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😷 | New coronavirus infected 1712 people in 29 Tokai prefectures (XNUMXth)


New coronavirus 1712 people infected in 29 Tokai prefectures (XNUMXth)

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Aichi Prefecture announced the infection of 408 people including 1181 in Nagoya City.

On the 29th, it was announced that XNUMX people were newly infected with the new coronavirus in the three Tokai prefectures.Aichi prefecture is ... → Continue reading

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Nagoya city

Nagoya city(Nagoyashi) isAichi OfOwari regionA city located in.Aichi prefecturePrefectural office location.Government-designated cityandCentral city.


Tokyo Special WardExcluding横 浜 市,OsakaIt has the third largest population in Japan after.Chubu region-Tokai regionInAdministration-Economy-cultureIt is the center.

Focusing on Nagoya cityChukyo areaIs JapaneseThree major metropolitan areasIt is one of the prefectures in Aichi prefecture.GifuSouth,MieMany in the northSatellite cityhave.2019/ OfUrban areaPopulation is estimated to be about 1,024 million[3].

Old timesThree kinds of sacred treasuresIs one ofKusanagi swordEnshrine (Kusanagi no Tsurugi)[4]Atsuta ShrineThere isTorii Mae TownAndEdo Period TheOwari Tokugawa familyGoverncastle townHas a prosperous history.

Japan's largestIndustrial areaIsChukyo Industrial AreaIt is the center.Headquarters of manufacturing industry nationwide are concentrated[5]Although the shipment value of manufactured goods in Nagoya City itself is declining due to the relocation of the factory to the suburbs[6]It is also a heavy industry city that exceeds 3 trillion yen annually.[6].

Nagoya PortIs Japan's leading international trading port, and the volume of cargo handled and the amount of trade in 30 are the highest in Japan.[7].

2019 yearsAmericaCompaniesAT Kearney"Global City Indicators" byUnited Kingdom OfLoughborough Universityby2020/of"GaWC research"World cityHas been evaluated as[8][9].

In 2008UNESCO OfDesign cityCertified by[10].

City badgeOwari Tokugawa familyIt is "㊇" derived from the seal of, and it is also applied to the front of the city bus.[11].


Southwestern part of Aichi prefecture,Nobi PlainSpread to. In the prefecture,Toyota City-Shinshiro-岡 崎 市4th widest afterareaIs a city that has

The topography of Nagoya city isEastern hills, A plateau in the central part, and alluvial areas in the north, west, and the south.[12].

North/West/South (Kita-Nishi-ward-Nakamura Ward-Nakagawa-Minato-kuAtsuta-South wardIs part of the alluvial area formed by sedimentation of rivers[12] Because of this, the altitude is low and the area has been plagued by flood damage.Minato-ku The0m above sea levelCoastal industrial zone (Chukyo Industrial AreaPart of)Nagoya PortHave. In the western part of Minato Ward, the city's largest granary area spreads.South wardHas an industrial area with Minato Ward.Kita WardNishi-ward-NakagawaMostly residential areas spread.

Eastern part of the cityMoriyama Ward-Chikusa Ward-Meito Ward-Tenpaku Ward-Green DistrictIs a hilly residential area 50 to 100 meters above sea level[12] So, in Chikusa WardHigashiyama Park-Peace park, In Moriyama WardObata Ryokuchi, Boar greenery in Meito-kuMakinogaike Green Space, Of Midori WardOtaka green spaceThere are also large-scale green parks that leave forests such asHoshigaoka,Fujigaoka,Kakuozan,MotoyamaThere are many place names with letters such as hills and mountains, and commerce is well developed.

Take the core of the cityNaka-ku-Higashi Ward-Nakamura Ward-Atsuta-Showa Ward-Mizuho WardIs a plain 10-15 meters above sea level[12] So, besides the government district,Nishiki-Prosperity-Yaba Town-Osu-Jinshan-Famous stationIt has a large commercial area such as.



Hill nameReadingelevation
Evidence basisAddressReference point, etc.Remarks
TotaniyamaTogoku-san198.4Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Moriyama Ward OazaKamishidamiTogoku / Seto City
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 15 Minutes 21.983 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 3 min 10.988 sec /35.25610639 degrees north latitude 137.05305222 degrees east longitude / 35.25610639; 137.05305222
Kami Shidami Village Second Class Triangulation StationThe highest point in Nagoya city.Owaribe Shrine Kofun at the topOwarito ShrineSit down.
(Name unknown)133.3City planning basic map[14]Moriyama WardOmori Kita/ Moriyama Ward OazaYoshineCharacter length
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 13 Minutes 27.349 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 0 min 19.303 sec /35.22426361 degrees north latitude 137.00536194 degrees east longitude / 35.22426361; 137.00536194
Mt.Shinran Yama111.4
Local information board
City planning basic map[14]
Meito WardIdakachoLarge printTakabariSekobo / Nagakute City XNUMX-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 27.831 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 1 min 32.172 sec /35.15773083 degrees north latitude 137.02560333 degrees east longitude / 35.15773083; 137.02560333
Itaka Ryokuchi / Hotoginosato RyokuchiIt is in.
Donkey back mountainDonkey Noseyama109.1City planning basic map[14]Sekobo, Oaza, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku / Nagakute-shi, XNUMX-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 33.204 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 1 min 30.049 sec /35.15922333 degrees north latitude 137.02501361 degrees east longitude / 35.15922333; 137.02501361
It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi and Hotoginosato Ryokuchi.
(Name unknown)105.0Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Chikusa WardTashiro TownKanokoden
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 10 Minutes 5.955 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 14.433 sec /35.16832083 degrees north latitude 136.98734250 degrees east longitude / 35.16832083; 136.98734250
Tashiromura second class triangulation stationPeace parkLocated in the living forest.
Tengu standTengu103.4City planning basic map[14]Sekobo, Oaza, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku / Nagakute-shi, XNUMX-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 42.186 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 1 min 26.221 sec /35.16171833 degrees north latitude 137.02395028 degrees east longitude / 35.16171833; 137.02395028
It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi and Hotoginosato Ryokuchi.
FujimidaiFujimidai102.2Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Kameiri, Tashiro-cho, Chikusa-ku
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 30.654 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 17.493 sec /35.15851500 degrees north latitude 136.98819250 degrees east longitude / 35.15851500; 136.98819250
Fujimidai XNUMXth Triangulation StationHigashiyama ParkIt is in.
FujimakiyamaFujimakiyama97.1City planning basic map[14]Chikusa WardTenpakuchoLarge printUedaUedayama / Meito WardUesonochoSan-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 16.052 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 14.164 sec /35.15445889 degrees north latitude 136.98726778 degrees east longitude / 35.15445889; 136.98726778
Located in Higashiyama Park.
GotenyamaGotenyama93.9City planning basic map[14]Kameiri, Tashiro-cho, Chikusa-ku
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 27.975 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 1.272 sec /35.15777083 degrees north latitude 136.98368667 degrees east longitude / 35.15777083; 136.98368667
Located in Higashiyama Park.
UedayamaUedayama90.4Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Uedayama, Oaza Ueda, Tenpaku-cho, Chikusa-ku
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 0.495 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 3.817 sec /35.15013750 degrees north latitude 136.98439361 degrees east longitude / 35.15013750; 136.98439361
Uedayama map root triangulation pointLocated in Higashiyama Park.
BishamontennoBishamontenno84.3City planning basic map[14]Midori Ward character Kannokura
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 6 Minutes 10.932 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 0 min 34.092 sec /35.10303667 degrees north latitude 137.00947000 degrees east longitude / 35.10303667; 137.00947000
(Yagato Urayama)
(Yagoto Urayama)
81.2Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Tempaku-ku, Tempaku-cho OazaEight thingsUrayama
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 37.306 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 58 min 49.739 sec /35.14369611 degrees north latitude 136.98048306 degrees east longitude / 35.14369611; 136.98048306
Urayama XNUMXth Triangulation StationThere is a group of old kilns in Yagato Urayama, and Haibara remains.[15].
Mt. GongenyamaGongenyama73.4Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Tenpaku WardUedahigashiXNUMX chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 5.308 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 42.041 sec /35.13480778 degrees north latitude 136.99501139 degrees east longitude / 35.13480778; 136.99501139
Ueda Triangulation StationAichi Prefectural Tenpaku High SchoolLocated on the premises.However, the original Mt. Gongenyama is in Uedahonmachi XNUMX-chome (North Latitude 35 Degrees 8 Minutes 2.005 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 35.239 sec /35.13389028 degrees north latitude 136.99312194 degrees east longitude / 35.13389028; 136.99312194) Had a triangulation station (88.8 meters)[Annotation 1].
Crow mountainKarasuyama72.6Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Idakacho Oaza, Meito-kuInoko stoneEel eel
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 11 Minutes 5.441 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 0 min 26.581 sec /35.18484472 degrees north latitude 137.00738361 degrees east longitude / 35.18484472; 137.00738361
Inokoishi Triangulation StationMyotoku ParkIt is in.
HitotsuyamaHitotsuyama69.3Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Tenpaku WardHisakataXNUMX-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 6 Minutes 25.942 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 58 min 50.106 sec /35.10720611 degrees north latitude 136.98058500 degrees east longitude / 35.10720611; 136.98058500
Nonami Village Second Class Triangulation StationToyota Institute of TechnologyLocated on the premises.
Onka mountainOnkayama66.7City planning basic map[14]Idakacho Oaza, Meito-kuKamiyashiroAzaibori
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 10 Minutes 3.983 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 1 min 34.937 sec /35.16777306 degrees north latitude 137.02637139 degrees east longitude / 35.16777306; 137.02637139
It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi.
Bumpy mountainBumpy mountain64.5City planning basic map[14]Tenpaku WardHirabariminami
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 6 Minutes 33.236 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 0 min 17.271 sec /35.10923222 degrees north latitude 137.00479750 degrees east longitude / 35.10923222; 137.00479750
Located on the premises of a flat needle house managed by Aichi Prefecture.
Takinomizu RyokuchiTaki no Mizuryokuchi63.7Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Green DistrictTakinomizuXNUMX-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 5 Minutes 25.074 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 2.094 sec /35.09029833 degrees north latitude 136.98391500 degrees east longitude / 35.09029833; 136.98391500
Takinomizu Ryokuchi XNUMXth Triangulation StationTakinomizu Ryokuchi.
West mountainNishinoyama60.1Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Tempaku-ku, Tempaku-cho Oaza(I.e.Character Kuroishi
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 2.426 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 13.108 sec /35.11734056 degrees north latitude 136.98697444 degrees east longitude / 35.11734056; 136.98697444
Shimada XNUMXth Triangulation StationTenpaku ParkIt is in.
AkihayamaAkiba58.1City planning basic map[14]Tempaku-ku, Tempaku-cho OazaFlat needleOnegagoshi
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 7.361 Seconds East longitude 137 degree 0 min 35.611 sec /35.11871139 degrees north latitude 137.00989194 degrees east longitude / 35.11871139; 137.00989194
At the topJigenji TempleThe cathedral sits down.
MiyukiyamaMiyukiyama56.4City planning basic map[14]Tenpaku WardMiyukiyama
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 52.391 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 58 min 16.399 sec /35.13121972 degrees north latitude 136.97122194 degrees east longitude / 35.13121972; 136.97122194
TakanesanTakanesan55.1Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Green DistrictTakanesan
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 2 Minutes 49.784 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 56 min 48.412 sec /35.04716222 degrees north latitude 136.94678111 degrees east longitude / 35.04716222; 136.94678111
Takaneyama first-class triangulation stationLocated in Takaneyama Ryokuchi.The only first-class triangulation station in Nagoya city.
Mt. HirabeHirabuyama54.4City planning basic map[14]Green DistrictOtaka TownHirabutakane
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 52.080 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 57 min 44.731 sec /35.06446667 degrees north latitude 136.96242528 degrees east longitude / 35.06446667; 136.96242528
Otaka green space Located in Takane no Mori.
Mt. InabaInabayama53.7City planning basic map[14]XNUMX-chome, Ueda, Tempaku-ku
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 54.502 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 8.284 sec /35.13180611 degrees north latitude 136.98563444 degrees east longitude / 35.13180611; 136.98563444
Inabayama Park is included.However, the original Mt. Inaba is near Kotobukiso in Ueda XNUMX-chome (North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 55.597 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 23.786 sec /35.13211028 degrees north latitude 136.98994056 degrees east longitude / 35.13211028; 136.98994056) Had an altitude point (72 meters)[Annotation 2].
Takabari NishiyamaTakabari Nishiyama53.3City planning basic map[14]Meito WardNishisatocho
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 20.615 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 53.496 sec /35.15572639 degrees north latitude 136.99819333 degrees east longitude / 35.15572639; 136.99819333
HiyoriyamaHiyoriyama52.3Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Chikusa WardHiyorichoXNUMX-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 10 Minutes 6.305 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 57 min 56.881 sec /35.16841806 degrees north latitude 136.96580028 degrees east longitude / 35.16841806; 136.96580028
Nagoya second benchmarkOn the mountaintopNagoya Local Meteorological ObservatoryIs located.
Aioi MountainAioiyama51.6Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Tempaku-ku, Tempaku-cho OazaNonamiAioi
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 6 Minutes 14.082 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 58 min 5.813 sec /35.10391167 degrees north latitude 136.96828139 degrees east longitude / 35.10391167; 136.96828139
Aioiyama XNUMXth Triangulation StationLocated in Aioyama Ryokuchi.
East mountainHigashi no Yama50.4City planning basic map[14]Tenpaku-cho, Tempaku-ku Oaza Flat Needle Kuroishi
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 8.313 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 59 min 29.093 sec /35.11897583 degrees north latitude 136.99141472 degrees east longitude / 35.11897583; 136.99141472
Located in Tenpaku Park, Nakayama Shrine sits at the top.
Mt. BuneBuneyama44.9City planning basic map[14]Bunneyama, Odaka-cho, Midori-ku
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 55.018 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 57 min 18.932 sec /35.06528278 degrees north latitude 136.95525889 degrees east longitude / 35.06528278; 136.95525889
The Odaka Ryokuchi Observatory is located at the top.
ShiroyamaShiroyama44.3City planning basic map[14]Chikusa WardShiroyama TownXNUMX-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 10 Minutes 3.050 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 57 min 34.719 sec /35.16751389 degrees north latitude 136.95964417 degrees east longitude / 35.16751389; 136.95964417
It is a part of Shiroyama Hachiman Special Green Space Preservation Area.There is the ruins of Suemori Castle,Shiroyama Hachimangu-Showa JukudoSit down.
Mt. SugadaAmazing Yama43.1Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Tenpaku WardSugadaSan-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 6 Minutes 43.216 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 57 min 59.358 sec /35.11200444 degrees north latitude 136.96648833 degrees east longitude / 35.11200444; 136.96648833
Sugada XNUMXth Triangulation StationLocated in the forest of Aioyama Ryokuchi Oasis.
HiagezanHigamiyama36.7City planning basic map[14]Higamiyama, Odaka-cho, Midori-ku
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 35.068 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 55 min 40.874 sec /35.05974111 degrees north latitude 136.92802056 degrees east longitude / 35.05974111; 136.92802056
Hikami unnie shrineIt is located in the precincts of Hiagezan and is part of the Hiagezan Special Green Space Preservation Area.At the top is the Miyazu-hime toe monument.
MikanyamaMikanyama33.9Geographical Survey Institute Map[13]Mizuho WardShimoyamachoXNUMX chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 7 Minutes 40.211 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 56 min 57.359 sec /35.12783639 degrees north latitude 136.94926639 degrees east longitude / 35.12783639; 136.94926639
Mikanyama Third Triangulation StationIt is a part of the mountain shrine special green space preservation area.A mountain shrine sits at the top.
TenrakuzanTenrakuyama32.9City planning basic map[14]Midori Ward Odakacho character Higashifurune
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 29.249 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 55 min 41.638 sec /35.05812472 degrees north latitude 136.92823278 degrees east longitude / 35.05812472; 136.92823278
There used to be the Tenrakuzan old kiln, and a bowl and a small plate were excavated.[15].
31.4City planning basic map[14]Midori Ward Odakacho Azasaiyama
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 38.921 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 55 min 26.052 sec /35.06081139 degrees north latitude 136.92390333 degrees east longitude / 35.06081139; 136.92390333
At the topSaiyama Inari ShrineSit down.There is a Saiyama tumulus at the bottom of the main shrine, and a piece of haniwa (same cylinder shape, morning glory shape) is excavated.[15].
SannoyamaSan no Uyama28.7City planning basic map[14]Sannoyama, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 5 Minutes 28.377 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 57 min 3.209 sec /35.09121583 degrees north latitude 136.95089139 degrees east longitude / 35.09121583; 136.95089139
Located in Senkuzuka Park.Chohatainaka Shrine sits near the top.There is the Sannoyama ruins, and in addition to the groove-shaped remains, fragments of Haji pottery, Sue pottery, bowls, stone sticks, etc. are excavated.[15]..At the southern end of the park is Chidorizuka (a cultural property designated by Nagoya City).
Mt.Ubakamiyama28.6City planning basic map[14]Midori Ward Odakacho Higashiubagami
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 3 Minutes 47.154 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 55 min 59.453 sec /35.06309833 degrees north latitude 136.93318139 degrees east longitude / 35.06309833; 136.93318139
At the northern footAsao-shaSit down.There is an archaeological site of Majin, and Haji pottery, Sue pottery, ash glaze pottery, cloth tiles, and earthenware pieces are excavated.[15].
HachimanyamaHachimanyama24.4City planning basic map[14]Showa WardYamawakichoXNUMX chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 9 Minutes 13.856 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 55 min 26.516 sec /35.15384889 degrees north latitude 136.92403222 degrees east longitude / 35.15384889; 136.92403222
Located in Tsurumai Park.Yawatayama ancient tombIs a mountain body.
(Mt. Torii)
Protein Chiyama
14.4City planning basic map[14]South wardKasaderachoHazama / Minami WardToriyamachoSan-chome
(North Latitude 35 Degrees 5 Minutes 33.300 Seconds East longitude 136 degree 55 min 59.583 sec /35.09258333 degrees north latitude 136.93321750 degrees east longitude / 35.09258333; 136.93321750
Located in Tanpachiyama Park.
KumazawaKumazawa YamaShowa WardTsurumaiXNUMX chomeLocated in Tsurumai Park.
YoshidaYoshidayamaShowa Ward Tsurumai XNUMX-chomeLocated in Tsurumai Park.

Rivers and lakes

First-class water system
First-class water system Shonai River
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
Shonai RiverI can't help itHonkawaFirst-class riverMinister of Land, Infrastructure and TransportMoriyama Ward, Kita Ward, Nishi Ward, Nakamura Ward, Nakagawa Ward, Minato Ward37,43020,2601,010Originating in Ena City, Gifu Prefecture, it flows down and pours into Ise Bay.
Shiratori RiverShirotorigawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward5600.50Starting from Higashiya Pond, it flows down and pours into the Shonai River.
Oya RiverOyagawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward1,1431,1430.96Starting from the stone pond, it flows down and pours into the Shonai River.
NozomigawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward1,8471,8476.3It starts in Kamishidami, Moriyama Ward, and flows down to the Shonai River.
NagatogawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward8678671.31Starting from Ebi-Tsugi Pond (Takinomizu Pond), it flows down and pours into the Shonai River.
First-class river1,1991,1994.8
Fukasawa RiverFluffyPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward1430.23
Arrival riverToraigawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward3640.38
Shirasawa RiverShirasawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward1,0141,0143.79
(Jizo RiverJizogawaPrimary tributary(Kasugai City)   It does not go through Nagoya city.
Shinjizo RiverShinjizogawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureKita3,4003,40036.7Starting from the intersection of the Jizo and Hatta rivers, it flows down and flows into the new river.
New TanagawaShinna MatanagawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaKita1,1703.29
Namatana RiverNamata NagawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaKita2,8502,6001.00It starts near the prefectural Nagoya Airport and flows down to the Shinjizo River.
SakaigawaSakaigawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaKita2,2501,5000.55
HatagawaHatagawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureKita01,05019.5
Yada RiverYadagawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureMoriyama Ward, Chikusa Ward, Higashi Ward, Kita Ward, Nishi Ward, Meito Ward12,60012,520125.0Starting from Mt. Sanageyama (Akatsu River), the name was changed to the Yada River from the point where it merged with the Kaijo River, and it flowed down and poured into the Shonai River.
Minister of Land, Infrastructure and Transport
TenjingawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureMoriyama Ward1,0001,0008.4
SumiyokegawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward8598591.73
First-class river1,8951,8952.6
Tenjin ShimokawaI'm sorryPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward7180.14
Karyu RiverKanaregawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureMoriyama Ward, Meito Ward, Chikusa Ward4,3005,10028.3It starts near Nagakute City, flows down and pours into the Yada River.
Moritaka RiverMori TakagawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward4424421.62
Fujinoki RiverFuji no KigawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMeito Ward1,1775553.56
Hachimae RiverHachimaegawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaMeito Ward4122.46
Chikusadai RiverChikusaigawa
Primary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward3,5203,5203.58
Higashiyama trunk line drainage channelPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward6070.54
MoriyamagawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward6666660.58
First-class river2,7362,7362.6
HorikawaHorikawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverMayor of NagoyaMoriyama Ward, Kita Ward, Nishi Ward, Naka Ward, Nakamura Ward, Nakagawa Ward, Atsuta Ward, Minami Ward, Minato Ward16,20016,20052.9It branches off from the Shonai irrigation headworks of the Shonai River and flows down to the port of Nagoya.
Shinbori RiverShinhorikawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverMayor of NagoyaNaka Ward, Showa Ward, Atsuta Ward, Mizuho Ward, Minami Ward5,9505,95022.8Starting from the excavated water treatment center, it flows down and pours into Horikawa.
ShinkawaShinkawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureKita Ward, Nishi Ward, Nakagawa Ward, Minato Ward17,70014,500249.4
Aize RiverAisegawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureKita440021.8
Mt. Ooyama RiverOyamagawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureKita73044745.1
Yoshiki HisadaKutaragigawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaKita11804.81
SuibagawaPrimary tributaryFirst-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureNishi-ward1,7601,76011.8
Reservoir of the Shonai River system
  • Higashiya Pond --- Moriyama Ward OazaKamishidamiCharacter Togoku.
  • Ishihiroi Pond (Kamiike) --- Moriyama Ward Osezaki Kamishidami Togoku.Higashitaniyama Fruit ParkIt is inside.
  • Ishihiroi Pond (Ishihiroiike) --Moriyama Ward Oaza Kamishidami Togoku.Located in Togokusan Fruit Park.
  • Mafuneike (Mafuneike) --Moriyama Ward Kamishidami Terayama.
  • Shimoshinike (Shinike) --- Moriyama Ward Kamishidami Terayama.
  • (Okuteike) --Moriyama Ward Oaza Kamishidami Togoku.
  • (Omuraike) --Moriyama Ward Oaza Kamishidami Togoku.Aichi Prefectural Forest ParkIt is inside.
  • Hagiike (Kamishidami) (Hiruike) --Moriyama Ward Oaza Kamishidami Togoku.
  • Kakehiike-Moriyama Ward Oaza Kamishidami Togoku.
  • (Yasudaike) --Moriyama Ward OazaNakashi DanjiCharacter Nanbara.
  • Shrimp Tateike (Ebizuruike) --Oaza, Moriyama WardShimoshidamiAnagahora, Owariasahi City.
  • Takimizuike-Moriyama Ward OazaShimoshidamiAnagahora.
  • Kazegoshi Kamiike-Moriyama Ward Oaza Shimoshidami Nagahasama.
  • (Kazakoshiike) --Moriyama Ward Oaza Shimoshidami Nagahasama.
  • (Tozenji Uwaike) --Moriyama Ward Oaza Shimoshidami Haesagari, Moriyama Ward Izumigaoka.
  • Tozenji Nakaike --- Moriyama Ward Oaza Shimoshidami Haesagari, Moriyama Ward Izumigaoka.
  • Hinogoike-Moriyama WardIzumigaoka.
  • (Hiraike) --Moriyama WardHanasakidai・ Moriyama WardHiraikehigashi.
  • (Oike) --Moriyama WardRyusenji.Obata RyokuchiAdjacent to the main garden.
  • Amaike-Ryusenji, Moriyama-ku.Adjacent to Obata Ryokuchi Main Garden.
  • (Midori gaike) --Moriyama Ward OazaUshiki・ Moriyama Ward OazaObataCharacter Kitayama.Located in Obata Ryokuchi Main Garden.
  • (Tatsumakiike) --Moriyama Ward Oaza Ushimaki, Moriyama Ward Oaza Obata Aza Kitayama.Located in Obata Ryokuchi Main Garden.
  • (Mikaeri gaike) --- Oaza Ushimaki, Moriyama Ward, Obatakita, Moriyama Ward.Located in Obata Ryokuchi Main Garden.
  • (Futatsuike) --Moriyama WardSuishoen..Located in Suishoen Ryokuchi.
  • (Rokugaike) --Kita WardRokugaikecho.
  • Ikenohataike-Kita-kuRuyi.
  • (Hiruike) --Moriyama WardGozenbora.
  • (Shinike) --Moriyama WardOmori Hachiryu..Located in Hachiryu Ryokuchi.
  • (Amaike) --Gozenbora, Moriyama Ward.Located in Amaike Park.
  • (Meito Kuike) --Meito Ward OazaFujimoriAzamori.
  • Okuike-Chikusa WardTashiro TownKameiri.Higashiyama Park(Higashiyama Botanical Garden).
  • Kamiike (Higashiyama Kamiike)-Kameiri, Tashiro-cho, Chikusa-ku.Higashiyama Park (Higashiyama Zoo).
  • Shinike (Higashiyama Shinike) --Chikusa WardHoshigaoka Yamate..Located in Higashiyama Park.
  • Nekoga-dong Pond(Look at the cat) --Chikusa WardPeace park.Peace parkIs inside.It is also the head of the Yamasaki River.
  • (Chiyaga Sakaike) --Chikusa WardNabeyauenochoShirutani.Located in Chayagasaka Park.
Secondary water system
Second-class water system Sakai River
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
(SakaigawaSakaigawaHonkawa(Toyota City, Miyoshi City, Togo Town, Kariya City, Toyoake City, Obu City, Higashiura Town)  220.9It does not go through Nagoya city.
(Ishigase RiverIshigasegawaPrimary tributary(Obu City, Higashiura Town)  26.4It does not go through Nagoya city.
Kururase RiverKuranaga SegawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1,4521,9331.84Starting from Oike (Arimatsu Oike), it flows down and pours into the Ishigase River in Tsukimi-cho, Obu City.
Second-class river025015.7
Kuranagase River tributaryKuranaga SegawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District2,3571.06
Higashino RiverHigashi no KawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District4944940.38
Sakai River system pond
Class B water system Tenshirakawa
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
Tenpaku RiverTempakugawaHonkawaSecond-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureTempaku Ward, Mizuho Ward, Minami Ward, Midori Ward11,79013,290118.8Starting from the vicinity of Nisshin City, it flows down and pours into Nagoya Port.
HanmorigawaPrimary tributarySecond-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureTenpaku Ward2,05002.9
Chubei RiverChubeegawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaTenpaku Ward1,8721,8721.52
Radish riverOnegawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaTenpaku Ward6796791.56
Ueda RiverUedaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMeito Ward, Tempaku Ward, Mizuho Ward, Minami Ward4,3433,91910It originates in Nagakute City (Ibori River), flows down and pours into the Tenshiro River.
Second-class river4,7904,79021.0
MaekawaMaekawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMeito Ward1,0631,0632.70
Hachiko UrakawaYagoto UragawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaTenpaku Ward2,0191.49
Jizo RiverJizogawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaTenpaku Ward7621.41
FujikawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMidori Ward / Tenpaku Ward2,2832,2833.36
Second-class river5655655.3
GoshitagawaI'm sorryPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaTenpaku Ward2,2541.83
OgikawaOugigawaPrimary tributarySecond-class riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District9,8359,83529.8Starting from Oike (Akamatsu Oike), it flows down and pours into the Tenshira River.
Kanzawa RiverKamisawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1,2001,2002.17
Hosoguchi RiverHosoguchigawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District5635630.61
Mizuhiro ShimogawaMizuhirogegawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District9859851.26
Shikita RiverShikitagawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1,3741.23
Takinomizu RiverTaki no MizugawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1,2911.51
AsahidegawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1,3060.79
Mutated river7277271.04
OtakagawaOdakakawaPrimary tributarySecond-class riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District2,8802,8807.2It starts from the water main pond and flows down to the lower reaches of the Ogi River.
SegigawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1831830.94
Second-class river1,0401,0402.6
Tegoshi RiverLeverPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1,0221.21Starting from the city of Toyoake, it flows down and pours into the Ogi River.
Second-class river1,9851,9853.6
Nakahirabe RiverNakahirabugawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District1,7570.83
Taiko TagawaTaiko DengawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaGreen District8810.51
Reservoir of the Tenpaku River system
  • (Araike) --Tempaku WardTenpakuchoLarge printFlat needleAraikeshita.Located in Araike Ryokuchi.
  • (Otsutsumiike) --Otsutsumishita, Tenpaku-cho, Tempaku-ku.Located in Araike Ryokuchi.
  • (Hosoguchi Ike) --Tempaku WardHirabariminami..Located in Hosoguchichi Park.
  • Honjiike-Tempaku WardGozenbacho.
  • (Oneike) --Tempaku-ku, Tempaku-ku Oaza(I.e.Azayama no Mori.Tenpaku ParkIt is inside.
  • Ibori Kamiike-Oaza, Idaka-cho, Meito-kuKamiyashiroAza Ibori.Itaka RyokuchiIt is inside.
  • Ibori Shimoike-Ibori, Oaza Kamisha, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku.It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi.
  • (Nishihoriike) --Ibori, Oaza Kamisha, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku.It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi.
  • (Tsukano Iriike) --Ikenoomote, Oaza Kamisha, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku.It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi.
  • Komorebiike-Ikenoomote, Oazakamisha, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku.It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi.
  • Suribachiike-Oaza, Idaka-cho, Meito-kuTakabariSekobo.It is located in Itaka Ryokuchi.
  • (Dechoike) --Meito WardKamiokacho..Located in Kamioka Park.
  • (Makinoike) --Maeyama, Oaza, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku.Makinogaike Green SpaceIt is inside.
  • Shinike (Takabari) --Meito WardYamaka Town.
  • Gogokamiike-Yamanonaka, Oaza, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku.Located in the Aichi Country Club.
  • Gogo Shimoike --- Yamanonaka, Oaza Takanaka, Idaka-cho, Meito-ku.Located in the Aichi Country Club.
  • Tenpaku Keishimoike-Oaza, Tenpaku-cho, Tempaku-kuEight thingsUrayama.Located in Tenpakukeishimoike Park.
  • (Shinike) --Tempaku WardTakamiya Town.
  • Twin Pond-Tempaku WardKairoyamacho.
  • (Togasaike) --Tempaku WardHisakata・ Midori-ku Narumi-cho Horagai.Located in Tokasa Park.
  • (See you) --Midori WardAikawa..Located in Horagai Park.
  • Narukoike-Aikawa, Midori-ku.
  • Shiro Soike --Midori WardNaganecho..Located in Shiro Soike Park.
  • (Oike) --Midori WardFujitsuka..Located in Shirado Central Park.
  • Kamiike-Midori WardMototokushige..Located in Tokushigekamiike Park.
  • Futatsuike-Midori WardTokushige..Located in Torigane Park.
  • (Kamisawaike) --Kamisawa, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku.
  • Kanameike(Kanameike) --Midori WardNorikura..Located in Kanameike Park.
  • (Open) --Midori WardHosoguchi..Adjacent to Norikura Park.
  • Yokobuki Oike-Yokobuki, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku.Located in Narumi Country Club.
  • Mizuhiro Shimoike(Mizuhirogeike) --Midori WardMizuhiro..Located in Mizuhiro Park.
  • Matsuike-Mt. Ozaki, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku.Located in Narumi Park.
  • Takinomizu Kitaike (Takinomizu Kitaike) --Midori WardTakinomizu.Takinomizu RyokuchiIt is inside.
  • Kamiasahide Pond --Midori WardAsahide..Located in Kamiasahide Park.
  • (Niimiike) --Ikegami, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku.Is inside.
  • Gonbeiike --Midori WardOkehazamanishi.
  • Nishidojochi-Midori WardRyokkadai..Located in the West Loach Pond Park.
  • (Biwagaike) --Konosu, Narumi-cho, Midori-ku.Otaka green spaceIt is inside.
  • Kagoike-Midori WardBunkyuyama.
  • Water Lord Gaike (Kakogaike) --Midori WardMt...Located in Kakogaike Park.
  • (Mamushiike) --Midori WardOtaka TownMamushiike.
  • (Jaike) --Midori WardJonoyama..Adjacent to Jonoyama Park.
  • (Hiranoike) --Hirano Ikesue, Odaka-cho, Midori-ku.Located in the ice park.
Second-class water system Yamasaki River
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
Yamazaki RiverYamazakigawaHonkawaMutated riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward, Showa Ward, Mizuho Ward, Minami Ward, Minato Ward1,1601,1601.84Starting from Nekoga-dong Pond, it flows down and pours into Nagoya Port.
Second-class river12,44612,44626.6
Shinike drainage channelShinike HaisuiiroPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward1,1501.06
Hashimoto drainage channelHashimoto is IsiroPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward1,0920.27
Kusumoto drainage channelKusumoto is IsuiroPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward1,8640.70
Mirror pond drainage channelKagamiike HaisuiiroPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaChikusa Ward9511.35
Gokenya RiverGokenyagawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaShowa Ward1,0401,0402.00
Reservoir of the Yamasaki River system
Second-class water system Nikko River
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
Nikko riverNikkogawaHonkawaSecond-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureMinato-ku6,3600299.0
Kanie RiverCrabPrimary tributarySecond-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureMinato-ku250016.8
FukutagawaPrimary tributarySecond-class riverGovernor of Aichi PrefectureNakagawa Ward / Minato Ward5,5403,21033.5It starts near Koike in Inazawa City, flows down and pours into the Nikko River.
TodagawaTodaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaNakagawa Ward / Minato Ward1,9441,9442.01It starts in Tomita-cho, Nakagawa-ku, flows down and pours into the mouth of the Nikko River.
Second-class river7,1507,15011.8
Hattori RiverMottorigawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaNakagawa1,2311.31
Shin Chaya RiverShinchayagawaPrimary tributaryOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaMinato-ku9001.87
Higashi OgawaHigashi OgawaPrimary tributaryMutated riverMayor of NagoyaMinato-ku6806804.02
Second-class water system Oegawa
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
OegawaOegawaHonkawaOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaSouth ward2,3415.19
Second-class water system Arako River
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
Arako RiverArakogawaHonkawaOrdinary riverMayor of NagoyaNakagawa Ward / Minato Ward6,7146.46It starts near Iwatsuka-cho, Nakagawa-ku, flows down to the Arakogawa pumping station, and is drained to Nagoya Port.
Other rivers
Nakagawa Canal
River nameReadingfrequencyOf the river
In the city
Main transit pointsCity channel extension
Basin area
(Square km)
Left bankRight bank
Nakagawa CanalNakagawa UngaNagoya Port AuthorityNakagawa Ward / Minato Ward6,39010.21Seawater from Nagoya Port, discharged water from the Rohashi Water Treatment Center, factory effluent, rainwater during rainfall, etc. flow in and are drained to Horikawa and Nagoya Port through the pump station.
North branch lineNagoya Port AuthorityNakagawa730 
East branch lineNagoya Port AuthorityMinato-ku1,090 


Tidal flat


Hilly area


There is a big difference in temperature between summer and winter. In addition, there is a large difference in temperature between days.Summer: Is hot and humid, very humid and has an average humidity of over 70%[12].. On January 2018, 8,Chikusa Ward(Nagoya Local Meteorological Observatory) Recorded the highest temperature of 40.3 ℃ in the history of observation.[Annotation 3][16].Winter:Has many dry and sunny days,Ibuki OroshiThe dry cold wind blows. Also, divide the Sea of ​​Japan side and the Pacific sideMt. IbukiyamaSuzuka MountainsIn the northwest of the Nobi PlainGifuFuwa countySekigahara TownBecause there are breaks in the vicinity, snow clouds flow into the Nobi Plain from a strong winter type atmospheric pressure arrangement, and sometimes heavy local snowfall is often encountered in southwestern Gifu prefecture and northwestern Aichi prefecture. December 2005, 1218 heavy snowfallHas recorded 1947cm of snow in Nagoya for the first time in 2 years since February 3, 58. In addition, it recorded a snowfall of 23 cm on December 2014, 12. By the way, the largest amount of snow in Nagoya is 18 cm, recorded on December 23, 1945.

Nagoya city(Nagoya Local Meteorological Observatory, Altitude 51.1m) climate
Highest temperature record ° C (° F21.0
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.3
Average daily temperature ° C (° F4.8
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F1.1
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−10.3
Precipitation amount mm (inch)50.8
Snowfall cm (inch)4
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5mm)
Average number of snowfall days (≥0 cm)
Average monthlyDaylight hours174.5175.5199.7200.2205.5151.8166.0201.3159.6168.9167.1170.32,141
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020[17], Maxima: 1890-Present[18])


Place name in the city

Administrative district

Nagoya city consists of the following 16 wards.

Each ward of Nagoya city
CodesWard nameYear of installationpopulation
The population density
Main spot
23101-1Chikusa Ward1937/
164,52318.189,050Imaike - Hoshigaoka - Kakuozan - Higashiyama - Hoshigaoka Terrace - Sun Claire Ikeshita - Nagoya Central Garden - Kawai JukuHeadquarters- Nagoya Mitsukoshi Hoshigaoka store - Higashiyama Zoo and Botanical Garden - Kakuosan Nitaiji - Nagoya University - Aichi Shukutoku UniversityHoshigaoka Campus- Sugiyama Jogakuen University - Aichi Gakuin UniversitySuemori/Kusumoto Campus- Aichi Institute of TechnologyMotoyama Campus- Aichi Psychiatric Center - Ueno Tenmangu - Togonji Temple - Yangki-so - Peace park - Water History Museum - Furukawa Museum of Art - Nagoya SME Promotion Hall(Fukiage Hall)- Nagoya bottom line - Kinoshita Hall - Gallery HAM -Chikusa Sports Center- Chikusa Station - Imaike Station - Ikeshita Station - Motoyama Station - Jiyugaoka Station
23102-9Higashi Ward1908/
(41th year of Meiji)
85,2347.7111,055Nagoya Dome - Oasis 21 - Chubu Electric Power - NHK Nagoya Broadcasting Station - Tokai TV broadcasting - Tokai Radio Broadcast - Aichi Arts Center -Calport East-East Sports Center- Kenchu-ji Temple - Catholic Nunoike Church - Yamazaki Mazak Museum - Hori Museum - Nagoya City Government Museum - Culture Road Futabakan - XNUMX flowers in culture - Nagoya Ceramics Center - Bank of Mitsubishi UFJ Currency Museum - Tokugawa Art Museum - 徳 川 園 - Ozone Station
161,80217.539,230OZ Mall - Ozone underground shopping center Ozgarden - Don Quijote Nagoya Main Store - Nex Plaza - Sewer Science Museum - Aichi Sports Hall -North Sports Center- Senbira green space - Kurokawa Himon - Shiga Park - Meijo Park- Yamada Tenmangu - Ozone Station - Kurokawa Station - Nagoya Airport - The Scene Johoku - Aichi Gakuin University Meijo Park Campus
(41th year of Meiji)
150,81717.938,411Entonji - Kamiodai - Meido-cho - Yokkaichi - Famous station - Nakono - Nagoya Lucent Tower - Nagoya Prime Central Tower - mozo wonder city - Hira Castle - Entonji Shopping Street - Shonai Ryokuchi Park - Biwajima Sports Center - Noritake Forest - Iwakura Highway Nakaodai - Toyota Industrial Technology Memorial Hall - Biwajima Bridge - Asamacho Station - Jyoshin Station - Kamiodai Station
23105-3Nakamura Ward1937/
138,52516.308,498Midland Square - JR Central Towers - JR Gate Tower - JP Tower Nagoya - Dai Nagoya Building - Mode Gakuen Spiral Towers - Sasashima Live 24(Global gate,Chukyo TV broadcastingSuch) - Symphony Toyota Building - Aqua Town Nayabashi - Aichi Industrial Labor Center(Wink Aichi)- Nagoya Cross Court Tower - Nagoya International Center - JR Nagoya Takashimaya - Meitetsu Department Store - Kintetsu Department Store Nagoya Store(Kintetsu Passe)- Nakamura Park - Nakamura Yukaku - Nagoya City Theater Practice Center - Yoneno Park - Aichi UniversityNagoya Campus-Nakamura Sports Center- Josenji Temple - Myogyoji - Doho University - Nagoya College of Music - Famous station - Nagoya Station - Hatta Station - Sasashima Live Station - Kokusai Center Station
(41th year of Meiji)
94,9849.3810,126Prosperity - Meijo Park - Nagoya Castle - Aichi Prefectural Office - Nagoya City Hall - Aichi Gymnasium - Nagoya Sports Center -Middle Sports Center- Tokai Finance Bureau - Nagoya National Taxation Bureau - National Hospital Organization Nagoya Medical Center - Meijo Hospital - Otsudori - Nadia Park - Sunshine Sakae - Lasik - Nagoya PARCO - Nagoya ZERO GATE - MatsuzakayaNagoya store- Nagoya Mitsukoshi Sakae store - Nagoya Chamber of Commerce - Nagoya Stock Exchange - Hisaya Odori Park - Nagoya TV Tower - Central Park Underground - Asunal Jinshan - Manshoji Building - Osu 301 Building - Osu Shopping Street - Osu Kannon - ZIP-FM - Central Japan Broadcasting Company - Nagoya TV Broadcast - TV Aichi - Chunichi Building - Chunichi Shimbun - Asahi Shimbun Nagoya Head Office - Yomiuri Shimbun Chubu Branch - Nihon Keizai Shimbun Nagoya Branch - Marunouchi - Nishikisan - Sannomaru - Fushimi - Yaba Town - Jinshan - Chiyoda - Nayabashi - Terrasse Nayabashi - Sakae Station - Kanayama station - City Hall Station
23107-0Showa Ward1937/
107,51710.949,828Eight things - Sakurayama - Tsurumai Park - Kousoji Temple - Koshukuin - Kawahara Shrine - Jinguji Temple - Gokiso Hachimangu - Nagoya City Tsurumai Central Library - Nagoya City Hall - Aichi Prefectural Labor Hall -Showa Sports Center- Showa Museum - Nagoya UniversityTsurumai Campus - Nagoya Institute of Technology - Nanzan University - Chukyo University - Meijo UniversityYagoto Campus- Gokisho Station - Yagoto Station
23108-8Mizuho Ward1944/
107,66511.229,596Shin Rui - Nagoya City Museum - Mizuho Park, Nagoya City(Paloma Mizuho Sports Park)- Nagoya City University Hospital - Brother Museum - Higashiyamaso - Mizuho Burial Mounds - Omagari Kaizuka -Nagoya City Rehabilitation Center- Nagoya City University - Nagoya Women's University - Aichi Mizuho University - Hotta Station (Meitetsu) - Hotta Station (Nagoya Municipal Subway) - Shin-Ruihashi Station
66,6278.208,125Jinshan - Hibino - Atsuta Shrine - Atsuta Jingu Park - Palais Marche Shrine - AEON MALL Atsuta - Nagoya International Convention Center(Century Hall)-Nagoya Gymnasium- Swan garden - Shiratori Imperial Mausoleum - Takaza Yumiko Shrine - Kanayama Shrine - Yafuyama Kofun - Vow temple - Hochiji - Miyajuku - Suzuno Gozensha - Nagoya Gakuin University - Kanayama Station - Jingumae Station
218,57932.026,826Karasumori - Toda - Haruta - hut - Shimonoshinoki Castle - Arako Kannonji Temple - Maeda Jonenji- Hojuin Temple - Nagoya Stadium - Winds Nagoya - Tsuruhashi Sports Center - Fujita Medical School Bantane Hospital - Todagawa green space - Matsushige Lock - Nakagawa Canal - Hatta Station - Takahata Station - Ogashirabashi Station
141,69345.643,105Famous port - Nagoya Port - Nagoya Customs - Legoland Nagoya Resort - Nagoya Port Seat Rain Land - Port of Nagoya Public Aquarium - Teva Ocean Arena - Furniture domeHead office- Nagoya City International Exhibition Center(Port Messe Nagoya)- Linear/Railway building - Nagoya Port Wildflower Garden Bluebonnet - Shin-Nagoya Thermal Power Station - Port Island - AEON MALL Nagoya Minato - Port Walk Minato - AEON MALL Nagoya Chaya - LaLaport Nagoya Minato Aquls - Boatpia nagoya - Sun beach Nikko river - Inaei Sports Center - Inaei Park - Howa Sports Land - Top Music Museum of Japan - Meiko Triton - Nagoyako Station (Nagoya Municipal Subway) - Nagoyako Station (JR Freight) - Tsukijiguchi Station - Kinjofuto Station
23112-6South ward1908/
(41th year of Meiji)
132,72518.467,190Nagoya City Gymnasium(Nippon Gaishi Plaza)- Kasoji Temple(Kasanon Kannon)- Call continuation park - Nagoya City Miharudai Archeological Museum - Oegawa greenery - JCHO Chukyo Hospital - Nagoya Kasera Washington Hotel Plaza - Daido University - Kasera Station - Oe Station - Shibata Station
23113-4Moriyama Ward1963/
176,92234.015,202Moriyama Castle - Ryusenji Castle - Moriyama Sports Center - Obata Ryokuchi - Aichi Prefectural Forest Park - Higashitaniyama Fruit Park - Omori Temple - Ryusenji Temple - Owarito Shrine - Strongwood forest - Shidanmi Burial Mounds - Ryusenji no Yu - Kinjo Gakuin University - Aichi Prefectural UniversityMoriyama Campus- Nagoya Guideway Bus Guideway Bus Shidanmi Line(Clear line)- Obata Station - Shin-Moriyama Station
23114-2Green District1963/
248,36637.916,551Narumi Castle - Otaka Castle - Narumi Town - Arimatsu Town - Green sports center - Nagoya City Midori Municipal Hospital - General Hospital Minami Co-op Hospital - AEON MALL Odaka - Hills Walk Tokushige Gardens - Rivesta Narumi - Naru Park - Narumi Hachimangu - Narumi Shrine - Hikami unnie shrine - Haruein - Otaka green space - Marune Fort - Washizu Fort - Okehama Old Battlefield Site - Narumi Station - Arimatsu Station - Odaka Station - Minamiodaka Station - Tokushige Station
23115-1Meito Ward1975/
163,16519.458,389Fujigaoka - Inoko stone - Shimosha Castle - National Hospital Organization Higashi Nagoya Hospital -Meito Sports Center- Itaka Ryokuchi - Myotoku Park - Makinogaike Green Space -Fujigaoka effe- Aichi Toho University - Myotokuji Temple - Toshoji Temple - Renkyoji Temple - Fujigaoka Station - Hongo Station - Kamisha Station
23116-9Tenpaku Ward1975/
163,79721.587,590Nonami - Aioi Mountain - Shimada Castle - Nagoya City Agricultural Center - Tenpaku Park - Nonami Park - Umeno Park - Yakuto Cemetery - Aichi Driver's License Examination Center(Flat needle test site)- Tenpaku Sports Center - Village Vanguard Main Store - Meijo UniversityTenpaku Campus- Toyota Institute of Technology - Tokai Gakuen UniversityNagoya Campus- Araki Building - Jigenji Temple - Ueda Station - Nonami Station - Hara Station
Change of city limits and wards



Population distribution by age in Nagoya and Japan (2005)Nagoya City Population Distribution by Age and Gender (2005)
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of (the area equivalent to) Nagoya
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Adjacent municipality

Nagoya City is adjacent to 16 municipalities (11 cities, 4 towns, 1 village), and is the municipality with the most adjacent municipalities in Japan.

Aichi Aichi



Jomon Period
  • Omagari KaizukaThe ruins of the village, mainly in the early and late Jomon period,Mizuho WardThe coastline at that time became the present because it was discovered inGokiso PlateauIt was shown that it had entered the plateau and the edge of the hill.
Yayoi Period

Ancient times

Kofun period
Asuka Period

中 世

Heian period
The remnants are "Myo-ondoriIt remains in the place name such as.In addition, the legend that comes from the fact that the daughter of Sori Itoda, who was longing for the teacher at that time, gave "Shirakiku no Biwa" at the place where she saw off, is "Biwa IslandIt remains as a place name.

Other,Darkness Forest HachimanshaAccording to the company biographyHomoto no RanTorn inSource morning izu-OshimaToExileHowever,exileIt is said to be a child made on the previous islandJiro Oto Yoshiji OwariAichi-gunGuduIt is said that he came to.YoshitsuguEmperor DomonAt that time by the order ofKii countrySubdue the rampage inGuduGranted the territory of the whole area, "Otocho""OtobashiThe place names such as "remain.At that time, the imperial court said, "Mr. KitoWas also given the surname.

Kamakura Period
Muromachi Period

The early modern period

Sengoku period

(Other than thatNaka-kuCity person,Nakamura WardToyotomi Hidenaga,Kiyomasa Kato,Meito WardKatsuie Shibata,Nishi-wardNarimasa Sasa,Niwa Nagahide,South wardNobumori Sakuma,NakagawaMaeda Toshiie,Green DistrictToyotomi ShujiHave also been born).

Edo Period


Meiji Era
Taisho era
Showa period / prewar


After the war
  • 2019/(ReiwaFirst year) --Nagoya City had record high tax revenues.It is the first time in 1997 years since 21 that tax revenue has reached a record high.Corporate profits improved and tax revenues reached record highs[34]..The population of Nagoya City has increased due to the development of residential land and the opening of commercial facilities, and Kamishidami Elementary School was newly established in Moriyama Ward, Nagoya City.It is the first time in nine years that a new elementary school has been established in Nagoya.[35].
  • 2020/(Reiwa2 years), Japan's largest Park-PFI project "Hisaya-odori Park" opens in Nagoya[39].
    • 11 --Nagoya City has decided to add the Meitetsu Bus and Mie Kotsu Bus to the "Keiro Pass". From February 2022, Meitetsu Bus will also be able to use the "Keiro Pass".If the system is repaired in time, the Mie Kotsu Bus will be able to use the "Keiro Pass" from the same period.[40].
    • 12 --Nagoya CityJapan Shogi FederationConcluded an agreement with.Born in Aichi prefectureSota FujiiIn response to the success of the double crown, Nagoya City proposed to the Shogi Federation that "the Nagoya City Assembly Hall should be rented at half price as a venue for children's practice sessions" to popularize shogi.[41].
  • 2021/(3nd year of Reiwa)
  • 2026/(8th year of Reiwa)-Jointly with Aichi PrefectureAsian Games-Asian Para Gamesdate held.



Administrative organization

The following stations, rooms and 16Ward office, OtherAdministrative committeeBe organized by

Mayor room

Administrative Bureau

Disaster Prevention Crisis Management Bureau
General Affairs Bureau
Finance Bureau
  • City tax office
Civil Economic Affairs Bureau
Tourism and Cultural Exchange Bureau
Environment Bureau
  • Environmental office
Health and Welfare Bureau
Children and Youth Bureau
  • Nursery
Housing City Bureau
Greenery Civil Engineering Bureau
Water and Sewerage Bureau
  • Sales Office
  • Water treatment office
Traffic bureau
  • Sales Office
Hospital bureau
  • Municipal hospital
Fire department
  • Fire department
  • Fire school
Ward office (16 wards, 6 branches)
  • Health center
Accounting manager
  • Accounting room

Administrative committee

Audit Committee
  • Audit office
Human Resources Committee
  • Personnel Committee Secretariat
Agricultural committee
  • Agricultural Committee Secretariat
Election Management Committee
  • Election Commission Secretariat
Fixed Asset Evaluation Review Committee
  • Fixed Assets Evaluation Review Committee Office (Finance Bureau Tax Department)
Board of education
City chairman
  • City council office


City council

The annual income of city council members is 2019 million yen (as of 2011). In 23 (Heisei 800), it was reduced to XNUMX million yen.[42].

Prefectural assembly

Aichi Prefectural Assembly
  • Constant number: 31 people
  • Term: 2019 (ReiwaFirst Year) May 5th-25 (2023th year of Reiwa) May 5th
ConstituencyNameParliamentary nameRemarks
Chikusa Ward (2)Taro KurodaShinichi AichiParty membershipNational Democratic Party
Hideki TsujiLDPAichi Prefectural Assembly
Higashi Ward (1)Rika MasakiLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Kita (2)Hiroaki MatsukawaLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Hisashi TsukamotoShinichi AichiParty status is National Democratic Party
Nishi-ward (2)Yasuhiko TanakaLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Shimataro AsataroTax reduction Japan
Nakamura Ward (2)Mutsumi TeranishiLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Narumi YasuhiroShinichi AichiParty membershipConstitutional Democratic Party
Naka-ku (1)Yuji MasudaLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Showa Ward (2)Tomomi TaniguchiShinichi AichiParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Osamu NaritaLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Mizuho Ward (2)Taro KawashimaLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Koji TakagiShinichi AichiParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Atsuta (1)Yoshiaki KajiyamaShinichi AichiParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Nakagawa (3)Atsushi NishikawaShinichi AichiParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Auka InukaiKomeitoAichi Prefectural Assembly
Kazuhito InamotoLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Minato-ku (2)Hirofumi NaoeLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Shinji YasuiShinichi AichiParty status is National Democratic Party
South ward (2)Tatsuo ItoLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Tetsuo KunoShinichi AichiParty status is National Democratic Party
Moriyama Ward (2)Fumihiro NanbuLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Morii MotoshiShinichi AichiParty status is National Democratic Party
Green District (3)Matsumoto MamoruShinichi AichiParty membership is a constitutional Democratic Party
Watanabe NoboruLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Akihiko OkaKomei Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Meito Ward (2)Akio TomitaShinichi AichiParty status is National Democratic Party
Takaya TsutsuiPrefectural Government LDP ClubLiberal Democratic Party
Tenpaku Ward (2)Miki SusakiLiberal Democratic Party Aichi Prefectural Assembly
Mizutani MitsunobuShinichi AichiParty status is National Democratic Party

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Aichi prefecture 1st ward(Higashi Ward,Nishi-ward,Kita,Naka-kuYumichi KumadaLDP4Constituency
Norihiko YoshidaConstitutional Democratic Party3Proportional revival
Aichi prefecture 2st ward(Chikusa Ward,Moriyama Ward,Meito WardFurukawa MotohisaNational Democratic Party9Constituency
Takamoto NakagawaLDP1Proportional revival
Aichi prefecture 3st ward(Showa Ward,Green District,Tenpaku WardShoichi KondoConstitutional Democratic Party9Constituency
Yoshitaka IkedaLDP4Proportional revival
Aichi prefecture 4st ward(Mizuho Ward,Atsuta,Minato-ku,South wardShozo KudoLDP4Constituency
Yoshio MakiConstitutional Democratic Party7Proportional revival
Aichi prefecture 5st ward(Nakamura Ward,NakagawaSuch)Kenji KandaLDP4Constituency
Maki MisakiJapan Restoration Party1Proportional revival

National agency

Chubu region-Tokai regionHave jurisdiction overCentral government agency OfOffice(Local branch office) ManyNaka-kuSannomaruIt is located in the neighborhood.

Administrative agency

Judicial organs, etc.

Foreign relations

Sister cities/partner cities

Nagoya's sister-friendship cities are linked to six cities in six countries, and exchanges in various fields are actively carried out between the two cities throughout the year. Also, souvenirs from each city are NagoyaNaka-kuThe International Exchange Exhibition Room on the 1st basement floor of the Nagoya City Hall (Nagoya State Guest House)Hisaya Odori ParkIt is open to the public at. Since 2012, we have stopped interacting with Nanjing City.[43].


sister city
Name of a cityCountry/RegionAlliance date
City of Los AngelesUnited States flagThe United States of America California1959/(34)4/1
Mexico CityMexican flagMexico Mexico City1978/(53)2/16
NanjingFlag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of China Jiangsu1978/(53)12/21
Sydney cityAustralian flagAustralian Commonwealth New South Wales1980/(55)9/16
Turin cityItalian flagItaly Piedmont2005/(17)5/27
Reims CityFrench flagFrance Grand Test Region Marne2017/(29)10/20[44]
Partner city
Name of a cityCountry/RegionAlliance date
Taichung CityTaiwan flagTaiwan(Republic of China) City of jurisdiction2019/(ReiwaFirst year)10/25[45]
Tashkent cityUzbekistan flagUzbekistan Tashkent City2019/(First year of Reiwa)12/18[46]
More informations
NameCountry/RegionAlliance date
Champs ElyseesFrench flagFrance Ile de France Paris1989/(XNUMX)9/26 Hisaya OdoriSigned a friendly alliance with
LouiseBelgian flagBelgium Brussels metropolitan area ブ リ ュ ッ セ ル2014/(26)9/25 Sakaemachi Shopping StreetSigned a sister affiliation with[47]
Passage de Panorama Shopping StreetFrench flagFrance Ile de France Paris2015/(27)4/2 Entonji Shopping StreetSigned a friendly alliance with[48]


Partner city
Name of a cityLocal name / prefecture nameAlliance date
Toyota CityAichi prefecture flagChubu region Aichi1986/(61)10/24 Contact exchange agreement tie-up signing
NakatsugawaGifu Prefecture FlagChubu region Gifu1986/(61)10/24 Contact exchange agreement tie-up signing
Rikuzentakata CityIwate prefecture flagTohoku region Iwate2014/(26)10/28 Signing of industrial promotion agreement[49]
More informations

Sister port / Friendship port

Nagoya PortIs one of Japan's major international trading ports (five major ports), and according to 2016 data[50]The largest volume of cargo handled in Japan, the second largest in terms of trade amount after Tokyo Port. The feature is that it has a large surplus, and when it is limited to the export value, it stands out at about 2 trillion yen.

Friendship sister port
Port nameCountry/RegionAlliance date
Los AngelesHarborUnited States flagThe United States of America California1959/(Showa34 years)3/31 Signing of Friendship Sister Port Alliance
Fremantle HarborAustralian flagAustralian Commonwealth Western Australia1983/(58)4/19 Signing of Friendship Sister Port Alliance
BaltimoreHarborUnited States flagThe United States of America Maryland1985/(60)10/24 Signing of Friendship Sister Port Alliance
SydneyHarborAustralian flagAustralian Commonwealth New South Wales2010/(Heisei22 years)11/4 Signing of Friendship Sister Port Alliance
Friendship port
Port nameCountry/RegionAlliance date
AntwerpHarborBelgian flagBelgium Antwerp1988/(Showa63 years)11/16 Signing of Friendship Port Alliance
BrugesHarborBelgian flagBelgium West Flanders2013/(Heisei25 years)7 Signing of Friendship Port Alliance
Friendship Exchange Port
Port nameCountry/RegionAlliance date
ShanghaiHarborFlag of the People's Republic of ChinaPeople's Republic of China City2003/(Heisei15 years)2/25 Signing of friendship exchange port alliance

Sister airport/affiliated airport

Span 4 municipalities including Nagoya cityPrefectural Nagoya AirportIt is,The United States of AmericaState of Washington OfMoses Lake CityIt is inGrant County International AirportHas a sister airport tie-up with[51].

Airport nameCountry/RegionAlliance date
Grant County International AirportUnited States flagThe United States of America State of Washington2016/(28)10/18 Prefectural Nagoya AirportSigned a sister affiliation with

International organization

United Nations Organization


Consulate General[52]
Honorary Consulate-General
Honorary Consulate

Financial institution

Foreign government related organizations


Central Japan-Chubu regionIs the economic center of the country.In the Chukyo area centered on Nagoya cityGross productIs about $ 4,038 billion (2021), which is the third largest in the country and the 3th in the world.[55]..JapanThree major stock exchangesIs a corner ofNagoya Stock Exchange,Nagoya Chamber of Commerce-Chubu Economic FederationSuch asFinancial instruments exchangeAnd economic groups exist.

Nagoya PortIs Japan's leading international trading port, and in 30, the volume of cargo handled and the amount of trade were the highest in Japan.[7].

Nominal gross domestic product of Nagoya city in FY2017 was 13 billion yen[56].

Nagoya small and medium enterprise investment trainingSuch asventure capitalIt is located there and is actively engaged in economic activities such as increasing the value of investee companies. In recent years, taking advantage of its location in central Japan,Greater Nagoya Initiative(GNI)”, with the aim of making the region's industrial economy more open to the world and attracting excellent companies, technologies, people, and information from the world, administration, industry, universities, and research. Japan's first model project is a promotion activity conducted by the public and private sectors, such as institutions, and a business attraction activity.

Primary industry


Most of the city is residential and commercial and industrial areas, so it is not generally used. Most of the farmlandShonai RiverLocated in the Nakagawa Ward and Minato Ward to the west,VegetablesWe are working to promote local production for local consumption by taking advantage of the advantage of cultivating paddy rice and locating it in a large consumption area.

  • Indispensable for hot pot cookingChinese cabbageIs the birthplace of. So even nowChinese cabbageVarieties name is "Nozaki (originating in Nakagawa Ward) Chinese cabbage No. XNUMX" and "Aichi Chinese cabbageThere are many names related to Nagoya.
  • FluffyPrefecture, which has the highest production volume in JapanTokai CityThe cultivation of edible butterbur is active mainly in the western part of Nagoya City.

Fishing industry

Secondary industry


Toyota City,YokkaichiAlong withChukyo Industrial AreaIt is a core city andautomotive industry,Aerospace industry,Railway car,Steel,Special steel,Motor,CeramicsIndustry is thriving.The shipment value of manufactured goods in Nagoya City exceeded 3 trillion yen in 6, but it decreased due to the relocation of the factory to the suburbs and regions while leaving the head office function.[5], It was 29 billion yen in the statistics of 3[58].

Major manufacturing factories

Tertiary industry


The wholesale sales value of Nagoya City in 2007 was about 27 billion yen nationwide.Tokyo Ward-OsakaSecond only. In addition, the retail sales amount is about 3 billion yen, with Tokyo ward and Osaka city横 浜 市Next big amount[60].

Prosperity,Famous station,Osu,JinshanEtc. widely attract customers from outside the cityDowntownThe area around Sakae and Meieki is vast.Underground streetIs developing.

It is also known as a gourmet battle area and has a unique culture.Nagoya riceA variety of dishes are gathered, with the first being the name.2019/IsMichelin guideAichi/Gifu/Mie 2019 Special Edition[61] Is being published, and is drawing worldwide attention.

Redevelopment progressed in the 2000s, and construction of high-rise buildings is progressing rapidly centering on Meieki.Multiple skyscrapers are planned around Sakae[62].

Famous station