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😷 | Furusato Miya Festival canceled for XNUMX consecutive years due to rapid spread of infection


Furusato Miya Festival canceled for XNUMX consecutive years due to rapid spread of infection

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In July, an extraordinary general meeting was held to confirm the policy to hold the event, but from there, the committee's decision to cancel for the third consecutive year said, "We were preparing for the event, but we were infected. The speed of expansion was more than expected," he expressed his frustration.

Organizing Committee for Utsunomiya City's "Furusatomiya Festival", the largest summer festival in the prefecture, which was scheduled to be held for the first time in three years... → Continue reading

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Cancellation decision


    Committee(Okay,British: committee, commission, board) Consists of multiple membersCollaborative systemRefers to the institution.委员Is an institutionGroupSelected from the discussion andAuthorityExecutionDelegationWas doneNatural personRefers to.

    Administrative agency committee

    CountryOrLocal governmentOf a collegial systemAdministrative agencyso,Administrative committeeAlso say. Maybe technical or fair-neutralpolicyIt is installed to carry out. The name of a committee is not used for an advisory or investigative collegial body, but a council or investigative committee.

    Committee of legislative bodies


    America'sUS CongressIs said to be a representative example of committee-centricism. The chairman has a strong discretionary power and decides whether or not the bills submitted by the members of the House shall be examined. Since it is possible, but difficult, to avoid the committee examination and submit the bill to the plenary session, each chairperson usually controls the death of the bill under its jurisdiction.

    As for the bills that have been examined, if necessaryPublic hearingI do. The hearing is basicallyCall to witnessThis is a form of scholarship, and both civil servants such as government officials and civilians can be targeted. Without justifiable reasons, the testimony will not be rejected, and falsetestimonyIs subject to criminal penalties. Long time agoRed picking(McCarthyismThere is also a history that was used by the witness summons in the committee.

    after that,(English editionIs carried out, a revised proposal is made for each item of the bill, and a vote is made each time. The final full-text vote is sent and sent to the plenary session.

    • US SenateStanding Committee of
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      • Expenditure Committee
      • Military committee
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      • Budget Committee
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    There may be cases where the ruling and opposition parties agree or abolish the proposal or the proposal is abolished during the committee examination period, but it is usually not at the committee meeting.National Diet CommitteeSubstantial transactions are made in out-of-hospital negotiations such as talks. The examination by the committee is a place where each party appeals for its own position and asks the bill submitter.

    Diet lawArticle 51 paragraph 1In, the Committee will discuss important matters of general interest and purpose.Public hearingOpenThose who have a true stakeOrAcademic experienceIt is stipulated that opinions can be heard from such sources, and paragraph 2 stipulates that the total budget and important revenue bills are obliged to hold.

    In the committee examination, the final vote is made, but it is also possible to pass the bill rejected by the committee vote at the plenary session.Hakuchu DietDuring this period, there were often examples of reversal votes at the plenary session.

    In cases where the ruling and opposition parties are in strong conflict, the opposition party often aims to postpone the agenda examination until the end of the session, while the ruling party sideForced votingOr to become chairman of the plenary session even if the committee does not vote.Interim reportAnd may bring it to the deliberation at the plenary session as it is.

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    Parliamentary committee example

    Local council

    OrdinanceStanding Committee, Steering Committee,Special committeeCan be put (109 article,109-2,110 article

    Committee example
    • Congress Steering Committee
    • General Affairs and Finance Committee
    • Citizen's Board of Education
    • Health and welfare committee
    • Economic Environment Committee
    • Urban Development and Construction Committee
    • Public Enterprise Committee

    Committees such as political parties and labor unions

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    Current,Diet of JapanToSeathavePolitical partyThe one who uses the name "committee" for the central institutionCentral Committee of the Japanese Communist PartyOnly. AlsoJapan Communist PartyAlso uses the name "committee" as an organization equivalent to the "prefectural branch federation" of other parties.

    Another committee related to political parties is "Diet Countermeasures Committee, Which is also used by conservative parties such as the Liberal Democratic Party.

    School board

    Classroom activity,Children's association-student councilSeveral committees have been set up as part of the activity.

    From each classClass CommitteeAnd the members of each committee are elected and act.


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