGoolightCo-production.
    • (Sunday 13:54 --14:00) --A program that conveys the topic of the Osumi Peninsula.The sponsors are also related to the Osumi Peninsula, and some sponsors have a 10-second frame.

    JNN affiliated station production program net

    Excludes programs on the national network.TaiziIs a simultaneous net.

    Programs outside the affiliate

    TV Tokyo series


    Programs that were broadcast in the past

    In-house program

    • (Friday 10:25 --10:35)
    • (Monday-Friday 5:40-5:55, re-edited version of the corner "Kagoshima Now and Old" that was broadcast in "Wife Wide MBC Hello!" In the past)
    • mixx(Thursday 24:20 --24: 50, rebroadcast, Saturday 25:43 --26:13)
    • (Monday-Friday 23:55-24:00)-FY2009.
    • Good morning! Good day Kagoshima --In 2002, the morning information program "Good morning! Good day』Broadcast as a local frame.
    • --2003.Good morning! After Goodday, the program "watch!] Initially did not set up a local slot, so the program slot was moved to around 11:XNUMX am.The moderator is MBC talentTakuo Noguchi(Takuo Noguchi at that time).Crown programAnd the title is an abbreviation for "Taku-chan for lunch".The content was to invite guests every day and hold a talk.
    • Watch! Kagoshima --In 2004, "Watch!" Established a local slot again, and MBC replaced this slot with "Watch! Kagoshima".Takuo Noguchi will be in charge of the moderator as in the previous year.
    • Seasonal TV(Monday / Tuesday / Thursday 9:55 --10:05, Wednesday 9:55 --10:10) --2005 --2006.After the program "Watch!Mino Monta morning bang!』Did not set a local frame, so the program frame was moved to the 10 am level.It was broadcast as "Zubato! Kagoshima" on Saturday, and ended in 2007 when it was integrated into the program.
    • Zubato! Kagoshima
    • Shunkan TV Friday Edition (Friday 9:55 --10:25)
    • MBC 6 o'clock here coverage --Evening news program that started in October 1976. It will be the predecessor program of "MBC News Now".
    • The wind at the time of Kenji Suyama --A news program that was broadcast on Saturday at 1997:9 for nine years from 18.A corner for broadcasting mini-documentaries was set up, which became the driving force for winning multiple awards.
    • --Introduce a specific elementary school.
    • Hatoju Muku~ Moving picture book ~
    • Today's feeling tv(Monday-Friday 15:00-15:50, co-produced with RKB Mainichi Broadcasting, Nagasaki Broadcasting, Oita Broadcasting, but in September 2006, program production and the net ended with Oita Broadcasting)
    • Raw de Coco(Saturday 9:45 --11:15, once a month)
    • (Monday-Friday 17:00-18:00)-1989.
    • Kagoshima 24(Monday-Friday 23:55-24:10)
    • (Thursday / Friday 10:20-10:30)
    • SunSun cooking(Saturday 11: 30-11: 45)
    • (Sunday 11:40-11:45)

    TBS-based local sales frame



    Nippon Television programs that were broadcast until the opening of KYT
    • Suspense theater(KTSより移行。1992å¹´4月2日 - 1992å¹´9月24日までの約半年間は『木曜サスペンス劇場』、1992å¹´10月2日 - 1994å¹´3月25日までの約一年半の間は『MBCサスペンス劇場』のタイトルで深夜枠に時差ネット)
    • All Japan professional wrestling broadcast(Continuing from its predecessor, "Japan Wrestling Broadcast," this program was broadcast on the Internet late on Sunday evening, but moved to KTS from April 1975. After that, April 4, 1992-March 4. For about two years until the 5th, it will shift to MBC again and will be broadcast at midnight on Sunday = early on Monday.

    Fuji TV


    Fuji TV programs that were broadcast until the opening of KYT
    • Sazae(Fuji TV system in September 1992Ban salesEven after the abolition of the broadcast frame, only this program was sponsored by one company (first after the transition to multiple provision)ToshibaOn request from, October 1992, 10-March 4, 1994 will continue to be broadcast.GATSWith the opening of the station, it moved to KTS from April 1994, 4.Until then, "FNS day』Broadcast on KTS only when included)

    TV Asahi


    TV Asahi-affiliated program that was broadcast until the opening of KKB

    TV Tokyo




    Radio program

    5-hour broadcasting starting at 24:26 every day (However, Sunday midnight 15:28-00:XNUMX is suspended.In addition, in the case of large-scale repair work at the head office concert hall and both Hayato and Murasakihara transmitting stations, work time will be secured. Therefore, the broadcast end time will be advanced or the broadcast restart time will be postponed.There is filler music during the pause.)

    As of August 2022[24].

    In-house produced programsTaizi.


    55:00 Online shopping! Nariyuki Program Captain @ Hayato Tani's Fengyun Radio Shopping(Nagasaki Broadcasting)5:00 Information of living5:00 Lively health! Harukado Radio Shopping5:00 Radio dancing with chicks5:00 Online shopping! Nariyuki Program Captain @ Hayato Tani's Fengyun Radio Shopping (Nagasaki Broadcasting)
    5:10 Tokimeki Shopping5:10 Healthy life information5:10 This season! Information5:10 Exciting delivery service5:10 This season! Information
    5:25 Light of the heart
    5:30 Hiroshi Ikushima's good morning straight line(TBS Radio)
    6:30 Morning smile
    ▽ 6:45 Song without songs(JRN systemPlanning netprogram)
    ▽ 7:10 Good morning! News network(Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.)
    ▽ 7:30 Ribbon of hope
    ▽ 8:00 The antenna of the topic is 8:XNUMX all over Japan(TBS Radio)
    ▽ 8:23 Tetsuya Takeda, grated three pieces this morning(Cultural broadcasting)
    ▽ 8:35 Welcome to SUZUKI Happy Morning Michiko Hada(Nippon Broadcasting)
    9:33 Kiyoshi Hikawa Limit Breaking RADIO(Cultural broadcasting)
    9:43 ENEOS Presents Asa Navi(Nippon Broadcasting)
    9:50 MBC50 News
    9:55 Jump up music9:55 (1st and 3rd week)Tuna House Now in the morning assembly!
    (2nd, 4th, 5th week)Jump up music
    9:55 KyudenGroup presents
    Takuo Noguchi's "Let's talk! Energy"
    9:55 Jump up music9:55 Kagoshima disaster prevention switch
    1010:00 Ecchan's Tanpopo Club
    ▽ 11:07 Telephone life consultation(Nippon Broadcasting)
    ▽ 11:53 Lunchtime music gallery(NRNSystem planning net program)
    12:50 MBC50 News
    12:55 Jump up music12:55 Tell me, Mr. Noguchi!12:55 Jump up music12:55 Bouquet of peace12:55 Jump up music
    1313:00 (TBS Radio)
    13:10 Kumahachi Morino Gourmet Time-Nippon Nationwide Delicious, Delicious!-(Nippon Broadcasting System)
    13:20 Please give me the news of Sanyutei Enraku(TBS Radio)
    13:25 Jump up music
    13:30 Shiroyama Suzume
    ▽ 13:55 (Monday) Radio dancing with chicks, (Tuesday)Kagoshima disaster prevention switch, (Wed / Thu)Jump up music,(Money)Master Hige-chan's home classroom
    16:40 Happy melody for you(Nippon Broadcasting)
    16:50 MBC50 News
    16:55 Kagoshima disaster prevention switch16:55 Jump up music16:55 Kagoshima disaster prevention switch16:55 Good Things Five Minutes16:55 Jump up music
    1717:00 News parade(Cultural broadcasting)
    17:15 Local sweets tradition Hometown sweets and history17:15 I LOVE Airajio17:15 Proverb of Shotaro's village17:15 MBC Music Graffiti17:15 Iinakirishima
    17:25 MBC Radio Traffic Information
    17:30 Network Today(TBS Radio)
    17:45 Kozo Kaku"History this and that"
    17:50 MBC50 News
    17:55 Mitsubishi Sports Topics
    1818:00 Yugure Express
    18:50 MBC Information Catcher18:50 I'm sorry for the darkness!18:50 Ayumi Uesono's fishing raji!18:50 Takako Eitoku"Drinking excitement corps!"
    1919:00 Kagoshima street corner communication19:00 MBC Excite Nighter
    19:10 Hiroo FurukawaI heard! I saw! Showa hit song
    19:30 Music ☆ Tora Anna(Tuesday Party)
    2020:00 Chiharu Matsuyama ON THE RADIO(NACK5)
    2121:00 Smiley Sonoda's Your Hit Parade
    21:30 Weekly I see! Nippon(Nippon Broadcasting)
    21:40 Showa Kayo Selection(Radio NIKKEI)
    21:50 sexy zoneQRzone (Nippon Cultural Broadcasting)
    2222:00 Music Express
    00:00 Recommendation!(Cultural broadcasting)0:00 Aiba Masaki's recommendation! Arashi remix(Cultural broadcasting)
    11:00 All Night Nippon(Nippon Broadcasting)
    2Creepy Nuts All Night NipponHoshino Gen's All Night NipponNogizaka46 All Night NipponNinety Nine All Night NipponMarbled Meisei All Night Nippon
    33:00 Fuwa-chan's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Pekopa's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Nobuyuki Sakuma All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Magical Lovely All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)Sanshiro's All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)
    44:30 Masahiko Ueyanagi Asaborate(Nippon Broadcasting)


    55:00 Convinced! Great value! Radio shopping5:00 This season! Information
    5:15 Tenrikyo time5:15 Hot Kit Kayokyoku
    5:30 Healthy life information5:30 Healthy information
    5:45 There is a maido ~.5:45 Season! SHUN! Pickup
    66:00 Saturday morning at 6pm Kinashi no Kai.(TBS Radio)6:00 Jump up music
    6:05 Heart light
    6:10 From Nagisa in Kinko Bay
    6:20 Exciting delivery service
    6:35 Nishi Honganji time
    6:45 Hiroo MatsuiSmile every day! Genki Juku
    77:00 Health wisdom bag7:00 Mannendou Publishingtime of
    7:15 Season! SHUN! Pickup7:15 Genki switch
    7:30 Ribbon of hope
    7:40 Yoshimata and YoshigeLively Saturday7:40 Exciting delivery service
    7:55 MBC News
    88:00 Topical antenna It's 8:XNUMX all over Japan (TBS Radio)8:00 Regional Revitalization Program ONE-J(TBS Radio)
    8:15 Health step up
    8:30 Good morning! Nippon National Fire Brigade(Nippon Broadcasting)
    8:40 MBC Housing Information!
    8:45 Doctor talk I want to hear here
    8:50 MBC50 News
    99:00 Isuzu FutamiSaturday Radio!
    1010:00 Satsuma laughing theater[Note 24]
    10:30 Takemaru store is open!
    12:45 Kokura-IMALU○○ Tamatebako
    12:50 MBC50 News
    1313:00 Amami Jikan13:00 Sunday Sunday with laughter problem(TBS Radio)
    13:30 It's blue! Taku-chan!
    ▽ 13:55 JU tea time
    1414:00 Goriken's Kyushu / Okinawa round and round map(RKB Radio)
    1515:00 Hiroshi Iwasaki's Tege Tege High School → House
    ▽ 15:55 Jado! Sudo! Kibado! Minamisatsuma
    16:30 Yakushima Jikan
    16:55 Municipal administration spot
    1717:00 Michiko-sensei's Nico Nico Communication17:00 There is a maido ~.
    17:10 People's
    17:15 This season! Good things department store
    17:25 Our writing[Note 25]
    17:30 Takako Eitoku's Soraradi!
    17:45 Weekend network(TBS Radio)
    17:50 Leave it to the wind of Kenji Suyama[Note 26]
    1818:00 RADIO BURN +18:00 MBC Sports
    18:30 MBC music app
    1919:00 At Home presents Nicole Fujita tomorrow(TBS Radio)19:00 Akira Kawashima's Negoto(TBS Radio)
    19:30 Tonight is Sayuri Yoshinaga(TBS Radio)
    2020:00 Hakuyama Kanda who talks regardless(TBS Radio)20:00 Junei OsakoSound Cruise Journey
    20:30 Across The Sea ~ Traveling Music ~20:30 Rei HondaNotengo
    20:40 MBC Music Graffiti
    20:50 Recording feature magazine(Tuesday party)
    2121:00 Adult JAZZ TIME(Radio Japan)21:00 Ginza Namanama Astronomical Museum
    21:20 TakemaruInteresting history course
    21:45 Sakura Togo-Music is a table of contents of memories-
    2222:00 "Underground People Radio" by Masaharu Fukuyama and Akihisa Souguchi(Shibuya Radio)22:00 Momoiro Clover Z Momokuro Club xoxo(Nippon Broadcasting)
    22:30 Akira Higashiyama It's Only Rock'n Roll(RKB Mainichi Broadcasting)
    2323:00 Shiori NakamuraA little song ~ Happy Smile Cafe Edition ~
    23:30 SixTONES All Night Nippon Saturday Special(Nippon Broadcasting)23:30 Jimmy IriedaDoo-wop station
    23:45 Aimi Sekiguchi's Virtual Radio
    00:00 Akinobu Kamebuchi's treasure POPS(Tuesday party)[Note 27]
    0:30 Amami Jikan (rebroadcast)[Note 28]
    11:00 Audrey's All Night Nippon(Nippon Broadcasting)1:00 Myona Radio(Sanin Broadcasting)[Note 29]
    1:30 Toshimi Tagawa "Ichigoichikai"[Note 30]
    1:45 Cheerful sign! Cheetah de March (Subaru planning)[Note 31]
    (2:15 - 4:00 no broadcast[Note 32])
    33:00 All Night Nippon 0 (ZERO)(Nippon Broadcasting)
    44:00 Akio KayamaNice catch music! (Subaru planning)4:00 MUSIX(TBS Radio)[Note 33]
    4:30 Hideo Mizumori's Chip-in Kayokyoku(Tuesday party)

    Broadcast from time to time

    • MBC50 News-MBC News(Refer to the relevant item for details)
      • Broadcast within each wide program.

    Special program

    Programs broadcast in the past



    • Good morning radio today
    • Isuzu Futami's refreshing wide
    • It's Yoichiro Segawa's lunch!
    • Makoto-chan's Guide on Saturday


    • Mayumi's Sunday Post


    • Satsumaya Lady's House
    • This Week's Best Ten Songs
    • Music jack
    • Soreike Shiroyama
    • New Life Sounds
    • Pompom Jockey
    • Mucchan no Chiesutoike! Young
    • Go! Go! In Anime!
    • Radio reading drama "The World of Ten Dove" (Thursday 17:15 --17: 25, around April 2015 --March 4, 2021)
    • Lively Kagoshima (Thursday 18:50 --19:00,? --March 2021, 3)
    • Kinji YokoyamaWelcome to Kayo World (?-1990, 2005-March 2022)

    Simultaneous organization with other commercial radio stations in Kagoshima Prefecture

    20072/12From 15:55 to XNUMX minutes, MBC radio ・ FM Kagoshima (μFM) of the prefectural FM station ・Community FM stationKagoshima City FM (Friends FM) and "Kagoshima Commercial Radio 3 Stations" jointly organized the program for the first time. Conducted at the same time in 2008 and 2009.

    The title is "3WAVE Power Station Radio! Three Men Talk Battle". From MBC RadioTakuo NoguchiBut from μFMDJ POCKYHowever, Hiroshi Yanagita appears from Friends FM[Note 36]..The studio uses μFM and the email addressDomain nameWas also from μFM, but the official website was on MBC's server. At the time of broadcasting on the 12th, eachPersonalityBrought in the planning of the program he was in charge of (Noguchi said "Shiroyama Suzume, DJ POCKY is "MUSIC POWER STATION feel the μzic DA !!", Yanagida is" Iyone Honpo "), and the jingles of each broadcasting station (only Friends FM is" Iyone Honpo "jingle) were also broadcast.Prior to this, three information programs were broadcast simultaneously from 2:5 to 9:12 from February 12th to 12th.

    MBC Radio and Friends FM have been organized simultaneously with NHK Radio 2003 Broadcasting (Kagoshima Station) on August 8, 6.Also, NHKPublic broadcastingThe remaining three (at that time) community FM stations (FM Kanoya, FM Kimotsuki, FM Shifushi) in Kagoshima Prefecture are NPO organizations (at that time).Non profit organization), SoCommercial broadcastis not.

    MBC personality

    South Japan Broadcasting announcers, newscasters, weather forecasters, talents, and ponymates are collectively referred to as "MBC personalities."Weathercaster (exclusive) because it has been approved to issue point weather forecasts independently (mentioned above).Weather forecaster) Is a lot.


    • 1977 Hiroo Furukawa(As of July 2022, he is mainly in charge of 7 News on Saturdays, and also appears in hit songs from the Showa era that Hiroo Furukawa saw and heard)
    • 1982 Tomoko Ueno,Yoshihiro Uneno(Former Announcement Manager)
    • 1999 Yusuke Okada(As of July 2022, he is in charge of 7 TV programs in Kagoshima and 4 news on radio)
    • 2001 Keisuke Matsuki
    • 2002 Yuka Toyohira(Reporter until spring 2004, Newscaster from April 2014 to December 4, Announcement manager as of July 2016)
    • 2005 Rie Misaka(As of July 2022, TV news now Monday and Tuesday, news and radio 7 news)
    • 2006 Akari Suenaga(2006-2014, September 2018-)
    • 2009 Hiroshi Iwasaki
    • 2015 Mana Yamaguchi(As of July 2022, TV weekly 7 channel, news, radio Yugure Express Thursday charge, Aoyota Taku-chan, 1 news appearances)
    • 2018 Mayuko Mori(As of July 2022, TV news, 7 news on the radio, and appearances on Yakushima Jikan)
    • 2019 Yurie Kamita,Ai Tamaya
    • 2020,

    Former announcer

    ○ is free.


    • Hiromi Kido(1988-2007, Division)
    • (1990-?, Later Press Department, etc.)
    • Ryuji Murakami(Joined mid-career in October 2019, --September 10, Press Department)
    • Hideya Shimoyama(1995-August 2003, 8, April 31-March 2017. Free →Nippon Sea TVReturned after working as an announcer, former announcement manager)


    Leave the company (excluding MBC talent transitioners)


    • * (October 1953, 10-November 8, 1956, YuanNHK[Note 37]→ Free, the first announcer chief. "Masterpiece Collection Reading",AmamiIn charge of live broadcasting when returning)
    • Hisashi Kirihara(September 1953-. Later President and CEO[Note 38])
    • (September 1953-September 9. Sports commentary, Shiroyama Suzume "Hanago no Uta" song selection, 1982st,Satsuma BiwaIn charge of etc.)
    • (December 1953-July 9)
    • (December 1953-9)
    • * (June 1954, 6-May 15, 1979, several years concurrently serving as the news department newly established from March 5)
    • (January 1956, 1-April 10, in charge of "Hello wife wide MBC" etc.)
    • (Born July 1934, 7. Joined the company March 27, 1957. April-September 3.TBSCommentary room (JNN News DeskTo be in charge of the moderator), 1982-1997CCB(Director of Announcement Department. Director of Production Bureau since 1990), 1997GATSSeconded to each. Before being seconded to KKB, he was the sales manager of the Kansai branch office.laterBTV cable TVAfter working as an advisor, I retired from all jobs in March 2008)
    • Kinji Yokoyama(February 1959, 2-March 12. MBC Gakuen Announcement Class Lecturer)
    • (1964- ?, Director from June 1996, 6, Managing Director from June 28, 2001)
    • (1965-2002, for several years after retirementMBC NewsIn charge of)
    • Tatsuo Ozawa* (1967-December 2014)
    • (1973-1976, then reporter, died on September 1991, 9 at the age of 15[25])
    • Kazuhiko Fujiwara(April 1976-March 4, still has regular programs as of 2019[26]I am in charge of regular news etc.)
    • Takashi Kiriyama(1986-June 1997, after leaving the company, based in the Kansai region where he was born, he is active as a freelance announcer in fields such as live sports.Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.Of productionNews parade"Also,Radio OsakaAppearing at any time as an interview / relay caster for the person in charge)
    • Shusaku Yamada(2002-2005,Weather forecaster) ○
    • Tomohiro Yoshida(2006-2017)
    • Reikichi Tanabe(1979-2017,Weather forecaster)
    • (2018-2021)


    • (September 1953-September 9, 1959, former NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Company. In charge of "Friends of Recuperation", "Bright Family", etc.)
    • (September 1953, November 9, 1958, former NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Company. In charge of "Friends of medical treatment", "Women's knowledge", "My favorite words", etc.)
    • (October 1953, 10-November 11, 1955, MBC female Anna was the first to be in charge of news, her current surname is Yanagida)
    • Reiko Shima(1964-?, MBC talent until 1995 even after leaving the company)
    • (1973-April 1981, 4, currently in charge of announcements and manners in Kagoshima City[27])
    • Michiyo Ueda(1974å¹´3月-2016å¹´3月31日 退社後も2017å¹´11月以降はMBC50ニュースを担当しており、2022å¹´7月現在では月曜日と木曜日の午後を中心に担当)
    • (1981-1983 July 10th)
    • Yumiko Yamagata(1981-Announcer in August 1989, 8-Caster in August 1997. Caster in Fukuoka in the 2014s. →Kyushu UniversityDirector)
    • (1985-1988 July 1th)
    • Noriko Yamasaki(1985-October 1991)
    • Chiya Ikawa(1986-1992)
    • Chika Nozaki(1991-1995) ○
    • (1991-October 1997)
    • Tomoyo Sugaya(1992-2008)
    • (1994-2003)
    • Naoko Matsumoto(1996-July 2001, laterTVK) ○
    • Eiko Uchida(1997-May 2001) ○
    • Miho Tanaka(1999-2004, later free)
    • Makiko Ishimura (2001-)
    • Rui Toyota(2002-2006, →Nippon Telezitas"Adult Hall" reporter →NHK Fukuoka Broadcasting Stationcaster)
    • Yasuko Yamanishi(Acted at MBC from 2003 to 2004. Appeared only for one year)[28]
    • Emi Omura(2004-2007 (contract)) ○
    • Tomoko Taniguchi(2005-2006 (contract)) ○
    • Yuri Takeshita(2006-2009, Tomoko Ueno's substitute,Creative media agencyWas dispatched from) ○
    • Kozue Takeuchi(2006-November 2013, 11, casters from 1)
    • Mai Kiyokawa(2008-2011)
    • Aya Kabashima(2013-2016)
    • (2015-September 2019, 9[29])
    • Momoko Ogata(2017-2022 end of April)

    news caster

    • Masatoshi Iwasaki(OriginalKochi-san TV.. Joined company in 2013, April 2019-)
    • (Joined in 1983, until September 2004, announcer → Tokyo branch reporter → news department → April 9 --caster)
      • Born July 1960, 7. In 24, he made his debut as a singer as Joe Flamenco with "Kagoshima is in love with me" (written by Kanetoshi Yamazaki and composed by Masanori Sakamoto).

    Former newscaster


    • Takako Fukuyama (2001-February 2008, later Tokyo branch reporter)
    • Misae Kubo(Joined in 2008, November 2013-?)


    Weather forecaster

    Active as a weather caster

    Active in fields other than weather casters

    • Ichiro Maeda (October 1996-)

    MBC talent

    Some people also appear in programs of other stations in the prefecture.

    • Etsuko Miyahara(As of July 2022, he appeared on the radio program Tanpopo Club)
    • Shiba Satomi
    • Miki Sasada(As of July 2022, she appears on the radio program Shiroyama Sparrow)
    • Takako Eitoku(As of July 2022, he appeared in the TV program Tegetege and the radio program Aoyota Taku-chan's relay corner)
    • Yuuki Ta
    • Isuzu Futami(As of July 2022, appearing on the radio program Isuzu Futami's Saturday Radio and Isuzu Futami's Doctor Talk that I want to hear here)
    • Michiyo Yamashita (As of July 2022, appeared in the radio program Ribbon of Hope, Comfortable Life Radio Shopping in Shiroyama Sparrow)
    • Mina Zaitsu (As of July 2022, appearing in the TV program Donto Kagoshima)
    • Yumiko Waseda
    • Hitomi Akaiwa
    • Yumiko Imai
    • Yumi Hamada
    • Kotomi Hirayama
    • Naoko Tsuruzono
    • Sachi Arikawa
    • Tomoe Fukudome
    • Riho Ikenoue
    • Yuka Kawarada

    Former MBC announcer

    • Isuzu Futami (August 1985-, Announcer (April 8-July 1977))
    • Etsuko Miyahara (October 1985-, Announcer (10-September 1980, 1985), real name in 9Etsuko MiyaharaRenamed the stage name)


    • Michiyo Yamashita
    • Yumiko Imai
    • Miki Sasada
    • Tomoe Fukudome
    • Sachi Arikawa
    • Hitomi Akaiwa
    • Naoko Tsuruzono
    • Yumi Hamada
    • Shiho Yanagihara
    • Takako Eitoku
    • Kotomi Hirayama
    • Ayumi Uesono
    • Satomi Akatsuka
    • Ai Matsushita
    • Riho Ikenoue
    • Aya Sonoda
    • Yuka Kawarada
    • Riyo Hamano
    • Kishira Yumei

    other than that

    • Mina Zaitsu
    • Satomi Shiba (As of July 2022, TV programs appear on Kagoshima 7 and Weekly 4 Channel)
    • Yumiko Waseda
    • Yuuki Ta

    Former MBC talent

    • Yoichiro Segawa (first MBC talent.Old system first KagoshimaFormer NHK Kagoshima Broadcasting Company executive and prefectural education agency staff. Activities from the 1960s until his death in 2005)
    • Damian Hill (2004-2009.AustraliaOriginally from Japan, he was also the first navigator of KYT's "prefecture navigation" during his activities.Even after the talent activity is over, he still lives in Kagoshima City and is privately run.An infantForEnglish ClassesClassroom owner[32])
    • Shinya Hata(- July 2010, 1)
    • Mutsuhiko Inomata(Talent activity is from around the 1970s to September 2019, and died on October 9 of the same year immediately after the end)
    • Hiromi Nishi
    • Naoko Tajima
    • Miko Yamanouchi
    • Yumi Uenosono
    • Mihoko Miyaki

    And many

    Guest talent

    There were also women in the past.

    Former guest talent

    • DJ EIJIMore(Fukuoka Local Talent)
    • Zin
    • Masato Hidaka (singer-songwriter)
    • Noriyuki Miyai (singer-songwriter)


    Former reporter

    • Kunimitsu Kanda

    And many

    Taiwan correspondent

    • Hong Fumi


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