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😷 | Gunma Prefecture staff Overtime work over 80 hours is 130 people With new corona and classical swine fever


Gunma Prefecture staff Overtime work over 80 hours is 130 people With new corona and classical swine fever

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In the future, the prefecture says, "We would like to consider outsourcing operations and utilizing digital transformation so that specific staff members do not have an excessive burden, and respond flexibly."

The number of prefectural employees who have exceeded XNUMX hours of overtime to deal with the new coronavirus, classical swine fever, and CSF is XNUMX this year ... → Continue reading

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It is a prefectural broadcasting station in Gunma Prefecture.
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ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グ

ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グ(English: outsourcing) Oroutsourcing(Gaibutaku) is something that was previously done inside the organization or is newly needed.Business processAbout, it is an independent, highly specialized external organization such as another company (subsidiary,Cooperating company,Business contract-Temporary staffingOutsource to a company, etc.)Labor serviceBuy asAgreementIs[1].. The antonym is "insourcing ()".

Outsourcing includes both domestic and international[2], The latter isOffshoringIt is said that "a company selects a certain business function and moves it abroad".[3].

SimilarBusiness contract(Gyomu Keioi),Outsourcing(Gaichi),Made outside(Gaisei)There is. In addition, it should be notedNational Institute for Japanese Languageof""Foreign language" paraphrase proposalIn ""outsourcingInsist on paraphrasing.


The word consists of "out" which means the outside and "sourcing" which means the use of resources.JapanglishIs[Source required], The literal meaning is "use of external resources" or "effective use of external resources".Originally, it has a stronger meaning of "utilizing external resources and services" than simply "getting out of work".

SubcontractingThe most common form of contract is that the contract is made between the consignor and the consignor, and the agreed amount is paid for the service consideration.

Usually, in a narrow sense, it means outsourcing a part of the company's business process. In a broad sense, it refers to procuring resources and services that the company needs for business from outside.

The side that outsources outsourcing concentrates on the core business of the company, and other business (such as those that are more efficient or specialized by external utilization)Outsourced(ア ウ ト ソ ー シ ン グ)It is effective to do.Business efficiency can be improved by freeing people from specialized human resource development in various fields.In addition, since the company does not have dedicated assets such as equipment or an investment department and is not provided as a service, it also has an impact on financial management.

情报In industry,IT outsourcingAlso calledhardware,software,networkResource provision services such as products, theirMaintenanceServices, operation management services, and evenApplicationThere are construction services etc., and also combine theseMultisourcingSometimes called (multi = multi-direction). In the IT industry, outsourcing is easy, but there are various problems.[4]


Relationship with camouflage contract

Some contractors who advocate outsourcing do not appreciate the expertise of the outsourcer.Worker dispatch businessThere are also companies that take the same business format as. Illegal labor supply to manufacturing sites, especially to many business contractors (so-called “”LendingThere is a tendency of "), labor disputes are occurring frequently, and the country is strengthening surveillance.GoodwillAnd so on, such a problem has occurred.

In the system development industryCamouflage contractHas been very popular since ancient times. The person who was dispatched to the office by a camouflage contract was once called "OutsourcingI was calling.However, in a little respect, "Cooperating companyIt is a practice in the industry to call it.

Clarification of responsibility

In the event of shipment of defective products or delay in delivery, the ordering party or department or company and the worker or department or company that received the order will argue for responsibility. In this case, there is concern about abuse of the dominant bargaining position by the ordering party.

Ordering problems

Outsourcing has no control over the quality of service on the part of the ordering party. If the ordering party does not select the appropriate consignor, the following problems may occur. Theoretically, in any situationMaintaining expertise in the content of outsourced work on the outsourcer sideとAppropriate control management on the contractor side by the consignor sideIt is said that it can be almost prevented.However, in reality, even if a method is presented, no means has been established to overcome such a problem.[5]

Cost-effectivenessDeterioration of (cost performance)
If companies and public organizations that utilize outsourcing take the form of letting go of the ability and will to evaluate the expertise of companies and staff who are outsourced, I think that related costs could be saved. On the contrary, it may become a cost-effective situation, and the related costs (including the invisible part) may be increased compared to before the outsourcing.
Deterioration of product quality
This is especially true of the manufacturing industry, and there is something in common with the above cases, but if you do not offer an appropriate price that matches the content of the consignment, the ordering party will pay the order price.deficitI try to cut the cost related to the contents of the entrustment so as not to issue.それはthat isPersonnel expensesAnd material costs, omission of procedures necessary for safety, etc.For example, if the labor cost is reduced below a certain level, the motivation of the workers on the contractor side cannot be maintained and the possibility of cutting corners increases.As a result, it directly leads to deterioration of product quality.As a result, the productrecallThis will increase the probability of a recall, so in the event of a recall, it will cost more (however).Recall in the automotive fieldIt is also necessary to consider the situation that the range of recall targets is easy to expand due to the standardization of parts).
Internal control and security
Furthermore, outsourcing isInternal controlIf is not firmly established, information management vulnerabilities are likely to occur.Specifically (especially in Japan if you are using a fake contractor)Information leakage,spyIt tends to be a hotbed for activities.This is due to the fact that contractors tend to hire without confirming their identities and that the treatment of employers is kept low.
Securing production bases
Since outsourcing is outsourced, securing production bases is also a headache for the ordering party.Especially in the competition in a limited pie, if the contractor contracts with a better customer or goes bankrupt and loses the base, the production will be stopped until the next contractor is searched, which in turn is Consideration should also be given to the damage caused by the loss of sales opportunities.There are many problems of this kind in dealings with foreign companies.

Unemployment problem

Detail is"OutsourcingSee

Outsourcing can also be done to foreign vendors as long as supply and demand match.そのため今まで国内で業務に携わってきた人々(特にTherefore, people who have been engaged in business in Japan (especiallyInformation industry) Has led to the deprivation of employment, causing a serious unemployment problem.本件はThis case2004 US presidential electionIt became one of the issues.


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Digital transformation

Digital transformation(British: Digital transformation, DX[1]) Means "ITPenetration will change people's lives for the better in every way. "hypothesis.2004/ToSweden OfUmeå UniversityProfessor,Eric StortermanIs said to have been proposed by[2].Advance Your CareerAlthough the definition and interpretation of terms are ambiguous, they are generally "companiesTechnologyUse (IT) to fundamentally change business performance and scope. "[3]It is used in the sense of IT.

In addition, this term is generally "DXIs written.The English prefix "trans-" means "across", and the latter half of cross is often abbreviated as "X" and Digital Transformation is often written as "DX".[4].


Eric StortermanDefinition by

Digital transformationThe first appearance of the word2004/Of a professor at Umeå University in SwedenEric Storterman(Erik Stolterman) proposed in "Information Technology and the Good Life".Storterman defines that "the penetration of IT will change people's lives for the better in every way," and presents the following characteristics:[2].

  • Digital transformation will bring about a gradual fusion of information technology and reality.
  • Digital objects become the basic material of physical reality. For example, a designed object has the ability to inform a human about changes in his environment or behavior via a network.
  • As an inherent challenge, today's information system researchers need to develop more fundamental approaches, methods and techniques for information technology research.

A paper showing the concept proposed by Stortermann states, "This paper is an attempt to establish an appropriate research position as a starting point for research that can critically examine technology for a better life." Because of this, the content describes the approach and methodology for research.

Definition by IDC Japan

2016/IDC Japan, an IT specialist research company,Digital transformationDefines[5].

A third platform (cloud, mobility, big data / Create value and gain a competitive advantage by transforming the online and real customer experience (experience, experience) through new products and services and new business models using analytics and social technologies To establish

Also, ITplatformIt is explained using the concept of.

And investing in this will dominate the growth of the IT market over the five years from 2017 and is expected to be a priority for IT suppliers.This definition isMinistry of Economy, Trade and IndustryGuidelines for promoting DX[6]But it is quoted.

Definition by Gartner

Gartner(Gartner) uses the concept of "digital business."

According to Gartner, there are three levels of IT usage within a company.

  1. Business process transformation
  2. Connect and integrate businesses with companies and people
  3. It is natural that people / things / businesses are directly connected by fusing the virtual and physical worlds, and the relationship with customers changes instantly.

Gartner calls this third stage state digital business and defines it as "a new business design that fuses the virtual and physical worlds and transforms processes and industry movements through the Internet of Things (IoT)."[7].

In addition, this process of reforming the digital business is defined as "digital business transformation."[8].

Definition by Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry

The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry defines DX as follows in the "DX Promotion Guidelines".

Companies respond to drastic changes in the business environment, utilize data and digital technology to transform products, services, and business models based on the needs of customers and society, as well as the business itself, organizations, processes, and corporate culture.・ To change the climate and establish a competitive advantage.

Broad interpretation and synonyms

DX, used as a business term, is ambiguous and is confused with various synonyms.The following is in a broad senseDigital transformationDescribe the concepts and synonyms contained as an interpretation of.In a narrow senseDigital transformationIs distinguished from all these synonyms in some contexts.

Digital shift

The digital shift is defined as "to provide essential digital support in all corporate activities (management, marketing, recruitment / education, production activities, financial activities, etc., and the business model itself) in the increasingly digital global society." Will be done.Digital transformationCompared to digital shift, it is more narrowly defined and refers to the digitization of individual services and operations.forDigital transformationOften refers to the reform and transformation of the business model of the entire society and the entire company by digital technology.[9][10][11].


See below# (Informational) digitizationSee.Converting information from analog to digital is one of the stages in promoting DX, and digitization itself is not digital transformation.


See below# (Industry and organization) digitalizationSee.Also confused with digitization, digitization often refers to transformations that focus on processes and workflows.[12].

Digital disruption

Digital disruption refers to the obsolescence of old products and services by new products and services created by the disruptive innovation of digital technology. It is said that the formation of DX will cause disruption as one aspect of social and industry phenomena.[3][13].


(Informational) digitization

In political, business, trade, industry and media discourse,Digitization Is defined as the "technical process" of "converting analog information into digital format."Electrical engineeringSo, it has been used for a long timeDigitalizationThe term has a similar meaning and is still used in this sense.In many cases,Analog-digital converterElectronic devices called, for exampleImage scannerAnd soundsampling(For example, musicsampling) And used for sampling measurement data.This term ispen tabletIt may also refer to manual information digitization, such as illustrations using.digitalizationIs technically described as generating a series of numbers that represent signals, images, sounds, and objects, expressed as discrete values, and expressed as binary numbers.[14]..For example, digitization has been introduced into telecommunications networks since the 1970s to improve call quality, response time, network capacity, cost effectiveness, and sustainability.

Digitalization (industry or organization)

Unlike digitization,DigitalizationIs a technologically-induced change in an "organizational process" or "business process" within an industry, organization, market, etc.[14]..Due to the digitalization of the manufacturing industryInternet of Things, Industrialインターネット,Industry 4.0,Machine to machineCommunication,Artificial intelligence,Machine visionMany of today's new production processes and phenomena have become possible.Business and organizational digitalization is a new business model (FreemiumEtc.), newE-governmentservice,Electronic payment,Office automation, Paperless office process,Smartphone,Web application,Cloud service,Electronic authentication,Block chain,Electronic contract,Cryptocurrency,big dataIt was usedBusiness intelligenceIt was created using technologies such as.Educational digitizatione-learningとTrailerCreated a course.The academic debate surrounding digitalization has been a challenge due to the lack of a clear definition of the phenomenon.[15]..Digitalization was generally misunderstood as meaning more IT use to harness digital technology and data.However, this early definition has now been largely replaced by the above definition.

(Social) digital transformation

Finally,Digital transformation"To the whole society of digitalization影響Is explained[14]..Digitization enables the process of digitalization, existing business models, consumption patterns, socio-economic structures, legal and policy measures, organizational patterns, cultural barriers[16]Brings the opportunity to transform and change the digitality of society itself[17]..Digitization (technical transformation), digitalization (business process), and digital transformation (impact) will accelerate the global process of existing and ongoing social change.[14].

Case study

(XNUMX) Digitization: Digitalization and efficiency improvement of business

By editing and saving the editing work of paper comics on the cloud, editors can work wherever they are.

In addition, digitized manuscripts do not require a storage warehouse and there is no risk of loss.

When data is needed, past data can be retrieved with a simple search.

② Digitalization: Business transformation

Sell ​​digitized comics as electronic books.

By developing an e-book store in-house, sales will improve by developing new sales channels in addition to bookstores.

(XNUMX) Digital transformation: Promote business transformation and transform the corporate culture itself

Utilizing the data and digital technology accumulated for e-books, we have built an on-demand printing system that allows you to print real books from one book.

It makes it possible to order books that are out of print directly from publishers without having to intervene with distributors.

In addition, by utilizing the accumulated sales data, the demand for real books is predicted and the return rate is reduced.[18]


Cannot create business

PoCAlthough some investment is made, such as repeating, there are many companies that have not led to actual business transformation.[6].

Convert existing system to black box

As existing existing systems become obsolete, complicated, and black-boxed, even if a new digital technology is introduced, the utilization and cooperation of data will be limited, so the effect will be limited. There is a problem such as. In addition, if the existing system is left unattended, maintenance and maintenance costs will continue to rise (increase in technical debt), human resources who can maintain and maintain the existing system will be exhausted, and security risks will increase.[6].

Acquisition of skills

The most common issue in digital transformation was “acquisition of appropriate technical skills”. The top three reasons why executives listed that they couldn't improve their skills were "lack of time", "no structure for training", and "no knowledge of organization".[19]..As a means of acquiring digital transformationCross-border job changeIs on the increase.[20]

Cooperation with the outside

For non-IT companies and local governments, there is resistance to digital in the first place, and there are many organizations that are doing business processing on paper or throwing it to SIer.Therefore, it may be difficult to accurately send the upstream process to the vendor.[21][22]..This is because IT was not a core business but a cost department for non-IT companies.[23]. Open innovationIn many cases, this is achieved through cooperation between non-IT industries and IT companies.[24].

back ground

Changes in IT platform infrastructure

In a 2011 speech, Gartner said, "The four platforms of cloud, information, social and mobile are evolving independently, and in a few years of research they have converged, making existing architectures obsolete. "Warning.This was summarized as "(Nodule of Power)" in 2012 and proposed as a new IT platform.[25].

Similar concept is IDC's third platform "Cloud, Big Data/Analytics, Social Technology, Mobility" [5]IBM's SMAC "Social, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud"[26]Also listed.

Digital transformation has become a focus of attention as part of gaining a market advantage by utilizing these IT platforms.

Legal maintenance

JapanThen, it was enforced in 2005.e-Document LawHas allowed the preservation of documents that were required to be saved on paper (such as the Securities and Exchange Law, Commercial Code, and Corporate Tax Law) as digitalized data. Also established in 1998Electronic book preservation methodThen,National Tax AgencyHas jurisdictionincome tax,Corporate taxIt is permitted to save the documents and books related to the tax law such as the above in the form of digitized data. With the enforcement of the e-Document Law in 2005, the law allowed unprecedented preservation of paper documents in a scanner (scanner preservation system). From 2015, the electronic signature and the amount limitation will be abolished.Smartphone,Digital cameraTaken atreceiptDeregulation was carried out, such as making electronic storage possible[27].

DX measures in the Japanese government

In 2000, the Japanese government aims to realize a Japanese-style IT societye-JapanEstablished a concept and set up the Cabinet in the Advanced Information and Communication Network Society Promotion Strategy Headquarters (IT Comprehensive Strategy Headquarters)[28]Will be set up to mainly promote infrastructure development and IT utilization, as well as data utilization and digital government.IT basic strategy in the same year[29]Basic Law for the Formation of an Advanced Information and Communication Network Society (IT Basic Law)[30]Is established.

In 2018, the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry launched a study group for digital transformation with the aim of solving the problems that IT investment in Japan has not progressed compared to the United States by promoting DX, and "DX Report-IT System" 2025 Overcoming the "cliff of the year" and full-scale development of DX- "announced[31]..Further guidelines for promoting DX[6]In 2019, the evaluation index (DX promotion index) for digital management reform will be announced in collaboration with IPA.[32]And promote the digital transformation of Japanese companies.

In 2020, based on the situation that COVID-19 revealed the delay of digitization in national and local public organizations and society, the shortage of human resources, and the inefficiency due to insufficient system cooperation.Yoshii Kanprime minister TheDigital AgencyThe Cabinet decided on the "Basic Policy for Reform for the Realization of a Digital Society," which is the policy for digital reform centered on the establishment of the Digital Agency. It became a system that the Digital Society Promotion Council and the Digital Agency were in charge.[33].


DX propulsion system guidelines

2018 years,Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryGuidelines for Promoting DX Established by the Study Group for Digital Transformation in Japan[6]Is.The official name is "Guidelines for Utilizing New Digital Technology and Renewing Legacy Systems to Promote DX". From the typical pattern of DX failure, we will show the approach and necessary actions for building an IT system to realize DX.

2018 composition plan

  1. Positioning of DX
    1. Relationship between business strategy and DX
    2. Realization of business model and value creation of business
    3. Sharing strategic policy with internal organization
    4. Change that enables speedy response
  2. System/Mechanism
    1. System for examining basic concept of IT system
    2. Top management commitment
    3. Mindset in utilizing new digital technology
    4. Business unit ownership
    5. User company's own selection and judgment ability
    6. User company's own requirement definition ability
    7. Evaluation and governance system
  3. Execution process
    1. Analysis and evaluation of information assets
    2. Information asset sorting and migration planning
    3. System after renewal of legacy: ability to follow change
    4. Project management by management
    5. Continue DX initiatives

ContinuousNext strategy

In November 2018, Gartner Japan Co., Ltd. advocates adopting the “Continuous Next” approach[34]. The following five items are listed as what the CIO should address.

  1. Policies -Assign a person in charge of the privacy management program to promptly detect and report security breaches and allow individuals to control their own data.
  2. Extended intelligence -Collaborate with advanced AI-based systems, processes and robotics to empower employees to be more influential.
  3. Organizational culture -46% of CIOs are the biggest barriers to organizational culture's ability to realize the potential of digital business. However, it is not necessary to implement the organizational culture change as a large-scale effort, and the reform is not always difficult.
  4. Product management -Gartner's 2019 CIO Agenda Survey reveals that advanced companies are twice as likely to implement product-centric rather than project-centric delivery compared to other companies.
  5. Digital twin -Digital twins are often used to manage physical things such as jet engines and wind turbines through sensors and computer modeling.

The transition to digital is destroying existing operating models, both public and private.The new model will also be valuable to the organization and require a system that can adapt to change.


"Interim Report of the Study Group for Accelerating Digital Transformation" released by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on December 2020, 12[35]According to "As a result of analyzing the status of efforts to promote DX in about 500 companies,It is clear that more than XNUMX% of the companies are not working on DX at all (DX not started companies) or only sporadically implemented (DX developing companies)became."We have to recognize that the DX efforts of all Japanese companies are at a completely inadequate level."[36]

In addition, this result is partly due to the fact that the concept of DX is not correctly understood by companies.

DX cases of non-IT companies and local governments

Examples of non-IT companies working on DX tend to lead to completely new business models and new services.In the manufacturing industry, new fields are being created by combining data sensed from connected cars with sensors and internet connection functions and smart home appliances with WEB services, and there is a movement to utilize it as a new business.[37]..In the distribution industry, it is important to be able to switch from "selling goods" to "selling things", and the issue is whether it is possible to switch from distribution to sales to Internet services.[37].

As a leading Japanese company, Komatsu will promote the digitization of construction sites[38]In Kotoya Taxi DXJapan trafficEtc. are developing their own apps[39]. Ministry of Economy, Trade and IndustryとTokyo Stock ExchangeHas selected DX brands as DX advanced companies[40].. As DX progresses, the importance of ultra-upstream processes of user companies is increasing.[41], VMO (Vendor Management Office), which can plan and manage software to be developed instead of throwing it to an external vendor, is becoming more important.[42]. DeNAとNissan MotorCollaborate to develop autonomous driving[43], In the local governmentKanagawaInvites LINE executive officers to digitize as CIO (Chief Information Officer) and CDO (Chief Information Officer)[44]..In addition, non-IT companies may hire people from other industries to acquire know-how.Cross-border job changeCalled.Among the companies that are making advanced effortsIT study sessionThere are also examples of non-IT companies doing this online.again,ToyotaとNTTCollaborative development, etc.Open innovationMethod is often used[45].


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