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😷 | Mikamishi holds the annual route by truck only at the Yamaguchi Gion Festival Shinto ritual on the XNUMXth and XNUMXth nights

Photo ▲ Three idols in front of Yasaka Shrine

Mikamishi holds the annual route by truck only at the Yamaguchi Gion Festival Shinto ritual on the XNUMXth and XNUMXth nights.

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In addition, it is written that "Naginata-hoko", "Mikazuki-boko", and "Momo-hoko" appeared in this year.

This year's Yamaguchi Gion Festival is a mikoshi (portable shrine) by "naked ward" following last year to prevent the spread of new coronavirus infection. → Continue reading

 Sunday Yamaguchi

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Naginata-hoko(Naginata Hoko[1][2], Naginata[3][4][5]) IsGion FestivalThe halberd of the previous festival.The order of the cruising is fixed, "Don't take the lottery", and it is the only float in the floats that carries a baby and takes the lead in the cruising.Located in Shijo Karasuma Higashiiri Naginataboko-cho, Shimogyo-ku.


As the name suggests, the halberd halberd has the role of attaching a halberd to the halberd and paying the plague.[1]..It is still the only halberd to carry a baby[2].

This halberd is still banned from women as of 2020 (some floats allow women to ride).


Onin's rebellionA halberd that has a long name[2]..It was built the earliest among the floats, and it is said that the time was the first year of Kakitsu (1441).[3][4], Also called older[4].

Because it was the closest to Yasaka Shrine[3]From the 9th year of Meiō (1500), when the lottery ceremony began, to the present, he has always been the number one cruiser.[2].


A master craftsman of the Heian period known for the song "Kokaji" on the halberdSanjo Kokaji MunechikaIt is said that there is a name of "Naginata-hoko" because it made a long sword of the work of[1][4]..According to legend, Munechika dedicated to Gion Shrine to pray for the healing of his daughter's illness.Naginata(Tadao)[6]..A sculpture (work) of Kokaji Munechika making a sword is attached to the gable crotch.[1][2].

After that, it was replaced with a long sword made by Daiei 2 (1522).[1][4]..I came to use the one made in Enpo 3 (1675)[4].

However, seriously, it is heavy and dangerous.[7], From Tenpo 8 (1837)[7]Imitation of bamboo with tin foil[7][4]Is used[1](Naginata made by Chokichi is treasured and not open to the public[8]).

The front of the long sword is attached facing south so that it does not face Yasaka Shrine or the Imperial Palace.[9].

Tenno statue

On the throne,Kamakura PeriodEarly samuraiKojiro IzumiDoll is enshrined[1][7]..Izumi ChikahiraSource sourceIt is a person who named a soldier who overthrew Mr. Hojo in honor of his bereaved child (Izumi Chikahira's disturbance)[10],Yoshihide AsahinaThe legend that he was a powerful and unrivaled hero along with was given.According to the tradition passed down to Naginata-hoko, Chikahira begged for the long sword (tachi) that Sochika had delivered to Gion Shrine, but because of various mysterious things, he blamed me for gods and Buddha. I realized that I returned it[6][7].


Chigo used to ride on Gion Matsuri's halberds (excluding Fune-hoko), but even now, the actual babies (raw halberds) only ride on Naginata-hoko.[1].


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