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😷 | Tokyo, 22 new positives for corona on the 3317th, down from the previous week for 9 consecutive days


Tokyo, 22 new positive coronas on the 3317th, down from the previous week for 9 consecutive days

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As of 22:16 on the 45rd, the number of new coronavirus positives (preliminary figures) in Tokyo announced by the Bureau of Social Welfare of Tokyo was 3,317 (including 2 deemed positives).

[The number of new coronavirus infections announced by the Bureau of Social Welfare of Tokyo is 3,317 people have decreased since last Sunday ... → Continue reading


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    Number of new positive coronavirus positives (preliminary figures)

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      Tokyo Metropolitan Government Health and Welfare Bureau

      Tokyo Metropolitan Government Health and Welfare Bureau(Tokyo and Fukushihokenkyo,English name: Tokyo Metropolitan Government Bureau of Social Welfare and Public Health)Tokyo Metropolitan GovernmentChild-rearing support measures, health and welfare measures for persons with disabilities and the elderly, improvement of medical care provision system, measures such as health promotion and medical expenses subsidy, guidance inspection for social welfare facilities,Welfare,National health insurance systemPerform office work related to smooth operation ofGovernor Department.HXNUMXNXNUMX influenzaIn order to respond promptly and comprehensively to health crises such as food fraud and food fraud, we also provide support for food and drug monitoring and guidance, environmental health measures, and infectious disease measures.


      General Affairs Department

      General affairs of the bureau, council, documents, organization, public relations hearing, survey / statistics, planning and coordination, budget, settlement of accounts, accounting, contract, property and goods management, construction, personnel, fixed number, welfare, training, with ward, municipality We are in charge of liaison and coordination, coordination related to supervising organizations, etc.

      Guidance and Audit Department

      Comprehensive coordination of guidance and inspection, approval for establishment of social welfare corporation, long-term care insurance business, nursing care / pay nursing home disability welfare service business, shelter, nursery school, insurance medical institution, insurance pharmacy, etc. There is.

      Medical Policy Department

      Planning and coordination of medical policies, promotion of medical reforms, regional medical measures,Emergency medical care,Disaster medical, Pediatric emergency medical care,Perinatal periodMedical care, remote medical care, medical facility license / monitoring guidance, patient voice consultation counter,health care workerSecurity measures, licenses, medical social work, corpses in special wardsProsecutionas well as the Dissection,nurseWe are in charge of training related to.

      Health Policy Department

      Planning and coordination of health policy, coordination and management of health center office work, promotion of health promotion, adult health measures,Intractable disease measures,A-bomb survivor support,Organ transplantation-Blood donationMeasures, medical expenses subsidy,National Health InsuranceWe are engaged in business planning, guidance for wards, municipalities, national insurance organizations, etc., examination committees, specialized interpersonal health services such as mental health welfare and intractable disease measures, and living environment health services such as medical affairs, pharmaceutical hygiene, and food health.

      Living Welfare Department

      Planning and coordination of living welfare, former military personnel, etc.pension,Welfare, Protective facilities andFree low-priced accommodationManagement guidance,Low incomeMeasures,Street lifeMeasures, measures for returnees from China,valleyWe carry out office work related to measures, welfare human resources measures, and welfare town development.

      Aging Society Measures Department

      Planning and coordination of measures for the elderly, formulation of health and welfare plans for the elderly, finance related to long-term care insurance, technical advice to wards, cities, towns and villages, designation and management guidance of designated home service providers, etc., examination committee, home welfare for the elderly , Support for the elderly with dementia, management guidance of facility operators,Nursing home for the elderlyIt provides subsidies for maintenance costs such as, and manages and operates facilities for the elderly such as nursing homes.

      Declining birthrate social measures department

      Planning and coordination of measures for children, families and women, support for children and families,child consultation center, Support for delinquent children, subsidy for medical expenses, maternal and child health, support for single-parent families, women's welfare measures,Children's allowance, Social care,Foster parents, I am doing office work related to childcare measures.

      Persons with Disabilities Policy Promotion Department

      Planning and coordination of measures for persons with disabilities, creation of plans for persons with disabilities, designation of business operators, support for daytime activities for persons with disabilities, employment support, social participation, support for residence of persons with disabilities, management guidance for facility operators, facilities for persons with disabilities Operation,Mental disability certificateIssuance,Mentally handicapped individualHealth care, medical support for the disabled,Developmental disorders,Higher brain dysfunctionDevelopment of support system such as, Tokyo 2009Asian Youth Para GamesPlanning and operation,Physical disability certificateIssuance,ProsthesisJudgment,Physically handicappedOperation of rehabilitation facility,Love notebookWe are in charge of delivery and judgment of love notebook.

      Health and Safety Department

      Planning and coordination of health and safety measures, provision of safety information,FoodSafety measures,Food poisoningMeasures, regulatory license,Substance abusePreventive measures,MedicineEtc.Licensing,Pharmaceutical Affairs LawMonitoring and guidance based on such issues, optimization of drug advertising, measures against poisonous and deleterious substances and illegal drugs, state-ownedvaccineSupply adjustment, environmental health impact measures,Allergies-hay feverMeasures, various hygiene measures,Animal welfare management,Infectious disease of animal originMeasures,WaterFacility approval,Infection-tuberculosis-Acquired immunodeficiency syndromePreventive measures such asInfection-Food-Medicine-Water quality・ Test inspection and research of environmental pollutants ・ Large-scale food manufacturing industry ・ Monitoring and guidance of foods distributed over a wide area ・ Imported foods ・ Building hygiene measures,Medicinal plant-Poisonous plantCultivation research and dissemination and enlightenment of knowledge, preparation of specimens necessary for monitoring and guidance of over-the-counter crude drugs, monitoring and guidance of foods distributed in the wholesale market in Tokyo, test inspection, etc.牛-Dream PorkInspection and import of slaughtermeatAnd imported carcass monitoring and inspection,dog-CatCapture / containment / collection / transfer of animals, dissemination and enlightenment of animal protection ideas, monitoring and guidance of animal handling industry,dog-CatI am doing the office work related to the terminal processing of.

      Infectious Disease Control Department

      The Infectious Disease Control DepartmentThe outbreak situation of 2019 coronavirus infectious disease in JapanIt was established in 2020 to respond to the situation.At the same time, on July 7, the director in charge of health crisis management, who is in charge of the Infectious Disease Control Department and the Health and Safety Department, was newly established.[1][2].

      Metropolitan Hospital Support Department

      Operates metropolitan hospitals and public hospitals in 2022Local independent administrative corporationEstablished after being converted.

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