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😷 | [Breaking news] 10th Okinawa / 5063 new corona infections Call for caution in the old Bon Festival


[Breaking news] 10th Okinawa, 5063 new corona infections Call for caution in the old Bon Festival

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If you are requesting self-restraint from traveling when you feel unwell and thorough inspections before the start of your trip, but due to unavoidable circumstances you are unable to take a PCR test at your departure airport, you will also be tested at Naha Airport, Miyako Airport, New Ishigaki Airport, etc. (For details, see the Okinawa Prefecture website).

Okinawa Prefecture announced on the 10th that 5,063 new coronavirus infections were confirmed in Okinawa Prefecture.Wed last week... → Continue reading

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Miyako Airport

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Of the old terminal that designed HanagasaImage providedplease.(April 2008

Miyako Airport(Miyakokukou,British: Miyako Airport) IsOkinawaMiyakojima City(Miyakojima)It is inLocally managed airport.


The total number of passengers a year is 1,757,952 (FY2019)[2]..23rd in Japan, in Okinawa prefectureNaha Airport,New Ishigaki AirportIt is the airport with the third largest number of passengers after.


Number of users

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Navy Miyako Airfield (Taira Airfield)

U.S. Air Force (Miyakojima International Airport)

  • After the Battle of OkinawaUS Air ForceCAT (Crisis Action Team) manages the airport and it is called "Miyakojima International Airport"[3].
  • 1955(30) July --Miyako --Naha --Civil aviation charter flights first service between Ishigaki[3].
  • 1956(Showa 31) June --Naha-Miyako-Ishigaki regular civil aviation route goes into service[1][3].
  • 1968(43) --The first terminal building is completed[3].

Reversion of Okinawa and Miyako Airport

  • 1973(Showa 48) In January, permission to establish an airport was obtained from the country, and in February-designated as a third-class airport[1].US military communications base at Miyako AirportMiyakojima Voltac facility” is returned.
  • 1975(50) March-Extend the runway to 3 meters[1].
  • 1977(52) November-Established "Miyako Airport Terminal" to construct and operate the passenger terminal building[3].
  • 1978(53) December-Start of provisional jet service.The old terminal building imitating Hanagasa is completed[1].
  • 1983(58) March-Extend the runway to 7 meters[1].
  • 1984(Showa 59) June- Instrument landing gear (ILS) is put into service[1].
  • 1989(7) July-Tokyo direct flight goes into service[3].
  • 1992May (4) --The runway pavement will be strengthened, enabling stable operation of medium-sized jet aircraft.[1].
  • 1992 (4) --Osaka direct flight goes into service[3].
  • 1997(9) July 7-The new terminal building will be put into service.[5].
  • August 1997-Fukuoka direct flight goes into service[1].
  • 1999(11) --The old terminal building is demolished and the site is returned to the country.
  • 2008(20) June-Designated as a locally managed airport[1].
  • 2017(29) June 6-Expanded boarding waiting room on the 10nd floor and started operation (2 seats → 276 seats)[6].
  • 2019(First year of Reiwa) December 12-Two unitsBoarding bridgeHas been updated and is in service.2018All three boarding bridges have been updated, including the one that was updated in December.[7].

Service route

Domestic flights

As of 2022 month,Japan Airlines(JAL),Japan Transocean Air (JTA) 、Ryukyu Air Commuter(RAC),All Nippon Airways(ANA)の4社が路線を運航している。

Japan Airlines (JAL) [8][Note 1]Tokyo/Haneda
Japan Transocean Air (JTA) [8]Nagoya/Chubu(Seasonal operation)
Osaka/Kansai(Seasonal operation)
Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC) [8]Naha
All Nippon Airways (ANA)[8][Note 2]Tokyo/Haneda
Osaka/Itami(Seasonal flights)
Fukuoka(Seasonal flights)[11]
(From Miyako Airport) Number of passengers / ranking by route in 2019[12]
destinationNumber of passengersDomestic rank
Naha AirportAbout 109 million peopleTop 24
On-time routes that were in service in the past

Destination city

* IsShimojishima AirportThere are also flights

Flight aircraft

We have facilities for medium-sized jets to take off and land.

Japan Transocean Air will be on the Haneda Airport Line and Naha Airport Line from 2016Boeing 737-800Introducing a mold machine[13][14]..Once from 1990 to 2010, Japan Transocean Air operated from mid-July to the end of August every year.Japan Airlines InternationalBorrowed a Boeing 767-300 aircraft and crew (Wet lease), Was in service on some of the Haneda Airport Line and Naha Airport Line[15][16].

Japan Transocean Air's Haneda Airport line will be changed to a flight form jointly undertaken with Japan Airlines from March 2021, 3, and will normally be operated by Japan Transocean Air's aircraft and crew (flight number is Japan Airlines). ), Japan Airlines B28-767 can be used during the busy season to introduce flexible flight aircraft according to demand trends.[17]

All Nippon Airways has been a wide-body aircraft since April 2017.Boeing 767-300In addition to operating the model aircraft normally on the Haneda Airport line, during the high-customer season, etc.Boeing 787Operating type machines[18][19].

Operating aircraft as of February 2019
AirlinesFlight aircraft
Japan Airlines (JAL)Boeing 767-300

Boeing 737-800 (JTA equipment)

Japan Transocean Air (JTA)Boeing 737-800
Ryukyu Air Commuter (RAC)Bombardier DHC8-Q400CC
All Nippon Airways (ANA)Boeing 787-8Boeing 767-300

Airbus 321 Boeing 737-800

Terminal building

CurrentPassenger terminal building The1997(9)7/17It was put into service inSashibaImagedRed roof tileIt features a thatched roof.The total area of ​​the passenger terminal building is 9,237m2, Freight building is 1,372m2[5]..First time in OkinawaHeart building methodIt is a facility that has been certified by.The installation and operation of the passenger terminal building is carried out by "Miyako Airport Terminal Co., Ltd.", which is funded by financial institutions / local governments and operating companies.[1].

Since the current passenger terminal building is expected to have 100 million passengers annually, it has become narrower in recent years when the annual number of passengers greatly exceeds 170 million.For this reason, the first floor of the west wing of the terminal building is 1m.2, 2m on the 550nd floor2, 1m on the 190st floor of the east wing2, 2m on the 159nd floor2Construction work is underway to expand (started on May 2019, 5, scheduled to be in service from September 16)[21]..Due to the expansion of the terminal building, the number of seats in the boarding waiting room on the 2nd floor of the west wing will increase from the current 410 seats to 570, and the turntable will be extended by about 1m at the baggage claim area on the 14st floor of the east wing.[21].

1 floor

  • Check-in counter
  • Arrival lobby
  • Tourist office
  • Central amenity hall
  • Courtyard / Multipurpose Square
  • Police box
  • Rescue room
  • Coin locker

2 floor

  • Check-in counter
  • Departure lobby
  • Baggage inspection area
  • Boarding room
  • Shopping streets / shops
  • Restaurant / coffee shop

3 floor

  • Pick-up deck

Old terminal building

The old terminal building1978It was completed in December (53).Reinforced concrete structure3 stories, total area 3,376.5m2.Flower shadeIt was nicknamed "Hanagasa Airport" because of its appearance that imitated.It was located on the Taira city side on the opposite side of the runway from the current terminal building.[3][22]However, it is currently being demolished.


  • Automobile ――About 10 minutes from Taira.
  • bus
Miyako Kyoei BusChokitayama Kita Line (Line 2), Yonaha Kategari Line (Line 4), Shinsato Miyakuni Line (Line 5), Miyako Shimojishima Airport Resort Line (Line 9),Central transportation"Miyako Shimojishima Airport Liner[23]AtIn front of the airport terminalGet off at the bus stop.
  • Originally, only the No. 5 system was on the Miyako Kyoei Bus,20204/1With the revision of the timetable, the number 2 and 4 systems can now be used at the airport, and the total number of flights for both systems has increased to 1 round trips a day (previously 11 round trips).Both systems go through Miyakojima City Hall in the direction of Hirara.
  • Miyako Kyoei Bus No. 9 and Chuo Kotsu routesShimojishima AirportIt varies depending on the departure and arrival flights, but both operate about 1-3 times a day.In addition, central transportationClosed door systemTherefore, you can only board at Shimojishima Airport and get off at Shimojishima Airport.
  • Tour bus "Miyakojima loop bus"
202010/23 - 20211/31, And 20217/12 - 9/5,Year 202112/26 - 20221/3operated to[24], April 2022, 8- 20232/28Operation of[25]Is also done.
  • Service from October 2020, 10
    • Starting from the front of Mateida Municipal Theater, it tours Miyako Airport, Hirara city area, major sightseeing spots, resort hotels, beaches, etc.
    • Miyako Kyoei Bus with 6 flights each for "inner loop" and "outer loop"Yachiyo Bus・ Joint operation of central transportation (3 flights each for all 2 companies).
    • 1 yen a day with a one-day ticket only.Miyakojima citizens can ride for 1 yen during the service period if they register (1000 years old each-half price for elementary school students)[26][27].
  • Service from October 2021, 7
    • In front of Kita Elementary SchoolYoshino coastTie theKurima IslandChange to a route that goes through etc.
    • There are 1 flights a day from Kitako-mae and 6 flights a day from Yoshino Kaigan.Joint operation of Miyako Kyoei Bus, Yachiyo Bus, and Chuo Kotsu.
    • One-time ticket is 1 yen. The 500-day, 1-day, and 2-day tickets are 3 yen, 1000 yen, and 2000 yen, respectively. 3000 tickets for 1-day ticket, 3 tickets for 2-day ticket).Miyakojima citizens can ride for 2 yen during the service period if they register (3 years old each-half price for elementary school students)[28][29].

Former planning / test operation

  • Limousine bus
2009, 8 hotels in Miyakojima City connect Miyako Airport and each hotel in the city area for freeLimousine busPlan to operate.However, it was canceled due to opposition from taxi companies.[30].
  • Community bus "Machinaka Bus"
20132/4から17 daysBy Miyakojima CityCommunity busDemonstration test operation of "Machinaka Bus" was carried out, leaving Miyako Airport at 30 minutes every hour, in the city area,Hirara PortThe airport line connecting with was operated.The result of this test run is20151 of the monthIrabu OhashiIt was supposed to be a basic material for considering the future transportation system after opening.[31][32]However, when the Irabu Bridge opened, there was no change in the route passing through the airport, despite the large-scale reorganization of the route.[33][34][35].
  • Traveling shared taxi "Miyakojima Kururin Bus"
20179/1 - 11/30Based on the demonstration experiment of20184/2 - 9/28It was operated in.
  • Demonstration experiment from September 2017, 9 (1 months)
    • Miyako Airport and city areaHirara PortConnect withJumbo taxiDemonstration experiment was conducted.This was done as a countermeasure against the difficulty of using buses and taxis by passengers as a result of the increase in cruise ship calls, and the following 5 by five taxi companies. It was operated on the route.The fare is a flat rate of 2 yen (students (up to high school students), driver's license returner, disabled person 500 yen)[36][37].
    • North Route: Miyako Airport --In front of Karamata Crushing Stone Station --In front of Sanei --City Hall Hirara Government Building --In front of Public Market --Hirara Port
    • South Route: Miyako Airport --Aeon Town South Store --In front of Public Market --In front of Miyako Comprehensive Business High School --Hirara Port
  • Service from October 2018, 4
    • Operated by a shared jumbo taxi.The route and operating hours have been changed based on the demonstration experiment.The route was a circular route connecting Miyako Airport and Hirara Port, and two routes were operated: a clockwise "big catch" and a counterclockwise "good harvest".
    • Operating hours: From 10:15 to 19:15, depart Miyako Airport at 15 and 45 minutes per hour.
    • Fare: Flat rate of 500 yen (students (up to high school students), driver's license returner, 300 yen for disabled people, free for preschoolers). A one-day ticket has also been released.
    • Route: In front of the airport terminal --Don Quixote --In front of the prefectural joint government building --In front of Sanei --In front of the city hall --In front of the public market --In front of Hirara Port - Business high schoolPrevious - Aeon Town South StoreIn front-In front of the airport terminal (about 1 minutes per lap, you can get on and off at places other than the bus stop)[38]

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