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😷 | [New Corona] Oiso Municipal Kindergarten is closed and one employee is infected

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[New Corona] Oiso Municipal Kindergarten is closed and one employee is infected

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Regarding the new coronavirus infection, Oiso Town announced on the 24th that it was closed due to the infection of one staff member at one municipal kindergarten by the same day.

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Oiso Town

Oiso Town(Oisomachi) isKanagawa OfShonan areaLocated in the westNaka-gunBelongs totown.

The population is about 3.1.


South isSagami BayIt is a shallow sea facing the sea, and has a small fishing port and a sandy beach.East and west of the townTokaidoPenetrates and divides the town area into north and south.In the northeastGoryeosan, In the northwestMt. TakatoriThere is a small hill calledOiso HillsIt is called (Oiso terrain).The hills, which occupy 6% of the town area, continue to the west and continue to the west.Odawara cityUp to.In the southeastern part of the Oiso HillsOiso layerThere is.The river is in the westKuzukawaWater-based ones and flowing from the foot of Mt. KoraiChiarai RiverIs pouring into Sagami Bay.1960 eraSince then, the road network has been improved, andNational Route 1(Tokaido) etc.bypassAsOdawara Atsugi Road,Seisho BypassHas been built and crosses the northern and southern parts of the town, respectively.


Villa area

MeijiFrom mid-termShowaIn the early days, mansions and cold-weather areas for VIPsVillaWas built a lot.especiallyIto Hirobumi,Yoshida ShigeruIt is especially famous.Besides thisYamagata Yuho,Saionji public aspiration,Ohte Shigenobu,Mutsumitsu Mutsu,Yanosuke Iwasaki,Zenjiro YasudaThe villas of VIPs in the political and business world lined up. It is said that there were more than 1907 villas in Oiso around 40 (Meiji 150), and it was called "Political (or Shonan) Okuzashiki".[3].

Currently, many of them are used as recreational facilities and training centers for companies, and only a few are open to the public.Many villas with historical value are disappearing due to the construction of condominiums and the sale of residential land.OldIto HirobumiHouse (Cangakukaku) IsSeibuSold to a new company.

Many of the existing buildingsGreat Kanto EarthquakeIt was rebuilt after (1923).Japanese govermentIn November 2017, Okuma, Ito, Rikuoku, Saionji Residence, etc. will be maintained as "Meiji Memorial Oiso Garden".CabinetDecided.It was also popular on the 150th anniversary of the Meiji era, but the issue is how to investigate and preserve the dilapidated buildings.[4].

In the case of Shigeru Yoshidaprime ministerAfter retiring, he lived a retired life in Oiso.Since he maintained his influence on the political world in his later years, "Oiso" is also another name (political term) for Shigeru Yoshida, and many domestic and foreign dignitaries visited him.Even after Yoshida died, it was the venue for the 1979 Japan-US summit meeting. It was completely destroyed by a fire in 2009, but was rebuilt with donations and released as April 2017, 4.[5].. On July 10th of the same year,Taro KonoForeign MinisterVisited Japanミクロネシア 連邦Used as a meeting place and dinner venue with the president[6].


The total population is 31,461.

Male: 15,342

Female: 16,119

The number of households is 12,794 (as of February 4, 2th year of Reiwa)


Successive chiefs

代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generation1954 (Showa 29)/12/151962 (Showa 37)/12/14
2 fee1962 (Showa 37)/12/151970 (Showa 45)/12/14
3 fee1970 (Showa 45)/12/151982 (Showa 57)/12/14
4 fee1982 (Showa 57)/12/151990 (Heisei 2)/12/14
5 fee1990 (Heisei 2)/12/151998 (Heisei 10)/12/14
6 fee1998 (Heisei 10)/12/152002 (Heisei 14)/12/14
7 fee2002 (Heisei 14)/12/152006 (Heisei 18)/12/14
8 feeMasanori Miyoshi2006 (Heisei 18)/12/152010 (Heisei 22)/12/14
9 feeHisao Nakazaki2010 (Heisei 22)/12/15Incumbent

Prefecture administrative agency

Changes in administrative areas

  • 1889/May 4 Kanagawa Prefecture due to the enforcement of the municipal systemTaaya-gunOiso Town(Oiso-juku + Nishikoisomura + Komamura + Higashikoisomura),Kofu Village(Ikusawa Village + Terasaka Village + Kuroiwa Village + Kokufuhongo Village + Mushikubo Village + Kokufu Shinjuku Village + Nishikubo Village) is established.
  • 1896/May 3 Yurugi-gun merged with Osumi-gun,Naka-gunTo
  • 1952/April 4 Enforcement of town system in Kokufu village,Kofu TownTo
  • 1954/May 12 Oiso Town and Kokufu Town merged and newlyOiso TownLaunched


  • Oiso(Oiso) --Former Oiso Town
    • Koma-Former Koma Village
    • Higashi Town
    • Oiso-OldOiso-juku
    • Higashikoiso (Higashi-Koiso)-Former Higashikoiso Village
    • Nishikoiso --Former Nishikoiso Village
    • Sannomachi
    • Choja
  • Kokufu(Kokufu)-OldKokufu Town (Kokufu Village)
    • Terasaka-Old Terasaka Village
    • Ikusawa-Former Ikusawa Village
    • Kuroiwa-Former Kuroiwa Village
    • Nishikubo-Former Nishikubo Village
    • Mushikubo-Former Mushikubo Village
    • Kokufuhongo (Kokufu-Hongo) --Former Kokufuhongo Village
    • Kokufu Shinjuku --Former Kokufu Shinjuku Village


Town council

  • Number of people: 14 people
  • Term: March 2019, 7-March 16, 2023[7]
  • Chair: Hidetoshi Takahashi (independent)
  • Vice-chairman: Kyoko Suzuki (Japanese Communist Party)
Political partyNumber of seatsRepresentative name
Independent11Norio Ishikawa, Emiko Takeuchi, Fumio Kiyota, Satoshi Yoshikawa, Reiyo Suzuki, Junko Watanabe,
Shigeo Yoshikawa, Shuji Iida, Shiyomi Tamamushi, Shigeru Shibasaki, Hidetoshi Takahashi
Komeito2Katsuko Okutsu, Kasuko Ninomiya
Japan Communist Party1Kyoko Suzuki

(As of May 2019, 8)

Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly

  • Electoral district: Oiso TownNinomiya townConstituency
  • Constant number: 1 people
  • Term: September 2019th, 4 (Reiwa 30) to September 2023th, 5 (4th year of Reiwa)
NameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Toichiro IkedaPrefectural Government Kanagawa Prefectural Assembly1

Sister cities/partner cities


Outside Japan


school education

Kindergarten in the town
  • Oiso Municipal Oiso Kindergarten
  • Private Koiso Kindergarten (transferred from former Municipal Koiso Kindergarten to Koiso Gakuen in April 2012)
  • Oiso Municipal Kokufu Kindergarten
  • Oiso Municipal Takatori Kindergarten
Nursery school in the town
  • Sun Kids Kindergarten
  • Sun Kids Kokufu
Elementary school in the town
Junior high school in the town
High school in the town
University in town
Other schools
  • Oiso Gakuen (Prefectural child independence support facility. There is a municipal Kokufu Elementary School and Kokufu Junior High School Ikusawa Branch School for children in the park.)

Social education


  • Oiso Municipal Lifelong Learning Center


  • Oiso Town Library
    • Oiso Municipal Library / Kokufu Annex


  • Oiso Town Folk Museum

Physical education facility


Railway line

Contact the neighboring municipality

Ninomiya town-Hiratsuka
Tokaido Main Line Ninomiya Station-Hiratsuka Station

Contacting local governments

Odawara city :
Tokaido Main Line (Odawara Station)

Bus route

Contact the prefectural office

  • Using the Tokaido Main LineYokohamaWhat.


Famous places, historic sites, sightseeing spots, festivals, special events

Oiso Hakkei

OisoEight viewsWas in 1905postcardThe series came out,KomaderaEvening bell, Aichi MXNUMXA, Terugasaki return sail, Cosmetic slope night rain,Hanamizu BridgeSunset,Sandpiper SawaAkizuki, Togahara Rakugan,Mount FujiLonging snow is selected.[13]

Prominent person



Earthquake disaster measures

Sagami TroughBelieved to occur alongSagami Trough giant earthquakeMeasures assuming the above are being considered. In March 2015, the future by the Tsunami Inundation Assumption Study Group(I.e.Inundation forecast was announced, and it was pointed out that a 17m tsunami could hit Oiso Town.Hazard mapIs currently being reviewed as soon as possible.[14].


  • Zip CodeIs as follows.2006/May 10change to.
  • PeanutHaga1871/It is said that it was the first time in Japan that peanut seeds were taken over in Yokohama and cultivated in the field of Oiso.The flowers bloomed but did not bear any fruit, so when I kicked with something like this, it came out of the ground and turned out to be underground fruiting.In order to secure a sales destination for economic cultivation, we asked a local inn for a tasting, but there is an anecdote that he refused, "The customer was pleased, but the tatami room was polluted."After that, in the 10th year of the Meiji era, it was sold in a 0.4 liter bag to a candy store in Yokohama, and it became a great success.
  • "Oiso sand" is a shell orcoralIt is a general term for small marine gravel composed of pieces of gravel, etc., and it is so called as a remnant of it because the ones collected on the Oiso beach were previously distributed for aquariums.Currently, collection is prohibited, and most of them are imported products, not gravel collected on the Oiso coast of Kanagawa.

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