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😷 | 《Breaking news》 Expanding the cluster at Fukushima Prison ... A total of XNUMX inmates and staff were infected with the new coronavirus.


<< Breaking news >> Cluster expansion at Fukushima Prison ... A total of XNUMX inmates and staff were infected with the new coronavirus

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This is an account for "Fukushima TV" (Fuji TV series) news.

By July XNUMX, Fukushima Prison had been confirmed to be infected with the new coronavirus by XNUMX prisoners and XNUMX staff members, for a total of XNUMX people ... → Continue reading

 Fukushima TV

"Fukushima TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Fukushima Prefecture.

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Fukushima TV

Fukushima Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.(Fukushima TV,British: Fukushima Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.,Abbreviation: TVF) IsFukushimaTheBroadcast target areaage,Television broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Nickname TheFukushima(In the program guide, etc.FTV Fukushima TVMay be described as[3]).callsign TheJOPX-DTV(Fukushima 25ch)Fuji TV series(FNN-FNS) Belongs to.Remote control key IDIs the key stationFuji Television Network, Inc・ Semi-key stationKansai TVSame as "8. "

Private broadcastingAlthough it is a business operator, from the background of the opening of the stationFukushimaHolds half of the shares (Third sectorPrivate TV station).


1962(ShowaIt is a television station established by the prefecture and local newspapers in 37), so-calledThird sectorNon-correspondingIndependent stationthe onlyPrefectural broadcastIt is a station.

The president's post is also from the prefecture of mediation for the first generationCashierIn addition to the person who was inaugurated, everything from the 2nd generation to the 6th generationDeputy GovernorThe person who has served as a so-called "dictateI have been appointed president.Keiji Nakamura, a former president and advisorSankei ShimbunI'm from, but I'm still a prefecture officialPrefectural assemblyMembers of the Diet are on the board of directors.note that,2007(HeiseiFrom 19 years)2016Shuichi Nukazawa (Chairman from June 29), who served as president until (2016), was the first "growth" president in the 6th generation. Yoichi Mori, who became the ninth president in June 8, became the first president of Fuji TV.

Abbreviation "TVFIs "CX" by Fuji TV, the current key station.[Annotation 3]Was used for several years immediately after the opening of the station before using[Annotation 4].

Fukui Television BroadcastCan not use "FTV" as an abbreviation because it opened after the main station, and uses "FTB".[Annotation 5].TaiwanTV station,Private all-in-one companyWhen he visited Fukushima Prefecture, it became a hot topic because the abbreviation "FTV" was the same as the headquarters.

2019(Heisei31 years)4/1From now on, the nickname is "FukushimaWas enacted[4]on the other hand,1998The conventional logo mark and abbreviation logo established in (10) have not been abolished, and have been used continuously even after the nickname was established, such as being written together with the nickname when the station name was announced.[Annotation 6]..In addition, the signboard on the wall of the current office building is also the abbreviation logo of "FTV".For the first six months of its enactment, the words "FTV" and "Fukushima TV" were left in the names of mini-programs such as telops and weather forecasts, but they were all changed to "Fukutele" when they were reorganized in October of the same year.

The only TV station in FukuForecast business license businessIs specified in[Annotation 7].


6/1: Due to the large number of applicants for the TV license allocation, the prefecture and the prefectural council enter into mediation, and the prefecture establishes Fukushima Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd.
3/25: Prior to the opening of the stationService broadcastingStart.
3/31: The opening ceremony was held at the Fukushima Prefectural Agricultural Association Building[7].
4/1: Fukushima Prefecture's first commercial TV station (at that time)Open net) Opened as.Broadcast started at 10 am.The first show was "Salon Music"[8]..The only relay stations at the time of opening were Aizuwakamatsu and Iwaki Taira.
11/25: Fukushima Television's first UHF relay stationShirakawa relay stationIs open[9].. (62ch 100w)
10/1 : Color TVBroadcast started.Initially, the facilities for color broadcasting directly from the head office were inadequate, and only about 1 hours a week could be broadcast, so programs on the same network as the key stations ("Ultraman''Jungle the Great, Etc.), and although it was actually a color work, it was broadcast on a time shift net.Ambassador MagmaWas broadcast in black and white[10].
April: Color broadcasts are expanded to 4 hours a week[11].
3/27: Introduced a color relay vehicle[12].
4/1 : Fukushima Central TelevisionWith the opening of (FCT)NTV seriesとTBS seriesIt becomes a cross net with.
2/12: Completion of the 5-story building ("FTV Broadcasting Hall") on the front entrance side[13].
10/1: Network exchange with Fukushima Central Television (FCT), Nippon Television affiliated programs transferred to the same station, TBS affiliatedFuji TV seriesIt becomes a cross net of.
10/1: "FTV teleport] Start broadcasting.
9/1: Compatible with automatic program transmission system (APS)Main adjustment roomUpdated to (Master) (manufactured by NEC)[Annotation 8].
12 : 2 inch VTROf useCM bankStarted operation.
4/4: "Sata FukuThe predecessor of "Saturday Fukushima" has started broadcasting.
10/1 : Fukushima BroadcastingWith the opening of (KFB), some TV Asahi programs have been transferred.Multiplex audio broadcastingStarted (sound multiplex broadcasting practical test broadcasting, 3 commercial broadcasting stations in Fukushima at the same time).
4/1: The news network to which you belong isJNNFrom currentFNNchange to.
10/1: FNN / FNS seriesFull net stationBecomes
4/28: Fukushima TV Housing Plaza opens[14].
11: 1thEast Japan Women's Ekidenhold.Since then, it has been held every November until now.
10 : relayForFPUCar operation started.
4/1 : Nobuoyama OfWeather cameraStarted operation of[15].
9 : SNG(Satellite relay) Equipment operation started.
3/1: Updated the master control room (master).The manufacturer is also made by NECToshibaChanged to made.
4/2: The broadcast start time is advanced to 6 am.Broadcast end time is moved back to 3:30 midnight[16].
12/12: Updated the tower of Fukushima transmission station to the current tower[17].
3: Due to aging equipment and discontinuation of 2-inch VTR tape productionMagneto-optical diskUpdated to the sending CM bank.

9: The information center building is completed.

4: Completed the 3rd studio.
4/1:newCI markintroduction.Design production is Masaru Uehara[Annotation 9].
Image character "FukutanIs adopted. "L-ban teleport"At the innerOpen call for participantsCharacter decided by.
5/22: Around the 28th, Sasamoriyama Transmitting Station, digital compatible construction (digital transmitter)NECMade).
6/10: Five TV stations in the prefecture, including Fukushima Television, have obtained a preliminary license for terrestrial digital broadcasting.
8/1 : Digital broadcastingUpdated to the corresponding master control room (master) (manufactured by Toshiba)[Annotation 10].
6/1 : Digital terrestrial broadcastingStart.
4: Major live programs ("FTV Super News"General news" etc.)HDTVbecome.
9/29: From the broadcast of Satafuku on this day, Studio 1 is compatible with high-definition broadcasting.
4/12: Fukushima Horse Racing Broadcast "Exciting horse racing] Will be compatible with high-definition broadcasting.
8/1: In terrestrial digital broadcastingWatermarkStart displaying.
10/6: The FTV Gakuen course business and the Fukushima Social Insurance Center course business are integrated, and the "FTV Culture Center" is newly opened.Classrooms will be held at the same location as FTV Gakuen and Fukushima Social Insurance Center.
3/31: Terrestrial analog broadcasting stoppage[Annotation 11].
3 : Fuji Media Holdings OfEquity method affiliatebecome[18].
6: Completion of new office building (constructed in the parking lot on the premises of the office building at that time)[19].
4/1: Broadcast started from the new office building[20]At the same time, the master control room (master) was updated (manufactured by Toshiba).Nicknamed "FukushimaEstablished[4]..The company building and FTV broadcasting hall at the time of opening were soon dismantled, leaving the information center building, and at the end of May 2020 (Reiwa 2), a parking lot and a plaza named "Fukutan Park" were constructed.The information center building has been renovated and is used as the company building for Fukushima Video Planning.

Process until opening

In Fukushima prefectureRadio Fukushima(RFC)1957(Showa 32) TV preliminary license (XNUMX)Callsign JOWR-TV), But1958It expired in (Showa 33).Radio stations have started broadcasting nationwideLatteTendency to become a station (and by extensionTBS(JNN) SeriesNippon TV(NNN) There was a subscription to the affiliate), and Radio Fukushima was about to become a concurrent station,Capital increaseThe road was closed without any compromise.

Next, "Fukushima Television Co., Ltd.", which has the same name but is a completely different company,1960Obtained a preliminary license in (35) (call sign is the same as the current FTV JOPX-TV), but1961(36)3/1The license expired and the station could not be opened.[Annotation 12].

In the background of this repeated postponement of the opening of the station,Fukushima private press-Fukushima MinyuThe feud between the two major local newspapers and behind it [Fukushima Minpo-Mainichi Newspapers-TBS] and [Minyu-Yomiuri Shimbun-Nippon TV] relationship, and different from theseFukushimaversusKoriyamaThis is because adjustments were difficult due to the circumstances peculiar to Fukushima Prefecture.[Annotation 13]..The main station is the broadcasting station that the prefecture set out to coordinate itself in order to put an end to this conflict.1962(Showa 37), the prefecture and the prefectural council entered into mediation among the applicants for the TV license allocation, and the prefecture took the lead in establishing Fukushima Television Broadcasting Co., Ltd. (our company).The following year, it opened in April 1963.

At that time, one station in one prefecture was normal nationwide,1967Until the revision of "Television Broadcast Frequency Allocation Schedule"UHF waveAlthough there was a situation where the use of the master station transmission station was not lifted, due to the radio waves of prefectures other than the core prefectures in the wide area and neighboring prefecturesVHF waveIt was difficult to set up a TV master station transmission stationSaga[Annotation 14](The first commercial TV station was opened in 1.UHF station OfSaga tv) ExceptThe first commercial TV station to open at the endbecame.Originally, if RFC Radio Fukushima had opened and been recognized as the first latte-cum-operated broadcasting station, FTV Fukushima TV would have been scheduled to open as the second station.

Network transition

  • 1963(Showa 38) April 4 Opened as an open net station.News programsNippon TV-TBS-Fuji Television Network, Inc-Japan education tvI was able to select my favorite program from.
    • As of September 1964, NTV 9%, TBS 30%, Fuji TV 25%, and Nippon Educational Television 15%, and even the local stations at that time did not rely on a specific series color.
  • 1966(Showa 41) April 4 News is launched on the dayNNNJoined.News onlyNTV seriesOther than that, freenet continues.
  • 1967(42) April Private Broadcast Education AssociationJoin.
  • 1970(Showa 45) January 4 Fukushima Central TelevisionWith the opening ofLet's guess!With some exceptions such asEvery day broadcastingPart including productionBan sales・ Sponsored net programs will continue).Nippon Television / TBSCross netBecome[21]..Newsnet is NNN,JNNContinued some program net of.
  • 1971(46)
    • June 6 Withdrawal from NNN and join JNN[22]However, until the reorganization in October, the evening frame will continue to net NNN news, and the night news will not start online at JNN news.The agreement applicable program "JNN New ScopeWill start online from October 10st, "Morning Jumbo] Will be online from April in the form of sales.
    • October 10 By exchanging the internet with Fukushima Central TelevisionTBS seriesとFuji TV seriesIt becomes a cross net of.Along with thisFNSJoined the company, and the Internet of Fuji TV programs is back.However, the programming was mainly TBS due to the reconsideration of sales.note that,"Kubota Folk Song Country TourWas broadcast on Fukushima Central Television consistently until the final episode, and there are cases where Fukushima Central Television purchased and broadcasted Fuji TV programs that were not broadcast on Fukushima Television.In addition, Nippon Television will be the secretary.National High School Soccer ChampionshipContinued to participate in the joint production organization of1978Moved to Fukushima Central Television).
  • 1975(Showa 50) January 3 Bowel torsionDue to the elimination, the quasi-key station of the irregular crossKansai TV(KTV) ・ Asahi Broadcasting (currentAsahi Broadcasting TV) (ABC) will be changed to Kansai Telecasting Corporation (MBS) (1983 (Showa 58))9/30Continue until).However, Asahi Broadcasting's production, which was transferred to NET TV, was continued as a syndication.
  • 1980Around (55) Fukushima Prefectural Broadcasting Television was assigned to the 3rd and 4th stations, and at that time Fukushima Television had one of its major shareholders Fuji Television (currently Fuji Television).Fuji Media Holdings), Etc., and after the opening of the 4th station, it will be decided that the company will become a full-net station of Fuji TV.
  • 1981(Showa 56) January 10 Fukushima BroadcastingWith the opening of the station, TV Asahi (other than those produced by the Minkyokyo) and Asahi Broadcasting production programs, which had been on the Internet for sales, disappeared.
  • 1983(58)
    • Early TV You FukushimaAs a measure to move ahead with the opening of (TUF) and the introduction of Fuji TV to the full net, Newsnet will be released from JNN from April 4st of this year.FNNDecided to change to.
    • March 3 Following the above decision, he left JNN.at the same time"Morning jumbo wife is 8:XNUMX] Is finished.The last program broadcast on the day of withdrawal is also "JNN New Scope". "JNN Flash News''JNN News Desk"When"JNN Sports Desk] Has not been broadcast.instead"Professional baseball newsThe final news is the in-house produced "FTV newsWas being broadcast.
    • April 4 Newsnet changed to the current FNN due to the above decision.The first program that was broadcast immediately after was "FNN Morning Wide News & Sports"Met.at the same time"Good morning! Nice day』Started online.However, for programs other than news, due to the agreement from the viewpoint of viewer protection or the circumstances of the sponsor, the same year9/30Until then, it was a cross-net state between Fuji TV and TBS.
    • April 4 Fuji TV "Golden movie theaterAnd Kansai TV "DO Saturday』Simultaneous net start.Saturday 21:22 and 3:75 was the end of March of the previous week, and started in October after the end of "Light Saturday Theater" and "G-Men '10".Detective Starsky & Hutch』Ends each.
    • September 9 On this day, the simultaneous net of TBS series programs will end, and most TBS series programs will disappear.
    • October 10 Withdrawal from the TBS affiliate and becoming a full-net station of the FNN / FNS affiliate.This day was the original scheduled opening date of TV-U Fukushima, but since the opening was delayed from the schedule, most TBS programs (excluding news programs) that were online will not be available for viewing in Fukushima Prefecture for two months. ..However, due to the sponsorship, until December 1rd, before the opening of TV-U Fukushima, the TBS systemProgram provided by one companySome programs such as "Kewpie 3 Minute Cooking" were also broadcast on the delayed net (except for "Kewpie XNUMX Minute Cooking" below).
  • 1984(59) January 1 Due to various circumstances (sponsor's convenience, etc.), "QP 3 minutes cooking』Transferred to TV-U Fukushima.

Internet organization in the TBS / NTV cross era (April 1971)

  • ★ → Timeshift net
18 years old
You laugh!
Pounding Expo
Ultraman is back
Giant star
Guts Jun
Shusaku Chiba Kendo Masagura
Let's go out together No. 55 definitive edition!
All Japan Kayo Championship
Ken-chan from a sushi restaurant
Red and White Opposition Doremifa Daisakusen
Comedy gymnastics
Beautiful challenger
20:00YTV ★
Prosperity record
Grand Prix of TBS Song
Ohikae Asobase
Staring contest
Japan professional wrestling broadcast
Machaaki Maebu begins Yo!
You will laugh at 8 o'clock on Sunday
21:00NTV ★
The world of two
Special Dane Appears !?
Funny four children
Anime tally decision
Naughty strategy
Introduction to ceremonial occasions
Tokyo Tsukiji XNUMX-chome
Mandarin oranges Summer oranges
I can't lose!
Tokyo Security Command The Guardman
Freshly baked fluffy
Toshiba Sunday Theater
22:00NTV ★
Light Monday Woman Series
National theater
Mito Komon
Keisuke Kinoshita-Human Song Series
22:30TBS ★
Spy license
Kansai Telecasting ★
Commercial spirit
Non-fiction hour
FBI US Federal Police

Net organization in the TBS / Fujicross era (October 1982)

  • ★ → Timeshift net
18:00Local news program
FTV teleport
Fuji ★
(World Masterpiece Theater)
Lucy of the Southern Rainbow
Fuji ★
As expected of Sarutobi
JNN New Scope[Annotation 15]
Fuji ★
Meaning grandma
I asked 100 quizzes
The chance!
Parent-child quiz Japanese language Mathematics Society
Manga Japan Old Story
Jarinko Chie
Quiz! Know Tele Q
Up-down quiz
Quiz Heaven and Hell
Pitashi Kang Kang
Arcadia of My Youth Endless Orbit SSX
You are 18 years old
Wild kingdom
Quiz derby
Human mystery
National theater
Mito Komon Part 13
If seven women gather
Rumored detective Tommy and Matsu
Oh divorce
Fuji ★
Zenigata Heiji
8 o'clock! Everyone gathered
G Men '82
Kin Don! Good child Bad child Normal child
Older brother
Hitachi TV City
The Best Ten
Kin-chan's weekly Kin-day
Local frame
Light Saturday Theater
Toshiba Sunday Theater
Night hit studio
Kansai Telecasting
Slash in the dawn!
Nice to meet you, remarriage
Can you judge love
Friday drama
Miscalculation of parent and child
Detective Starsky & Hutch
Eye game
22:35Kansai Telecasting ★
Kao Master Theater
23:00Independent production
FTV news
Kansai Telecasting
Quiz DE date
Professional baseball news(~ 0:00)[Annotation 16]

Net organization in the TBS / Fujicross era (October 1983)

  • ★ → Timeshift net
FNN News Report 6:00[Annotation 17]
Local news program
FTV teleport
Fuji ★
As expected of Sarutobi
18:30Local news program
FTV teleport
Cooking heaven
Fuji ★
Meaning grandma
I asked 100 quizzes
The chance!
Pitashi Kang Kang
Manga Japan Old Story
Fuji ★
Quiz Doremifadon!
Of course, Toshiyuki Nishida and Junko Sakurada are correct
Up-down quiz
Quiz Heaven and Hell
Tuesday wide special
Urusei Yatsura
Little mom
Quiz derby
(World Masterpiece Theater)
Story of the Alps My Annette
National theater
Zenigata Heiji
Encounter Meguri Encounter
Historical drama special
8 o'clock! Everyone gathered
All-star family competition song battle
Kin Don! Good child Bad child Normal child
Nonomura Hospital Story II
Hitachi TV City
The Best Ten
Golden movie theater
Toshiba Sunday Theater
Night hit studio
Kansai Telecasting
(Series Wednesday Woman)
Sham marriage
Kin-chan's weekly Kin-day
(Friday theater)
Farewell to Nozomi / Beautiful Wife
Eye game
22:30Kansai Telecasting ★
Kao Master Theater
FNN News Report 23:00
Kansai Telecasting
Quiz DE date
Professional baseball news(~ 0:10)[Annotation 16]
FNN News Report 23:30

Program organization due to the Great East Japan Earthquake

  • 2011(23)
    • 3/11 Great East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake)occurrence.In addition to the great damage caused by the earthquake and the tsunami, especially in the Hamadori region, the tsunami causedFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentSince this also occurred, the schedule was changed after this day, and the earthquake was reported all the time with each broadcasting station in the prefecture.
    • 6/6 Under the influence of the Great East Japan Earthquake, the Internet video distribution service "YouTubeRegistered the company's "Fukushima TV official channel (user name is" FTV8 ")".Next month7/7From some informationon-demandStarted video online distribution service by.


Headquarters / Performance
Branch office


Studio currently in use

The current office building is from one studioTeleport Plus''Sata Fuku』Broadcast. Local news outside the "Teleport Plus" frame is broadcast from the booth set up in the news station.

The studio that was once used

FTV Broadcasting Hall

First studio
A studio dedicated to production programs.1970It was completed in December (Showa 45) and was initially called "Color Studio".2007(19) From "Satafuku" on September 9thHDCorresponding equipment.
As of March 2019 (Heisei 31), "Sata Fuku, "Smile Plus" and recorded programs.Until the completion of the second studio, "FTV teleport] Was also broadcast.
First studio
1984(59) A studio that was renovated from the former film development room in February[23]..About 12 tsubo. It was a news studio for "FTV Teleport" and regular news, but it was suspended when the third studio (information center building) was completed, and was used as an announcer training room.
For spot news,1977(Showa 52) From April to the completion of the second studio, a TV camera was installed in the Ana booth adjacent to the master control room for broadcasting.

Information Center Building

First studio
Completed in 1995 (Heisei 7).Initially it was operated as an information center, but later it was used as the second studio. HD support from April 2, 2007 (Heisei 19). Used until March 4, 1 (Heisei 2019).
"FTV Teleport Plus] And other news studios.
Fukushima Video Planning Co., Ltd., a related subsidiary, moved into the 2020nd floor of the Information Center Building, where the studio was located from July 2.The former studio and sub-control room has been converted into an editing room and MA room.


Koriyama Studio
It is located in the Koriyama branch office and may be used when communicating from Koriyama in a news program.Operate like a booth with minimal lighting and a camera. "Teleport Plus" is relayed from the front of the building where the branch office is located.

Information camera installation point

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[24][25][26][27]

April 2021, 3

CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
3 million yen700,000 share6
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Fukushima350,000 share50.0%
Fuji Media Holdings233,100 share33.3%
Fukushima Minpo company077,000 share11.0%
Toho Bank025,900 share03.7%
Fukushima Bank007,000 share01.0%
Daito Bank007,000 share01.0%

Past capital structure


Digital broadcasting

Fuji TV, a key station, Kansai TV, a quasi-key station, and affiliated stationsOkinawa TVThere are 3 analog master stations 8 ch Because it was "1"Tokai TV・ "3"Saga tvCommon to all 24 FNN / FNS full-net stations other than.In addition, the Iwaki Taira analog relay station of the main station was also 8ch.

master station

  • Fukushima(Sasamoriyama) ・ Koriyama 25ch JOPX-DTV Output: 3kW

Relay station

Analog broadcasting

* Due to the postponement of analog broadcasting in Iwate, Miyagi, and Fukushima prefectures due to the Great East Japan Earthquake,2012(24) It continued until March 3st.

master station

  • Fukushima (Sasamoriyama Transmission Station) / Koriyama 11ch JOPX-TV Output: Video 3kW, Audio 0.75kW

Quasi-master station

Relay station

Image character

  • 2001(13)7Was broadcast to27-hour TVBy the image character of each FNS stationcostumeSumoAt the tournament, there was no character among the FNS stations, so in a hurry, the FTVSteel towerA costume called "F Tetsuan" with the logo of the same station appeared in. "F Tetsuan" appeared only in this program and did not appear after this.
  • 2002In (14), "L-ban teleportBy open call for participantsFukutan, And all FNS stations will have image characters, making it the first commercial TV station in Fukushima Prefecture to adopt image characters.

Major broadcast programs

Indie program

Mini show

  • Smile Plus[Annotation 24](Monday-Friday 11:20-11:25)
  • Kibitan GO! ~ Let's start with Fukushima. ~ (Wednesday 20:54-20:58)
  • Sake hard ~ I love Fukushima's sake ~ (Thursday 20:54-20:58)
  • #Do what you want to do (Friday 21:49-21:53)
  • Kibitan Prefectural Government Topics (Saturday 12: 55-13: 00)
  • You're the one tomorrow (Saturday 18: 25-18: 30)
  • connect. ~ What do you want to connect to the future? ~ (Saturday 20:54-20:58)
  • Housing information(Sunday 8:55-9:00, Saturday 17:25-17:30)
  • News from Fukushima Municipal Administration (1st Sunday of every month 13:55 -14: 00)
  • Aizu Wakamatsu Information Channel (2nd Sunday of every month 13:55 -14: 00)
  • News from Iwaki Municipal Administration (3rd Sunday of every month 13:55 -14: 00)
  • Koriyama City Weekly Topics (Sunday 14: 55-15: 00)
  • Fukushima 8 Mini (Ban program)
  • Fukushima Television Broadcasting(Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu)

Co-produced program

  • Hometown Fanta(Irregular broadcasting, joint production with 11 affiliated stations including Fuji TV)

Fuji TV series delayed net program

Programs without a production station notation are produced by Fuji TV.

TV TOKYO series program

Programs without the production station notationTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.Make.


Programs broadcast in the past

Indie program

  • FTV teleport → FNN FTV Teleport (Teleport 525) → FNN FTV News 555 Teleport The Human (FNN FTV News Teleport The Human) → FNN FTV Super News Teleport(Teleport → L Ban Super News) → FTV Super News (FTV Super News WEEKEND) → FTV Everyone's News → FTV Teleport Plus (Teleport Plus)
  • Prefectural government in the living room (April 1963, 4-March 7) → 1985 million open spaces (April 3-200) → 1985 million open spaces → Tokimeki Utsukushima (-March 4) → Utsukushi Information Bureau → Utsukushima Information Bureau-Let's start from Fukushima. ~ --Prefectural government public relations program
  • FTV Weekly Telenews (March 1966, 3-)
  • Hello! This is FTV(December 1966, 5-February 7, 1968)
  • Wide Show Fukushima (May 1968, 5-October 4, 1970) → FTV Wide Show Fukushima (November 10, 24-June 1970, 11)
  • Infome / M & S
  • FNN Telespot
  • FTV Karaoke Nodo Jiman(October 1986-10) → FTV Winning Throat (1987-March 1987) → -Let's be a stepped person-Tetsuya String FTV Karaoke Championship → Tetsuya String FTV Karaoke Grand Prix (Great East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake), Which will be discontinued with the broadcast on May 2011, 5.[Annotation 30]. )
  • The Little World (September 1972, 9-September 3)
  • Toa Amimono Class (September 1963, 9-November 3)
  • That person This person (January 1964, 1-October 4, 1965)
  • The face is alive (November 1965, 11-March 13, 1966)-Physiognomy program
  • Make a topic (November 1965, 11 --March 14, 1971) --Prefectural current affairs commentary program
  • Agricultural Focus (January 1967, 1-April 8, 4)
  • Aroma Teloma (1999)
  • Utukushima XNUMX Famous Mountains
  • 50 Utsukushima Festivals
  • Let's walk together! Live in Fukushima / Fukushima
  • Healthy life of moms and children-Activity of lactoferrin-
  • Good luck Iwaki-Reconstruction of Japan from Iwaki
  • Utsukushima Information Bureau-Let's start from Fukushima. ~
  • FTV archive special selection
  • Also on Sundays! Go by bike!
  • Fukukamaru
  • Reconstruction support series program Let's walk together! Fukushima[Annotation 31]

Mini show

  • Fukushima Minpo News / Minyu News (title unified to "FTV News" on July 1971, 7) → FTV news → FTV Konya News → FTV Your Time Quick
  • FTV Weather Forecast → FTV Weather Information
  • FTV road traffic information
  • FTV Information Terminal
  • FTV Job Information
  • Weather report
  • The sky in the prefecture
  • Marui weather forecast
  • Good morning melody
  • Singing weather forecast
  • Tomorrow you
  • Kibitan Denpa is being sent
  • Hot spot(March 1997-September 3, weekdays 2007:9-11:25) → Hapi ☆ Neta! (September 11-March 30, weekdays 2007:9-2010:3)
  • Beer Friends
  • Evening guide
  • FTV night invitation seat
  • Living Window (September 1973, 9-1) → Living Information
  • Baby and Mom (April 1976, 4-March 3, 1977)
  • Triathlete Hiroyuki Nishiuchi's Karago (February-August, Saturday 2009:2-8:18)
  • FTV Program Flash (-April 2010-Friday 4:11-58:11)- FNN SpeakとI can smileAfter the program preview was over, the commercial for Fukushima Television Housing Plaza was broadcast for 30 seconds before being broadcast.Depending on the day, the end time could be delayed by 30 seconds.
  • Mareezeore!- TEPCO MareezeA mini program that supports.TEPCOFukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant AccidentDue to the suspension of Mareeze's activities, it was discontinued.
  • Tama-chan x Hasegawa I see, the boat race HYPER * Canceled due to the effects of the Great East Japan Earthquake
  • Fukushima Environmental Information
  • Come on! Minamiaizu
  • Let's walk together! Fukushima
  • Saijiki no Sato Oku Aizu
  • 150th Anniversary of Modern Horse Racing ~ With Fukushima Horse Racing ~
  • Fukushima Airport Transit Information Door to the Sky ~ Energize "Fukushima" from Fukushima Airport ~ → Door to the Sky
  • Fukushima woman "handsome woman" who lives strong and beautiful
  • Fruit of Fukushima ~ Heavenly Crush ~
  • Fukushima film memory
  • We Renewable Energy Learning Corps
  • Anatamesen +
  • Door of hope
  • Fukushima Tree Rediscovery!
  • FTV Minna no Meteorological Observatory
  • Pride of Utsukushima (Although it was suspended after the Great East Japan Earthquake, it resumed from October 2011, 10 and was broadcast until March 10, 2015)
  • Fukutan Information
  • Hopeful reconstruction-Fukushima City's efforts-
  • Henshin! FTV Taimu (irregular)
  • Fukushima Teku Teku-Fuji TV production, but participated as a production cooperation.
  • Nursing care / bridge to tomorrow → Nursing care / bridge to tomorrow PART2
  • Silmil Iwaki
  • FTV THE NEWS α Pick
  • Seven turns 8 channels!
  • Fukushima rice eating shop
  • Fukunoiro Ale Market
  • Hachioshi!
  • Walk! Fukushima
  • At that time, you. ~ 35th Year East Japan Women's Ekiden ~ (September 2019, 9-Friday, November 6, 11:8-22:52)
  • Yuji Koseki A cheering song that transcends time
  • Tomorrow is "Satafuku" a little bit!
  • Fortune Meshi ~ Rice loved by the locals ~
  • Information terminal (irregular)
  • HOT information

Only the frame is produced (the rest is sales / net)

  • Light Saturday Theater
    1972(Showa 47) Started as "Light Golden Theater" in October1973(48) Renamed in April.1983(58) Withdrawal from the March frame.Local department storeLight sponsorIt was broadcast on Saturday from 21:00 to 21:54 in the program frame of[29].
  • Hamatsu Hour
    The ceremonial occasion business in the prefectureKoriyamaI ran a hotel inHamatsuThe group was sponsored by the group, and it was broadcast on Tuesday from 22:00 to 22:54 → Monday from 19:30 to 20:00.Due to the deterioration of the Hamatsu Group's business performance 2000Withdrawal from the frame in (12) (in 2003)Civil Rehabilitation LawApplication).
    Since July 1985, "Japanese song(Regular program), "Quiz earth circle], [Good luck!"such asTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.fromBan salesI was broadcasting things,1996(8) In April, exchanged the broadcast frame with the simultaneous net of the drama frame at 4:22, and on Monday at 22:XNUMX, "SMAP x SMAP』Move to.Rohto PharmaceuticalIt was not an internet sponsor such as (1997(Transitioned to an internet sponsor from April 9). In April 4, it was shortened from 1997:9 to 4:19, "Tetsuya Guru's FTV Karaoke Grand Prix』Broadcast.
  • Hamatsu Wednesday Theater
    Broadcast programs such as dramas.Currently withdrawal from the frame.

The final news from 23:XNUMX isJNN/FNSOriginally in the cross-net eraJNN affiliated agreementalong"JNN News Desk』Should be delivered, but not online,In-house productionLocal news was broadcast (initially "Fukushima News" and "Fukushima News" alternated → later "FTV news]).

Other series programs that were online in the past

TBS programs (including the NTV era)

* ◎ → Simultaneous net ★ → Programs that have moved to TV-U Fukushima

Nippon TV programs

* ◎ → Simultaneous net ★ → Programs that have moved to Fukushima Central Television

TV Asahi program

* ◎ → Simultaneous net ▲ → Programs broadcast after the opening of Fukushima Central Television ★ → Programs that have moved to Fukushima Central Television

Folklore Association (TV Asahi) co-produced program

TV TOKYO series program

Works broadcast at the Light Saturday Theater

reference:FTV 1983, pp. 254–275

Programs of other stations

Delayed net program of FNS series production that was netted in the past

Fuji TV programs that were online during the old logo era

* ◎ → Simultaneous net ★ → Net from the TBS era. ☆ → Start the net after the transition to Fuji. ◇ → Net after becoming the current logo.


● is an experienced person in charge of announcements.


  • Yuuki Sakai(Joined in 2001. After working as a news reporter, since 2003announcer)
  • Keisuke Toyoshima(Joined in 2014. From April to December 2019,China broadcastingTemporarily retired due to transfer to. Returned in January 2020)
  • Yukito Hino (joined in 2018)
  • Yutaro Yazaki (joined in 2019)


Transferred announcer

  • Chikako Suzuki (1977-?)-Maiden name Saito.Later Deputy General Manager of Production Department.
  • Hideki Igusa(1995 --2018) --Director of Production Department, Production Bureau.

Retired announcer


  • Takanari Hodaka (joined in 1963, retired in 1967) One of the first announcers.
  • Nobuo Mizubayashi (joined in 1963, retired in 1977) One of the first announcers.
  • Masateru Otsuka (joined in 1963, retired in 1971)
  • Taku Endo● (Joined in 1967) After working as a production manager, business manager, and seconded to an affiliated company.retirement.
  • Takayuki Suzuki (joined in 1968) After working as a press reporter, Koriyama branch office news department manager, news department manager, sales operations bureau deputy director / organization manager, general affairs bureau director, director general affairs bureau director, director sales operations bureau director, from June 2006, 6 to 3 Until then, he was the director of Fukushima Video Planning.
  • Kunio Hara● (Joined in 1968) After retirement, he remained in an affiliated company and worked as an announcer for the same station, then retired on June 2008, 6.
  • Enomoto Katsutoshi (joined in 1973) After working as a news department, secretary general manager, Sendai branch president, Osaka branch president, sales business bureau deputy general manager / housing department manager, sales business bureau full-time bureau manager / housing department manager (from July 2006, 7) Retired at the end of December 1.
  • Yuichi Takahashi(Joined in 1973) After working as a full-time director of the Sales Business Bureau (July 2006), retired in 7.Affiliated company "Fukushima TV Enterprise" contract Anna.
  • Kazuto Ogasawara(Joined in 1975) 1982,TV YamanashiTransferred to.
  • Masato Iwata● (Joined in 1977) Moved to another department in 2008 and retired in March 2014.Panasonic System NetworksGeneral manager of the women's track and field club.
  • Mitsuhiro Suzuki(Joined in 1979, retired in 1982)Tokai radio → Nippon Cultural Broadcasting, Inc.
  • Naoki Katsuta- accentCustody.
  • Atsuro Kanai(Joined in 1982, retired in 2005)Keizo ProductionTransferred to.
  • Minoru Abe(Joined in 1983, retired in 1990)KanagawaTransferred to.After that, I turned to freelance.
  • Kazuhiro Miyashita (joined in 1992)
  • Junichi Chida(Joined in 1998, retired in 2015) Transferred to the news department in 2003. Transferred to Fuji TV in 2015.
  • Tomohiro Sakabe(Joined in 2005, retired in March 2009) From July 3Broadcasting System of Niigataannouncer.
  • Motooki Yoneda(Joined in 2007, retired in March 2012) January 3,Radio NIKKEITransferred to[246].
  • Takao Fujikawa(Joined in 2010, retired in March 2013) January 3,Radio OsakaTransferred to.
  • Jun Ensou(Joined in 2010, retired in November 2015) From 11TV AsahiReporter of the Social Affairs Department.
  • Yasuichiro Suzuki(Joined in 2013, retired in March 2017) January 3,Chukyo TVTransferred to.
  • Ryota Ito (joined in 2016, retired in March 2022) April 3,NHK Yamagata Broadcasting StationTransferred to.
Seconded from affiliated station



* Basically the same catchphrase as the key station ("rule" etc.)

  • 1972-"Growing Fukushima Fukushima Television that contributes to a prosperous future radio waves"[247]
  • 1973-"10 years with the citizens of the prefecture Fukushima TV" (10th anniversary of the opening of the station)[248]
  • 1980-"FTV is another family"[Annotation 42]
  • Autumn 1981-"I love you, autumn. FTV."[249]
  • 1983- "Hatachi Dash! Fresh! FTV" (20th anniversary of opening)[250]
  • Autumn 1983-"Funny romance this autumn"[Annotation 43](At the time of unification of Fuji TV series)
  • Spring 1990-"Change, change, Earth (FTV) time. Early rising is double circle! Night fluffy flower circle!"[251](Used in advertisements to inform that the broadcast start time has been moved up to 6 o'clock and the broadcast end time on Sunday (Saturday midnight) has been moved down to 3:30.)
  • 1997-"Lovely long-selling living room Fukushima TV"[252]
  • 2002-"The trigger was Fukushima TV"[Annotation 43](In the commercial, the "Fuji TV" part is replaced with audio and subtitles.)
  • 2011-"Let's walk together! Fukushima" (earthquake reconstruction campaign)
  • Spring 2012-"Pikaru Fukushima TV"[Annotation 43]
  • January 2013-March 1, 2014 "FTV @ (At) Home" (3th Anniversary Campaign)
  • Spring 2015-December 2015 "Henshin! FTV"
  • January 2016-"Seven Turns 1 Channel" (with a portrait of the announcerGet up and spillAnimation is used)

Event etc.

  • Fukushima Big Fair (1991-2010, JRA every year in late AugustFukushima RacecourseThere are many stores selling special products in the prefecture, and events and eventsfireworksThe tournament was being held.Great East Japan Earthquake(Tohoku-Pacific Ocean Earthquake) After that, it is virtually finished. )
  • East Japan Women's Ekiden
  • FTV Friendship Ship (1984-2001) → FTV Friendship Wings (2002-2005)
  • Fukuka.(2013-2015) Initially held as an event commemorating the 50th anniversary of the opening of the station. It was held continuously in 2014 and 2015, but has not been held since 2016. "Sing a song in Fukushima. Live concert with the theme.


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