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😷 | [8/2] Wakayama Prefecture 1407 people New corona infection 2 people died Bed usage rate 75%


[8/2] Wakayama Prefecture 1407 new corona infections 2 deaths Bed occupancy rate 75%

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By public health center jurisdiction, 668 in Wakayama City, 125 in Tanabe, 119 in Yuasa, 113 in Iwade, 109 in Kainan, 103 in Hashimoto, 86 in Shingu, 78 in Gobo, and 6 outside the prefecture.

■ The second highest number of infected people in the past This is the infection status of the new coronavirus.The prefecture today has 2 new infections and 1407 cases... → Continue reading

 TV Wakayama

The only private television broadcasting station in Wakayama prefecture. Incidents, accidents, disaster prevention, politics, education, tourism, sports, gourmet, fashion, entertainment, culture, history, nature, health, pandas, Tama stationmaster ... We will tell you various news about Wakayama.

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Wakayama City 668 people

    Yuasa 119 people


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