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😷 | Infection of XNUMX people in Tochigi Prefecture Cluster new corona announced at the office in Motegi Town on the XNUMXth


Infected XNUMX people in Tochigi Prefecture Cluster new corona announced at Motegi-cho office on XNUMXth

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Tochigi City announced on the 16th that it will close one class until the 19th of this month after an infected person was confirmed at an elementary school in the city.

Regarding the new coronavirus, Tochigi Prefecture and Utsunomiya City announced on the XNUMXth that they have confirmed the infection of XNUMX new people. … → Continue reading

 Tochigi TV

Tochigi TV is a Tochigi TV station that celebrated its 2019th anniversary in April 4. We will deliver the latest news in Tochigi Prefecture.

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Tochigi City

Camera-photo Upload.svgImage request: Of ChofukujiImage providedplease.(March 2021)

Tochigi City(Tochigi) isTochigiWith a population of about 15 in the southern part ofCity.. The population of Tochigi prefecture isUtsunomiya City,Oyama City3th place after.

In the cityBreweryBecause the cityscape where the houses are lined up is preservedKoedo,Little Kyoto,Kanto OfKurashikiIt is also called as a tourist destination and is very popular. Also, in the southern part of the cityRamsar ConventionDesignated as a registered wetlandWatarase ReservoirIs located[Annotation 1].


Edo PeriodFlows through the cityTomaba RiverUsedEdoAnd boating withImperial courtからNikko Toshogu ShrineThe messenger dispatched toReiheishi) PassedRegular highway OfPost townIn the commercial city that flourished asKoedoHas another name. In addition to the historic temples, in the city area because it escaped the war damageEdo PeriodからMeiji EraThere are still many warehouses and merchant houses in the area.Beautiful townscape awardHas been awarded[1].. Turn these historical assets into tourism resourcesKanto regionThen.SaitamaKawagoe-shi,ChibaSawara(CurrentKatori) WithKoedoKnown as the "Kurashiki", such as holding a summit, it is also called "Kurashiki in the Kanto region." Also in the western part of the cityMt. TaiheizanThe view from is also a tourist attraction as "Land Matsushima", and in the southern part of the cityWatarase Reservoir・ Lake Taninaka is suitable for small yachts and windsurfing, and is home to many precious plants. About 200 million tourists visit these tourist attractions in the city every year.

It has the character of an administrative city in the southern part of Tochigi prefecture, with various local agencies of the national and prefectural governments and administrative agencies such as courts gathering.Abandoned DomainFor a later period, former Tochigi prefecture (currently southern Tochigi prefecture)GunmaOf Tochigi Prefecture after the merger with Utsunomiya PrefecturePrefectural office locationMet.

Near the Watarase Retarding Ground mentioned above, it exists in the plain, which is rare in Japan.[2]Three prefecture border(Gunma,SaitamaThere is a prefectural border with.

Origin of the city name

The place name "Tochigi" was at the center when it was pioneered.TochigiThe theory that it is derived from, and the 10 shrines of the Shinto shrineChigiThere are various theories, such as the theory that it was named "Chigi" after (Chigi).[3].. Until the Edo period, the kanji was "Maki" (or "Maki"),Meiji RestorationlaterPrime MinisterRevised based on the prefectural seal subordinated from[4][5].

City emblem design concept

The four green lines represent "nature," "history," "region," and "people," the blue color represents the flow of the river, and the orange circle beyond it represents a bright future and people's passion. Represents. In addition, the image of a bright future that inherits the history of the past is expressed with the character "to" in Tochigi City as a motif.


Population distribution of Tochigi, Tochigi, Japan.svg
Population distribution by age in Tochigi City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Tochigi City (2005)
■Purple-Tochigi City
■Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Tochigi City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

About workers over 15 years old

There are 15 employees aged 66,490 and over who live in the area (excluding the western and Iwafune areas). Of these, 23,553 people are working in other municipalities, accounting for 35.4% of the total. The number one employee for other cities, wards, towns and villagesOyama City5,055 people, the third placeSano City2,920 people, the third placeUtsunomiya City2,862 people, 4th place is oldShimotsuga-gunIwafune Town1,757 people, 5th place is Shimotsuga-gunMibu TownThree people.

* According to the 22 census


Kanto PlainIt is located in the northern part of the city, and the mountains spread out in the northern part of the city. The Uzuma River runs through the center of the city, the Shikawa River runs through the eastern part, and the Watarase River runs through the southern part.Watarase ReservoirThere is. By train, east and westJRRyomo Line, North to southTobu Nikko-Utsunomiya LinePasses through. On the road, head from the Fujioka area to Utsunomiya city via the Iwafune area.Tochigi BypassThe main roads such as etc. pass through the city. Also, in the northern part of the cityNational Route 293, In the southern part of the cityNational Route 50There are two national highways. The city area is mainlyTochigi StationFrom the north sideShin-Tochigi StationIt is concentrated toward the west.


Although it has a Pacific coast climate, it is hot in summer and cold in winter because it is located inland. Precipitation is high in summer and dry in winter. Convectional rains occur frequently in the summer, and the number of lightning days is one of the best in Japan.

  • In summer, the temperature often exceeds 30 ° C, and there are days when the temperature rises above 35 ° C.
  • In winter, there are days when the minimum temperature drops below -5 ° C, and there are several snowfall days a year.

Adjacent municipalities



Edo PeriodIsTochigi innWas installed,Tone RiverWater basedTomaba RiverUsedShippingByEdoDirection andImaichi-sunlight-AshikagaIt became a collection center for supplies connecting the inland areas and prospered as a commercial city.

Chronological Table

Modern times

1871/May 8(July 4, 7)Abandoned DomainThrough the same yearMay 12In the prefectural reorganization that took place on (November 4, 11)Shimono country5 southern counties ofToga District,Samukawa,Aso-gun,Ashikaga,Liangda County)andUeno countrySoutheastern District 3 (Yamada District,Nitta District,Ora-gun) Is the jurisdictionTochigiWas set up in the prefecturePrefectural office locationIt became.

After that, Tochigi prefecture1873/(Meiji 6) 6 counties in northern Shimotsuke Province on June 15 (Meiji 4)Kawachi,Haga-gun,Shioya,Nasu-gun) Was in chargeUtsunomiyaWas merged.1876/(Meiji 9) On August 8, Ueno 21 countiesKumagayaMerged with Ueno 11 countiesGunmaHowever, the prefectural office was still located in Tochigi during this period. But for various reasons[Annotation 2] By1884/(Meiji 17) The prefectural office opened in JanuaryUtsunomiyaWas moved to.

Chronological Table


1889/In 4 monthShimotsuga-gunTochigi Town, Fujioka Town,Omiya Village,Minagawa,Fukiage Village,Terao Village,Kofu Village,Yanaka Village,Mikamomura,Akama Village,Heya village,Toyama Village,Mizuho Village,Mizushiro Village,Ie Nakamura,Akatsu VillageandKamitsuga DistrictNishikata Village,Manago VillageEnforced the town and village system,1906/Yanaka Village merged into Fujioka Town1937/In April, Tochigi Town will enforce the city system and become the former Tochigi City.

Former Tochigi City is "Great Showa mergerBy1954/Merged with neighboring Omiya Village, Minagawa Village, Fukiage Village, and Terao Village.1957/Kokufumura was incorporated and merged to expand the city area. After that, each town and village merged and enforced the town system.1994/It became the form of 1 city and 4 towns before the merger.

Great Heisei mergerBy2010/Former Tochigi City,Shimotsuga-gunOhira Town,Toga Town,Fujioka TownIs newly established and mergedTochigi CityWas launched.

  • 2010/(22)May 3: Former Tochigi City, Ohira Town, Shimotsuga District, Fujioka Town, Tsuga Town merged and newTochigi CityIs established.
  • 2011/(23)May 10: Incorporate Nishikata-cho, Kamitsuga-gun.
  • 2014/(26)May 4: Incorporate Iwafune-cho, Shimotsuga-gun[8].

As a result, both the new Tochigi City became the last municipality in Heisei in Japan (including the municipality that established the new municipality without changing the famous place) and the municipality that incorporated and merged other municipalities.

Former Tochigi City
Former Ohira Town
Former Fujioka Town
Former Tsuga Town
  • April 1955, 30 (Showa 4): Shimotsuga-gunIe Nakamura,Akatsu VillageMerged to form Tsuga Village.
  • 1963/(Showa 38) November 11: Enforced the town system,Toga TownBecomes
  • July 1992, 4: Kamitsuga-gunNishikata VillageAnd boundary changes.
  • 1998/(10) December 12: Boundary change with Nishikata-cho, Kamitsuga-gun.
  • July 2001, 13: Boundary change with Tochigi City.
  • July 2005, 17: Boundary change with Tochigi City.
Former Nishikata Town
  • 1955May 4: With Nishikata-mura, Kamitsuga-gun (former)Manago VillageMerged,Nishikata Village(New) is established.
  • July 1992, 4: Shimotsuga-gunToga TownAnd boundary changes.
  • 1994May 10: Enforce the town system,Western townBecomes
  • March 1994, 6:Kamitsuga DistrictAwano TownAnd boundary changes.
  • 1998 (Heisei 10) December 12: Boundary change with Tsuga-cho, Shimotsuga-gun.
Former Iwafune Town
Transition of Tochigi city area
Before 18891889/4/11889-19441945-19881989-Present
Shimotsuga-gunTochigi Town1889/4/1
Tochigi Town
Tochigi City
Municipal system
Tochigi City
Incorporated Omiya Village, Fukiage Village, Minagawa Village, and Terao Village in Shimotsuga District
Tochigi City
Incorporated Shimotsuga-gun Kokufu-mura
Tochigi City
Tochigi City
Tochigi Jonai Village
Hakomori Village
Kodaira Yanagimura
Katayanagi Village
Sonobe Village
Swamp Wada Village
Hirai Village
Osugi Nitta
Hirayanagi Village
Omiya Village
Omiya Village
Omiya Village
Imaizumi Village
Stevedore Village
Hinoguchi Village
Takatani Village
Kubota Village
Minagawa Village
Arai Village
Izumigawa village
Iwade Village
Shitori Village
Onoguchi Village
Kashiwakura Village
Fukiage Village1889/4/1
Fukiage Village
Fukiage Village
Hosohori Village
Kinoji Village
Kawara Tamura
Nonaka Village
Chizuka Village
Omori Village
Nakakata Village
Azusa Village
Umesawa Village1889/4/1
Terao Village
Terao Village
Izuru Village
Nabeyama Village
Okubo Village
Butt Uchimura
Kofu Village1889/4/1
Kofu Village
Kofu Village
Sosha Village
Daikoji Village
Yorii Village
Otsuka Village
Yanagihara Nitta
Yokobori Village1889/4/1
Mizuho Village
Mizuho Village1956/9/30
Ohira Village
Ohira Town
Town system
Kitatakei Village
Kamitakashima Village
Shimotakashima Village
Ushiku Village
Kurai Village
Doyo Village
Kawatsura Village
Mayumi Village
Nishimizushiro Village1889/4/1
Mizushiro Village
Mizushiro Village
Enomoto Village
Hakuchu Village
Nishino Tamura
Toyama Village1889/4/1
Toyama Village
Toyama Village
Nishiyama Tamura
Shimo Minagawa Village
Fujioka Village1889/4/1
Fujioka Town
Town system
Fujioka Town
Incorporated Yanaka Village, Shimotsuga District
Fujioka Town
Shimomiya Village1889/4/1
Yanaka Village
Megumi Shimono Village
Heya village1889/4/1
Heya village
Heya village
Midorikawa Village
Shinnami Village
Nishimae Hara Village
Hiranuma Village
Tomiyoshi Village
Ishikawa Nitta
Band sword Nitta
Akama Village1889/4/1
Akama Village
Akama Village
Omae Village
Owada Village1889/4/1
Tsuga Village
Akatsu Village
Akatsu Village1955/4/1
Tsuga Village
Toga Town
Town system
Tomihari Village
Usukubo Village
Ohashi Village
Ogaki Village
Harajuku Village
Ie Nakamura1889/4/1
Ie Nakamura
Ie Nakamura
Battlefield village
Masuzuka Village
Hirakawa Village
Izumi Village1889/4/1
Shizuwa Village
Iwafune Village
Iwafune Town
Town system
Tochigi City
Sanwa Village
Shizuto Village
Fifty Hatamura
Songga Shimamura
Iwafune Village
Washisu Village
Tatami Okamura
Shimotsu Hara Village
Onodera Village1889/4/1
Onodera Village
Furue Village
Ueoka Village
Shimooka Village
Mitani Village
Kamitsuga DistrictKanegasaki Village1889/4/1
Kamitsuga District
Nishikata Village
Nishikata Village1955/4/27
Kamitsuga District
Nishikata Village
Kamitsuga District
Western town
Town system
Tochigi City
Honjo Village
Kanai Village
Hongo Village
Manago Village1889/4/1
Kamitsuga District
Manago Village
Manago Village

Former Tochigi City

1937/The former Tochigi City, which enforced the city system in (Showa 12),2010/(22)May 3It was abolished due to a new merger with Ohira-cho, Shimotsuga-gun, Fujioka-cho, Shimotsuga-gun, and Tsuga-cho, Shimotsuga-gun. At the same time, it is a municipality different from the current Tochigi City, which was newly established.

Successive mayors
代NameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationSakakibara Tsunetake1937/(Showa12 years) April 71939/(Showa 14) January 6
2 feeSadakichi Yokoyama1939 (Showa 14)/11/21939 (Showa 14)/12/4
3 feeHasegawa Choshichi1940/(Showa 15) January 31941/(Showa 16) January 4
4 feeNobuhisa Takahashi1941 (Showa 16)/7/71945/(Showa 20) January 7
5 feeSadakichi Oshima1945 (Showa 20)/7/201946/(Showa 21) January 3
6 feeNorio Onezawa1946 (Showa 21)/7/101951/(Showa 26) January 4
7 feeRiichi Tochigi1951 (Showa 26)/4/241955/(Showa 30) January 1
8 feeSadakichi Oshima1955 (Showa 30)/3/161963/(Showa 38) January 3
9 feeMasutarou Kaneko1963 (Showa 38)/5/11971/(Showa 46) January 4
10 feeShinhachiro Shiba1971 (Showa 46)/4/301979/(Showa 54) January 4
11 feeEitaro Nagata1979 (Showa 54)/4/301987/(Showa 62) January 4
12 feeOtoichiro Suzuki1987 (Showa 62)/4/302003/(Heisei15 years) April 4
13 feeYoshiyuki Higano2003 (Heisei 15)/4/302010/(22) April 3
Population transition
Statistical yearpopulationRemarksGraph
1920 (Taisho 9th year)24,5701st census
1925 (Taisho 14th year)27,3702st census
193029,6843st census
193531,3354st census
1937 (Showa 12) --Municipal system enforcement
194031,1955st census
194742,533Extraordinary census
195042,2487st census
1954 (Showa 29) --Incorporated Omiya Village, Fukiage Village, and Terao Village, Shimotsuga District
195567,9248st census
1957 (Showa 32) --Incorporated Kofu-mura, Shimotsuga-gun
196073,4369st census
196574,67110st census
197078,34511st census
197583,18912st census
198085,59213st census
198586,29014st census
199086,21615st census
199585,13716st census
200083,85517st census
200582,34018st census



1-2Suzuki Toshimi2010 (Heisei 22)/4/26[13]2018 (Heisei 30)/4/24[14]Former Mayor of Ohira
3Hideko Okawa2018 (Heisei 30)/4/25

* From the inauguration of the new city on March 2010, 3 to the mayoral election, the former mayor of Fujioka, Gensaku Nagashima, served as the mayor's executor.

City council

The fixed number of Tochigi City Council is 30[15].

  • City council constituency --The constituency is set only at the time of the new merger in 2010 city and 1 towns in 3, the merger of the former Nishikata town in 2011, and the merger of Iwafune town in 2014.
    • Term of office: April 2010, 22 (Heisei 4) to April 25, 2014 (Heisei 26)
      • Tochigi constituency (former Tochigi city): 15 people
      • Ohira constituency (formerly Ohira Town): 7 people
      • Fujioka constituency (formerly Fujioka Town): 5 people
      • Tsuga constituency (formerly Tsuga Town): 4 people
      • Western constituency (formerly Nishikata Town): 3 people
    • Term of office: April 2014, 26 (Heisei 4) to April 25, 2018 (Heisei 30)
      • Tochigi constituency (former Tochigi city)
      • Iwafune constituency (formerly Iwafune Town)
Parliamentary group
  • 2020 years (Ryowa 2 years)May 4Time point (1 vacancy)
Parliamentary nameNumber of seatsRepresentative name
Liberal Democratic Party3Masataka Morito, Yoshiaki Fukutomi, Iwato Oaku
Liberal Democratic Party Tochigi Shikai4Keisuke Kodaira, Kanemasa Oura, Akira Ujiie, Yoshiaki Hirose
Sincerity4Takayuki Asano, Koichi Otani, Kazutoshi Bando, Hiroaki Amaya
Japanese Communist Party Tochigi City Council2Hitoshi Kawakami, Mikio Shiraishi
Komeito Parliamentary Assembly3Chiiko Furusawa, Kaoru Kokubo, Toshiko Irino
Liberal Democratic Mirai4Kazuo Aoki, Takeshi Nagata, Sonichiro Sekiguchi, Kiichi Matsumoto
Soushikai3Kenichi Moro, Masakazu Utsumi, Ikuzo Hariya
Foundation2Masahiro Chiba, Yuji Fukuda
Koukikai2Masao Hariya, Katsunori Nakajima
Abandoned2Yoshie Kobori, Yonemitsu Umezawa
Standing Committee

The permanent standing committee and the number of members are as follows.

  • Standing Committee for General Affairs: 8
  • Minsei Standing Committee: 8
  • Construction Standing Committee: 7
  • Standing Committee for Industrial Education: 8

municipal office

Tochigi City HallSee.

Fire department

  • Tochigi City Fire Department
    • Tochigi City Fire Department
      • Ohira branch office
      • Fujioka branch office
      • Toga branch office
      • Western branch office
      • Iwafune branch office

City declaration

  • Nuclear Free Local Authorities Declaration (March 2012, 3)
  • Environmental City Declaration (March 2012, 3)

Regional Autonomous Region / Regional Conference System

Relieve the anxiety associated with the merger that it may be difficult for residents of the traditional old town other than the area where the main office is located to reach the city hall, and that the surrounding towns may be deserted. At the same time, there is a need for a mechanism that can inherit the town planning of each town and a mechanism that reflects the opinions of local residents in the city administration, so former Ohira Town, former Fujioka Town, former Tsuga Town, former Nishikata Town, former Iwafune Town From March 22, 3 (at the time of new merger) to March 29, 27 in the area ofLocal Autonomous Region SystemOn the basis ofLocal autonomous districtWas installed. After that, as a new regional autonomy system to replace the regional autonomous district systemRegional conference systemWas enforced on April 27, 4 based on the Tochigi City Community Development Promotion Ordinance.

Area where the regional conference is set up and the name of the regional conference

(From April 27)

  • Tochigi Central Area-Tochigi Central Area Conference
  • Eastern Tochigi Area-Tochigi Eastern Area Conference
  • Western Tochigi Region-Western Tochigi Regional Conference
  • Ohira Area-Ohira Area Conference
  • Fujioka Area-Fujioka Area Conference
  • Tsuga Area-Tsuga Area Conference
  • Western Region-Western Regional Conference
  • Iwafune Area-Iwafune Area Conference

Prefectural Government/National Government

Prefectural government

Prefecture agency

  • Tochigi Prefectural Office Shimotoga Government Building
    • Prefectural South Prefectural Citizen Center
    • Tochigi Health and Welfare Center
    • Shimotoga Education Office
    • Tochigi Prefectural Tax Office
    • Tochigi Civil Engineering Office
  • Shimotsuga Agricultural Promotion Office
  • Prefectural South Children's Counseling Center
  • Prefectural South Meat Sanitation Inspection Center
  • Prefectural South Livestock Hygiene Service Center
  • Agricultural Experiment Station Tochigi Branch
  • Agricultural Experiment Station Strawberry Research Institute
Police station

National politics

National office

House of Representatives

ConstituencyRepresentative nameParty nameNumber of winsRemarks
Tochigi 5rd district(Tochigi City (former Tochigi City Area),Ashikaga,Sano City)Toshimitsu MogiLDP9Constituency
Tochigi 4rd district(Tochigi City (formerly)Ohira Town,Fujioka Town,Toga Town,Iwafune TownArea),Oyama City,Moka,Shimotsuke(OldIshibashi,Kokubunji Town),Haga-gun,Shimotsuga-gun)Tsutomu SatoLDP8Constituency
Tochigi 2rd district(Tochigi City (formerly)Western townArea), Utsunomiya City (formerlyKamikochi Town,Kawachi TownArea),Kanuma City,Nikko,Sakura City,Shioya)Akio FukudaConstitutional Democratic Party5Constituency



Once in Tochigi prefecturePrefectural office locationSince it was the center of Tochigi prefecture in both name and reality, it was also a central player in the commercial field. HoweverUtsunomiyaRelocation of the prefectural office to Utsunomiya-(I.e.National land axis line (JRUtsunomiya Line,Tohoku Shinkansen,National Route 4,New Route 4) Is a factor that causes the centrality of the commercial base to weaken, but in recent years land development has progressed mainly in the Ohira area.Cainz Mall Ohira,K's DenkiLarge scale such as Tochigi Ohira storeRoadside store OfShopping centerIs advancing. Perhaps because of its nature as a tourist city, the central city area maintains its function as a relatively commercial center, and many stores provide services not only for local residents but also for tourist visitors.

City center

Around Tochigi Station2000/ OfTobu Tochigi Station,2003/JRTochigi Station OfElevatedAlong withCivic coreAs a priority maintenance areaRedevelopmentWas done. At the north exitKokugakuin UniversityTochigi Gakuen Education CenterTochigi Prefectural Gakuyukan High School, High riseApartmentEtc. were built. Also,2010/ToCelebration townToYork Town Tochigi IwaichoIs advancing.

1970/Pass through the outer hull of the cityTochigi Loop Line(Tochigi Bypass) has opened. afterwards,1978/Noiseya Home Center Tochigi Bypass Store (currentlyCainz HomeStarting with the expansion of the Tochigi store, which is the first store by the way)1986/To Jusco City Tochigi (currentlyAEON Tochigi store) And major electronics retailersRoadside storeOne after another, the commercial area expanded to the suburbs. Currently, the area around Tochigi Station is a residential area centered on high-rise condominiums, and the commercial area is highly convenient for both rail and road transportation, centered on Yamatocho and Manmachi in the central city area.Hakonomorimachi - Shin-Tochigi StationIt has expanded to the line of.2014/In the city centerTobu Utsunomiya Department StoreWith the opening of the Tochigi City Hall store, commercial competition between the city center and the suburbs is becoming fierce.

Banks and credit unions
Securities company
  • Tochigi Grand Hotel
  • Sunroute Plaza Tochigi
  • Hotel Katoya
  • Hand bundle business hotel
  • Kashiwagura Onsen Taishikan
amusement facilities
    • Minagawa Castle CC
    • Asahigaoka CC
    • Ohiradai CC
    • Taoyuan CC
    • Taromon GC
    • Tobu Fujigaoka GC


Hitachi Appliance,Isuzu MotorsInland modern industries such as factories have developed, and these areNorth Kanto Industrial AreaForming a part of. As a feature of Tochigi CityMizkan,Suntory,Iwashita foodFactory is located, etc.Food industryDevelopment is mentioned.In particular, Iwashita Foods is headquartered in the city and has many factories and warehouses in the city.

Major industrial park
  • Sosha East Industrial Park
  • Minagawa Castle Industrial Park
  • Daikoji Industrial Park
  • Ohira Industrial Park
  • Ohira Mizuho Industrial Park
  • Nishimaehara Industrial Park
  • Utsunomiya West Core Industrial Park
Major factories


2006/Tochigi City's agricultural output is the amount of agricultural output by municipality in Japan.Nasushiobara-Otawara CityAfter that, it is the third largest in Tochigi prefecture, and the number of farm households is the first in Tochigi prefecture. In addition, agricultural output and cultivated output are on a gradual downward trend, and vegetable output is on an upward trend.

Jurisdiction agricultural cooperative

Major companies headquartered in Tochigi City


List of town names

Tochigi area
Tochigi district
Omiya district
Minagawa district
Fukiage district
Terao district
Kokufu district

Former Tochigi city area.Tochigi StationからShin-Tochigi StationMany historic temples and warehouses and merchant houses from the Edo period to the Meiji period remain in the central city area, and it has become a tourist city as a "city of warehouses". In addition, it also has the character of a cultural city, with a concentration of museums, cultural centers, and educational facilities. While construction of high-rise condominiums is progressing around Tochigi Station, along the bypass in the suburbsAeon City TochigiLarge-scale commercial facilities are concentrated.

Ohira area

OldShimotsuga-gunOhira TownTown area.Hitachi, Ltd.-Isuzu MotorsDeveloped as an industrial area centered on factories and subcontractors.Agriculture:It is also popular, especially in the northwestern Nishiyamada area.Grape(Ohira Town Grape Complex) Is a special product. In recent years, the development of new residential areas and commercial areas has been promoted near Shin-Ohirashita Station and along the bypass in the suburbs.Cainz MallIs the location.

Fujioka area

Former Shimotsuga-gunFujioka TownTown area. The Fujioka area, located in the southernmost part of the city, is famous for sports such as hot air balloons and fireworks displays at the confluence of the Watarase, Shikawa, and Uzuma rivers, and is home to many rare animals and plants.Watarase Reservoir(Tone River upstream damsOne of) exists.Water sports are also popular at Lake Yanaka in the retarding basin.It borders on three prefectures, Ibaraki, Gunma, and Saitama.The countryside is widespread except for residential areas and retarding basins, and as mentioned above, the retarding basins are rich in nature.

Tsuga area

Former Shimotsuga-gunToga TownTown area. There are plenty of sightseeing and sports facilities such as Tsuga no Sato and Tsuga Sports Park, and in the northern part of the districtTsuga interchangeIt has a parking area to the west of Tsuga and has good access from many directions. In addition, agriculture is flourishing, and rice and strawberry production is flourishing along with the western region.

Western region

OldKamitsuga DistrictWestern townTown area. The western region, located in the northernmost part of the city, has tourist attractions such as the roadside station, Sakurazutsumi in Kanazaki, and Nishikata Fureai Park. Many companies are located in the Utsunomiya West Core Industrial Park in the northern part of the district, and the industry is also thriving. Agriculture is flourishing, and rice and strawberry production is flourishing along with the Tsuga region.

Iwafune area

Former Shimotsuga-gunIwafune TownTown area. Located in the southwestern part of the cityMount Iwafune,Mt. MikamoyamaSurrounded by mountains such as, it has abundant nature. To the north
Iwafune JunctionThere is. Grape production is flourishing along with the Ohira area.

The Ohira area, Fujioka area, Tsuga area, Nishikata area, and Iwafune area were established at the same time as the merger, and each area's autonomous region name (Ohira town, Fujioka town, Tsuga town, Nishikata town, Iwafune town) was added in front of the large letters. Refer to.


University/Junior college

Vocational school

  • Tochigi Prefectural South Higher Nursing College
  • Maronie College of Health and Welfare
  • High Tech Beauty Academy
  • Yamato Cultural College
  • Arakawa Knitting Fashion College

high school

Junior high school

primary school

Special school

Kindergarten · Nursery school

Authorized child institution
  • Certified Western Nakayoshi Children's Garden
  • Ars kindergarten
  • Ars South Kindergarten
  • Omiya Early Childhood Education Center
  • Kokugakuin University Tochigi Nisugi Kindergarten
  • Sakura Gakuen SEI
  • Children's garden Sakura
  • Tochigi kindergarten
  • Hirakawa kindergarten
  • Fukiage kindergarten
  • Wakaba kindergarten
  • Ohira Fuji Kindergarten
  • Ohira Minami Kindergarten
  • Banbi Kindergarten
  • Fujioka kindergarten
  • Tsuga Kindergarten
  • Iwafune Kindergarten
  • Shizuwadera Kindergarten
Municipal nursery school
  • Tochigi City Imaizumi Nursery School
  • Tochigi City Kuranomachi Nursery School
  • Tochigi City Otsuka Nursery School
  • Tochigi City is this forest nursery school
  • Tochigi City Ohira Nishi Nursery School
  • Tochigi City Ohira Minami No. 1 Nursery School
  • Tochigi City Ohira Minami No. 2 Nursery School
  • Tochigi City Fujioka Heartland Nursery School
  • Tochigi City Toga Yotsuba Nursery School
  • Tochigi City Iwafune Nursery School
Private nursery school
  • Sakura Daini Nursery
  • Keyaki nursery school
  • Ohira Central Nursery School
  • Hikari nursery school
  • Forest kids nursery
  • Sumire nursery school

A school that once existed

high school
Junior high school
  • PresentTochigi City Tsuga Junior High School
    • Tsuga Municipal Tsuga Nishi Junior High School- 1961/ Integrated with Tsuga Municipal Tsugahigashi Junior High School
    • Tsuga Municipal Tsugahigashi Junior High School --1961 Integrated with Tsuga Municipal Tsuga Nishi Junior High School
  • PresentTochigi City Nishikata Junior High School
    • Nishikata Municipal Manako Junior High School- 1964/ Integrated with Nishikata Junior High School
  • PresentTochigi City Toyo Junior High School
    • Tochigi City Omiya Junior High School- 1969/ Integrated with Tochigi City Kokufu Junior High School
    • Tochigi City Kokufu Junior High School-1969 Integrated with Tochigi City Omiya Junior High School
primary school
  • PresentTochigi City Tochigi Central Elementary School
    • Tochigi City Tochigi Daiichi Elementary School- 2010/ Integrated with Tochigi City Tochigi Daini Elementary School
    • Tochigi Municipal Tochigi Daini Elementary School --2010 Integrated with Tochigi Municipal Tochigi Daiichi Elementary School
  • PresentTochigi City Minagawa Joto Elementary School
    • Tochigi City Minagawa Elementary School- 1977/ Integrated with Tochigi City Izumigawa Elementary School
    • Tochigi City Izumikawa Elementary School --1977 Integrated with Tochigi City Minagawa Elementary School
  • Present
    • Tochigi City Teraokita Elementary School- 1993/ Integrated into Tochigi City Teraokita Elementary School
    • Tochigi City Terao Chuo Elementary School- 2013/ Integrated with Tochigi City Terao Minami Elementary School
    • Tochigi City Terao Minami Elementary School --2013 Integrated with Tochigi City Terao Chuo Elementary School
  • PresentTochigi City Akazu Elementary School
    • Tsuga Municipal Tomihari Elementary School- 1980/ Integrated with Tsuga Town Kimura Elementary School
    • Tsuga Municipal Kimura Elementary School-Integrated with Tsuga Municipal Tomihari Elementary School in 1980
    • Tsuga Municipal Ogaki Elementary School --- 1980 Tsuga Municipal Akazu Elementary School Ogaki Branch School1983/Closed school
  • PresentTochigi City Nishikata Elementary School
    • Nishikata Municipal Nishikata Elementary School Kanazaki Branch School- 1965/ Integrated with Nishikata Municipal Nishikata Elementary School
  • Present
    • Tochigi City Onodera South Elementary School- 2020/ Integrated with Tochigi City Onodera Kita Elementary School
    • Tochigi City Onodera North Elementary School --2020 Integrated with Tochigi City Onodera South Elementary School


Collection and delivery post office
  • Tochigi Post Office
  • Fukiage Post Office
  • Umezawa Post Office
  • Fujioka Post Office
  • Ohira Post Office
  • Iwafune Post Office
Non-delivery post office
  • Tochigi Kuranomachi Post Office
  • Tochigi station square post office
  • Tochigi Honcho Post Office
  • Tochigi Muromachi Post Office
  • Tochigi Daicho Post Office
  • Tochigi Katayanagi Post Office
  • Tochigi Hirayanagi Post Office
  • Tochigi Numawada Post Office
  • Minagawa Post Office
  • Kokufu Post Office
  • Ohira Yokobori Post Office
  • Ohira Nishinoda Post Office
  • Ohira Mizushiro Post Office
  • Fujioka Tomiyoshi Post Office
  • Fujioka Mikamo Post Office
  • Akama Post Office
  • Room post office
  • Battlefield Post Office
  • Japan Post
  • Akazu Post Office
  • Kanasaki Post Office
  • Iwafune Nissato Post Office
  • Iwafune Shizuwa Post Office
  • Miyashita Post Office

The postal code corresponds to the following. 7 collection and delivery stations are in charge of collection and delivery.

Phone Number

The entire city except some areas (described later) is TochigiMAThe area code is "0282". The following 7 buildings correspond to the accommodation station, and the city code is as follows.

  • Tochigi Bureau: 20-25
  • Tochigi North Bureau: 27-29
  • Tochigi Umezawa Bureau: 30,31
  • Tochigi Ohira Bureau: 43-45
  • Iwafune Bureau: 54, 55
  • Onodera Bureau: 57
  • Tochigi Fujioka 2 stations: 61,62
  • Room Bureau: 67,68
  • Tochigi Nishikata Bureau: 91,92

The following areas are under the jurisdiction of the detention bureau outside Tochigi City.

Mass media

  • Cable TV Co., Ltd.
    • Cable TV broadcasting (Tochigi cable TV),Community FM(FM Kurara 857, opened in 2015)
  • For community FM,Tochigi community broadcasting(Nickname: FM Kura no Machi) was the first in the Kanto region to be issued a preliminary license in 1993, but in May 1994 the license application was withdrawn due to lack of preparation.
News (Chinese)

Sports team


Educational facility

Cultural Center
  • Tochigi City Ohira History Museum
  • Tochigi City Ohira Local Museum "Shiraishi Family Tonaga Mansion"
  • Tochigi City Fujioka History and Folklore Museum
  • Tochigi City Toga History and Folklore Museum
  • Iwafune Stone Museum

Sports Facilities

  • Tochigi City General Sports Park
    • General Gymnasium (Maruwa Arena Tochigi)
    • Athletic field
    • Baseball field (Tochigi Konohana Stadium)
    • Kyudo hall
    • Pool
  • Tochigi City Minagawa Tomiya Athletic Field
  • Tochigi City Omiya Athletic Square
  • Tochigi City Otsuka Athletic Square
  • Tochigi City Shiriuchi Riverbed Sports Ground
  • Daikoji Riverbed Sports Ground, Tochigi City
  • Tochigi City Yanagihara Riverbed Athletic Field
  • Tochigi Workers Physical Education Center
  • Spark Tochigi
  • Tochigi City Ohira Sports Park
    • Baseball field (Agekke Sakura Baseball Stadium)
  • Tochigi City Ohira Gymnasium
  • Tochigi City Ohira Minami Gymnasium
  • Tochigi City Ohira Budokan
  • Tochigi City Fujioka Sports Fureai Center
  • Tochigi City Fujioka General Gymnasium
  • Tochigi City Fujioka Kyudo Hall
  • Tochigi City Mikamo Sports Square
  • Tochigi City Toga Citizens' Athletic Field
  • Tochigi City Tsuga Sports Park Athletic Field
  • Tochigi City Tsuga Sports Center
  • Tochigi City Western General Cultural Gymnasium (Kanto Hochiki Nikata Gymnasium)
  • Tochigi City Iwafune Sports Park
  • Tochigi City Iwafune Sports Complex
  • Tochigi City Iwafune Gymnasium


Large park
Block park
  • Tochigi Castle Remains Park
  • Entsuji Front Park
  • Ekimae Park
  • Tochigi Station South Park
  • Shibazukasan Park
  • Uzuma Park
  • Setogawara Park
  • Mt. Taiheizan Scenic Park
  • Kinchakusan Park
  • Second Park (Shinmeigu Park)
Green space

Municipal public hall

  • Citizens' Exchange Center (Kyokuto Tochigizo no Machirakukan)
    • Tochigi Public Hall
  • Omiya Community Center
  • Minagawa Public Hall
  • Fukiage Public Hall
  • Terao Community Center
  • Kokufu Public Hall
  • Ohira Public Hall
  • Ohira Eastern Community Center
  • Ohira south district public hall
  • Ohira Nishi District Public Hall
  • Red hemp district public hall
  • Mikamo district public hall
  • Fujioka district public hall
  • Fujioka Public Hall
  • Room district public hall
  • Toga Public Hall
  • Seiho Community Center
  • Western Southern District Community Center
  • Onodera district public hall
  • Shizuwa district public hall
  • Iwafune Community Center




From north to southTohoku ExpresswayIs passingSano Fujioka IC-Tochigi ICHas, in the east and west2011/All lines opened every (23)North Kanto ExpresswayIs passingTsuga IChave. In the south, the general connecting Gunma, Tochigi, and IbarakiNational Route 50Passes east and west, general in the northNational Route 293It forms a road network with excellent accessibility to the inside and outside of the prefecture.

The main roads connecting the areas areTochigi Prefectural Road No. 11 Tochigi Fujioka Line(Tochigi Loop Line) ・Tochigi Prefectural Road No. 3 Utsunomiya Kamewada Tochigi LineThere is (Nikko Reiheishi Highway). On public transportTobu Nikko-Tobu Utsunomiya Line・ JRRyomo LineThere are 3 stations on 11 lines, which serve as a means of commuting to work and school in the city and neighboring local governments, and as a means of transportation to Tokyo and Saitama.

Most of the population tends to be concentrated in the city center and around railway stations, and the city's limited express ticket purchase cost subsidy system for commuters in Tokyo[16]UsingTobu Line Limited ExpressDue to the existence of "Tochigi citizens" who commute to Tokyo, there are relatively many railway users, and Tochigi Station, which is the center of the station, is located in the prefecture.Utsunomiya Station-Oyama StationCount the number of users next to[Annotation 6].. On the other hand, although road conditions have improved, there are still many bottlenecks due to the nature of the city as a historical landscape preservation city.


East Japan Railway(JR East Japan)Tobu RailwayOperated byTochigi StationJR as a terminalRyomo LineとTobu Nikko,Tobu Utsunomiya LineThere are a total of 3 routes running.Shin-Tochigi StationIs the starting point of the Tobu-Utsunomiya Line, but almost all trains depart and arrive at Tochigi Station, which is one station closer to Asakusa. Since trains from Tobu-Nikko Asakusa depart and arrive at Shin-Tochigi Station, there are more trains running between Tochigi Station and Shin-Tochigi Station than other lines, and both stations are major transfer stations, so morning and evening commute. It gets crowded during the rush to school.

By Tobu RailwayLimited express train Asakusa-sunlightToward 1-2 bottles per hour,Omiya-ShinjukuFour trains run daily in the direction. In addition, the number of regular trains operating per hour during the day is approximately 4-1 for the JR Ryomo Line, 1 for the Tobu-Nikko Asakusa area, and 2-2 for the Nikko area (alternately with the rapid trains that stop at each station). Service), Tobu Utsunomiya Line has two lines. Since the timetable revision in 0, the number of regular trains in the direction of Tobu-Nikko Asakusa has been reduced to two per hour, and the number of trains has grown to four. In addition, the section rapid train started to operate at high speed to Shin-Ohirashita, but the number of flights was reduced every two hours, and the regular trains departing from Tochigi and Shin-Tochigi started to operate alternately with the section rapid train at two-hour intervals. It was.

East Japan Railway (JR East)

■Ryomo Line

Tobu Railway


■Utsunomiya Line

Transit Bus

Long time agoTobu Bus,Kanto MotorMany route buses are operated by Kanto Motor alone, and there were more than 10 routes. However, in a village away from the railway station, which accounted for the majority of bus users.Low birthrate and aging population,DepopulationAs a result of the progress, the lines and sales offices were abolished and withdrawn one after another, and only one Kokugakuin line operated by Kanto Motor in the direction of Mt. Taihei remained. Some abandoned routes are as community busesTochigi Municipal Bus,Kanuma citizen busWas taken over by, but in many areasPublic transportIt was left as a blank area. Under these circumstances, new community bus routes were established one after another with the aim of eliminating public transportation blank areas and revitalizing the region.

Kanto Motor

There is a Tochigi sales office in the city.

Tochigi Municipal Bus
Kanuma citizen bus

Express Bus

Kanto MotorKintetsu Bus
  • Tochigi No.


Municipal demand taxi "Kura Taku"

In order to respond to the increase in vulnerable traffic and the diversification of regional mobility needs due to the development of an aging society, a door-to-door door-to-door taxi from the entrance to the entrance will be available throughout the city from October 2011, 23. It is in operation.

  • Service area
    • Northern area: Western area, Tsuga area, Omiya area (excluding Hirayanagimachi 1-chome), Minagawa area, Fukiage area, Terao area, Kokufu area
    • Central area: Tochigi district, Omiya district (Hirayanagimachi 1-chome)
    • Southern area: Ohira area, Fujioka area, Iwafune area
General taxi
Tochigi district
  • Tochigi joint taxi
  • Chiyoda taxi
  • Tochigi Kotsu
  • Fuji taxi
  • Tochinan taxi
Ohira district
  • Ohira taxi
  • Welfare taxi Tochigi
Fujioka district
  • Fujioka taxi
Toga district
  • Tsuga taxi
  • Happiness company
Western district
  • Kanesaki taxi
Iwafune district
  • Iwafune taxi


Roads extend radially from the city center to each direction.Ring roadIsTochigi Prefectural Road 309 Tochigi Loop Line(Tochigi Bypass) and passing through the southern part of the cityNational Route 50Iwafune Koyama BypassHas heavy traffic. Because these major highways are close to highway interchangesLong distance truckSuch aslogisticsMany target vehicles are used, and there are many distribution warehouses along the road. In addition to this, suburban commercial facilities are located along these lines, so there is an influx of private cars for commercial purposes, which is one of the causes of congestion.2000/Since then, in the eastern part of the cityTochigi Prefectural Road 2 Utsunomiya Tochigi Line"Sousha Imai Bypass" andCity planning road3 Tsuga IC South, which is part of the Oyama Tochigi Tochigi Line-The east exit of Hirayanagimachi is seeing opening.

On the road sign, the city name is written as "Tochigi City" instead of "Tochigi".


National road

Main local road

General prefectural road

Road Station

Sister city/friendship city


Sights and historic sites

Tochigi area
Ohira area
Fujioka area
Tsuga area
  • Tsuga no Sato
  • OgakiHanayama
  • Ogaki Katakuri no Sato
  • Hananoe no Sato
  • Taitoyama Chofukuji Temple
Western region
Iwafune area


  • Tochigi Onsen / Yuraku no Sato

Festivals and events

Selection / Award

Works set in Tochigi City

Tochigi Film Commission cooperation work

cast:Yukie NakamaOther
Location:Minato Town,Nishikatamachi ManagoWait
cast:Fukushi-Honda Wing-Sakura OharaOther
Location:Kuranomachi Pleasure Boat, Tochigi High School, along Kuranomachi Odori, Uzuma Park, along Tomoeha River, etc.

Mascot character

There are four mascot characters in Tochigi City, which promote tourism in the city.

City official mascot character

  • Tochisuke
    • Tochigi City and Iwafune Town merged on April 26, 4, and the newTochigi CityEstablished as the official mascot character of the new city to commemorate the completion of the merger.
    • The head and legs have a brewery motif, which is associated with the town of brewery. In addition, Tochigi City is being promoted nationwide as a fairy of the warehouse.

Other characters

  • Kirara-chan(Western region ・How to get to the roadside station)
    • May 11birth.
    • How to open at the roadside station (2009/(21)May 11), A mascot character selected from 110 entries.
    • Anthropomorphized with the motif of "strawberry", which is a specialty of the western region, and promoting "Michinoeki Nishikata" with "Koshihikari" from the western region.
  • Greppy(Ohira area)
    • 2010/Born in summer.
    • Ohira Town Grape ComplexGrape fairy born from. Very shy because it doesn't suit the size of the face. I love summer the most and am fine.
  • Cosmon(Iwafune area)
    • May 1birth.
    • CosmosThe fairy (which was the town flower of Iwafune Town before the merger). I like strawberries. We are doing PR for Iwafune Fruit Park.

Related person

Person from

Warlord, Daimyo, Ooku
Business world

Related person


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