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😷 | New Corona 23rd 199 people infected in Miyazaki prefecture It is the first time in 200 days that 21 people have fallen below "Jimo Miya Tabiki ...


New Corona 23rd It is the first time in 199 days that 200 people have been infected in Miyazaki prefecture and 21 people have fallen below "Jimo Miya Tabiki ...

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In addition, the prefecture has announced that it will extend the period covered by the "Jimo Miya Tabi Campaign," which discounts travel within the prefecture, until the 31st of this month, but will extend it until the 30th of next month.

Regarding the new coronavirus, 23 new infections were announced in Miyazaki Prefecture on the 199rd.Newly infected people ... → Continue reading

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This is a news account of "MRT Miyazaki Broadcasting" (JNN series) in Miyazaki Prefecture.We will tell you the latest information on Miyazaki.

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