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😷 | [Breaking news] Announcement of infection of XNUMX people in Niigata City New coronavirus


[Breaking news] Infection announcement of XNUMX people in Niigata City New coronavirus

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This is an account for "NST Niigata Sogo Television" (Fuji Television series) news.

Niigata City announced on the XNUMXth that XNUMX new people were infected with the new coronavirus in the city.A new infection has been confirmed ... → Continue reading

 Niigata General Television

"NST Niigata General Television" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news about Niigata Prefecture.

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NST Niigata General Television

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Former headquartersImage providedplease.(April 2009)

NST Niigata Sogo Television Co., Ltd.(Nesty Niigata Sogo TV, NST Niigata Sogo Television, Co., Ltd.) IsNiigataTheBroadcast target areaAndTelevision broadcastingDo businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcaster.

Abbreviation TheNST,callsign TheJONH-DTV(Niigata 19ch / 3kW)Fuji Television (FNN-FNS) It belongs to the series.

2018At the time, the newspaper (Niigata version)TV section,EPGIn such cases, it was often written as "NST", but the official name at that time, "Niigata Sogo Television," was sometimes used.

TaglineIs an abbreviationBacronym"Niigata Smile ТV (Niigata Smile TB)"(2014From June).

Head office/branch office

The postal code of the head office is for NST only.In addition to company use, it is used for general purposes such as viewer gifts.

What once existed

  • Nagaoka Broadcasting Center- NagaokaThis morning, Shiro 1-chome 4-XNUMX
    • Completed in October 1968. Until it was abolished and integrated into the head office in Kamitokoro, Niigata City in October 10.Playing roomandStudioIt existed as a function.At the beginning of the station, it was the name of "Nagaoka Performance Hall".
    • It was dismantled after the merger and abolition, and opened in 1994 as the "Komagata Tokichi Memorial Museum".The building where the Nagaoka branch office is located is located on the premises.
  • Headquarters (former office building) --Niigata City[Note 1]Kamitokoro11-chome 31-XNUMX[Note 2]
    • When it coexisted with the Nagaoka Broadcasting Center, a studio was also set up. ""Quiz time shockThe quiz show qualifying sessions that were online were also held at the head office in Niigata City, not at the Nagaoka Broadcasting Center, probably because of convenience.
    • After moving to Yachiyo, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, it was dismantled and is now a parking lot.


Opened December 1968, 12.The second commercial broadcasting station in Niigata Prefecture (not to mention the firstBroadcasting System of Niigata), the first in the prefectureUHF station.

When the channel plan for the second commercial TV station was announced in Niigata PrefectureFuji Television Network, Incな どFuji Sankei Group,Nippon TVな どYomiuri Shimbun Group, NET TV (currently:TV Asahi)SuchAsahi ShimbunMultiple license applications were submitted, including the group, but they were unified by adjustment, and the three companies established the company in a synergistic manner.Company name"Comprehensive"From that backgroundTriple cross netIt is due to the fact that it was.In addition, because it has now shifted to a full-net station affiliated with Fuji TV,"Comprehensive"The meaning of is almost gone.

Coordinating applications for multiple broadcasting stations and acting as the founding executiveKakuei TanakaAt the time of establishment, the head office was in Niigata City, and the performance studio was in Nagaoka City, which is under the knees of Echigo Kotsu operated by Tanaka.Echigo trafficGroups andMakiko TanakaHe was also close to the Tanaka family.Furthermore, it was established as an internet station of the Fujisankei Group, and is an internet station of Fuji TV that has continued from that time to the present.

The president was Kazutoshi Sakurai, then chairman of the Niigata Prefecture Management Association (Hokuetsu Paper MillPresident) takes office. Four years later, in 4, Daiko Mutual Bank (currently:Daiko Bank) Was the chairmanKomagata TokichiCame.Komagata served as the president of Daiko Mutual Bank for many years, and later resigned as president with his son, but Daiko was forced to investigate in the fall of 1979 when a turbulent loan case was discovered.Furthermore, it was discovered that he was insolvent due to this. It was delisted in the spring of 1980, and the Komagata clan was chased by Daimitsu in the form of taking responsibility for this, but as Tokichi's NST presidential position was a major individual shareholder, he remained as it was, just before his death in 1999. Continued to take control of the real power[Note 3].

At the beginning of the station, "Fun TV NST", And promoted it.Also, since it was the first UHF station, it was for viewing on a TV equipped with only a VHF tuner when events were held in various parts of the prefecture before the station opened.UHF converterWas engaged in promotion activities.At the time of cross net, in addition to the above 3 stations, 12 channels in Tokyo (currently:Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.) Programs were also purchased and broadcast, and the programs of four stations were actually mixed.

Since the opening of the station, the ratio of in-house produced programs is extremely low in NST, and regarding program productionNegative attitudeWas showing.On the other hand, he was very greedy for sales activities, made big profits from commercial production and commercial income, and even in the annual income of commercial TV stations, he was ranked high as a local station.[4][Note 4].

Then in April 1981TV Niigata Broadcasting NetworkOpened, and first left the Nippon Television network. In October 1983,Niigata TV 21Opened and the TV Asahi affiliate also withdrew, becoming a full-net station of the Fuji TV affiliate.However, even after that, NST had a system of organizing mainly TV TOKYO programs rather than Fuji TV programs during the daytime and midnight hours.Furthermore, Fuji TV's Sunday horse racing broadcast (currently ""Everyone's KEIBA』), Even after the full netBroadcasting System of NiigataThe net change was not made since then, and the in-house production rate remained low.

In the 1990s, when Komagata's influence diminished, the Nagaoka Broadcasting Center (Nagaoka City) was first relocated and integrated into the head office (Niigata City) in 1991. In the 2000s, the in-house production rate gradually increased, and the delay net of Fuji TV programs decreased. In 2000Niigata RacecourseBroadcast of the event and "Super horse racing』Started the net, and the following yearSendai BroadcastProductionTohoku Electric PowerProvided by one companyThe broadcasting rights of the program have also been transferred from Niigata Broadcasting, and the long-standing "volvulus" (network twist phenomenon) has finally disappeared. In 2004, it relocated its head office to Yachiyo, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, and is actively investing in equipment.

2002, The aging of the head office building in Kamitokoro, Chuo-ku, Niigata City, and will start laterTerrestrial digital broadcastingDecided to build the current new office building with a view to high-definition in.The new office building2004Completed in October200410/20All the functions of the head office have been moved to the new office building and broadcasting has started.All of the new office buildings are compatible with high-definition broadcasting (the fastest in Niigata prefecture), and not only are they designed to save energy, but they also have a small number of solar panels installed on the roof.After relocating the new office building, the "NST Festival" is held every October.

On March 2010, 3, prior to the transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting, the name was changed to "Aiming to sort out the common names of the company names.NSTWas unified.On the broadcastFuji TV seriesThe notation of the program continues to use "Niigata Sogo Television", but cooperation in the production of news programs, sponsorship credits, etc.News (Chinese),TV sectionEtc. are written as "NST" and are called (however, ""FNS 27-hour TVWhen introducing affiliated stations, it may be referred to as "Niigata Sogo Television" ("Niigata NST" from 2014 to 2018, and "NST Niigata Sogo Television" in 2019 after the company name change).

From October 2019, 10, the abbreviation and company name will be used together.NST Niigata Sogo Television Co., Ltd.Changed the company name to[5].

About Komagata Tokichi

In NST, "FNN Live News α], Etc. All the sponsors of the final news of the Fuji affiliated nationwide net are either local sponsors, or some of the net sponsors and local sponsors are mixed.In addition, during the Fuji-affiliated / Tele-Asa-affiliated cross-net station era, the Internet was available at that time.ANN News FinalHowever, net sponsors and local sponsors were mixed in each station including key stations, TV Asahi and full net stations.

This is because Komagata declined to completely sponsor the news program in the same time zone because he wanted to "value the local company that sponsors this time zone" even after the Fuji network full-net station. However, this measure is continued even after Komagata's influence has diminished.In addition, as for local sponsors, since sponsorship fees that require the company name to be read aloud in the provided reading are often high, the voice is blocked and the provided reading is inserted in-house (in the past, the entire opening was inserted. There was an example of replacement).

Also known as a contemporary art collector, the Daiko Mutual Bank and NST have many works of art called the "Daiko Collection", and the Daiko Mutual Bank also has an art museum in Nagaoka City. Have (have (Nagaoka Contemporary Art Museum), These collections were open to the public.However, the Daiko Mutual Bank, which fell into a financial crisis triggered by the turbulent loan incident, closed the Museum of Contemporary Art in order to receive loans from the national and local financial institutions, and sold about half of these collections to various parts of the country. It was.At that time, some of the works that were not sold are now in the city.Niigata Prefectural Museum of Modern ArtIt is stored in the Komagata Tokichi Memorial Museum, which was built on the site of the broadcasting center on the premises of the NST Nagaoka branch office.

Campaign, tagline

  • 2003 years from 6
    • Supporting people who pursue their dreams inside and outside Niigata Prefecture"Dreaming." CampaignExpanded.Along with the introduction of CI in the same year, a corporate campaign started in connection with the catchphrase "More, better dreams" at that time, and was developed until 2008 under the concept of "supporting people and their potential."
  • 2005
    • With the catchphrase "Digital Dreaming.", He was developing PR for terrestrial digital broadcasting.
  • From 2009 (still implemented)
  • Approximately one year from January 2010, 1
    • The 2011 Zodiac, which is called "From Niigata Sogo Television to NST" and completely shifts to terrestrial digital broadcasting, is "卯And because of the corporate philosophy of "Aiming for a further leap in the transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting," it is black.tuxedoOf the figureRabbitWe developed a campaign with the motif of, and publicized the unified name in our own spot CM and newspaper advertisement.In addition, a rabbit in a black tie appears in this campaign CM, but this is not the company's character.
  • 2010 year from April 4
    • Started using it in parallel from the middle of the above campaign.A woman's face appeared up in the landscape, and her company's spot CM was airing to promote the catchphrase "NST stimulates you."By the way, the music played in this commercial is sung by a soprano singer living in Niigata City. The CM version is as follows.
      • "Lip Edition" (Lip emerges from the sky. Narration: "What you want to talk about, that's what we want to show.")
      • "Eyes" (Eyes appear from the sky above the sea. Narration: "What you want to see, that's what we want to show.")
      • "Ears" (Ears emerge from the sky above the forest. Narration: "What you want to hear, that's what we want to show.")
      • "Angel Edition" (This was first released in January 2011. Angel children sit on a sofa like lips. Narration: "Why don't you see the other side of tomorrow? With us." )
  • From March 2014
    • The abbreviation is NST, and one of the local signboard programs is "Smile Stadium NST』(So-calledBacronym),201812/16The "Niigata Smile TV" campaign is being held toward the 50th anniversary of the opening of the station.

Mascot character

The mascot character of the station is "Nashite-kun".There are also "Doshite-chan" as a girlfriend and "Robocho-kun" as a friend.Both are the 35th anniversary of the opening of the station.2003Appeared in.Celebrated the 45th anniversary of the opening of the station2013In December, the facial designs of Nashite and Doshite were changed.

Capital structure

The names of companies and organizations and the titles of individuals are as of the time. Source:[6][7][8][9][10]

March 2015, 3-March 31, 2016

CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
300 million yen600,000 share150
ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
Fuji Media Holdings194,400 share32.4%
Asahi Shimbun030,000 share05.0%
Fourth bank030,000 share05.0%
Hokuetsu Bank030,000 share05.0%
Daiko Bank030,000 share05.0%

Past capital structure


  • 1967(42)11/1 --Obtaining a preliminary license.
  • 1968(43)
    • 3/2 --Established Niigata Sogo Television.
    • Around October-Nagaoka Broadcasting Center completed.Large mounted on the roofNSTThe signboard was an impressive building.
    • 11/7 --Broadcast test radio wave emission.Main adjustment room(Master) Equipment is Matsushita (currentlyPanasonic) Made1981(Showa 56) It continued to be used until the renewal accompanying the start of sound multiplex broadcasting in late June.The transmitter is made by Toshiba.
    • 11/29 --Obtaining this license.Along with this, service broadcasting will start (color broadcasting will also start at the same time).
    • 12/1 --Local newspaperNiigata DailyThe program schedule of the station will be published for the first time in.Broadcast starts at 11:55 am.
      • The first program when it was published in the newspaper was "NST News", and from the next noon, NET TV at that time (currently,TV Asahi) On the simultaneous net fromShinji MakiBy the moderator of "Taisho TV lounge"was.
    • 12/9 - Fuji Television Network, IncMorning signboard program "Hiroshi Ogawa Show』Start simultaneous net (19813/27Until).Along with this, weekday morning broadcasting will start.
    • 12/16 --Opened as a triple cross-net station of Nippon TV, Fuji TV, and NET TV (the first UHF station in Japan to cross-net, including double cross-net).
    • 12/20 --To commemorate the opening of the stationNiigata City Gymnasium"Pro-wrestling broadcast" will be broadcast nationwide by Nippon Television.However, it was a black and white broadcast[Note 6].
  • 1969(44)10/1 - FNSJoined at the same time as the inauguration.
  • 1970(45)
  • 1971(46)10/25 --Weekdays will be broadcast all day, and full day broadcasting will be completed.At the same time, Fuji TV's "Play with Mom! Ping Pong Bread』Broadcast start. NST's broadcast on the same program was initially broadcast once a day from 17:1, but later it will start broadcasting from the morning and will be broadcast twice a day, but later Fuji TV will be the same. Since the program was only broadcast in the morning, it will be broadcast only in the morning until the end of the program.
  • 1972(47)
    • 4 month - Color TVOB van (FPU) Introduction.
    • 11 --The regular information program "End Run Saturday" has started.
    • 12/26 - AmpexFor broadcasting business by the company's high band method2 inch color VTR(Ampex method) introduced and started operation.The VTR was in operation until around 1983.
  • 1975(50)
  • 1977Around --Made by Ampex1 inch VTRIntroduced and started operation.
  • 1980(55)
    • Started using ENG using U standard 3/4 inch VTR for news coverage.
    • March --Made by AmpexCM bankStart of operation.The full-scale operation of the system will start around March of the following year.
    • April-Daily regular information program "Hello NST" starts broadcasting.
    • 9 month - FM broadcastApply to open.However, it was rejected later.
  • 1981(56)
    • 4/1
      • TV NiigataWith the opening of the station, he withdrew from the NTV series.Became a cross-net station affiliated with Fuji TV and TV Asahi.
      • "NST Wide 630』Started (until September 1984).
      • Made by Ampex for CM transmission1 inch VTRTo improve the efficiency of CM transmission by adopting two units.
    • 6Late- Multiplex audio broadcastingObtained a license.Along with this, the new master equipment (made by Matsushita) was renewed and started operation.
    • June 6-After the end of the regular program (midnight), the sound multiplex test broadcast started (images are still images, audio only).
    • 7/1 --Started sound multiplex broadcasting.The first show was produced by ABCKoshien StadiumfromHanshin-巨人Of warLive broadcastIt was (stereo broadcasting. ANN's "Wednesday special』Broadcast in the frame).
  • October 7th and 27th- High school baseball prefectural tournamentSemi-final, final patternNagaoka City Yukyuzan Baseball StadiumBroadcast on the same station's first local program in stereo (live broadcast)[Note 9].
  • 1983(58)
    • 4 --Stereo is used for some time zones of the local weather forecast.[Note 10].
    • For VTR for program transmission,日立Introduced a 1-inch VTR made by the company and started operation.As a result, all 1-inch program transmission VTRs for all commercial broadcasters in Niigata Prefecture will be made by Hitachi.Will open laterNiigata TV 21The 1-inch VTR for program transmission is made by Hitachi.
    • 10/1 --Withdrawal from the TV Asahi series due to the opening of Niigata Television 21.Became a full-net station affiliated with Fuji TV.At the same time, "Morita Kazuyoshi Hour I can laugh!』Starts the net[Note 11][Note 12].
  • 1989(XNUMX)
    • 7 month - Fuji networkStarted operation of the satellite broadcasting system (F-SAT).
    • December-Satellite news relay system (SNG) Start of operation.
  • 1991(3)10/1 --The Nagaoka Broadcasting Center (performance hall equipment) was relocated and integrated into the Kamitokoro, Niigata City, where the head office is located.
    • The new master equipment is made by NEC.
    • Rewritable magneto-optical disks (MOs) are used for some image and audio transmissions.
  • 1993(5) --Made by SonyD-2 digital VTRIntroduced and started operation.
  • 1997(9) June- Subtitled broadcastingStart.
  • 1998(10) -Broadcast started all night.Weather forecast filler started.[17].
  • 1999(11) February 2-He has served as president for many years since 7.Komagata TokichiDied[18].
  • 2000(12) January-Fuji TV's "" broadcast on Niigata Broadcasting System (BSN)Super horse racing』Move to NST.
  • 2001(13)
  • 2002(14) April 4- CIIntroduced and changed to the current logo mark.
  • 2003(15)
    • March --Groundbreaking ceremony and start of construction of the current office building (former Niigata Railway Management Bureau ground site).
    • With the 35th anniversary of the opening of the station, the first character of the station "Nashite-kun and Doshite-chan"Appearance.
  • 2004(16)
    • April-Completion of the current office building.
    • 10/20 --Moved to the current office building in Yachiyo, Niigata City.Full-scale operation starts at 5:30 am.A new studio (Studio SWITCH, area: 100 tsubo)High definitionIt will be supported.
      • However, at this point, high-definition wireless relay equipment (FPU) has not been introduced.
      • Analog broadcastingMaster equipment (APC) is made by Toshiba[Note 13].
    • 10/23 --The "NST Festival" was held as the first event after the relocation of the new office building (this coverage will be the first high-definition news coverage of the same station).Also on the same day, "Smile Stadium NSTWas also planned to form a special special, but at 17:56 just before the live performanceNiigata Chuetsu EarthquakeOccurs[Note 14], The NST Festival will be canceled on the 24th due to the switch to disaster reporting.In addition, there were criticisms because the initial coverage immediately after the earthquake was delayed compared to other stations.[Note 15].
  • 2005(17)
    • 6/10 - Digital terrestrial broadcastingObtained a preliminary license (Niigata NHK and 3 other commercial TV stations at the same time)[Note 16].
    • 10/1 --Start of test radio wave transmission of terrestrial digital broadcasting (Yahikoyama transmission station.output: 30W).
      • Both digital broadcasting master equipment and transmitter are manufactured by Toshiba.
      • Do not use VTR as it is as a program transmission medium for digital broadcastingHard disk recorderuse.
    • 10/25 --Start of test broadcasting of terrestrial digital broadcasting (Yahiko transmission station only. Output: 3kW).
  • 2006(18)
    • 2/27 --Simulcast test service broadcasting of terrestrial digital broadcasting started (data test broadcasting and one-segment test broadcasting also started at the same time).During this period, most local programs, including local news, will be converted to high-definition.[Note 17].
    • 3/30 --Obtained this license for terrestrial digital broadcasting[19].
    • 4/1 --At 4:40 am, terrestrial digital main broadcasting started (UHF19)ch, Output 3kw,Call sign JONH-DTV,Remote control key ID8).同時にat the same timeOne SegThe main broadcast of[Note 18].
    • 4/15 --On a local program, from Niigata Big Swan to the J1 League "Albirex NiigataVSNagoya Grampus EightLive broadcast in high definition[Note 19].
  • 2008(20)
    • 5/3 --The local program "JRA Niigata"NST everyone's KEIBA』Niigata local part will be high-definition[Note 20].
    • June --Introduced and started operation of a helicopter for news coverage and relay.
    • 8/4 --As a special program commemorating the 40th anniversary of the opening of the station, "August 20, 8-Telling Nagaoka Air Raid-" will be broadcast from 1:7 pm (high-definition, stereo production)[Note 21]..After the broadcast, this broadcast was recorded on a DVD as a charity project of the station and donated to various schools in Nagaoka city.[Note 22].
    • 11/3 --Fuji-based NBS, which will celebrate its 40th anniversary on April 4st of the same year, prior to the 1th anniversary of its opening the following month.Nagano BroadcastingIn collaboration with NBS, the special program "Smile Koredane!", Which is the 40th anniversary of the opening of both stations, will be broadcast live at the same time.Taking this opportunity, the program will be co-produced with the station every November.
    • 11/24 --On terrestrial digital broadcastingWatermarkIs started to be displayed.
  • 2009(21)
    • 1/12 - Analog broadcastingThe watermark starts to be displayed.
    • Introduced high-definition SNG / FPU relay system in-house and started operation[Note 23][Note 24].
    • April-The news and relay helicopter introduced in June of the previous year will be compatible with HDTV.
  • 2010(22)
    • 3/29 --The abbreviation "Niigata Sogo Television"NSTUnified to.
    • 9/6 ――We are ready to accept high-definition digital internet lines from other than the Fuji TV series.[Note 25].
  • 2011(23)
    • August 3- 3/11ToGreat East Japan EarthquakeOccurs, which causesFukushimaIt is inFukushima Daiichi nuclear power plantFukushima residents evacuated to Niigata prefecture due to the effects of radioactivity.Along with this, the same Fuji-affiliated FTV for Fukushima residents who are evacuating to the prefecture.Fukushima TVFor 16 minutes from 45:10 on weekdays, with the cooperation ofFTV Super NewsThe digest broadcast of the local part of Fukushima will be broadcast as "Fukushima TV News" (the same year).4/29Continued until).
    • 7/24 --At noon, the analog main broadcast ends.At around 23:58 on the same day, the radio wave completely stopped.
  • 2012(24)
    • April 4-Fuji Media HoldingsEquity methodBecome an applicable affiliated company.
    • 4/2 --The weather system will be renewed.Along with this, the meteorological system of broadcasting stations in Niigata Prefecture has been upgraded to high-definition.
  • 2013(25)12/16 ――On this day of the 45th anniversary of the opening of the station, the design of the face of your own character "Nashite-kun / Doshite-chan" will be changed.
  • 2014(26) November
    • Towards the 50th anniversary of the opening of the station, the "Niigata Smile TV" campaign will be launched.
    • Introduced the 65-year-old retirement age system for the first time in the history of Japanese commercial broadcasting[20].
  • 2015(27)3/27 ――With this dayTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.of"L4 YOU!』Simultaneous net is discontinued.Along with this, TV TOKYO's weekday 4:30 to 16 minutes frame, which has continued for about 45 years since "Ladies XNUMX"MitsukoshiSimultaneous net broadcasting of the offer frame (which was the only full-net station of Fuji TV) will end[Note 26].
  • 2016(28) June- Minamiuonuma CityOpened Uonuma branch office in Yukiguni.
    • October-As the first overseas base,Vietnam OfHo Chi MinhEstablished ASEAN branch office in.
  • 2019(First year of Reiwa)
    • 8/5 --Updated master control room (master) equipment. (Made by Toshiba)
    • October 10-Company name "NST Niigata Sogo Television Co., Ltd."change to.
  • 2020(2nd year of Reiwa)
    • Takenori Ohashi, the president, will be the chairman, and Masahiko Sakai will be the president.

Network transition



Digital tv broadcasting

Terrestrial digital broadcastingNHK Niigata Broadcasting Station,Broadcasting System of NiigataSame as20064/1Main broadcast started.The PR of the broadcast, which will start broadcasting, was also carried out before the simulcast test broadcast started.Remote control key ID TheFuji Television(Key station),Kansai TV broadcasting(Quasi-key station),Okinawa TV BroadcastIs used for analog master station / remote control key ID for all three stations.8Is used. "8" isTokai TV broadcasting,Saga tvAnd cross-net station (TV Oita-TV Miyazaki) Is common to all 24 FNN / FNS affiliated stations.

However, since the station moved to a new office building that supports high-definition and terrestrial digital broadcasting in 2004, the facilities were almost perfect, so the transition to terrestrial digital broadcasting was relatively easy compared to other stations.Furthermore, in anticipation of future high-definition, the station's local signboard program "Smile Stadium NST], We started coverage in high-definition at some corners as early as possible, and immediately after the start of simulcast test broadcasting, some news coverage was changed to high-definition. Is the most active in commercial broadcasting,2007At that time, "Smile Stadium NST" had all the coverage up to high definition.[Note 27]..However, in the live broadcast using the local program's high-definition OB van, since the company had not yet introduced the high-definition OB van, there was no choice but to rent it from another company. J1 League "Albirex NiigataVSNagoya Grampus EightThe live broadcast of the high-definition live broadcast was performed, but it was a rental of a large high-definition OB van.But the following yearNiigata TV 21But in a local programNiigata StadiumLive broadcast of the J1 League from Japan, semi-finals and finals of the Niigata Prefectural High School Baseball Championship, live broadcast of high-definition broadcasts, and helped the widespread use of terrestrial digital television.2008From, "NST everyone's KEIBAIs also the lending of high-definition OB vans such as Fuji TV and the sponsorship and sponsorship of the Japan Racing Association.JRAWith the financial support of, all the local parts of this program have become high-definition.[Note 28].

Both master station and relay station,Remote control key ID is 8.

  • Master station: 19ch JONH-DTV YahikoTransmission station (output: 3kW)
  • Relay station
  • Takada 25ch
  • Tsunan 24ch
  • Arai 45ch
  • Morimon 34ch
  • Myoko Kogen 45ch
  • Mikawa 43ch
  • Tsugawa 43ch
  • Murakami 25ch
  • Muramatsu 43ch
  • Takayanagi 38ch
  • Tsunan Kamigo 24ch
  • Ryotsu 31ch
  • Sotokaifu 24ch
  • Sekikawa 45ch
  • Aomi 20ch
  • Koide 28ch
  • Aikawa 30ch
  • Yuzawa 19ch
  • Tochio 45ch
  • Kawaguchi 19ch
  • Kanose 19ch
  • Yamato 34ch
  • Tsunan Tanaka 19ch
  • Muikamachi 34ch
  • Takasen 17ch
  • Itoigawa Ohno 18ch
  • Itoigawa Hayakawa 34ch
  • Asahi 34ch
  • Fuya 33ch
  • Tsuchitaru 33ch
  • Yasuka 32ch
  • Katsuki 20ch
  • Masato Ojiya 37ch
  • Nakazato 47ch
  • Kurokawa 33ch
  • Yunoya 28ch
  • Kakizaki 30ch
  • Matsushiro 32ch
  • Shibata Akaya 40ch
  • Koshiji 39ch
  • Sabaishi 40ch
  • Shiozawa 45ch
  • Niitsu 37ch
  • Maki 45ch
  • Shimoaigawa 19ch
  • Ushino Otani 46ch
  • Sekikawa Onagawa 36ch
  • Tsunan Nakatsu 24ch
  • Kashiwazaki Yamaguchi 28ch
  • Nakago 48ch
  • Miyakogi 22ch

Analog tv broadcasting

As of July 2011, 7

  • master station: 35 ch JONH-TV Yahiko Transmission Station (output = video: 30kW, audio: 7.5kW)
  • Relay station
  • Takada 33ch
  • Aikawa 58ch
  • Koide 43ch
  • Tsunan 57ch
  • Matsushiro 43ch
  • Takayanagi 48ch
  • Morimon 61ch
  • Sekikawa 59ch
  • Aomi 43ch
  • Mikawa 58ch
  • Maki 55ch
  • Murakami CityFuya 43ch
  • Murakami CityKatsuki 57ch
  • Ryotsu 44ch
  • Takasen 58ch
  • Yasuka 44ch
  • Arai 57ch
  • Muramatsu 57ch
  • Tochio 58ch
  • Shiozawa 58ch
  • Tsuchitaru 54ch
  • Koshiji 57ch
  • Niitsu 42ch
  • Murakami CityMurakami 40ch
  • Kawaguchi 44ch
  • Yamato 58ch
  • Kurokawa 58ch
  • Nakazato 34ch
  • Kanose 42ch
  • Murakami CityAsahi 43ch
  • Hayakawa 44ch
  • Yuzawa 44ch
  • Itoigawa 33ch
  • Tsugawa Higashi 51ch
  • Yunoya 27ch
  • Muikamachi 61ch
  • Sotokaifu 27ch
  • Shimoaigawa 43ch
  • Ushino Otani 57ch
  • Kawaguchi Oshima 55ch
  • Myoko Kogen 24ch
  • Tsunan Tanaka 27ch
  • Tsunan Kamigo 34ch
  • Tsunan Nakatsu 41ch
  • Kashiwazaki Sabaishi 57ch
  • Kashiwazaki Yamaguchi 43ch
  • Sekikawa Onagawa 44ch
  • Masato Ojiya 27ch
  • Itoigawa Ohno 57ch








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注 釈

  1. ^ Currently Chuo-ku, Niigata City
  2. ^ Until 1982, the address name wasKamishojima.
  3. ^ This can be seen from the fact that NST did not receive Fuji TV online before dawn on New Year's Day (midnight on New Year's Eve), but aired a 10-minute "President's greeting" with Komagata's own appearance.
  4. ^ According to the June 2007 issue of "Weekly Diamond," NST was ranked 6th overall in the commercial broadcasting annual income ranking.
  5. ^ In the same program of the day, "Giant Baba VSBrute BernardThe 30-minute one-game match was broadcast as the main event.
  6. ^ The main event in the show's game was "Giant Baba VS Brute Bernard".
  7. ^ On BSN, it was broadcast from 1 pm on Monday, one day later.
  8. ^ However, even in the same Fuji TV program, "Let's guess!Was broadcast on BSN until the end of the broadcast due to the intention of sponsor Matsushita Electric (currently Panasonic).
  9. ^ However, during the two years of 1982 and 1983, the high school baseball Niigata prefectural tournament was held on monaural broadcasting.
  10. ^ Used for commercials1 inch VTRIt will be a stereo broadcast only in the case of a program structure in which forecast information with subtitles is output against the background of video and audio.The stereo conversion of the weather forecast program by this method was already done at this time.Broadcasting System of Niigata,TV NiigataBut it was done.By the way, at BSN, almost all the time of the weather forecast was stereo broadcasting.
  11. ^ Since the start of simultaneous broadcasting with Fuji TV, some broadcasting stations that broadcast this program have been using a time shift network for the convenience of program organization.Compared to that time, there are now fewer stations on the timeshift network for this program.Also, with the start of broadcasting this program in Niigata,KashiwazakiHeadquartered inBourbonHas become one of the national CM sponsors of the program.
  12. ^ On the same dayFukushima TV(FTV) also started online.
  13. ^ In preparation for the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting later, it seems that it is designed so that it can be integrated with analog and digital by adding a digital master later.
  14. ^ At the time of the earthquake, the station said,NST Super News』Broadcast of the local news frame, free announcer at the news studio on the 4th floor of the new office buildingAsako KikunoWas just before finishing reading the weather forecast
  15. ^ Fuji Television Network, Incof"Music fair] Is not online, and the fact that the 18:30 --19:00 slot was a local slot has an effect.
  16. ^ On this day, 13 NHK local stations nationwide, including Niigata Prefecture, and 40 local commercial broadcasters nationwide obtained preliminary licenses at the same time.Impress AV Watch Article dated June 2005, 6
  17. ^ High-definition broadcasting on the simultaneous net is only for Fuji TV series programs,Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd."Simultaneous online on the program ofLadys' 4] Was not made into high definition.The program isTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.At this point, although it was already broadcasting high-definition broadcasting, the NST side did not have a system for accepting high-definition digital net lines of the same station, so for a while it up-converted the line for analog broadcasting. I was taking measures for 4: 3 window broadcasting.However, even if it is the same TV TOKYO program, this does not apply to the video transmission program.For example, "Good trip/dream feeling], [Good luck!] Etc. were high-definition broadcasts from the beginning of the simulcast test broadcast.
  18. ^ As a commemorative program for the start of digital broadcasting, "Hasshin!High-definition programs such as "Digital 2006" (a program jointly produced by NHK Niigata Broadcasting Station and BSN) and the series "Furusato Niigata's Nursery Rhymes (Uta)" were broadcast.
  19. ^ At the time of this broadcast, live broadcast was performed using high-definition relay equipment for rent.However, the rental fee at that time is so high that the rental and use of high-definition relay equipment in local programs will be refrained for the next two years.
  20. ^ The high-definition OB van at the time of relay from Niigata Racecourse is a sponsorJRATo help with financial support, Fuji TV etc. (may be another rental company depending on the day) lends
  21. ^ As a result, Fuji TV's simultaneous net "Nep League," which is always a regular frame, was broadcast about this time from 4:8 pm on the 2th of the same month, four days later.
  22. ^ The program received many requests for rebroadcast after broadcasting, and in order to respond to this, the same year10/9It was rebroadcast from 14:05.
  23. ^ The in-house introduction of the same relay system by Hi-Vision was the third station in the prefecture after TV Niigata (TeNY) and Niigata TV 21, and it was the latest in the FNS series.
  24. ^ However, for local high-definition programs that require a large scale such as sports broadcasts, we will continue to rent equipment such as OB vans for broadcasting.
  25. ^ Along with this, the program "Ladys' 4], Started broadcasting in high-definition image quality.
  26. ^ With this reorganization (March 2015, 27), "Super news(Weekday version2015(27)3/27(End) The net at 17:XNUMX, which was not implemented at NST in the era,Everyone's news』(Started on March 2015, 27) will be implemented from the start.
  27. ^ However, there were times when all the high-definition cameras for coverage were paid out, and in that case, there were rare cases where the coverage was standard definition, but now, of course, all coverage is also high-definition.
  28. ^ Sometimes, Fuji TV's high-definition OB vans are all paid out, or even another company that can rent it may not be able to do it depending on the day.Standard image qualityThere are also days when it is broadcast using a regular OB van.In the early stages of migrationFukushima TVAfter that, I rented a OB van from BSN and put the NST logo on it.Radio lifeThe photo is posted in[which one?]).
  29. ^ It is mentioned in a part of her self-introduction on the NST homepage


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  15. ^ Fuji Television Representative Director and Chairman
  16. ^ Fuji Television Managing Director
  17. ^ Around June 2015, the weather forecast filler was changed to "I love you, Igata Furusato Hyakukei" (landscape video of the prefecture).The content varies depending on the season.The overnight broadcast will continue as of March 27 (Reiwa 6).
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  20. ^ Described in the "Company Profile" section of the NST official website.To respond quickly to changes in the public pension system.

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