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😷 | "About 90 in 1 people" in Hokkaido are infected and undergoing medical treatment... The rate of hospital bed utilization remains high... Transport requests are also being made one after another, and the number of route buses is also reduced


“About 90 in 1 people” in Hokkaido are infected and recuperating…The rate of hospital bed occupancy remains high…Transportation requests are also being made one after another.

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User: ``It can't be helped if the schedule is like this on Saturdays and Sundays due to the lack of manpower.'' The schedule change will reduce about 8 flights per day until August 16, and is expected to affect 1 people. I'm here.

On August 8, 8 people were newly infected with the new coronavirus in Hokkaido, surpassing 5098 for the sixth consecutive day. → Continue reading

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