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😷 | Oki Kisen schedule change Crew infected with new corona "Ferry Kuniga" suspended (Shimane/Okinoshima Town) 


Oki Kisen schedule change Crew infected with new corona "Ferry Kuniga" suspended (Shimane / Okinoshima Town) 

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During this period, the ferry "Oki" and "Shirashima" will be added to the ports of call, and the schedule will be changed to respond to the Obon holiday and U-turn rush.

The new corona is affecting the operation of transportation.The Oki Kisen has confirmed that several ferry crew members have been infected and have been in close contact... → Continue reading

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This is an account of "San'in Chuo Television Broadcasting" (Fuji Television affiliate) news. We will send you the latest news from Shimane and Tottori prefectures.

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Port of call (Ibert)

Symphonic Suite "Port of call』(Buddha: Escales, 3 Tableaux Symphoniques) IsFrance Of作曲家Jack ibertWork of.1922, A work completed when Ibert was 32 years old,Prix ​​de RomeThis award-winning work submitted while studying abroad in Rome was Ibert's success story.

Ibert1910ToParis ConservatoryI am enrolled in, but I am still in school1914ToWorld War IHas a history of volunteering to become a naval officer when he broke out.Ibert as a naval officer during the war地中海I sailed to Rome, but I was studying abroad in Rome and seeing foreign features that I encountered when I called at various places.SpainThe impression I got from the trip is included in this song.



19241/6,Paul parayCommandOrchester Lamoureux.1948IsSerge LifarBy 3 placesballetWas premiered as.


Alphonse LeducParis,1925)

There are three types of titles in the published scores.

  • escales. . .(Cover. Only the first "E" is uppercase and the rest are lowercase. Three "." Are added at the end.)
  • ESCALES. . . (A page with musical instrument composition. All capital letters and "E" are the larger type size)
  • ESCALES. . . . . (1st page of score. 5 ".")

The subtitle corresponding to "Symphonic Suite" is not printed on the score.Also, each movement is written only as "No.I, No.II, No.III", and the title of each is not shown.


Organization table
Fl.2 (one is the second piccolo change), picc.Mr.4Timp.●Vn.1●
Ob.2, CATrp.3etc.BD, Cym., SD, Tamb., cast., Tam-t., Tri., Xylo.Vn.2●
OtherCelesta, Harp 2

Music composition

1st song "Rome-Palermo"

6/8 time signature.Gently.RomeDepart from the MediterraneanSicilyNorth coast harborPalermoDepiction of the voyage to.SilencerBeginning with a string quartet with a flute, the flute portrays a seascape.As the music gradually increases, the trumpetTarantellaIs introduced, and the scene of the hustle and bustle of the southern country is drawn.When the hustle and bustle of the southern country subsides, the seascape at the beginning returns and the song closes.

2nd song "Tunis-Naftah"

7/4 time signature (4/4 time signature and 3/4 time signature alternate).Rhythmic moderate speed.TimpaniとCol legno,PizzicatoThe oboe plays the exotic melody of the Arabian style freely from beginning to end with the accompaniment of the string music.TunisiaPort townTunisFrom, a scene of a trip to a town in the southern hinterland.

Third song "Valencia"

3/8 time signature.Lively.PercussionColorfulSpainA variety of themes appear on the rhythm of the dance.After relaxation in the middle, the song becomes lively again, and the whole song is closed with intensity and excitement in the interlaced theme.Port town in eastern Spainバ レ ン シ アIt is a scene of.

外部 リンク

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    U turn rush

    U turn rush(You Turn Rush)Homecoming rushThis is the congestion that occurs when returning to the original place of residence later. in JapanNew Year's Holiday,Golden week-Obon-Silver week・People who spent the holidays in October in rural areas are their original residencesMetropolitan areaOccurs when returning to. The movement of people in the alphabetUThis is called because it looks like drawing a character (going and returning) (See the figure on the right).

    The congestion that basically occurs is equivalent to the homecoming rush.

    U-turn rush problems and solutions

    As with the homecoming rush, most people during the U-turn rushPrivate car-Public transportTo useGeneral road-highway,Train,aircraft-Passenger shipCongestion occurs. So on the roadTraffic jamBy trainBoarding rateRise (for reserved seats)Designated ticketLack of (especially for long distance travelLimited express train-Shinkansen),Terminal stationCongestion, rise in aircraft and passenger ships空港-HarborThere is a problem such as congestion.

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