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😷 | Opposition attacks the third vaccination delay with "Suga Hymn" Prime Minister Kishida is frustrated


Opposition attacks the third vaccination delay with "Suga hymn" Prime Minister Kishida frustrated

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On the 25th, Mr. Kazunori Yamai of the Constitutional Democratic Party said to Prime Minister Kishida, "There is no leadership.

At the House of Representatives Budget Committee, which continues from the 24th, the Constitutional Democratic Party, the first opposition party, pursues Prime Minister Fumio Kishida, saying that he lacks execution power. → Continue reading

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Prime Minister Kishida

Kazunori Yamai

Kazunori Yamai(Yama no Izunori,1962/ 〈Showa37 years>May 1 -) isJapan Of政治家,Constitutional Democratic PartyBelongingMember of the House of Representatives(8nd term).

Democratic Party Parliamentary Measures Chairman(18th), Democratic Party Parliamentary Measures Chairman (2nd generation), Democratic Party Parliamentary Countermeasures Chairman Acting, Democratic Party Parliamentary Countermeasures Chairman Acting,Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare(Yukio Hatoyama Cabinet-Naoto Kan Cabinet),House of RepresentativesDisciplinary chairpersonServed.


Kyoto Citybirth[1].Rakunan High Schoolgraduate.Faculty of Engineering, Kyoto UniversityIndustrial chemistryGraduated from the department.1986/,Graduate School of Engineering, Kyoto UniversityHe completed a master's degree and earned a master's degree in engineering.afterwards,Matsushita Masakei SchoolEnrolled in (7th gen member)[2]..After graduating from Matsushita Seikei Juku, he worked for the Kyoto Volunteer Association.Sweden OfLund UniversityAfter studying abroad at the Graduate School of Welfare1994/からRitsumeikan University Faculty of Policy ScienceServed as a lecturer at.1995/ThanNara Women's UniversityLecturer, Faculty of Living Environment[2].

1996/,41th House of Representatives general electionToOld Democratic PartyOfficiallyKyoto 6 wardsI ran forBudding partyOfficialKazuya TamakiLost to the runner-up.2000/ Of42th House of Representatives general electionThen,Proportional Kinki blockAloneDemocratic PartyCandidate from, first elected[2].2003/ Of43th House of Representatives general electionThen again, I ran for the Democratic Party officially from the 6th district of Kyoto,LDP OfYoshiaki HishidaDefeat and re-election[2].2005/ Of44th House of Representatives general electionThen, while the Democratic Party is headwinding, the LDP rookie in the 6th district of KyotoKyoko IzawaI rejected 3 and chose XNUMX but IzawaProportional revivalForgave.2008/, Appointed as the representative of the Democratic Party of Japan Kyoto Prefectural Federation.

2009/January,Yukio Hatoyama CabinetでParliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare(MedicalOther thanWelfare workAdministrationGeneral charge[3])Naoto Kan CabinetServe until.

August 2011, 8,Naoto KanPrime Minister officially announces resignation of Democratic Party representative[4]..With Suga's resignationRepresentative election(November 8th ballot counting)Seiji MaeharaListed as a nominee[5].

2012/In May,Kijima light powerNational Diet Committee OfMinister of FinanceWith his inauguration, he will be appointed as the successor chairman of the Democratic Party of Japan's National Assembly Countermeasures Committee.[2].. In December of the same year46th House of Representatives general electionThen, in the midst of a fierce headwind over 2005 on the Democratic Party, a newcomer to the Liberal Democratic Party in the 6th district of KyotoYu AndoAnd 5 selections.Due to the total resignation of Noda's executive department due to the general election defeat, he left the Democratic Party's country-to-chairperson.After the electionDemocratic Party Representative-Mari EedaInstalled under "Next CabinetWas appointed as the Next Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare, andHouse of RepresentativesHealth and Labor CommitteeWas appointed as the lead director of.

2014/12 of the month47th House of Representatives general electionThen, 6 selections in Kyoto 6th district[2].2015/ OfDemocratic Party for the Democratic PartyThen.Akira NagatsumaList the recommenders of[6]However, the eldest wife finished at the bottom in the first vote (the winner wasKatsuya Okada)[7].

2016/March, with the Democratic PartyRestoration PartyWere merged and formedDemocratic PartyParticipated in the Diet and became the deputy chairman of the Diet Countermeasures Committee[8].. In December of the same yearDemocratic Party for the People's Republic of ChinaThen.Maehara GroupAs a member ofSeiji MaeharaMaeharaLotusHowever, Yamai was promoted to the chairman of the Diet measures committee due to the appointment of party officers after the election of the representative.[9][10].

2017/9 of the monthDemocratic Party for the People's Republic of ChinaLater, in the personnel affairs of party officers, he was appointed as acting chairman of the National Assembly Countermeasures Committee, and Shin Maehara emphasized continuity with the former executive department of Renho.Executive officeHowever, it became an exceptional personnel affair that was effectively demoted.[11][12][13].

March 10Hope partyI had applied for official recognition, but I was in the previous job in the 3rd ward.Kenta Izumi, 4th ward former jobKeiro KitakamiAt the same time, all applicants in the prefecture were officially recognized.Therefore, among the people from the Democratic Party in Kyoto PrefectureYukio EdanoA new party represented by a member of the Diet "Constitutional Democratic PartyThere was no former member of the Diet to participate in[14].. Of the same month48th House of Representatives general electionThen, he lost to Ando of the Liberal Democratic Party, which he had defeated twice in a row, by 2 votes, and turned to a proportional revival. NovemberParty of Hope Joint Representative ElectionLater, in the personnel affairs of party officers, he was appointed as the head of the dementia countermeasure promotion headquarters.[15].

2018/Formed on May 5th by joining the Democratic Party and the Hope PartyNational Democratic PartyJoin in[16].. On May 5, he became Vice-President and Deputy Chairman of the Democratic Party for the People.[17][18].. Acting Chairman of the National Assembly Countermeasures Committee from September 9[19].

2019/On June 6, he submitted a notice of withdrawal to the Democratic Party for the People and indicated his intention to join the Constitutional Democratic Party faction.[20]..On the 26th of the same month, the party's general affairs meeting refused to accept the notice of withdrawal, saying, "It is an irresponsible and extremely irresponsible act of abandoning heavy responsibilities during the session, even though it is in a key position as acting chairman of the country." , Decided to dismiss Yamai[21][22]..It was officially dismissed at the party's general affairs meeting on July 7, the same year.[23].. Officially participated in the Constitutional Democratic Party faction on the 26th[24].

Since it was a proportional revival from the party of hope, it was impossible to maintain a seat in the Constitutional Democratic Party, which was competing in proportion, and join the party.2020/The old party was disbanded in September and a new partyConstitutional Democratic PartyParticipated in this because was born.

2021/10 month 31 day49th House of Representatives general electionThen, because Ando did not run, the Liberal Democratic Party announced that he would run just before.Koichiro ShimizuIn the single-seat constituency, 8 selections[25].Yukio EdanoWith the resignation of the representativeRepresentative election(Implemented on September 11th)Kenta IzumiListed as a nominee[26].


Parliamentary League

  • Federation of Parliamentarians to Prevent Death from Overwork (Vice Chairman)[41]
  • Parliamentary Union (Deputy Chairman) who thinks about improving the treatment of non-regular workers and living a hopeful life[42]
  • Study session to create the future of Japan[43]
  • Constitutional Democratic Party Tea Promotion Parliamentary League (Chairman)[44]
  • Constitutional Democratic Party Animal Welfare Parliamentary League[45]


Political funding, etc.

  • 2016/May 1, Yamai'sMoney management groupIn 1080, it was said that 24 million yen, which exceeds the limit of individual donations, was donated to "Kazunori Yamanoi and the Society for Creating the Future of Japan".Political fund balance reportIn addition, Yamai donated a total of 24 million yen to his fund management organization in 2 installments from February to December 12, and a meeting held by Yamai's supporters' association in 1080-13. So, while the total expenditure of about 24 million yen was recorded as "venue usage fee" in the political fund balance report of the supporters' association, Yamai side made a mistake in mentioning that the total membership fee income of 26 million yen was not stated. Admitted and notified the correction of the report[52].
  • 2016/May 5,Health and Labor CommitteeConcerning the revision of the Comprehensive Support Law for Persons with DisabilitiesReference personIntractable illness that was asked for opinions as a party in the questionAmyotrophic lateral sclerosis(ALS) Attendance of male patientsRuling partyTweeted that he refused, the next dayMainichi Newspapers,Tokyo NewspaperMade a report[53][54]..However, it was the one who replaced the witnessDemocratic PartyTurns out to be on the side[55][56][57].
  • 2016/May 5, Democratic PartyIse Shima SummitBritish newspaper at a meeting of related research teamsTIMESPublished inBoris JohnsonCaricature[58],Shinzo AbeIntroduced with the misinterpretation that it is a caricature of the Prime Minister, "As you can see here, from the tsunami in Japan with Mr. Abe's face.G7The leaders said, "Let's run away from that big idiot, you should run away."United KingdomIt's a leading newspaper called TIMES.In other words, what Prime Minister Abe is telling the people in Japan is a fabrication, isn't it?That's it. "[59][60]Criticized Prime Minister Abe[61]. afterwards,Ministry of Foreign AffairsHe admitted that he had made a mistake in his perception of the fact that he criticized the caricature as Prime Minister Shinzo Abe. The ministry did not deny it. "[62].


  • "Illustrated Nursing Care Insurance All <3rd Edition>" by Kazunori Yamai and Masato Ueda Toyo Keizai Inc. August 2009 ISBN 4492092803
  • "Revised New Edition Group Home Basic Knowledge" by Masato Ueda and Kazunori Yamai Lyon, Inc. March 2008 ISBN 4576072226
  • "Illustrated Nursing Care Insurance All <2nd Edition>" by Kazunori Yamai and Yayoi Saito Toyo Keizai, Inc. March 2005 ISBN 4492092420
  • "Why does the Diet put off welfare? By Kazunori Yamai, Oakla Publishing, August 2004 ISBN 4775503987
  • "Basic knowledge of group home revised new edition" by Kazunori Yamai Lyon, April 2003 ISBN 4576030884
  • "Choose such a nursing facility" by Kazunori Yamai Seishun Publishing Co., Ltd. December 2002 ISBN 4413018664
  • "Welfare site vs.Diet ”by Kazunori Yamai Kodansha March 2001 ISBN 4062106124
  • "Introduction to the Revolutionary Group Home for Nursing Care Services" by Kazunori Yamai and Kunio Hatoyama Lyon, Inc. September 1999
  • "Handbook of Nursing Care for the Future" by Kazunori Yamai and Yayoi Saito Kodansha August 1999 ISBN 4062641100
  • "Old people who make their families happy" by Kazunori Yamai Kodansha July 1995 ISBN 4062077191
  • "Experience Report: Welfare for the Elderly in Japan" by Kazunori Yamai and Yayoi Saito Iwanami Shoten September 1994 ISBN 4004303516
  • "Aging Society from Sweden and Decentralization" by Kazunori Yamai and Yayoi Saito Minerva Shobo August 1994 ISBN 4623024415
  • "Aging Society from Sweden" by Kazunori Yamai Minerva Shobo June 1993 ISBN 4623023141
  • "Swedish Group Home Story" by Barbrow Beck Fris Translated by Kazunori Yamai Translated by Takanori Chikazawa Kyoto 1993 Project March 3 ISBN 4893201492
  • "Experience Report: Welfare for the Elderly in the World" by Kazunori Yamai Iwanami Shoten September 1991 ISBN 4004301866


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Zenjiro Kaneko
Japanese flag Parliamentary Vice-Minister of Health, Labor and Welfare
Shinya AdachiIn collaboration with

Next generation:
Masao Kobayashi
Mitsuo Okamoto
Akio Fukuda
Japanese flag House of Representatives Disciplinary Chairman
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Atsushi Azumi
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Acting Chairman of the Democratic Party for the People's Assembly
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Acting Chairman of the Democratic Party National Assembly Countermeasures Committee
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Atsushi Azumi
Democratic Party Parliamentary Measures Chairman
Fourth generation: 2-2016
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