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😷 | [New Corona] Abandoned people injured in accidents because they are positive Amagasaki City Fire Department


[New Corona] Abandoned injured person in accident because of positive test Amagasaki City Fire Department

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An ambulance team from the Amagasaki City Fire Department responded to the request and put the man in an ambulance to take him to a hospital in the city.

The ambulance team of the Amagasaki City Fire Department in Hyogo Prefecture left the injured person who was positive for the new corona without taking him to the hospital. → Continue reading


To the Japanese medical community, which is facing the super-aging society and the tightness of medical resources at the same time, from each viewpoint, we will convey the voice of medical personnel striving to provide better medical care as it is, from a clinical perspective, a field perspective , This is a blog site for patients.

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ambulance(Kyukyusha) is an ambulancehospitalFor quick and safe transportation to medical facilities such asvehicle.AutomobileAmbulances have existed since the days when there was noCarriage,rickshawWas used.AutomobileSince the invention of the automobile, automobiles have become the mainstream.SleeperHowever, ambulances are used by public institutions and medical institutions, sleepers are owned by private businesses such as taxis, and those that transport patients with particularly low urgency arePatient carrierAs distinguished.

In Japan,Emergency call phone numberYou can call 119.If you are worried about calling an ambulance, you can consult with the Emergency Relief Center (phone number: # 7119).


The first vehicle dedicated to emergency transportation appeared19st centuryfirstNapoleonic WarIt is said that it was invented by Dominique Jean Larrey.Raleigh, who was appointed as the chief surgeon of the Napoleon Army, formed a military emergency unit for prompt treatment of the injured, and built a system in which the injured and sick were quickly transported to a field hospital even on the battlefield.The vehicle used to transport the victim at this time is said to be the first ambulance.

The name ambulance (in English) Ambulance) Is AmericaCivil WarIt started at that time.At that time, carriages were used as ambulances and carriage ambulances (horse ambulance) Was called.All of these have contributed significantly to the rapid healing of injured warriors on the battlefield.

To the massesAutomobileBegan to spreadthe 1920sSince then, ambulances have been built on the basis of automobiles.20st centurySince the latter half of the year, automobiles have been adopted as the main means of emergency transportation in many countries and regions.Also to complement ambulances traveling overlandEmergency helicopterAnd ambulances have been newly developed.Europe,AmericaIn such cases, the distance between local cities is long and there are many mountainous areas, so to shorten the transportation time.Emergency helicopterIs widespread.In this way, due to the terrain and other circumstances,Emergency helicopterIn some countries, there are many transportations using.

Ambulances are also being improved, such as expanding the space inside the car so that it can be transported while taking advanced life-saving measures mainly in developed countries, and making ambulances for children (newborns, babies, toddlers, children). We are trying to improve the lifesaving rate so that it can be loaded with advanced medical equipment and can be used by all age groups.On the other hand21st centuryEven after enteringDeveloping countriesIn areas where conflicts continue, a sufficient number of ambulances are not in place, or a system for transporting injured and sick people by ambulance is not yet in place.

The history of ambulances is closely related to war and military.Wartime international lawUnderRed CrossAmbulances with chapters are allowed to carry victims without being attacked even during combat.Ambulances are not allowed to be armed,combat medicMust be disarmament and then boarded.howeverSmoke bullet launcherDevices for defense can be installed.

Structure / function

This section describes car ambulances.

Ambulances are trucks worldwide[Annotation 1] Based on the vehicle andCommercial one-box carBased on the vehicle,Commercial vanMost of the vehicles are based on.
In addition, it is necessary to meet the ambulance standards set by each country.Therefore, improved for ambulances[Annotation 2][Annotation 3] To improve performanceSpecially equipped vehicleToOutfittingIt is often done, and there is a difference in price depending on the standard etc.[Annotation 4].
"AMBULANCE" and "AMBULANCE" on the car body so that local residents and foreigners can identify it as an ambulance.Emergency Medical Service (EMS), "Affiliation name", "Emergency call phone number","Star of life] Etc. are drawn.
Ambulances are used as emergency vehicles in accordance with the laws of each country.Siren amplifierIt is equipped with a rotating warning light such as blue, red, orange, or green, or an LED blinking warning light.
Also, the ambulance is for exclusive usePaintingIs given, and it becomes white when viewed worldwideRed CrossThere are many vehicles with a red or fluorescent orange line, which is the color scheme of.
EuropeIn many vehicles, fluorescent yellow and green or orange checkered patterns are applied in a line shape, mainly yellow.
AmericaIn each city, the paint color is different for each city's fire department, hospital, and private emergency service, and there are various vehicles such as a red line on a white background and a blue line on a white background.
JapanThen the red line on a white background[Annotation 5] The majority of vehicles are drawn.
Letters such as "AMBULANCE" and "emergency" appear on the front of the ambulanceMirror characterIt is sometimes drawn (inside out), but this is to make the ambulance recognize that it is approaching from behind when looking through the rear-view mirror or door mirror.
A large space is secured inside the car so that treatment can be performed in a stable posture.stretcher-Backboard-Neck collarMedical equipment such as blankets, blankets, etc.AED・ Equipped with first aid set for trauma, oxygen cylinder, etc.
In addition, the number of ambulances equipped with medical equipment and medicines for first aid is increasing, mainly in developed countries.


The operation of ambulances takes various forms according to the laws and regulations of each country.

The institutions that operate ambulances are mainly medical institutions, emergency specialized institutions,Fire departmentHowever, the situation varies greatly from country to country.In Japan and the United Kingdom, emergency services are positioned as one of the administrative services, and local governments and the central government are the main ambulance operating organizations. There are some areas where private companies (EMS- "emergency medical services") carry out emergency transportation for a fee, and there are many areas where volunteers are in charge.

In many countries / regions, in order to enable people in need of ambulances to call ambulances quickly, we have set up facilities to centrally manage ambulances and centrally manage calls requesting ambulances to be dispatched. There is.To make an ambulance callPhone NumberIs different from a normal phone numberEmergency callMany countries / regions handle this, and in many cases, they use telephone numbers that are easy to remember and have a relatively small number of digits.

The number of people boarding the ambulance is the driver,Doctor,ParamedicsAnd so on.The number of people to board is determined by the country / region.Most drivers are also involved in emergency activities at the emergency site.In addition, there are various forms of ambulance operation, such as fire departments and police operating ambulances, and some countries / regions where ambulance specialists are set up to operate ambulances.

Since ambulances are required to be quick, priority driving is permitted in many countries and regions.for example,Red traffic lightBut priority is given to progress,Traffic jamSometimes it is possible to drive in the oncoming lane.

Fees / systems

If you request an ambulance abroad, you will be charged in most countries[Annotation 6] Therefore, when traveling abroad, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of each country (US) should take out insurance.State Department) Is recommended[Annotation 7][1] are doing.


When calling an ambulance, you will be directly connected to the fire department of the local government.Emergency call phone number"119"ToJapaneseNeed to tell.Recently, as the number of foreign tourists increases, the number of fire departments that have introduced simultaneous interpretation services via multilingual call centers that support English and Chinese is increasing, and by the time the 2021 Tokyo Olympics are held, fire departments nationwide Will be introduced[2] ..It doesn't matter what nationality, race, or tax is paid to call an ambulance.The usage fee is also free.

Medical institutions (hospitals, clinics, clinics, clinics, etc.) also have their ownambulanceOwns.While the patient is outpatient or inpatient at the medical institutionTransfer to hospitalIt is operated when it becomes necessary, and the patient transportation fee is free.

In recent years, the need for ambulances has been low, and despite the mild symptoms of being able to go to the hospital on your own, the number of cases of calling an ambulance instead of a taxi has increased, which has become a problem.[3]..According to figures released by the Tokyo Fire Department, in 2020, the total number of emergency transport personnel within the jurisdiction of the Tokyo Fire Department (excluding the islands and Inagi City) will be 625,639, of which more than half, 329,737 (52.7%). ) Was "mild" without hospitalization[3].

In addition, as the number of participation increases, the ambulance crew is always in the state of participation, and it is almost impossible to return to the fire department.[Annotation 8] Is occurring.

The Emergency Relief Center (phone number: # 7119) has been established as a contact point for solving the above problems and for discussing the decision to call an ambulance or whether to go to a medical institution.[4][3]..Each local government is also calling for the proper use of ambulances and is making efforts to curb the increase in the use of injured and sick people who have little need for ambulances.


When calling an ambulance in Taiwan, it is the same as in JapanEmergency call phone numberTo "119"FormosanNeed to tell.ChineseBut it works.An ambulance operated by the local fire department will come.

It was free until a few years ago, but in December 2012, the city of Taipei implemented an ordinance to charge for the use of non-severe people because the problem of calling an ambulance with mild symptoms and hindering the operation of the ambulance became serious. bottom[5]..The cost is said to be 600-1800 yuan.Free as before in case of emergency.After that, local governments in each region followed, and similar or similar ordinances were enacted.[6]..If there is an urgent need even after the ordinance is enforced, it will be free of charge as before.


When calling an ambulanceEmergency call phone numberTo "120" (Beijing City only "120" or "999")ChineseNeed to tell.Ambulances in China are charged, and you will be charged according to the mileage at the hospital where you bring them in.[7].北京市Then, from May 2016, a fare meter was attached to the ambulance, and the fare was 5 yuan (about 3 yen) for the first ride up to 50 km, and then 850 yuan was charged every 1 km (previously there was no unified fare standard).Western media are concerned about detours[8]..Although it depends on the area and medical condition, there are some areas where you have to pay the fee in advance (charge) when the conscious victim or the victim is accompanied by a family member. Sometimes. (The surplus will be settled after arriving at the hospital).Unless you really live or die, you will be asked to pay the money first[9].

Chinese hospitals must first pay a fixed amount at the counter first.In addition, payment is not only at the time of reception, but also at the time of reception, doctor's nomination fee, medical record creation fee, etc.[9] So be careful.It is recommended to take out overseas travel accident insurance before traveling in case of sudden illness or injury.[10].


When calling an ambulance in AustraliaEmergency call phone numberTo "000" (common number with police and fire department)EnglishNeed to tell.All foreigners other than Australians (Australian nationality) are charged.Prices vary from state to state.The first ride is about 1 to 6 yen, and the fare is often high because it is added according to the transportation distance like a taxi.In particular, it will be even more expensive at night and on holidays, so it is necessary to have insurance that covers all of the emergency medical care.[11]..It is important to note that if you receive emergency medical care at the hospital you were transported to and have surgery or hospitalization, the medical expenses may be in the millions of yen.


When calling an ambulanceEmergency call phone numberTo "911" (common number with police and fire department)EnglishNeed to tell.Ambulance fares vary from state to state.You cannot specify the hospital to carry in.New York StateWill be charged about $ 600[12].CaliforniaThen, to the basic chargeTaxiAddition is performed according to the transport distance.Medical expenses are also incurred for first aid received in an ambulance.IllinoisChicago CitySo, the basic life support fee is $ 2,342, the advanced life support fee is $ 2,734, oxygen (regardless of usage) is $ 28, and you will be charged $ 1 per mile.[13]..It is important to note that medical expenses may be in the millions of yen if you receive emergency medical care at the hospital where you were transported and have surgery or hospitalization.There is a paid ambulance dispatch company in the private sector, and there is a service that allows you to choose the hospital to which you will bring it in.


When calling an ambulance in FranceEmergency call phone number"15"SAMUTo (Service d'Aide Medicale Urgente)FrenchNeed to tell.SAMUIf you make a report to, the content of the report will be sent by the doctor who is waiting for 24 hours.TriageIf it is judged to be a minor injury, after being instructed on the method of first aid by telephone, you can go nearby by yourself.ClinicYou are prompted to go to.If it is judged to be seriousSAMUHelicopter may be flown.note that,SAMUA doctor must be on board both the ambulance (mainly white) and the helicopter.The ambulance usage fee is a distance charge type in which the mileage fee (about 60 euros per kilometer) is added to the basic fee (about 2 euros) depending on the area.[14] And there is a usage time billing formula of about 30 euros per 250 minutes.

Fire departmentEmergency call phone number"18" orEUCommonEmergency call phone numberIt is possible to call "112" and call a fire ambulance (mainly red), but in France you can have a doctor treat you from an early stage.SAMU It is common to report to.Free of charge for first aid and transportation by the fire department.


Ambulances are publicly ownedEmergency call phone number"118" orEUCommonEmergency call phone numberYou can call it with "112" and the fee is a residence permit,Cordice FiscaleFree of charge regardless of tax payment[15]..You cannot specify the hospital to carry in.

When calling an ambulance in public, I can hardly speak English, soItalianNeed to tell.There is a paid ambulance dispatch company in the private sector, and there is a service where you can choose the hospital you want to bring in.There is also a service in which an ambulance unique to the hospital is brought in at a private general hospital, although it is also charged.Most private general hospitals can speak English.


When calling an ambulance in GermanyEUCommonEmergency call phone numberTo "112" (fire department)GermanNeed to tell.Ambulance usage fee is charged.A dedicated ambulance with a doctor will be arranged according to the content of the report.If a doctor is on board, about 100 euros will be added to the usage fee.The ambulance usage fee varies greatly depending on the content of first aid provided by the rescuer and the mileage, but it costs at least about 300 to 500 euros.In Germany, ordinary people other than the sick and injured are not allowed to ride in an ambulance (even if they are a family member of the sick and injured), so the companion will go to the hospital where they are taken by taxi.[16].

German ambulance transports mildly injuredambulance(Clan Kenwagen)[Annotation 9] And transport the victims of moderate illnessambulance(Lettungswagen)[Annotation 10], A doctor will be on board to carry a seriously life-threatening victimemergency(Note Alztowagen)[Annotation 11] There is.

Major manufacturers


Ambulance driver dies of disease


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