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This is an account for "Iwate Menkoi TV" (Fuji TV series) news.

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 Iwate Menkoi TV

"Iwate Menkoi TV" (Fuji TV affiliate) news account. We will send you the latest news from Iwate Prefecture.

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    Fuji TV series

    Fuji TV seriesWhat is (Fuji TV Keiretsu)?Fuji TelevisionTheKey stationToBroadcaster Ofnetwork.


    There are two networks in the Fuji TV series.one Fuji News Network(Fuji News Network, FNN), and the other isFuji network(Fuji Network System, FNS).The former isNewsThe latter aims to supply programs, and the latter to supply other broadcast programs.

    All member stations are TV-only, and become FNN / FNS affiliated stationsLatteThere is no station[1].

    List of Fuji TV series

    Terrestrial wave

    Satellite broadcasting


    [How to use footnotes]
    1. ^ Incidentally,Fuji Television(CX),Tokai TV broadcasting(THK)Radio stations(RespectivelyNippon Broadcasting System, Inc.とTokai Radio Broadcast) To an affiliated company.In stations that had an affiliated relationship in the pastKyushu Asahi Broadcasting(in factNETseriesCross net.At that time, ANN and FNN / FNS as an organization were not established)Sapporo TV Broadcasting(NTV seriesCross net with.Fuji TV series is not a member of FNN.The radio division was spun off after the unification of Nippon Television Network System) was also operated as a latte.

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    Iwate Menkoi TV

    Iwate Menkoi TV Co., Ltd.(Iwate Menkoi TV,British: Iwate Menkoi Television Co., Ltd.) IsIwateTheBroadcast target areaage,Television broadcastingDoing businessSpecific terrestrial backbone broadcasterIs.Abbreviation iswith (menkoi iwade television[Note 1]).


    Bubble periodTo the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (currentlyMinistry of Internal Affairs and Communications) PromotedCommercial television nationwide four-waveThe third in Iwate prefecture, riding on the waves ofCommercial broadcastAs a station1991It opened in April.

    The current head office isMoriokaIt is in.callsignIs JOYH-DTVFNN(FNS) Series full net.Capitally,Fuji Media Holdings(FMHD)Equity methodApplicable company[3][4].. AlsoSokoku ShimbunBeginning withYomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office,Asahi Shimbun,Nihon Keizai ShimbunIs also listed as a major shareholder[5].

    Fuji Television Network, IncThe organization that focuses on broadcasting many series of programs has not changed from the time of the opening of the station to the present, and there is a tendency to suppress in-house produced programs.

    As for the company name, "Menkoi TV", which omits "Iwate", is often used.The abbreviation "mit" is only used as a crown name in an evening news program.The station name "Menkoi" isHokkaido,Tohoku region Ofdialectで"lovely","small"Means.

    The catch phrase at the time of opening was "IWATE Unprecedented fun, if it's not fun, it's not TV"was.

    Capital structure

    The name of the company/organization at that time. Source:[6][7][8]


    CapitalTotal number of issued sharesNumber of shareholders
    20 yen40,550 share26
    ShareholderNumber of sharesratio
    Fuji Media Holdings12,540 share30.9%
    Yomiuri Shimbun Tokyo Head Office2,688 share6.6%
    Asahi Shimbun2,250 share5.5%
    Iwate Bank1,900 share4.7%
    Sokoku Shimbun1,250 share3.7%
    Nihon Keizai Shimbun1,250 share3.7%
    Northern Japan Bank1,000 share2.5%
    Tohoku Bank0,500 share1.2%

    Past capital structure

    History / Network Transition

    • 1989(XNUMX)12/19 --TV preliminary license issuance[9].
    • 1990(2)
      • 4/10 -Established.
      • 11/1 --Start of test radio wave emission[10].
    • 1991(3)
      • 3/3 --From 11:50 amService broadcastingStart[11].
      • 4/1 - TV New HiroshimaSince (TSS)FNN-FNS=Fuji TV seriesIt opened as a station.The first in Iwate prefecture since the opening of the stationFull net.
        • The percentage of programs that have been transferred is Iwate Broadcasting (currently:IBC Iwate Broadcasting) = 7:TV Iwate(TVI) = 3.This is because the former is treated according to FNS.Fuji Television Network, IncThis is due to the fact that the program of was on the net.News program starts new online.
        • The TV Tokyo series program has been organized slightly since its opening, but on October 1996, 8 (Heisei 10).Iwate Asahi TVThe TV Asahi series programs that were broadcast until the opening of the station were limited to Tohoku block net programs and rebroadcast programs.
    • 19959[Source required] - MoriokaBusiness center (performance hall) was promoted to the head office.
    • 1996(8) April 4-Opened Hachinohe branch office[12].
    • 2006(18)
    • 2007(19)9/3 --Opened Kitakami branch office[Note 2].
    • 2008(20)
      • 3 - NTT EastThe weather camera installed in the tower of the Iwate branch has been updated to HD.
      • April 4-Studio equipmentHigh definitionTransformed.Introduced high-definition relay vehicle.
    • 2011(23)
    • 2012(24)
      • 3/31 --End of terrestrial analog TV broadcasting.
        • The end of terrestrial analog television broadcasting and the complete transition of terrestrial digital television broadcasting are in Iwate.Miyagi-Fukushimaの3県以外では2011年(平成23年)7月24日正午に行われたが、東日本大震災で甚大な被害を受けた3県については最大1年間の延期が決定し、後に翌年の2012年(平成24年)3月31日をもって完全移行する事が正式決定した。
      • March-Fuji Media HoldingsEquity method affiliateBecome[4].

    History since the opening of the station

    Opened in April 1991.In addition to Fuji TV, which is a key station, the local prefectural newspaper will open the station.Iwate DailyIs the starting station in Iwate prefecture and has a close relationship with Fuji TV.IBC Iwate BroadcastingIs involved.

    The Fuji TV affiliated full-net station opened on October 1975, 10.TV New HiroshimaIt has been 15 and a half years since then.

    At that time, the key stations opened as an affiliated station of Fuji TV, which boasted the highest audience rating, and you can enjoy the advantage of being able to watch popular programs at the same time as Tokyo.[Note 3]As a result, it rapidly penetrated the citizens of the prefecture with a strange company name.[Note 4].

    At the beginning of the station, the head office is in the south of the prefectureMizusawa(CurrentOshu CityIn Morioka City, where the prefectural office is located, a "business center (performance center)" was set up in the pre-development Motomiya district.The main shrine district at that timeCountrysideBecause it was a zone, it was a "TV station in the rice fields."The Mizusawa Headquarters / Broadcasting Center had a studio boasting "the largest in the prefecture", but in reality it is not used at all, and the Morioka Business Center, which is highly convenient in every respect, is the head office. Will be responsible for the broadcasting center function[Note 5].

    The reason why the head office was located in Mizusawa City (at that time) is that of Fuji TV.Hiroaki KauchiThe chairman and the secretary-general of the LDP at the time of the opening of the station, from IwateIchiro OzawaIn the meantime, "Ozawa is (of the affiliated newspaper)Sankei ShimbunIn return for cooperating with sales expansionFuji Sankei GroupWill open an affiliated TV station in Mizusawa City. "BarterIs said to have been[Note 6]..However, for Fuji Sankei, this barter transaction did not work as expected, and soon after it became the Morioka head office, the former head office building owned by Fuji TV was transferred to Mizusawa City free of charge in 1999, and in 2001. April 4[13]It was decided to be used as "Menkoi Museum".

    September 2007, 4Community FMOf the stationOshu FM BroadcastingOpened a part of the building as a head office and studio using the existing broadcasting equipment (Cable TVOf the stationMizusawa TVI have also consulted about the relocation of the company building, but this did not happen).

    The Morioka head office continues to this day without any noticeable expansion other than the construction of an affiliated company's office building in the adjacent land.The area around the company building is the result of redevelopmentSuburbanizationIs progressing, public facilities (Iwate Museum of Art,Morioka City Ice Link,Morioka City General Pool), Housing, and stores have increased, so the number of "rice fields" as mentioned above has decreased.

    Main channels

    Most of the transmitting stations and relay stations199610/1Opened inIwate Asahi TVUsed jointly with[Note 7].. Like IATHeisei New BureauTherefore, the analog transmission station and relay station are the two starting stations (IBC Iwate Broadcasting-TV Iwate), But later digital transmitters and relay stationsMinistry of Internal Affairs and CommunicationsThere is a new digital station that was opened with the support of local governments and local governments, and it will cover 100% of the prefecture.

    Digital broadcasting

    • Master station- Morioka 20 ch callsign: JOYH-DTV output1kW
    • Relay station (only major stations listed)
      • Ninohe 50ch 100W
      • Ichinoseki 29ch 25W
      • Yachiyama 34ch 2W
      • Tono 19ch 20W
      • Otsuchi Niiyama 47ch 2W
      • Murone 29ch 3W
      • Kamaishi 16ch 30W
      • Miyako 16ch 20W
      • Ofunato 16ch 10W
      • Kuji 46ch 3W
      • Nishine Matsuo 34ch 2W
      • Otsuchi 16ch 1W
      • Noda 46ch 1W
      • Iwaizumi 20ch 10W
      • Rikuzentakata 45ch 3W
      • Shizukuishi 40ch 3W
      • Niisato 20ch 1W
      • Fudai Tanohata 16ch 3W
      • Iwatenumakunai 34ch 2W
      • Yuda 42ch 2W
      • Yamada 16ch 3W
      • Rikuchuono 34ch 1W
      • Taneichi Honmachi 34ch 2W


    Analog broadcasting

    March 2012, 3 Stopped (scheduled to stop on July 31, 2011, but postponed)

    • Master station --Morioka 33ch JOYH-TV 10kW
    • Relay station
      • Ninohe 29ch 1kW
      • Kamaishi 60ch 1kW
      • Ichinoseki 25ch 100W
      • Tono 42ch 100W
      • Miyako 42ch 100W
      • Ofunato 40ch 100W



    News studio (30 tsubo, HD)
    Since we built a TV studio (80 tsubo) at the Mizusawa head office (at that time), the Morioka head office, which was a business center (equivalent to a branch office), still has this studio as of 2022. Although it is called a "news studio," it is also used in non-news programs.
    Entrance hall of the station building.From the full windowMorioka City General ArenaCan be hoped for.Currently, "Saturday Funky's" is used as a studio, and in news programs, it is used as an interview space when the event PR unit of the prefecture's municipalities visits the company.In the past, there were many examples of using it as a main studio in special programs (year-end specials, breaking news of election contests, etc.).It is often used as an event venue such as seminars.

    * In addition, there are examples of converting conference rooms into studios.When remodeling the news studio, a temporary set will be set up in the news department room or in the atrium to broadcast the news.

    Branch office network

    • Business center[Note 9]
    • Under the sales bureau
      • Prefectural South Branch --44 East Japan Building, 2 Mizusawaku Nakamachi, Oshu City XNUMXF
      • Sendai branch office- Sendai cityAoba-kuHonmachi 2-chome 2-3 Kashima Kogyo Building 3F [14]
      • Hachinohe branch office- AomoriHachinohe CityYokamachi 36 Hachinohe Daiichi Building 4F
    • Under the press
      • Kamaishi Branch - Kamaishi2-4-7-201 Nodamachi
      • Miyako Branch - Miyako CityYamaguchi 1-1-18
      • Ofunato / Rikuzentakata Branch - Ofunato City27-10 Ofunatocho Jinomori
      • Prefectural South Branch

    Information camera installation location

    • Morioka 1- NTT EastIwate branch tower (Iwate Asahi TVSame place as, but one level above the tower level) HD
    • Morioka 2-Headquarters Tower HD
    • Hanamaki - Hanamaki AirportTerminal Building Rooftop HD
    • Miyako-Kuwagasaki Fisheries Cooperative Building HD
    • Kuji City --Kuji City Fisheries Cooperative Freezing Factory HD
    • Ofunato City-Yachi Building (former Bank of Iwate Ofunato Branch) Rooftop HD

    Digital terrestrial broadcasting

    • The test radio wave was launched on June 2006, 6.At first, the test video was shown, but on July 6st of the same year.Simul broadcastingStarted.
    • Some programsHigh definitionRebroadcast of high-definition production (part of the drama), other series programs, and delayed net programs have been broadcast in high-definition since the start of the main broadcast. The latest is from April 2008, 4 (at the same time, the weather information transmission system and the relay vehicle are also updated to support HD).
    • Instead, since the interview video is interviewed and edited at the head office, materials other than those around Morioka are also compatible with high-definition (other companies basically interview the branch offices and bureaus other than around Morioka and send the video to the head office. Because it is sending).
    • The only commercial broadcaster in the prefecture that has "" at the beginning of local programs, sales programs, etc.Hi-vision productionThe mark was not displayed.
    • From July 2008, 7, except during commercials, the abbreviation logo is on the upper right of the screen.WatermarkThe display has started.

    Organizational features

    • Since its opening, there has been a strong tendency toward key stations (Fuji TV) until now, but in recent yearsTelevision Tokyo Channel 12, Ltd.We are also increasing the number of program purchases from affiliates.Before the opening of Iwate Asahi Television,TV AsahiThe net of affiliated programs is the Tohoku block net program (East Japan BroadcastingNothing was done except for production) and rebroadcast programs (including those for which TV Asahi and affiliated stations and their affiliated companies are entrusted with rights such as material management and sales operations even after the copyright expires).
    • Regarding in-house production, it was active at the time of the opening of the station, but now it is mainly local news on weekday evenings.In addition, Saturday's live program (currently "Saturday Funky's") continues traditionally, as well as "Mountain, Sea, Pickles".Longevity programIt has become.There are also relatively many mini-programs centered on infomercials.
    • Along with IBCIwate Horse RacingHe was very particular about related programs and continued to produce programs, but he is now withdrawing due to the financial deterioration of Iwate Horse Racing (the horse racing site operation at affiliated companies continues).He is also good at producing music programs, and at one point distributed to broadcasting stations nationwide.
    • Although it is very small, it also produces programs related to sports events in the prefecture.
    • There used to be a time when various anime programs were organized in the evening hours from Monday to Friday, but the number of programs decreases with each passing year, and after April 2013 (Heisei 25) on Friday. At 4:16, "Pokemon] Only the series is organized.
    • As of March 2022 (Reiwa 4), broadcasting starts at 3:3 on weekdays (Monday to Friday), which is the earliest among TV stations in the prefecture.By the way, it is 45:4 on Saturday and 05:4 on Sunday.
    • 2018(30)3/31ToSpot newsprogram"THE NEWS α Pick』Was abolished, and Fuji Television's programs from Monday to Thursday and Saturday from 20:XNUMX and FridayFriday PremiumIs extended by 6 minutes, and 6 minutes at the end of the program is a local sales frame[Note 10]Convert to[Note 11]Therefore, from April 2018 (Heisei 30) to the end of March 4 (Heisei 2019), we will exercise the local sales frame of 31 minutes at the end of the program on Monday-Saturday, and "mit weather forecast" (weather in Iwate prefecture) Forecast) has been broadcast, but from April of the same year, the local sales quota was not exercised, and it began to be implemented in the full version on all days.

    Major TV programs currently on air

    In-house program

    • mit Live News(Monday-Friday 17:48-19:00, Saturday and Sunday 17:30-18:00)
      • It is composed mainly of topics of the day and familiar topics, and there are few hard-line special features.
    • Mountain / sea / pickled(Saturday 18:30 --19:00, rebroadcast Wednesday, Friday 15:15 --15:45)
      • Inside and outside the prefectureTourismSpots andfoodIt has gained support for its information and other content that tickles intellectual curiosity, and has the longest lifespan (excluding mini-programs) of the same station's programs.Initially, there was an MC who gave a light talk such as explaining the contents in the studio, but now it is all-location.
    • Beatniks(Main broadcast Tuesday 0:55 --1:25 (Midnight Monday), Rebroadcast Wednesday, Thursday 1:10 --1:40 (Tuesday, Wednesday midnight), Saturday 0:55 --1:25 (Friday midnight), Sunday 1 : 35-2:05 (Midnight Saturday), Monday 1:25-1:55 (Midnight Sunday))
      • Music program.PVIt is composed mainly of, and the announcement VTR from the artist is also inserted.
    • Saturday Funkys(Saturday 10:50 --11: 45 ・ Rebroadcast Sunday 2:55 --3:50 (Saturday midnight))
      • A live information program consisting of talk shows and location planning. There is also a sister program "Saturday Funky's α" from 10:25.
    • Southern Derby (as needed)
    • Iwate Prefecture Open Golf Tournament
    • Menkoi TV Ban Judgment Report (Saturday 4:12 --4: 15), Menkoi TV Criticism (Saturday 4: 00 --4: 15)

    Mini program (about 5 minutes)

    • Take a look! Menkoi TV (Thursday 21:54 --22:00 etc.)
    • Come on! Menkoi TV (Monday 1:25-1:30 (Sunday midnight) etc.)
    • E5 Good Trip (Monday 21:54 --22:00)
    • Iwate! Wanko Public Relations Office (Wednesday 21:54 --22:00)
      • Program productionTV IwateIs in charge, but only the program website is created independently.
    • American World Good Trend (Friday 22:55 --23: 00)
      • It is broadcast at different times on all four commercial broadcasters in the prefecture.
    • GOOD LUCK STORY (Sunday 21:54 --22:00)

    Irregular / delayed net programs of affiliated stations

    Programs without the production station notation are produced by Fuji TV.

    Other series net programs

    TV Tokyo series


    • Travel program started (Thursday 15:15 --15:45)
    • NON STYLE Inoue Buzzing JAPAN (Sunday 2:25-2:55 (Saturday midnight))
    • Wild Sugi-chan goes!Tour of Japan's unexplored hot springs (irregular broadcast,Travel channelProduction)
    • Iwate Athletes Championship (end of year)[Note 12]

    Past programs

    In-house production

    • mit super time(Monday-Friday 18:00-19:00 etc.)
      • On fridayJR EastLaunched the tie-up corner "Weekend TYO" and became the first news program in the prefecture.PublicityI brought in.
    • mit the human(Monday-Friday 17:50-19:00)
    • mit super news(Monday-Friday 16:50-19:00, Saturday and Sunday 17:30-18:00)
    • mit everyone's news(Monday-Friday 16:50-19:00, Saturday and Sunday 17:30-18:00)
    • mit prime news(Monday-Friday 16:50-19:00, Saturday and Sunday 17:30-18:00)
    • mit news(All day 20:54 --21: 00. On Saturdays and SundaysFNN NEWS Pick Up(Replace only the title)
    • Good morning mit info (Monday-Friday 6:25-6:30)
    • VE
      • Sound clip introduction program.At the beginning and endingForeignerMC talk is inserted.
    • Hello! Iwate (Iwateprovide)
    • Look at Saturday!(1994-January 2000)
      • The information program that the station worked on for the first time.It became the beginning of the "publicity (tie-up) route" that continues to this day.
    • Pink tail(October 2000-March 4)
      • The route was changed from "Saturday is a look!", And the content was mainly appealing to women.
    • Flying tricycle(October 2003-March 4)
      • A live program that mainly consists of publicity information (corporate promotion).
    • Anarogu an @ log(October 2006-March 10)
      • While inheriting the contents of "Flying Three-wheeled Vehicle", the color of the information program will be strengthened.
    • I'm sorry for Peeping Tom
      • Comedy combinationPeeping TomIt was the crown program of.
    • [Note 13](Friday 25:05-→ 24:55-, April 1998-March 4)
      • It was broadcast as the station's first live program for over an hour at midnight.
    • Ear Tab
    • View Plaza Poppo
    • Sakaguchi 2254
    • Teleradi (December 12, 31-end of 2002)
      • Radio MiookaAnd a live program broadcast at the same time.Fax from viewers, year-end and New Year event information, public information, etc. From 2006, it was taken over by "Anarogu an @ log New Year's Eve Special".
    • Gacha Darapon TV about 30 minutes!
      • A 2007-minute version of Gacha Darapon TV, aired midnight Tuesday from January to March 1.
    • Viva Viva Paradise
      • Comedy combinationStepping stone holidayVariety show that progresses.Produced and written by Yomiuri Iwate Advertising Company.Edited by Ota Video Office. Ended in September 2008.
    • Get more! (Saturday 25:35 --26:05)
    • Aniki! (Thursday 24:45 -25:15) → Aniki is back! (Thursday 4th Thursday 24:45 -25:40)
      • A program in which young people and "Aniki", who are active in the prefecture, discuss the theme of working.The moderators are Fuji Pon and Ryosuke Kuronuma. February-March 2007 was a 2-minute program, but it was renewed to a one-hour broadcast once a month from April of the same year, and ended in September of the same year.After the regular broadcast, go to AnikiTakuya TatsumasuWe are broadcasting a special version with the governor of Iwate prefecture.
    • music holiday
    • Break Point!
      • A music program that introduces the latest charts. Co-produced with "Tera Mobile". Renewal of "music holic" (formerly "MUSIC JAPAN") that was broadcast until March 2007.It was also broadcast outside Iwate Prefecture, but in many cases it was broadcast on stations other than Fuji. Ended in March 3.
    • (Sunday 6:45-7:00)
      • fishingprogram.Initially it was Friday 22:52 --23: 00, but the time has been expanded.
    • (Iwate Horse Racing(Broadcast irregularly only when the races of the group races are held)
      • Horse racing broadcast program.Moderator: Nao Sakaguchi, Commentary: Koji Matsuo, Live:Naoto Sobu(free).The title has changed to "mit 100 million horse racing," "Super Iwate horse racing," and "Kachiso TV LIVE."There is a gift project "Telephone Derby" that accepts applications for the first horse from viewers by phone.
    • People promenade (once a month irregular broadcast)
    • mit super document (irregular broadcast)
    • (Broadcast from noon on March 3 during service broadcasting)[Note 14].
    • Meidol Theater TV
    • ⑧ Kyun(Saturday 9: 55-11: 15)
      • A live broadcast information program consisting of special sale information and travel plans.

    Mini show

    • ELEPHANT MEMORY (Monday 19:54 --20:00)
      • 2000/4/17[16]Local talent broadcast from March 2007, 3FujiponSuccessful work.Michinoku Coca-ColaProvided.A surreal mini-program that incorporates the moderator Fuji Pon's puns based on viewers' posts.
    • ecole et ecole (Monday 21:54 --22:00)
    • Cool! Men TV (Monday 21:54 --22:00)
    • Would you like to go?→ Let's go more
      • HondaPromotional program that introduces the car ofAkita TV(Co-produced with)
      • The predecessor program of "Let's go more". In the "Would you like to go?"Aomori TV・ With Akita TVCo-productionHowever, after "I'll go more", it became only Akita TV. "Would you like to go?" Ended in December 2008, and "Let's go more" ended on December 12, 2010.
    • Yukemuri Paradise
    • Thursday 6:55 (Thursday 18:55 --19:00)
      • The successor to Yukemuri Paradise. Ended in March 2009.
    • M palette
      • The successor to Thu 6:55.
    • Awa!
      • A 5-minute program that introduces the latest information on Kitakami American World. It ended in March 2010 and will be taken over by the currently airing "Good Trend! American World".
    • Iwate Hope Daisakusen
      • Information about the prefectural government of Iwate Prefecture.TV IwateBut it was broadcasting the same title and content.
    • The power of hope (Sunday 17:25 --17:30)
    • Winning TV (Saturday 22:54 --23: 00, Sunday 17:25 --17:30)
    • Expected Battle DE Wins
      • An information program that looks at the Iwate horse racing grade race in a variety show style.Moderator:Fujipon, Commentary: Koji Matsuo (Doctor Matsuo) and others.Menkoi Enterprise production.Currently broadcast on TV Iwate.
    • GO! GO !! GRULLA
    • Work for Sanriku!
    • M selection
    • View Express (-December 2012, 12)
    • Iwate Web Broadcasting Station Gachadarapon TV (-December 2012, 12)
      • A variety-style information program in which facilitators travel around the prefecture to report.It is produced by the company and distributed online.
    • Straight line of hope
    • Feeling of traveling(Monday 21:54-22:00)
      • Provided by JR East Morioka branch office.Appearance ・Ito Momo.Aomori BroadcastingBut broadcast. Rebroadcast as one corner in "Hachikyun".
    • Confession Girls (Sunday 24:25 -24:30, Rebroadcast: Thursday 25:10 -25:15)
    • Riding kingdom
      • Provided by JR East Morioka branch office.Broadcast on Aomori Broadcasting. Rebroadcast as one corner in "Hachikyun"[Note 15].. In addition,As a programHas ended, but in the JR East Morioka branch officeHome PageAs a corner of, it survived for a while.
    • Add fun! Menkoi TV
    • Visit Hachimantai
    • News from Nishiwaga Hot News
    • HOPE ~ Habatake Hope Town Iwate Athletes ~
    • Tokutoku Radar
      • Tokutoku Weekend
    • 8 sees! (Tuesday 21:54 --22:00 etc.)

    Delayed net programs such as affiliated stations broadcast in the past

    Other series net programs

    TV Tokyo


    Programs that have transitioned from the first two stations at the time of opening

    ★ programIBC Iwate BroadcastingTransition from, ☆TV IwateMigration from. ● is just before the opening of the station19913Was broadcast on the station until.All programs are produced by Fuji TV except for the programs that have the name of the production station.

    And many others

    Fuji TV series program that was first netted in Iwate at the time of opening

    And many others

    Program organization due to the Great East Japan Earthquake (Tohoku region Pacific Ocean offshore earthquake)

    It was a rebroadcast of the drama when the earthquake struck.After issuing a breaking news telop, it was reported from the Menkoi TV studio and moved to a special news program from Fuji TV.Insert a broadcast from your own station during some time zones during the news special program. Even after the 14th, the special news program from Fuji TV was broadcast, and the broadcast of its own station was inserted at any time during the broadcast. From the time when FNN's special news program settled down, the special news program produced by Menkoi TV started broadcasting.A long-time news special was added during the golden time, and safety information was broadcast all night in the afternoon as well as in the middle of the night.Also, from the 16th, it will be uniqueL-shaped screenInsert.From March 3th to 14th to broadcast news related to the Great East Japan EarthquakeMezzanyu"When"Mezamashi TVFrom the same day to May 5, "FNN Super News』(Official net at 2012:17 from the reorganization in the spring of XNUMX) was temporarily full net.

    In-house produced information program "Anarogu an @ logWas scheduled to end in March from the beginning, but due to the earthquake, it was mainly composed of news organizations, so the final episode of the program was the successor program "" without the opportunity to broadcast.Hachikyun』Transition to.


    For several years after the opening of the station, there were several female reporters "mit weather reporters" in addition to the announcer, who also appeared as a program reporter in addition to the weather forecast. * Parentheses are the year of joining the company



    Transferred announcer

    Announcer who was enrolled in the past

    Major employees who have appeared on national online programs other than the press other than the announcer

    Appearance talent

    • Fujipon ――Debuted on the same station program and continues to appear until now

    Reception status and CATV reception in Aomori Prefecture

    When analog broadcasting was taking place,Ninohe CityThe two-door relay station in was well received.Even now that the transition to digital broadcasting has been made, only Menkoi TV uses 50ch, which is not easily affected by other stations, so it can be received over a wide area.

    Describes how to handle it in newspapers.Hachinohe CityLocal newspaperDaly TohokuOf courseAomoriHeadquartered in Aomori Prefecture, subscribed throughout Aomori PrefectureTooku NippoEvenLatte columnAlong with TV stations in Aomori Prefecture, the program schedule of the same station is posted in.National newspaper (Asahi Shimbun,Mainichi Newspapers,Yomiuri ShimbunIn the TV section of the Aomori prefecture version of), the program guide of the same station is posted in full size next to the three local commercial broadcasters.

    Speaking of news and sales, in AomoriFNNAs an affiliated station ofFuji Television Network, Inc(Branch office) Is positioned, but the bureau may be in charge of part of the actual news coverage.The fact that the Hachinohe branch office, which has a sales function, has been set up indicates that Menkoi TV is widely watched in the southern part of Aomori Prefecture, Kamikita, and the Mutsu region, and that it has been established as a business.Therefore, "Iwate Prefecture and the southern part of Aomori Prefecture (Sanpachijokita)" is the de facto service area.

    The Earthquake Early Warning of Menkoi TV is displayed not only in Iwate prefecture but also when an alarm is issued in the Sanpachijokita region.

    Rebroadcast outside the area

    In the eastern part of Aomori prefectureCable TVでRebroadcast outside the areaAre doing

    Related Companies

    Related business

    JAHousing business as a joint venture with. JA Morioka City (currently:JA Iwate Chuo) And "JAMIT Morioka",JA Iwate MinamiAnd "JAMIT IchinosekiHowever, Morioka ended in 2004 due to the expiration of the contract.
    Housing exhibition hall
    IBC Iwate BroadcastingAnd Iwate Menkoi TV are developing housing exhibition halls, and both stations are broadcasting programs and commercials that introduce the contents of this exhibition hall.[Note 27]
    • Mori no Residential Park "Mirai" (Morioka City)

    Affiliated athlete

    IwateI'm from. I have been a full-time employee since 2019.
    Hanamaki Higashi High School(Hanamaki(Private high school in Japan) baseball clubKeio University Baseball Club-Nippon Paper Ishinomaki Hardball Baseball Club-Tokushima Indigo Socks(Shikoku Island League plus) AndMajor League Baseball (MLB)After participating in the tryouts of the three teams (3), he was hired mid-career in May 2020 as a reporter for the news department of the News Production Bureau.At Hanamaki Higashi High SchoolOtani XiangpingOtani was a fellow pitcher (reserved pitcher)Los Angeles AngelsElected from2021 MLB All-Star GameIn (July of the same year), despite being in the third month of joining the company, "S-PARK』(Fuji TV production weekend final version sports news) venue (Coors field) Was in charge of the interview[18]..In addition, the same program and "Junk sports"[19]When a special feature related to Otani was organized in, he appeared many times as "Otani's classmate who works for Fuji TV's affiliated station (Iwate Menkoi TV)".

    Character etc.

    Pink as a station character from the beginning(I.e.,MittIs adopted.Mitt was born in Mizusawa City, Iwate Prefecture (currently Mizusawa Ward, Oshu City, the location of the head office at the time of opening).costumeAnd CG version are also available.The illustration version was redesigned in 2014 with a rounded design.

    Station image song "Believe Tomorrow" (Shigeru Amano) Was also made and used for a while after the opening of the station.The instrumental was used as a BGM for weather forecasts for several years after the opening of the station, and is still used as a BGM at the start and end of broadcasting.


    • The "Menko Festival" is held once a year around August.Morioka City General Arena,Iwayama Park LandThe venue was in Morioka City, but after 2018, it switched to a policy of touring the prefecture.

    Wrapping vehicle


    [How to use footnotes]


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