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😷 | The spread of Omicron BA.5 infection continues in Macau city ... 71 people increase per day, total 6 people after 18/261 = 3 times ...

Photo Government officials on epidemic prevention missions at locations subject to local lockdown (Photo: GCS)

Infection of Omicron BA.5 continues to spread throughout Macau city ... 71 people increase per day, cumulative total of 6 people since 18/261 = 3 times ...

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Due to the appearance of multiple positive persons, places (buildings and stores) that are subject to local lockdown (blockage and outing are not allowed) are also appearing one after another.

In Macau, the number of confirmed cases of community-acquired infection of the new corona was maintained for about 8 months, but after midnight on June 6, the sun ... → Continue reading

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