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😷 | Omicron BA.5 epidemic Macau, positive people from the general public again zero ... Second time after outbreak

Photo A state of the PCR test site for all citizens frequently conducted in Macau (Source) = July 2022, 7 (Photo: GCS)

Macau, the epidemic of Omicron BA.5, has zero positives from the general public ... Second time after an outbreak

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Basically, stay home is the basis, and going out is limited to the purchase of daily necessities and urgent requirements when it is necessary for all citizens to take the PCR test or for business, and adults are required to wear masks of KN95 standard or higher.

In Macau, which has a population of about 68, the number of confirmed cases of community-acquired infection of the new corona was maintained for about 8 months, but June 6 ... → Continue reading

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