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😷 | A new way to make money for Japanese women? "Sell used masks" = Korean internet is flooded with disgusting comments


A new way to make money for Japanese women? "Sell used masks" = Korean internet is flooded with disgusting comments

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The woman explained that she couldn't go to a part-time job because of the corona sickness and sold used masks because she had trouble with living expenses such as meals.

On April 2022, 4, the JoongAng Ilbo in South Korea said, "Used masks in Japan are sold for an average of 25 yen per mask ... → Continue reading

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    Cost of living

    Cost of livingWhat is (seikatsuhi)?PeopleIs the minimum necessary for survivalExpense. OrIndividualIs thatStandard of livingThe cost of maintaining.Livelihood costsAlso called.


    The breakdown of living expenses depends on the standard of living orCountry,RegionIt varies greatly depending on the individual's lifestyle and also varies greatly depending on the individual's lifestyle.

    mainlyFixed costCan be divided intoDeveloping countryThen, the ratio of fixed costs is high,Developed countryIt tends to be as low as possible.

    Fixed cost

    Most of them are the minimum necessary for survival, and the costs are incurred on a regular basis every month, and there are few large fluctuations throughout the year.Includingrent,Water-Utility costs,ClothingExpense,Medical bills,Transportation costAnd so on.

    Liquid expenses

    住宅,AutomobilePurchase,手術Expenses that are temporarily incurred due to unexpected illnesses.SnowfallCountermeasure costs, etc.(I.e.Or personal temporaryEnjoyment,EntertainmentExpenses incurred due to such things.Other than the minimum requiredOutfit,AccessoriesIncluding kind and other clothing costs,toy,Game,Sports,ActivitySuch asEntertainment,Travel,Exchange,Intellectual curiosityEmit fromOurIt also includes the cost of purchasing and other items.

    More informations

    Temporarily relocating from a poor area with few jobs to another area for the purpose of earning a family's living expensesMigrantThat.JapanThen, from ancient timesRegion OfRuralIt is centered around the familymainstayThe man who iswinter OfOff-seasonFrom rural areasMetropolisI often went to work.In recent years, from overseasTraineeNominallyPoor countryThe number of migrant workers seeking work from developing countries to other regions is increasing, and the internationalization of migrant workers is remarkable.

    To earn a livingprostitutionMany women do this, especially in developing countries, which has become a social problem.This is not just a problem in developing countries, according to French journalist Satoshi Kamada.FranceIn recent years,Female studentIt has been pointed out that there are increasing cases of prostitution in order to earn living expenses.Prostitution, which used to be done to maintain a minimum of living, has become less psychologically resistant in recent years.贅 沢What is done to do this tends to be widespread worldwide.

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