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😷 | [Breaking news] New Corona Mito City confirms 4 new infections

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[Breaking news] New Corona Mito City confirms 4 new infections

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Mito City announced on the 10th that 4 new cases of coronavirus infection have been confirmed in the city.

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New coronavirus

New coronavirus(Shingata coronavirus,English: Novel coronavirus, nCoV) IsCoronavirus familyOrthocoronavirus subfamilyBelongs toウ イ ル スOf these, it is a tentative name given to those that are medically and publicly important.[1][2][3][4].

In particularHuman coronavirusIt is often used in. (Human) Coronavirus against humanityEndemic diseaseIs believed to becoldCauses (common cold) -like symptoms,(English editionIs prevalent as a serious infection, often accompanied by pneumonia[1][2][3][4].

Virus type

The following viruses were positioned as new coronaviruses before their official names were given.

Types of new coronaviruses that are pathogenic to humans
Formal nameOther namesSusceptible host[† 1]First discovery location (discovery year)Infection
SARS coronavirus 2 (SARS-CoV-2)[† 2][5][6]2019-Ncov

SARS virus 2

Human coronavirus 2019 (HCoV-19)

Bat,Scale armorChugoku-Wuhan(2019)New Coronavirus Infection (2019) (COVID-19)[† 3][4][7]
MERS coronavirus (MERS-CoV)[† 4]Middle east virus

MERS virus

Camel flu virus

camel,BatSaudi Arabia-Jeddah(2012)Middle East respiratory syndrome (MERS)[8][9].
Human coronavirus HKU1 (HCoV-HKU1)New Haven Virus[Annotation 1]A mouseHong Kong (2005)Mild respiratory tract infection, rarely severe pneumonia
SARS coronavirus (SARS-CoV, SARS-CoV-1)[† 2]SARS virusChinese cabbage,BatChugoku-Foshan(2002)Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)[9]
  1. ^ (English editionMay not be succeeded.
  2. ^ a b This virus is not a different speciesSARS-related coronavirusIs considered to be one of the stocks of.
  3. ^ Synonyms include 2019 coronavirus pneumonia,Wuhan pneumoniaThere is a syndrome.
  4. ^ (English edition,(English editionIncluding stocks of.

All of the above four viruses belong to the genus Betacoronavirus (betacoronavirus) Belongs to.


Known for the "new" of the new coronavirusViral family classificationBelongs toIt means a new pathogen.That is, the new coronavirusCoronavirus familyIt means a new pathogen belonging to (or its subclass).There is no intention of a completely unknown new pathogen. The use of the word "new XX" was introduced in 2015WHOConforms to the new infectious disease naming scheme decided by[10][11][12].

Historically, pathogens have often been named after location, individuals, or specific species, but these practices are not currently endorsed by WHO.[10][11][12].

The permanent official names of viruses and diseases are, respectively.ICTVWHO OfInternational Classification of Diseases (ICD)Is determined by.

Detailed explanation


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注 釈

  1. ^ Human coronavirus NL63 Some strains of (HCoV-NL63)New Haven Coronavirus Be careful not to confuse it because it is called (HCoV-NH).
  2. ^ Example of use of the name "new coronavirus" for SARS coronavirus by the media[15][16][17][18].
  3. ^ Example of use of the name "new coronavirus" for MERS coronavirus by the media[20][21][22][23][24][25][26][27][28].


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Mito(Mitoshi) isIbaraki OfCentral prefecture areaに 位置 す るCity.. In IbarakiPrefectural office locationAnd in the largest citiesCore cityIs specified in.


Mito Tokugawa familyIt ’s a place of ties,Mito Komon(Tokugawa Mitsukuni) AndKairakuenIt has been known. Every FebruaryPlum Festival in MitoBut in AugustMito Komon Festival, The Mito Hagi Festival will be held in September.Meiji EraLaterNattoProduction of (Mito Natto) became popular.

Most of the city including the center is oldIbaraki-gun(1878/MeijiFrom 11 years>Higashiibaraki-gun), and the name of Ibaraki prefecture isPrefectural officeWas placed in Mito, Ibaraki-gun. Old in part of the cityNaka-gunIncluding the area.

Mito metropolitan area(Urban employment area) Has a population of about 66 (2000/Heisei12 years>).


Kanto PlainLocated on the east side of Ibaraki prefectureCentral prefecture areaIt is divided into.


NakagawaThe area around is lowland, but other than that, the plateau is wide. Japan's firstWaterdesignateddam OfKozogawa DamThere is.


Pacific climateIt has an intermediate climate between the Sanriku / Joban type and the Tokai / Kanto type. SummerOkhotsk Kaiki GroupHighest due to the northeast air currents fromtemperatureIs low,真 夏日The number of days is 33.6 days, the smallest in the prefectural capital west of Kanto Koshinetsu,YamagataFewer. Also,Tropical nightThere is almost no.

The weather is sunny in winter and the highest temperature is the average value west of the Kanto region.Radiation coolingThe phenomenon tends to be strong, and it is severely cold in the morning and evening. The average minimum temperature in winter is in the southern part of TohokuSendai city,FukushimaLower. It becomes snow when the former south bank low pressure of strong cold air passes, but it is hard to become extremely heavy snow in the Kanto region. It can be said that the climate is mild nationwide, except that the winter mornings and evenings are very cold.

Climate of Kanemachi, Mito City (Mito Local Meteorological Observatory, altitude 29m)
Highest temperature record ° C (° F23.8
Average maximum temperature ° C (° F9.2
Average daily temperature ° C (° F3.3
Average minimum temperature ° C (° F−1.8
Minimum temperature record ° C (° F−12.0
Precipitation amount mm (inch)54.5
Snowfall cm (inch)4
Average days of precipitation (≥0.5 mm)
Average number of snowfall days6.
Average monthlyDaylight hours195.4174.3182.7183.5186.1137.8150.8179.4138.7140.6153.7178.02,000.8
Source:Japanese Meteorological Agency (Average value: 1991-2020, extreme value: 1897-present)[1][2]


Population distribution by age in Mito City and the whole country (2005)Population distribution by age and gender in Mito City (2005)
Purple-Mito City
Green-All over Japan

Changes in the population of Mito City (corresponding area)
Ministry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsStatistics Bureau CensusThan

Although it is the largest city in the prefecture, its population is less than 1% of the total population of Ibaraki prefecture.As a percentage of the population occupied by the largest cities in each prefecture,Tokyo WardIs the lowest among all prefectures when is considered as one city.


Origin of place name

The place name of "Mito" isNakagawaFlourished as a river port for boat transportation,WedOf luckdoorIt comes from what was said to be the mouth. I'm not sure when it was called, but the Christian era1400/Around (Muromachi Period) Is said to have already had that name. The water transportation of the Naka River existed until modern times, but it is not replaced by land transportation at present, and only the place name remains.

Chronological Table

From ancient times to the Ritsuryo era

From the Warring States Period to the Edo Period

From Meiji to World War II

After World War II

Administrative region transition

*Transition of fine boundaries[Need explanation]Is omitted.

Timeline of transition

Transition of Mito city area (chronological table)
YearsDateTransition of administrative areas related to the current Mito city area
1889/(22th year of Meiji)May 4Municipal system-Municipal systemWith the implementation of, Mito City and 18 other villages will be established.[7]
  • Mito ← Mito Castle Shitamachi / Shitamachi and parts of Yoshida Village / Hamada Village / Hosoya Village / Tokiwa Village
  • Higashiibaraki-gun(16 villages)
    • Tokiwa Village ← Tokiwa Village alone enforces village system
    • Midorioka Village ← Miwa Village, Miwa Village, Kobuki Village, Chinami Village, Kasahara Nitta, Hirasucho Village
    • Watari Village ← Watari Village, Hori Village, Tano Village
    • Kamiono Village ← Naka Ono Village, 圷 Ono Village, Higashi Ono Village, Nishi Ono Village, Shibui Village, Yoshinuma Village, Hosoya Village, Hamada Village
    • Yoshida ← Higashinomura, Yonezawamura, Yoshizawamura, Yoshidamura
    • Sakamon Village ← Sakado Village, Yata Village, Ishikawa Village, Wakamiya Village
    • Kawada Village ← Nakamaru Village, Akatsuka Village, Kayaba Nitta, Kawada Village
    • Kaminakatsuma Village ← Otsuka Village, Kanaya Village, Iijima Village, Kakurai Village
    • Yamane Village ← Narizawa Village, Kobashita Village, Yatsu Village, Zenkuma Village, Kaie Village
    • Iitomi Village ← Iitomi Village, Iwane Village, Fujii Village
    • Inari Village ← Rokutanda Village, Kurisaki Village, Higashimae Village, Ogushi Village, Shimada Village
    • Shimoono Village ← Shimoono Village, Koizumi Village, Kawane Village, Shiogasaki Village, Hirado Village
    • Oba Village ← Oba Village, Morito Village, Shimo Irino Village, Akinari Nitta
    • Nakatsuma Village ← Tsuiji Village, Akao Seki Village, Oashi Village, Ariga Village, Ushibuse Village, Kuroiso Village, Tajima Village, Minowa Village
    • Shimonakatsuma Village ← Kobayashi Village, Uchihara Village, Nakahara Village, Miyu Village
    • Koibuchi Village ← Koibuchi Village, Shimono Nitta, Gohei Village, Takada Village
  • Naka-gun(2 villages)
    • Yanagawa Village ← Aoyagi Village, Kamikawachi Village, Nakagawachi Village, Shimokawachi Village
    • Kunida Village ← Taya Village, Kamikunii Village, Shimokuni Village
1933/(8)May 3Mito CityTokiwa VillageIncorporated.
1952/(27)May 4Mito CityMidorioka Village-Kamiono VillagePart of (a part of Hosoya) is incorporated.
1955/(30)May 3
May 4
1957/(32)May 6Mito CityIitomi Village-Kunida Village(Excluding some of Kamikunii) was incorporated.
1958/(33)May 4Mito CityAkatsukaIncorporated.
1965/(40)May 1Uchihara village enforces town systemUchihara TownBecomes
1992/(4)May 3Mito CityTsunezumi VillageIncorporated.
2005/(17)May 2Mito City incorporates Uchihara Town.

Chart for each old town

Transition table of Mito city area (* Transition of fine boundaries is omitted)
First year of the Meiji era--22nd year of the Meiji eraMeiji 22
May 4
Meiji 22-64XNUMX-presentNow
Mito Castle TownMitoMitoMitoMitoMito
Mito Castle Town
Part of Yoshida Village
Part of Hamada Village
Part of Hosoya Village
 Tokiwa Village
 Tokiwa VillageShowa 8/3/15
Transferred to Mito City
Mikawa VillageMidorioka VillageShowa 27/4/1
Transferred to Mito City
Miwa village
Chiba Village
Kasahara Nitta
 Hosoya VillageKamiono Village
 Showa 30/4/1
Transferred to Mito City
Naka Ono Village
圷 Onomura
University of Tokyo Nomura
Nishi Ono Village
Shibui Village
Yoshinuma Village
Watari VillageWatari Village
Higashino VillageYoshida
Yonezawa Village
Yoshizawa Village
Naka-gunAoyagi VillageYanagawa Village
Kamikawachi Village
Nakagawachi Village
Shimokawachi Village
Kunita VillageKunida VillageKunida VillageShowa 32/6/1
Transferred to Mito City
Shimo Kunita Village
Iitomi VillageIitomi VillageShowa 30/4/1
Iitomi Village
Iwane Village
Fujii village
Narizawa VillageYamane Village
Koba ShimomuraShowa 30/4/1
Showa 33/4/1
Transferred to Mito City
Zenkuma Village
Kai Jiang Village
Otsuka VillageKaminakatsuma Village
Kanaya Village
Iijima Village
Kakurai Village
Kawada VillageKawada Village
Nakamaru Village
Kayaba Nitta
AkatsukaShowa 30/4/1
Transferred to Mito City
Sakamon VillageSakamon Village
A part of
Ishikawa Village
Shimoono VillageShimoono VillageShowa 30/3/31
Tsunezumi Village
Heisei 4/3/3
Transferred to Mito City
Koizumi Village
Kawane Village
Shiogasaki Village
Hirado Village
Shimo Irino VillageOba Village
Oba Village
Morito Village
Akinari Nitta
Rokutan TamuraInari Village
Higashimae Village
Ogushi Village
Kurisaki Village
Kobayashi VillageShimonakatsuma VillageShowa 30/3/31
Uchihara Village
Showa 40/1/1
Town system
Heisei 17/2/1
Transferred to Mito City
Uchihara Village
Zhongyuan Village
Tsuiji VillageNakatsuma Village
Akao Sekimura
Ariga Village
Kuroiso Village
Minowa Village
Part of Koibuchi VillageKoibuchi Village
A part of
Takano VillageMeiji 11
Tazawa Village
Part of Gohei Village

Things of origin

  • Othelloplace of origin[8][9][10](The Othello package itself is from Mito CityGoro HasegawaWas developed in Tokyo[11] However, 27 years after its release, Hasegawa said that the prototype of Othello was invented in Mito City as a boy.[12] Derived from). In addition, the game itself is exactly the same as the reversi that originated in London that existed before that, and there is an objection that it is inappropriate to originate in Japan.[13].. In addition, developer Hasegawa explained that immediately after the launch of Othello, Othello was an improvement of the reversi equipment that was witnessed in Mito City as a child in Tokyo after becoming an adult.[14].
  • "Mitsukuni Tokugawa is the first in JapanRamenGyozaI ate. "
  • loose socksIs said to have originated in Mito[15].



Successive mayors

Successive generationsNameInauguration dateRetirement date
First generationHattori MasayoshiMay 1889, 22December 1892 (Meiji 25)
2May 1893, 26May 1898, 31
3December 1899 (Meiji 32)May 1905, 38
4December 1905 (Meiji 38)May 1906, 39
5May 1906, 39August 1914 (Taisho 3)
6May 1914, 3 (Taisho 5)May 1923, 12 (Taisho 2)
7Takeshi YamazakiMay 1923, 12 (Taisho 5)May 1924, 13 (Taisho 6)
8May 1924, 13 (Taisho 8)1932 (Showa 7)/8/11
9Nakazaki Toshihide1932 (Showa 7)/8/121941 (Showa 16)/6/14
10During Nagoshi1941 (Showa 16)/9/161942 (Showa 17)/3/3
11Watanabe Kakuzo1942 (Showa 17)/10/141946 (Showa 21)/4/23
121946 (Showa 21)/6/141947 (Showa 22)/11/3
13Toshio Yamamoto1947 (Showa 22)/12/91967 (Showa 42)/11/19
141967 (Showa 42)/11/201972 (Showa 47)/6/13
151972 (Showa 47)/7/301984 (Showa 59)/7/29
16Kazunobu Sagawa1984 (Showa 59)/7/301993 (Heisei 5)/8/31
17Hiroshi Okada1993 (Heisei 5)/10/172003 (Heisei 15)/3/20[Annotation 2]
18Koichi Kato2003 (Heisei 15)/4/272011 (Heisei 23)/5/28
19Yasushi Takahashi2011 (Heisei 23)/5/29Incumbent


City hall / branch / branch office / citizen center

municipal office

Postal Code310-8610 1-4-1, Central, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
JRMito StationAbout 10 minutes on foot from the south exit
Kanto Railway-Ibaraki TransportationGet off at Mito City Hall (only on weekdays) or Mito City Hall North, in front of Cultural Center

Branch / branch office

  • Uchihara branch office
Postal Code319-0393 1395-1, Uchihara-cho, Mito-shi, Ibaraki
  • Akatsuka branch office
Postal Code311-4143 1851-5 Otsuka-cho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture
  • Tsunezumi branch office
Postal Code311-1115 2134 Okushicho, Mito City, Ibaraki Prefecture

Citizen Center

  • Sannomaru Civic Center
  • Goken Civic Center
  • Takekuma Civic Center
  • Watari Civic Center
  • Kaminakatsuma Civic Center
  • Sakuragawa Civic Center
  • Midorioka Community Center
  • Miwa Civic Center
  • Futabadai Civic Center
  • Joban Civic Center
  • Kotobuki Civic Center
  • Ishikawa City Center
  • Kamiono City Center
  • Iitomi Civic Center
  • Joto Civic Center
  • Yoshida Community Center
  • Shinso Civic Center
  • Senba Civic Center
  • Yanagawa Civic Center
  • Kasahara Civic Center
  • Sakado Civic Center
  • Migawa Civic Center
  • Kunita Civic Center
  • Akatsuka Civic Center
  • Yoshizawa Civic Center
  • Horihara Civic Center
  • Yamane City Center
  • Inari Daiichi Civic Center
  • Oba Civic Center
  • Inari Daini Civic Center
  • Shimo-Ono Civic Center
  • Uchihara Civic Center
  • Koibuchi Citizen Center
  • Wife Satono Citizen Center

National administrative agency


City council

Prefectural assembly

  • Number of people: 6 people
  • Constituency: Mito City Constituency (Mito City,Castle town
  • Term: March 2019, 1-March 8, 2023[17]
Representative nameParliamentary nameNumber of wins
Akira KatoIbarakiLDP3
Shizuma TateIbaraki LDP4
Tamatsukuri JunichiConstitutional Democratic Party1
Kana EjiriJapan Communist Party2
Takashi KawazuIbaraki LDP6
Susumu TakasakiKomeito4

House of Representatives

Ibaraki Prefecture 1th Ward
CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisNobuyuki Fukushima51Independentyuan105,072 vote
RatioYoshinori Tadokoro67LDP96,791 vote
Ibaraki Prefecture 2th Ward
CommentCandidate nameageAffiliated partyOld and newNumber of votes obtainedrepeat
ThisFukushiro Nukaga77LDP110,831 vote
Yukihisa Fujita71Constitutional Democratic Partyyuan61,103 vote


裁判 所



MitoCommercialIt's a cityTertiary industryAccount for the majority.

A company with its head office and head office in Mito City

Sister cities/partner cities


In connection with the Tengu Party RebellionTsurugaBecame a sister city, and then through the mediation of Tsuruga CityHikoneBoth become goodwill cities. About HikoneOutside of SakuradamonIs related. (The elderNaosuke Ii TheHikone clanThe one who defeated Ii, the family of the LordMito DomainA group centered on the romain. ) Furthermore, through the mediation of Hikone CityTakamatsuBecome a good friend city. Takamatsu, who ruled Takamatsu during the Edo periodMatsudairaIs a branch of the Tokugawa Mito family.


1976/(51)May 12 International Goodwill Sister City Alliance (amusement park,Tokyo Disneylandfamous for)
2000/(12)May 6 Friendship Exchange City Alliance


Central part

DowntownMito StationAround the plateau on the north side of the Joban LineGo public(Wow one[18][Broken link]), From Mito station to the eastern downtownDowntown(Shimoichi)DowntownIs formed in the north exit direction,National Route 50Penetrates east and west. Route 50 has two lanes each way, the right lane is the passage, and the left lane is partlybusThere is a dedicated lane time zone. The south exit is lined with hotels and commercial facilities due to redevelopment.

Mito Station North Exit

At the north exit of Mito StationStation buildingEXCELAnd the north exit redevelopment building "MYM" (MaruiMito store, Miyamachi 1-chome, opened on February 1993, 5[19]), And on the main street extending from there, the site of the Bomberta Isejin Mito store was redeveloped including the surrounding buildings and was opposite.Mito Keisei Department Store(Currently Keisei Department Store, Izumicho 1-chome[20]) Moved and opened on March 2006, 18[20].

However, on February 2003, 15, the department store "Bomberta Isejin Mito" in Izumicho 2-chome closed.[21], Daiei Mito store closed on October 2005, 17 (Heisei 10)[22], On March 2009, 21 (Heisei 3)LIVINMito store closed[23], And the former Daiei Mito store opened on October 2007, 19 (Heisei 10) "MIMO(Mimo)[24] Closed on April 2013, 25[25] In addition,SuntopiaLarge stores are closing one after another, such as closing.

The former Mito Keisei Department Store Building, which was vacated by the relocation, was acquired by Ise Jin Headquarters and is the core of the target site of the redevelopment project by the Izumicho 1-Chome North Area Urban Redevelopment Preparation Association, and the Mito Civic Center will be relocated. Completion2022/(Reiwa 4th year) Scheduled for September.

Part of the building was used as a temporary use until the start of the redevelopment project, and it opened as Mito Shopping Street Kimmit on January 2008, 20, but in March 1.Great East Japan EarthquakeAfter the outbreak, the store was virtually closed.

Adjacent to the Uni Mito storeTaharayaAlong with the site of the Mito store, a construction plan for a skyscraper of about 25 stories or more containing commercial facilities and condominiums was planned, but the plan was not realized due to the impact of rising building material prices, and part of it was used as a parking lot. An agreement was reached with Sumitomo Realty & Development to rent a part of the building free of charge for two years, and the "Minamimachi Freedom Square" opened on February 2, 2009. It is a professional basketball team after 21 (Heisei 2)Ibaraki RobotsIs open as M-SPO.

Mito Station South Exit

At the south exit of Mito station, the south exit station buildingExcel Minami Bic cameraAs an anchor store[26] Opened on May 2011, 23 (Heisei 5)[27] In addition, in 2006 (Heisei 18)COMBOX310[26],Yamada Denki LABIIs the key tenantMito South Tower'[28] Opened in 2008 (Heisei 20)[26].. Also,Hotel, High riseApartmentEtc. have been built.


Akatsuka StationCondominiums and complex high-rise facilities are located in the surrounding area. At the south exit on March 2005, 17 (Heisei 3)KasumiFood Square Mito Akatsuka store (Kawada 1-1)[29], December 4 of the same yearYork-BenimaruAkatsuka store (Himeko 2-30) opens[30], Commercial facilities are maintained around supermarkets.Around the Ibaraki Prefectural Office, public facilities and commercial facilities of the prefecture are located, as well asNational Route 50Mito BypassAlong the railway line, especially from Otsuka Town to KeyakidaiRoadside shopLine up. In March 2020 in Yonezawachoビ ク タ ーOn the site of the Mito factoryYork-Benimaru,UNIQLO,MujiThe Yorktown Mito store is open.Congestion occurs on the surrounding roads on weekday mornings, evenings, and weekends and holidays.As a measure against traffic congestion, road expansion work is being carried out centering on Sakura-dori. On March 2022, 3Fukuoka CityIs headquartered inIchiranWas on the side of the Motoyoshidacho intersectionKappa SushiOpened the first store in Ibaraki prefecture on the site.The area around Uchihara Station is the largest in the central area of ​​the prefecture.SuburbShopping centerIsAEON MALL Mitouchihara(135 Nakaharacho character west) opened on November 2005, 17 (Heisei 11)[31], Roadside shops such as home electronics mass retailers and restaurants are increasing around this area.


Major Divisions

RegionCity hall / branch / branch officeNearest Station
Central regionMito City Hall Main Government BuildingMito Station
TsunezumiRegionMito City Hall Tsunezumi Branch OfficeTsunezumi Station
AkatsukaRegionMito City Hall Akatsuka Branch OfficeAkatsuka Station
UchiharaRegionMito City Hall Uchihara Branch OfficeUchihara Station

School District

  • Junior high school district (15)
  • Elementary school district (33)

The former "Mito City Yamane Elementary School" was abolished, and the Yamane Elementary School district up to that point was integrated into the "Mito City Futabadai Elementary School" school district. However, the "Yamane City Center" is still in operation. In addition, the "Yamane Autonomous Federation", which is a resident organization in the Yamane area, operates independently of the "Futabadai area resident association".

List of town names

  • Aoyagi Town
  • Akaosekicho
  • Akatsuka
  • Akinari Town
  • 圷 Ohno
  • Akebonocho
  • Asahi Town
  • Atago Town
  • Abokkecho
  • Arigacho
  • Iijima
  • Iitomicho
  • 石川
  • Ishikawa Town
  • Izumi Town
  • Iwane Town
  • Ushibushi Town
  • Uchihara
  • Uchihara Town
  • Ogushi Town
  • Oashi Town
  • Otsuka Town
  • Oba Town
  • Omachi
  • Ohara Town
  • Kakurai Town
  • Kasahara Town
  • Kanaya Town
  • Kanamachi
  • Kamikochi Town
  • Kamikuni Town
  • Kamito
  • Kayaba Town
  • Kawamata Town
  • Taraya
  • Kawawada Town
  • Kitami Town
  • Kurisaki Town
  • Kuroiso Town
  • Keyakidai
  • Koizumi Town
  • Koibuchi Town
  • Kobayashi Town
  • Kobuki-cho
  • Konya Town
  • Goken-cho
  • Godaira
  • Sakaemachi
  • Samon Town
  • Sakumachi
  • Sakuragawa
  • Sannomaru
  • Shiozaki Town
  • Shibui Town
  • Shimada Town
  • Shimoirino Town
  • Shimoono Town
  • Shimoguni Town
  • Shimotsuke
  • White plum
  • Xinzhuang
  • Shinbara
  • Jiyugaoka
  • Joto
  • Seongnam
  • Mizufu Town
  • Suehiro
  • Sugisaki
  • Sumiyoshi Town
  • Sennami Town
  • Takada Town
  • Tajima Town
  • Tano Town
  • Taya Town
  • Carpentry
  • ちとせ
  • Center
  • Tsukiji Town
  • Tenno Town
  • Higashino Town
  • Tomae
  • Tomae Town
  • Tokiwa Town
  • Nakano
  • Nakakochi Town
  • Nakahara Town
  • Nakamaru Town
  • Naruzawa Town
  • Nishiono
  • Nishihara
  • fundamental
  • Nemotocho
  • Hakamazuka
  • Yawata Town
  • (I.e.
  • Hamada Town
  • Plum incense
  • Higashi Akatsuka
  • Higashiono
  • Higashisakuragawa
  • Todai
  • Tohara
  • Himeko
  • Kaie Town
  • Hiras Town
  • Hirado
  • Bizen Town
  • Fujii Town
  • Fujigahara
  • Fujisara Town
  • Futabadai
  • Bunkyo
  • Hori Town
  • Honcho
  • Zenkuma Town
  • Matsugaoka
  • Matsumoto Town
  • Mikawa
  • Mikawa Town
  • Midoricho
  • Minami Town
  • Minowa Town
  • Miyauchi Town
  • (I.e.
  • Miyu Town
  • Miwa
  • Motoishikawa Town
  • Motodai
  • Motoyama Town
  • Motoyoshida Town
  • Morito Town
  • Yata Town
  • Yatsu Town
  • Yanagawa Town
  • Yanagimachi
  • Yurigaoka Town
  • Yoshizawa
  • (I.e.
  • Yoshinuma Town
  • Yonezawa Town
  • Rutanda Town
  • Wakamiya
  • Wakamiya Town
  • Watari Town

The place name of "Uchihara" isManmon Pioneer Youth ArmyIt was known nationwide during the war because there was a training center.

Neighborhood association, residents' association, etc.

Overview of neighborhood associations, residents' associations, etc.

About 1300 in Mito cityNeighborhood association・There is a neighborhood association[32]..Neighborhood associations and residents' associations are simply different names, not different contents or activities.[33].. The neighborhood association and residents' association areCrime prevention lightInstallation and management"Voluntary disaster prevention・Mutual assistance”, “Environmental improvement/management of garbage storage”レ ク リ エ ー シ ョ ンFellowship events such as[34] However, the content of the activity differs depending on each neighborhood association and residents' association.[35]..The number of households participating in each neighborhood association / residents' association ranges from several households to 600 households.[35]..Neighborhood associations and residents' associations with a large number of households organize groups under them.Circular boardIn addition to the circulation of, it is a unit for conducting local activities[36].. In Mito city2020/The participation rate for neighborhood associations and residents' associations in the degree (2nd year of Reiwa) is 55.0%.[37][38].

Each neighborhood association, residents' association belongs to "district association"[32]..The main names of each district association are "○○ Making Association" (9 districts), "○○ Residents' Association" (7 districts), and "○○ Federation" (7 districts).[34][39]..The district meeting holds athletic meet and festivals[35].. District associations are generally organized into elementary school units.[40], Neighborhood associations, residents' associations in the area,Social welfare councilBranch[Annotation 3],Seniors club,Women's association,PTA,Children's AssociationTraining group,Public welfare officer, Etc.[40].. There are 34 district associations[32][34][39],Citizen CenterBased in[32].

"Mito City Living Good Town Development Promotion Council" (abbreviation: Mizuzumikyo[41], Sumikyo[42][43], Sumitomo) is composed of representatives of the "district meeting"[32], We are trying to cooperate with each district association[35]The goal is to promote livable town development together with the government.[40].. The Mito City Living Good Town Development Promotion Council has the momentum to unify the two residents' organizations, the Mito City Autonomous Federation and the Mito Citizens Charter Promotion Council, which once formed the basis of community activities in Mito City.[44] By1996/Established in (8)[44] Was done.

Chronology of neighborhood associations, residents' associations, etc.

  • Unknown year: Town affairs committee member captured by the predecessor of the neighborhood association (chief)[45]Appears.It seems that the town affairs committee was a town representative elected from each town[45]..As a meeting of the town affairs committee, a volunteer organization, the town affairs committee, can also be formed.[45].. (In Mito City, ShitaichiMunicipal systemImplementation1889/(MeijiAfter 22 years), it is said that the Shimoichi Town Affairs Committee was formed five or six years later.[45]. )
  • 1940/(Showa 15): "Buraku-kai Neighborhood Association Maintenance Guidelines" (Ministry of Interior Instruction No. 15 of 17) is issued (September 9). "Mito City Neighborhood Association Regulations" are set in accordance with the "Buraku Association Neighborhood Association Maintenance Guidelines"[45]..In Mito City, a "Neighborhood Association" will be established as a subordinate organization of the city.[46]..By appointing the town affairs committee as the chairman of the town, measures were taken to improve the town affairs committee system as a neighborhood association, that is, to reorganize the old self-government organization into an organization that assists neighbors in implementing national policies.[45]..The town association organized "groups" (one group consisted of 5 to 13 households), and each group had economic functions such as tax payment and digestion of government bonds, and increased food production and distribution. It was responsible for social life functions during the war, such as rations and mutual monitoring of neighbors.[46].."Neighborhood Association Federation" is established in 6 districts (Sannomaru, Goken, Shinso, Joto, Hamada, Joban) as an upper organization of the neighborhood association.[46].. --Under the wartime regime in the Sino-Japanese War[46].
  • 1947/(Showa 22): The Ministry of Home Affairs Instruction No. 15 is issued in 17 to abolish the "Guidelines for Maintenance of Neighborhood Associations, etc." (Ministry of Interior Instruction No. 22 of 4) (January 1).Potsdam OrdinanceNo. 15 ("Cabinet Order on Dissolution, Prohibition of Employment and Other Restrictions on Neighborhood Associations, Associations, etc. Based on Orders Issued with Acceptance of the Potsdam Declaration No. 20 of 542", 22 (Cabinet Order No. 15) is promulgated (May 5)-"Peace Treaty with Japan(San Francisco Peace Treaty, Treaty No. 27 of 5), "Neighborhood Associations", "Community Associations" and their "Unions" will be banned in the mainland of Japan.
  • 1952/(Showa 27): Potsdam OrdinanceNo. 15 loses its effect (October 10) (Based on "Act on Abolition of Matters Concerning Orders Issued with Acceptance of Potsdam Declaration" (Act No. 25 of 27), "Peace Treaty with Japan(San Francisco Peace Treaty, 27 Treaty No. 5) came into effect (May 4), Including Potsdam Ordinance No. 180 on the day (October 10) that exceeds 25 days.Potsdam OrderMany of them have lost their effect). ――From October 10th of this year, the neighborhood association and residents' association will be able to be revived both in name and reality.
  • 1953/(Showa 28): Mito City prepares "Guidelines for establishing a town liaison committee" in units of about 50 households --The town liaison committee was commissioned by the mayor and became a part-time civil servant (April)[47].. "Neighborhood Association Liaison Council" was established as a district organization (April)[47].
  • 1957/(Showa 32): "Mito City Municipal Cooperation Commissioner Establishment Rule" enacted-Town Liaison Committee will be renamed Municipal Cooperation Commissioner (April)[47].
  • 1970/(Showa 45): "Mito Municipal Cooperation Committee Liaison Council" was established as a central organization (June)[47].. "Mito Citizen's Charter" established by public recruitment from citizens[47](May 12[48]).
  • 1971/(Showa 46): "Mito Citizens Charter Promotion Council" established (February)[47].
  • 1973/(Showa 48) Around: 1974/(Showa 49)Ibaraki National Athletic Meet(29th National Sports Festival) Was held as a subordinate organization of the Mito Citizen's Charter Promotion Council, and the "Mito Citizen's Charter Promotion District Practice Group" was established for each elementary school district. Organized by many civic groups, including associations and senior citizens' clubs[47].
  • 1988/(63): Mito Municipal Cooperation Committee Liaison Council will be reborn as a private organization called "Mito City Autonomous Federation" --- Stop being commissioned by the mayor (October)[47].
  • 1991/Every time(Heisei(FY3): The Mito City Autonomous Federation and the Mito Citizens Charter Promotion Council will consider the unification of both parties at their respective integration review committees.[47].
  • 1992/(4): Report from the Integrated Study Committee of the Mito City Autonomous Federation (February 2)[47].. Report by the integrated study committee of the Mito Civic Charter Promotion Council (January 1)[47].. It is confirmed that the joint board of directors of the Mito City Autonomous Federation and the Mito Citizens Charter Promotion Council will promote integration.[44].Tsunezumi VillageWas transferred to Mito City (May 3[49].
  • 1993/From (5) 1995/(7): A general meeting for unification was held in each district and a "district meeting" was established.[44].
  • 1996/(8): "Mito City Living Good Town Development Promotion Council" was established with the chairman of each district association as a director.[44].
  • 1999/(11): Tsunezumi district joins Mito City Living Good Town Development Promotion Council[44].
  • 2005/(17): Uchihara TownWas transferred to Mito City (February 2st)[49].
  • 2009/(21): Mito City makes "Citizen-Government Collaboration City Declaration" (November 11)[50].
  • 2011/(23): Uchihara district joins Mito City Living Good Town Development Promotion Council[44].
  • 2017/(29): Mito City and Sannomaru Autonomous Community Federation receive the Minister of Internal Affairs and Communications Award for the 70th anniversary of the enforcement of the Local Autonomy Law (November 11)[51].
  • 2020/(Reiwa2nd year): Mito City Living Good Town Development Promotion Council, Ibaraki Prefectural Building Lots and Buildings Trading Association, and Mito City conclude an "Agreement on Promotion of Membership in Neighborhood Associations and Residents' Associations" (October 10) Day)[42][52][53][54].
  • 2022/(Reiwa 4th year): "Mito Neighborhood Association / Neighborhood Association Card" business started (January)[55][56][57][58].

List of district associations

List of district meetings[34][39].

  • Sannomaru District Sannomaru Autonomous Community Federation
  • Goken district faibutaun community
  • Shinso district A comfortable town development Shinsokai
  • Joto area Mito city Joto area self-governing association federation
  • Hamada district A meeting to create a comfortable Hamada
  • Joban District Land Joban no Kai
  • Midorioka District Midorioka Residents' Association
  • Kotobuki District Kotobuki District Autonomous Union Organization
  • Kamiono Area A meeting to create a comfortable Kamiono
  • Yanagawa District Yanagawa Autonomous Community
  • Watari district Watari residents' association
  • Yoshida district Yoshida district self-government practice meeting
  • Sakado district Furusato Sakado making party
  • Ishikawa District Ishikawa District Community Liaison Council
  • Iitomi District Iitomi Autonomy Practice Meeting
  • Kunida district Kunida district self-government practice meeting
  • Kawawada district A meeting to create a rich Kawawada
  • Kaminakazuma District Kaminakazuma District Residents' Association
  • Yamane District Yamane Autonomous Federation
  • Migawa district A meeting to create a comfortable Migawa
  • Chinami district Council to create hometown Chinami
  • Umegaoka District Umegaoka District Federation
  • Futabadai District Futabadai District Residents' Association
  • Kasahara District Kasahara District General Autonomous Federation
  • Akatsuka District Hometown Akatsuka Creation Group
  • Yoshizawa District Yoshizawa District Autonomous Federation
  • Horihara District Horihara District Residents' Association
  • Shimoono District A meeting to create a comfortable Shimoono
  • Inari Daiichi District Inari Daiichi District Town Development Association
  • Inari second district lively community Inari two
  • Oba district A meeting to create a refreshing Oba
  • Koibuchi District Koibuchi District Residents' Association
  • Tsumari district A meeting to create a comfortable Tsumari
  • Uchihara District Uchihara District Autonomous Federation


Postal code and collection and delivery in Mito city

  • 310-xxxx Mito Central Post OfficeIs picked up and delivered.
  • 311-11xx Mito Chuo Post Office collects and delivers.2021/Until (3rd year of Reiwa), the Tsunezumi Post Office was in charge.
  • 311-41xx Akatsuka Post OfficeIs picked up and delivered.
  • 311-42xx Mito Chuo Post Office collects and delivers.2009/Until (21)Postal Service Co., Ltd.The Mito Branch Iitomi Collection and Delivery Center (with the Iitomi Post Office) was in charge.
  • 319-03xx Akatsuka Post Office collects and delivers.2008/Until (20), the Uchihara Collection and Delivery Center of the Mito Branch of Japan Post Service Co., Ltd. (with the Uchihara Post Office) was in charge.

post office

Collection and delivery post office

Non-delivery post office

  • Iitomi Post Office
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Office Post Office
  • Ibaraki University Post Office
  • Uchihara Post Office
  • Oba Post Office
  • Kunida Post Office
  • Koibuchi Post Office
  • Tsunezumi Post Office
  • Nakatsuma Post Office
  • Mito Ishikawa Post Office
  • Mito Kawawada Post Office
  • Mito Gokencho Post Office
  • Mito Sakado Post Office
  • Mito Shitaichi Post Office
  • Mito City Hall Post Office
  • Mito Joto Post Office
  • Mito Suehiro Post Office
  • Mito Senbacho Post Office
  • Mito Daikumachi Post Office
  • Mito Hakamatsuka Post Office
  • Mito Higashi Akatsuka Post Office
  • Mito Higashihara Post Office
  • Mito Hirasucho Post Office
  • Mito Futabadai Post Office
  • Mito Honcho Post Office
  • Mito Matsugaoka Post Office
  • Mito Midorioka Post Office
  • Mito Miwa Post Office
  • Mito Motoyoshida Post Office
  • Mito Yoshizawa Post Office
  • Mito Yonezawa Post Office
  • Mito Watari Post Office

Simple post office

  • Mito Miwa Gotenyama Simple Post Office
  • Mito Yanakawa Post Office

School education, etc.


Junior college

Secondary school

high school


There are 7 full-time courses only, and 1 school has both a part-time course and a correspondence course.


There are 7 full-time schools and 1 correspondence course.

Junior high school





Compulsory education school


  • Mito City Kunida Compulsory Education School

primary school


There are 32 municipal elementary schools in total. Rare in the Kanto regionStandard clothingNearly half of schools adopt

  • Mito City Akatsuka Elementary School
  • Mito City Iitomi Elementary School
  • Mito City Ishikawa Elementary School
  • Mito City Inari Daiichi Elementary School
  • Mito City Inari Daini Elementary School
  • Mito City Uchihara Elementary School
  • Mito City Umegaoka Elementary School
  • Mito City Oba Elementary School
  • Mito City Kasahara Elementary School
  • Mito City Kamitsukazuma Elementary School
  • Kawato Elementary School, Mito City
  • Mito City Koibuchi Elementary School
  • Mito City Goken Elementary School
  • Mito City Kotobuki Elementary School
  • Mito City Sakamon Elementary School
  • Mito City Sannomaru Elementary School
  • Shimoono Elementary School, Mito City
  • Mito City Joto Elementary School
  • Mito City Shinso Elementary School
  • Sento Elementary School, Mito City
  • Mito City Tsumari Elementary School
  • Mito City Joban Elementary School
  • Mito City Hamada Elementary School
  • Mito City Futabadai Elementary School
  • Horihara Elementary School, Mito City
  • Mito Elementary School
  • Mito City Midorioka Elementary School
  • Mito City Yanagawa Elementary School
  • Mito City Yoshizawa Elementary School
  • Mito City Yoshida Elementary School
  • Mito City Watari Elementary School



Special school

  • Ibaraki Prefectural School for the Blind (Visually impairedSchools for
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Mito Deaf School (Deaf personSchools for
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Mito Special Needs School (Physically handicappedSchools for
  • (To our school2009/Integrated into <21>) Ibaraki Prefectural Mito School for the Disabled Yoshizawa Branch School (School for the physically handicapped)
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Mito Iitomi Special Support School (Intellectually Handicapped IndividualSchools for
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Mito Higher Special Needs School (School for people with intellectual disabilities)
  • Ibaraki Prefectural Uchihara Special Needs School (School for people with intellectual disabilities)


36 gardens in total. 19 municipal gardens, 16 private gardens, 1 national garden (Ibaraki University Faculty of Education Kindergarten

Vocational school

  • Ibaraki Barber and Living Hygiene Association Ibaraki Central Barber and Beauty College (Ibaraki Barber and Living Hygiene Association)
  • Ibaraki College of Music (Ibaraki College of Music)
  • Mito Nikken Technical College(School corporation Joto Gakuen) (former Mito Computer College)
  • Nakagawa Gakuen Cooking Technical College (Nakagawa Gakuen)
  • Mito Beauty College (Mito Beauty College)
  • Mito Accounting College (School corporation Hachimoji Gakuen
  • Mito Electronics College (School corporation Yakumo Gakuen)
  • Mito Driving College(School corporation Yakumo Gakuen)
  • Mito Beauty College (Hachimoji Gakuen)
  • Mito Nursing and Welfare College (Hachimoji Gakuen)
  • Vocational schoolsBunka Designer Institute(School corporation Lily Bunka Gakuen) (former Bunka Gakuin Art and Technology College)
  • Lily Childcare and Welfare College (Lily Bunka Gakuen)
  • Ibaraki Central Welfare College ( Kitayokai)
  • Medical College Mito Medical College (Social Welfare Corporation Kitayokai)
  • Mito City Medical Association Nursing College (CorporationMito Medical Association)
  • Ibaraki Dental College (Ibaraki Dental Association)
  • Japan Agricultural Practice Academy (Japan National High School Association)
  • Koibuchi Gakuen Agricultural Nutrition College(FoundationFarmers Education Association)
  • Kawai JukuMito school (Prep school, School corporation Kawai Juku)

Various schools

Vocational training facility

Public vocational capacity building

Vocational training facilities set up by business owners, etc.

Cultural facility


  • Nanatsudo Park
  • Ogushi Kaizuka Fureai Park
  • Kurefushi no Sato Kofun Park
  • Katakuri no Sato Park

Large-scale park around Lake Senba

Senba LakeSenba Park on the lakeside, Kairakuen, Sakuragawa green area, Sawado river green area, Sakagawa green area, Kishu moat green area, Higashimachi Sports Park,Ibaraki Prefectural History Museum,Ibaraki Prefectural Cultural Center300 including etc.HaArea is collectively called "Kairakuen Park" by Ibaraki Prefecture and Mito City.This generic name "Kairakuen Park" has a shape in which the parks and green spaces that radiate from Lake Senba cut into the city area, making it a city park close to the city center.The United States of AmericaNew York City OfCentral ParkIt has the second largest area in the world after 340 hectares and is publicized by Ibaraki Prefecture and Mito City.[59][60].

The generic name "Kairakuen Park" is1999/(11)May 7 OfMasashi HashimotoIbarakiPrefectural governor(At the timePress conferenceAnnounced in[61]. However, it has been done before that to develop Senba Park, Kairakuen and the surrounding parks and green spaces as an integrated large-scale park. The beginningUrbanizationThe idea is to improve the scenery of Kairakuen, which is in danger of disappearing, over the long term.1972/From (47), the study was started by the people concerned such as Ibaraki prefecture, Mito city and the country.This review1973/It was summarized as "Senba Lake Area Large-scale Park Concept" in (48).[62]. With this concept, the main area was set as an area to be maintained with a total area of ​​about 300 hectares, which is a combination of various parts such as a city park project in Ibaraki prefecture or Mito city, a river project, and so on. Was kneaded[63].1986/(61)12Has compiled a basic plan for long-term maintenance, the “Senba Lake Area Maintenance Plan,” which is a revision of the previous concept. In this plan, when proceeding with the development, "1. International garden model city-harmony between city functions and landscape", "2. Fusion and integration with the city", "3. Linking to regional revitalization" 3 The basic concept was to aim for one, and the park development was promoted in line with this.[64][65].1993/(5)National urban greening fairWhen Kairakuen and the area around Senba Lake are selected as the venue for the (= name "Green Fair '93 Ibaraki" at the time of the event), Kairakuen's Sakuragawa coast (currently "Shiki no Hara" etc.) is located under Kairakuen. The expansion of the paradise) and the development of Senba Park have made rapid progress.[66].. The announcement of the generic name "Kairakuen Park" in 1999 was made to improve the image and promote the use of the 11 hectares of parks and green spaces that have been developed in the process described above. Regional large-scale park utilization promotion round-table conference (chairperson:Nakamura YoshioKyoto University教授) ”Is incorporated.[59].

2016/(28), Mito City reviewed the "Senba Lake Area Development Plan" 1986 years after its formulation in 61 (Showa 30) in line with the changing times of "Mito City Kairakuen Park (Senba Park, etc.)" "Maintenance Basic Plan" was announced.In this planTourismThe role of the surface was also emphasized, and one of the planning goals was to create a lively park with excellent base and excursion.[67][68]. To respond to this2019/(First year of Reiwa)6, Ibaraki Prefecture formulates a plan to improve the attractiveness of the area around KairakuenResortHotelRunLtd.Hoshino resortEntrusted to[69].. same year11, On Senba LakeRound OfbridgeThe plan drafted by the Hoshino Resorts was announced, including the installation of a Kairakuen and a historical museum to enhance the ease of migration.[70].

Public hall

CityPublic hallIs provided for each school district of each municipal elementary school in principle.



Public museum

Museum methodA facility that has been registered based on.

Museum-equivalent facility

A facility that meets the requirements based on the Museum Act.

  • Tokiwa ShrineGiretsukan (Mito Komon Treasure Museum, History Department)

Museum-like facility

Various facilities[Need explanation].

Event hall

It is under construction on the site of the Keisei Department Store in Izumicho 2022-chome and is scheduled to open in September 4 (Reiwa 9).The old civic center was next to the old Mito City Hall.

Sports Facilities



There are only 3 stations including temporary stations on 6 lines, and 5 stations excluding temporary stations, which are 6 stations (all are permanent stations).Kofu CityBelow, and among the cities in the prefectureSaga CityNext to (4 stations, 5 stations including temporary stations) the second lowest.

Transit Bus

Express Bus

  • "Mito-go (Akatsuka route)" Mito station, Daikumachi,Akatsuka Station·Otsuka - Yashio PA(TX Yashio Station)Tokyo Station(Ibaraki Kotsu, Kanto Railway,JR Bus Kanto
  • "Mito-go (Ibaraki University Route)" Mito Station, Ibaraki University Mae, Mitokita Smart Interchange-Yashio PA (TX Yashio Station), Tokyo Station (Ibaraki Kotsu, Kanto Railway, JR Bus Kanto)
  • "Mito-go (prefectural office route)" Mito station south exit, in front of Ibaraki prefectural office --Yashio PA (TX Yashio station), Tokyo station (Ibaraki Kotsu, Kanto Railway, JR Bus Kanto)
  • Tokai, Katsuta, Mito Oarai IC-Yashio PA (TX Yashio Station), Toei Asakusa Station, Ueno Station, Tokyo Station (Ibaraki Kotsu)
  • Mito Station/Ibaraki University/Akatsuka Station-Kami-Mikawa InterparkUtsunomiya Station-Tobu Utsunomiya Station(Ibaraki Kotsu,Kanto Motor
  • Express "TM Liner" Kairakuen / Mito Station / Ibaraki Prefectural Office BT- Tsukuba Center-Tsuchiura StationEast Exit (Kanto Railway,Sekitetsu sightseeing bus
  • Night coach "Yokappe Kansai" Mito Station South Exit, Tsuchiura Station, Tsukuba Center- Kyoto Station-Osaka Abenobashi Station・ USJ (Kanto Railway,Kintetsu Bus
  • Mito Station- Sendai Station(Ibaraki Kotsu)
  • Mito Station South Exit- Haneda airport(Ibaraki Kotsu)
  • Mito Station South Exit- Narita Airport(Ibaraki Kotsu,Chiba Kotsu
  • Mito Station South Exit- Ibaraki Airport(Kanto Railway, Ibaraki Transportation)
  • Mito Station South Exit, Daikumachi, Akatsuka Station, Otsuka- Tokyo Disney Resort(Kanto Railway)



In the cityPortNot,Tokai village-Hitachinaka City-Oarai Town OfIbaraki Port(Hitachi Naka Port Ward / Oarai Port Ward) is located closest to the city.


About 35 minutes by carIbaraki Airport(Omitama City).

Other than Ibaraki AirportTokyoOta OfTokyo International Airport(Haneda airport),ChibaNarita City OfNarita International Airport,FukushimaSukagawa OfFukushima AirportEtc. are used. For domestic flights, Tokyo International Airport, which has good ground transportation and many cities in service, is often used.

Mass media

Newspaper / broadcast

Terrestrial wavetv setIn broadcasting, otherKanto regionAre the five major commercial broadcastersKey station+NHK+Independent local stationThere are seven stations in one station, but the northern part of Ibaraki prefecture, including Mito, is an area with only five major key stations + NHK. As of 2020 (2nd year of Reiwa), cable TV has not been opened in Mito City.

radioIn addition to LuckyFM Ibaraki Broadcasting,Kanto wide areaOf each broadcasting stationBroadcast target areaIt has become.

Terrestrial digital television broadcasting transmission equipment

Mito TV/Radio Broadcasting StationSee also

Remote control key IDBroadcasting station namecallsignChannelAntenna powerERPBroadcast target areaBroadcast areaNumber of households
1NHK MitoSynthesisJOEP-DTV20300W3 kWIbarakiApproximately 338,604 households
2NHK TokyoE Tele-13Kanto wide area
4Nippon Television Network-142.9 kW
5TV Asahi-17
6TBS TV-15
7Television Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.-18
8Fuji Television-19
  • The digital broadcasting transmission station is located in Mito City Forest Park. Only NHK Mito Sogo is the master station, and all the rest are relay stations.

Sports team


Tourist destinations / tourist facilities

"New Mito HakkeiThe following 1996 famous places established in 7 (Heisei 8)[72].

  1. "Around Kodokan and Mito Castle Ruins"
  2. "Howaen and surrounding historic sites"
  3. "Around Kairakuen Park and Senba Lake"
  4. "Art Tower Mito"
  5. "Bizenbori"
  6. "Mitoshi Forest Park and Kozogawa Dam"
  7. "Daidarabotchi and Ogushikaizuka Fureai Park"
  8. "Otsukaike Park"


Festivals and events

Three famous gardens in JapanIn connectionKanazawa,Okayama CityMay hold a joint event with. It is often carried out between the central post office and tourist associations rather than the government (city hall, etc.).

  • Plum Festival in Mito(Late February-End of March. Famous nationwide.Ume Ambassador of MitoIs active. In mid-March, "Night plum festivalWill be held. Held at Kodokan and Kairakuen)
  • Mito no Hi (May 3Before and after. Natto Eating World Tournament Held)
  • Mito Cherry Blossom Festival (April. Held at Senbacho Lakeside, Sakurayama, etc.)
  • Mito Azalea Festival (late April-early May. Held at Kairakuen)
  • Tokiwa Shrine annual festival (mid-May, held at Tokiwa Shrine)
  • Hydrangea Festival in Mito (June, held at Howaen)
  • Mito Komon Festival(Early August. Until 8 (Heisei 2018), as the eve of the festival, at the shore of Lake SenbachoFireworks displayHeld. From 2019 (the first year of Reiwa), the fireworks display will be held two weeks before the main festival.The parade will be held on Kamiichi Street)
  • Mito City Hara Commerce and Industry Summer Festival (late August. Held at Uchihara Encounter Square Park)
  • Mito Hagi Festival (September, held at Kairakuen)
  • Mito Machinaka Festival(Late September. Held on Kamiichi Street)
  • Yoshida Shrine annual festival (mid-October. Held at Yoshida Shrine and Shimoichi Street)
  • Mito Chrysanthemum Flower Exhibition (Late October-Mid November. Held in front of Sannomaru Government Building)
  • Daidarabotchi Festival (Mid November. Held at Ogushikaizuka Fureai Park)
  • Mito City Industrial Festival (Mid November. Held at Mito City Sports Park Gymnasium)
  • Ogushi Inari Shrine Festival (late November, held at Ogushi Inari Shrine)
  • Art Tower Mito Starlight Fantasy (December-Mid January. Held at Art Tower Mito)
  • Mito Design Festa (held at Art Tower Mito)
  • Mito Ramen Festival(Late November. Held at Senba Park)
  • Santa Santa santa festival (mid-December. Held at Minamimachi 12-chome special venue <between Joyo Bank and TEPCO>)

Historic Sites/Old Sites


Works set in Mito


Before the Meiji era



Business world


In this section,JIS X 0213:2004 includes characters (the fourth character of "Umino Masaru ○" is Oyobi)Details).



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  • Mito City is a traffic safety city declaration, Mito citizen charter,nuclear weaponsAbolition Peace City Declaration / Green City Declaration /Gender equalityAdopting the City Declaration / Lifelong Learning City Declaration[When?].
  • The first three digits of the postal code of Mito City are "3" (which can be read as "Mito"). In addition, there are many names that use 310 puns, such as March 3 as "Mito Day".


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