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😷 | Voices of pros and cons of wearing a mask "alleviation" "The risk of heat stroke is scarier" "The removed face is embarrassing" On the other hand, in Fukui prefecture ...

People walking wearing masks = May 5, Fukui City, Fukui Prefecture, Central 20-chome

Voices of pros and cons of wearing a mask "relaxation" "I'm afraid of the risk of heat stroke" "I'm embarrassed when I remove my face" On the other hand, in Fukui prefecture ...

If you write the contents roughly
Nowadays, if it's a convenience store in the neighborhood, it's easy to go with a mask and no make-up. "

Wearing a mask, which has been called for as a countermeasure against the new coronavirus, will be "alleviated" outdoors.Heat stroke and development of infants ... → Continue reading

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No makeup

No makeupWhat is (Simple, Simple)?make upNot doing (No makeup,No make)[1].

mainlyFemaleIt is a word used for.

It also means that even a real face is a beautiful woman.

Other usage

From the original meaning, the state in which no ability is added is sometimes called "makeup".


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  1. ^ Sanseido's "Daijirin (1nd edition)" says, "[Simple] (2) (Women and actors) are not wearing makeup. Also, their faces. Real faces. (XNUMX) Shirafu."

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