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😷 | August 2022, 5 announced a total of 23 new coronavirus infections at "Isetan Shinjuku"


Announced a total of 2022 new coronavirus infections at "Isetan Shinjuku" on August 5, 23

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On Monday, April 2022, 5, announcing the new coronavirus infection of workers at the department store "Isetan Shinjuku" in Shinjuku. … → Continue reading

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Isetan(Isetan,British: Isetan) IsIsetan Mitsukoshi HoldingsUnder the umbrellaIsetan MitsukoshiOperated byKimono storeOriginating in JapanLong-established storeDepartment store.

In addition, Isetan Co., Ltd.(English: Isetan Co., Ltd.) Is2011/3/31It was the company that operated this until (dissolved as a corporation).


1886/Founded long-established storeKimonoStore-affiliated department store.Kanto regionDomestic, such as, andChugoku-Southeast AsiaIn some citiesDepartment storeTo expand. As of the first half of 2007, it was the 5th largest department store industry in Japan.Tokyo OfShinjukuSet up the main store in.It has 12 stores nationwide, including affiliated companies, and the Shinjuku store, which has the highest annual sales by store in Japan, accounts for 1% of sales.The sale of highly fashionable clothing has gained support from the younger generation, including middle-aged and older people. "Fashion Isetan""Fashion museumIs advocating[1].1968/The success of the open men's building broke the industry's jinx that men's clothing couldn't sell.[2].

The logo mark has been a mark with the brush character "Italy" in the circle since its establishment (it is said to be the brush of the first Tanji Kosuge).1975/,1986/And changed the mark twice.The mark from the time of its founding is still being used as a formal company emblem (used on the nameplates installed in each store and on the signboard on the roof of the main building of the Shinjuku store).The yellow circle of the current logo is an eye that captures the times, and the protrusions of each letter express the wind of the times (1985/Confirmed at Shizuoka Isetan in December).POSthe system,Japan NCRUse made.

The group companies of Isetan Co., Ltd., the operating company before the merger, are centered on the department store business (6 directly managed stores, 5/7 stores of domestic affiliates, 15 overseas 13 stores), credit / financial business, retail / specialty stores. It is divided into 4 segments, business and other businesses, and consists of 37 companies.The Group's consolidated sales are approximately 7,700 billion yen.Operating income marginIs 3.4% on a non-consolidated basis (fiscal year ended March 2009).

2008/(20)4/1ToMitsukoshiMitsukoshi Isetan Holdings was established and integrated.The share exchange ratio is 1 shares of Mitsukoshi shares for one share of Isetan shares.The management integration of Mitsukoshi and Isetan had a sense of crisis over the long-term stagnation of Mitsukoshi.Sumitomo Mitsui Banking CorporationIs Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ (currently:Mitsubishi UFJ Bank) Is said to have approached the Isetan side.after that2011/(23)4/1Merged with Mitsukoshi to "Ltd.Isetan MitsukoshiWas launched.Along with this, Isetan as a corporation has been dissolved.


  • 1886/(19th year of Meiji)11/5 --The first Tanji Kosuge is along the NakasendoTokyoKanda WardHatago Town4-XNUMX (currently:TokyoChiyodaSotokanda5-XNUMX),Iseya Tanji Kimono DealerFounded.The title comes from Tanji Kosuge.Kanda Sakuma TownBy rice dealer Iseya[4].
  • 1923/(12th year of Taisho)- Great Kanto EarthquakeHappens.Kanda store burned down.
  • 1924/(Taisho 13)4 --Reconstruction of Kanda store.From the conventional seat sales system to the display sales system.After that, it changed to the department store format.
  • 1930/(5)9/30 - Isetan Co., Ltd.Established.New store locationShinjukuDecided to.
  • 1931/(Showa 6) --Tanji Kosuge, the second generation,Tokyo Metropolitan Bureau of ElectricityOwned land of 1000 tsubo or more (to be acquired laterHoteiyaBid on the land next to)[4].
  • 1933/(8)
  • 1935/(10)6/18 --Department store Hoteiya (adjacent to the Shinjuku main store)1926/(Taisho 15)1Opened) acquired.The following year, the old Hoteiya part (in the main building)Shinjuku 3-chome交 差点The part facing the building) and the building are integrated.
  • 1945/(Showa 20) --Shinjuku store, 3rd floor and aboveTroopsRequisitioned (there is a rental theory).
  • 1947/(Showa 22) --Tachikawa branch opened
  • 1953/(Showa 28) --Requisition of the entire building is canceled.
  • 1966/(41)12/2 --Shinjuku Isetan Kaikan opened.
  • 1968/(43)9/25 --Old adjacent to the north side of the Shinjuku storeTokyo Marubutsu Shinjuku store(1965/(40) Closed), "Otoko no Shinkan" opened.
  • 1971/(Showa 46) --Opened Kichijoji store ・ Formed a business alliance with Tanakaya Co., Ltd. (currently Isetan Shizuoka).
  • 1973/(Showa 48)- All Japan Department Stores Development Organization(A ・ D ・ O) Established.
  • 1974/(49) --Matsudo store opened.
  • 1975/(Showa 50) --The symbol mark is in the shape of a flower based on orange, and the English logo is in lowercase.isetanChanged the notation.
  • 1981/(56)4/22 --Urawa store opened.
  • 1984/(59)
  • 1986/(61) --In commemoration of the 100th anniversary of the opening of the business, the logo mark was written in English "IDEVIL”(Currently used).The catchphrase at that time was "Fantasy Realization Department Store".
  • 1987/(62) --Own credit card "Isetan eye card"Introduction.
  • 1989/(XNUMX)3 - ç±³ 国Department storeBernese New YorkMulti-faceted business alliance with Isetan, wholly owned by Isetan Co., Ltd.Barneys JapanEstablished.
  • 1990/(2)
  • 1993/(5)
    • April --Sagamihara store A building and B building opened.
    • 5 --Closed due to opening of Singapore Isetan Havelock store and Scotts store.
    • 8 --Barcelona Isetan closed.
  • 1995/(7) May-Tokorozawa Logistics Center business start
  • 1996/(8)
    • April 4-Hong Kong Isetan closed.Fuchu store opened.
    • 7 month - Hankyu Department StoreAnd a comprehensive business alliance.
  • 1997/(9)9 --JR Kyoto Isetan opened.
  • 2000/(12)12 --London Isetan closed.At the end of December of the same year, the business at the third store was closed, and preparations were made for moving to a new store.
  • 2001/ (Heisei 13) 1 ――The fourth relocation destination, Tachikawa Branch, started operations at the new store.
  • 2003/(15)
  • 2004/(16)2 --Ogura Isetan opens.
  • 2005/(17)- IwatayaMade a consolidated subsidiary,Marui ImaiSupport and business alliance.
  • 2006/(18)
  • 2007/(19)
    • 3 month - Tokyu Department StoreAnd business alliance.
    • September-Jinan Isetan closed.
    • December --Dissolved a comprehensive business alliance with Hankyu Department Store.Insolvency Ogura Isetan is a joint venture partner for all sharesIzutsuyaAnnounced to withdraw from Kitakyushu[5].
  • 2008/(20)
    • February 2-Shenyang Isetan, China opens.
    • March --Taiwan's Kaohsiung Otate Isetan store closed (opened as Otate Department Store).
    • 3/25 --Kokura Isetan closed.
    • 3/26 --Delisting of shares.
    • November 4-Ltd.MitsukoshiWith the joint holding company "Co., Ltd."Isetan Mitsukoshi HoldingsWas established and merged under the umbrella of the company.
  • 2010/(22)
  • 2011/(23)
    • April 4-Merged with MitsukoshiMitsukoshi Isetan Co., Ltd.Will be.The surviving company is Mitsukoshi, and Isetan is dissolved.

Successive presidents

Directly managed stores

In Isetan, the name of each store is called the main branch.Only 3 stores in the Kanto area are directly managed stores.

Shinjuku store

IsetanHead officeIn the meantime, Isetan Mitsukoshi's head office and registrationHead officeIt ’s also the location,Mitsukoshi OfNihonbashi Main StoreUnlike websites and advertisements, "Isetan Shinjuku store'[6][8]It does not have a "main store".Known asShinjuku Isetan..Located northwest of the Shinjuku Sanchome intersection,Tokyo Metro Marunouchi Line,Fukutoshin Line,Toei Subway Shinjuku Line OfShinjuku-sanchome StationIt consists of the main building and men's building, which are directly connected to Isetan Kaikan, and surrounding facilities such as Park City 1-5.[9].

Annual sales of 2,741 billion yen (2018).+ 2.1% year-on-year.No. XNUMX in sales by store in Japan[10]..It also has the highest sales of any retail store in the country.In fashion and beauty related "Shinjuku in the east Isetan in the westUmeda HankyuIs called.

1933/It opened on September 9th.It is a flagship store that accounts for 28% of the sales of all Isetan stores (including about 6 billion in over-the-counter sales such as nationwide corporate foreign trade and mail order business), and is said to be particularly strong in fashion-related areas.There is a main building and a men's building, and the total sales floor area of ​​the two buildings is 462.4.m2Is.The part of the main building facing the Shinjuku XNUMX-chome intersection is the adjacent "Hotaya" (1926/Opening) building1935/(It was acquired in (the following year), and the floors were connected and integrated with the main building. There was a part of the step until the early Heisei era, but since it was corrected at the time of renovation in the 2000s, there is no trace of it now.1968/IsShinjuku Marubutsu [11]The "Otoko no Shinkan" (later the Men's Building) was opened on the site of the site.

SubwayShinjuku-sanchome StationDirectly connected, but hugeTerminal stationIsShinjuku StationIt is a little far from Shinjuku station and is directly connected to Shinjuku station.Odakyu Department Store,Keio Department StoreEven though it is not a terminal department store like[12], The annual number of customers is about 3 million, ranking 6th to 8th in Japan.[13]..Opening of Tokyo Metro Fukutoshin Line (2008/June 6th), the nearest station, Shinjuku Sanchome StationTobu Tojo Line-Seibu Ikebukuro LineDirectly along the railway line (on March 2013, 3,Tokyu Toyoko LineAlthough it was expected that the number of customers visiting the store would increase further because it would be directly connected to the railway lines, sales in June 2008 were down 6% from the same month of the previous year.

Main building (construction is Shimizu group (nowShimizu Construction)) The exterior isArt decoIn style,Historical buildings in TokyoThe registration mark of the selected historical building of Tokyo is installed on the outer wall near the Shinjuku XNUMX-chome intersection on the first floor of the main building.

"Isetan Girl", which incorporates teenage women, opened on September 2, 10 on the second basement floor.After that, it moved to the second floor by the remodeling on March 2008, 9.

Men's building(ISETAN MEN'S) has undergone a major renovation of the conventional "Otoko no Shinkan"2003/Reopened in September, it is also a store that symbolizes Isetan's current strong performance, and is truly a dollar box that always maintains about a quarter of men's clothing sales in all department stores in the Tokyo area.Inspired by the successful acquisition of male customers, especially young male customers, who have long been considered secondary to the department store industry as a new target for department stores.Hankyu Department Store(Umeda Main Store AnnexHEP NAVIO) AndMeitetsu Department StoreThe head office opened a men's building and followed suit, which had a great impact on the Japanese department store industry.Imai Marui's men's corner in Sapporo uses the same font and marui men's ad sign and packaging.

It has many annexes such as Park City Isetan 1, 2, 4, 5 (4 buildings in total), Isetan Kaikan, and Park West.Isetan Kaikan is on the west side of the Men's BuildingYasukuni Dori(Tokyo Metropolitan Route 302), Park WestShinjuku Marui MenLocated on the east side of.

The adjacent taxi standInternational carAnd for group companies only.Outsiders are not allowed to enter.

Tachikawa store

  • TokyoTachikawa2-5-1 Akebonocho Redevelopment Building (JRTachikawa Station,Tama city monorail lineTachikawakita StationPrevious)
    1947/10/10, Opened as a small store selling stationery etc. at the south exit of Tachikawa station, the first branch of Isetan. February 1952, 2 Extended relocation. Moved to Akebonocho 1-1956-4, the third relocation destination on April 25, 3.Sales floor area 2㎡.2001/Moved to the 1th current location in January, with a sales floor area of ​​4m2Became the number one store in the region.

Urawa store

■Regarding "small stores" that started to be developed as a new strategy in 2011Isetan MitsukoshiSee.

Group company stores

Domestic department store

  • Ltd.Shizuoka Isetan
    ShizuokaShizuoka CitySakai District1-7 Gofukumachi (JR)Shizuoka Station15 minutes walk from the north exit)
    oldTanakaya department store.. By partnership on November 1971, 11, "Tanakaya IsetanThe store name was changed to "" and in March 1981, "Shizuoka IsetanChanged the company name to.

Overseas store

  • Shanghai Meilong Town Isetan (Chugoku, Shanghai Meilongzhen Itan Hundred Co., Ltd.) 
    subway2"West Nanjing Road3 minutes from the bus stop in Bubaicho Square.
    Opened in June 1997 stories above ground, 6m2.
    In March 2010, we narrowed down the target to wealthy women and renewed it to become the first lifestyle proposal store in China.[14]
  • Tianjin Isetan (China, Tianjin Isetan Co., Ltd.)
    • Nanjing Road Store- subway1-3"Mouth roadGet off at Hyundai Castle.Opened in 1993. Moved in 2006.Basement 1-7 floors above ground. 32,000m2
    • Hamakai store-Tianjin Economic and Technological Development Zone.Opened January 2013, 1.B18-1 floors above ground. 4m22,000
  • Chengdu Isetan(China, Chengdu Isetan Department Store Co., Ltd.)
    Jinjiang District, Chengdu, Sichuan Province.subway2"(Chinese version,English edition)Get off at Rito Square.Opened May 2007.
  • Kuala Lumpur Isetan (MalaysiaLocal subsidiary: Isetan of Japan Sdn. Bhd.)
  • Singapore Isetan (SingaporeLocal subsidiary: Isetan Singapore Ltd.)
    • Scotts store
    • Orchard store
    • Katong store
    • Tampines store- MRT"TampinesGet off
    • Serangoon store-MRT "SerangoonGet off

Stores that existed in the past

Domestic department store

  • Hachioji store
    TokyoHachioji CityYokoyama Town,Koshu HighwayAlong.1 basement floor-7 floors above ground, total floor area 6,645 m2..
    Sales floor area 4814㎡[15]
    1979/(54)2/13closed.The store building was subsequently demolished.
    1986/(61)4/25Foreign business base "Isetan Hachioji Gift Shop" Sales floor area 300m2Hachioji CityHigashi TownOpened in.
    1999/(11) Closed "Isetan Hachioji Gift Shop".The site isSkylarkIt became a restaurant restaurant.
    2013/XNUM X Month X NUM X Day,Sereo HachiojiOpened the 2rd "ISETAN MIRROR" (luxury cosmetics shop) on the 3nd floor of the North Building.Sales floor area about 310m2Although it is small, it has virtually re-entered Hachioji for the first time in 1979 years since the Isetan Hachioji store closed in 34.
  • Matsudo branch
    ChibaMatsudo-shiMatsudo1307-1 Matsudo Building(JR ・Shin-Keisei LineMatsudo Station5 minutes walk from the west exit)
    1974/(49)4/19Opened.The main building has 12 floors (the 12th floor is the rooftop), and the new building has 9 floors with a sales floor area of ​​33,109m.2..The new building is oldNagasakiyaIt was built on the site where the Matsudo store building was demolished.1995/(7) Opened.It is located slightly away from the west exit of Matsudo Station.The road leading from Matsudo Station to Isetan2002/It was named "Isetan-dori" in (14), and the stores on the street made up the "Isetan-dori Shotenkai".
    In September 2016, it became clear that we are considering closing the store if the operating deficit does not improve within the next 9-2 years.[16], Matsudo City considered support measures, but it was rejected by the city council and was put off, so the store closed on March 2018, 3. The curtain closed on 21 years of history[17]..It is said that a new commercial facility will move into the former site.[18], Matsudo Building announced on November 2018, 11, a new community-based commercial facility ``Kitemite MatsudoAnnounced the schedule to open in April 2019[19], Opened on April 2019, 4.At the same time, "Isetan-dori" was renamed to "Kitemi-te-Matsudo-dori" and the store association was changed to "Kitemi-te-Matsudo-dori Shoten-kai".
  • And the main building2019/Closed on September 9th[21]..The site isNomura Real EstateSold to.[22]..After the main building is closed, Isetan is in the neighborhoodBono SagamionoA gift shop was opened in the store.In addition, the coffee shop "Wakamatsu" on the 5th floor of the main building has also moved to the same shop.
    The demolition of the main building was started on March 2020, 3.2021/The demolition of the building was completed around December.However, some reinforced concrete skeletonsPedestrian deck, Underground parts, etc. escaped dismantling[23]..After they have been repaired and retrofitted,2025/Will be reused for a 41-story complex tower condominium scheduled to be completed in[24].
  • Ltd.Takasaki Isetan
    Old "FujigoDepartment store ". Business tie-up since 1969. The store name was changed to "Fujigo Isetan" from June 1973, 6, and the company name was changed to "Takasaki Isetan" from March 1, 1982. Closed on August 3, 3.
  • Ltd.Kokura Isetan
    FukuokaKitakyushuKokurakita WardKyomachi3-1-1 Saint City Kitakyushu (Kokura)SOGOTrace)
    70% of Isetan,IzutsuyaEstablished as a joint venture with a 30% stake. Opened on February 2004, 2.Since then, it has been in the red2007/Withdrawal announcement.2008/(20) The store was closed on March 3th.The company did not dissolve and Izutsuya took over the shares held by Isetan for 25 yen per share, and on April 1st, the successor store "COLET IzutsuyaBusiness resumed as.

Overseas store

  • Shenyang Isetan (China Shenyang Isetan Department Store Co., Ltd.)
    People's Republic of ChinaLiaoningShenyangHeping District.In front of Shenyang station.Opened in February 2008 and closed in March 2.
  • Jinan Isetan (China Jinan Jinan Hyakuho Co., Ltd.)
    People's Republic of ChinaShandongJinan City268 General Square, Izumishiro Road, Lixia District
    Established on July 2005, 7.Joint venture between Isetan and Isetan (Singapore). Opened on September 4, 2005.Rent-in at the office on the 9st basement floor and the store on the 24st to 1th floors above ground[26].. Closed on September 2007, 9.The sales budget could not be achieved and the deficit was 23 million yen.[27].
  • Hong Kong Isetan
    • Tsim Sha Tsui store:Hong KongKowloonTsim Sha TsuiNathan Road 20 Inside the Sheraton Hotel. 2,400m2.. Opened in September 1973.
    • Hong Kong child store: 2,300m2.. Opened in September 1987.[28]
    Hong Kong returnRent burden is putting pressure on management due to soaring land prices before and after. Closed in 1996.The site isAgnes B.To
  • Otate IsetanDepartment Company (Taiwan)
    TaiwanKaohsiung CityQianjin District Gofuku 59rd Road No. 16,500 Sales floor area XNUMXm2.
    Established in April 1991.General department storeJoint venture with. Opened in November 1992[29].. Closed on March 2008, 3.The joint venture will be dissolved when the contract period expires.The store isOtate Department StoreSurvived as a company (Thali Paihua Consu).
  • Singapore Isetan
    Havelock store- 1993/January,SingaporeClosed due to the opening of the Isetan Scotts store.
  • Bangkok Isetan (Thailand)
    Opened November 1992, 4. Closed December 8, 2020.
  • London Isetan(United Kingdom)
    Opened in August 1989. Closed in December 8.A gift shop for Japanese tourists. 2000m2.
  • Vienna Isetan(Austria)
    Maysedergasse4 1010Wien Austria
    Opened in August 1990. Closed in December 4.A gift shop for Japanese tourists. 2003m2.
    It has been in the black since 1993, but in 2001American terrorist attacksSince then, withdrawal due to a decrease in tourists[30].
  • Barcelona Isetan(Spain)
    Barcelona OlympicA gift shop for Japanese tourists visiting Japan. 440m2.. Closed in February 1993.


Chiba store / Yokohama store
Bubble economyIn the middle,SOGO Yokohama storeThere was a plan to open a store in the adjacent parking lot.After that, instead of IsetanMitsubishi warehouse Yokohama Bay QuarterDeveloped as2006/(18) Opened on August 8th.also,2000/(12) Yokohama Sogo at the time of Sogo's bankruptcy in July,Sogo Chiba storeThere was a plan to acquire the store and open it as the Isetan Yokohama store and Isetan Chiba store, but the plan to expand into Yokohama and Chiba disappeared due to the comprehensive business alliance between Seibu Department Store and Sogo.
Previously, the Isetan Chiba store was planned to open as a core tenant, but the store opening plan has disappeared due to the failure of this store.
In the olden days, it was a local department storeTabata Department Store(Later ChibaParco), And othersChiba Central Twin BuildingHe had been planning to expand into Chiba many times due to plans to open stores as an anchor tenant.
Odaiba store (Tokyo)Minato-ku)
Sumitomo CorporationA store opening plan was underway as a core tenant of a commercial facility to be built mainly byBubble burstDue to sluggish performance1993/Formally abandoned in (5).Main bankIt is said that one of the reasons is that there was pressure to narrow down to either JR Kyoto Isetan, which was planning in parallel with the Odaiba store at that time.At the planned site,1996/(8)7/12ToDecks Tokyo BeachOpened[31].
Okayama store
The Hayashibara CityThere was a plan to open a store in the department store building, but the plan disappeared naturally due to the fall in land prices and the bankruptcy of the Hayashibara Group, and in November 2014.AEON MALL OkayamaHas opened a store.[Source required]

Alliance with Mitsukoshi

2008/(20)4/1ToMitsukoshiAt the same time, pure by stock transferHolding company"CorporationIsetan Mitsukoshi Holdings, And the two companies merged under the umbrella of this holding company.

Isetan is oldBank of MitsubishiIt has been the main bank since the timesMitsubishi UFJ BankThe relationship with the bank is historically deep, such as the appointment of multiple graduates as officers, and the oldMitsui ZaibatsuSystemMitsui GroupAttention will be paid to how it will affect the business integration with Mitsukoshi. (Currently, it is a member of the Mitsui Group's Futakikai)

While Isetan is relatively strong for young people, Mitsukoshi has a huge brand power as Japan's first long-established department store.Japan's firstDepartment store declarationAndescalatorAndChildren lunch,Mail orderIt has strength in middle-aged and elderly people and corporate foreign trade nationwide.The average customer unit price per person for the wealthy elderly buyers at the Nihonbashi Mitsukoshi Main Store is 60 yen.[Source required]Also known as.

However, in the merger, Isetan has an advantage in the exchange ratio of the integrated holding company, and it has been decided that the first executive officer of the integrated company will be Isetan.As Isetan became certain to take the initiative, confusion was expected, including competition with ADO member stores of the representative general secretary store.[32]..Regarding this, since there have been overlapping memberships of ADO and Mitsukoshi in rural areas, Mitsukoshi is jointly with Isetan Mitsukoshi, Isetan Mitsukoshi Niigata, Imai Marui and Iwataya.Iwataya MitsukoshiAbout each member of ADO.However, ADO was dissolved as of March 2020, and the relationship with Mitsukoshi is prioritized over the relationship with the member companies.

Brand introduced by Isetan for the first time in Japan


As the name of "Fashion Isetan" suggests, Isetan introduced brands from all over the world to Japan for the first time, and there are brands that were exclusively sold.Some of the brands introduced here are still on sale.

Women's clothing

  • Pierre Cardin (France) —— Later, Takashimaya acquired the exclusive contract.
  • Givenchy (France)-Seasonal contract.Later, Daimaru made an exclusive contract.
  • André Courrèges (France)-Seasonal contract.
  • Pierre Balman (France) --Exclusive contract from 1963 (Showa 38) to December 1979 (Showa 54).Since the fall of the same year, he has been developing a haute couture salon at the Shinjuku store.
  • Miss Balmain (France) --January 1974 (Showa 49) to 1 (Showa 1985).Pierre Balmain's ready-to-wear line.

Related Companies

Former affiliate

Works dealing with Isetan

  • Isetan-Tan- Akiko YanoSongs.1999/Released album "Go Girl』\ Collection.
  • ISETAN-TAN-TAN --A song by Akiko Yano.2014/Released album "I'll skip it』\ Collection.2013/In autumn, as the 80th anniversary of Shinjuku relocationMiu SakamotoIt was also broadcast in the store with the narration of. A different song from "Isetan-tan".
  • Catch it at Isetan-- Papaya ParanoiaAlbum "LUNATIC" (Apollon,1987/).

In addition, "ISETAN Songs Collection 1972-1986" (Sony Music Direct, MHCL-1872), a collection of Isetan's CM songs, has been released (1983/Re-edited from not-for-sale items distributed on the 50th anniversary of the opening of the Shinjuku store).

Offer program

tv set


  • (TBS Radio) --A program provided by one company.
  • (J-WAVE) --A movie music program provided by one company.Broadcast from the time of opening.Sponsor dismissal on the way.

In-store broadcast chime 

For the past few years, except for Shizuoka Isetan, the same chime has been used except for the Kansai area (Iwataya main store also has the same chime).However, there may be a different chime for the department store association unified campaign announcement (Kichijoji, Matsudo, and Osaka Mitsukoshi Isetan used to be the same chime. At the end of the Showa era, only the Shinjuku store used a separate original chime). ..


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