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😷 | Kanagawa XNUMX infected, XNUMX dead New Corona


Kanagawa XNUMX infected, XNUMX dead New Corona

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In addition, the death of one woman in her 60s was confirmed in Fujisawa City, and a new certificate was issued to 1 people as of noon on the 7th under the prefecture's voluntary medical treatment system.

Regarding the new coronavirus, XNUMX infections and XNUMX patient's death were newly confirmed in Kanagawa prefecture on the XNUMXth ... → Continue reading

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It is a TV station, tvk (TV Kanagawa) in Kanagawa prefecture.We will inform you of news such as incidents and accidents in Kanagawa prefecture, administrative information of prefectures and 33 municipalities, seasonal topics, etc. as soon as possible.

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    As of noon on the 7rd

      Voluntary medical treatment system


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