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😷 | The heat causes a rapid increase in heat stroke.


The heat causes a rapid increase in heat stroke.

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At Yokohama Rosai Hospital in Kohoku Ward, Yokohama City, the number of heat stroke patients has been increasing since last weekend, and on June 6, there were 30 people including suspicions.

Due to this heat, at least XNUMX people were transported in the prefecture on July XNUMXst on suspicion of heat stroke.As hot days continue on weekends, ... → Continue reading

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It is a TV station, tvk (TV Kanagawa) in Kanagawa prefecture.We will inform you of news such as incidents and accidents in Kanagawa prefecture, administrative information of prefectures and 33 municipalities, seasonal topics, etc. as soon as possible.

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    Yokohama Rosai Hospital

    Independent Administrative Institution Workers' Health and Safety Organization Yokohama Rosai Hospital(Dokuri Tsusei Hojin Roudoshakenkou Anzenkikou Yokohamaro Saibyouin) isKanagawa横 浜 市Kohoku kuIt is inMedical institution.Independent administrative agencyLabor Health and Safety OrganizationIt is an industrial accident hospital operated by.It is a related hospital of Yokohama City University School of Medicine and is also a designated hospital for postgraduate clinical training for doctors.


    • 1991(3) June Yokohama Rosai Hospital opened[1].
    • 2004(16) Moved to become an incorporated administrative agency.


    Disease Center
    • Worker Mental Health Center
    • Digestive Disease Center
    • Asbestos Disease Block Center
    • Endocrinology and Diabetes Center
    • Respiratory Center
    • Cardiovascular center
    • Stroke Center
    • Perinatal center
    • Spinal Cord Center
    Medical cooperation department
    • Nursing department
    • Central Radiation Department
    • Anesthesiology
    • Central Intensive Care Unit
    • Blood transfusion department
    • Health Examination Department (Complete medical checkup
    • Worker Preventive Medicine Department
    • Clinical laboratory
    • Pathology Department 
    • Faculty of Clinical Engineering
    • Central Surgical Department
    • Pharmaceutical department
    • Clinical trial management room
    • Nutrition Management Department
    • Medical information management room

    Designation of medical institutions


    Electric train
    • Shin-Yokohama Station Bus stop 5 Yokohama Municipal Bus Go to Nakamachidai Station and get off at the bus stop "Yokohama Rosai Hospital".

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