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😷 | Niigata City faculty and staff infected with new coronavirus


Niigata City faculty and staff infected with new coronavirus

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Symptoms include coughing and fatigue.

The Niigata City Board of Education announced on the XNUMXth that faculty members working at Niigata City School were infected with the new coronavirus. … → Continue reading

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fatigue(Hirou,British: Tiredness ) Is(English edition)It is a different subjective sensation and begins gradually. Unlike helplessness, fatigue休息It can be alleviated by (sleep).


Fatigue has physical and mental causes.

Physical fatigue is for maintaining optimal physical ability筋肉Is a temporary decline in ability and is strongPhysical exerciseGets worse by[1][2][3].. Mental fatigue is a temporary decline in maximum cognitive ability due to long-term cognitive activity. Mental fatigueSomnolence(sleepiness),Lethargy(English edition),(English edition)Can appear as[4].

Medically, fatigueNonspecific symptoms(English edition)Is. This means that there are many possible causes, with many different states. FatigueSignsRather thansymptomIs considered. This is because fatigue is not an objective observable by others, but a subjective sensation reported by the patient. Fatigue and "feeling of fatigue" are often confused[5].

Fatiguepain,FeverIt is also said to be the three major danger signals of the living body, and is one of the important signals for the body to maintain life and health. Physiological fatigue in a healthy person can be defined as a state in which work efficiency (performance) is temporarily reduced when a load is applied to the mind or body. It is usually accompanied by a desire for rest and discomfort (so-called malaise). Fatigue in the sick (pathological fatigue),Malignant tumor,Diabetes mellitus,Chronic fatigue syndrome,Multiple sclerosisAs in the above, even when the load is low, a chronic decrease in work efficiency or fatigue may be recognized.

Physiology of fatigue

Classification of fatigue

Fatigue isPeripheral fatigueとCentral fatigueare categorized. Peripheral fatigue is a state in which a sensation of fatigue originates in the body (periphery) other than the brain, that is, muscles. Central fatigue is a state in which the brain is the main subject and feels fatigue.

Also, if classified according to whether it is morbid,Physiological fatigueとPathological fatigueTo be distinguished. What is physiological fatigue?diseaseIt is absent and appears when the amount of activity exceeds the level of rest within the range where recovery is possible in the natural state. What is morbid fatigue?cancer,AIDSPhysical diseases such asdepression,schizophrenia,Sleeping disorderIf there is a mental illness such asChronic fatigue syndrome,FibromyalgiaIt is fatigue due to a disease characterized by constant fatigue. Fever for morbid fatigue,Lymph nodeIt may be accompanied by objective symptoms such as swelling and memory loss. Iron deficiencyanemiaHowever, they exhibit shortness of breath and tiredness.

Objective fatigue and subjective fatigue

In many cases, the degree of fatigue evaluated by an objective index such as the amount of exercise of the muscles (travel time, etc.) and the sensation of fatigue (feeling of fatigue) that is consciously felt are different from each other. It is greatly influenced by mental factors, and individual differences are also large. For example, if you are uplifted, you may not feel tired even with the workload that normally makes you tired. This also makes it difficult to make objective criteria for fatigue. In addition, because of mental exhaustion, we may not be able to keep our ego (following frustration), and our relationships may collapse.

Fatigue mechanism

The following are possible mechanisms of fatigue.

  • Lack of energy source (meal): If dietary intake of sufficient energy is not enough, fatigue tends to occur.
  • Even with sufficient energy supply, fatigue is caused by strength or long-term load. When skeletal muscle cells and nerve cells are loaded, excess free radicalsOxidative stressExposure to the condition causes a decrease in cell function and a decrease in mitochondrial ATP-producing ability. In Japan, where nutritional supply is sufficient, physical fatigue due to exercise and mental work fatigue due to desk work and driving are rather caused by damage to muscle cells or nerve cells due to this oxidative stress.
  • Maladjustment of the brain's coordinating ability: The brain's coordinating ability decreases due to continuous thinking and memory, and fatigue occurs due to the inability to process information smoothly.
  • SerotoninCentral fatigue due to

Relationship with muscle fatigue

frog's筋肉Since it was proposed by Hill et al. in 1929 based on research using[6]Lactic acid has been considered as a causative agent of muscle fatigue. this is,Lactic acidDue to the accumulation ofacidosisIt was understood that the function of contractile protein was inhibited by[7].. However, in a later study, rebuttal evidence against the theory that acidosis causes muscle fatigue has been reported.[7].. Then, in 2001, it was accumulated extracellularly by Nielsen et al.potassiumion K+ Was reported to be a key substance in muscle fatigue. In Nielsen's system, K+ When an acid such as lactic acid was added to a muscle specimen weakened by the addition of sucrose, recovery was observed contrary to the conventional theory.[8].. A 2004 report by Pedersen et al. also showed that chloride ion cell permeability decreased at low pH, suggesting that acidosis has a protective effect on muscle fatigue.[9].. Also, in high-intensity exerciseATP,CreatineBy the decomposition of phosphoric acidphosphoric acidAccumulates. This phosphoric acidcalciumWhen calcium binds to phosphoric acid, the function of calcium essential for muscle contraction deteriorates. This is considered to be one of the causes of fatigue. Calcium is originally muscleEndoplasmic reticulumStored in the muscle, the muscle contracts by leaving the sarcoplasmic reticulum, and relaxes when returning to the sarcoplasmic reticulum[10].

Recovery and prevention of fatigue


The following methods are considered to be effective for relieving fatigue.

There are various other methods,Alternative medicineAs seen in some of the above, it is hard to say that the effect of fatigue recovery is scientifically recognized.

Super recovery period

When your body function declines due to fatigue due to work or exercise, you can recover your body function by resting. After resting, the body's functions may be temporarily increased, which is called the super recovery period. However, when rest is insufficient, the body's function gradually declines.


On a daily basismotionBy strengthening your physical strength by doing, the accumulation of fatigue substances slows down, and the metabolic efficiency improves, so you can reduce fatigue. However, exercising will temporarily exhaust physical strength and accumulate fatigue. However, as the physical strength is increased by continuing the exercise, the tolerance and the allowable amount against fatigue increase, so that it becomes harder to get tired gradually, which leads to the prevention of fatigue in the long term.

Other than that, the following methods are generally effective. However, fatigue cannot be completely prevented.

  1. If the calorie intake is insufficient, take a sufficient amount of food such as sugar as an energy source.
    A balanced intake of nutrients is important. EspeciallyproteinPlays an important role in the restoration of physical functions that are reduced by fatigue.
  2. Supplement with antioxidants such as imidazole dipeptide to prevent exposure to strong oxidative stress during excessive exercise and mental work.
  3. Replenish water and minerals appropriately.
  4. Take a good rest and maintain central coordination. Also, try to live a regular life.

Fatigue and society

Fatigue is said to be felt by most modern people on a daily basis, causing economic problems such as a decrease in labor force.

Also excessiveThe laborCaused by morbid fatigue andDeath from overwork-Overworked suicideIf occurs,Industrial accidentMay be recognized as.

In addition, in the state of fatigueAutomobileTheoperationToFatigue driving(Hirou Unten) orOverwork(Karou Unten) is a serious accident (Traffic accident), which can causeRoad Traffic LawInViolation scoreIs "25 points".


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