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😷 | "Management Plan Formulation Seminar" in Yamaguchi City from October to November to survive the Corona disaster

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"Management plan formulation seminar" in Yamaguchi City from October to November to survive the corona disaster

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Therefore, a "Management Plan Formulation Seminar to Survive the Corona Disaster" will be held, which objectively analyzes new challenges, confirms marketing strategies, and actually incorporates them into the management plan.

The spread of the new coronavirus infection has forced many businesses to "change" their business strategies.And from now on ... → Continue reading

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Marketing strategy

Marketing strategyRefers to all basic and long-term activities that contribute to management goals and sales promotion policies by analyzing the current state of corporate strategy and formulating, evaluating, and selecting market-oriented strategies through marketing.[1]

Although strategies may differ depending on the circumstances specific to each industry, there are multiple general strategy classification methods.The most common classifications are based on market dominance based on market share and market influence, and there are four types: leader, challenger, follower, and niche.

Strategic development

It serves as the foundation of your marketing plan and is designed to meet market demands and achieve your goals.[2] In general, the content and outcomes of the measures are verifiable, and specific details for achieving the current annual goals are developed over multiple years.The period covered by the plan varies depending on the country, industry, and company, but it is becoming shorter as the social environment develops.[3] Strategies require methods such as customer lifetime value models that help predict strategic effects such as acquisitions, customer unit prices, and churn rates, as well as long-term perspectives.

Careful and accurate understanding of the environment inside and outside the company is required.[4] As a factor of the internal environmentMarketing mixAnd its modeling, performance analysis and strategic constraints,[5] External environmental factors include customer analysis, competitor analysis, target market analysis, and assessment of technical, economic, cultural, legal, and political environmental factors that influence sales promotion.[3] Important strategic components often follow the comprehensive corporate motto of each company.[6]

After thoroughly investigating the internal and external environment, set goals to set the direction of the business and formulate details to execute the optimal marketing mix.[3] At the final stage of strategic development, a measurement plan is created in the event of progress or unforeseen circumstances.

Marketing mix modeling is often used to determine and distribute optimal marketing budgets, managing brand value creation and helping to allocate spending across the portfolio.

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