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😷 | "It's impossible to have a fever outpatient at home..." What kind of ophthalmologist in Nagoya has responded to the request for corona response from all medical institutions in Aichi Prefecture?


``It's impossible to have a fever outpatient at home...'' What kind of ophthalmologist in Nagoya has responded to the request for corona response from all medical institutions in Aichi Prefecture?

If you write the contents roughly
(Former Director of Nakamura Eye Clinic, Tetsuyuki Suetsugu)
“Since there are ophthalmology machines in various rooms, I think it is impossible to separate the flow lines.

(Aichi Governor Hideaki Omura's press conference on the 9th) "I want all medical institutions in Aichi Prefecture to accept patients infected with the new corona... → Continue reading


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Dr. Tetsuyuki Suetsugu, Director of Nakamura Eye Clinic)

    Flow line

    Flow lineWhat is (Dosen)?HouseA line that represents the path that a person would take when moving naturally through the interior.Of the buildingFloorYou have to be careful when designing.Predict the behavior pattern of the user at the time of design, and make a plan plan more clearly, less accidents, and not too long travel distance.Special consideration of flow lines in designFlow line planThat.

    In addition, although it may be described as a "conductor" as a route to guide people in a building, a store, or in the city, this is originallyElectrical wire(Electrical conductor), And the flow line is accurate in this sense as well.[1].

    Flow line plan

    In the flow line plan, "what is important" changes depending on the purpose.The factors considered in the actual design are illustrated below.

    It is the intersection of different flow lines.for examplehospitalIn such cases, eliminating the intersection of flow lines as much as possible improves convenience, accidents, etc.Nosocomial infectionIt leads to prevention and confidentiality.again,Department storeIt should be avoided that staff members come and go and goods are frequently transported in front of customers.Theme parkIt is awakening when the back is exposed.On the other handDedicated to pre-school and extra curricular,住宅In such cases, measures such as facilitating communication are made by intentionally providing a place where users can easily meet each other.
    It is the distance traveled by the user.For example, in the case of a ward, the flow line of nursing staff (Nursing flow lineBy designing the length short, you can reduce the burden of walking to dozens or hundreds of rooms a day, or if you anticipate frequent movement of beds and large medical equipment, turn corners. Ingenuity such as reducing the number of beds is made.On the other hand, in stores and the like, the flow line may be long so that customers may pass in front of many products in the process of moving and motivate them to purchase.
    In the supermarket, a course that goes around from the entrance to the cash register is set, and by following the course, the shopping is guided to be completed.In line with this flow line, light vegetables are placed at the beginning of the course, and heavy milk is placed at the end of the course.
    When used by an unspecified number of people, it is necessary to keep in mind systematic guidance so that the purpose can be achieved without hesitation even if it is visited for the first time (including a sign plan).Koji HaraDesignSapporo DomeIt is said that the flow line of is clear.


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