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😷 | 1 more than a week ago ... New Corona Aichi's newly infected 458 people Nagoya 1164 people 441 days in a row for a week ...


1 more than a week ago ... New Corona Aichi's newly infected 458 Nagoya 1164 441 days in a row ...

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On February 7, it was discovered that 3 new people were infected with the new coronavirus in Aichi Prefecture.Depending on the prefecture ... → Continue reading

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Aichi(Aichi Prefecture,(British: Aichi Prefecture) IsJapan OfChubu regionに 位置 す るPrefecture.Prefectural office location TheNagoya city.


Japanese archipelagoIn the center ofpopulation TheTokyo,Kanagawa,OsakaIt is the fourth most common after.Nagoya has the largest population in the Chubu region and is the central city in the region.

The prefecture is roughly dividedOwari region,Mikawa districtThe Mikawa region is further divided intoNishimikawa region,Higashimikawa regionIt is divided into.The area ratio of Owari, Nishi-Mikawa, and Higashi-Mikawa is approximately 1: 1: 1, and the population ratio is approximately 7: 2: 1.

Nominal gross domestic product (GDP) and per capita prefectural income are second only to Tokyo in Japan.[1].

Chukyo Industrial AreaIt is also an industrial prefecture that holdsThe annual shipment value of manufactured products reaches 48 trillion yen, which is the largest in Japan (No. 44 in Japan for 1 consecutive years).[1]. In addition, annual product sales (2019) was 33 billion yen, the third highest in the country, and agricultural output (7,292) was 3 billion yen, the eighth highest in the country.[2]And industry, commerce, and agriculture are all ranked high in Japan.

countyIt is one of the prefectures whose names were changed toNagoya cityWas the center ofAichi-gunIs derived from. High city"Cranes crowing to Sakurada"Year fish market lagoon(Ayuchigata[3]The song "Cranes crowing in the tide" is "ManyoshuIt is said that the "Ayuchi" written there was adopted as the county name of Aichi-gun under the decree system.[4]..In addition, there are Ayuchi's water (spring) theory and Ayuchi village theory.[5].Ancient timesIn addition to "Year Fish Market", "Ayu City"[6]"Aichi"[7][8]It was also written.


Wide skirt

According to the Geographical Survey Institute's total area by prefecture, the area of ​​Aichi prefecture is 5172.92 square kilometers.[9].

"Longitude and latitude (world geodetic system) of government offices and government offices in Aichi Prefecture and north, south, east, and west end points" (Geographical Survey Institute) According to Aichi prefecture,[10].. In addition, “Growth Center of Population in Japan-From the 27 Census Results-” (Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications) Also describes the population center of gravity[11].

The center of gravity obtained by inserting a provisional boundary line at each end of north, south, east, and west of Aichi Prefecture and the undetermined part of the prefecture boundary is as follows.[12][13].

Center of gravity
North Latitude 35 Degrees 02 Minutes 16 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 12 min 43 sec /35.03778 degrees north latitude 137.21194 degrees east longitude / 35.03778; 137.21194 (Aichi center of gravity)

Northern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 25 Minutes 30 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 24 sec /35.42500 degrees north latitude 136.99000 degrees east longitude / 35.42500; 136.99000 (Northernmost tip of Aichi prefecture)
Center of gravity
North Latitude 35 Degrees 05 Minutes 10.87 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 00 min 06.18 sec /35.0863528 degrees north latitude 137.0017167 degrees east longitude / 35.0863528; 137.0017167 (Aichi Prefecture Center of Population)
West end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 08 Minutes 31 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 40 min 15 sec /35.14194 degrees north latitude 136.67083 degrees east longitude / 35.14194; 136.67083 (Westernmost part of Aichi prefecture)
Aichi Prefectural Government Office Location
North Latitude 35 Degrees 10 Minutes 49 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 54 min 24 sec /35.18028 degrees north latitude 136.90667 degrees east longitude / 35.18028; 136.90667 (Aichi Prefectural Office)
Eastern end
North Latitude 35 Degrees 12 Minutes 45 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 50 min 17 sec /35.21250 degrees north latitude 137.83806 degrees east longitude / 35.21250; 137.83806 (The easternmost point of Aichi prefecture)

Southern tip
North Latitude 34 Degrees 34 Minutes 41 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 02 min 11 sec /34.57806 degrees north latitude 137.03639 degrees east longitude / 34.57806; 137.03639 (The southernmost tip of Aichi prefecture)

North endSakahogi Town HallThe central part of the Kiso River, southwest of the river, at the southern endCape IragoA curved coastline east ofOwada StationNear the west endNagara River BridgeThe central part of the Nagara River in the south of. AlsoStatistics BureauAccording to the 22 national census, the center of gravity of the population is near 4-chome Tokushige, Midori-ku, Nagoya[14].


The west is mostly flat and the population is concentrated. Although there are many mountains in the eastern part, the flatland on the southern sea side is urbanized along the Tokaido.








Manned island


Tidal flat

nature Park

National park
Prefectural nature park


Pacific climateIs presentingSummer: It is hot and humid and very sultry.Winter:Has many dry and sunny days,Ibuki OroshiThere are days when the dry, cold wind blows, and the sensible temperature drops at a stroke as in northern Japan. Northwest(I.e.Due to the influence ofGifu OfSekigaharaIt may flow in from the vicinity and be hit by heavy local snow in the western part of Aichi Prefecture. Also, in the mountainous areas of northern Higashi Mikawa and northeastern Nishi MikawaCentral highland climateThere are some effects of.

Aichi climate (Meteorological Agency / Meteorological Statistics Information Than)
Western OwariOwari
Chita areaNishimikawaHigashimikawa
AishiIchinomiyaKanieNagoyaTokaiMinamichita(I.e.NishioToyota CityShinshiro
Goose rootOharaInatakeTahara TownIrago
(° C)
Warmest month27.1
Coldest month3.8
Precipitation amount
Most months252.3
Minimum month38.8
Number of days
Most months13.3
Minimum month6.6

Administrative division

# As mentioned aboveRoughlyOwari region,NishimikawaRegion,HigashimikawaIt is divided into three local areas.The Owari region is even more Chita region (Chita PeninsulaIt may be divided into 5 cities and 5 towns.The Owari region, excluding the Chita region, is often divided into the western part and the eastern part.Furthermore, there are 6 categories: Owari region (Nagoya), Owari region (Owari), Owari region (Ama), Owari region (Chita), Mikawa region (Nishi-Mikawa), and Mikawa region (Higashi Mikawa).[15].

38 municipalitiesCity7county14town2villageThere is. All readings of "town" are "cho". The reading of "village" is "mura" in both villages.

Aichi Prefecture

:Prefectural office location
■ ●: Owari region : Owari region (Chita)
■ ●: Nishimikawa region ■ ●:Higashimikawa region
Note) ● is a core city/special city at the time of enforcement.

Owari region

(area1,686.53km2,population5,157,901People, as of June 2022, 7)

Government-designated city
Core city
Special city at the time of enforcement
Other cities
Nishi Kasugai District
Chita District

Nishimikawa region

(area1,756.60km2,population1,605,782People, as of June 2022, 7)

Core city
Other cities

Higashimikawa region

(area1,662.55km2,population740,023People, as of June 2022, 7)

Core city
Other cities


The population of Aichi Prefecture has been increasing consistently since the end of the war, but it began to decrease in 2020, and the number of over-migrants was the highest in Japan.[16].New coronavirusThe background is that the number of foreigners who have strongly supported the population growth of Aichi Prefecture has decreased significantly due to travel restrictions accompanying the epidemic.[17].

From January to September 2020, the excess migration of Japanese women aged 1 to 9 increased compared to the previous year, while the migration of Japanese men aged 20 to 24 decreased, and the male population was large for many generations. I fell into an excess of out-migrants.It has been pointed out that the cause is the decline of the manufacturing industry due to the epidemic of the new coronavirus.In the corona wreckMiyagi,Osaka,Fukuoka TheTokyoWhile the movement to refrain from moving to Tokyo has increased, Aichi Prefecture has not been able to fulfill the function of a "population dam", and the outflow to Tokyo is rather accelerating, and the number of excesses has become the highest in Japan.[18].

Compared to metropolitan areas in other regions such as Osaka and Fukuoka, Aichi Prefecture is closer to Tokyo in terms of time, so it is becoming more Tokyo-oriented, and young people who feel that "Tokyo is more attractive than their hometown" flow out.Chukyo areaOverallCapital Area OfStraw phenomenonIs concerned.The challenge is to further foster industries in which women and diverse human resources can play an active role, and to make Aichi Prefecture an attractive place to work and learn for young people.[19].


As of the end of December 2018, the number of foreign residents in Aichi Prefecture was 12.[20][21], The number of prefectures nationwide is second only to Tokyo[21].. Especially, there are many Brazilians, Chinese, Filipinos, Koreans, and Vietnamese.[20].

Gender ratio

Aichi prefecture, where heavy industry is developed, has a high proportion of male population nationwide, and the male-female ratio is almost 50:50.[22].

Birth rate

In Aichi prefecture in the first year of Reiwa (2019)Total fertility rateWas 1.45[23]..Greater Tokyo areaKansai areaCompared to other metropolitan areas such as, it has remained considerably higher, pushing up the average of Japan.[24]..In addition, the birth rate per 7.8 people is XNUMX, which is nationwide.Okinawa, Next to Fukuoka prefecture[23].

Aichi Prefecture and National Population Distribution by Age (2005)Aichi Prefecture Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Purple-Aichi Prefecture
Green-All over Japan

Aichi Prefecture Population Trend
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan


Aichi Prefecture Population Ranking by City

Metropolitan area

Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsIn the metropolitan area defined by, there is the Chukyo area centered on Nagoya city.Urban employment areaThen, it has the following metropolitan areas.

Adjacent prefectures

the sameTokai regionIsGifuMie,ShizuokaNaganoAdjacent to 4 prefectures.

Adjacent municipality


From ancient times to the Middle Ages

Owari Kuzo OfMortalityIs a child ofKentai Species Nippon TaketakaDuring the eastern expedition, became a Vice General. Ken's young sisterPalace palace TheNippon TaketakaBecame the wife of IzumoThree kinds of sacred treasuresOne ofKusanagi sword(Tenso cloud sword)Atsuta ShrineAnd built this sword. At the timecoastalThe line is more inland than now,Torii Mae Town OfAtsutaFlourishes as a port for a long time.

Aichi PrefectureRegulatory countryThen.OwariMikawaguniHit Owari countryKamakura ShogunateThe first generationGeneralAnd the founder of the samurai government,Yoritomo GengenArea where was born (Nagoya cityAtsuta) And there is a theory. 1221Happened toSeku no RanThen,Kiso RiverWe fought against Kyokata and Kamakura across. In addition, MikawakuniMuromachi ShogunateOpenedAshikagaBut the firstYoshiyasu AshikagaI'm from a roomFujiwara NankeBased in Okazaki, developed byKamakura ShogunateMikawaGuardianHas been serving for generations in the West Mikawa regionMr. Hosokawa-Mr. Niki-Mr. Isshiki-Kira-ImagawaAshikaga such asOne gateEtc.[25][26], A region with a strong relationship with the ruler clan in Japan's Middle Ages and early modern times.

The early modern period

Sengoku periodIsOda NobunagaAnd Nobunaga's vassalHideyoshi Toyotomi,Tokugawa Ieyasuな どThree heroesHe produced many warlords and had a great influence on the central politics. Tokugawa Ieyasu was the founder of the Edo Shogunate, that is, the person who became the trigger for the present-day Tokyo to become a major metropolitan city. In addition to people from Mikawa, such as Mr. Ii (some people are from other countries),Maeda family,Asano family,Ikeda family,Yamauchi family,Hachisuka familyPeople from Owari such asBakumatsuIt is said that about 7% of all daimyo in Japan came from Aichi prefecture (Owari/Mikawa)[27]). Not only daimyo family but also vassals and someCommon peopleAlso moved to the sealed land,The early modern periodMost of JapanSamurai mikawaOriginally from OwariSamuraiWill be under the control of[28][Annotation 1].. Especially when Edo opened, many Mikawa people migrated,EdokkoIt also greatly affected the formation of temperament. In addition, it can be said that the people who came from Aichi contributed greatly to the Japanese architecture and Japanese culture that flourished during the Edo period.

Since the Edo period, OwariTokugawa GosankeIs one ofOwari Tokugawa familyAnd Mikawa isFutami Daimyo,Flag bookTerritory, temple shrine territory,HeavenWas divided and ruled.

Modern times

After the Meiji era, generalize the flag books, shrines, and shogunate territories in MikawaMikawa CourtWas installed and laterMikawa PrefectureAnd furtherIna PrefectureWas transferred to the Ina Prefecture Asuke Agency. afterwards,Abandoned DomainAlong with that, 10 prefectures in Mikawa and 2 prefectures in Owari were established, and the 10 prefectures of Mikawa and the Ina Prefecture Asuke Agency and Owari Kokuchita-gun were integrated,Nukata prefectureInstalled.Meiji4 years(187111/22(1872Nagoya Prefecture (formerly January 1)Owari Domain)WhenInuyama(Owari Tokugawa familyOld man OfMr. NaruseWas established immediately before the Meiji Restoration and was integrated and installed.NagoyaIs the 5th year of Meiji4/2(1872Renamed May 5)AichiBecame. And the same year11/27(November 11), Incorporated Nukata prefecture by the second prefecture integration (ProclamationNo. 372), and the current prefecture area is confirmed.AichiThe prefectural ordinance states thatNagoyaPrefectural orderMetIseki MoriContinued casting. Under the prefectureLarge Ward Small Ward SystemAs a result, 15 large wards and 15 small wards are set up, and in March of the following year, the first large ward has 3 ward mayor, 1 right ward chiefs, 2 small ward chief, 1 vice presidents, and 2 vice presidents in each town. Will be put. These are the end-governmental organizations of centralized states, which are different from those of the clan. 2th year of Meiji11/27(1872On January 1), the Cabinet Order No. 27 promulgated by the Ordinance of the Prefectural Government, the prefectural ordinance was given the authority to conclude legislative, administrative, and judicial decisions within the jurisdiction.Iseki MoriThese prefectural ordinances were called "emperor's herders".




Successive governors (public election)
  1. Hideo Aoyagi : Showa 224/12 - Showa 264/4(1st term)
  2. Mikine Kuwahara : Showa 265/11 - Showa 502/14(6st term)
  3. Yoshiaki Nakatani : Showa 502/15 - Showa 582/14(2st term)
  4. Suzuki Reiji : Showa 582/15 - Heisei 112/14(4st term)
  5. Maki Kanda : Heisei 112/15 - Heisei 232/14(3st term)
  6. Hideaki Omura : Heisei 232/15 -Current position (2nd term)


Aichi Prefectural Assembly


Aichi Prefecture Financial Indicators
年度Revenue amount (Unit: million yen)
General accountSpecial accountTotal
Financial capability indexCurrent account ratioReal bond ratioFuture burden ratioLaspeyres indexBond issue limit ratio
Heisei 273,328,8180.9205298.814.3197.3100.9Unpublished
Heisei 262,997,5840.9208393.415.1212.7102.5Unpublished
Heisei 252,984,8390.9268198.715.5232.7100.4Unpublished
Heisei 242,987,3700.92574100.915.5244.5100.8Unpublished
Heisei 233,177,3750.93440102.514.9256.7102.9Unpublished
Heisei 223,102,7791.0038394.513.4264.398.9Unpublished
Heisei 212,973,6771.07379100.111.8271.497.7Unpublished
Heisei 202,984,0161.0971089.110.8227.4101.8Unpublished
Heisei 192,758,7431.0164392.011.3Unpublished101.011.1
Heisei 182,671,7380.9434393.312.4Unpublished101.011.4
Heisei 172,610,1110.8919995.312.3Unpublished100.010.3
Heisei 162,575,7250.8762697.8UnpublishedUnpublished100.110.6
  • Financial capability indexThe group classification and ranking within the group areFinancial capability index Transition of index of prefectures”.
  • (Note) For 24 and 25, the values ​​obtained when there are no measures under the "Act on Revision of Salaries of National Public Employees and Extraordinary Special Provisions" (Law No. 24, 2) are adopted.
  • The amount of revenue is quoted from the official homepage of Aichi Prefecture[29].
  • Other indicators are quoted from the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications official website[30].


Industrial structure

The prefecture's gross domestic product (FY2018) is 40 billion yen, the second largest in Japan.The shipment value of manufactured goods (2019) is 47 billion yen, which is the first in the country., Annual product sales (2019) is 33 billion yen, 7,292rd place in Japan, and agricultural output (3) is 2019 billion yen, 2,949th place in Japan[2].. Both agriculture, industry and commerce rank high in the country, with a well-balanced industrial structure.

Main industry
Agriculture, forestry and fisheries

The prefecture is blessed with a natural environment, and the agriculture, forestry and fisheries industriesHigashimikawaIt is popular around. Agricultural output (2019) ranked 8th in Japan[2].FlowerHas been the No. 37 nationwide since 1[31].

In agricultural products,cabbage,Large leafIs the No. 1 in Japan in terms of planted area, production amount, and output value,WipeIs the number one in Japan in terms of production volume and output,cauliflowerIs the largest planted area and production volume in Japan,broccoliIs the No. 1 producer in Japan,FIGHas the highest production value in Japan. Flower production is also active,listen,Rose,cyclamen,YoranIs the number one in Japan in terms of acreage, production volume, and output value.About chrysanthemumsElectric chrysanthemumSee also section.The plains of Aichi Prefecture have many fertile lands suitable for agriculture, and the self-sufficiency rate of vegetables is reasonably high.others,Nishio TheTeaKnown as the production center of[32].

In livestockQuailThe number of animals raised and the amount of production are the highest in Japan. In seafoodClam,Gazami (Crustacea)In addition to the number one catch in Japan,Isshiki TownAquacultureeelIs well known and is called "Mikawa Isshiki eel"brandCamouflagedCamouflageThe incident has happened so much. AlsoYatomi CityAroundGoldfishKnown as the origin of (Yatomi Goldfish),space shuttleWithinSpace sicknessThe "space goldfish" that was the subject of the experiment is also Yatomi goldfish.


Aichi PrefectureToyotaTo the topAutomobileIt is famous for the existence of many related companies. Before the automobile industry developed,Textile industryAndMitsubishi Heavy Industries,Aichi aircraft,Nakajima airplaneSuch asAircraft industryWas thriving.InsulatorNo. XNUMX in productionJapanese insulator,INAX,Japanese special potteryEtc.CeramicsIndustry, special steel giantDaido special steel,ToyotaIs a groupAichi Steel,Nippon Steel Nagoya WorksSuch asSpecial steel-Steel industryIn addition,printer,FAX,ミ シ ンSpecialize inBrother industryAndToyota groupIsDenso,AisinSuch asElectrical equipmentManufacturing is also active. Also,Hekinan City,TakahamaIs produced inSanshu tileIt is,Shimane OfStone roof tiles,Hyogo OfAwaji tileAlong with the three largest roof tiles in Japan[33], Is famous nationwide.

Three major industrial areasIs one ofChukyo Industrial AreaThe industry is active in general, and the shipment value of manufactured goods (2019) was 47 billion yen.No. 43 in Japan for 1 consecutive years(2nd place isKanagawaAbout 17 billion yen)[2].

2005ToAichi ExpoChubu International AirportThere are two major projects called opening a port,Tokai Ring Expressway,Ise Gulf Expressway,Aichi Rapid Transit Eastern Tobu Line(Linimo) and other infrastructure improvements have progressed rapidly. But on the other handAichi Prefectural Road 511 Taketoyo Obu Bicycle Road LineConstruction and maintenance of bicycle paths such as (Chita Peninsula Cycling Road) have been abandoned and many requests have been received.

Business world

Former Goseta

Five setsIs a group of prestigious companies in the Chubu region business world based in Nagoya City, Aichi Prefecture.OldIto ZaibatsuAffiliated companyTokai Bank,MatsuzakayaFor infrastructure companiesNagoya Railway(Meitetsu),Chubu Electric Power(Chuden),Toho GasIt is composed of 5 companies.Long time agoChubu Economic Federation(Chukeiren) andNagoya Chamber of CommerceMonopolize representatives of economic organizations such asNagoya Kanko Hotel,Nagoya Boston MuseumIt has played a leading role in the establishment of such.In addition, as a prestigious companyKowagroup,Morimura Group,Chunichi Shimbun,Daido special steelIn some cases.

From Gosetsu to Misanke

The Tokai Bank disappeared from the 1990s (in 2002Sanwa BankMerged withMitsubishi UFJ Bank), poor management of Matsuzakaya and Nagoya Railroad (Matsuzakaya in 2007DaimaruAnd management integration, Nagoya Railway in 1999 (HeiseiDue to deregulation, the deficit area will be abolished at any time from 11) to 2008)Power liberalization・ ・All-electric homesDue to the conflict of interests between Chubu Electric Power and Toho Gas, etc., the cohesion of the Five Set Houses was disappearing. In inverse proportion to this, until now "Nishi MikawaMonroismWas called, and kept a distance from business activitiesToyota groupAnd the route change ofPrivatization of the national railway divisionByTokaido ShinkansenTook overTokai passenger railwayWith the establishment of (JR Tokai), their presence is increasing. Recently, instead of the expression Gosetsuya,Kaiyo GakuenBecame the center of the establishmentToyota, JR Tokai and Chubu Electric Power,MikaIt changed to the expression called.

Current Toyota Group

In the business worldToyota City,Kariya cityThe presence of Toyota Group companies based in the Nishi-Mikawa region is outstanding.For example, in terms of consolidated sales, Chubu Electric Power (about 3 trillion yen) and Central Japan Railway Company (about 1,000 trillion yen) are one of the group companies, let alone Toyota Motor Corporation.Aisin(Approximately 2 billion yen), it is the largest group company in the consolidated sales of both companies.Denso(4 trillion 3,000 billion yen). As for business activities in 2015, Toyota GroupToyota LoomHonorary Chairman) ・Meisho (Vice Chairman of Toyota Motor Co., Ltd.) produced the previous president, and the central business world was the center.Chubu International AirportOpening of businessAichi ExpoThe company president (formerKanto Auto WorksPresident) ・Exposition Association Chairman (Shoichiro ToyodaHonorary Chairman of Toyota Motor Corporation).

Major companies headquartered in the prefecture

Secondary industry
Tertiary industry

Financial institution

Government financial institutions
Mega bank(City bank
Trust bank
Local bank

* Headquartered in Aichi PrefectureLocal bankDoes not currently exist.

Second regional bank(OldMutual bank
Labor union
Credit union
Credit union

Securities company

Major securities company
Mid-sized securities company
Local securities company

Life and transportation



  • Chubu International Airport: There are approximately 350 regular weekly international flights, which are connected to approximately 30 countries by air. Domestic flights also have frequent regular flights to major domestic airports, and in particular, the convenience of transferring to international flights is highly evaluated internationally.
  • Prefectural Nagoya Airport: Nine regular flights are operated, mainly domestic local routes.FDAIt is effectively the base airport of.Japan Air Self-Defense ForceKomaki BaseIt is a common military airport that shares a runway with.


The largest terminal station in the prefectureNagoya StationThe average daily number of passengers is more than 120 million.Tokaido ShinkansenAll trains stop at Nozomi, which connects to Shin-Osaka in about 50 minutes and Tokyo in about 1 hour and 40 minutes.

Conventional lineTokaido LineConnects major cities in the Owari, Nishimikawa, and Higashimikawa regions[34]..Nagoya-Kanayama is in addition to the Tokaido Main Line and Meitetsu Nagoya Main Linecenter laneIs also running in parallel[34], Bypassing the center of Nagoya cityOzone StationIt has become a straight line toward.

The major private railways that pass through the prefectureNagoya Railway(Meitetsu)Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu)[34]..Meitetsu covers most cities in the prefecture and goes to Chubu International Airport.Airport connecting trainThere is also a role of[34]..KintetsuKintetsu Nagoya Line Kansai Main LineKintetsu has an advantage in number and express delivery to this day.[34]..Kintetsu also has the Tokaido Shinkansen in the direction of OsakaKintetsu Limited ExpressIs competing, and although the number and express delivery are inferior to the Shinkansen, the Kintetsu Limited Express has an advantage in terms of price.[35].

Rail traffic in central NagoyaNagoya Municipal SubwayTakes over[34].

TramToyohashi Railway OfHigashida Main LineIs the only line in the prefecture. Opened in 2001Clear lineIs the only bus in Japan where the bus runs on an elevated track.Guideway busAndOrbit methodHas been applied.

Aichi Rapid Transit Eastern Tobu Line TheAichi ExpoOpened in March 2005 as a contact route to[34][36].. Although the number of users decreased after the Aichi Expo, the number of users is still increasing due to the development along the railway lines.

Most of the lines in the prefecture are electrified, but they stretch from east to west in a way that blurs the northern part of Nagoya city.Tokai Transportation Business Johoku LineHas very few transport personnel and is the only non-electrified route in the prefecture.

Tokai passenger railway(JR Tokai)
Shinkansen jrc.svg Tokaido Shinkansen
CA Tokaido Main Line
CD Iida Line
CE Taketoyo Line
CF Chuo Main Line
CJ Kansai Main Line
Nagoya Railway(Meitetsu)
NH Nagoya Main Line
TK Toyokawa Line
GN Nishio Line
GN Gamagori Line
MY MU Mikawa Line
TT Toyota Line
TA Tokoname Line
TA Airport line
CH Chikko Line
KC Kawawa Line
KC Chita New Line
TB Tsushima Line
TB BS Bisai Line
IY Inuyama Line
HM Hiromi Line
KM Komaki Line
ST Seto Line
Nagoya City Transportation Bureau(Nagoya Municipal Subway
Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Higashiyama Line) .svg Higashiyama Line
Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Meijo Line) .svg Meijo Line
Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Meiko Line) .svg Meiko Line
Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Tsurumai Line) .svg Tsurumai Line
Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Sakura-dori Line) .svg Sakuradori Line
Nagoya Subway Logo V2 (Kamiiida Line) .svg Kamiida Line
Nagoya seaside high-speed train
Nishi-Nagoya Port Line (Aonami Line)
Aichi Expressway
Eastern Hills Line (Linimo): Japan's only normal conductive magnetic levitation type linear motor propulsion business route.
Aichi Loop Railway(Aikan)
Aichi Loop Line
Toyohashi Railway(Toyotetsu)
Atsumi Line
Higashida Main Line
Tokai Transportation Business
Johoku Line
Nagoya guide way bus
Guide way bus Shidanmi line
Kinki Nippon Railway(Kintetsu.OsakaTennoji Ward
E Nagoya Line
Japan Freight Railway(JR Freight.TokyoShibuya
Nagoya Port Line
Nishi-Nagoya Port Line
Inazawa Line
Nagoya seaside railway(Cargo line)
Totsuki Line
Toko Line
Nanko Line
Shiomi-cho Line
Showamachi Line
Kinuura Seaside Railway(Cargo line)
Solder wire
Hekinan Line




NEXCO Central JapanManaged byHighway national road, General national highway indicates a motorway.Ise Gulf ExpresswayShin-Tomei Expressway,Tomei ExpresswayExcept for some of the national expresswaysSuburban sectionIs the same level as.

General toll road
Former toll road that has finished toll collection
General national road
Prefectural road in the prefecture

List of prefectural roads in Aichi PrefectureSee.

Common name for roads in the prefecture

Streets in Aichi prefectureSee.

Car registration number sign

Nagoya number
  • Nagoya City, Tokai City, Chita City, Obu City, Handa City, Tokoname City, Tsushima City, Aisai City, Oji Town, Kanie Town, Tobishima Village, Toyoake City, Nisshin City, Yatomi City, Ama City, Nagakute City, Togo Town , Agui, Higashiura, Taketoyo, Mihama, Minamichita
Owari Komaki number
  • Komaki City, Seto City, Owariasahi City, Iwakura City, Konan City, Inuyama City, Fuso Town, Oguchi Town, Inazawa City, Kiyosu City, Kitanagoya City, Toyoyama Town
Ichinomiya number
  • Ichinomiya
Kasugai number
  • Kasugai City
Mikawa number
  • Anjo City, Kariya City, Nishio City, Hekinan City, Miyoshi City, Chiryu City, Takahama City
Toyota number
  • Toyota City
Okazaki number
  • Okazaki City / Koda Town
Toyohashi number
  • Toyohashi City, Toyokawa City, Gamagori City, Tahara City, Shinshiro City, Toei Town, Shitara Town, Toyone Village


Medical and welfare

Disaster base hospital
Licensed Nursery School

Mass media

TV station

Terrestrial television station

Both are located in Nagoya City.

Broadcast target areaIs NHK Nagoya General Television AichiPrefectural broadcast, The rest of the prefecture,Gifu,Mieof"Tokai prefectureIs the broadcasting areaChukyo wide areaIt is said.In both cases, the master station transmission station isSeto Digital Tower.

Cable tv station

Radio station

AM radio station
FM broadcasting station

Broadcast target areaAM radio stations are in the Chukyo area, and FM radio stations are in Aichi prefecture. The parent stations of FM radio are all from the former head office of Chukyo Television (Showa-ku, Nagoya).Higashiyama Tower..The parent station of FM complementary broadcasting of Tokai Radio and CBC Radio is Toyota CityMikuniyamaIt is installed in.

Broadcast target areaoutsideMie FM broadcasting[37]FM Gifu[38]In a wide area of ​​the prefecture,Shizuoka FM Broadcasting ToyohashiShinshiroCan be received by each part of.

Long time agoMegaNetAffiliated foreign language FM stations have also been opened twice.The first "Aichi International Broadcasting(RADIO-i) went bankrupt without achieving profitability in a single year due to sluggish commercial revenue from the beginning of the station.Corporate rehabilitation law,Civil Rehabilitation LawThe business was not rebuilt or transferred to another company after applying for the application. On September 2010, 9 at 30:242000/4/1It has been 10 and a half years since theCompleted broadcasting.. Japan's prefectural terrestrial broadcasters have been forced to “close (closed/closed)” for the first time in history. The license is as of October 10 of the same yearMinister of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsReturn to. "Aichi International Broadcasting" as a corporationLiquidationAnd disappeared.

In addition, the foreign language FM station "Radio NEO(Formerly InterFM NAGOYA)” also ended broadcasting at 2020:6 on June 30, 12 due to poor management.

Community FM station

Newspaper company

National newspaper
National sports paper
  • Sports NipponNewspaper company Nagoya Bureau
    The paper issued by the Osaka head office is the Chunichi Shimbun headquarters factory in Nagoya city.[Annotation 3]It is printed in (public competition, only TV section replaced).
  • Nikkan SportsNewspaper Nagoya Head Office
    A subsidiary of Nikkan Sports Newspaper West Japan. Most of the space is shared with the Osaka head office (Daily Sports Newspaper West Japan) edition (public competition and TV are replaced).
  • Sports report
    Yomiuri Shimbun Chubu Branchissued by. When the branch office was the Chubu Yomiuri Shimbun, it was first published under the title "Notification Sports", and in 1996, the title was changed to "Sports Notification" as in Tokyo and Osaka.

Although there is no branch office or branch office, the following two papers are sold.

Local paper

ToyohashiIn HigashimikawaShizuoka ShimbunCan also subscribe.

Nagoya TimesWas suspended on October 2008, 20 (10) (actually discontinued). At that time, there was no place to suspend publication in newspapers in the Tokai region in recent years, so it was featured in other media.


Toyota City,Seto CityIncluding,"Knowledge base Aichi"Such,Industry-academia-government collaborationThe joint research and development center is being developed byUniversityAre concentratedNagoya cityFrom the northern suburbs to the east suburbs of the hilly region (Inuyama - 岡 崎 市)Academic cityAre formed.


(In alphabetical order)



Correspondence University

Broadcasting University Aichi Learning Center(Nagoya city)

Junior college


College of technology
Vocational school
Special school
high school
Junior high school
primary school
Foreign school


  • There are about 4,600 temples, which is the most common prefecture in Japan[39].
  • culture,EntertainmentIt is said that there are many tough fans regarding intangible things[Annotation 5].. Similarly, prices and goods are also highly evaluated.


The dialect of Aichi Prefecture isTokai Higashiyama dialect OfGifu/Aichi dialectThere are differences in expression and pronunciation between Owari and Mikawa.

  • Nagoya dialect -Owari dialect. From old country nameOwari valveAlso called.Inner ringTokyo accentIs distributed, but spoken on the Chita PeninsulaChita dialectis influenced by the Nishimikawa dialect and has a middle-class Tokyo-style accent.[Source required].The Nagoya dialect (Owari dialect) is like "How great → How great"Continuous vowelCharacterized by change.Talked in Gifu prefectureMino dialectIt has much in common with Mikawa dialect in terms of grammar and vocabulary.
  • Mikawa dialect --Dialect of the Mikawa region.Nakawa Tokyo accents are distributed in Nishi-Mikawa, and outer ring Tokyo accents are distributed in Higashi Mikawa. It features an end-of-sentence expression called "Jan, Dara, Rin".Enshu dialectThere are many things in common with (especially Higashi Mikawa), and at the western end of Shizuoka prefecture on the prefectural border with Aichi prefecture.Kosai CityIn, a dialect close to the Mikawa dialect is used.

Food culture:

local cuisine

Specialty/Special product


Chita Peninsula
One color

Traditional crafts

Traditional crafts designated by the Minister of Economy, Trade and Industry
Traditional crafts

Festivals and events

Aichi prefecture has 40 cities, 154 citiesFloatThere are 418 floats in the festival, and the prefecture established the "Aichi Float Festival Japan No. XNUMX Association" to announce its charm nationwide and declared "Float Japan No. XNUMX Aichi".[41][42][43].. Especially for floatsKarakuriThe doll-carrying "Float Karakuri" is said to have begun at Atsuta Shingu Tenno Festival and Tsushima Tenno Festival in Owari.[44]Even now, it is said that 6% of floats from all over Japan are concentrated in Aichi Prefecture.[45].2016(28) December 12Mountain/Hoko/Street food eventAs a result, 18 cases from 33 prefecturesUNESCO OfIntangible cultural heritageAmong them, 5 cases were registered from Aichi Prefecture, including Owari Tsushima Tenno Matsuri, Inuyama Matsuri, Kamezaki Shioshi Festival, Chiryu Matsuri, and Susei Matsuri.[46].

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage


Public competition

Horse racing
Bicycle race
Boat racing
Auto race

Professional sports

Japan Top League Cooperation OrganizationList of participating sports groups

Men's team
OUR TEAMSportsleaguecityArena
Chunichi DragonsbaseballCentral LeagueNagoya cityNagoya Dome
Farm Chunichi DragonsbaseballWestern leagueNagoya cityNagoya Stadium
Nagoya Grampusサ ッ カ ーJ LeagueNagoya city-Toyota City-Miyoshi CityPaloma Mizuho Stadium,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
FC Maruyasu Okazakiサ ッ カ ーJFL岡 崎 市Nagoya City Port Soccer Field,Toyota City Sports Park,Iwata Sports Park
Nagoya OceansFutsalF LeagueNagoya cityTeva Ocean Arena,Park Arena Komaki
Sanen Neo PhoenixbasketballB LeagueToyohashi-Hamamatsu cityToyohashi City Gymnasium,Hamamatsu Arena,Okazaki Central General Park Gymnasium
Nagoya Diamond DolphinsbasketballB LeagueNagoya cityAichi Gymnasium, Calport East (East Sports Center)
Seahorse MikawabasketballB LeagueKariya cityWing Arena Kariya
Fighting Eagles NagoyabasketballB LeagueNagoya cityBiwajima Sports Center
Toyota Gosei ScorpionsbasketballB LeagueKiyosu City-InazawaToyoda Gosei Memorial Gymnasium-Biwajima Sports Center
Wolfdogs NagoyavolleyballV1 leagueKiyosu City-Inazawa-HimiToyoda Gosei Memorial Gymnasium
JTEKT STINGSvolleyballV1 leagueKariya cityJTEKTgymnasium
Toyota SunhawksvolleyballV2 leagueToyota CityToyota Sports Center
Daido Special Steel Red StarvolleyballV2 leagueNagoya cityDaido special steelHoshizaki Factory Gymnasium
Aisintil MarevolleyballV3 leagueHekinan City-Kariya cityAisin Seikigymnasium
Toyota VerblitzrugbyJAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONEToyota CityToyota Sports Center,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Toyota Industries Shuttles AichirugbyJAPAN RUGBY LEAGUE ONEKariya cityToyota LoomKariya ground,Eur-lex.europa.eu eur-lex.europa.eu
Nagoya FullerterField hockeyHockey japanese leagueNagoya city
Nagoya CyclonesAmerican FootballX LeagueNagoya city
Kirix Toyota Bull FightersAmerican FootballX2 LeagueToyota City
Aichi Golden WingsAmerican FootballX2 LeagueNagoya city,Toyota CityToyota TsushoFujioka ground,Nagoya University of Commerce
Daido Special Steel PhoenixhandballJapan Handball LeagueNagoya city
Toyota Body Brave KingshandballJapan Handball LeagueKariya city
Toyota Gosei Blue FalconhandballJapan Handball LeagueKiyosu City-InazawaToyoda Gosei Memorial Gymnasium
Aisan Racing TeamRoad raceJ Pro TourObu City
Women's team
OUR TEAMSportsleaguecityArena
Tokai NEXUSbaseballAll Japan Women's Baseball FederationIchinomiyaHirashima Park Baseball Field
Toyota Red Terrierssoft ballJD LeagueToyota CityToyota Sports Center
Toyota Loom Shining Vegasoft ballJD LeagueKariya cityKariya Stadium
NGU Love Bridge Nagoyaサ ッ カ ーNadeshiko LeagueNagoya cityNagoya City Port Soccer Field
Aisin WingsbasketballW LeagueAnjo CityAnjo Gymnasium
Toyota Motor AntelopesbasketballW LeagueNagoya cityChikusa Sports Center
Denso irisbasketballW LeagueKariya cityWing Arena Kariya
Mitsubishi Electric CorersbasketballW LeagueNagoya cityAichi Gymnasium
Toyota Boshoku Sunshine RabbitsbasketballW LeagueKariya cityWing Arena Kariya
Toyota Body Quincy'svolleyballV1 leagueKariya cityToyota bodygymnasium
Denso Airy beadsvolleyballV1 leagueNishioDensoNishio Factory Gymnasium
Toyota Motor ValkyrievolleyballV2 leagueToyota CityToyota Sports Center
Sony HC BRAVIA LadiesField hockeyHockey japanese leagueInazawa-Ichinomiya-Kakamigahara CityKawasaki Heavy IndustriesHockey stadium
HC NagoyahandballJapan Handball LeagueNagoya cityBrother industrygymnasium
Top nagoyaTable tennisT LeagueNagoya cityTeva Ocean Arena


World heritage

UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage

2016(Heisei28 years)11/30,United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization(UNESCO)Intangible cultural heritageToMountain/Hoko/Street food eventAichi Prefecture has registered the largest number of five in Japan.

Irrigation facility heritage

Tangible cultural property building

National treasure

  • Ryoan -Tea room (Inuyama City)

Important traditional buildings preservation area

Large-scale theme park

Cultural theater

Cultural facility

Scenic spots/historic sites

Scenic spot
National Historic Site


Main castle





Works set in Aichi Prefecture


Honor Aichi citizen

The people who received the title of Honorary Citizen of Aichi Prefecture are as follows.

Honoring dateNameOccupation, career, etc.RemarksBackground
1987(62)12/21Mikine Kuwahara政治家(OriginalGovernor of Aichi PrefectureYamanashiMinamitsuru-gunAsumi Village
2011(23)12/3Toshiki KaifuPolitician (former)Prime MinisterPrime Minister from Aichi Prefecture for the first time after the warNagoya cityHigashi WardNanamagari Town
Reiji SuzukiPolitician (former Governor of Aichi Prefecture)MieMie-gunTomita
Shoichiro ToyodaBusinessman,engineer(ToyotaHonorary chairmanNagoya cityShirakabe Town
Ryoji NoyoriChemist(RIKENDirectorNobel Prize in ChemistryAwarded (2001)HyogoMuko-gunSendo Village
2015(27)9/11Isamu AkasakiSemiconductor engineer(Meijo UniversityTenured professor)Nobel Prize in PhysicsAwarded (2014)KagoshimaKawabeChiran Village
Amano HiroshiElectronic engineer(Nagoya UniversitySpecial professorReceived the Nobel Prize in Physics (2014)ShizuokaHamamatsu city

Foreign relations

Sister municipalities/affiliated municipalities

Friendly municipality
Australian flagAustraliaVictoria1980(55)5/2
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaJiangsu1980(55)7/28
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGuangdong2019(First year of Reiwa)5/16
Affiliated municipality[48]
Kingdom of Thailand flagKingdom of ThailandChubu regionBangkok2012(24)7/9
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaGuangdong2013(25)11/25
Republic of Korea flagSouth KoreaGyeonggi-do2015(27)11/10
United States flagThe United States of AmericaTexas2016(28)4/22[49]
Vietnam flagthe Socialist Republic of VietnamCentrally-controlled cityHo Chi Minh2016(28)9/13[50]
United States flagThe United States of AmericaState of Washington2016(28)10/18[51]
Belgian flagBelgiumBrussels metropolitan area2017(29)5/15[52]
Belgian flagBelgiumFlemish Region2017(29)5/15[52]
Belgian flagBelgiumWalloon area2017(29)5/15[52]
United States flagThe United States of AmericaIndiana2017(29)9/15[53]
United States flagThe United States of AmericaKentucky2017(29)10/23[54]
French flagFranceOccitany2018(30)6/5[48]
Brazilian flagFederal Republic of BrazilState of Sao Paulo2018(30)9/10[48]

Economic partnership

Vietnam flagthe Socialist Republic of VietnamVietnamMinistry of Planning and Investment2008(20)3/18
Flag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of ChinaJiangsu2008(20)10/31
Kingdom of Thailand flagKingdom of ThailandThai Ministry of Industry2014(26)9/10
Indonesian flagIndonesiaIndonesiaCoordinating Minister for Economic Affairs2017(29)2/13

Aichi Friendship Exchange Business

2005Held inAichi ExpoThen, the municipalities in Aichi Prefecture (excluding Nagoya City) welcomed 120 officially participating Expo countries as friendship partner countries for the "One Municipal One Country Friendship Project". After the Expo, exchanges and various internationalization projects were actively carried out, leading to mutual understanding and regional internationalization that went a step further from the hospitality at the Expo. We are promoting further internationalization with one of the driving forces being the interest of the citizens of the prefecture, which has increased through the “One Municipality, One Country Friendship Project”, in international exchange and understanding of different cultures.[55].