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😷 | "Moving Intensive Care Unit", Ekmoka Appears Sapporo Medical University introduces for the first time in Hokkaido


"Moving Intensive Care Unit" Appears in Ekmo Car Sapporo Medical University introduces for the first time in Hokkaido

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Equipped with a respirator, ultrasonic equipment, X-ray, etc., you can check the medical condition in the car.

"Moving intensive care unit" and "Ekmoka" were introduced for the first time in Hokkaido at Sapporo Medical University Hospital.Heart-lung machine "... → Continue reading

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Sonic equipment

    Artificial respiration

    Artificial respirationWhat is (Jinko Kokyu)?Spontaneous breathingArtificially for people who lackBreatheIt means to assist.


    In general, apply positive pressurelungInject gas into the to assist ventilation.First aidArtificial respiration (mouth transfer type), mask and ambu bag method, endotracheal tube andArtificial respiratorsThere is a method to use.

    Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsFire departmentAccording to the guidelines ofCardiopulmonary resuscitationInHeart massage[Annotation 1]Mainly do.. "If the rescuer is trained in artificial respiration and has the skills and intent to do so"Airway securityIn addition, artificial respiration, which is a breathing support method, is also performed."[1][2].. In Japan119Gives instructions.

    "If there is a risk of infection due to blood, vomiting, etc., do not use artificial respiration and continue chest compressions. (* It is said that the risk of infection is extremely low even without using a mouthpiece for artificial respiration. From the viewpoint of prevention, it is safer to use an artificial respiration mouthpiece etc.)"[3].


    Ancient Greek medical scientistGalen(C. 129-c. 200), "In the throat of dead animalsreedYou can see how the lungs inflate when you fill the bronchi with air through the lungs."[4].

    In 1773, the British doctor William Hawes (William Hawes, 1736-1808) has spread to the world that artificial respiration can be used to resuscitate a person who has drowned and is in a state of asphyxia. Doctors who formed a life-saving organization in 1767 also participated in the awareness campaign. They are an organization that aims to revive a drowning man in England in 1774.Royal Humane SocietyWas formed[5][6].

    After that, the development of devices and methods for hygienically and efficiently sending air to the lungs were explored.


    pneumonia-Acute respiratory distress syndrome(ARDS) ・shock-Cerebrovascular disease・Although appropriate measures for the cause and oxygen administration have been taken due to factors such asoxygenUptake ofcarbon dioxideIs insufficiently discharged. Generally, PaO2:50 Torr or less and PaCO2:70 Torr or more are indicated depending on the condition. Also,General anesthesiaDone in手術Occasionally requires artificial respiration.

    Artificial respiration in BLS

    It is a procedure performed by the general public who was present at the scene to save the life of a person who has stopped breathing.BLSIs part of. It is a method of inhaling breath mainly from the mouth to force ventilation. Detail isCardiopulmonary resuscitationSee.

    Airway security

    • Face mask
    • Laryngeal mask
    • Combi tube
    • Tracheal intubation
    • Tracheostomy

    Mechanical ventilation

    Unlike artificial respiration in resuscitation, when it is necessary to support breathing over several hours (sometimes several years to several decades),Artificial respiratorsTo use. Ventilators are different from manual ventilators, such as bag ventilation, in which airway pressure and its changesoxygenPartial pressureIt is equipped with various modes and functions for finely adjusting etc.

    • BIPAP / APRV
    • CPAP
    • SIMV, IMV
    • CMV (IPV)
    • HFJV
    • Liquid ventilation


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    注 釈

    1. ^ What is usually called "heart massage" is exactly "chest compression".


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